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Image 33 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 22 (1947-1948)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

GENERAL INFORMATION 29 he Dean of Men or Dean of Women: Room and board, and coun- 501- seling on personal problems. its- The Deans of Colleges and Department Heads: Academic coun- wo seling and preparation of the student’s schedule. on °m What the Veteran Should Bring With Him The following items should be available when the veteran I arrives at the University: of l. A certified copy of his discharge or release from the armed ity forces. 2. An official transcript of his high school credits. (This ap- ied plies to those who have not previously been in college.) uy 3. An official transcript from each college or university pre- viously attended, including those at which he participated ith in the Army Specialized Training Program, the Navy V-12 Program, or other college training program. All transcripts ien _ his should be sent to the Registrar several weeks before regis- tration. of the 4. Official information (as detailed as possible) about any specialized military training for which he wishes to seek college credit. Such information may be covered in a _ Separation Form, letters from military authorities, a report mg from the Armed Forces Institute, or on USAFI Form No. at 47 (Revised). `t- . . . . . . . . g 5. A Certificate of Eligibility and Entitlement, Public Law for 346, or a letter indicating eligibility under Public Law 16. (No payment for subsistence may be made until a certifi- cate has been filed with the University. The veteran should obtain his certificate from the Veterans Adminis- ice tration as soon as possible after discharge from military This service.) ~ns 6. Sufficient funds to provide subsistence for two months. the eral Credit for Training Taken While in Military Service mrc; With the exception noted below respecting military science, Tc the University of Kentucky does not grant blanket credit for mili- r€' tary service. Any credit allowed will be granted on the basis of ’ as demonstrated proficiency in a particular subject or subjects. as_ The Army Specialized Training Program. This program was ce offered at the University of Kentucky and all courses have been A ' evaluated in terms of equivalent University courses and have been wer assigned credit values. Credit from other accredited institutions ’1°€· for courses taken in the ASTP will be accepted on transfer, pro-

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