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Image 1 of Central record (Lancaster, Ky.), August 23, 1907

Part of Central record (Lancaster, Ky.)

4 THE CENI R r E c t I07uu visitin RECORD LANCASTER KY FRIDAY AUGUST 2 3C EIGIITaTII TEIB mnr ET1 IFrrr frrTffrrtrrtrrf1f The IL Lightning The Official Board of the Methodist B G Fc x of Danville will be here Rev to County court day to buy one hundred church voted unanimously have F M Hill appointed Presiding Elder suckling mules of this district at conference in SepRenting tember which meets in Frankfort Mr Mr Arch K Walker gets the Poor- II ill had charge of the church here house farm for next year agreeing to I for four years and has since held sever provide for the paupers and give 8470 al revivals and is considered one of the ablest ministers in the Kentucky conto the Fiscal court ference H C Hamilton has purchased a lot of R Haselden at the corner of RichJ Yerkes Aid Wanted mond street and Herring avenue He A special from Washington Satur will erect a cottage at once day says Friends of former Internal The Ladies Working Society of the RevenueCommissioner John W Yerkes Fork church will give a supper Friday here believe that President Roosevelt night at the school house near the wants him to help prosecute trusts and that the matters were discussed church Every body invited at luncheon with Attorney General Correction Boneparte at Oyster Bay yesterday Mr 7 R Mount was appointed chair- ¬ The President and Boneparte are man of the Democratic Campaign known to think highly of Mr Yerkes Committee for this county instead of legal ability Trust prosecutions are chairman of the regular Democratic greatly delayed and more legal talent committee which our types saul Mr is needed by theDepartment of ustice W G Gooch is still chairman of the Yerkes friends cannot explain his Oyster Bay trip on any other theory last named Committee than that he was offered a special As Rue Curry sold Thursday for the sistant Attorney General ship He Alineda Brown heirs their farm of 172 left here hurriedly Thursday Uf ternoon acres on Salt River 5 miles north west on crutches and his recovery is expect of Harrodsburg and 140 acres for J W de to be delayed as a result It is stated Powell adjoining the Brown heirs to at his apartments that he will return Rankin Clemens of Fayette both at to morrow 58 per acre Possession on Jan 1 1108 At church Sunday night Gus Travers The Cheapest Place opened wide his mouth in a prodigious A welltodo mun in the vicinity of yawn It was an unlucky act for as a neighboring town went to a drug- he did so he sucked a large bug into store and asked the price of sulphur his throat The effect of this mishap Ten cents a pound said Doc Isnt upon him was Instantaneous and start that pretty high asked the custom- ling With eyesballs starting from er why 1 can get it of my mail order their sockets and shoulders hunched You can get he leaped to his feet clutching wildly house for seven cents it uf hell for nothing said DucBand at his windpipe For a brief moment you wont have to pay any freight a spasm of violent coughing shook his either frame then bending forward with outstretched neck he began to emit Wasnt A Mind Readerloud gurgling sounds and strange gut A groceryman of this city just whoops This explosive vocal happened around when a farmer was aural outburst in connection with such gro unloading several boxes filled with bodily contortions very natur groceries which he had ordered from tesque ally attracted the attention of every Chicago department stores body in church It also caused time The groceryman asked the farmer to pause in his sermon and the prices of the articles purchased minister length by a supreme told him he could sell just as take notice At and then effort Travers dislodged and ejected Is The fanner then said cheap offender and sat down but not be that so 1 take the house paper but the seyeral persons in his immediate or never advertise and if fore you seldom vicinity had got up and walked out of you do you never quote prices on The Chicago stores church It was probably a good thing what you have for Travers anyway for it cannot be advertise 1 am not a mind reader said that a church is the proper place The Christian Endeavor of Pleas to yawn in It is not a dormitory No ant Grove held its regular meeting man need stretch his mouth there ex ¬ Sunday evening at 530 oclock at the cept to sing This experience of Trav church conducted by the Prayer meet ers will perhaps stop him from yawn- ¬ The Value ing in church for a while at any rate lag committee subject The meeting was open and it will also undoubtedly restrain of Decision ed with prayer by the Pastor Time others who may be tempted to such Scripture lesson was read by Miss Mae impoliteness in a public assembly M Robinson A paper by Miss Dflnn on Circuit Court also read- ¬ 1 How Decision Succeeds