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Image 1 of Kentucky gazette and general advertiser, July 17, 1804

Part of Kentucky gazette and general advertiser

ArwT?rWrJ1w? AND GENERAL ADVERTISER N. VOL. XVII. :iVfis5.r jUtiilciisi. iv .i LIST TERMS OF THE GAZETTE. REMAININGOF LETTERS, in the Poll Oflice William Nafli 1). N K. not taken out in O. This paper is pubhfhed weekly, at three months, w ill be lent to the Gen Saral. Ogilfby 2 George Orr per annum, paid in adtwo dollars eral Poll Office as Dead Letters. David Urlbern Tlios. Owens efq. vance. A Those who write to the Editor, must Cap. John Allen Wm. Akin pay the pollage of their letters. Benjamin Parifli William N. Potts THE MILLINERY STORE. Zrs.White, CFtom London) Mrs. Andrew George Afkins Francis Alien Jno. Arthur Mary Anderson Cap. Nat. A(hby David Patton 2 R Thomas Rudd William RufTell Mr. Ruflell llone Rev. David Rice cutter ivirs.jennynoem David Reid 2 Richd. RoiiahYot TJiomas Reid George RufTel ReynoldsX Philip T. Richard-Alar- y 1011 rcODert ivicnarus, B EG" !eae to return her sincere thanks to . .n. Thos. Bullock r Neriah Barnes a genenjm ruDiic, wr tne encourac-mc-iniuJohn Brand lias axner enced Mice her comn.enccmenr, David Bell and inlorms them, ftr lus rmoved lrom mr Solomon Bondley Geo. Brown S . B01 f.'si to the hou'e opnfite to mr, Bradford's Jol'tph Bofwell Amelia Beeler William S.cott Tames Stanley Printing Office, There (he continue' to have an fctenfive an ! eleginr liTdrtment of the James Clarke Isaac Smith care George Swan mnft fafli ona !e Mill neiv Goods, viz : ville efq. t Zeadock Beall ofS.&G.TrottetCr:ilbv Smith i Ik and lraw Scoops', OiU Ladies' BJnnets, 'Solomon Burnley W. T.Barry efq. Richd Steele jim. Thos. Smjth V'KecHats, Velvet Spencei s,sat Godfrey Bender Ely Stout tin and Mode Cloaks, Lice and Gauze Veils, llichd. Biddlc John Stephenson Turbans, Crape and Muflm Caps, Clinch Fea Jolliua Baker Jon Barrett care Sally Steel . J.icob & Andrew orCra Blylhe & Artificial 5. then, of J. Holmes 2 Sanduflus Mannbatterwhite vts.Su penders. Black and RedJorocco La-he- r William Breckin-SaBeeler for Children. Sonnets Rev. G. S. Smith Jacob Sicerej ridge 3 Jas- - Breckinridge N. 3 .caisand Bian:ts maileand Gun. Stevens Charles Smith 6rn covered stthe (lioteic notice. Francis Bard care James Bcatty c , nreiutait John Franklin John Franfifco Mr. Faulkner William Ford '. TV Nicholas Bright,' p a, nues his Ihop on Main ftrect, next door IJ 's to Mr. Eogg's opposite to Capt. Thomas Irwin Tames Ivcrs tavern. - C. Johnfhm James T. Ivers He has on hand a large afTortment of ladies' morocco, (kid fiin, and fluff William Ingram 2 Mar-ihall- Now in the Press, and will be sin- iflied by the lafl of thii week, Mr. fveitie ' Samuel Kyle A PAMPALET, Ifajc Kilander Oliver Keine 'L Cnntainingan Answer toth A polo .rgv of the Springfield Presbytery, William Leavy Mrs. Loney LTtelv pubiiuied. A let. Lewis of jofeph Lees Alelviu Lowney JOSEPH CHARLESS. ' Chailelton Mav 7. 1P04. fohi Lailcaftcr AUxaudei Linn William N. taTe Mr. Lodenan NOTICE Shsre'iolicrs tu the Ken-...- i Tter Lisle care Cap. Wm.Lindfe, . r UI li; 1H , Will ioiuh l'anpuhiil IUCN.V rr. IIIUU'XC M ke paid a half yearly dividend of Rcv.RaMarniall Elijah ;ht d ulars on cch lliare, on applichan cation at tlisir ofnVe. in Leinrrtnn. Ad. M'Hvain efq. DireOir' also give notice, Elijjh Alirtfiii ioA Maj. S. Meiidith tTat they will sell sour hundred fs. Meuire Cap. M'Murdy S'aies "! f id C om anv,'by vendue, John Mr. Al'lton ofii e. on x uefday the 14th Wm. M'i)a .iel ltlieir Tohn "viaxwc'l Thomas Ivltck "a of Auuft pavable in Col.S.M'Dc.well Col. Thos. Moore 1 3d at 60,90 nf't.