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Image 4 of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789), February 4, 1797

Part of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1789)

mmt' " imiuagMB Nsff 7H SUBSCRIBERS, HAVE just received and aie now opening al luntw-y- j W1L.L. c their More in Lexington, a large and general aflortment of HE Subfc ribers well engage a number of Of theprefent year's growth, at their (lores in Lexington, Danville and Frankfort. Able Bodied TVIEN, to conduft Jt' eir Boats to I Z E, New Orleans. Liberal wages will be given Apply to TT THICH they will sell low for Ca(h, Hemp, Shtz & LaSmn. & Q 200 acres " A generous price will be giver for clean W Wheat, Butter, Hog's Lard, Tobacco, as good as the (late, the main all which they WHEAT, HEMP, and TALLOW, in MerFOR sale,leading fiominLexington onto major TaHoW and Tar; at their Store inwill give the Lexington, chandise. Apply as above. Henry's mill, six miles from Lexington and six highejl price lor, Cynthiana, E. Wmters's Mills at the Lttiwu", November 25. miles from Georgetown: go acres in good Tate's Creek, or any Ware House on mouth of the Kenfence, 85 cleared, 8 acres of as good meadow tucky (liver. FOR SALE fes in the"".tate. The title indisputable, For MOODY ir DOWNING thousand acres of the late Ge terms apply to mr- - John Gardner who is sully December 19, 1796. II II survey autho ized to makefale by me neral Stephen's military $$6Mfv of Land l.JW BY DJBDIN. paffing bell heard to toll, THe John wail'd was lot's with hitter cries, his ROBERT BENHAM. on Hickman, about ten from Lexington, and adjoining miles TO BE LET that part on which General Lawson now lives. For terms apply to Tho- TTOR the term or three years, the tarnation I formerly lived on, fi- mas Hart and Cornelius Beatty of e tuare in the county of Mercer and on faidtown who are empowered to Chaplain's fork (between widow of the same. and Thomas Harbinfbn's) on the road leading from the Knob lick evening about dark, was The throng retired, John lest alone, LAST off my horse which was tied to Bairdllown near lixty acres well He meditated 'inonglt the tomb's, fifteen of which art set with And spelt out on the mould'ring stones, to the ports before Mr. Hunt's llore, cleared, grass, sour dcres of an apple What friends were gone to their long homes; ?t, vtnrrtnn 1 Mritf cinm , VMl o timothy ..... I. ..V..-lit U..i-You're gone belore, rtue cloth, bound with red, the pad and peach orchard, with necellary Cf Cry'd John, no moie, ybound with white plush, the laddie buildings, and an excellent spring 3 hall come loon, I'm almost dying ! Cry'd Neighbour Sly, purchased out of Mr. B. Stout's for terms apply to Samuel Ewing efq. ' fliop, about six weeks ago- - I will lining near the p remises StiU (landing by, Wm. M'BRAYERS. Lord how this world is gien to lying ! ' give tifteen shillings for the sad- - ,6tf die, or five dollar is the thief is Here lies the bones (Heaven's will be done) THE SUBSCRIBER also detected. Of farmer Slug, reader would'il know to carry on the manufairiirinp-. ' "Who to his mem'iy rais'd this flone, WilLIAM H. GaKo. CUilUAUh. upon a more extensive seat A of LANDS The parson pray'd for Maiy's fo.'l, The sexton hid her from all eyes; And ait thou gone, Cried wretched "Jolin, Oh, dear 'twill kill ine ! I am dying ! Cry'd Neighbour Sly, While (landing by Lord how this world is given to lying dlf-pof- 1? 's H. ""as , disconsolate widow Cry'd John, oh ho, To Jan. 25, ;. 