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Image 2 of The Breckenridge news, January 11, 1899

Part of The Breckenridge news

st - i r ii XrfimE MW 5 G ZMFB xiffluraai rT-- Zzl 2IR Effin iV nr i ly at two oclock r m at Caster The contracting parties are all repre sentatives of the best families in that section and are possessed of all tho at tributes of reflaomenr and culture A host of friends are delighted at their will Uko place January 18th ALL KINDS OF HAPPINESS Custer Is To Have a Double happiness The date of the wedding peculiarly enough Is the ilftloih bltthday and tho anniversary of Mr II T Carlton tho Birthday and Wedding Anniversary father of two of the contracting parties Qalctlcs The day will be appropriately observed and it will be filled with moro joy and Oapld baa boon shooting hia arrows happiness than one can shake a stick at very promiscuously in the Castor neigh The News wishes all of those Interested borhood and many of tho darts bavo eyory happiness that is vouchsafed us mortals here below found lodgment in tender hearts The latest victims of his marksmanship Going to Cuba who have determined to enter the mat- F T Heyser has received a letter from rimonial state are Georgo Dowoll and his son Hoy who is at Columbus Ga Miss Iva Carlton and 0 II Carlton and with the Third Kentucky Itoy writes Miss Ethel Sprlngato enjoying splendid health and It will be a doable wedding nnd Rev that he isregiment is preparing to go to that his C II Buchanan will officiate The event Cuba - ipipiynWF SCHOOL REPORTS o MID WINTER Holt and West View Wedding Wavvvvvnajvv4nnna From Notes Educational How CLEARANCE SALES the Scholars Stand in Their Di- fferent Studies Holt Ky Jan 0 18W The following named pupils are thoso who havo merited 85 per cent and over graded on gen eral class work and deportment for tho fourth ending Dec 23 1898 Harry Boa id 07 2 Frieda Reidel 07 Gus Reidel 00 7 Lizzie Merrltt 05 0 Vera TJnluq 05 5 Noris Board 051 Henry Coons 05 Allco Board 048 Carl Tinius 04 8 Salie Williams 041 Karnes Pierce 03 Minor Fierce 03 Effle Boultlnghouse 02 Sherlle Coons 02 Green Payne 00 6allie Pierce 80 7 The attendance is as good as could be expected considering tho weather and parents are requested to contlnuo to keep your children as rtgular in attendance as possible and aid us in the promotion of Very respectfully education Our sales during December broke the record We desire to make our January sales equal if not surpass thoso of December To do this we are going to have a Clearance Sale of all Winter Goods SZESCOIEiS HATS FARMERS WE HAVE School closes in three weeks out on the last day Northern Black Seed Oats t Master Leo Haffey has had the grip of school The attendance last month was not so good as formerly on account of bad weather A SOULLESS CORPORATION Mitses Hattie West and Mary Mattingly are thinking of entering school at WV Glendeane soon We visited Prof Pile at Glendeane The Park Railroad runs from Boyville Saturday He is certainly doing a noble to Playville via Robert Pierces back work down there yard It is a fully equipped railroad It has Broke The Record a set of officers and a Bmall army of em Lieutenant Johnson of the Third Cav ployes alry who opened up a recruiting tflice The track is standard gauge and the at the Mitchell hotel broke all records locomotive 1b made out of a dry goods in the recruiting office for December box for the cab a barrel for the boiler He succeeding in enlisting 150 men and a stove pipe for a smoke stack It is Of this number nineteen were from the mounted on wheels and answers the Cloverport station and they represented purpose for which it is intended yery some of the best families in this section nicely The officers of the road are as follows Rapid Rise Edward The river has come up very rapidlv in Allen Pierce general manager Harris superintendent of rolling stock the last twenty four hours Today it was rising at the rate of an inch an hour Divid W Murray claim agent and IAWMAAAAWAAHA VAVW and Clover Glean Seed at the LOWEST PRICES WM VEST SONS reach the attorney The employes are Vivian Pierce engidang r line as the cold weather up at the headwaters will prevent a rapid thaw of neer Wallace Pierce Bection boas Rob ert Pierce and Russell Harris are section snow in the mountains hands and Burne Severs auditor and motive power clerk ADDITIONAL LOCAL When the engine makes a trip over the road the section hands are called out John Vest was