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Image 34 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 22 (1947-1948)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

V · 1 30 UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY 1 *‘;'·L' i vided that the amount in any particular course does not exceed the te. ` amount allowed by the University of Kentucky. br I The Engineers’ Specialist School. This school was operated at é the University of Kentucky from September, 1942, to September, . 1943, as a branch of the Engineers’ School at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. at Course equivalents have been determined and credit values have EF I been assigned. 4 cii ESMWT Courses. Defense and war training courses in engl- cu neering, science, and management were offered at the University pa of Kentucky without credit. No credit is to be allowed for these ap COL1I`S€S. In Courses Taken at Other Institutions. As indicated above, the veteran may transfer to the University of Kentucky credit earned 1 in military training courses at other institutions, provided that for any course offered at the University of Kentucky the credit will not be in excess of that allowed here. Credit for training programs ed not offered at the University of Kentucky (Navy V-12, etc.) will SE be accepted on transfer from other fully accredited institutions. tif Generally speaking, the amount allowed will be that recommended fh by the other institution. However, the University reserves the m y right to re-evaluate such credits, particularly when the amount as- fr` signed varies greatly from general practice. an Credit in Military Service. Any veteran who has had three months or more of military service may receive credit for the Uni- YE versity’s two-year elementary course in Military Science, or such r 1°' part of it he has not already completed. Of Credit for Other Types of Military Training. Credit for spe- 5; cialized training taken in other than accredited educational institu- er 5 tions will be allowed only on the basis of demonstrated proficiency th in a particular subject or subjects. In evaluating such training, the Ok § University of Kentucky will depend largely on The Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Forces of the American Council on Education, and on proficiency examinations. K' g The procedure for applying for credit for military training is ia i taken in other than accredited colleges and universities is as fol- ti, Q ` lows. Army, Navy, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard Personnel still Of I on active duty should apply directly to the University of Kentucky, in F 4 using USAFI Form No. 47 (Revised). This form will be widely A, distributed through military channels, and made available to men Of i and women in service both in the United States and in overseas pe l theatres of operation. It may also be obtained by writing the hi Q Armed Forces Institute, Madison 3, Wisconsin. ce ? The Veteran of World War II no longer on active duty may W apply by writing directly to the University inclosing with his let- Of ` ·1 i . L

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