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Image 35 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 22 (1947-1948)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

GENERAL INFORMATION 31 . the ter a certified copy of the official Separation Form used by the branch of the service in which he served. ; at The mere filing of an application will not, of course, insure that ni; any credit will be allowed. Generally speaking, credit will be lava granted only when there is clear evidence of proficiency in a spe- cific subject or subjects ordinarily included in college or university ngi_ curricula. The applicant may be asked to establish proficiency in a . sity particular subject or his general educational level by taking ex- iese aminations. These examinations may be those of the Armed Forces Institute or they may be examinations prepared at the University. the 1;; Applications for Benefits Under Public Laws 16 and 346 Wm Under Public Law 16, provision has been made for vocational ams education or training to overcome handicaps suffered as a result of will service-connected disability. In order to qualify for such rehabili- Ons tation aid, the veteran must have sustained an injury or other ded disability which will qualify him for a pension. A veteran who is » the interested in applying for such training should seek information as_ from the nearest regional office of the Veterans Administration, and obtain a letter indicating eligibility. Hee Public Law 346 (GI Bill) provides educational benefits for all Jni_ veterans properly discharged and with a minimum period of serv- ‘ mch . ice. Information about Public Law 346 may be obtained from any office of the Veterans Administration or from any university or college. Applications for aid under Public Law 346 are made by $p°' the veteran on a special form (Form 1950) prepared by the Vet- uw' erans Administration. This application form may be obtained from mcy the veterans facility nearest the veteran’s residence, or it may be ::8 obtained from the institution which he plans to attend. e the Veterans who are interested in attending the University of 0nS_ Kentucky under Public Law 346 should inquire at the University _ for the form or secure it from a veterans facility. The application Img may be filed with the regional office of the Veterans Administra- fQl· tion where the veteran’s C-folder is located or with the regional stm office of the Veterans Administration in the state in which the °ky’ institution he has selected is located. The office of the Veterans iely Administration for Kentucky is located in Louisville. Upon receipt mm of the application the Veterans Administration will determine the Seas period of training to which the veteran is entitled, and will furnish the him with a Certificate of Eligibility and Entitlement. A copy of the certificate presented by the veteran to the University of Kentucky nay will authorize that institution to register him under the provisions jet. of the act.

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