at Louisville Monday and they furnish the steam and sand on busiucoo They push with a will When traffic is Fred Fraize of McDaniels was at Hen slack tho railroad company engages in derson last week mining and the section hands are rut to Br J L Milner of Fatesville was in work in the pit the city yesterday The road like all others has its trouW L Brown of Hancock county was bles The people who live along the line purposely drive their live stock on in the city yesterday to have them killed Captian Washer of Troy Ind was in to the so as to collect big damages from the the city yesterday on business It is not thought that it will right-of-wa- y Office in Newsom building front room Dr B T Rafferty outside stairway Col Lafe Green of Falls of Ro ugb Straight Talk to Farmers I went to Leitcufield A FRIEND IN NEED IS A FRIEND INDEED Your friend and assistant in grading your wheat and cleaning your seed is HEYSERS FAN MILL It is equipped with five screens and absolutely cleans every class of farm seed It is so eimplo that tho rawest farm hand can operate it It is so cheap that there is no excuse for you to be without it It is tjjr Notes taken for maturity i ii i is so necessary J2 OO COSTS 1 It that you CAS- - 7s 1 The name Heinz on a Jar of pickles relishes condiments or food preparations is a guarantee of purity excellence of flayor and cleanliness Sipple ia head quarters for Heinz pickles and canned goods Long Honeymoon Trip Lieut B F Hardaway who waa mar days without interest but draw interest aftor rled at Columbus Ohio Jan 4th For further information call on or address Cloverport Ky Agents Wanted s Manager H V Harris of the Breckon ridgo Cannel Coal Company is laid up with the grip Will Beard of Fordsville is making preparations to move to Iryington where he will open up a butchers shop Joe Band has sold hia livery stable to Mr Marshal at Irvineton and has rent ed the Beauchamp hotel which ho will conduct The Rev M M Benton will hold ser- vices at the Methodist church Thursday evening at 11 a m aud 7 p m All are welcome Mrs F P Stumm and child of Sacra- mento Ky who has been visting her father Richard May of Hardinsburg returned home yesterday Select oysters fresh from Booths at Baltimore make the best stews and fries Served in all styles with celery fresh crackers and Heinzs pickles at Sipples Ennitj Moorman one of the most pro- gressive colored farmers of the county was in the city yesterday delivering his tobacco to the American Tobacco Com pany Mr George M Richards of the Eaaton neighborhood was in town yesterday Ho was delivering his crop of tobacco to A B and II 8 Jarvia He had eight thousand pounds and obtained 6 5 and CO F T HEYSER t f Monday to attend court Losses on the farm are due to the little leaks that drain the purse One reason you do not get the highest market price for your wheat is because you do not grade it at home One reason why your produce does not bring the best prices is because you sow foul Beed Grade your wheat and you get prices that will more than pay you for the la- bor you put in Keep tho offal at home and feed it to the chickens Sow clean seed and all your products will class as A No 1 and will bring top market prices built so strong that it will last for years should not be without it another day HEYSERS PAN IILL aHnimy 250 I Call and Examine Our 5 and 10 Cent Table You will find seme valuable and useful articles for a email price 1500 Sewing Machines You should see them before pur- Irvington Ky CO Coma 1 i and has been out Timothy Red Top All No an- - nounccd through this paper DFZeODE SHELMAN SCHOOL NOTES but will offor some other valuable piece of furniture which will bo We have made an order for another supply of our chasing Northern White Seed Oats Wo will coase to givo tables to our customers CLOTSIITG- - PBOM 400 to 1000 a Suit school Following are best grades Annie West 100 Jessie Bowman 100 Annie Mattingly 100 Richard Matllng ly 100 Mary Mattingly 100 Jennie Mattingly 100 Coleman West 10 Minnie Brown 99 0 Wilbur Brown 003 Frank Brown 09 A Bowman 08 Annie bill 08 0 Con Mattingly 08 5 Essie Sill 075 Coleman Mattingly 07 4 7 Lawrence Sill 08 Leo Haffey 00 8 Joe West 00 5 Bernard Matting ly 00 8 Several who should be first were absent a part of the time that is why thoy are not first 1899 I 40c to The following is the roport of the fourth month term of the West View lit ON FEBRUARY 300 50c to Forest Haynks Teacher e ESSODMC WWIM1 I1 brought his