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Image 1 of The Big Sandy news., January 13, 1911

Part of The Big Sandy news.

ANDY NEWS. BIG in r' ' Aut invtniam viam, aui aciam. Volume XXVI. ' Number 20. LOl'ISA, E Died in Cincinnati. On Tuesday last Mr. M. S. Burns received Intelligence of the death Mrs. In Cincinnati of his niece, William Tutoff. Before her marriage she was Miss Maud Drennon. H Trio of Yonngster; Sent and at one time she lived In this city. The body waa brought to Huntington for Interment. The bur til Frankfort. ial was attended by Mrs. M. 8. Burnt and daughters, Misses Shirley and On account of a press of Kliile. Mr, Burns waa una Tbs Lawrence Circuit Court is Doing court business Mrs. Put- ble to attend the burial. was She off died of pneumonia. Vigorous Business at i forty-on- e years of age, and Is surthe Old Stand. vived by bur husband, who waa a Also business man of Cincinnati. one sister survives her, Mrs. Andy one Wilson, of Portsmouth, and Circuit Court entered upon 111 sec- - brother, Samuel Drenuon, who Is In oud mk last Monday. On Friday tbe navy. the Judge adjourned the petit Jury uu.Ul the following week. The grand Will Be Released Soon. lurv made Hi final reprot on Sat urday and wai discharged for tbe It Is expected that the following Indictments were term. 8lxty-al- x penitentiary reported. For lelotilously entering convicts sent to the will tbe warehouse of E, E. Shannon, and from this section of the state from tarrying away a can of varnish Tlnk be released under an order pres' r Plgg waa sentenced to sfrve one Governor Wlllson during the year lu tbe penitentiary. Richard ent mouth. age Dick Bradley, Folyd cuonty, from Cuslcr, who ruined a chink tUlrty-tliree coufcss-- 25, murder; Kobert Tyffe, Johnson dollar. throe to county, age thirty, grand larceny; ed and waa lut off with the lowest Early tn the Jetf Evans Martin county age 18 penalty, two years. yeara; mallalous cutting and stabk the court took up the considcounty; eration of the civil action of Harve bing; Arch Cisco, Martin Coal age 18 years, false swearing. Shannon against the Louisa Co., to recover damages for - vided In sentiment... They were discharged, and the rase will nave to an be threshed out again unless agreement can be reached outside of court When the News goea to press the jury Is still considering the of the Commonwealth against Henry charged Davis, f Georgea Creek, Andy with feloniously assaulting Austin. T be assault was made wltb stoue. Commonwealth The rase of the against Jumes Slxemore, Jointly Indicted for the killing of John Whit-take- r, waa culled Thursday morning. Doth tide announced ready and the trial began. It will probably consume the remainder of the week. ' er seen anything better, nor know where better coke can be obtained. Us structure nearer resembles coke than any I have ever seen." After having made numeroui testa of the coking quality of the same coal, Mr. T. J. Mitchell, the veteran cokemaker of Unlontown, Vald: Small Robberies. . The bold burglar seems te have One been In our midst recently. next .night last week the building on below Sain Bromley's grocery, into Madison street, was broken and robbed of several pairs of trous ers, some shoes and other article. The goods belonged to Dixon. Moore and company and were part of the stock ot the store managed at sue time by Edgar Fitch. Entrance was effected by forcing off a part, of the s window frame and making an op ening large enough to admit a man. On the day following tbe robbery Tinker Plgg, who Is now awaiting sentence following a conviction at this term of the circuit court for a similar ofense, paused through the warehouse of the. CouUi Produce Co carrying a . bundle under bis arm. lie went Into the rear of the building, ami when he. shortly afterward Mr. returned he had no package. Vinson made a search ot the premises nt once and found a pair of trousers. He hud beard ,of the burglary and sent for Mi. Dixon who Immediately Identifle'd the goods by bis private mark. The remainder of the stole property has not been recovered. ' W. O. Black, who kept a stock the of goods of various sorts In , Swetnum office on Madison street, the reports that about tho time Fitch store was broken Into bis plat ot A been entered and robbed of a hundred dollars worth 'f BEST IN THE WORLD. Big Sandy Coking Coal Proves