-Saml. Alarlliall and 3p javs. Thomas Moore Bv6(jy: ol the Prffid-n- t T'.luchsll and Deftprs, John & Jefie ler Robeic Marllxall ' a. Macblm, Cl'k. Juyjl, 1S04. Cap. Wm. Moore ( V J . 11 J t M'Clena-JrcobM'Conath- M.-llor- . ct, s Mil-Dav- id AM UlltllGlilCli, b) . J Containing two thousand acies, situate on the head water, ol Fox run, branch of Braiheais's creek ; v. Inch lnrd .a5 ccn wyed by William Murray, ol Philadelphia, to Joseph Simons, ot LancaPtcr, Pennfjhama, and by him to the afoie-I'ai- d Simon Gi. tr. Any perion inclining to purchale said Jands, may know the terms (which W'H be moderate) by applying to me in Lexington. PETRE, BEES-WAAOW, HOG's LARD, LOPillK, COUNTRY LINEN. AND THREAD. tC?Thofe indehted to the late firm of John Jordan Jun. Sc Co. aie requeued to call and pay or at least settle their accounts, Lexington, K. Nov. 14th 1803. tf VOR d'e, the plice whereon I now live, containing 450 acres well improved, and generally given u,i to be as hai dfoine a place as any in Fa)ette countv the dwe!lini house isof brick, two (lories high, 46 Icet long by 22 wiue, iinmieo on in a neat plain manner, and jtherwJtefiTirv out honles; there islikewifea grist mill with two pair ot)lones,on fi wtth aieburi the said mill, dam, and all ufcsjviilt anew about twelve. mnniht nn the dam and all under works arelocufl timher, tviiiLiiwiuirina at. lean ntty years without he mE'minatied there is about 120 scret ni il landppnns and Mockwater thai vs never I will sell the whole tnitcthi-- r knowntoUil r the mill with 50 or 100 ac-with . . ... . it. mil r. i fle 1 cimniieruDie crcuit 101 rat, the 'othe '5n MiU cieek, near Drenno.i's Lick VitbeinRpi'iUlown. Fortuithar ibout 18 miles from the mouth of Ken- ayapplyinj! to thefiibrcnbcr, any person lna iky, and 40 miles fiom tlie Falls of oe inturqieu anu inetvn. SOO acres, by furve Ohio, coiuatnuir John Rovers. and is a moiety of 3000 inde in 178-1Fartte countv, Davj's Koik ? cre, patented tn mr. TvTav and mr. Hlkhorn, Ap'il ifuM, 180 (. 5 il.niv, and accordingly dr KJed. WO Sv ILLS rOitSALC. ONElmlds 137 gallons, t!k othr 60 500 acres on the Rolling fork gallons. I will frll them low tor a! is Silt river, by lurvty ill 17S4, patent-Jalh. F ir ile, alio, to mr. ILnry. L v WIjH I 7-- 4-- S in tf Jrne 4. 1804. rrow chintzes afTorted, uoarle and frae mullins alloited, Satins,, nmntuas, luteflrings k crapesaf- sorted, , Men's and women's silk and cotton hose, A variety of silk and muslin ftikntls, bilk and muslin handkerchiefs, lei failles quilting, Dimities and fluffs, and 8 Inlh linens, 4 Ruflia flieetings, bed tickings kdrillings, Kidd, morocco and fluff slippers, The heft Madeira, Sherry, P01 1 and Lon don particulai winei, Fiench biandy, Jamaica spirits tx. flirub Teas, loaf sugar, chocolate Jc coffee of the first quality, Haid ware, queen's, nLifs and china wares afforted, Sheet copper, bar-iroficLIesand fythe ot the hrlt quality, With almost every other( article in demand ; which they will sell at thi mofl educed prices for cfli. lexint'ton, April 3, 1R04. TO HE SOED, BY apowei of attorney fiom the ex .cutoLSot Patrick Henry deceased, a, CASH, TO BACCO.HEMP, GINSENG, WHEAT, SALT " will, mortowGratz. (aft for Attorney k cahnetts, nroaclung season, which he will sell - nlLUi- f Tract of Land, JL the present, or ap t i ihe