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Image 359 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 22 (1947-1948)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

I I I :ett I Im- I en- = ate sai, COLLEGE OF PHARMACY er- "" cnmmsmy Im Ewen Gillis, James W. Miles, and Arlie L. Townsend. . 23a PRINCIPLES OF PHYSICS. (3) I Townsend Vee A lecture—demonstration course involving the basic principles of I _€S physics. Designed to prepare the student for an understanding 1m' of the application of such principles to pharmaceutical and ' chemical operations. Lecture and demonstration, three hours. I ver 23b PRINCIPLES OF PHYSICS. (3) II Townsend _ I A continuation of course 23a. Lecture and demonstration, three Ind hours. I ive I °“s sia oncamc crmivnsrny. (6) 1 Mugs » I A comprehensive course in the preparation, properties and I _als reactions of the various classes of aliphatic and aromatic com- I ' pounds and the effect of structure on physical and chemical I ws properties. Official products are emphasized in their proper I ms sequence as the course progresses. Lecture, three hours; labora- ; tory, six hours. Prerequisite: Chemistry Ia, lb, and 20, or I equivalent. I rial We 3lb ORGANIC CHEMISTRY. (6) II Miles I A continuation of Chemistry 31a. Lecture, three hours; laboratory, _ six hours. I 33 QUANTITATIVE ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY. (5) I, II Miles This course includes a study of the fundamental theories and methods of analytical chemistry as applied to gravimetric and volumetric analysis. Emphasis is placed on pharmaceutical ap- plication. Lecture, one hour; recitation, one hour; laboratory. six hours. I ’ I *101a ORGANIC PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMISTRY. (3) I Gillis I A study of the classification, source, properties, synthesis and I uses of organic medicinal chemicals used as therapeutic agents. I Lecture, one hour: laboratory, four hours. I *10lb ORGANIC PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMISTRY. (3) II Gillis A continuation of Chemistry 101a. Lecture, one hour; laboratory, I four hours. I 102 BIOCHEMISTRY. (4) I, II Gillis I An introductory course in biochemistry, including the study of I protein, fat, and carbohydrate metabolism, and the vitamins, hormones, and substances essential to metabolic processes. I Special reference is made to those compounds used in pharmacy. Lecture, one hour; recitation, one hour; laboratory, four hours. I 'May be elected only by permission of the instructor and with the I . consent of the Dean. Hours to be arranged. I I I I

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