So- - perlatiye on Test. Ky Dec. 23. Fol Pikevllle. lowing; many successful of tests the Marrowbone coking coal made region, In the Connellsvllle the Marrowbone Coal and Coke ' Co. composed of I'ulontown (Pa.) people, erected battery of ovens at Its plant on Marrowbone Creek in are Pike county, Kentucky, and now making a very superior quality ot cuke. This company has built a lnrge electrical-powe- r plant capable of operating 300 ovens. It now his in operation 32 ovens and con templates building perhaps 100 more next season. The coke now being mnda by this company Is as good as the best made In any of the ' Unlontown Pa. region. MarAll told, five carloads of rowbone coul have been shipped to Unlontown, Pa., for test purposes, and tbe writer has followed up close E?.-i- r ly the tenting of each car. test made of this coal In that region has given splendid satisfaction. These tesis were nuule by bubki ol the best experts In that fluid, anion; F. them being T. J. Mitchell. J. McCrarkon and L. W. Fogg, of Tbe high quality of tft Marrowbone coke boa been atlasied I', by every expert who has seen by every anuly-- U and demonstrated mads ot It A foundry test oi' his coke was made at Sralthfield, tl la. The superintendent of foundry making the test, over bi.i . sicnature said: "We have tested your coke, ami own in every particufind it first-clastrength Is lar. Its burden-bearin- g We are frank to any excellent we bad better results from the charge of your' coke than any we have imed In1 five years. It Is better than any coke we get hero.Cast-ing- s are smoother and better than we get from our coke." The structure of the Marrowbone coke is very similar to the Connellsvllle ooke and its burden-bearin- g strength practically as great.The greatest difference In the twd cokse la not In structure, not in strength but In purity, and In that there Is hardly a comparison, aa the MarIn rowbone coko runs only half in phosphorus sulphur and the amount carried by Connellsvllle In coke. The greatest difference tn tho two cokes la in purity, and that the Kentucky coke far ex- dlivas also reported that one of mtllng plants had been brok-t- , some to and robbed of A but this hns been denied. Ye housekeepers I have snffered thoss of various eatables stolen cels. Approximately If ., cellars and kitchens, but one-fift- h I . biiuuM ntivimn thnv silv noth- (There Is no well defined clue 'fle robberies, lnrge and small, your l nefj always safe to keep Vie loafer, white 'or blnck, SUCS, vlgDe meftn! 0f iup. of UV who wauta em- find It, and he must ' E'l clothes and will get ., mm or another, usually an $m ' bloody tbokkwkaoal SCOTT K .. ' GO analyses of the made Kentucky coke have been from the various tests, and in all Biilphur has run from .42 to .65 and the phosphorus never exceeded .005. . Mr. Lt W. Fogg of Unlontown, Pa after making a test ot the coking quality of the Marrowbone ooke, said In his written report on that of "As tar as the quality test: tbe coke U concerned, I have nev- - A Four buildings were destroyed ant a number of others threatened by a disastrous tire there early Thursday morning, of last week. Tbe hand- flames Close Call. morning lost Mr. J. this place, had a narrow escape from death. He and Mr. William Carey were Invoicing I lie stock ot W. O. Black, who recently conducted a business In ths vninll of building next above the store Bascom Munry, when MK. Yates became suddenly very sick. He had d every symptom of entire collap' I Mr. Carey hastily summoned Just at this moment Dr. Wroten Immeuisti ly was passing, and he went to hla assistance, Mr Yatea wa3 waa almost pulseless and breathing slowly and Intermittently. Tb.i proper restorations we.e us"d was huU after some time Mr. Y.'t cm.' fo be carried to the borne of hit son, F. II. Yates, a couplet of squares distant. He remained here 'akea until evening when he was Mr. Carey was also taken borne. sick and had to go to bis homo Tae wer room where the gentlemen was at work Is a small one and by an open gas stovo wh rh probably leaked. Mr. Yalta Vnd all the symptoms of asphyxiation. and It was fortunate for him that aid was so near when bo waa taken Much Cood Being tbe III. Handsome Water Badly Brick Rome Pressed G. W. Atkinson Call From ot Has Close Destruction. : Friday About nine o'clock last and morning 'the handsome brick stone residence of Mr. George