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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), April 6, 1911

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

The Jeffersonian ONLY NEWSPAPER DEVOTED ENTIRELY TO THE INTERESTS OF JEFFERSON COUNTY Jeffersontown, Jefferson County, Ky., Thursday, April 6, 1911. Vol. 4. No. 42 Those present were Raymond and Rosa Lee Moss, Agnes McGee and Aileen Chakk. Mrs. Edward Hines visited her parents here the first of the week. A. B. C. Writes Very InterestMr. J. A. Shoptaw has sold his Easter Egg Hunt to Be Given By farm and will move to the city. Children's Guild. ing Letter. Miss Mattie Philips and Mr. Steve Lewis and Mr. and Mrs. Swindler, of Valley Station, were guests at dinEpworth League Gives Socia- l- Many Other on Route 19 Possibility of Easter ner Sunday of Mrs. S. P. Durrett. Measles Social Affairs Items of GenMrs. Harry Huesmann and children, Weddings Other News of Services at Baptist Church. Rev. W. C. Roof, who has been assisting in a revival meeting at Gaines- TAXATION THE SAINTS. the first of the week. MIDDLETOWN. ville, Fla., for the past two weeks, writes that he will be here Sunday Horace Moremen Writes Letter and hold services at the Baptist church both morning and evening. Concerning School System. Communion services will take place at the morning hour: Sunday-schoo- l at 9:45 a. in. and Sunbeams meeting at 3:30 p. m. Mr. Roof will leave Band Issue Proposed By Messrs. McFerran Monday tor Carrollton, Ky., to assist and Atherton Will Result in Great Rev. Mr. Reynolds, pastor of the of Cincinnati, are spending the spring Baptist church at that place, in a General Interest. Good For Jefferson County. with the former's parents, Mr. and Mr. Roof writes special meeting. Mrs. Henry Schulte. that he has had a fine meeting in Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Durrett were Florida, and that he is delighted with St. Matthews, April 3. Spring is guests of Dr. and Mrs. Murray PhilWhen the Board of Education de- the country, the ''land of sunshine, here with its advantages and disad- lips Sunday. feated Messrs. McFerran and Ath- alligators, roses, fruits, etc." vantages: the most uncertain season Miss Mamie Rice has returned to erton in their endeavor to give the of the year in regard to weather Shelby ville, after a week spent with Never out of Work. county at least one consolidated conditions, but the surest as to the .Miss Nettie Helm. The busiest little things ever made amount of work to be done within seemed like a calamity to school it Miss Bettie Ireland spent several Dr. Kiug's New Life Pills. Every and without. Doesn't the spring the county, but it was not. This are is a sugar-coateglobule of sunshine show off dusty carpets, cur- days with her brother, Dr. R. L. Irepill seeming defeat but added to Mr. health, land, of Louisville. that changes weakness into etc., to our dismay? In the McFerran 's unsellish desire to bene-li- t strength, languor into energy, brain- tains, of twilight winter we felt real clean, the children of the whole county fag into mental power: curing Conbut let a little sunshine in and we county bond issue and he proposed a stipation, Headache, Chills, Dyspep realize what work is ahead of us. for Jefferson county and went to sia Malaria, Only 25c at all drugwork unselfishly spending his time gists. Mr. Sam Castleman is remodeling and money to accomplish this, but inhis house bought in Chenoweth Avnot content with this he wishes to enue, which, when completed will be Many Social Gatherings During clude the children of the entire state CLEAN-U- P the most elegant structure in this schools, and in his plan for better Past week. vicinity. Money can accomplish to get the schools of Kenultimately in small wonders: and we who have it tucky so good that the whole country these quantities enjoy second-handewill be benefited. His plan does not Commercial Club improvements. am- Proposed By force any district that now has Lightning Sets Fire to Barn of Mrs. "It isn't just the pinch and pang ple facilities to tear down a house For Jeffersontown. That tries our spirits so; Cummins and Horse and Cow that is sufficient for the needs of the It's seeing what the others have, district, or in any way dictate to the Were Burned. And knowing that they know." people what they shall do, but he comes to them with a proposal that Mass Meeting of Citizens To Be Held on When the water pipes are in operation (which will be in the near where there are now seventy, eighty future) we will have water in our Buechel, Apr. 3. G. H. Hikes has April 15 Club Working on Big uinety pupil with accomiiioii.