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Image 1 of Daily commonwealth (Frankfort, Ky.), February 3, 1858

Part of Daily commonwealth (Frankfort, Ky.)

r ilANKFOUT, VOL. 7. ii: W ci!3niui;.ii,ii' rt1-.v,.ii- ILL BE PUBLISHED EVERY MONDAY, NESDAY, AND FRIDAY, 15 v J. Attorney at Law STATE PRINTER, At THREE DOLLARS PER ANNUM, ble in advance. paya- The Weeklv Commonwealth, a large mam- moth Hhftet is published every Tuesday morning at TWO DOLLARS PER ANNUM, in ad- 0 Formerly of Kentucky.) AND BLANKS, FOR BALK AT COMMONWEALTH OFFICE. A MONROB & HARLAN'S DIGEST OF THE DECIS IONS OP THE CUUKl OF A rrKA LS $12 00 2 vtili. Price, KENTUCKV CODES OF PRACTICE, 3 50 1 vol. Price. REVISED STATUTES OF KENTUCKY, 3 00 vol. Price, DEBATES OF THE CONVENTION, 1 vol. Price, GUIDE TO JUSTICES, CLERKS. SHERIFFS, &c, by JniiM C. Hkiindon, 3 00 1 vol. Price, ACTS OFTHH LEGISLATURE OF KY. 3 00 Session 1835 and 1850 '2 vols. Price THE GENERAL AC I'S of Session 1855 - and I 00 ih.'.i; in Pilaiunlilel form. Price THE GENERAL ACTS of Session 18.i3 - and 150 l.S.jl bound in Leather. Price B. MONROE'S REPORTS The lolh, 10th & 17th vols, per volume. of Bun. Monroe's Reports. $5 DIGEST OF THE STATLOUGHBOROUGH'S UTES, 3 00 vol. Price, HON. GEO. ROBERTSON'S SPEECH "The American Party, ils Principles, its Objects, and its Hopes." Pamphlet. Prico lOcts. HON. GARRETT DAVIS' SPEECHES. Pamphlet. Price 5 cts. aTk S, BL FOR COUN TY COURT JUDGESof allkinds. Price 00 cts per quire. JUSTICES' BLANKS WARRANTS AND EXECUTIONS. Price 00 cts per auire . CONS TABLE'S SALE NO TICE'S, REPLEVIN BONDS BLANKS &e. Price 00 cts per quire. SHERIFF'S REPLEVIN BONDS. Price 60 cts per quire. CIRCUIT CLERK'S EXECUTIONS. Price 00 cts per quire. BLANK CHECKS, on Branch Bank of Kentucky, a Frankfort, and Farmers' Bank of Kentucky. Price 51 per quire. BLANK. DEEDS. Price SI per quire. Orders from a distance for any of the above named Books or Blanks will be promptly attended to wneu accompanied by the Cask; and if desired to be upon the lorwarded by mail, the postage will be condition that it be refunded by the person ordering the article to be sent by mail. JOHN FLOUIINOY, Attorney at Law, Notary Public, DEVOTK3 COMMERCIAL fc sr. HIMSELF TO THE PRACTICE, ADMIRALTY LOUIS, MO. in all parisof Missouri and remittances made, correspond- ence solicited, and information eheerlully given. REFERS, BY PERMISSION, TO TiiKOP. Parsons. L. L. D., Professor of Law, Cambridge, MUSS, Kunnakd v Brother, Merchants, St. Louis. Crow, McCrukky oi Co., Merchants, St. Louis. Hon. J no F. Kyland, Judge Supreme Court of Mo. Haywood, Crow at Co., Merchants, St. Louis. iiucKNta, Hall oz Co , Merchants, Cincinnati, Ohio. Jy. Sept. 9, FRANKLIN A. M. GAZLAY. GORIN. GORIN GAZLAY, & Attorneys and Counselors at Law, LOUISVILLE, KY. REFERUXCUS. Messrs. Jis. Trabub & Co.; Gmivin, Bell & Co.; McDowell, Yocno & Co.; Huoiiescc Huti hisos; Low Hays, fit Co.; & Whitney; Jas. E. Breed, Carctii, Mus. oc Trioo; Wilson, Starbird 6: Smi th; CaBSEOiV & HofKINs; CCRD ley; Curd & Co. M. D. & WniTEl A B AT & RaI- LAug. 17 W57 tl. W. H. M'HENRV. M'HRNRV. M. D. & W. iiext door to the Branch Bank of Kentucky, over G. W. Craddock's oilice. Feb. JO, 1."? wAawby. II. M'HENIlYj AT T O It X E Y S AND LAND AGENTS, DES MOINES, IOWA, J. & MONROE JAMES MONROK. BENJAMIN xUONItOE, YV COMBS overy description and materia!, at Llr. MILLS' Drug Store. HAIR BRUSHES. Tho largest variety in Frankfort, at Dr. MILLS' Drug Store. NS. color-.- , sizes Dr. .MILLS' I0N0E, AT and perfuiEeo, Drug Store. FINE TOILET BOTTLES, Beautiful stylesof Bohemian, at Dr. MILLS' . LAW, & COUNSELLOR Drug Store. handkerchTef nr extracts. Fancy Goods, tflNNELL, WALL PROSPECTUS GLASGOW Ell EE PHE8S. JOHN M. Mrs. HEREENSMITH J. J. II. KINKEAD, 0) JOSHUA TEVIS, FitANK It vance,; S2 OO "CENTRAL KENTUCKIAN." LEY, SURVEYOR. KY. fell. N. D. SMITH. MA.N OL AND PURE SPIRITS, COLOGNE ViSe ii, to all business confided to them in the Court of Appeals. Federal Court, and other Courts hold their sessions ai rranmori, ivy. une or which both may always be found at theirotlice, to give counsel by r rank lorl, Jan. b, lHo or transact business. lirILL attend ? LliS. HAMS, SIDES AND SHOULDERS, in store and lor sale by W. A. GAINES. April 1, 1857. . August 2o, GEO. West side Second St., bet . Main 18o7 Sc Market KY. ly. Q. W. OWEN W. OWtN. GWIN & OWEN, Dealers in Hardware STORE CO., 0 1'U HERS OF LOl'ISVILLIi, Partners in the PEACTICE OF LAW, 5,000 A & O3 Jk. Xi Kos. O. SMITH C. N. D. SMITH Oct. 28, 1S33. MOREIIEAD & BROWN. STOVES!! STOVES! k Office on St. ('lnfr Street, next Door to Morse'i telegraph Oilice, practice in all ihe Courts held in Frankfort, and WILL Oldham, Henrv. Trimble and Owen counties. TEll M1LINERY FALL PROSPECTUS JOHN