city to sill one moietv of a of CONSISTING OF and (oarte broad cloths, QUITABLEfor pl.U ncy, from Simon i. Philadelphia, Gratz, TJ AVE iuft imported from PhilarJel JL phia, and are now opening in the MERCHANDIZE, f GEORGE MADISON' Fx'or. Alex. Parker & $&. John Jordan Jun, f S J 01 j Has a Large and General Aflortment of yC -- encouragement and liberal wages on application to Air. J. L. Martin, steel-lard- TO ShLl. wr Tanya rd I N this placr ihe price will be moderate, i and the payments made caK to the pu'cha ser, oneing lausfaOoraly secured, ann the tinercn punctually paid. 6 WILL. MORTONS LcVington, 4th June, 1804 1 NOTICE TO TRAVELLED WHKREAS there is an excellent good Ford mat'e across the Alnlkinpum river, with i five rods abo e the Uper Ferry, fntd is as fZine's & Intire's ferryj and ood as nnv within the (late, leading f'ora to the main flicct, to mr. David Harey s tavern, on the ntateft 3nd Lest road leading from Zanesville, Cllno, to Wheeling- ' 1 ii 7 - n, Jie No. KoTner care John Koontz of A. S.VandegraffJdhn Kegerife William Keiley IvLij. Kirtley 180-i- -- rchandiz'e. G at the luhe JOHN JORDAN Jun. P. M July , 1804. a , i :. Y new brick house, on Mamnreet, direct Leonard Young Geo. JYoung care ly opposite the court house, a very ex of H. Crawfoi John Young tenllveancUlegant aflortment ot Jacob Guildner John Gray Jenny Goar James Gru,ble sc. v sc 3 Thomas Griffith Cap. Ben. Graves Joseph Guffey H William Hart 5 Wm. Hornbuckle William Hircon JdEies Hughes Wm. Hanlon Joleph Harrilon Thomas Helm J'rancis P. llord Boot and shoe makufacturhr. lohn Hawkins 2 CorneliusHinfey his thanks to his George Hunt RETURNS their pad savors, and George Holly DavidKumphreys' He Peter Hcward hopes to merit their continuance. iuft returned from Philadelphia, and Frederick Hice Joseph Hulton has Simon Hickey has brought with him a supply of the John Huckftt-Humphreys mod choice materials for the proleoution Mrs. Polly Hamil-JofHe will now hive Samuel Hopkins ton of his business. it im his power to supply his cuflomrrs Newton Hawes RiceHaggardcare with any article in his business of newest Z,ach. Herndon of John Murphy falhions, executed in a superior manner, John Hall John Howard and on the (horteft notice. He conti- Lt. Danl. Hughes flioes. IJ f diRP, I'ian KS. . Girth wtbbwg&rc farm of Gab. on a Pucen's wate well af- credit of 12 month',, . liable-Stillsforted, china, &c. and all the nenii.rv jpara-tus- , Fine linens and India mullins, belonging to a J itilkr Al'o Chintzes & callicoes, a nurpber of likely vouig Holies, , Bonk&Jacconetmuf-luisCattfe, Sheep, Hoes, .11 a Lige ., .1 .fL n 41 Canibuck 8: Camel's quaiuiiy 01 u'.Il pruoi r uriiiiii.ev. hair Ihawls, ny perion who willies to ih. Fancv filklhawh,&c. Brai.dy, may get a bargain or Blue and yellow nan chard, which willbc inaue knowji on keens, Red and black moroc- the aay ot co skins, security will be1 reqirtieu'-'o-f tha Umbiellas, purchafcr. Hid inc whips. , GEORGE AI'ADISONE'or. Cotton S: wool can Superfine broaufio Monday, Jul) s&aggg second rjte do ISi. nf"inrliiftr- . A innno' Catfimeres, sine. who willies employment in the C spa Coatings do. Flannels do.' city of an overseer, will meet with Madder, Annetta dye, Copperas, Allum, Chalk, Brnnltone and flour of sulphur, Nails, 4d 6d 8d iod. 2d and of a so .reign importation. School books U wr; Crawley ileel, ting paper. Scale beams; Trunks, &c. Zee &c ") weights &rc. Black, l novels and anvils. White andvPaints. Hand & pannel saws, Green Key do. Bcft Lampblack. HEM? of a good quality, and well done up, will be purchased, and a part it the alue paid in CASH. Also wanted, 100,000 lbs. BACON, lone but of the firfl quality, for which a generous price will be given. I They heep a contbnt supply of barjWilliamForgufon iron, steel, catlings and Iheet iron of the petcr French best qualities, afforted, and Dry Mann's Bernard Farrow lick fait. Ijohn Horea Millers can be lUDDlied witn JohnFowlcrefq. K C mlinliAie. 