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Image 1 of Georgetown herald, December 20, 1855

Part of Georgetown herald

6tn$tlimn 1 txalk SCOTT COUNTY, II.STL'CKY, 13? OflHNTY P PFR EO rrkMAUb IN5 .iiancd Every Thursday Morning WN O 1 1 1 U 1 1, cut- - pre-pai- -rinl oflhc cnr, 2 so I.ibrrnl deductions to cinb snb'crlbers.' l the nrf'o rrearpca are paid. will he diaccntineil until all 0er, txicrnvi !).) rorillmuwa of tlw IllndJer lur aftr ..tat BASON & LARD t'tof u'"ifnt n''P8 Hermetioal Self Sealing INVALUAIILK COMTOrM), rofulty ty the Amerkun iop.e. ia pain. iflnjf Ido and hart bwomo jvrninf nouUy etaMIhed tlie hot and inot rtfrvtite wed ;lnnf tho day. CertilWtitaro daily pKiutifr in lr Dm nil fart of the Stated, and thoiituU'Wd now rei'iico there Ultclp when every other rondy which for yearn rocd a uirce ' tft'cctnal. f misery1 and tortiint. reudily yiuIM i'anii-IIc- m ned eoustW rendered lint y atid hiffhtl ly it ?tt efficacy. If tmi mint tVeinreimdtinuInc. i inrrior Samnnrllla, UiatwUch Utw le Hull'. IJIitflceirn. TMncndV. Rindi. Guv anttV, Co V or any other romp oin atcnu thing ucapaDncrDcme to anoiiwr, trum ukj mine),, fur out ff thwsiaidacf law scattered tLrotili A In 'bin.. a, .Itsisippi, Indiana, stilt heiiUK'Ky.ti naeevcrina sinitreinuincoiLucn known iorkil,aii'lUUcuro boyoud ult doubt rrfniln it or Kings Eva!, Af fcctioiw of the, Syphilis, Debility, Habitiml Costive-ne&Erysipelas, Pulmonary J3,i&oas ej, Liver Complaint, Piles, IVmMoIneg ultrities, I'istula, Skin Diseases, Diseased Kidneys, and ma great and powerful Tonic, jmufying tho lllood and in iterating u S PRATT'S SARSAPARILLii. "rillS X Sero-ul- iifVI.... CASH OR GROCERIES 'I TJRLEY'S Indigestion, BUCHU ijirjit,Y was mailed, the Agent ascertained that Tha Vgritnii iniusinave lett Immediately after having The following is tho letter ,04" been deposited, and the advanced nge and Clark In th woll knowp Kimne, iftfor cnarncier oi tne post master, who made up the mail.on that ocnasion. in him of his p.irdoti from the 8ut entirely cut off suspicion in that quar- - frinuiii Meu to tlio plow, Wifa to tlie coirj Oirl to the yarn, Boy to the barn, HaJ nil duci settled. Extract , WANT! Harlem Bridge. lihcs Fnmirr. In 1110. whom; Stat or Nw Voni TAIlillRI in 1030. nd Kldnryu, Fwritdl-f- t An interview wi ib.n Imt t ,lil. !. Wcnknrwtf-iiimp.; Ptrlcturi-i.ndull iliici'Mtl Then n mere show, the t.oimlOrfii, In Mulecr f'cmiils, clorgynum who witnosscd the mailing of irisS. J AttAiif. Girl piano; from wn!cvorcauo'licy ln) liato vrlgiiiuUd me letter, and iromhim were obtained the 'Sir: You wer.crtovictml of anYinMni and no matter of bow long .tending. Wife, silk and satin ; facts already stated. Concerning tin ious and complicated, rime. Not Ifyoo h.v. contracted tlio tcrnUedlwaiM uhlcb oIjr Mors, Grt'ek end Latin, wllCn One. fWatd In tl,A will .iitmIp an nritmg of the document, and its deposit wa thu evideupo t you surprjaing And all hands gazetted. dow n fri-one generation to another, undermining in the letter box in a perfeot state, in ita aire ngth, bul your own confeMioQ' nw coimiiuuou ana rnpning ino icrv Mtal r.iildncf thn niouer had been emdnoMt. bo rAiiMEiiai.NlOSG. tb.t tinm nf mn'iAn life, donot IniHt 01irfclf In tlio IiahiIa of (lnn,.k. i. ready and willing io,mal;8 oathand hadftruth beyond a dub(. Before tatarinff tirlioflarturitivcrydaylnaclty llkotlii.. and flli Men all in dabl. tnopuuers wnn glaring iiiimjwku. Ii nob-e- n ellcalcllU. called