bonnle bride to nee hia par- ents They arrived Thursday noon re turning Friday noon On the 17th Lieut Hardaway and wife will atari to Manila He says this Is to be his bridal tour Everybody in this country ia proud of this young tolakr and wish him much success and happiness fra wimiihirt hmoiwWitii corporation Recently it went into the hands of a re- ceiver owing to the fact that the engineer had carelessly run over three chickens and two tnrkeys in one day Mrs Pierce whose chickens were killed tied up the road until enough money was raised by a series of magic lantern shows to re imburse her for her losses The road is death on chickens and were it not for tho sharpness of its attor ney who is also chicken coroner it would never have a silver lining to the dark cloud of financial trouble that hangs over FINE SHOWINQ vile as an anarchist If ha takes so drastic a sten Verily the Park railroad is a soulless corporation It is intimated that the officers of the road got their monopolistic tendencies from Mayor Barry who is a coal baron and runs the only trust in Cloverport The financial statements issued by Breckenridge countys three banks show that they are in splendid condition The Bank of Hardinsburg has 141175 20 on Brilliant Affair deposit the Breckenridge Bank 178 Miss Elizabeth Hall of Webster gavo 280 20 while the Shelman bank at one of the prettiest and most enjoyable Irvington which has onlv been in busi- entertainments of the season at her The ness a few weeks has 3011 63 pretty home Walnut Lawn last ThursI will sell my hotol and restau- total amount of deposits is 323373 02 a handsome day night in honor of her splendid record for grand old Brecken- rant a substantial building con- guest Mies Tinsel of Bardstown Tho ridge taining 19 rooms with veranda on house was attractively decorated in tho front and side with seven lots cedar mistletoe and holly with red candles to brighten the green MubIc Tho business pays nicely as it is sit- STATEMENT OF CONDITION and gtmes were indulged in and a pleas- uated at a railway junction and is OF ant feature of the evening was the serv- the only lunch stand on the route ing of a daintv lunch at tete a tete tables CO My reason for selling iB because I at 11 oclock added to the delight of want to go on a farm at once I those present who shared in the genial BANKERS and courteous hospitality of Mies Hall will sell one half interest or the E H SHELMAN Irvirmton Kentucky Big Receipts Thousands of pounds of tobacco are coming into the city daily and the cap- acity of the local handlers is Uxed to the utmost to take care of the receipts Team after team camo in yesterday and the town was so crowded with planters that it was difficult for them to find ac- commodations at tho hotels and boarding houses Starting Early close of business January RESOURCES Notes and Hills discounted Cash on hand and due from hanks Amounts Invested In U S bonds and securities Furniture and Fixtures Expraies for past quarter For full information re- garding the business call and see whole 2 1809 me it 55470 8365 76 793 17 100000 60 90 LIABILITIES Capital Due depositors 89tiH JONAS LYONS 1500000 39 Irvington Ky 53 1891153 Mullen one of the best posted J II E Hawis Cashier and most energetic farmers of the Mat- Sworn to before me by R B Hawes this Janutingly neighborhood ws in the city ary 6 1899 Milton Lockakd yesterday He ban already burned his Police Judge Town o Irvington Ky plant beds and he intends to plant forty acres in tobacco this year BB III II QUARTERLY REPORT OK THE BRECKINRIDGE BANK QUARTERLY REPORT People Cloverport of the Appreciate Dealing 1 Bronx The Bargain Center IRVINGTON iU At the RESOURCES Ky RESOURCES leis Loans and discounts loans to directors Ovcrdralts unsecured 7 79 Ranking house and lot Other real estate Other stocks and bonds 1713751 y KxchingcsforClcatings Furniture and fixtures Loans and discounts less loans to directors 1a735039 Loans to officers 381166 Overdialls unsecured 161000 Due from National banks 17104 70 Due Irom state banksandbank 17137 5 3000 6154 3611500 1134666 1000 117183551 Ilanklng house and lot Other rel estate U S llonda Other atocka and bonds Specie Currency 300000 1150000 losoooo 308a67j 1000000 5647 86 In In cash Undivided profits Deposits subject to check ton whlh In tire it Is not paid 6535 76 Time certificates of derosits on whlh Interest Is paid 74639 33 State or Kentucky 15647 86 Iurnlture and Fixtures Debts In suit Stamp