Atkinson, at..the upper end of Madison street, this city, was discovered to be on fire. The fire department responded, but by the time water was thrown fire was Issuing from the roof and the upper windows, and it seemed that the en tire valuable property waa doomed but after the firemen succeeded in getting to the roof aud tbe attack the two powerful streams of water began to tell upon the flames, and they after an hour's bard fight were extinguished. The peculiar construction of the slate roof made It bard and dangerous to get at. but. tbe boys ot the fire brigade and went at their work willingly fearlessly, and It Is to their good of work alone thut only a .mass mark blackened ruins does not structure. the loss of the elegant and Part ot the root la gone, Accomplished LChnrcb and Damage a Residence. MEEK REVIVAL roads, to be constructed wltb other Iron thoroughfares are to be constructed, and soon that section of the old Common wealth that has been noted only on account of bloody feuds - and the assassin's bullets, will be a busy beehive of Industry, teeming with prosperity and blessed by peace. Mr. Romer arrived In New York on the St. Paulyesterday from Amsterdam. He, Banker Boissevttin and Attorney Stine were since poring over the papers In the purchase, working most a 11 of the night at the Belmont ' This was done in order to give Mr. Romer the opportunity of sailing this morning for Dutch Guinea where be goes to look after properties owned by hlmaelt and his through-boun- On Tuesday W. Yates, of THE i Fire Visited Williamson. "The Kentucky coke Is excellent, I hon lacking In nothing estly believe, when placed in active competition with Connellsvllle coke, the Marrowbone coke will take tbe market every time." This Information should be of Interest to the readers of the Record because of the blddeu wealth In the Eastern Kentucky field. It la virgin. Following a successful line of testing from the oven to furnace and foundry, Marrowbone Coul and Coke Co., is now making a coke every whit as good as has ever been made In tbe tests fo this coal made In tbe Con is The quality nellsvllle region. here, the quantity Is here, the opwill portunity awalta whomsoever embrace it in- In juries received while at work tUu Torchlight mlnos.The case went 'Ui tbe Jury Weduebduy and Thursday morning they reported to the court lUat they wore hopelessly di s ; . . ' . H. F. CONLEY, 1' JAXL'AHY lit, 1011. OOUXTV, KKXTl'CKY, LAWRENCE 0 Sooth. at the M. The revivals meeting E. Church South are still going on much aud the attendance Is very larger than last week. Ministers and members from all the churches have added their agaisiance to the work. The Interest baa been good and there have been 8: number of conversions. Tbe churches are all feeling the reviving Influence of the meetings, and on tbe wholn It may already be pronounced a decidedly successful strles. Two services are held each day, one 'from 10 to 11 A. H., and the other in the evonlng. The meetings will probably close within a iew days, although no definite time bas been announced. The pastor. Rev. W. L. Reid, Is doing all the preaching,' and it in the unanimous verdict that be Is doing It In a most able, earnest and effective manner. One of the real features of the' meeting Is the work of Mr. W.J. Ramsey, the leader of the singing. special Not only does he do bis work most effectively, but he fits perfectly Into the genera' work of He la an earnest and the meetings. loalous Christian gentleman, and his turning heart Is In the labor of men and women from tbe paths of si a and he seems always to do the right thing at the right time. His prayers, exhortations and personal. efficacious. appeals are very Those' who have attended the meetings can easily understand why the greit evangelist George Stuart says is unqualifiedly that Mr. Ramsay the best man In the entire South in this Hue of work. There tire many people here who have nut huurd hiiu tn If they have' no other In'.erest the meeting they should go nut and nnd voice bear his excellent see how he makes others alng. Onare ly a few more opportunities ffered, some double house on Second Avenue owned and occupied by Messrs. big J. Lovine and J. Lewis, tbe Avenue, frame dwelling on Third owned by Harvey Charles and occupied hy Mrs. Kirk and, her sister, Pauline Wbltt, the old home ot the Southern Virginia