upon he wouhl hava dnii. the abode nf vonr amJI Wivis in a; cd todL,dvcthcy,ung,8ndtli.u 11. t iHitialnNvi July 12,. I8r-!i0-- ly to in all sincerity and honesty. You oannot tttciarcfiil In tin ltli tlielrtricki. oreda ajwecb to thi Couit, not more rt- B'iys, tobacco sqirta; or remedy In thews oamvt MioctK'ii In reply to an inquiry whether ha used markablo for indication of your mental Gills, dragging skirts. iiaa ten in. rmiaitractucini greaU't ,ronounced tnoro than ono sort of latter paper, lie in - 'capacity than forn And everybody cheated. by eminent pi. fid your coosclinc tin remedy vcr formed nw l.o had but one kind in bl. and minlv foplinir. known. Itiia nieJIetno ncrtoitlr nleoi-aIn lo tarte, and cry innocent lu it. action, and vit ao study for several mentl s, and t my re - ' 'Thn history or your life whloh ha OHEATINO TUB fLERGY. inrouglithatuannlliilatc. .very partiela of tho rank and poinonoui lnn oftlXi dreadful diienM Ocb collection of "outsido" delinquen- quest, immediately brought in , been git en m j is a vivid Instance of how. and, linlike other renicdlb., doe. not dry up the cies would bo incouiploti), wero we to omit elieetsofit. A comparison of this with unnappuv, notik impuM. TiIi:niOIlJ.STMA KETl'IMCE PAID IN and a ttronc diwaw in tho blood. thn sheet Unon whicli theriVi'nrni.tb.lmd iiueiieci ni.iy m perterteu. xou Constitutional Delibllty, brought onbyaelfa- - the folio wiiiir case, wliioh was investiL'at- nafe been written, showed that the hitter was a engnged in crime, nnd you have taated . arll.lci by which ba. brought oil by the nuthor not long ago, and in bno, a montterrlhle Itr.HLtr jf tli B.Y.KEKNt. article from the first; thn of its bitter fruits. Upon men of your iiioiiNuuioi uie iiuninn race 10 untimely grates, which not a little ingenuity, of the baser P?""? tlui. blasting the brilllunt bope of April 19, ou, and :." tf, S?J dc,iSn ot tlio stamp, tlio situ ability and reflection, audi lussoni ought It will servo as bligb'tilng In the bud theglorlouMtmbitioti of many tort, was displayed. a noble youth, ciibe cured hyliilj Infallible lUma-d- specimen of n numerous class of cases, of 11,8 f,lleet' n"J t,1B shade of the miner. not to bo disregarded, but accepted the And na n mndielno nbkb must IniiieUt cciy chatacteiized bv atlemnta to defniud some w"r? m .u"bke. Moreover, the wafors incentives to a new and honorable career., body, to tho ccnUned 1118 bllnlc' w,1,,rB 1,10 Can, nd, nofrom thomj,ly deloeatoacting both a. a- Inla- correspondent, and to fasten tho blame of ,st, 'It has been repruxouUid to mo by perequal U to bu found Curo and J reuntive. llio liiuiii upon somo one connected with dollar nolo was obtained and tho leltnr sons high in administrative, in executive, ? PH EI1 Caim may bo year nfti-- r year. Th y. .lono 7, contain ng it, sealed, wcro very disiimi-la- r and in judicial authority, that cortain .L diroclicn.-- . fur Muror in fruit add vece table. tYo coulu L'lvo many tho t'.st-uiiicELM HOLD'S I1I0IILY COXCENTItATEl) to either of those which appeared up- ends of public justice demand your necompany the Cum. The mode U m lnplu that II par instances ofntimilar kind, did our limits an orditmry 1 ohm hor ant or child tm jijraof ugo COMPOUND FLUID EXTRACT on tho "post-boy- " letter. don; that these cuds will be better aub- permit. mtM maico no error. From tno consideration of nil thene served thruugh your liberation than by, 'I hem can ura rocoinnicndod by Oco. I). Prun-ttoperson