1.1 UUim.NVJIUJUUUI)t ClUlllb Ul WtiC rlitirli tf Lexingwn. April 7th, 1804. f , 111- s ' . Mace, Nu;megs, Single and double re fined loaf fusar, Box and keg raisins, French & Spanilli I rj., be sold at putdic sale, on jSddiii, Singer, $l WILL tSaturday the 28th of Jbl Green corTee, ihocolate, 'epper, lilfpice, n IO Hll-OKl.'.- tacks, Sets ot saddlers' tooIIJ nonanaein. '' F and shoe Awl blades I J Madeira wine. Fiench brandy, Solomon Steel Cap. Stone of David Reed Weathers Smith Rev. Mr. Stewart care of J. JordanMr. Shanklin Have imported fioni Philadelphia, and Saml. SimpfiJb jMr. Slaymaker amuel Clay are opening for sale, on the lowefl Benjamin Cra" Simon StowlJ'V terms, in the house lately occupied by John Cooper ambelelq. 6LT & co. next MeflVs. John Joidan jun. CatharineCal dffelEl iflia Carter G. TeagardiV Rev. Mr. ThayeVt ' dnor to Mr. Seitz's, Jacob & Michael Cap. John Cock Wr. I odd blue lfaiah Taylor BritifhandSpanilhfu- - Saddlery and harness Creekbourne Mr. Carson fiirmtm 'dyer Tierfine and common Geo. W. 1 homp- lwe makers' and car Jarnes Cari'on care fohn Calhoon broad cloths. Mr. Tibbatts ba- - son pent!".' fools, of G. Anderlontiev. Elijah Craig nftitutionandfancy ker 3 Mr. Todhunter All knd of hard ware iTacob Claar c rds, V Mr. Courtner Rot. Thompkins Gen. Levi Todd Cl,bern sThomas Clarke Cotton'caJds, No. 8, VeWe'tT' John Tfuitt Gen. Robt. Todd l) & 10. Bartlitt Crovvder Hugh Crawford J. Tannehill care David Todd Velverets. Jaconet, tambored & CITna,glafs& queens Jvlrs. Har. Culver, Rev.IIir. Crawford ofmr.Poftlethwait oooKmuuins, ."-'- c lames C Imperial, Humhuml V D Ilvlon, Baftas, B. Vanpradelles William iwfona India (hawls, fdk and Younj, liyfon Sh 'Jos' H' Daveirs W oolti cotton, J Richd. Dawdfon John Dailey Philip Webber India, silk and cotton Coflje, James Wier William U.uiey bamuel Demerelt William Sugars, handkerchief, Vebber Archer Webber Samuel Delepain Robect Wallace licniy Davis ires, Chintzes and calicoes Alpcr WiPiams of the neweit pat Bramh, Cap. Dean James Dcloney AaronWoodroughJames Wardlaw Nutmegs, terns, Yn.. Daingerfield John Duley Iriih linens, whol; and Ahpice, R. S. Wheatly John Welch Andw. Dunn care Air. DunLp half bleached, j l'eppcr, Burk Wheatly James Wafon Gi"JJer of jas. I1!Cquii Durants, Vvm. Ware care Mr. Walts 2 Also, Cahmancoes, E C n'i(mn, of Tho. Samuel MV. Wafliburn Wildbores, &c. &c. Rev. Geo. Eve Thomas Eaftin Men's and women's MulYatd, see. fohn White Mr.Webb'er cotton hose Jr locks, Copcrai, madder, in- - Henrj Ernftbei s;er Thomas Ervin '' James Williams Janes Winn aiKo and allum. Willitml-dwaidNankeens, Joseph Cathrine Walker Eliilia Waifield An jUoriinent ol lm. Tuikcy yarn, Eagls cate John EaKin a d (l.ot of the vVill. Geo. Wood-Cale- b Tilings &c. Worley oiifc'rcnt numbers. ofS.&G. i'l Otter A complete aflortment flock ot hylon, Uohea, Nathaniel Barnes George Beatty, p.