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Image 36 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 22 (1947-1948)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

/ I r--. · ‘ ll 32 UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY ·x · . l ` 'L WHAT IS EXPECTED OF THE STUDENT The University has adopted certain rules and regulations and _i has made certain provisions designed to bring about the best ad- tk justment between the institution and the student and to insure the tk 1 fullest development of the latter, intellectually, spiritually, and l ` physically. Registration by a student carries with it the obligation fe to cooperate to the fullest extent in observing the regulations and bt traditions of the institution, in making the most of the state’s in- W vestment in him, and in furthering the welfare of the University. E: Rules Affecting the Student W The following list of rules does not include all of the regula- t< tions of the University, but only the most important of those relat- C· N ing to studies, examinations, attendance, and discipline. K Student Load. During any semester the maximum load to be ll carried by any undergraduate student without special permission (including both residence and extension courses) shall not exceed d either one-eighth of the curriculum requirement for graduation, r plus two semester hours, or the amount specified in the curriculum a for the particular semester, whichever is larger. s Y A student with a standing of 2.0 or more for the preceding l* i semester, or a beginning freshman ranking in the upper 25 per cent I on the University classification tests, may carry extra work with the approval of his dean, provided that the amount of extra work 8 shall in no case exceed two semester hours or the total load ex- ceed twenty-three semester hours. ` c The maximum load of work for a summer session (including C both residence and extension) shall in no case exceed half of that 6 _ which would be allowed for a semester. Two short courses of four l Q weeks or less in length shall not be carried concurrently either by I undergraduate or graduate students. In all cases a correspondence course shall be considered as I i carried during the semester or summer session during which the I ; last assignment is completed, and it shall be counted as a part of ‘ ! the load of that semester or summer session. é Auditors or Visitors. No instructor is authorized to admit an 1 E/il auditor to any of his classes except on presentation of an auditor’s g 4 card from the Registrar’s Office. A student who visits a class as an l { auditor ls not allowed an examination for credit. _ Probation. A regular student who fails to pass in three- ‘ fourths of the normal load required by his college in his preceding I g semester may be placed on probation by the dean of the college. If during the semester of probation, he again fails to pass in three- ‘ i fourths of the normal load, he may be dropped from the University ‘ L by the dean of his college. A student who has been thus dropped ‘ { l . I _ t .

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