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Image 2 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), December 2, 1909

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

AN TAR, BRAND By SHOES ARE BETTER. EXTRA TRADING STAMP OFFER ELUSIVE MISSION. Copyright, CUT OUT THIS AD. WINSLOW HUNT. by American Press Association. who. after the assassina- 1909, 1 It was tion of the Grand Duke Sergius. was sent to catch Vera Treperhoff, a young girl whom the police knew to have concocted the murder. I wiH omit how I tracked her to the border and take up the story after she had passed it. She made directly for Austria and thence for Venice. This indicated that Cut-Pric- es she would go to America rather than England and that she would probably sail from one of the two principal Italian ports Genoa and Naples. Genoa being the shorter distance, I took the m train for that city, hoping to head her Overcoats on Boys off before she left the port. THE IDEAL WOMAN'S SHOE The reason for my being chosen for Boys' fine All-wothis work was that I had seen the girl Scotch Suits, quite often during her trial on a charge Boys' Fine Scotch Overcoats; Urn 2 of having been implicated in another Made in Gun Metal, Vici Kid With the New Militarv collars. Regular $3.50 and $4.00 values, political crime. Having boarded I be and Patent Colt Skin. Lace, Regular $5.00 values. H AND special for (P! MEN'S train at Venice soon after its deparSpecial for 1 days or Button. Klucher 7Z 3 days ture, thinking there might be one YOUNG MEN'S chance in a dozen that Vera Treperhoff "MAYFLOWER" Shoes are would be aboard. I walked through Boys' Fine All-wo"Hercules" fashioned over stylish foot conO Boys' Fine All-woReefer Coats; the side aisle, looking into every com Suits. forming lasts, which insure partment. In the middle compartment All sizes for large or small boys. Full lined Knickerbocker Pants. of the third car I noticed a youth with perfect comfort (they do not Regular $3.50 and $4.U0 values. Regular $6.50 and $7.50 values. the light hair and eyes of the north need breaking in) and having Special for Special for OA QO FINE ALL-WOO- L and in a twinkling spotted ray quarry 3 days the Goodyear Welt (hand sew3 days Not wishing to make myself known. SUITS AND OVERCOATS I passed on. ed) soles. There is no wax, I concluded not to make any attempt tacks or thread inside to hurt, underwear in Men's tine at arrest till the girl left the train. AND flannels and ribbed, tan, natural grav burn or blister vour feet. This would necessitate my watching and camels hair colors. the departures at every station and QQr YOUNG vOC the risk that she might elude me. Bui Regular f 1.50 values MAYFLOWER I knew the stops and kept my eye on Men's fine jersey ribbed union OVERCOATS her as soon as we slowed up until we BRAND SHOES suits. Flesh color only. Qftr were again well oh the way. My inwOC Regular tention was to have her arrested at -n Men's and young men's $12-5and Genoa or wherever she alighted, since AO They are broken lots and odd sizes. But Men's $2.00 union suits in $10 00 suits &n I could better fulfill the legal conditan and blue colors there is a large assortment of everysize 06 pO and overcoats tions at a definite point. Besides. m flannel top from 34 to 42. Although not all sizes of Men's fine H did not believe she knew her danger. shirts in blue, tan, light and dark each pattern. 7Z Men's and Toung men's $25.00 The last time I saw Vera Treperhoff X grey colors. Regular ! if II M TM 111 was in leaving Alessandria. The comQfir 1 suits and overcoats. Michaels, partment in which she sat had been $2.00 values Sterns and Daube INCORPORATED. emptied except by herself. I kept my Cohen's fine makes Men's heavy fleeced underwear OQ eye on her till the train had reached a OsL Regular 50c value pace of some forty miles an hour. Men's and young men's $35.00 75c suits. There would be no further stop till QOA Suits and and Marguerite Lucy Peyton Hobson. we arrived at Genoa, and I felt confi Boy's