RODMAN, ATTORNEY AT LAW, ', If. May 'M, 1850 IN BANNA'S NEW BUILDING, Jan. 30, 1857 tf. Eire Clnirtreei, Opposite the Postoflice. FRANKFORT, KY. ITATER Closets, Bath Tubs, Hot and Cold Shower IT Baths, ash 1 raws, rlam and rancy Wash Stands. and every description of Plumbing work put up in the most workmanlike manner. Copper, Tin & Sheet Iron Work, Spout ing ani Guttering of all descriptions. Continually ou hand a large assortmentof COOKIXG, PA KLOil M IW.? il lit- 41 ,iiul jiilt.iLiitu.l 1a ik.A & OFFICE iVOKTU SIDE BETWEEN NINTH M AND AND CANAL, STREET, STEARN S &C S S AMBROTYPE LAEKE'S NATIONAL GALLERY, Frankfort, Ky. sfc Every stylo ol Picture executed with neatuesa Mini trmr.alrrh. nt m.i1iii.m(I All Work Warrauted to Oct. 2, ltJ57 aui. uriftM. PREMIUM OF C. 61 PROAL, THIRD STKEET, LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY SADDLES AND BRIDLES AND store mid for sale by CASKS FKKSH April 1, rri BUSHELS BLUE GKA DU Shle by April 1, 1857. CASKS FINE W. A. GAIN KS. FRESH BALTIMORE Head Dresses Editors and Publishers. Flowers, Hair Braids Curls, Brass Hoops, SEED, in store and of and all other articles usually kept in a Millinery Estab iisnmuui,wuicu sue will sell as low as me lowest. Nov. 2, ldo7 3m. W. A. GAINES. have this day commenced receiving Fresh Bal to receive them daily during the oyster season by Express, &na soiu ex clusively for Cash by Nov. 11 1857 GRAY & TODD. TY. if timore Oysters, and willcontinue 25,600 00 &,000 00 11,000 ;0 34,314 it 0,bbo 00 J STATE OF NEW YORK, City and County of New York,( " Morris Franklin, President o; the New York Life Insurance Company, being duly affirmed, doth declare aud say, thai lo llie best o I his knowledge, information and beliel, the above statement is correct and true; that all the investments therein referred lo were made iu good faith, and not for any temporary expediency; thai ihe assets of the said company were, al the date ol ihe said statement $1,260,214 05, as Uiereiii set forth, aud invested as therein staled. Amrmed this 22d day of Julv, 1857, before me. E. A. STANSttUK Y, Com. Deeds. MORRIS FRANKLIN, President. A true copy from ihe original on tile in ihisomce. Auditor's Office, Ky., July 1, 1C57. THO. S. PAGE Auditor. AUDITOR'S OFFICE, Frankfort, Ky., July 1,1857.) This is to certify that HENRY WIN GATE, as Agent of Ihe New York Lile Insurance Company, of New York, at Frankfort Franklin county, has tiled iu ihis office the slate me lit and exhibits required by the provisions or an act, entitled, "An act to regulate Agencies o Foreign Insurance Companies, " approved March 3, IKiO; and ithaving been shown to the satisfaction ol the undersigned that said Company is possessed of an actual of al least one hundred and tilty thousand dollars, us required by said act, the said Henry VYingule, as Age tit as aforesaid, ishereby licensed and permitted to take risks and tiausact businessol insurance al his oltice in Frankfort, for ihe term of one year from the date hereof. But this license may be revoked if it shall be made to appear to the undersigned that since the filing ol the statements above referred to, the available capital of said Compauy has been reduced below one hundred aud fifty thousand do I In testimony icrcoi, and year auovc written. OYSTERS. Ribbons, Feathers, .9 9S4,944 30 A large assortment of Hotchkiss' Reaction Water Wheels ODELL & MORSE, 1C5S. LIABILITIES,. Losses due and unpaid none. glo Satisfaction, FANCY GOODS' STORE MANSION HOUSE, Lebanon, Jan. 9, ... Lossesadjusled aud not due, Losses unadjusted aud in suspense awaiting luriher prool, 3g Losses resisted believed to be fraudulent or unjust, QPi Accumulated dividend interest, Taxes in liiigationabout Saddle, Harness and Trunk Warerooms V mhjIjIktehy 3d, lciiO. .. tenth. l.i;KIl, Agent, Manufacture rofSteam Enginesand Machinery for Saw or Grist Milts, Coal Gudgeons, Rag Irons, Saw Mines, Vc, Vc, Slides, Carriage Segments, Cotton Gin Segments, and Pinions, Car Wheels, Grate Bars, Mill Spindles, Mill uogsauu stirrups, always on uauu. yirM. H. (ill OF HARTFORD, CONN., Ik compliance with "an Act to regulate the Agencies Foreign Companies,11 vol incorporated by the State of Kentucky land passed by the Legislature of Kentucky , ... COAL STOVES MAIN Charter Oak Life Insurance Company. .. 1I0EN1X FOUNDRY TENTH ST. BETWEEN 5. 1. The name of ihe Compauy is the HARTFORD FIRE INhUitANCE COMPANi'; and its location Uul S TA TE M E NT . Harllord, Conn. IsL The amH of its actual capiuil stock Is $200,000 ou U. ine Capital Stock of the Company is THREE id. ihe amount ol Us capital alock, ox- HUNDKED 1 HUL'SAN D DOLLARS. elusive of stock, notes, ano in bank 3. Ihe amount of Us Capital Slock uaid uu is THREE loU,0iiU ov stocks, cash bonus and mortgages, i HUNDREU THOUSAND DOLLARS. 