ings by Misses Royston and Simpson a Judge Bell began court on Monday duet by the Misses Leavell and a by delivering an able charge to the talk by the Pastor The next meeting Grand Jury All the ollieers are on will be held Sunday morning imme- ¬ hand discharging their duties faith diately after Sunday School Subject fully The court will be busy during Foreign Mission leader Miss Mary the entire term of three weeks Sher Wilson Special music every meeting lit Arnold went to Jessamine county on Tuesday to summon 50 men out of Act Like Hogs whom a jury could be found to try When one ling gets an ear of corn Samuel Jennings for killing Mase Mil every other hog will trot along behind ler which trial will consume the bal ¬ and squeal and beg avid is ready for a ance of the week John Simpson ac- ¬ bite but just let that hog get his headI cused of the murder of Bud Casey was fast in crack of a fence and every son discharged from custody A few cases of a sow will jump on and help tear for minor offenses have been heard him to pieces Just so it is with men The following comprise the jurors GKAND JURY As long as a man is prosperous and has plenty of money he cant keep his R A Beazley formn Jas Gay The O J Hendren friends oil with a baseball bat Wni Duncan moment he is unfortunate and his E G Creech Smith Hurt wealth is gone he is not only snubbed Will Ralston R R Denton by his former friends but they begin Wesley Bourne Chas Poindexter to do him all the harm possible When Cyrus Daly J F Ruble world a man starts down grade the PETIT steps to one side and greases the track Floyd Curtis Wm Lackey Will Rovston Ed Price Oh Consistency Where Art Thou Win Lear We read an exchange of a certain J A Cotton editor who had a long and carefully Reuben Prather R L Burton prepared article on the importance of Leslie Bradshaw J W Bryant W K Leavell patronizing home merchants rather N H Bogle Kemp Walker Eb Scott than sending off for their goods The Walker Logan article was so good that it attracted Ed Cook Walker Guynn of the merchants and James Burnside the attention Lish Forbes they highly recommend the loyalty of J E Anderson Logan Ison Ford the editor One merchant was so favor Tim Posey Frank Holtzclaw JH able impressed with the article that he sat down and wrote a congratula Rests tory letter to the pencilpusher is no music in a rest but the letterhead the merchant used had There been printed in Louisville and the there is the making of music in it return on the envelope was made with In our whole life melody the music is a rubber stamp furnished by a Chicago broken off here and there by rests and we foolishly think we have come angle grease firm to the end of the tune God sends a Before and After time of forced leisure sickness disaptwelve months before they were pointed plans frustrated efforts and For married she never came down town makes a sudden pause in the choral without seeing him If she walked hymn of our lives and we lament that one block away he managed to be wait- our voices must be silent and our part ing for her on the corner smiling like missing in the music which eyer goes an oyster on the half shell If she up to the ear of the Creator How does the musician read the carried a package as weighty as a spool See him beat the time with unof thread he took it from her by force rest for fear she would break a mainspring varying count and catch up the next He wanted to call on her every night note true and steady as if no breaking and would have done so if her father place had come in between Not without design does God write had been dead He just simply existed was all when out of her pres the music of our lives Be it ours to and that ence He was so considerate of her learn the time and not be dismayed at feelings he never went near her after the rests They are not to be slurred taking a drink until he had thorough over not to be omitted not to destroy ly overhauled and deodorized his the melody not to change the key breath Twelve months after that note If we look up God Himself will they were married and if lie saw her beat the time for us With the eye down town he darted in a screen door on Him we shall strike the next note to keep her from seeing him He saw full and clear If we say sadly to ourselves There her pass by with a big heavy bundle but he never went out and offered to is no music in a rest let us not forcarry the load Perhaps he was al get there is the making of music in The making of music is often a He usually it ready loaded himself made it home after supper and then slow and painful process in this life I went down town on important busi How patiently God works to teach us ness This is what I call before and How long He waits for us to learn the John Buskin lesson after taking Sam Jones 2 a II 1 ¬ ¬ wsL HAY PRESS P P = Is I The Money Maker c a We have one more in stock You dont have to wait so get busy E = E o P J = Haselden Bros fi 1 Wholesale and Retail Hardware 71uUlUnUUllUUlU1UJUl1U1UUj 4Um i = nU UU UA1UU ¬ I yoooeoaowooaxsoooooocoooooaoaoaooa i J1 Undertaker I I ¬ Beazle9- Arterial and Cavity Embalming IOftice tL on Danville Street FULL LINE OF CASKETS Keseeeooeyooooooae ASH BURIAL ROBES ALWAYS IX STOC- utuoe can ur u tit IH r DAVIDSONI RL Attorney At Law Office over Police Court room Prompt attention to business t I DO e fC a eoeoooesQOaeeeooaaease IVxnHerndon HERNDON IAttorl1eys Ben 11 llerndou HERNDON At LanI uur2iVlRLJ AJJilJ1liV t ¬ ¬ ¬ We ate now Clearing Out Stock to make room for our immense stock of Fall Goods which will begin to arrive soon Now Is The Time to Secure BARGAINS In r + uptodate Dry Goods Dress Goods in fact everything for summer wear You know this store has no fake sales but lives strictly up to its motto Honest Goods at Honest Prices JUHYI ¬ ¬ ¬ Joseph Mercantile Incorporated ¬ t 4 Co t OA1UIS1SUKY 15EUNA VISTA Born to the wife of Mr Jssse Thomas a boy N P Cobb sold a milk cow to T I Herring for 850 00 Miss Fannie and Pete Poindexter haye been sick with measels Miss Sank Herring and Mr Mack Moore were guests of Mr and Mrs Vic Rice Sunday Misses Lee and Sank Herring are spending several days with Miss For ¬ est Denton of Pains Lick Mr S I Herring and wife have re- ¬ turned home from a pleasant visit to relatives in Lincoln county An Ice Cream Supper will be given by the Ladies Working Society atRice Academy on Friday of this week Admission 15 and 25c Mr N P Cobb has recently bought a grocery store and dwelling in Lex ington and will leave for that place in a few days Their friends here are sorry to see them go but wish them success in their new home Rev Shouse T D Chesnutt and daughter Miss Mary and Mrs Charles Burdett attended the annual session of the South District Association which convened with Beech Fork church Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday ¬ STATE FAiR CATALOGUE READY John Record is a victim of fever Handsomely Illustrated Book Tells Miss Maggie Askins is visiting rela of Premiums Amusements En ¬ Lives near Burgin terprises Music etc rorPetosliey The regular edition of theKentuckv State Fair catalogue printed in three and handsomely Illustrated came from the press this week and thousands of copies are being mailed daily from the headquarters of the Fair at Louisville The preliminary list for the State Fair was issued a month ago It covered eighty odd pages The regular catalogue has 152 pages The classifications in all de ¬ partments are complete together with the speed program and an announce ¬ ment of the big amusement enterprises of the Fair There are also eight fine half tone views of the new grounds and buildings recently purchased by the State Board of Agriculture as a permanent location for the State Fair One page is devoted to a description of the balloon race during the Fair with three views of the balloons in the air The captive balloon is shown in in a large half tone There is a page cut of Captain Knabenshue in the pas¬ senger carrying airship which is to make daily flights and exhibitions at the State Fair Sept 1621 This is to be Captain Knabenshues only appear ¬ ance in Kentucky or Southern Indiana His passengercarryingairship will on¬ ly make six appearances in America this year Sectional views of the air¬ ship are printed for the first time in the State Fair catalogue The pages are given to points of interest in and around Louisville while there is some valuable information on the railroad depot and ticket offices together with the steamboat lines One of the most attractive views in the book is an at ¬ tractive zinc etching of the eruption of Yesusvius which is to he shown nightly during the State Fair week together with Pains famous fireworks 3f atiello and his all star band from the colors Miss Bettie Preston is the guest of friends in Mercer county Miss Artie Johnson has returned form a visit to friends at Hubble Miss James Temple is spending the week with relatives near Wilmore Littie Miss Vanetta Spoonamore of Lancaster is with relatives here Lenore Skinner of Cincinnati and Will Colton are visiting at W T Kings Mr Floyd of Nicholasville spent Saturday and Sunday in this vicinity Miss Mary Askins has returned from an extended visit to relatives in Mis souriR P Ison of McCreary and Miss Grace Ison spent Sunday with the family of Stephen Ison Mrs Wilgimr and daughter and Mrs McBrum of Richmond have been visit ing the family of W T King The protracted meeting at Browns Chapel conducted by Rev Shepard and and Adams closed Sunday night Messrs Simon Weil of Lexington and Duckworth of Nicholasville WALLACETON were here on business last week Mrs Ed Aldrick and children who Joe Smith who has typhoid fever and tonsilitis is slowly improving has been the guests of Mrs J J Poor left last week for their new nome in Mr RobertMershon oflndianapolisis