oi goou sianuing in commu. facts, I was satisfied that n gross and con- your continued contim-mcut- . abovu ullothiirf. tltev liaDaKuIueri thorouifh' Editors of nity, who laid claim not only to a moral ly tcated by l'rof. Yandell of IidUlio tlio punt l3 hiirh character and but a reli''ious clmrocter. was visitim? in temptible fraud had been purpotrated by gaietU'i Scan, who .iy they aiianvr fully and pcrflUly IortirlfytngtJitJ1lrtm'-ringadutant art- tho writer of the letter, and t no time iStandim; havn nUu liitcrpunod in Tonr m turpose lor w incii mev uro iiinnaeii. a largo town on the Hudson river, about nayjitimtirwuj jutrcury, ertiwrt ana TIIOH.S.IIAUKI.KY A CO. midway between New Yoik and Albany. in proceediiiL' to tho villiiL'e where that IbeliBlf. rnJy AgenU for Scott Co. I cnllod tipun the post tkt mly This person owed a cleiL'ynian, in New personage lived. 'Thn application, coma to mo under jrfmuimrwrttaUffthJlh(l.anJ . Aii.lfl,lS55-S8-tfrtliiifitt and ftrtvtilln'tn rnntdv fvrtkf mmf master and made some Inquiries relative such uuthorlly and with sueli woight that bait lUtnim, &a!J Jtudt Ifivtatl'im Ilatcn Conn., the sum of one bundled lo tho character and pecuniary eircum - thor elicit iu'votir Lukilf mv nz.nutiva Thnuitand I ii;l'ittt and Sirillinai -- " iliilt.ii h: nuj one day ho called at the housa . . . , . 'J lit UvrtuTtUtr.VimpUnntht lac, and all ' rom maiidalu for your restoration to your, fam-i- n of another clergyman of his acquaintance "no,!S ?' ' Praoii in question, Aeqly SCOTT COUNTY. KY. rftt"rnrf1hf Aim. it appeared, as I hate ily and to society. In granting your par Thi artielo U now trerribcd bvtOT. of tlio the town first mentioned, and lequesl-l".'- 8 nU wrtlvcn in Anctioiier, to tho that his reputation !m com l.l. ... I. t. iiij ciiuiosb IIIUJW .1... uie GOOD OFFERS this and tlui nMolniii'cuutitiet, atreas-o'tab- motit dUtlnguibjd do(Uluusin the country, and ed to be allowed the privilege of writing j alrea.Jy uwu i. in lllllt i? Imumty was trood. deuce oQlioiu who have applied for it Ilia pout ollke U ban prmcd inoreclliclelit lill'rnctleoth.iu any l,roratci of eompcinutun. i.i. ,.'.t...i naratlniiorjiar-anirlllatctiiirrrc- il , totlio imbllc t Iwburp. Ilarron count, Ky. 1 "louglil it mlglit boposs ible that in so will not bn abused nr misplaced, and that Fcicral nnd which th.'sumdiin that irentlemiin was March 1,l?W-I-brofilou.iliaHiibaie 'n.iiclv rcet';re.t In Iho I, i... cncort0d. Writing materials were "mall " P'ae' 1 couM, ascorta n whether henceforth society may claim you as ,0 Incurable wimWofonr niblie Meli ' 'he had lately i""111, a hundred-dolla- r valuable citiien. A C ( OM M 0 D AT 10 N bad GEORGETOWN anvYcnr.roI.tol e cry modo of treat- - furnished, and ho prepared the letter in ou'" '"vo been likely to have MYRON II. CLARK.' mcnt Unit eonVllde,i. Tl ' nirf, furnl.b tl,o study of his obliging friend, und in ' done, if itnas trim thathe liad not .nolo.- Mm. YVm. Kissaki. truing example oi tno raiuTary etfel" r r,...,IT.i:... 1.. r oitno ino Gov. Clark was assured by the Gover-ncr,l . cr lie nail nuisncii wrilinL' H lie od it in the N. II. Letter, a tert hec anili Merodm,tioM.HT. uti.l t!m Calling at the store which received bone, a'readv art', etwl. ... tl.. ,..!!. . .1.1 i,. tl. Ohio and liidiant that the ends iof, TE 11 M S : drttted, pbtUjt Fer Sosslon. of Forty weeks half yearly, m aavance. TERMS OF NUUSCItlPTIOXS THE SOOTT COUNTY HERALD Board and Tuition, $140. Uuslc on Piano or Guitar, $50. 