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Image 1 of The Adair County news., April 18, 1906

Part of The Adair County news.

Vy 1 4 j r trr 1 i r t 3 VOLUME iI > j > m t A 1 If f C f < ROME COMING 1 CAMPBELLSVILLE Speakers Selected for the Occa sion and a Happy Time An fWn Marshal Luther Taylor Se ticipated r- l oust a Andrew Davis of Color Killed ¬ 1 Shot Three Hundred former Adair County People are Expected to Put in an Appearance About 2 j Another AB jj AIAIIt COUNTY KENTJOKY WEDNESDAY COLUMBIA 9 SHOOTINGi F t i 1rt t u Shot Twice > t o j < t oJ I t 1 t t APRIL 181906 NUMBER 23 OOOEOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AtAoV S385O At l J It It 0to 0 69140000000000i4 0 RIy1N6 4 adjoining i1Lx 0O 1 AFFAIR CREATES night about 10 O > jw = y M i if COMMENCEMENT CALENDER on Home Coming office of Adair County Committee oclock week met in the Chief of Police Luther Taylor of Camp ¬ bellsville received a telephone message from the Chief of Police of Louisville Sebastian Gunther asking him to meet the train at Campbellsville and arrest one Lee Davis colored charged with stealing 1300 in gold from a party in Louisville Sunday afternoon about 4 oclock Marshal Taylor and Deputy Coroner Jones left for Davis home four miles South of Campbellsville En route they met Davis mother and learned from her that her son Andrew returned from Louisville the night pre 7 1 vious and had some gold money in his J possession Upon reaching the house they found Andrew Davis and four whom were J other negroes two of called Andrew his to officers brothers The and ordered him to give up the one side money The negro acted as though he was going no comply putting his hand in his pocket then he withdrew it and told Marshal Taylor to take it from his pocket Taylor was in the act of doing so when he was shot by one of the negroesbelieved to have been Andrewthe ball entering the left side just above the hip ranging up upward and coming out on the right side one inch higher The officers then began firing at Andrew Deputy Cor¬ oner Jones shooting him in the leg and Marshal Taylor shooting him in the head killing him instantly About this time another negro started to run ru Jones and the latter ordared him to halt instead of doing so he started off on a run Jones shooting him in the side and elbow After the shooting Deputy Coroner Jones ordered the two remaining negroes to bring up the dead manAndrew who had fallen on the They refused until he threat doorstep ened to shoot them When the was searched 800 in gold was frundJ Late Sunday nIght Coroner Collins went to the scene of the trouble and found 241 more on the body of the dead negro Marshal Taylor was at first thought to be mortally wounded but it has de ¬ veloped that no vital parts were struck and he will probably recover I FRIENDS EXCITEMENT GREAT The Saturday YOUR MEET AND COME VTME News last Thursday afternoon to arrange a program of exercises On mo tion Gov J R Hindman was chosen Chairman and J E Murrell was elect SecretaryThe in Columbia will follow immediately after the gathering in Louisville commencing une 13th and closing the 17th The date of the meet- ¬ ing here will be Tuesday June 19 The gathering at this place will be opened with religious exercises led by Rev W H C Sandidge assisted by all the ministers of the county The song service will be conducted by Eld Z T Williams and Mr J S Stapp The Columbia Brass Band has kindly consented to discourse music at inter ¬ valsThe following are the speakers and their subjects Opening J AddressGov Hind ¬ R manResponses Hon E L Dohoney Par is Texas Judge J G Winfrey Evans- ville Ind and Hon Smith Ark- JF ¬ Ft Read Matters of Interest in the Public Records of the county Hon J F Montgomery Our Material GrowthHon W F NeatPublic C Men of the CountyJudge H Baker Adair County for the Last One Hun dred YearsHon Rollin Hurt The Moral Sentiment of Adair Coun¬ ty Now and ThenHon F R Winfrey The Bar and Adair County Judges Judge W W Jones A New Comers Impression of Adair CountyMr L C Winfrey The Adair County Politician and How he Gets ThereHon Jas Garnett The Coming Young Men of Adair MontgomeryThe and OldMr G P SmytheA Paper on the Common Schools of Adair County Mrs Georgia Shelton Educational InterestBy those con ¬ nested with the two institutions of learning s I > I 69M oI t J iti Aw fSTICK f oo StultsCommittee on invitationC S HarGordon Montgomery andG P ris Arpil 20th Pupils of Mr Ohlerim Smythe This program was hurriedly gotten up and possibly some slight acherMay 4thIntermediatePupils of i changes will be made but in the main it Miss Taylor and Mr Ohlenmacher to May 5thMiss Dimple Goriover as ¬ sisted by Miss KempPupils of Mr publish these proceedingsJ R HINDMAN Chairman Ohlenmacher J E MURRELL Secretary Miss Elizabeth Rowe May llth Pupil of Miss Taylor assisted by Miss COMMITTEE ON ARRANGEMENTS Bess WalkerPupil of Mr Ohlenm ¬ The Committee on arrangements met acherMay in the office of the Columbia Spectator12thLecture S turday afterternoon May 13thBaccalaureate Sermon Judge T A May 14th Miss Betsey Hancock Muirell was elected Chairman and J assisted by Miss Martha Hancock Pu ¬ McScott Secretary Judge T A Murrell was appointed pits of Mr Ohlenmacher May 15thContestPupils of Miss to assist Commissioner