and the Min go Republican and a building at tbe rear of John B. Maynard'a property, were completely ruined. The fire started In the house oc cupied by Mrs. Kirk and Mrs. Whitt the and before many had reached scene It was enveloped tn flames. The water plugs In the vicinity were frozen and this delayed tbe fire fighters for some time and caus ed tbe destruction ot the Levine-Lela dwelling which caught from the "' , heat. practically the entire attic and most ot the second floor were de stroyed, The room finishings are all of bard wood, the window frames' and mouldings belnjg of walnut, ash, cherry and oak, each room finished In one of these woods The floors are all hardwood, aome being finished In parketry.The ceilings were beautifully finished, and the hard elegant and wood mantels were mantels beautlful.f 8ome of tbe were taken down before water touch ed them, but water In any quantity sort, Is ruinous to floors of that and when soaked by tons of It the The effect Is easily imagined. house was completely and elegantly furnished, and much ot tbe equip ment waa safely removed when the tire waa' Urgt discovered. The loss by this latest fire in Louisa is variously estimated, but It Is safe to say that It will require $2500 or 'MQO to make the bouse i good as new. The house was built by W. T. Evans and was brought later by Mr. d - Holland associates. Before bis return to New York, Inside ot six weeks, the work of taking actual possession of the Kentucky prop erties will already have begun. Died in Ashland. To Operate in Kentucky. of The Blue Ribbon Coal Co., New York city has Incorporated in West Virginia for the purpose ' of developing coal lands in Kentucky. the Among the Incorporators of company are Robt. R. Mackay, Ed win O. Wairner. William DeL. Wal- brldge, Francis M. Leach and 6th- ers. CUE DEAL. Mrs. Matilda Sprlggs, wife of John Sprlggs, a farmer of Lawrence county, died Saturday evening at the borne ot her daughter, Mrs. Amos Lowe, on West Front Ave., near 8tb street, Ashland, after but a brief Illness trom pneumonia, of a malignant type, and It was soon apparent that the end was near. ' Decedent was 41 years of age, and Is survived by her husband and three children, Mrs. Lowe, May wood and Ben Sprlggs, allot whom' were a.t her bedside when the final summons came. The body taken to Klse for Interment. Hollanders in Buy Enormous Acreage 'Eastern Kentucky, Louisa Bakery Will New York, Jan. 10. One ot the put ever most gigantic deals through in this country, involving than the expenditure of more S50.000.000 and the purchase of 1,100,000 acres ot wood and coal lands In Kentucky, was closed at city the Hotel Belmont in this to The practical finishing touches the closing of the deal were added the past two days. The purchasers are Immense banking and capital' lstlc Interests of Amsterdam ' and paidthe The price Holland. Knntucklans for their lands averthough aged about 1 50 an acre, Uie ultimate cost- - Is figured was ' - We are glad to know that Mr. C. the baker, who ' was burned out recently, bas rented the' building adjoining J. B. Crutcher's store and will begin business as soon as an oven can be built. He is a first class baker and a reliable business man, and he and his family are desirable people to 'have , tn the community. Louisa-- , people are much pleased at the decision to remain here. He ot will erect an oven greater capacity than be had before. L. Hamilton, INDETERMINATE SENTENCE. at closer to $60 an acre. The deal has been put through First Case In Lawrence County Under a-Jiy B. F. P. Romer and Banker Boissevaln, of the great banking the New Law. ' are family of that nmae. Both B. F. Thomas, of Cincinnati, who residents ot Amsterdam, and next completely remodeled It It has to the Rothschilds, the Bolssevalns One of the convictions hnu ajrlng two stairs, with attic, and several of Holland, are the most powerful Conrt all and wealthiest bankers ueursea of sawed stone extend abroad the present term of Circuit around It, The loss la partly cov- The law firm of Guggenheim, ITn was that of "Flddlellp" Fitzgerald tcrmyer & Marshall, through the for stealing a wagon. The value ot ered by Insurance. Mr. the vehicle was enough to make the The cause of the fire Is a mys- - member of that great firm, tery. Mcs. Atkinson says she smell- 1 Stlne, who looks after Buch mat theft a felony, and the young man represented not with tbe musical labial feature will ed smokfl, and went through the ters for them, upper floor and the at Lb' but aw only the land owners, but the be away trom Louisa for quite a. nothing. A tow minutes later she purchasers as well in the clearing period. 