'VIIL BE roRWlltOEB llT If AIL 6 It GTI.FRW.-TO axx rom (rais or roiusi ix the covktv, Latin, French, Drawing, Fainting, xtni'intD, at' tmi roLiownw tow Hxrrn oach$20. FonriKTKILAh. ADDRCKP. Ifpnld strictly in ADVANCR. M . - . g1 on 0. It. HAND. Principal. Ifnol paid in, mutt It Compound Fluid Tno Sixth Session will commenco Monday, September 3d, 1855 Uditrd iiml I'uhlhlird lir TI. ll. FRENCH To uhom all communications T K ,'Helmtold'g Pennine Preparations 20, 1855. DS.C.8M1K&.9S u'l ' hndrud i a SARSAPARILLA ilht K)sjii!r it i rl)Il,mil''. ii... "' .a. EXPRESS TSi .t ....iii. """ ""'i .Lm.,,n "'l. "i i.v '''' '"I?" public justice would be subserved by the ,nlr?du,e.d wish to be able to ( I"0"1"' nhvaj s'safc. f"'1" "I I oi iiuu pardon of Kissaue, and that without such ""'uu ccrtiecat.of cure, from rntlttit. will l feund no- - pi ol that 1 have actually sent the money. ' . tu Mln" d learned that the Very rompaiijingWthl'n-jianilion..I.aII thereforo con'si lor it n pai clou tlioy would in all probability b I'kice. Fluitl Extract of lluolin. HI ler bottle. or d t. , i.T ii.. next uay niter llinton wine I tlionroies.ilil defeated, III. Soveial District Attorneys, ia ' bottles for its author offeicd him their clltulal cauaolty, certify to the Oof-c- i Mer w"3 " ' ' Paraanarllla. " " " bank, where I wish lo obtain a hundred equal in strength to one gallon of Syrup -f a. nun-havoi "our. nor that they' require KissaneV dollar note for tome unall Hash that I , n,,u ADAM'S EXPRESS: System. ,l"J.u",.k f""' wliioh witness in snveral important and bear witness that I enclose the aold by- II. T. IlEI.MilOI.I). a Licit, together with all other biilnCM connected ChcmUt. iilil a lull of the like denomination had been cii.cs whiuli have excited a great .1...,..:. .1,. Chestnut TnriVeoth(!tmipomd(tw1,k-li111 dtal of thn lir irtro nltit tho trnncmitHMon of I'ailtncci. tnoncr Ac. Hoiipo I'lillaitelnhla. Ptrect, th Oirard liimii'Y iiuu uciiuai. .iiu luiivi.!...!... iiuor kiiu mcdlca,? mialill, hut pn'inptl.vnnd faithfully attended "btniiieil.iHbel'Jiv.iiiciitioiit'd.iiiuxohaiigii Sliced, arc paid to poM interest throughout the West, among to upon iVwon- - To bo had of T. S llAl'.KLEY A CO., Ooorgeton oflU .ion deircncrito Intfi Injtirlou traMi, tlil hlijlily Tin', rpvornml troiillomini rculllv nr,.o,l. fur 1,10 tlllsll." Tlltl "mclcllUIlt which, were those growing out of ths Ky. fn rtnutfl hum J.xirai, h nrtarvi vqintLio could not thou change It. but i.t thn burnini: of the Martha Wnihiniton. In And of llnigglut aTidPcalernuvcrywlicro. . and chemical know let I ?o, cd to his icquest, andtient with him l0 frrt'uttht aociiioey AllldUrfdiitdtdtfttXt Vlu; rUlvr iv Apnt : bill which l.o snttatnTH, and warraiitsl ne ir to A lPernl fclmro if public J Atronago I wpuctlul January, 1052, by which mnoh valuable thn bank, where a'billof the requited de- -' flour'. '" 1,0'l"XJ ttixt iitiintdiiU alttntim. The powrftihnaclilnuiy emiii atwiicth. icIate Jy volii'itod. lllu fuw 1,"u'' property- was ilcitrovcti, H sroB liaud Jun.T, nas and placed in1''08'.1 ployed arid cure demoted In comWnatluii together AI.KX. HAWKINS. ...i,i..i. ..... ti m 1th the ImirtauVftu-'ttliu...,1.,I on seteial liisiiriiiiuo comnaniaSj t.i. . .ward. it!f thoonly prcpam- l.i ., i t Owner uud Iricri . . i. . ., Armed with theso iircMSllblo facts, I unuI r rani rxr. L.r.,-- - ibl, ..b.nrvm.m ,.11 ib. wI.SIm'Won in America coninrnng iimmnra 