Jas Garnett in Taylor assLstedrby Miss Hughes Pi¬ the work at Louisville and Mrs Georgia Shelton was appointed hostess anoforte and Miss Daut Marcum maid of honor May 15thMiss Carey pil of Mr Ohlenmacher assisted by Capt W W Bradshaw W R My ¬ ors and J McScott were appointed to Miss TaylorExpressionMay 17thAnnual Commencement secure a meeting place and it was reported that the Fair Grounds had Concert been tendered Gov Beckham has appointed Hon Tuesday June 19th was fixed for Jas Garnett Commissioner for Adair the meeting County Home Coming Committies from each precinct in this county will be appointed later TUPHttNTHOHAS Cards of invitation will be issued JjThe Hughes I SEAT t x 3850 coTB j oo i l 0 6O tilt o o fallCrJ o tCItcarpeted o gO YW PC cI1 >+ 0a r tn DRIVING WAGON Yxa 0O SO 1 2 Genuine Leather Trimming Open sanitary spring cushion Diamond padded cushion 6 c 7 Full height velvet carpet Option of inside panels finished or 5 Thirteen inch padded dash 12 Guaranteed hickory wheels 16 Dust proof long distance axle 10 Quick shifting shaft coupling 11 Two extra point center axle clips Threeprong oval steps 15 Allwool O Extension spring toe rail 14 9 4 3 an 13 Thirtysix inch leathered shafts Double braced shafts 8 whip p00 I 0 socket rubber of Bailey body loops or wood spring bars 18 Option of panel or stick seat 17 Option Exceedingly slick painting of color ii 00 1 O S tOOOOtDtOOOOOOOOOOOi0000000 W ISENT RUSSELL COUNTY KILLING On Saturday night the 7th inst while under the influence of liquor Leve B Gosser shotand killed Campbell Hansford m Russell county It is our understanding that the parties were HaiyfordIr j 4 0 Oj oehe Kaser O THE LYON BUGGY CO FOR LIFE James Shipp who murdered Jo Smith in Campbellsville several months ago was tried in the Taylor Circuit Court last week the Jury being composed of Adair county men The State made a strong case against the accused the Jury being out only twentyfive minutes returning a verdict of life time in the penitentiary An effort was made upon the part of the defense to prove that Smith had been too intimate with Shipps wife but it failed many good citizens testifying that Mrs Shipp was a lady of excellent character It was a terrible murd tand many believed that the accused would receive the death penalty I I A very creditable statement condition of the First National ofltheI Columbia Ky appears in this issue of the News lithe given stt r0 i > kif r VHrifeHCiiwS aS 1 itj J The boys of the Columbia Brass Band fofmcetreat 4 iTli i cxa will be m thousand people in Columbia Juri l9 the Home Corning Day The meeting will be at the Fair P i r t t r y or 4P < lit Jj > IThe attention of our readers istaU it to the announcement tVvI Walker in today paper Hs Ttty attractive stock of Spris Mt ilsariit goods > t ofa Ifa t tiJ > Lr xat aSL i I i > ott rtr Xr 2 i t Asr y t t Groundst ti A I I It is estimated that there y t a Fishing was very good last Thursday Mr E O Turner of Cane Valley Mr J B Barbee caught an eighteen who was so badly mangled by a pair inch perch and several red eyes of mules in 111 last winter was able to be in town last Saturday Both his Mr A D Coyjhas removed his fem legs were broken in three different fly from over his grocery store to the places but he will finally regain good Sallee property near the Hancock use of them HoteL Adair county farmers have been very busy for the past ten days hence busi ¬ ness in Columbia has dull were ready for 1JSea quarrel arose The merchants however are making pman Goaser drawwfc his revolver shooting no kick but are really glad that the FrankfortlnterestingEaster favorable theiW sGree burg Ky is Woodsen services were GfmMJm jfvm tat examining trial rcouDtryeouma opportunity to turn making attractive prit s on buggks held at the Methodist church lath Sun¬ afcJantettovm last week and was hind deal of grow 1ICOr over a aorreys this month It will pay io day An ablerdiscouree was d iiv grid gttm off750lt is rvHomtCto inc day for Adair county iiIc1fi1 co imsnc < this w < bj iUy A R call and se them or write them V IM that tie dad man was duly sobs I f 4 the w atJi r contiou s fair a Newstextends clarkewillplet d O can to you r notion The above job is one of a few of our many valuable offerings and we respectfully invite comparison this job as well an any other of our many offerings with the one the other fellow asks you from 5 to 10 more for Watch this space for we are going to make it interesting for the ones that need a vehicle O J S PAINTINGBody black gear green vermilion red yellow canary or black Last Sunday Mr B F Tupinan ¬ separating about dark Near midnight who is a prominent Green River far mer and trader was married to Miss j sted and lodged in jail here last Sat Grosser went to Hansfords home and Mary Thomas ahlghly respected lady urday soon after getting there two rnoonbyZach Campbell It menced cooking eggs thebefore corn ¬ they but 4 1 = Yb- 0> 0 3850 O brothersinlaw and that t1eylwl been who together during the whole of Saturday Fridgy Jim Lewis Fisher J r o MrTR owith o Oo Historical Records of Adair County prepared by Hon J F Montgomery Mr Jas Garnett and RECITALS J it a F C OO Crr < t lr- < < S a- r i w < ti > i i v < 1lJK t e t

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