-ttioor houses like city folks, then St. Mat- gone for thirty or forty, and where thei Propositions. to Florida tor an indefinite thews will be on equal footing with stay on a hunting and fishing trip. is now one teacher for all grades, to Louisville. give ample accommodation for all the The ladies of Buechel surprised to do pupils and sufficient teachers L. Holman, who has been Mrs. Charles Nickles on Thursday Mrs. J. The Jeffersontown Commercial Club the work in the best manner: houses they are needed and one held its regular monthly meeting on a visit to her mother, Mrs. J. E. afternoon. A delightful luncheon wherever Those present were served. high school in each of the eight dis- Monday night. The president, W. J. Munday, in Kansas city, has return- was Mesdames Philip Graff, Sr., Thomas ed home. Semonin, and a nua.-'of members tricts. Skiles' John Yann, Wm. Yann, Ed. of nv county in the state to be au- were present and much Miss Tommie Greathouse, our be- Fegenbush, Thomas Yann, Carrie thorized by the coming legislature to importance to the citizens anu holders in this community Wma loved teacher, has with her this week Whistler, Joe Buechel, Ed. Buechel, issue bonds in a sum not to exceed ner brother, Mr. canton ureatnouse, Conrad Kaiser and John Buechel: $309,000, to put up the buildings nec- discussed. Misses Dorothea Bischoff, Elizabeth Sprowl read several letters from Indianapolis. E. R. essary, .lefferson county will probaGraff, Emma Whistler, Ida Belle from John B. McFerran. who made bly not have to issue bonds for a and family Kaiser, Katherine Graff,Ada Fegengreater amount than $200,000 or many valuable suggestions to the Mrs. W. N to have returned their home at St. bush, Aileen Yann and May Buechel, L'."0,000 to put up all the houses it club in regard to improving the comMatthews, after spending the win- ranl and Edward Buechel. needs at the present time and it is munity in various ways. A letter ter in Louisville with her mother, Misses Elsie and Ruth Rommel enadditional from Coleman C. Cartwright, sugestimated that a ten-ceMrs. Alfred Herr. tertained on Wednesday evening in tax will pay the interest and create gesting a water system for Jeffersonhonor of their cousins, the Misses pay the town was read. Mr. Cartwright cona sinking fund ample to Measles, which is no respecter of Rommel, of Los Angels, Cal. in thirty years. The houses in gratulated the citizens of the town persons, is raging along bonds route 19. each district, where the accommoda- for the improvements that have been Mr. Will Herr's whole family have Mr. and Mrs. Henry tion is now ample, will not be dis- made and for the progress that is been stricken, beginning with Daddy, tertained on Tnursday e Ma turbed and where they are now in- now in evidence. down to the youngest child, a new a "tacky shower." A letter from W. H. Gregory adsufficient good buildings with a prowell as laughable gifts case each week: the worst is about vision that they be so built that ad- dressed to the president of the club over, but the tedious convalescing is ed, and all report a go ditions can be made as needed: am- in regard to the location of the home to be endured for several weeks Quite a number of E ple grounds in every case. Even if office of the Central National Life longer. went in to Louisville f in Jefferson county the whole $500,000 Insurance Company was read. This to hear Bro. Czreng, should be needed and we had to pay company, like the Citizens National Mrs. Hewitt Simcoe is improving Mrs. Fred Curry sp 20 or 2."i ceuts tax for the next thirty Life, is seeking a desirable location slowly, after a two weeks' illness. "Louisville. in the country in order to avoid the years, if we get the eight The Rev. F. L. Ha we need at once, is it not bet- taxes of the city, and it is the desire Mr. John Reiss is still crit.cally ill. was the guest of Mr Mr. Gregory that the citizens of He has been in a ter than to keep up the present out- of serious condition lay ami present system and not have Jeffersontown take this matter up for several weeks. We extend our Summers and famil Friends of Miss G schools any better than we now have with the company. The secretary of sympathy to his family in this trial end of thirty years when by the Commercial Club was ordered to Mr. Reiss has lived at Fry's Hill many be interested to kn at the the bond issue we can have the