4nlylP, !SS.V2l-t- f. iiiiiniiur oi utca lust, lualr ap MaMUh Vryond fcU doubt fliat It! tlto itillV-woj proceeded to call on tl n adventurous dn plicaiioii . Ido kpreaiU warmly seconded by manr rcme-lyIt extent! ve pebrity and. u in on I00 Reams assorted Cap, Letter of the clergy, who had attempt.,! influential journals lu thisbtate nnd also inff fama, coupled with unparalleleil curcj cllecb 'J Tl,oythenw,;nttothupost.pffi-C,which f by ita agency, h& jraluid both .publiy fiufden ' in Ohio ul St iv York Tfibum, 10th. and Note Papers, was di cctly opposite the bank.) and after III- Tht'n'foro IicTiwrf-ifand rrofcwional ruTunoc. Iiileli6n to cheat another. "Insa- , ,al MovniijKTTO Quahi rnir I.vrjlcriiairr tn ...ill b Itt itlwuiidcrntcodftOT tlwpmof' are t nnmoro't "KI!OM Ilia t'ortarn .Minufuclory, .nd lvjll lw ll.'llO fllfllifll i'niilil twit rui.i titfllc.? ' questioned, that IlUi-LKY'- S ind ovcrwhehrdoix to rurrAur.jourif AriAiKsr l.rM.tN Coi.c Amlrtw- "inlay the lelturund lib itJdrcau, tlio wiiter tltotu ' SAKSAVARIMjA Is the mohtvaluublonnj ..if. rt1 tiios.s.iiai:ki.kv Art), withFtotoft, hny t tie mid "i"" I, f,Ust. buMiH pro VUchargcJ (urn it int.. thn letter box. nnd the of Mavn.1853-12.t- r. VuitvJy. -- The Ifew Mor.dcrfulrnedielne ier offered to tho vrorU. fao half tho wM-d- nr persons went theil neteral ways. '"""""J' "Versa iou .1 e of no ii be to Yoik Times, ol the lOtlt, says: ,Mr tfVT"Mnnu factor v corner Sotcuth jujI Cpict buy tno and a.o .toclc of l'ajwr llanglncnand Ijtwiavill j Ky. y. uu did not "MltaH. .lhefi; w. Como and UIc at my fivit Hicliard iluntei-Ti e letter united at New Haven by moved In auash the in'. Hro fwrooii.linnlcr.,tc.,jiitri)eolv(;dfrom ncwtto-lV ralebvdrugutln thU city and all throgK tf Lastern Manufcetiirir ,""wl"lA'f diclniciit i.giilnst Lyuinn Cole, tho acdue course of mail, and it so happened 'V"u ' "u """V? .'" mt ' the "irfttd SrtatcH. Ilnrdufini. rntlcry, ,1;! ',hur J'ou T1I0S. g. II ABKLHY CO. oil"c!1 " to whom it was ad. ll,i,t ll.n clerL-vma- i. complice of Kissane, in tho Chemical' iu4cr..M ri:n ntrrrtAZa jiottlics May I7.1Si.1-l3-t- r. STOVIS, to mail' it, at Jlr. U.'s I'OIl 45. .hlo'u- Hailing for V. COAl.CItATIS.Ar. limlc loruery. Ircsed it tho post-ollicHie eurnVd uounrnl Irifcviur. April S. 133. r.i.1 mills. He sawn lot I te found out nil ubiul it, o I hone vou .narked that Cole had 1 ha.e aUo n.Lund, TInrlevV Purpaparilla la v lint It U roprevtitul, t the nrvi.tiii'' been kept in tlui will not deny the truth ill thu mat- VI 9 XI. JIV M i-- i i t ,ll t 1irt rate urtkfu of n.l t mmt nnderful tne.l!e1n,i lfnr. I city for a long tinm, and hd suffered tor thrown into his box, and called fur it ter. fSllCtCSSOr Ol liriWIl & SdHCS 1 h. public otlungun.lerlieav.ncuuMliKWrnul Nail, Chain 1 tni( I Id had been tried once many hardships. H4 Mion ii. inu ueuiui ' niiiuuiv nii.uoun j I theiigave him to aav o without rroofof tho rtrongOKt and urx-- t , SI 4V hlsohnicr, to sndthe without oliti.iuiii a verdict l,-- S j klnditheicfoiolapealculllinglynndioritlwly on itJJJ'A.S. and a trruit variety (f now i',, il,o.o,l ,.,! M. l!,,r n,. 