-i- f. 1 Urn-krel- Banks & O wings, Dean, x i T1 TUESDA1, JULY 17,1804. ,Msas&s?ssBssExsssssssBiisszs'sssss!s?nsza FOR SALE, ,C. TOR' CASH C5 NEGROES, looo Acres offirrt riteLnd, King Has Removed lis STORE rivi-i- , and near FT'ROM its formei (land, opposite the on the Kentucky where Capt, Danl. V.'cififfer now for1 Market, to the dwelli.K' house merly occupied by Buckner "'In ufton tfq lives, and about 4 milei below Frankppofite the new building intendtd toi fort, with 4 ftnall Farms thereon die Office ofthe Kentucky Inl'urance one on the river, with 45 acres of 'Company, where he will continuejtp cleared ground, and peach orchard, 'ell Goods on Inch terms as nuift be ?a and under good fence the other 3 ee,ible to purchasers. He has lecei- - about 20 acres cleared ceach, and ved in addition to his former general under good fence all Xyl?iT pood leg hnules. and as good witter as any in Afresh supply of the Mate. I will fellS p"art, or all of GROCERIES, HARDWARE, the above mentioned land unuluallv QUEEN'S WARE, &sc &c. low for Csfli. For further nurticu Amoiig iisbVcb will in sound tbe sol lars inquire of the fubferiber, James lowing Articles of a Genuine ita- - Roberts in b ankfort or Mellrs. Par lity : ker & Gray, Lc ington. Imperial, ) Pewter, 1 nus. fci. UUUJS.K 1 1. Aujersand files, Hfon, Lexiiieton, ?.'c i2, 114. Young hyfen, Knives and forks, winch is George Adams Mr. Atchison John Anderson Jacob Arevune Ann Alkin 2 Hugh Alexander rewfc miT. sri.vftamg Lex-ingto- n, Lexington, May 28, ' BY DANIEL BRADFORD, LEXINGTON. 931. itzazKsreiazz&'wsr .. rwi'J'Mi'iBivH'irT' viv.--v WtMwarwg-ytyaLg'ixaTK- . Vv illinms " roo7" a it i snon Mjxutjici'LAi-nE 1 URNS his thinks to histultom- ers, for tl.e.r p ill savors, ana hopes , I 5 2 to mti it their continuance. He takes this method to infoini thun th it lu ren oed Vj- - Ftnp to the 01 ': lately by Walker Brlor clq. 01 pi lite the Market Iioufe, on Mam ftn et, here he will ci ntinuc to cariv on his f, in all ito vjr us ec. He has ift received fn m Ph iJclpl a, a qt of Boot Le. of the firlt CL'ahty, ind now has it con (ktely in his power to fupplv liii culomris with any artic.!' of s bufi'cfs. He his now "n h mi 1 handloi i alT)rtineat of good BOOTS and SixOLS. I understand tb L-- lands are valuable, leN ton, July 9th, 1804. but a piii' hafer would chufc to judge ALL persons are hereby cau for hiinrrlf. The terms may be nown 'w ??pl ng to the fubtenhe , living in tioned aarinft takirgan afTnment of aloud,executed b .nc in or about t' e mon hot J ujJ Fayette county. rjrv, 182, to Jofias Bulloclf loi fii'v dil- W. WAR FIELD. l.irs, to be pai.l with n liorij ul that pruc, ZZJ&' ; Col Herderfon'5, in the (t te April 17, 180-'- , tf the fji bo hI w js givenhv ms ci fidr tlou h a! p evi-'- TO RENT, of i Stud Ho- , which f l p.0vjouny ripitgajej, and which 0 - Pmu. .vcci ic- CONVKNIKNT, rct of, land, es . i Caleb br-.t.- 1 m-ti- ty , 1 Ji d 1 The Noted Tboro:gb Bred Horse, LAMPLIGHT Lrt, vW.uh is.eoual 'ilood and beauty to any horse m'tl late, and liH.eIts the fjnic is not I ig tike one thousand dolhis or hini jie is ei 'lit years ol 1. J. K. A e t! p j.. xti?"1 is- r?, jrj.Lix. iivjtic'A Smart LikJy Wench, .'bout it') 11, lupe-no- r. T (KJ'ears Of age, a good Cook and y . 'itn-ullie- I - o ,. me, capable of doing kind of Hotf I.AOC irtlll rti- 11.. , -- ivi- j tui . . 'covercu qr Co. py uaviu miuock ami anorew lui.. Jt. Zi Ejw ukfiof N. PRENTISS. work, for particuuis enninre ot John CIjiU's Carr. w Leington, 9th July, 1S04. Madison county, Junti9; 1804. y 1 1Y1 111 ri is

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