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Image 2 of The Adair County news., April 18, 1906

Part of The Adair County news.

F i COLUMBIAW 1 I ir- ti AN OLQ TRAGEDY IN RESTRAIT OF TRUSTS It is highly interesting Wr s infor- ¬ mation that the President is paring a special message recDir mending legislation in restraint of trusts Not because this C n gress is likly to enact any meas Ure that will have the desired effect The trusts are too firmly intrenched in Congress to justify the belief that any legislation t that will be adequate will be ableto run thefgauntletrBut1he prE- ¬ < m w SELECT YOUR SEED CORN NOW The following from the Hus tonville correspondent to the Danville Advocate will interest many of our readers over in Ca¬ sey and along the boundary line There died a few days ago on the Rolling Fork in Casey an aged man lThos3 Evans 94 whose deathrecalls one of the fiercest and bloodiest tragedies ever wit nessed on the streets of Liberty On that day Bell and Magoffin candidates for Governor had an mere recommendation will apparently be a confession that the appointment to speak in the campaign against the trusts of town This was in the Spring or early Summer of 1860 The voting population of the county as ¬ sembled as well as great numbers from this county among them Bill Owsley who hadlmoved to a fine farm near here aSfew years previous from Lancaster Ows ¬ ley was a bad man in liquor and would fighthis weight in wild cats when insulted On this day red liquor was much in evidence in Caseys Capital A difficulty sprang up between Owsley and might be made Granville Johnson which ended doubtless a law to enable the Supreme Court to by Owsley drawing his trusty paSs on the law without sub- ¬ Colts and killing him in his which we have heard so much has proved a failure The decis- ¬ ion of Judge Humphrey is cited as a reason for more legislation But the decision of Judge Hum ¬ phrey was based on a clause of the Constitution and no legisla- ¬ tion can repeal that Another clause in the Constitution pre ¬ vents so it is said an appeal from the Chicago decision If this is true no sort of law can thoughed jecting parties to a new trial tracks Evans the subject of But is it really necessary that this sketch and a brotherinlaw of Johnson sprang at Owsley this be done I The packers and others who with a knife and he was shot ° have been violating the anti ¬ down one hip broken Pande- ¬ trust law may have obtained im ¬ monium reigned after this shot munity for all past offenses That Valand Tuck Peyton neighbors at least seems to be the official and kinsmen of Evans and John- ¬ view and it is likely to prevail son7 then engaged Owsley who But does anybody suppose that shot at every one who menaced these offenders intend to respect- him Tuck Peyton wash soon in future the law which they disabled but Val a man of cour ¬ have so long violated with im- ¬ age ands wonderful physique punity If they do the country went at Owsley with a barlow might well agree to let bygones knife his only weapon It only be bygones especially as no exI required a few minutes for him postfactolaw can be passed If to finish the fight Owsley was however they do not obey the literally hacked to pieces and law hereafter it will be possible- was carried into a room of the to get other indictments not Napier Hotel where he lay for based upon testimony obtained weeks before he could be brought by the Bureau of Corporations home In due time Evans recov-¬ This can be done without any ered entered the Union Army under Col Wolford was severely new legislationNo doubt it would be well for wounded and was discharged the country to get a better anti ¬ Tuck Peyon likewise joined the trust law But there is no pros ¬ same command was shot in the pect that such a law can be had neck at the battle of Mill Springs speedily It is better therefore early in the war was brought that the Department of Justice home paralyzed but lived about should look to the enforcement forty years afterwards a mental of existing law than to mislead and physical wreck During all the public into the belief that these years he drew a pension of some proposed legislation will seventyfive dollars per month make the convictions of trusts Owsley sold his farm near here easier That legislation will only moved back to Lancaster and af¬ be possible when we get a Con ¬ terwards entered the Confeder ¬ gress that does not belong to ate army dying soon after the close of the war the trusts Courier Journal MIKES RISE IN THE WORLD A Badly 1 F B Mumford of the Missouri Agricultural College calls atten ¬ tion to the fact that farmers might with greater profit select seed corn before spring work be ¬ gins Numerous investigations he says have shown that in the average year a Missouri corn field has seventyfive per cent of a stand That is to say the Missouri farmer will plant and cultivate 100 acres of corn and harvest 75 The cause of this is poor seed He offers this simple methodjof testing seed corn Put several old newspapers in the bottom of a box and wet them Then spread a white cloth with checkerboard squares on top of the paper each square being numbered Now number the ears to correspond with the squares Take three grains from each ear and place them on the cloth in the square bearing the same number as the ear Put another clothon top of the grains and place the box in a warm place In four or five days they will have sprouted Now start with If all three of the earfrom that ear have sprout ¬ ed vigorously it will do for seed but if the grains fail to germinate or show weak and spindling sprouts throw the ear aside and so on for every ear In this way almost a perfect stand can be secured which means a much larger yield per acre the market those contemplating a corner with high prices be ¬ ing compelled to sell at a sacri ¬ fice the hens breaking the cor ¬ ner unexpectedly Those who were fortunate in having good wellcaredfor stock have not been disappointed in their ex- ¬ pectations