'The case bas one or two . distinguishing marks, Tbe theft ot heard the neighbors shouting the up of titles. , ls a wagon Is quVte unusual, and that Mr. alarm. It Is safe to say The coal and timber lands lie the first one In this county Atkinson mill put hla boute In good In "Bloody" Knott, Breathitt, as far as can be ascertained, to suape as oon as posslblo. Letcher and two adjoining counties an Indeterminate ' sentence. Tllls fbe furnishes an occasion skirting tbe State of West Virgin When the Jury took his case there for a tew suggestions. One Is that ia; Four years have been spent in was but one thing to be determined, uimtiioic uuuib'ui iui mimn- getting Options OB the acreage and that was the guilt or innocence-oladders shim Id be .purchased UTIsought six and but months the accused. Even the trial Judge the fity without delay. Another is were necessary tn Holland In getThe law. with smaller ting the financial syndicate together had but little to do. that some nozzles fixes the period ot Imprisonment Id mouths are needed. The town pays and in working order. It was is well for Its water, and Uere acres that were wanted, but this Instance the punishment Is Iman ample sapply, therefore there .the purchasers bad to content them- prisonment In the penitentiary for a period ot not less than two years should be no lark of proper appa- selves with 200,000 ar.rse less, as ratus. Another suggestion Is that 1,100,000 was all tbe land obtaina- nor more than seven years. This Is folks who are powerful of voice but ble In tbe desired localitli.s. It Is what is known as an Indeterminate authorizing weak of bands should keep out ot not so long since C. A. Watson.the sentence, and the law it was passed by tho lost Legislature the way of those who Io thlnj.-s.Th- e r Bultimore millionaire of shortex fire chief and his lieutenants ahould (ice show horses, and the Consol- At the expiration ot the have the entire direction at iflres, idated Cool Companies created con- peripd the convict can apply for A and these and these alone should siderable of a sensation by purchas- parole. Here- is his opportunity. If behavior be listened to. This Is not said In ing 100,000 acres in tho. some coal he has a record, ot good The and timber territory. It Is estlmnX- - as a prisoner hla chance tor release-i- s the way of unkind crltcsm. "boys"' have always done good work, ei lbltt tne tmteT iand jn tte good, if not be must remain longknow pur,.iase f the Hollanders Is worjji er, possibly to the end of the full nnd none better than they term. A similar law has been In wnat contusion proiuiecuous imvuu. E moTe than iju0 The cotj other-state- s and ordering will cause. running In average veins of 7 feet, torce a long time In many and it Is said to work well. is considered the best and finest for coking purposes In the known The Orpheans. coal world. Coal Company Incorporated, It Is the intention of new Dutch owners to first The next numbed In the Enter- tbe To that start In on the timber. Charleston, W. Va., Jan. 10. A tainment Course will be given on twenty large sawmills-.wll- l be charter was Issued . Tbe end Thursday, February 2ud. yesterday by erected la various sections ot the the secretary of state to date Is easily remembered, It beThe Rob newly acquired territory. ' erta Coal Company, of Ashland, Ky. ing ground hog day. The offering Tbe timber will be cut by The Incorporators are John F. Hag- -. tor this occasion Will be Tbe Ortbe er, B. E. Whitman, L. 8. Wilson. phean Musical Club. Tbe club will woodmen from Holland and Dutchmen W. E. Eldrldge and 8. S. Willis, all present mole quartets, brass quar- mills run by sturdy tets, illustrated songs, impersona- from the same country, who 'will of Ashland, and they have an by the capita! of $100,000. tions, solos, duet,- trios. and chalk-tal- k come to this country The sketches, altogether a splen- hundreds to settle In that part object stated is to deal in lauds - and operate for coal, Railof Kentucky for tbe purpose. did programme. .

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