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Image 29 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 22 (1947-1948)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

GENERAL INFORMATION 25 S tains a list of rooms located in private homes. Students may come S to the office and select a room from the list. Prices per semester for rooms in the men’s halls range from S $45.00 to $69.00, depending upon the type of accommodation. Prices l per semester for rooms in the barracks are $45.00 and $50.00. E Rental rates in Cooperstown and Shawneetown are established by ' the regulations of the Federal Public Housing Authority and range 7 from $22.50 to $41.00 per month. . { The University reserves the right to change the rates for rooms { in all residence halls at any time. Rent for all rooms is payable at the time of registration for Q the full semester. Residents of Cooperstown and Shawneetown " pay monthly rent. OPPORTUNITIES FOR FINANCIAL HELP Self-Help. Many students pay a portion of their expenses at the University through part-time employment within the institu- A tion or outside. While the Y.M.C.A., the Dean of Men, and the Dean of Women render all assistance possible in helping students to obtain part-time employment, positions cannot always be found for all who need such help. It is advised that no student attempt entire self-support, and all new students are urged to come pre- pared to meet their expenses in full for at least one semester. The A student who is to be partially self-supporting should seek advice in adjusting his study load to the end that his employment will not prevent him from obtaining the largest benefit from his courses. Loan Fimds, Scholarships, and Fellowships. To the greatest extent possible, financial assistance is rendered worthy students through loan funds and through scholarships and fellowships. Scholarships and fellowships at the University fall, in general, into three classes: (a) Grants to needy students in amounts equiva- lent to the University’s incidental fees; (b) Awards to freshmen or other students of high scholarship attainments; and (c) Special awards from funds made available through gifts. These last awards are made in accordance with the conditions of the gifts, and vary from the small amount necessary to cover the incidental fee to a sum approximately equal to the full cost of attending the Uni- versity. In some cases aid in the form of scholarships or fellowships is limited to students enrolled in a particular college or department. In other cases it is available to any student qualifying. A number of prizes and awards are offered to students who do exceptional work, usually in a particular department or college. Inquiries concerning loans, scholarships, and other awards n should be addressed to the Registrar‘s office.

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