3d. The assets ot ihe company are: 4. Ihe Aasets of the Company are as follows: 1st. Amount of cash m hu..d aud in ll DUaros naruoru Baut rtlocK, par the hands of agenis or other perValue 01, loo, market Value, tf,2u- ti9,496 OH sons, U32 Miares Pnumix bank, slock, par vaU 2d. Bonds owned by the compauy are uo jj,vuu, mantel value, 38,308 U0 county bonds with inteieei, 100 shares Conn. River Banking Co., 3d. Debts lo the company secured by stock, par value 5,UUU, market value. mortgage none. 0,500 00 60 Shares Fanners and Mechanics B'lc 4th. Debts otherwise secured, viz: stock, par vale.uuu, market value. 11,'JU0 00 B lis receivable, upon interest, feu Share Farmers and Mechanics 1(5,1S0 25 B'k including mutual prom, notes, slock, (lo per cent, paid in,) par Obligation lor capital slock , market value. BOO 00 value by Uie Directors ul said Jul) Shares Exchange Bunk slock, par company, and by the comptroll10,400 00 50,0UU i er ol llie ft late of Connecticut, vaiuo 10,000, markei value, 115 Shares City Bank, slock, par value Cash loans on endorsed promis-H,juU, inarket.value, sory notes wilh collateral secu14,030 00 150 Shares liank of Hartford County rity, chiell) ou ueiuand and at stock, par val uo 15,000, market valabout 12 per cent, interest, ue, lG.uiQ 00 Accrued iuieresiio ihe company 2uU Shares Charter Oak Bank stock, par 10,209 ,u on investments, 5th. Debts lor premiums at interest, 24,200 00 34,144 value i:u,oou, luarnei value, 1U0 Shares Mercantile bunk stock, par Olh. All other aocurilies are: 12,000 00 Bank stock in cities of Hertford value lu,uuo, niarkel value. MO Shares American Exchange Bank aud ow York. 109,791 uu Cash in Bank on deposit ou d- stock, A. i., par value 0,0b0, market value, 0,0UU (U 22,400 00 uiaud, bearing iuluresl, 200- Suarea bank of America stock, M. Personal properly ol Ihe company, x., par value 2o,b(tO, market value. 2,U0U 00 24,000 00 !00 shares bank ol Commerce slock, Preierred Railroad stock at 10 N. Y., par val. 20,000, market val. percent, interest, 21,400 00 300 0U 2w Shares importersaud Traders Bank slock, IN. i ., par value 2o,ouu, marj02,c44 34 21,600 00 ket Value, 20b shares Manhattan Co. Bank slock, 4th. Losses due and unpaid none. A. .,par value 10,000, market Val., 13,400 00 5th. Losses adjusted aud nol due, yil,l00 00 100 Shares Merchants B'k slock, N. Y., Olh. Losses in suspense waiting for furpar value 5,0ou, market value, C,800 00 ther proof none. 200 aliurcs U uiou Bank slock, N. Y.,par 7th. All oilier claims gaiuel ihe company 12,000 00 value iu,uuu, market value, or oilier indebtedness, whether vlue 200 Shares Ocean Bault slock, N. Y., or uoL due none except ordinary curpar value lU,uuo, market value, 9,000 00 rant bills. 100 Shares Bank North America stock, dih. Payment of losses resisted, 3tcN . V., par value 10,000, market val. 10,800 00 Aever resisted any. 200 Shares Metropolitan bank stock, N. i'lh. 'Ihe actol lucorporaliou of tills ComY., par value 20,000, market value, 22,000 00 pany was granted by Uio Legls.ature 100 Shares Hartford and New Haven K. ol Connecticut al its May session, A. R. stock, par value l0,oob, market D., IttjU, and is the same us Hied in value, 12,000 00 theoihceol IheAudltorol Kentucky 100 Shares Hartford, Providence and in J uly, lboo. rishkill K. n. stock, par value 10,. Ihe undersigned hereby certily that Ihe foregoing i SU0 00 ac rrecl stateiuenl 000, niarkel value, oi ihe ahaira of tue Company ac34 Shares Hailiovd, Providence aud cording to their best knowledge and beliel. Fishkill R. R. slock, preferred, par J. C. vv A utk.LttY , President. value 3,4.00, market value, 1,700 00 Samuel H. Wuitk, Secretary. 20 Shares Conn. River R. R. stock, par HiRTKOflB, July th, lc5. value 2,1'UU, market value, 1,000 00 120 Shares Conn. River Co. stock, par STATE uF t 3,000 00 value 12,000, market value, Col'NTY ok Hartford, Harllord, July 17, lb57. Personally apieared, James c. Vaikley andiaiiiuel S3S5,444 U0 H. White, subscrioeis ol the loregoing lustruinenl, lo Bills receivable bearing interest, (of me known as aioreaaid, and made oatn to the truth ol wiucn aiju,uui) is special deposit iu the same according lo lheir best knowledge and belie l. Banks on interest) $207,315 21 Before me, JEituME B. biu Balances on book, duo tU Company, 7,140 30 Justice of the ttace. Cash on hand, ltt,903 91 A irm copy irm the original ou fl.ein this oilice. THO.S. PAOE, Auditor. 01ti,809 42 Frauklort, K)., July l,lo;. 