best answer Mr. Gregory's letter and say years and is beloved by friends and moved from Hors parents to make h to him that a suitable building site neighbors. possible at once? Hopkinsville, Ky - i Some of my neighbors insist the could be secured and that it is the question is not "do you want more opinion of the Club that exemption Miss Nell Gi) Listen for some"Easter Weddings." ami better schools" but '"do you want from taxation for a number of years No names or showers yet, for friends in juisville': these increased taxes'" We are taxed now could be secured from the town modest country maidens cannot bear Mrs. Conrad Kais for schools and we do not get the trustees. the notoriety of blazing engagements a surprise on Mond. goods. By the proposed bond issue Another question that is of vital before the world six months ahead, honor of her birthda-we get the equiument as soon as concern to the citizens of the town like society folk. Miss Margaret Sim. sl practicable and get what we pay for, was the calling of a mass meeting to party on Saturday ev' the very best. Our sons can learn plan for a general clean-u- p of the The stork has left St. Matthews farming and our daughters domestic streets and alleys. J. C. Alcock, for a trip up the rural route, bring of her sixteenth birti Miss Virginia BrisQ science and be litted to play their Chas. D. Tyler and Clarence Brdraaa ing to Mrs. Theodore Lentz a daughentertained at dinn proper part in the battle of life and were named on a committee to con- ter and to Mrs. John C. Haberlin a the children of the whole county put fer with Misses Theresa McDermott son. Both infants arrived in the following: Misses Do beth Skiles, Emma under the best school influence possi and Louise Owings, teachers in the equinoctial storm. Briscoe. Sadie Skiles. ble. No matter what it is. if it is public school, and arrange for the mm worth anything to us we have to pay mass meeting, which has been called Miss Mabelle Rudy has returned and Mr. and Mrs. Fra' Misses Lillian and for it. Where we have good roads for Saturday afternoon, April 15, at from Bellewood Seminary, Anchorwe are taxed for them. Under the 3 o'clock. At this meeting all plans age, to visit her parents, Mr. and were the guest o) old toll gate system we paid big and means for cleaning and beauti- Mrs. James Rudy, for a few days. Hindle Sunday. prices for our roads and didn't have fying the town will be discussed and A. B. C. Bro. McKitrick. of Ii Good the roads. Under the present road final arrangements made. the guest ot J. W. system we shall soon have good roads speakers will be secured, and everyPBEST0NIA. family Saturday and M all over the county and our expense body is invited to come and take part. Mr. and Mrs. H. D for roads is much less than under the It was suggested by the club that a April 3. Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Robb tained Prof. Orville J) old system and we have more and bet- certain day (or several days, if neces- entertained at dinner Sunday Mr. Bro. George Tinslev, ter roads. By the bond issue proposed sary) be set aside as "cleaning day" and Mrs. L. J. Stivers, Mr. D. F. at dinner Sunday. by Mr. McFerran, and to carry which and that all the citizens and friends, Brooks, Mr. Orville J. Stivers, Mr. Mrs. Nannie Falcon he is spending his monev and his men, women and children, turn out Edmund Burke, Rev Geo. Tinsley Fayette county, sper time for the people while in the on this day with wagons, shovels, and Miss Jessie Swope, of Louisville. start it may add some to our taxes, rakes, hoes, etc., and give the old Mrs. Sue James and son, of near last week with Mr. it will in the end be much cheaper town the best cleaning that she has Shepherdsville: Mrs. Forrest Wright Stivers and family. A barn belonging and will result in more and better ever experienced. The property and son, of Crescent Hill, were guests mins was struck by 1 schools, it will be as much better owners of the town are also requestat dinner Friday of Mr. and Mrs. night. A horse ami than the present system as our road ed to clean their property on this John Gilmore. ) in the building. system now is better than the old day, and the club has offered a prize Mr.and Mrs. J. R. Jones and chiltoll gate system. Mr. John Fegenj of $5.00 to the best cleaned lot in the guests of Mrs. James Ben- wish to express While on the tax question I will community. To complete it will be dren were th ask if a man owns a farm worth necessary that your names be giyen nett, of