heavy fleeced underwear OCr Overcoats Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Hunt, of Beard, dent that I should take the girl back Regular 35c value JEFFBRSONTOWN, KY. spent Saturday and Sunday with Mr. to Moscow and gain the eommend.i-tioof the government, also a handMember of Kentucky Press Association and C. E. Hunt and family. Mr. Albert Broyles and son's, of some reward. Eighth District Publishers League. Just before reaching Genoa I tool; Louisville, spent Sunday with his my hand baggage to the compartment mother. "i had bather where Vera Treperhoff sat, with the INCORPORATED Mr. C. E. Hunt, wife and daughter, intention of remaining there till the l:ye in a country newspapers Miss Hattie, spent Thanksgiving-dahaying THE GREAT DAYLIGHT MEN'S WEAR STORE train pulled up at the station. She with Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Taylor, at was not in the compartment. She was and no laws ARTHUR J. KINSELLA, Manager. YVorthing-tonnot in the car. I went through the than !n one Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Markwell, of train from front to rear, opening every haying laws and 514-51- 6 West Market Street, Below 5th, LOUISVILLE, KY. no new8paper8." Fern Creek, and Mrs. Jake Lauson closet. but nothing could find of the spent Sunday with Mr. L. Hoke and girl I wanted. I scrutinized every passenger, man and woman, boy and girl, K Local Newspaper, ublished Every Thursday family. but Vera was not among them. ShortFor the People of All the County. Miss Katie Wolf, of Louisville, is ly before we slowed up for Genoa , visiting her sister, Mrs. John Ruhl. ai Ic i n..Li.i made up my mind that she had. after i i. rrrE o. v. nuwwiv, cuuur unu ruoiiMicr. Miss Jane Barrickman, who is all. recognized me and preferred death giving exercises at Forest Hill school a visit to her parents near Versailles. for my schoolhouse, home, and warm C. E. ALCOCK, Business Manager teachingVALLEY STATION. school in Shelbyville, spent by jumping from the train to the horMrs. J. B. McDowell attended ser- clothes I wear." Wednesday afternoon were Mr. and Thanksgivingholidaj-- with her moth- rors of Siberia. 29. Miss Lilly Burnett was Mrs. Oldham, Mr. and Mrs Leslie vices at the 3d Christian church in Advertising Rates : Another "I am thankful that Nov. At Genoa I engaged a special locoer, Mrs. S. E. Barrickman. am not an orphan child and that I 5c per line Cards of Thanks motive to go over the route to find the the guest of Mrs. W. C. Kennedy, Webb. Mesdames Douglas Cowherd. Louisville Sunday. Miss Lou Anna Barrickman, of Dr. and Mrs. C. L. Cooper were have a good home, thankful for my I in5c " " Obituaries Ben Ernspiker and Tal Pearce, Skylight, Oldham Co., visited her body or any trace of the culprit. track Sunday. " 10c " Readers vestigated every kilometer of the Mrs. Fred Katzman, of Louisville, daughter, Misses Georgie Pearce, guests of Dr. L. M. Cooper Thanks- warm clothing and plenty to eat." aunt, Mrs. S.E. Barrickman, last week. between the terminus and Alessandria, Six words to the line. week with Otie Cowherd, Stella Webb and Mr. giving day. Another"! am thankful for a Display, one insertion only 25c per inch Little Miss Alice Hoke is visiting but found nothing to give me the spent several days of last Mr. and Mrs. Newton Mills, of home, plenty to eat, tor good family. John Demaree. Mrs. J. W. Kuadler and her sister, Mrs. W. B. Markwell, at slightest clew. I was informed that Miss Jessie Smith, who spent Fri- Louisville, visited Mr. G. S. Mill's nres, a rather who is so good and Mrs. W. C. Kennedy entertained at SUBSCRIPTION PRICE $1.00 PER YEAR Fern Creek. it rate of travel over tht section family this week. kind, and many good friends, and for PAYABLE IN ADVANCE. The following-guest- day in Louisville, and the week-en- d Thursday. Mr. John Woerner will soon leave where I und missed the girl was fifty dinner Rev. Gillette and wife were guests having such a good time. " were present: Mrs. Josephine with her parents here, returned to one could have s matter June 13. 