5. No liabilities to Banks or others, due or not due. AUDllUK'S OFFICE, i 0. Mo losses adjusted and due. Fra.k mkoht, Ky., July 1, lfc57. ( 7. Amount of loses, either unad-- i This is locerlify thatJ. M. MILLS, as Agent ol the H. 73,709 35 justed or adjusted and not Charter Oak Lite Insurance Co., ol Harllord, Couu. due, j al (Frauklort) Franklin count j , hasilted in una omce the 9. Losses in suspense waiting urslate men is audexhiOils required b) the provisions ul an ine r proof, included iu lut anact, euliUd, "An aci lo regulate Agencies ol Foreign swer above. insurance Companies," approved aiarch 3, le5ti aim n 10. All other claims against the Comhaving been shown to the satisfaction ol ihe undersigned pany, including dividend $30,-uU- u that said Company is possessed ol an acluai capital ol at payable June 10, lcji. 42,270 33 11. The rule ot the Company ia not to exceed S10.000 leasL oue hundred and ulty thousand dollars, as required by said act, llie said '. M. iVlills, as Agent a aiore . in any one risk, subject to lo?s b) a single tire. ri. i he amount insured, in a city or village, depends said, is hereby licensed and permitted lo take risks aud its size, generally all Ihe desirable risks to be transact busineeSul insurance al uis oUice in Frank Jon, upon lor ihe icrui ol one year Irou Ihe date hereol. bm had, subject lo the rule lusi above named. 1J. Ihe amount insured iu any one block or buildings tins license uiu) be revoked H il shall be made lo appear depends upon its sue aud construction, subject to the lo the undersigned ihul since the Ming of the staie-meuabove reierred lo, llie available capital ol said rule aoovo reierreu iu. Company lias been reduced below oue hundred aud 14. The Act of Incorporation accompanies this. Ulty Uiousaud dollars. C. Ii. ttOWli.KS, Secretary. In testimony whereof, 1 have set my hand, the day aud year above written. State of Connecticut, THO. S. PAGE, Auditor. Harllord County. ( J. M. AULLS, Aiieol, June 19th, 1857, personally appeared, C B. Bowers, frauklort, K. Secretary of the Harllord t ire Insurance Compaii), and made oalli thai Lite toregoing statement, by hi m subscribed, is a Irue, lull and correct statement of the. allairs i said Company, and exhibits its actual condi IS T A T M E iN T tion on the hrst day oi ilu, laoi; and he luriher de clares under o ifl, that ihe subsequent business of the or THK ur as reported and ascertained ul Ihe dale Couipau,as New York Life Insurance Company. ol making Ibis ulhdav il, Has beeu such as to produce no material or uuiavorable change in tue condition ol Up to the 1st day of July, 1657, made ii conformity teith its allairs shown in the above exhibit. tne requirement oj the law oj Kentucky. K. G. DRAKE, J. P. Belore me, A true copy troni the original ou tile in ihis office. 1HO. S. PAGE, Aud or, ASSETS: Cash on hand, Frankfort, Ky., July 1,1657. 25,172 50 30 Shares Delaware and Hudson Canal i AUDITOR'S OFFICE, 34,052 50 stock, par $J,4U0, Albany City Water Bonds, par $50,-OuFkankkort, Ky., July 1, 1857. ) 5:2.500 0L This is to certify thai J. M. MlLLs,as of the Watcrtown and Rome Railroad Bonds, Harllord Fire Insurance Company , of Harllord, Conn., ( r ranktort,) par 44,000, omce I 2,S00 00 franklin county, has Died in tins Hudson itiver Railroad Bonds, par the statements and exhibits required by the provisions $j,ob0, 6,430 un of an act, entitled, "An act to regulate Agencies Ol For- New Vork Central Railroad Bonds, n Insurance Com panics," approved .viarcn J, leoo, par Sb,bvu, the satisfaction of the un5,573 74 aud it having been showu to dersigned Lhatsaid Company is possessed of an actual J80 bhares Merchaul Bank Slock, par $'J,- fifty thousand dol 000, capital ol at least one hundred and 1003 75 lars, us required by said act, the said j. ii. mius, as 1U0 Shares Bank of Commerce Stock, par . . 10,CCii 50 as atoresaid, is hereby licensed and permitted lo 3iu,uuu, ';n. lake risksand transact business of insurance al his oilice 75 Snares bank -of the Republic Stock, -par $ 1,500, l,Sb0 00 ihe term ol one year from the date in Frauklort, lor hereof. Bui Hits license may be revoked it it shall be 50 Shares American Exchange Bank -5,503 50 Slock, par $5,uuo, made to appear to the undersigned thut since the tiling ol me statements roicrrco to, uie available capital 1)0 Shares Metropolitan Bank Stock, par $y,000, ol said Company has oeou reduced below oue buuurco 0,0 711 50 Shares Park Bank Stock, par $5,- and hllv thousand dollars. ooo, 5, '256 25 In testimony whereof,! have set my hand, the day and Loans on stocks, 4n,iRi7 5 year above written. bonus aud mortgages first lien, THO. S. PAGE, Auditor, 4ti4'5 LO Premium notes on Lite Policies, bearing J. M. iMlLLs, Agent, -490,877 42 July 15, 1857 witw2w. interest, Frauklort, Ky. Interest accrued up to July 1st, 1857, 24,u23 Quarterly and premiums due subsequent lo 1st July, 57, 12,979 05 Premiums on policies in bauds of Agents, 17,107 CHAS-A- . 3j CLARKE. HORACE STEARNS. 