1,11 "J"'1 doltaispiomptly to his New 1U- - had n hirgi'Biuii of uionoy on and he with TIN VARE deposit ? My ttar dliterhaa lvcn fifillcte-lith fVtu tlincases 7 ma l,m,i,v,.,i, the tl'll Clll -of my own Manufjcinrj, City iJliaiuborlaiti, whioh was draw-in- j; 'tl. r, ho found liilliself rwiucsteil to m unnnewo. inojoini ivr Mwrai renr. i cm ix citocuiiii;s, roKficx a.m do- Abo, thlacitr.and inwiri the principal Aiy(iciaK mi Inti'Mst. "I'leaie liud one bundled dollars," tin., a public manner, the facts in my posse JIISTH I.IQUM.1NAr., mi n. 0i(r hana friTFinl: they conld not cure fctr. I ?av Ti,e A.sislaut District Attorney op. Cor, St, Cliiir V Um?iii Sirs, w ih tvliicli requei.t he would cliecrfully panlla. notetp:tmjrit wwlddo mnch (JixkI, hut i p.esied and finding poind the million, und FRANKFORT, KY. t.avc complied, but for one slight nncuni-suii.cto mvrcatattmm.tmrtit. rtoTeiWlVjfAt woll.and, the Recorder re. hiui.cllcorneied, hacoiilessed that he had jlus-- d it. t March l.lSfll-tf- . for C',,lc Stovea and lor IIaUl e Wen takintf ony thanK Oo-I- . contlnne iiainely, the absence of tho bank- Lyiu.tu LMe will be tried " ".'.U hv.Xcit: fire pl.ui. Wlntir i I would notpii6 this cfrtlflcato; picpnrud the letter which was .eceivcd ftther mMielne, OT."RKfti7 no hut your SarvapatHIa, tlw fmly remedy cinj Joyed, l'.it ffftn- - Cuatlf, Ky. 1a&UU, Ky, jr acbllijf. Call afer. , bJiUsl w.."k Andrew Finlar. thaacoom. W'PL uM Ia-tn''- Iand get rtonht flt medical iMallti, nd that It This fact was nppatently accounted for '" "" 'u leU lj"mf, and tlut' alone curtd her. f Igtv-l- . ..: f Kifc.uiiii and Cvl'i, liy a p stscnpi, written innl.eavy. rudo ""l'!,"l-bt,r;who turned hVKi: REYNOLDS. the ballk 10 LnU.-- ...'I......... . "S t'"'"'' rt t .1 ....!..! Any poren rminnm? tho truth Hndlmnuitv cf PATENT DOOR SlMIIN'li, h.ijid, entiiely different fiom that of the the post-offiche ll is for the ..l body of the let'er ami tcadiiigns follows! will find n .0 at my ridonn', wifner , ..W.XV...U. vj m ui. 1 but. t, "clona wur ho wrote atri'-at.'arl.'y XT T. cf Ninth and Walnut bMcl'i, LouUvill1. K ntiuky. ATTflHNf!YfJ . t. ...ll.. ... mi ...1 ... Cill lit . "I'.S. I havo Ulien the liberty to bor-q- one piomisi-- in the clervyiuan'snudvl chnigw from custody. lii hvl been He. at other .nU. lie to send the money, and taiiiud in the Tombs n,i witui'ii for over iny uld Btand, n, this money, hut I s''ml the letter, so lo havi'suffmed in, J,t a severely GEOIHIE ALLC. AIKH. year. ether dbeaocconnectM with tiu female organlza- - Oou'ti.f AniS thai you needn't hlume the man that tvioU foflinL', on iiecouut of this dihon.,.i. I Oct. If.PftJl-Sl-l.- y nmi ikiiui n lion tUHi aiitiin iimuii Manb e. Ij53-'- 2 if. (Signed) it." I'M .an liw. A Detroit msreantik .liorter .pace of timo than Unfually exindoil io stt "I'osr-Dov.- " J?I. th.troatment. It Udeddi4ly prCfirablo a. a fn. A Tl'O.eisno Unittd Sates law p.ovid Ciitlemnn who waatraveliuir eastward a.ral Tonic toQulnlne.orpreraratlonioflri'ii. ond : The rillnd docurnent was immediately ii,,, forthcpuuishmeiitof .uchan vfience.J,,l,,"t tlm" itllici. wnt W tlisolsrkof on It 111 becme S 1. now III tlie rccrllitoflilarccStockiif am fnllv : shown lo thj post niasler, and in his opm-In tb Phyelclan'. nvli. Itnr'tf"llv youn, n' t'1" Onlnria boats to be shown to hi )U( public opinion uud uiivale conscience ItTTlr I T i VX) i?f!K P ftf TI V 1K flPPIlTt'C! UOIIKUT. Ii. AI1LETT, M. . M onlll. cirg,niai,, a.,.ik nicor .li.tinctionH than the law t,uT - i" - ruoin, a wt. ,la The clerk handed the appli (i UU jUoI J Wit ,- , r.tir.nttnTow,Ill. lobbery had b. i n committed, uto. an I often im-- it out a well dcsarv.d cant a key, at Ihe same time cointinir ta : 1 : Tir. Tin,.. A. llL'uLfc.T.c.V: From a VnowIedM tm vjiii tlii line, t'i tiwutt. lItoaiiel.inir wJiH-I- otliflrn. t IU'hhdif will fn: hi Km ...niuu gentii-nui- i Sarraprllla, and tkrough eoniluthai that was advised by the j penally in ihiim who elude thu less subtht thd door .nine little di.tsnoe, sUtked efymr ..latter f and old HI. tin Iu urtlele iiunatnrtnied 1 cordially op-- 1 cheap fortnahr on act'inrnMailnL'leririF. pcit mitstor to pitu I at onco lo fiew milllstulU of jiistu o, i lOn-OKKAbOll rnd mv nun J. F. UTLIXUTi-- . ! V.nL 'ii. il ..Vril..e m Itli llt fitn,.