1907. for New Mexico, where he will spend miles an hour. No Entered as A boy writes "I am thankful that Jumped from the train and retained Kennedy. Mrs. Cora Kennedy, Misses Veechdale Monday to resume her of Mr. Jess Owens and family Sunday ax the postofflce at Jeffersontown, Kentucky the winter. and of Thomas Sanders and wife, we have Thanksgiving as a holiday, suflScient life to crawl away. I offered Berilla Bates, Mollie Kennedy, of school work. under the Act of Congress of March 3. 1879. Mrs. Orlandra Johnston is with her Monday. so we will have no school that day" 10.000 rubles to any one father, Mr. I. C. Smith, who has been a reward of wfco would give me any Louisville, Aurelia Moremen, Lillie Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Sturgeon have boy like. in the vicinity had as their visitors the past week S. A. Moremen. 2, 1909. The Sewing Circle met with Mrs. J. Thursday, December seriously ill for some time at his home information whatever leading to a Burnett and Mr. Another boy writes I am thankfm S. C. Dodges' guests Tuesday Mrs. Sturgeon's brother, Mr. Tom P. Barnard Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. in Brownsboro. The offer brought many re clew. R. H. Stonestreet, Harris, her nephew, Mr. Leslie HarInstallation services were held at for my clothes, a home and that I am girl limping through the were Mr. and Mrs. ports of a R. F. D. 21, HARROD'S CREEK. Mrs. Jno. Conn, Mrs. Anna Hawley, ris, her sister, Mrs. Lon Harris, and Cooper Memorial chnrch Sunday well and strong and can come to country, but they all proved to have Mr. night. New officers were Mrs. Mary Stonestreet and Mrs. T. H. their son, Mr. Otis Sturgeon. installed in school." been made up. Another writes "I am thankfnl will remain at home the interest of the Epworth League. Otis Sturgeon Nov. 23. Miss Hattie Hunt has reNever in all my official experience Dodge. for my clothes, my father, mother, incapable of I been so utterly W. D. Bland and son, until after the Christmas holidays, Mr. and Mrs. have turned home after spending- several Leave us sister and brother." forming a theory as to any escape of Kosmosdale, spent Thursday with while their other guests will return weeks with her sister, Mrs. C. L. good. from my clutches. Familiar with every Mrs. Bland's parents, Mr. and Mrs. to their home at Newport. We Another writes "I am thankful Mt. Sterling-Thomas, in device that could have been adopted. Jas. Neal. avoid that we have a schoolhouse where we Mr. AlonzoBroyles, wife and son, of Come I went over them carefully and elimJersey Cows Killed. may learn to read and write." Fry's Hill, spent Sunday with their Mrs. H. A. Burnett, of Louisville, inated all of them. That a young girl B. Burnett fine young registered Jersey Children Of Eastweod School Entertain Mrs. H. Ttree sisters, Annie and Nannie Broyles. not over twenty years old could have is the guest of Home Talent Minstrel. cows of S. A. Stivers, a prominent Their Parents And Tell What They Miss Elizabeth Barbour had as her SCHLANGE & YENNER left a train going at a rate of fifty this week. Long Run, Nov. 29 The manag. -Gibson and Pearl farmer and stock raiser onthe Bards-towTo Thursday Misses Alice ParMisses Rebecca miles an hour seemed incredible. Are Thankful For. ment of the Long Run Sch road, were run down and killed assume that she could have passed Blythe, of Frankfort, are speeding don and Lela Dower, of Louisville, Improvement League will give a play from it later in disguise would be an the week-en- d with Miss Rachel More-me- by an outbound Fern Creek interur On Wednesday afternoon the chil- and minstrel, by home talent, on Satinsult to my professional skill. ban car at 8 o'clock Sunday night. I feared to return to Russia and tell Mr. L P. Moremen, Jr., has return- Seven cows strayed from a wood when dren of Eastwood school entertained urday evening, Dec. fourth, at the the truth lest I should be accused of a hunting trip in Hardin a hunter left a