91,00,214 05 Cistern, Well and Force Pumps; Sheet Lead, Lead Pipe, &c. l fj3 All orders promptly attended to. Feb. 13, IrijT if. F Insurance OF HAKTFOKl). CONN. As per Report to the Stockholders, at their Annual . ... no- 5 OF THE AFFAIRS or THE STATEMENT Coach and Buggy Harness , Citizens of Lebanon, and of Marion and surrounding or Grist or Saw Mills. counties, lo you, of whatever political party or religious A large assortmentof Patterns for Mill Gearing oic, sect, we look for support and the more liberal that is, Wagon and Cart Harness, Castings made althe shortest notice. the larger and more entertaining will be our paper WM.H. GRAINGER, Jfe n t . for we are determined, if you will place in our hands April21 1H.)G tf Louisville, Ky. Ihe means, to make the Central Kentnckian worthy of your patronage. Of every variety. To obtain this, however, wo shall not sacrifice AND bv vlediriin? our.selve.s to any part it or sect. TRUCKS, VALISES AND CARPET BAGS, yel we shall promise ou Neutrality in jYottinif. If we LINEN AND WOOLEN HORSE COVERS, &c. are not capable of choosing our suhjeel matter, and of commenting ijpon all or any topic of public interest, All orders left with C. G- Graham, of Frankfort, or inofin a manner which shall be at once courteous and to the proprietor will receive prompt attensent fensive, we ought not to come before yon as Editors. To ST. CLAIR STREET, FRANKFORT. KENTUCKY. tion. direct Persons visiting Louisville wanting articles in be faithful journalists of passing events candid cr.tics ol my une win nna n lo their interest to give me a call bepu'dic acis and successful advocates of Truth, is the fore purchasing elsewhere. MRS. E. C. STR0BRIDGE hight of our ambition. TCf Remember the Four Story Store, Third Street, Terms: $1 50 in advance; S- - 00 in ai months. No 1T70ULD resnectfullv inform her friends and the rub oeiween.uam and Market. LJuly A3 Iojv but. lie that she has on hand a large and fashionable as Return the list of names deduction made on clubs. as soon as possible, as we shall issue the fi rst nu inber on sortment oi Wednesday, the 27ih. Bonnets. Caps, and Cutlery, t STREET, FRANKFORT, KENTUCKY. MAIJI Shop on 1st. Hartford OF THE CONDITION OF THE March ILLINOIS, FllAAKFOliT, KY. MRS. M. 11ERRENSMITH, For sale in any quantity, either in bottles, suitable for KILL practice Law in the Couruil Ajipeals' in the the toilet, or otherwise, ai RESPECTFULLY invites the particular ; Dr. M ILLS1 Drug Store. Franklin Circuit Court, and all other Slate Courts V.. attention of the Ladies of Frankfort and & 'iJ held in Frauklorl, aud will alloud to i tie collection ol vicinity, that slie has jusl returned from in anj part of the state. Debts tor the East with a most beautiful assortment of Always al home, evurj eoiiiLiiuiiiea ion will have his The genuine Lubitr as well as a variety ot other's alien Lion ou the same day received, and will be prompt ij- - IVIA in new slyles, and at all prices, at ly aus ered, and Ihus his clients kepi algay s advised ul make, Dr. M ILLS'Drng Store. Lheir allairs. Aud uaving determined lo have all his A IS D Oriels and arguments in ihe Court ol Appeals printed, EVERYTHING and copies l urnisufcd lo his clients and counsel in the lower courts, all concerned will be t ully inlonuod how Inthelineof fancy and Toilet articles, that either Lahis duty lu& been performed. dies or Gentlemen can desire, at He will, as Commissioner of Deeds, lake the acDr. M ILLS' Drug Store. Consisting of the following articles: knowledgments ol Deeds, and other writings to be BONNETS from 50eenis up to 18. used or recorded in other slates; and, as Commissioner CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. LADIES DRESS CAPS from 50 cents up to $4. under the aciol Congress, attend lo the taking ol depoA handsome selection will be opened in due time for ALL KIND OF HEAD DRESSES. sitions, affidavits, (.Ye. FRENCH AND AMERICAN FLOWERS. "Uld liank,' opposite the Mansion House tlreapproaching holidays, at jrOihce, RIBBONS, of all quality and prices. Dr. MILLS' Drug Store. Frauklort, Nov. 19,le.iu o. CHILDREN'S BONNETS, Dec. 1, lH5ii. And all kind of Worsted Goods lor Children; Cloaks JOHN W.FINNKLL i.T. WALL. an J v urs tor Ladies and I hi Id re n; all kind of Kid I raveling and Riding Gloves for Ladies; Dress Trimmings; OF THE Ladies Corsets; Hoop Sk irts of all patterns, and all kind & of necessary articles of Ladies wear. Particular notice is called to a great variety of Worst ATTORNEYS AT LAW, ed stockings, a new fashion kind of Comb for keeping on the Bonnets, and Hui r Pins lo hold on lion nets also; COVINGTON, KY. 1S57. Glasgow, Ky., December all kinds of Fancy and Common Hair Pins; also a great South end City Hall. OrcuE, Third Street, Dear Sir: Having disposed ol" our Printing Oilice in variety ol Gumelastic Hair fins to prevent uie ttairtrom V. & F. practice in the Courts ol Kenton, Campbell, Eliabelhtown, Ky.,and removed to lilasow win: the falling out; all kind of Puff Combs; Guinelastic Hair Grant, Boone, and Nicholas, and Hie Court ol Appeals, view ol 'permanently locating we purpose commencing Cr.mb-- ; all kind of Coml s.Tooih Brushes, Needlesaud May 5, loiS U. at Frankfort. ihe publication of a newspaper o:neiime (luring the Pins; Ladies and Children's Bells; Ladies Embroidermonth ol February, to be untitled "THE GLASUUVV ed and Common Handkerchiefs; Chinelle Scarfs for laLiteraFKh-PKESS." 