3 hr I'll go, 2o doubt with grief the widow's dying J Cry'd Neighbour Sly, Still Handing by, Lard how this word is given to lying ! Their mutual grief was ftiort and fireet, Scarcely the pall jig bell had eeafed, When, tt ey were lped ; the funeral meat Was warjn'd up lor the maniage feast. They vow d and (wore. Now o'er and o'er Tiey ne'er would part till both were dying Cry'd Neighbour Sly, Still (landing by, lord-- h,oiv this world is given to lyingi Again to hear the palling bell,-John no w a sort of hank'ring feels ! Again his helpmate brags how well She can trip up ahulband's heels: Again to th' tcmb, Each longs to come, Again with tears, and sobs, and iighing; For N.ghbour Again to cry. Sly NOTICE. LL thdfe indebted to the fubferi-beeither by bond, note, or book account, are requested to come forward and pay tip their refpec!r,ive balances, jhole who sail to avail themfelves)f this notice, may expedl the next to be a legal one. I have for sate, a large snd cenve- ynsxi the town of Verlailles ; the lHnd for business is equal to any in that place; a considerable credit will be given, for one halt of the purchase money, by giving bond and approved security. For terms, apply to Mr. Joshua Whittington, living in' said house, or to the fubferiber, living on Clear creek. JOHN "JANUARY. December 18, 1796. es3t r, Lord how this world is given to lyingj A 179"- them ANECDOTE. puaker who had beenfuedat raw o- -- V ' - will employ a number of Journeymen and to a Foreman who well understands the making of every species of Tarred Hope or Rigging for (hips, extraordinary wages will be given. A quantity of well cleaned Hemp is wanting, for which a generous price will be given, in Calh and Merchandifey at Samuel Price & C6's Store in Lexington. Cec. 8, 796 TriOMAS HART. 1 THAT - Iruinir by Mefl'rs. S.wrud Price ir Co. Its advantageous (ituation for pub- IV. and customers for their past and hopes by attention to businsfs to merit them in suture. He? begs leave to inform the public in general, that he has removed his shop, ( some time since) on Cross llreet, ac the lower end of Col. Hast's rope walk where he continues to carry on the above business in all its branches. He has received from the fttlc-men- t, an aflortment of the bell leather, and has as good workmen as any in the United States. Lades may have silk, fluff, or leather flioes, as nea't as any made in Philadelphia. He wants five or six Women's Workmen, to whom good wages will be giv-e- n. Lexington, Oiftober 1. LAJND For Sale. ' THE SUbTcRTBER ' feve'ral trafts of Land in different parts? Kentucky, for sale, winch he will &&. lic business is fa well known, that it needs no pose of reasonably. . recommendation. For terms apply to Che , who are autborife'd to sell and convey JOHN CLAY. . Lexington, 4th August, 1796". the same. , tf THOMAS IRWIN, JOHN A. SEITZ. ttXlNCTOVf SJPMMBES HAS , FOR SALE. Six Hundred ThouJwd Acres of I. NOTICE, or either Of us, will attend with the commiffioners appoin ted .by the com t of Shelby, on the se- Woodford September Court of Qiartercond Saturday in Febmaiy next, at a St Woks, i 796 icttlem ent of John 3ovman'sand Ed- )avis, Complainant, yward Wertherton, allignees of Thd- AGANINST mas Brian, on Fox inn, adjoining Spencer & Uriah ) lyiiller's line, then and there to take Defendants.Humphreys, y e the dspofitibrls of witnefles IN CHANCE RT. their teflimony refpeifting the fettlnhent, and THE defendants not having entered acls saidmay be agreeable do such other appearance, and given seas to law. curity according to the act of affem-bl- y Jno. Bowman, ' and the rules of this court, and it Edv). Wctherto?!, I 'appearing to the fatisfacftion of the from Lexington, on the court that they are not inhabitants of this slate on the motion of the com- STRAYED the eleventh of this plainant, by his connfel, it is ordere'd, month, a likely black HORSE, about that the said defendants do appear five feet high, supposed to bs seven or here on the first Tuesday in February eight years old, I recoiled no brand, next, and arruvcr the billot the conv tone of