Louisville, the first of the kindness rendere and sells it to a man who does to J. C. Alcock, chairman of the week. friends in the reef Mrs. R. T. Durrett was a recent their home by fire not pay a cent for it, but gives his clean-ucommittee. In the meannotes for $10,000 for it, who should time get ready for the big mass meet- guest of her brother, W. H. Werst, Mrs. James Fegef pay the taxes and why? Ought the ing to be held at Bruce Hall on the and wife, of Louisville. this writing. two be taxed for $20,000' Madaline, little daughter of Mr.and 15th. Very truly yours, The club adjourned to meet again Mrs. R. T. Durrett, entertained sevThe Louisville Horace W. Mobemen. eral of her little friends at dinner Prompt delivery. with the citizens in mass meeting. Ii d BUECHEL. - DAY d n .. r rop-ert- y nt Gra'' .. high-schoo- ls , $10,-00- 0 p Every Thursday at $1.00 Per Year eral Interest. recitations and readings was enjoyed Mrs. Weatherbee did her part as hostess. At noon all were invited out to the dining-room- , where a beautiful table was spread and a delicious dinner enjoyed. by all. There will be an Easter Egg hunt given by the Children's Guild of the Methodist church the Saturday afternoon before Easter on the lawn of Mrs. Horn. These little folks are looking forward to the hapuy time gathering up the pink and blue rabbit eggs. The Epworth League Society gave a social Monday evening in Ceo. parlor in celebration of Middletown, April 3. Mrs. Frishe has been quite ill of diptheria. Mrs. Allen Poulter, Mrs. Irene Gates and Mrs. Alfred Hall are quite sick. Mr. and Mrs. John Bornhauser and daughter, Miss Winnie, moved into the city last week. Miss Evelyn Hoke, of Louisville, was the guest of Miss Hattie VVeath-erbe- e last week. Mrs. J. N. Clem, of Pewee Valley, was the guest of Mrs. Claude Tatch-el- l the first of the week. Mr. Courtney Beynroth was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Weather-be- e last week. Mrs. Wm. Hord and Mrs. Viola Caldwell spent Saturday in the city. Mrs. K. Harris, of Louisville, is visiting her mother, Mrs. Geo. West. Mrs. Chas. Gheens was the weekend guest of Mrs. Ernest Corban. Mr. and Mis. Clark McDonald were entertained Thursday at dinner by Hardy, of Lyndon. Miss Viola Weatherbee was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Jas. I'rton Thursday. Mr. L. Peyton and son. Harvey, of Louisville, spent last Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Enos Jones. Mrs. M. P. Crask, Mrs. Mattie Turner and Christeen Turner spent Thursday with Mrs. Robert Martin. Mr. and Mrs. M. Wakefield, of North Dakota, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. John May. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Jones have returned to their home, alter spending the winter with Mr. and Mrs. Henrj Frank. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. the church "All Fools Folly." uite a pleasant evening was spent in playing April Fool 'ranks upon the guests. Refreshments were served. The Christian Kndeavor Society had a business meeting at the Christian church Thursday afternoon. The Ladies' Aid of the Christian church met with Mrs. John Waters last Wednesday afternoon. These good ladies are getting up quite a reputation as a sewing society ami are getting all the orders they can till in the way of needlework. The money all goes to a good and worthy cause. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Frank are en- tertaining at their beautiful home this week Mr. and Mrs. Dan Frank, of Chicago, who are here on their honeymoon. They were married last W ednesday in Chicago. Mrs. Frank is from .Milwaukee. Wis. Mr. Franks is an ideal place to go on one's bridal tour. It is among buds and bowers, vines and Mowers, fountains, statuary and has all kinds of musical instruments. .lell'ersontown Christian Sunday-schoo- l defeated Middletown Sunday-schoo- l both in attendance and collection. Their attendance 149 to our .2T. 136; their collection $9.00 to our Congratulations to Jeffersontown on your splendid work. We send our best regards to the whole bunch over there. The Improvement League will give an ice cream social at the school house Friday evening, April 14. A good time is promised. Kicked by a Mad Horse. entertainand Etta Samnel Birch, of Beetown, Wis., Weatherbee, Dr. S. O. Weatherbee had a most narrow escape from losing - C'fc. Hevnroth. ould heal the Mrs. Chas. Weatherbee ed Sunday Misses Lois ned, but at cured it healer ids,

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