'it will be lev oLed to dies; Worsted Undersleeves and Worsted Hoods for 11 A II L A iN . Politics, Agriculture, the Arts and .sciences, Sews, Indies to wear to evening parties, and a great variety of ture, and esi)ecially to the proiiiolijii and advaitceineiit ol rancy Articles too numerous to mention. tlie local and general .ntercsisof the town and county, ATTORNEY AT JLA . and those adjacent. IN'o pains or e.verlion oti our part will be intermitted to secure due consideration lor all Having personally selected these Goods in the Eastern FRANKFORT, KY. local enterprises, I hut may be calculated to advance the Cities from the best manufacturers, she flatters hersell Oilice on St. Clair Street, with J. $i W. L. Harlan. general weal ol the community. that her eti'orts in catering for the good taste of the La i return An earnesteilort will be made to render il a valuable dies ot - ranktort will be duly appreciated, REFER TO family newspaper, acceptable to all parties, combining my to my friends and customers and hope they Hon. J.J. Crittenden, a variety ol interesting and instructive subjects in its will all call again, as 1 will give my particular attention Frankfort, Ky. W. Powell. Gov L. columns, llavinghad considerable experience in the to please them. ) noil. James Harlan, business, and being practically luiniliar Willi its mechanTaylor. Turner Oi Co., (Jankers, Lexington, Ky. ,, ,i ical duties, we indulge the hope that we shall be enu....i.-..P- J ,...iUiill . . Ky. BLEACHING & TRIMMING uuunvi a, u.r J. II. .tlUNSAKKAl UC UU.,Ivy. abled to subserve to some extent, Hie interests to which Done W 'Tanner, Louisville, in the latest and best sMe. I will sell everything Hie "Fpee PRtss" Will be dedicated. Jul :t, lHjii bi. American Politics at the present tune, may be saiu as low as possible. Call and examine before purchas ing elsewhere, as it will be no trouble but a pleasure lo verj justly, to be in a chrysalis state. We Jo not de suow goods. , llitliCKINJtlUGE, n, in tins rropectus, to enter the uomain oi specu ItOB'T lation. It is not necessary to the present purpose, or HTl will have an OPENING ON SATURDAY, OcAttorney and Counselor at Law, to detlne our political position. '1 Ills uia Oe djlllied tober 10;h, on St. Clair Streel, in the old stau: of Dr. MUNSEL, and will also keep the store ou Main street. very brictlv. e are conscientiously opposed to the LEXIXGTOX, KY. ecU 0, 1K7 tf. practices and the precept- ol Moueru iie.nocracy. vv c essen ard the Deniociatic partv. as now con?uuiuu, UjOFFICE on Shortstreetbetween Liniestoneaiid tially an alien part;; and consiUer its aims and purS3.18S0 If. Upperstreets. L'y poses, as avowed by its organs, practiced by itr leaders, U developed in llie present aiiniiuiMiuuoii, picnani with evillo the L'niuii, in viohuioii oi the dam n.junc- lions of Itu early fauiers, anl disastrous i t American the We recogin.e in the -- Address .NationaLtv. Attorney and Counsellor at Law, promulgated at llie Louisville Con American Parly GALLATIN, MISSOURI. ; a political creed, eminently national, eminent vention, ptoieni eilirILL practice in the Circuit ami other Courts of Da-- ly conservative, and peculiarly adapted locm ji prinei- e believe dial in llie un iain counncies. viess, and the Circuit Courts of the adjoining des ol thai organization in iy be found Uu panacea lor ties. main , it not ail the political evils, Inch have disorderjlJ'Ollice up stair in the Gallatin Sun Oflice. ed the cou utry and l omen ted sectional strife, and which Hay U, ltU7 tt. it is now in evident contemplation to aggravate by unwise and imprudent legislation. THOMAS A. MARSHALL U lulil we shall aim lo be periecu; iniepenueui auu ol our views ol public men removed lo b'rauklurtaiid resumed the honest in the UAVINli Law, will attend punctually lo such cases aa and measures, expression we shall studiously observe courtesy and , of Appeals ol nay be entrusted lo him in the Court a proper respect forthe opinions ol others, whose con and to such engagements as he may make in victions may lead them lo diner wuu us. il is uie pecu He will also give liarity and tue boat of American institutions, that