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Image 3 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 78, no. 1, Spring 2007

Part of Kentucky alumnus

l1IIlI1l Spvmg 21i1i7· Volume 78 .Numbev1 10 Scott Myers: Working in :1 Land of Extremes As dxrector of envlronmental health and safety for Raytheon Polar Services `tq with the US Antarctlc Program,Myers `85 AS, xs responsible for ,_ compllancewlth theAntarct1cTreaty and ensurlng that waste ls managed " properly and ltems recycled so that research scxentlsts have a good gn the guys.-: platform from which to work Scott ll/lyers 'B5 AS, dlrector ot errylrorrrrrervtal lwealtlw em eetety ter Bl Uma Pew Raytlweorv Polar Serylces, poses wltlw Weddell seals lrl Arltarctlca Seeing Is Believing. Thermography we , ,, www ummexy nt naywenn vnlav sevvme: Aids Historic Preservation ,1] Although the technology sounds like Xeray C M vlslon from a movle, lnfrared thermography ls a nonexnvaslve evaluatlon technique that makes xt . possxbletollterallysee behxndvmlls Michael _ j V ;Kj__*g*·j jr `_ _ Spencer `05 DES, asslstant professor of hlstorlc preservat1on,and John Nychka,ass1.stant professor of materials, are working to set standards that will help hlstorlc preservatlon for years to come D E P A R T M E N T 5 Striking Gold: Jennifer Dellapina and OPENING REMARKS 3 ,6 HE HVES illll llllll Will S M1 h l E E E A d CAHTAL CAMPATGN 4 Two UK graduates ln the LosAngeles, Callf , PRESIDENTIAL - C area, Iennlfer Dellaplna `92 CIS and Michael CONVERSATION 5 Eaves `94 CIS, recently recelved Emmy awards _ i Dellaplna for aSuper Bowl ad and Eaves RESEARCH 6 , ter e tetevreren feature about an ultraemarae UK BEAT 9 thoner OPEN DOOR Z3 By Bel/erly Bell COLLEGEVIEW 26 CLUB HOPPING Z8 CAREER CORNER Z9 Profiles Blue: CLASS NOTES SZ Elizabeth Scoville KERNEL GLEANINGS 41 Senlor Elizabeth Scov1lle,1n the tinal BOOKMARK A3 stretch as an undergraduate at UK with a double ma]or1n agrlcultural biotechnology SPORTS 45 and chemlstry, recently was named one QUICK TAKES 48 _} of Gramm magaz1ne`sTop Ten College . ‘ Women ofthe Year By Llrlda Perry OF KENTUCKY S

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