-ii- i s't'-HS-vis. I Ourfiiund went in the direction indii s..u ww.i A. . In the urcM-u- t ni.tHiiu. the fnre.rnlnir . 1M. . . . ' i. lMiinur. Jan. 6. I V.I. MRS. J. A- - HEWDERSON, nor. i. story tin ii. iile publ'm bv dllcctiou ol eaiod, but opened th next door to bis V: Mvttilu biMell allllcted Dr. l.rBtt.T where discovered :LATn mi:s. with lndlgeti''n for ten year, and 'I'lild never rt t j n i 1. urM. the 1W .Master llmieial; and thu author Pw" maiked A. making liuhur toilet; wh a I4'-')' rour iiottte. otyourN.Trvipnriiia.istrniiy mred ISjuVt now 04nio; a.p' 'tun i . k .if 1 Y .m lii,tTeii'ilii? r lirg. jowntin.Mit (ffnr.li1 BO. jtll'i lb 1.110 liub f'll 0':i.FJ IIIU 4III1 of tlu nick, iiu.ililn m hiisi liu the iiidig- nuiv t m ri. ,;,i .n. ,.B,oWdl..rcoiPi.m . had comineiico't the iiitisiigiliou ol the nation and oi.triiipt uf tl- - coinmuiiiiy UPU" ihBii.iiijiur'sapparauce, uttsrsd s a. iFamily (In VJ U 0 X Vfi 'S MI)()VK aupiwioptl robbery. D. n Mm o in which he llted, t .sioiipslled lomke!'J1' "" H.Tlnebofnenradodln tho dnu for' FUKN'CH '"LOWRRS, FliATIlKllS. 1 ,fl" In addition to ihe jKiMscriot append- - a Ici.iy irtii-- il fiom thn putuf thecoun- ye.r. I donot lmitst. to pronounc. ilnr. uteral g' awayl' ic.eirasd the TIM.! ll BOOTS AND SHOES l.j.'Far.rarillathobcrreiir.tlonowln 'a ly. bore other iudicatloii. of ' uital.k f.- - tb. KAM.TKADKrU0V.U; ...... u.lle -.f. b,HiblinnU tn.ui. i -- in Ui ru.l, or on ii"it hi.. ta ctiitom- - having bitter Lunixnil nilli. which at try. OEOKOKMULLIKIN' been tl"r ll .Vrl,,;d (i.n .I hr cU,i' .' tiiu. Onroox. Ind.. Nov 5. jwpu. tfslljr liniSotlio iy i tory An AaofX.T ...a A!.vf.i.nMo.-.- V .,.l,'.l. bori..ooliwlll 1 kept repl.tothr,wlimit t,n ,en- - era who fce tU meu" promi liy. Yonr Par.anarill T).llp.T-Aj,,t Bliflt BuUd ,WUi nlnioit coliclusitri sawapa-Hguipl- , '""ching ber In a Viwim v," rk' Hb all .nut m' l' ' '""""t"'i meichanL stall.' sbouUl ' icnetoniieiwlllthirrriT''arlon.ortht.lVn','rd"l,'"" Upon ti, outeiope wi.e this .lli-ciu ihi point. Wheal, Corn, nr oili'T Proiimc, . ., ibiusn A Wiululliib'r Irn. of bswftfiu. went n.t. medicine, lieretof.iro. lb. itn.M.factbtr rellnltli",h., ' ' Tnlun titlier In u,imtat of ild debt. r frl two tw.lers, (lilR'UUg in color, ruin juirllv ths tUt .bulned from tb ne of KrMn.rlllii. devnl-- d and at tb 'U'n pi ii i.igollicc lo an . xidiaug", ipon. w.nt ft .Kin m tnniine pmper tvloctlon. urriu. ., some Ui oral " Ihe other, us ll IheV lisil i. ,M 1 r "ot tounliad bsrl' coming tioni a pi.. J. AlTI.mui' pip-LOWEST CASH PRICES. in our m.rlnt. from thadlfrVrnttaaiiUilsa '"""'-".'