Maysvllle Visiting his mother Mrs C H Baker Mr and Mrs Frank Ranson of Pitts Rev W H Baker of Rootstown 0 ¬ is visiting his parents Mr and Mrs J A BakerMr Mary Spillman Joe Wylie was some better last Mrs Laura Grimes and son Frank of week being able to walk about the Lexington and Harry Dean of Ver houseMiss visiting Mr and Ethel Shockley of Berea is sailles areand other relatives Mrs J B Robinson visiting her grand parents Mr and Mrs Elijah Owen A Wise Addition Mr Leslie Boltin wife and baby of The Trustees of the Graded School Jackson county visited his mother Sat have decided to add a special business urday night and Sunday course in the school this year This is Miss Margaret Wallace and Mr a valuable addition to the course of I Fair occupies two pages in half tone Lewis Baker of Berea were visitors study and will be appreciated by the An entry blank accompanies each cat ¬ people Mr J A Bakers over Sunday at alogue also a souvenir post card in sevMrs Margaret Hill and son John and nu en colors which the recipient is asked Miss Jennie Bowlin leave this week for to mail to some friend gT a visit with relatiyes in Illinois l HOOD Anyone desiring a catalogue will be Mr and Mrs J A Baker and daughter 5 sent one by applying to the Secretary DENTIST r5 R E Hughes at Louisville Kate plan to leave Aug 27 for several s weeks visit to relatives in Missouri Magazines Office at residence Danville st S accom pained by Miss g Mrs Ella Lamb I am taking orders for all Ieadin Grace Lester and Lester Hill of Berea r magazines Will appreciate your or were in Lexington part of last week der Mrs Dolly Brown at Josephs store Mrs Margaret Kirby daughter Jen nie and son James of Mansfield Ill W E Moss took first second and Plymouth chickens are here with relatives and old neigh third I at the on Barred Fair He also tells DENTIST Lancaster borsRev us he has four hundred bushels of hill Smith assisted by Rev Wills omce over Iierndons jewelry store I I onicns for sale that he raised on one and Creech are conducting a two weeks acre Price 8LOO per bushel meeting at the Baptist church at this place LexI giveI t tt J 1 g IM K DennyI BUCKEYE Roy Beazley is sick at this writing Mr Jess Hill is able to be out after a slight attack of fever Now is the time to have your Mr Forrest Stapp lost three cattle from eating paris green J N Teater who has been very sick for sometime is improving Walter East wife and little son Gil bert are visiting his parents Mrs Floyd Curtis and children are visiting Mrs Jennie Broaddus Heather Ray and wife are visiting Mr Amon Maniford of Frankfort Mr and Mrs Wm Philips of Harrods burg spent a week with friends here Miss Pattie Walker visited the Miss ¬ es Sanders at Stone the latter part of last week Misses Bessie Vanarsdall and Ruth Wallow of Louisville are visiting relatives here Mrs Eliza Saddler has returned from a visit to her daughter Mrs John Johnson of Louisville Mrs Mike Rays friends will be glad to know she is improving after a serious illness of two months Mesdames Jim Witt and Andie Bo gie and Miss Lucy Marsee visited Mrs Prentice Walker Saturday Mr Clone Davis and wife have re ¬ turned from Oklahoma where they have been residing for the past year Mrs T O Hill entertained a number of friends last Thuasday at luncheon in honor of Mrs T A Royce and daugh ¬ ter of Decatur Ill Last Sunday the remains of Mr Wm Locker was laid to rest in Buckeye cemetery Mr Locker died of heart disease and had been a sufferer for sev eral years We extend our sympathy to the family Boys Composition On Girls The following is a boys composi ¬ Girls is sisters of tion on Girls boys and has long hare wares dresses and powder The fust girl was called Christmas Eve though I never could tell why Most every family has one girl and some of them thats in hard luck has two or three We have a girl Girls can in ourn who is my sister grow older and yet younger My sis ter has been 25 years for three years and sum day we may be twins Girls play the planner and talk about each other Fat girls want to be thin and thin girls want to be fat and all of them want to marry doods Why the Lord made girls nobody knows but I think it was to go to church and eat ice cream There is three kinds of girls brunet girls blond girls and them that has money Girls are afraid of mice and bugs which makes it fun to put em down their backsu ¬ Biuders auMoursRepred before yov go into the har¬ vest field We have i n stoc- kBlades Sections Guards Knife Heads Rivets for All Makes of Machines and are better equidped than any one to do your work not only in the ma ¬ chine line but on your Wagons Plows Buggies and all other kinds of work you need to have done We carry a larger stock of material than anyone and constantlyadding tools and material for your ben ¬ efit See our RUBBER TIRES Nothing lasts like th- em6onn Bros

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