they other Conns conveniently accessible. upuiioiisand advice in writing, upon cases stated in secure to each and every one the "Iron and uuirammei-e- d In no other govern I HAVE just received a large assortment ritiug,or on records presenieu to bun. He will promptexpression of his opinions.1 of the bos ly altend to all communications relating lo the business ment is this perfect freedom ot opinion in tne ciuz-e1 ( OUhIM; .movliS ever brought to the city oi may at all limes, excepl wheu abtolerated, or considered compatible with the dignity ol Frauklort, which I can sell as cheap as can be bought above described, and the State. Our whole system of government reposes in Louisville, lor cash. Give uie a call and see for you r-sent on business, be tound in franklori. Public opinion is here at once llu sell. March ;iu, lrtj?-t- f. upon ibis basis. u euerisu an ap urcc and lue support oi power. Copper, Tin & Sheet Iron Ware ol ihe great privilege, loo exalted, to induce preciation us to refuse 10 others wnai we are prompt 10 tuun ior in alius variousbrauches, wholesale and retail, as cheap as it can be bought at any other house in the city. Job ourselves. Home the columns ot the "hiKE fituss Counselor and Attorney at Law, will at all times be open lo well written, couiteous work executed with neatness and dispatch . even thougu they may conflict with our individu Tin (buttering and Spoutiiig LOUISVILLE, KY. al opinions. v e invoke, n aid our enterprise, me support ano made and put up ou the shortest notice and most reasE, .EAK SIXTH STREET. OFFICE CO UK onable terms. All of those who are in want of patronage ot the citizens of barren and surrounding KusL d j Siclii,uJar Brjadway. ItEslDE counties, and especially those whose opinions may Copper, Tin or Sheet Iron Roofing June H, ldo7 ly. with liie gene t'ul view s herein expressed. ou may leel would make it lo lheir interest lo give m t a be lore U e send you this circular, hoping that bjneilt oi y o a r iuti ae uce, in pro going elsewhere. inclined to give us tue E D F (J D , 'jf3 Don't forget to come to Old Bank Building, one curing a list of subscribers in jour locality, by the 1st door rum the corner Main and St. Clair streets. day of February, Ibori. Attorney at Law, H. R. MILLER. June 11, lr5( if. TERMS. new VERSAILLES, KENTUCKY. The"FREE PRE33"will b2 nublistied weeUly MERCHANT & SMITH, and beautiful type, aithe following rates', Dec. I, 1856 tf. dingle copy, one year, (invariably in ad PLUMBERS AND TINNERS, ?? Ifny FRANKFORT, CO- FINE COLOGNE, T. N. LINDSEY, 1 50 To ciubs of 10, and upwards, practice in the various Courts of Polk i)HOPOSE to in the Supreme Court of Iowa, and the one procuring a club of Ten subscribers, will ATTORNEY AT LAW, United Suites District Court. receive an extra copy. Frankfort, Ivy., SMITH & PARKER, Proprietors. They have also established a General Agency for the transaction of all manner of business connected with II71LL practice Law in all the Courts held in Frankfort Jan. 28, 1853. V Land Titles. and the adjoining counties. His Oilice is al Ins resiThey will enter Lands, investigate Titles, buy and sell dence, near r. Swigeri'a, entrance on Washington street. Lauds, and nveat money on the best terms and on the Frauklort, Feb. 'b, 1H4L), 761-t- l. OF THE best securities. will enter Lands in Kansasand Nebraska Terri They GUIS WOLD. MORTON tones, if an amount suilieieut tojusiifya vis.t to thai country is offered. Tue Senior partner having: been engaged extensively Bookteller8, Stationers, Binders, and iiook and Job Printers, Main street , Louisville, Ky. in the business of the law in the Courts ol Kentucky for PUBLISHED IN" LEBANON, KY. nearly thirty years, ami the Junior having been engaged fTAVK constantly on hand a complete assortment ol , In he Land fineness in Iowa for eight years past, during IJ. Law, Medical, theological, Classical ftchool, and Miscellaneous tiooks, allow prices, faper oleverj which lime lie has made actual survey of a lare portion Lebanon, since the completion of the Railroad, conprice . of PoIk and adjoining counties, ttiej teel coniident the) ieseriifliou, quality. and and 1'rivate Librariessupplied necting it with Louisville, is a point of interest lo a large jjCollegos, Schools, will ueable to render a satisfactory account oi allbusi section of country. There are hundreds of persons at a small ao vance ou cost, n notes ute or neiuu. oe entrusted to them abroad who are in want of information upon various 051-b- y. April 1, They will enier Lund with Land Warrants or Money, topics connected with it, such as the pr ices current, faupon actual inspection of the premises, and will buy and cilities fordoing and having business done here, &c, GEORGE S T EA. sell Lands tin