- 'I the ...eichant. who leltbikstelf puioii iiy uiiicreni jieisous in uiueieiit IU0 in.l.. Novl.US'- - M tf. with the .view In ili.J Cou.ilry Mribantand Mil!lnr,lll ndtbutwnlcli ba.b"en'ende.!nliform tfnov nd Itto their to l' through, b.r mim.bicnerallT Wn pr- - eed be Imprint . i p''araifi'ei? eowxthe na.ucif wine Ltycr theie to wbUb ifetnttin. arul oimcli. theso Kiiuiith.t.ndin "'tic'efl JrueiTinpWa friend did not whom Iih ii,u WHOLESALE DEPARTHEWT. i,tiH m iii.iIM.iiioiiof, rep anvR.rap'irrii at nd w. a enr heap con- stro.i-lelfHiwlare. . ..... ... . ..i ii - iii, oi. iiinain isr. siiiiwaa niasi mi i -- ., . ftvcili 'he.e wi-i- circii.nstanc -Ti nd nrlblc tIi lrt. fjlfl In th. ma'orltv of ili.tao. Imfor. pnrcha-ln- ir . " ,,..t-..Jllas.J. A. IIEXllKII-ilV- . JLOmiBblU that the leldieting with ll.o ?e.lofttb fcnflercr In n me h wtc condition tb.n nn, !UU II.UT llllllllll! OM Pill C.ibiili u efiire taWni It ?'4Kiniiin.T iliJi-iMU'- d ofnilt-'ir- r ll.tlns iar'd yur f rrrl!'. Iii theletUrS. T be iokst ataa The laittiiiripl rn.... i i bul been lohb-- d. ni'i He'iTten Kim I... ...r.i Hum M. llo.innatl, O. ''1'IIKnrd.. IBI''acVl-mo. ...,-- nil- iifiimr ino I'li'i lb ii. iwi . ..'in . , ' .T I .wi pla,l tft.ay Ih.t it t free from tbt impir. ' T .1 Wu guilt, r.'..i.iike.-'V- .dl. ""...ituralaHur. for no t bj. Ft,t.) 1 cii'lliiid fe.tlon4l!uded ti. and 1 tbe-e- f. re tal.--. pb'a-n- r. '"A ''"!1 the nan 'in recomTiendlrirli tn Hi. eonfidencof th frofe. Glass l," lH '.v "' fofiipft.iiug a letter fur tlie piirp.nt o. up. of a .iiigl.'.itl.-riM" & Bottles for ProservIiiK tie.t 1 bnnipHitn, Ac.,it. in ll.atp.iHjr. un. y lon .nd to tb. atSVtM pnbll.. mid feel rfertt v- t i,iirT,.i. . V V. 1.IIU1.I.U.VII. Ipi'iprialuig H iuibMi:s, uuju ."qi in iin.riij..r i.l lli ii.u....ifiii nl ii.mI i.I.i, , I 11 , . la. aievsi-. . T.m-'- ? will reslli. .v.rytblns from' It that A d.r in Sov. 1 ll v Vi ' wriie an explaiiitorv 'i ire ttM. I ..lour minutei tlia 1. . V. r it. cl"''ii. . to b. derived from tbsia. of Frr.r.Il. r . i' i'.i.i ' in "i l.l .iiiiiien nut iii.iiais' 'iiiii.-.t.i- .i lu iungrv 7MS. ..j. cyuiMi itiiuul inciraM ii ly v. acii .i from ui". by liavii.'.' u raid in the ..qi. , vtill mui ou the Itlh of Dieud BT J TimCp Jmtntl. in, trill U M'KIIV And i .V his own Sin FLOUR, BACON. LARD, cliancefif instance, there had been In, is I would wi'linyU iiml tl,.',, Uinf ti.udav will varra hsxasiisi' V "f. B. BAR' A"V'it so., ry doi.Ion of nurlituul COVX-:f- ur the pic.eut luoui.i i.iti.ri u.ii'i .Hike hi tip at this ' - t liiji friitii ihsttsiis. " Tr rpALK abootyour'BIyEIyiaao 1 fcuthtrn Dalle VKI) tor which. ir,Ht n- - delay of the letter to allow of such an aj-- , particular tinm' Ll en it body adtv -- i itci ,. k i 'le minute' oVt'i tWlV fiV??.1"; .lh?T' unl with tb.'Datio. t.r.l rrici.'ia OrK.ri'S -- Bmn'lT.J Uld I b. wld. wnleJ by dition. y o t rMiveW br Ious tise, and everybo-J1 p eviiklMily will h. cruip lo dol LlcirinN' th haoTaWfcr wi'U the ihr ii UIU 1 T. APPI-MAT- r -- ld lUe i.anhl,im. i. .t thU9 ato.t. iniUBLE. ' jll..ip'l( Nov. I, 1IK i!-t- f. B7 a visit to iheomre wiiero mo .!' nJlP:ll. thoenltro T rAVESOHlKnKTOWKforTrfitntrton.Mcn-Ij dyn, .Wedm-sdaFrlduj'sand Saturday A M. itctuniln Icara lAuingtuii, at7)f fur (teorcutown tlio eterltitf ot'thocatue dnjnat 3)f oMovk l,M. Faro each wny, 75 cents. 'Die uiidcrwncd N Agcut fur and'Zf v :r, tft "" ,!!,, "H ea E2 LOOKOUT f''vr T"' .l,,fl,i,e,, to "'c,"r '' R'"1 T "' l. ' WH9I, lr CASTINGS! ' EEED & LEACH, ?T Z IncVdai Km 111. II ML?. iVllliji: r.TT (in luii i 204 Fifth St. CINCINNATI, 0. APPLKGATE uneii,,!,,,,, " ........ M Ui ja.neETi'Ai Yli n. fiH()rJuIlJ8.', 'wl'r,w"ter?rMl:, .. .. &C:' ''' '' ""''' "' Ttnmratin iunS Jin h. JjIljUOrS. jculM ',,!,,, "i" '.v. 7 i.t I"'' ueiic," nir Southern 4bnoutr. fu7' 'a4

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