Account 300000 119447 14000 LIABILITIES Capitsl stock paid 93337 1aa3097 11850398 banks 31st day of December 1898 close of business on the 3 let day o December 1898 Due from National Ky At the close of business on tho BANK OF HARDINSBURG Hardlniburg 1 I Honest aiatiWiaiaajMlasaeea At the M Attorney Murray compromises all cases by promising to have the engineer Our methods of doing business A great many customers who have discharged which is usually done The general offices of the Park railroad remained with us year in and year We have a are up in tho top story of the Pierce out have told us bo home Some times when labor troubles reputation for take place and the section hands go on strike for more candy there is a rough house and the property of the road 1b damaged but the corporation stands in with the military authorities and the Murray Guards a reserve of the Fourth Regiment Kentucky Volunteers com manded by Col Dade Murray ia called out and they strike terror to the hearts of the walking delegates and disaffected section hands The section hands are complaining militarism and Imperialism about They threaten to hold an election and vote to make the railroad the public Honest Goods at Honest PriceB property of Boyville and Playville Tho officers however are bloated and then wo cut prices from 10 to bond holden They have over fifty 20 per cent on all merchandise treasury and they swear Our customers are bound to bo cents In tho Are you a customer they will keep the railroad as private ploasod If not become one property if they have to bribe every voter in Boyville and Playville The company has already issued two annual passes oyer the line They are made out to Ed Goodnight and E O Babbage The latter gentlemau la think ing of returning his pass as he looks upon the favor as an attempt to corrupt the press E O Babbage is socialistic in his ten dencica and sympathizes with thp sec tion bands rather than with the officers of the road The latter have arranged to communt cate with the crowntd beads of Europe and have Mr Babbage placed in durtace mi Opportunity it n Km Golden Breckenrldge Banks Depositors Have Money to Burn 123373678 ajooe SJ121 141175 9 t17185551 LIABILITIES Capital stock paid In ia cash Surplus fund Undivided profit Due depositors as follows viz Deposits subject to chrck on which interest is not paid 8459715 Time certificates of deposit on which interest is paid 9368893 45100x0 1000000 5813a SS fsSSso County ol Ureckmridge M II llcard Cashier Ilank of Hardinsburg a Fund to pay taxes 406 06 bank located and doing business In the city of liar Dividend J i dividend declared dlisburg In saM county being duly swom says thaday 135300 thit the foregoing report Is In all respects a true statement of the condition of the said bank atthe close of business on the 31 st day of December 1 898 to Stat6KkntUcy ss County ol Uieckinridgis the belt of hit knowledge and bclleijand further A D Skillman cashier of Breckinridge Bank a says that the business ol said bink has been trans bank located and doing business at No Wall street acted at the location named and not eliewherei In the city ol Cloverport In said county being duly sod that the above ttport is made In compliance sworn says that the foregoing report I in all re with an official notice received Irom the Secretary or State designating the joth day ot December 1898 spectsatiue statement of the condition of the said bank at the dose of business on the 3m day of as the day on which tuch report shall be made Dec 198 to the best of his knowledge and belief j M II IIiaid Cashier and further tays that the business of laid bankhai O W Uiakd t been transacted at the location named and not Motaii UsiciiDqa J Directors elsewhere J and that the above report ia made In II F Dcaid compliance with an official notice received from the Subscribed and sworn to before tne by M II Secretary cf State deiignaUog the jut day of lice Beard thtoth day of Junuary 1899 1 898 as the day on which such report shall be made Fank Uoasd N O C A li Ski an Caihkr My commission explies with next session Ken W II Uovr uia tucky Senate I uMi J Directors VNDHuy Subsciibed and sworn to beJbie me by A II Skillman cashier the tin day of January 199 CHAS D bUUMAN N P i C WIIEN DOES YOUR SUB- Commission expiree Jan 10 1000 an JTSl SCRIPTION TO THE NEWS EXPIRE KY iiu t i On Minute Couch Cur Taws T Is wkert r AK curs u awes Ur

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