his sore legs fyeckled from his ;nee upwards, which is remarkable. plainant j and that a copy of this or rie evMiintr aster his elopement, he der be lortnwitlr miertcd in the K tucky Gazette for two months fuccef-- was seen at Mr. Tlromas Steel's, in the fively, and published at the door of neighborhood of Mr. Jacob Froman's Clear creek meeting house, on some Iron Works, in woodford county. A generous reward" extra of what tile lav Sunday immediately aster divine and at the front door of the drrec"ts, will be given to sny perflrn court house in the town, of Versailles. delivering the fai-- j horse to me at Lexington. All persons rre cautioned (.Copy.) Telle secreting or making use of said Row I. Thomas, D.C. hoife, otherwise than the law Purchasers of horses ai e Woodford Septetttber Court pay attention to this, as I Sefions, 1796. am induced to be ofEzekiel Haydon & 7n fered for sale. Complainants, Thomas Haydon, JACOB WOODSON. Jarniary 23', 1797. . . tf Jennings'. ?.befemiancs, J101"38 ti'oodjard September Cou- oj Qiiartei " "" ser-vic- 4- KS T ETURNS his thanks to his friend large and commodious Housj, on llreet, formerly occupied by MelT. and'per-psrpetuat- y &SHOE MANUFACTURER, II tf FOKSAL, - to-da- BOOT . k hy a neighbor, and who came off belt at the trial, was detetmined 10 be revenged of his adversary. One day he accidentally met him, and him in very civil terms : Fiiend, laid he, thee and I haver had some little mifunlerltanding together ; but as matters are now adjulted, I hop? we shall not always be at variance. ? "Wilt thou not dine with me J (hall be very glad of thy company tp partake, of what my table affords,' The other ieadily consented, but before the qnaker took him into the Toom- where they were to dine, he. heated the wrong end of the poker almost icd hot, and' taking it our, jtlaeed it in in its proper fituatrun by in? side of the sire. He then ushered in his friend but before he had been there half a miiinte : ' Friend, (aid .Aminadab, as thou fitfeft next the sire, I mould be obliged to the? is thou Vonldft (lir it.' The other not 1'uO peeling the trapthat waslaidfor him, innocently took up the poker, and burnt his hand hi a molt (hocking manner. It is impcfiible to conceive the rage into which he was thrown by this revengeful artifice, and he the qjuaker in the groffelbmpn- ..' tho not Jo much as he.delervert The qnaker made no otheV answer nantHist ' tnend, thou art inly burnt IN Departs, 1790 in the band, that thou halt de&rvetl fXVHE defendant Thomas Allan not Jackfbn, Complainant, these many years.' X having entered his appearance, AGAINST id given security, according to the jUSi Brifcoe, Defendant. MISCELLANY, IN CHANCERY. Lic rdviui aiiciiujy, dim .1 l uies Ul LI113 court, and it appearing to the fatbfac-- f TpHE defendant not haviirg Entered CROSSES IN LIFE, Many, many are the ups and downs tion of tht court, that he is not an in- - 1 lii appearance and given of the slate on the motion" ty according to the adt of aflembly of life, and fortune mult be uncommonly gracious to that mortal who of the complainant by his counsel, it : and the rulesof this court ; and it apdoes not experience a great variety is ordered that the said defendant, do pearing to the fatJRfacticn of the of them; though perhaps to'theie appear here on the first Tuesday In'' court, that he is not an inhabitant of mav be owing: as much of our plea- - rebruary next, and anlwer the bill of this Rate on the mosicm of the com fures as our pains: there are scenes of the complainant, 1. and that a copy of 'planaiir by his attorney, it is ordered . : iiiuuwiiH micneu in tne tliat tne laia defendant do appear delight in ". vale as well as the t" ru u j.". the Kentucky tjarette tor two months here on the fiift day of the next Fe- mountain , "and the inequalities cf nature may not be less necellary to lucceinveiy, ana puDiimed at the doorflrnary coart, and anfr?er the bill of on some the complainant ; and that a copy of plcafe the eye than thearieties of ot tlear creek meenng-houfe- ', iife to improve the heartv Ac belt, Sunday immediately aster divine ser- this order be forthvyithinferted in the ve re but a race of vice, and ac the front door of the court Kentucky Gazette for two months fncthe town of Versailles. ?eflively, and published at the Clear beini ', with julb, light enough to dif- - house in Terte CcriiJi, Jf way to do that is our duty, (Copy) creek meeting houR", on some Sunday l'd be onr care when a man Rovjl Thomas, D. C. immediately aster divine service, and nd j, las doii this he is safe the relt isoK at the front door of the court house in the town of Versailles. lence cont,q $vei 'ft head with a tuvforftonej Blank Bonds for Jak avtms Of- (GoPy.) Tefte - it is all ouc l 4 fceK Rowh, D, C, sij ed NICHOLAS BRIGHT," r Haf-binfon- 1 'Twas his . "V JS MERCHAND SACRED TO THE MUSES. NEIGHBOUR SLY. Jj$ A. & J. W. HUtff, ruuniftaii ORLEANS. e, Valuable At LAND, SITUATED ill the counties of Mufcii,- - MnJifirr, Hardin and Green?: The taxes shall and other incumbrances' discharged at aad in the manner prescribed by Jaw. FranXtfrr Lincoln be paidy the time The lubferiber, who-- ' will hereafter reside o, this towii, is authorifed to diipofe of the above mentioned property by a power of attorjiey,re-corde- d in the office 01 the court of appeals. As lie means tcpraftife law in the adjacent courts j persons desiring to purchase the different tracts, will have an oppoitunity of contrailing with, hhn at any of those places. ' Charles W. Bird. Letington, July 8, THE 1796. I2mf paitnerfliipof M'Couu& is this day diilblved by mutual consent. All persons indebted' to1 them, aiereqnefled to make imme.v' diate payment of their refpedlive accounts, as no further indulgence care now be given. The books are in the hand's of JamesrM'Coun. STORE will A' fubferiber, in be continued by the- ' the house lately cupied by oc- M'Coun and Cattleman, where he means to sell on low terms. JAMES M'COUN. Lexhigton, Aaguft 13, 1706. -- pre-.fuiibe- s. ter . j chancery: -t w 1 1 1 -- ir fecuri-habita- .:-.!- Ihort-fighte- J-- 'h ' . . 1 nt -- -. d ''' STRAYED OR STOLEN Mr. Haydon near Frankfort, on of the 17th of lafl month, a dark bay Horse, rifmg i's hands high, 6 or 7 years old, is any brands I have forgot them, he is on one of his sore legs from his ancle down very gray, a lump on his back, about the size of a ' hen egj-- , occasioned by an old hurt, but now iy well be trotsjm Ujnters ipjerable well, but when trotting, riles rstncT lov behind, paces some, nfes well before, tho' carrie1; his head low ; I am told there was a man paired through " Shelbyville the next morning aster tho horse was niiding', on such a horse, and from the I am induced (To believe he was on Kim. Is any one will bring the said horle to me in Wafttingtoii countv, or fecuie him so that I get him, (hall be handsomely revrarded, and doubly so for the thief. MATTHEW WALTON, FROM per-fea- " fjecembeny , I7Q6- - rpHI-- is to' inform the public, that' I Fulling and Dying in its various branches is carried on by the fubferiber, in Fayette county near Todd's ser- ry on the Kentucky river all those who will please to savour him with their cuflom, may depend on having their work done in the neatelt ?nd belt manner and on the fhortelt notice. ' Woolen, Cotton or Linen thread dyed blue or green. JOHN M'MILLIM. N. B. He takes in cloth at captv Sharp's, in Woodford the first Tuesday in every month ; also in Lexington at C. & H. Cnrtner's the feooad Tuesday in every laonrii.,

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