Cinnmiini, upon a careful investigation wish to inform and the citizens of Leb.inni theins-'lveof Ti Lies. Persons wishing to settle in the Stale can the public at large, thai it is one of ihe most enterprislarinsaud city property for sale, by calling tlnd desir-ibtlowusin the interiorof CIVIL & MINING ENGINEER ing and flourishinginducements as a place the State, and on them at their otHee in Sherman's Building, corner ol of residence that itotlers great Third street mid Court Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa. lo men of almost everj honorable trade and profession. AND If. March II, To supply these wants, ol people abroad and eilizens at home, we have determined to publish "l lie LAND KeiilucUinn" a paper devoted to the Commercial, Land Asenls, 9r GEORGE W. CRADDOCK, 'IT Office at Smith, Bradley & Co.,Clark and Dear Agricultural, Lite ran , and Moral welfare of the comKaudolph street, South side, between munity in which it is circulated. ATTOEtlVEY AT LAW, born streets, Chicago, ill. It is hoped that we shall be able, by attention lo the Sept. 14, lr5 If. interest of all concerned, lo supply a desideratum long removed to East side of St. Clair street, OFFICK Telegraph Oltice. Will practice Law in all the Courts held in Frankfort, and adjoiningcounties. Dec. 7, IHju tf. k Hon. S. A. Douglas, Chicago, 111. Hon. B. L. Morris, Chicago, 111. Gov. J. A. Mattkson, Joliet, 111. t Hon. D. Davis, Bioomington, 111. Gov. C. S. Moreiieai), Frauklort, Ky. Hon. Thos. S. Page, Frankfort, Ky. Messrs. Bodley cw: Pindeli,, Louisville, Ky. Messrs. Taylor, Shelby (Sc Co., Lexington, Ky. Col. J. W. Finnell, Covington, Ky. Hon. W. C. Goohloe, Richmond, Ky. Col. C. Rodks, Danville, Ky . Hon. Z. Wheat, Columbia, Ky. Hon. J. R. Underwood, Bowlinggreen, Ky. Hon. John G. Kooers, GlasgowT Ky. Kv Hon. John L. Hon. L. W. Powell, Henderson, Ivy. Dr. MILLS' Drug Store. STATEMENT ihiyi.k. V DOG GRASS" BRUSHES. NO. Danville, Ky. REFERENCES. FANCYSOAPS 8. E particular and personal attention to the invest-- I luent of money for others in Landu, Town Lots, tkc, in Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, and .Minnesota, and to the location of Land Warrants. I hey will also invest money on BOS US and REAL ESTATE SECURITIES, al highly remunerative rates of interest, for parlies desiring il. Their facilities'and opportunities for investment, experience in the business, and acquaintance with the great Norlh-Wes- l, warrant the beliel hat thevcan make as sale and prolitable investments us any parlies in the West. All lettersof inquirv oron businesspromptly answered. Address, 'sMl'i'ii, WALLER & CO., Box aNo. Ufi-Chicago, Illinois, or J. T. BOVLK Danville Ky1 Consisting of Tooth Soaps, Tooth Paste, Tooth Powder, Dr. MILLS' Drugstore. ovc, at Of every price, of all shapes, at t. 85 MASO.MC TEMPLE, CHICAGO, ODONTALGIC-REPARATIO- , jrjjAMKs Monkok will attend to the collection ol claims in central Kentucky: also,Lu the nivesligalioii ol Lilies to land in Keuluek), on beliall ol LAprit 9, ldob If. and others. ATTORN KY Drug Store. Dr. 1 BROKERS, REAL ESTATE For Cloth, Velvet and Bonnet purposes, at ATTOKA K Vs AT L A FRANKFORT, KY. JOHN A. beautiful assortment, at SMITH, WALLER OFFICE j, niA9. s. waller, Chicago, 111. RANDOLPH SMITH. 111. Chicago. AT TOOTH D. MORRIS, 1. BOOKS. BE OBTAINED 'id Street, St. Paul, Minnesota. DR. MILLS' DRUG STORE. to 3li per cent 17TLL loan inonev lor capitalists at V upon real estate worth double the loan, (.Minnesota has no usury law) and make investments in city or POMADES FOR THE HAIR country property to the best advantage. Of every sUle and price at The best Kentucky refereucesgiveu if required. CorDr. MILLS' Drugstore. respondence iolicited. Jan. 7, lj" ly. "BRUSHES, vance. Attorney and Counselor at Law, Our terms for advertising, either in the Tri FRANKFORT, KY., Weeklv or Weeklv Commonwealth, will be as the held in Frankfort, and practice in liberal 'as in any oi' the newspapers published in W ILLthe udioliiintr,allcounties. He will attend particuin the west. larly to the collection ol debts in any part of the Slate. O All letters upon business should be post- All business colluded to him will meet with prompt attenlion. paid to insure attention. Eunice on St. Clair streetin the now building LAW BOOKS CAN K. ARTICLES, FANCY v Real Estate Broker, & FEBRUARY 3, KENTUCKY. si'LENOio assort.iil:.vt McCLUNG. W. WED- A. G. HODGES, COLLECTION'S COMMONWEALT DAILY August 5, n U 1857 w2w. 1 H. HHUS..o. suuAK, April 1, 1H57. IN If you want May 15,1857. have set my hand, the day THO. S. PAGE, Auditor. H.NGAI K, Agrnl, Frauklort, Ky. Just received andforsaleby W. A. GAINES. xcellenl GIN call at GEO. A. KOliEKTSO.N'S,

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