gate open. The acci- their parents with some Thanks- schoolhouse here. The public is conniving at Vera Treperhoff's escape, ed from dent occured on a curve directly in giving recitations, and why the day cordially invited. county and reported lots of game. Admission 'fee and If I lied I would be detected. I Mrs. T. B. Miller has returned front of the home of County Patrol- was observed: and what they were will be ten and fifteen cents. Prochose the alternative of going to Arver-ic- a I sailed home after spending several days man, David Schaefer Mr. Stivers es- thankful for. Following are some of ceeds to be used for benefit of the to make a new home. the written"whats" for which they school. going on deck one with herdaughter,Mrs. Harry Apple-gat- timates his loss at $300. from Genoa, and. were thankful: morning, there in a steamer chair in One girl writes "I am thankful excellent health was Vera TreperhofT. Miss Rachel Moremen entertained PRESTONIA. Subscribe for the Jeffersonian. Approaching her. I informed her that a company of friends at her home Manufacturers of ladies' and misses' umtrimmed hats. from me and she had nothing to fear Caught with an overstock and forced to sacrifice same to Thanksgiving evening in honor ot Nov. 29 Miss Maude Brown, of asked her how she had left the train. . raise the cash. her cousin, Miss Norma B lythe, near Beard, was a guest of Miss Sarah reply: This was her We never miss an opportunity. Manufacturers know-thaMills the past week. "I recognized you the moment saw Frankfort. large buyers and come to us to help them unwe are Misses Sallie and Gertie Camp enyon and knew your errand. Between Dr. and Mrs. S. A. Thompson and load. Beginning Friday morning, December 3rd, and Alessandria and Genoa Is a Y in the tertained quite a number of friends daughter have returned from a visit continuing for 10 days we will place on sale from day to railroad connecting It with the road at their home last Wednesday even- to relatives at Fredericksburg. day $5,000 worth of to Piacenza. I knew from my time ing. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Gilmore spent table that there was no further stop Mrs. Kate Flannigan, of Chicago, Thanksgiving with Mr. and Mrs. H. till Genoa and you would arrest me days with her G. Cooper in Bullitt county. there. While on this Y a train going is spending several Cyclones seldom arrive on schedule time Mr. Henry Miller is the guest of In the same direction and nearly at the mother, Mrs. F. Partenheimer. I hey usually happen before Ladies', Misses' and Children's untrimmed hats, ready next track. same speed occupied the Miss Dorothy Moremen and Miss his son, G. S. Miller. They have already happened this to wear and fine DRESS HATS. In a twinkling I was out through the Lewis, of Millersburg, spent Thanks Mrs. William Wind is visiting her When they do blow m. the man season. stepped who has a tor- window on the footboard and s parents, sister, Mrs. Ella Lewis, of Louisville. giving with Miss Moremen to the footboard of the other train. Mrs. L. J. Stivers spent ThanksP. Moremen. L Passing over it till I came to a vacant Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. John compartment. I climbed in. The train Prof. Lee Napier and family, of giving with her daughter, w.fMl!UW!10SePr?Perty. i9 scheduled : it 150 Hats in fine silk, satin and felt; A tOr Ladies" and children's untrim-inspent several days Luhr, of Louisville. I alighted and I was on soon stopped. me(j and ready to wear hats Highland Park, column ot a cvcIohp I. T'Vt. no blacks: colors blue brown, gray. nme realy worth fine uatMuj- .u Mr. and Mrs. Kenner Mills and Mr. took a later one to Genoa." fellow who was cr0;n g io ereen and pink; all this season's new all colors, 1250 felt hats larsre line t0 of last week with Mr. and Mrs. Jno. a and eaSh' take out his AQc select from, manufacturers shapes. $1.50 to $1.98 This may all seem very strange, but Napier. ,. vt and Mrs. Frank Jean, of Seatonville, tomorrow. JJetter tak e it out