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Image 37 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 22 (1947-1948)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

GENERAL INFORMATION 83 from the University may be reinstated only by the Committee on Scholarship and Attendance. md The above rule shall apply to a part—time student, carrying less Bd' than three-fourths of the normal load, if he fails to pass in half of the the scheduled load. ind Transfer from One Curriculum to Another. A student trans- mn ferring from one curriculum of the University to another will not Wd be allowed credit in excess of the normal load of the curriculum to , _m` which he is transferred, except as the student may be eligible for I ny' extra work. . Poor Work in English. Any instructor who finds the written work of any student seriously defective in its English is expected lla- to report the case, together with specimen papers, to a committee lat- consisting of the dean of the student’s college and the Head of the Department of English, who shall have power to require additional be work in composition without credit. ion Unsatisfactory Scholarship and Attendance. A student who is eed doing unsatisfactory work, or who is irregular in attendance, is .01*1, reported to the dean of the college in which he is registered. Such um a student is under the special supervision of his dean. If after a A suitable length of time it becomes apparent that no improvement ing is being made, the student may be dropped from the course, on Bm recommendation of the dean to the Registrar. with Repeated Failures. The head of a department may refuse to ork allow a student to register in a course for a third time. GX- _ Classification. A student in any college except Law shall be classified as a sophomore, junior, or senior, when he has within 10 ing credits of the normal requirement and a standing of 1.0. How- . hat ever, no student may be classified as a sophomore until he has Ou; had college residence of at least two semesters nor as a junior until by he has had college residence of at least three semesters. A Law student is classified as a second year student when he as has completed 24 or more credits and as a third year student when the he has completed 50 or more credits. He shall not, however, be : of classified as a second year student until he has been in residence at least two semesters, nor as a third year student until he has been an in residence at least three semesters. or’s Classification of Transfer Students. A student who transfers lan to the University as a junior and ranks in the lowest quarter on the entrance tests will be classified as a junior conditionally. The ree, continuance of junior classification will depend on the student’s [mg making a standing of 1.0, or more, on his first semester’s work. 389- Special Examinations. A student regularly enrolled in the 796- University may be given a special examination for credit, provided , sity the request for the examination is approved by the Registrar, the — Ped Univ -2

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