The winter had its influence on poultry as well as on everything else but the poul trymen no doubt have come out successfully Prices will con ¬ tinue up to the average for those who wish to have that which they desire in the poultry line will buy it at all times and while the chickens and eggs are as good as cash money the farmers who keep thier hens in laying condition will fully realize all their expectations Purebred fowls will pay at all seasons of the year and there is no reason why farmers should continue to breed only the common kinds Great ActivityIs shown without any disagreeable af¬ ter effects by Dr Caldwells laxative Syrup Pepsin in going to the seat of your trouble when you are a victim of the town and community in which they live To save a little they will send away from home for sup ¬ plies refuse a dollar toward pub- ¬ lic improvements in their own town belittle and degrade home enterprise and yet be the first to advance the price of thier pro ¬ friends subscribed several hund gyred dollars and sent Mike to Chi f d cago to get two cork substitutes fi He came back in a month or two walking spryly but he didnt seem to be the same old Mike People looked at him as he creeped down the street and wondered Finally a committee of his friends asked him about it Loyalty to your own town is Mike they said what did they do to you up there in Chica just as commendable a type of patriotism as one can find and no matter how much your Patri- ¬ legsNothing over on Fourth of that I know of otism boils July in a general way if you Mike replied Yes they did You look dif- are disloyal in little things to your own town you a ferentthan when you went away citizen of the republic are Youpoor are What was it ¬ likd him who makes long said Mike grinning Oh ers in the church I know what you mean I was wife and neglects and j Vshls his children always a short feller with me own at home when the man was Magistrate Owsley of Graves making the cork ones IjiIsttolcounty 1idttbav performed ainches dtilh to make them fourwere marriage ceremony in just one longer than the old ones so minute and beat the record of 1 ceuld get up in the world a bit Judge Crossland onehalf min j ute SaturdaylEvening Post iKr jw F ¬ tr at < TUE COACH nORSE r I T I yourHorses Germanyand 50c and ARWED 10 Is a Dark Brown Stallion insure a living colt to insure a living hands will weigh at the stables of At the same place the well known colt CHAPMEN Jack 1250 pounds and possesses all the Style and BROWNING Milltown WALLACE WOOD Ky will make the season at 700 He is as good a breeder as Kentucky ever produced 1 GERMAN COACH HORSE ASSOCIATION BY Chapmam Browning 01 E C i > j 71 NEWTF I Mill and Precious Stones Diamonds rw 0 w N I and Crusher f i W i ncI 1 i f f I Jewlers and Opticians H NEW BUT THE MILLERHE HAS HAD THE t glad to learn that entries to the Register of the American Saddle W Association are on the increase Farmers Home Jour- ¬ Horse Kif Frank Market 1st 24 i Corcoran < r before you buy Main Sbnttt Iicbanon Kentucky r TELEPHONB 1872 MEAT p f I ytftlD > liestjefBHfitlST Jamestown u8s Cemetery work of all kind Trade from Adair and ad joining counties respect ilSAPI It 41 Jt1ight SOt1Sq I I 1 s B 4T C 1 r FURNITURE CARPETS RUGS AND DRAPERIES 1 Kentucky CORr4THWALNUTST r i HIGHGRADE MAR BLE AND GRANATE I tr v v SHOPm WH WILSONi w CtUMILI fill IILEIPl PAIN i n- LOCATION NEAR EUBANKS Music Hall HEHALF i I am ready to furnish firstclass Meal and Crushed Feed BRING YOUR CORN and you get the meal it makesthe Old Fashion way EVERYTHING Special attention given to work and all orders in of goods in our line Optsite show also that the five gaited horse cannot be excelled in the threegaited class We are Kyf a SON WISEMAN 11 MUltown L 1 4 16 EXPERIENCE It will 4 < NOT A WESTERN DRAFT MORSE scLouisville Ky let At a recent public sale of horses in New York twentythree head of Kentucky saddle horses brought the aggregate sum of D 13080 an average of 568 IS This shows unmistakably that the influence of the American Saddle Horse Breeders Associa- ¬ tion is being felt in the East where a few years ago the for eign idea as to mounts seemed to prevail The American Associa ¬ tion has offered a prize of a 100 silver cupto be awarded to the SpecialAttentiontoEyes best threegaited saddle horse to Durl nds to which entries clos¬ Fistulo Pollevil Spavin or any sur-¬ am work ed March 31st A good number gical fixed donetfairJnce I Mon well car are entered and show will prove ey due when work is done or stock to be a feature of this great show removed from stables 4a r 2783 1 132 W nal No ARWED crenSha1 patientI Iand aY Moore Cane Valley Ky Money bock if it fails I j As the winter has been very mild there has been more than the average supply of eggs on Burned Girl I But a Horse Kentucky Breaders should give their attention to from now until Season opens or boy man or woman is quickly out of pain if Bucklens Arnica Salve is ap ¬ plied promptly G J Welch of Tekon sha Mich saysHI use it in my fami ¬ ly for cu s sores and all skin injures Biliousness Headache and find it perfect Quickest Pile cure Constipation Indigestion Dizziness etc It gently known Best healing salve made 25c but firmly drives out the poisons that He was taken to the hospital at T Paulls drug store are causing your illness and braces up e and recovered in a course of The inordinate love of the dol ¬ all your internal organs to do their time His accident cost him his proper work Try it Sold by Dr J savings as well as his legs and lar too often makes men unpa ¬ N Page Columbia Ky and Page triotic and disloyal to of8o i 19mf APRIL 18 KY I ARWED THE WINTER AND PRICES Mike Reddy was a railroad man at Boise Idaho well known and One well liked by everybody night Mike fell beneath a train and had both legs cut off after he got around again his > SS RECALLED r 1- i fi iiili 1 g t j- J f LOUISVILLE ZJ t a Rtom KY V t S IV w r > a 1 < a Q c r y W i if c

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