todav insurance Or vrv, unloading sale there Is one thing stranger still. Vera were the guests of G. S. Mills and the premium isn't large, and the comfort's ' Treperhoff converted me to the revolun(3 You will find the very best shaped mighty big. Daily Times and family several days the past week. yOC in thiS lot of hats, in plain and CI AQ Greatest values ever offered The Louisville tionary cause, and within a few weeks in French felts, line silk scratch felts, silk hats with velvet facing. Dr. and Mrs. C. L. Cooper and of our landing the girl whom I had The Jeffersonian, both one year, for and velvet hats; this falls latest styles; blacks and all colors, the same hats sold and black; YOUR by other milliners at $2.50 and Qfir all colorsvalues at $3.00 Cj 40 TIME TO CRY FIRE! so nearly taken to Russia to endure only $3.50 a nice Xmas gift, don't children were guests of Mrs. Cooper's and $3.50 $ 98 each. De Witt's price FIRE!! G. W. Gilmore, this week. Siberia became my you think? the tortures of father, r wife. I never awake in the morning Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Zahn visited Just received a large shipments of violets at 10c, 15c, and look at her and our little ones LONG RTTN. friends near Fairmount the first of that s correctly J wr tian ur Pperty.. a policv i sleeping peacefully without a groan at 25c and 35c a bunch. "' aim written in a the week. a ..;LL p stronar what might have been. IC an Ladies, we wish to call your attention to our comrrmn All this is VERY IMPodt Nov. 29. Mrs. J. E. Justice and Judge and Mrs. W. G. Dearing, who plete assortment of fancy feathers and wings at greatly 'iVi.Jl X. Y mane no mis- tk- hv ri.,,.: daughter, Miss Kate Justice, spent are visiting at the Louisville Hotel, Meeting of Singing Class. reduced prices for this special sale. mSUranCe in thePHENIX Saturday with Mrs. Douglas Cowherd visited friends here Sunday. INSURANCE CO Remember this is a special 10 days sale- No goods The Cedar Spring singing class met Cowherd. x charged or sent on approval. Bring your cash. at the home of Mr. Baily Jones' on and Miss Otie Smith returned to her Mrs. L. J. Stivers returned to her Miss Mabel home Sunday after spending the last Thursday evening; those present home Sunday, after spending the Thanksgiving holidays with her were: Mr. and Mrs Ora Yeager and with Miss Addie Belle Potts, daughter, Mrs. John Luhr, of the Ueid and week-en- d family, Mr. and Mrs. Tom J- Highlands. family, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Tennilland of Todd's Point. Miss lone Demaree returned to her family, Mr. and Mrs. K. S.. S. Mills, an inClinton Davidson delivered the Sir. and Mrs. Elmer King and family, home Sunday after spending her teresting talk on Sunday-schowork & holidays with Mrs. Henry Myer, Misses E. Wheeler, Thanksgiving F street church Sunday morn- She will resume her at the JEFFERSONTOWN, KY. Mattie B. Miller, Bessie C. Pound, aunts here. ing. work at Forest Hill school. Meyer, Roy Reid, Arch school Messrs. Chas. Mrs. H. D. Robb has returned fro to MThose who attended the Thanks Tennel and Clifford Webb. I "Mayflower" Bring to our store Saturday, Monday or Tuesday and get Double Trading Stamps on every purchase made on the above dates only $2.50 SHOE Special For Women All Over the House Special Prices Suits Special Prices x - Pairs Knickerbocker Pants. jq $..)U $3.48 ol t $18 and $20 $10." $2.50 Shoes Next Time ARE LEATHER" o MEN'S all-wo- a Try "STAR $2.24 p.i70 o Z z o MEN'S SUITS and o qr ipl.tO . I all-wo- u I I vOt t17 iplf.lJ W.UD THE JEFFERSONIAN n M. S. Moses Co. . 1 EXTRA TRADING STAMP OFFER 1 - - s I second-clas- Christmas is Coming - . your orders. have everything the early and rush. THANKFUL City Limits. n n. ! CAUGHT WITH THE GOODS FORCED TO RAISE MONEY e. t 1 WHAT MAY HAPPEN! FINE MILLINERY FLOWERS AND FEATHERS rr 1- ah . - L. Market St., 4th DeWitt 408 W. LOUISVILLE, bet. - 5th, C. ALCOCK ol Fire Insurance Agency KENTUCKY. 1

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