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Image 5 of Central record (Lancaster, Ky.), November 25, 1910

Part of Central record (Lancaster, Ky.)

441 r 1 stackj Two COATS tN or Coat Right Now is the proper time of the whole season to get either a new Suit Assortments in our below ordinary at once and get your pick of the seasons smartest styles at prices far worth 20 30 and 40 reduced to Worth 25 Come to day Ladies Handsome Coats Ii Ladies HandTailored Suits 30 reduced to 25 and 1448 1748 Joseph Mercantile Thein High The DePendOn moo- tTHE EL T Chapel Satuaday night I MissTexie A gee spent Saturday and Sunday with Miss Dona Mae East Miss Inez Sebastian and Miss On v a visit tc Wheeler were the charming guest of Frankfort have arrived for Sunday Mrs Sallie Maret of lower GarrardI Miss Ida Teater Saturday and and attended services at Chapel A Brief Mention of the Comings and Mr = George O Spoonamore Mr and Mrs Morton Casey and litCen s Ly These Wz Are Interested metIIMr handsome little son were with tle children have been recent guestof W M Zanone and family last week his brother Mr Will Casey Mrs W K Warner has returned tc Mr and Mrs Walter Grow speo F P Frisbie was a recent Danville b2r home in Stanford after a visit tu Sunday with her parents Mr and Mrs visitor ¬ her parents 31 r and Mrs J B Bour Thomps Sebastian Mr Parker Gregory was in Danville Mr and Mrs Alex Walker of Lan neMr SaturdayMr and Mrs R H Batson little caster were guest of Mr and Mrs Mrs Banks Hudson were in Miss Cecil Batson and Miss Susie Hil Kemp Walker recently Danville Monday ton were with Stanford relatives Sun Mr and Mrs Jeff Walton were with Mr O K George of Mississippi is- dayMr their daughter Mrs Edward Dailey a Lancaster visitor and Mrs L C King of Hubble Saturday and Sunday Mrs Mark Bogie has been the re Chas L Z none was in Lexington were given a sumptuous dining Sun day at the home of Mr and MrsS W cent guest jfber daughter Mrs Otto last week on business George Harris is in Stanford acting MossMiss SimpsonMrs Estes died Monday af¬ Bettie Faulconer has returned as telegraph operator to her home in Campbellsville after a ter an illness of only three diys She Clay Kauffman made a business three weeks visit to friends in Paint left one only daughter Mary to to Danville Monday mourn her loss She was buried near Lick the house in one corner of the yard Mrs II A Price WHS the recent Slits Lee Prather and Mr Willis because she said She did not want to guest of Danville relatives Kennedy of Richmond were recent leave her daughter Tne mother Mr and Mrs William Sebaslin are visitors at the home of Miss Callie and daughter were very effectionate Adam Richmond for a visit to relatives and at her mothers requests she is Miss Mattie Lee Hubble of Hamil ¬ going to live alone with only the lonly Miss Ella Dunn of Danville was a ton Collie Lexington is at home to grave to keep her company The recent visitor of Mrs U M Balluu spend Thanksgiving with lIon and communiiy extends very much sympa ¬ Miss May Broaddus of Buckeye Mrs R L Hubble thy to the greet striker daughter spent Sunday with Miss Rella Arnold Madison Miss Mary Rankin of the PAINT LICK W S Elkin of Atlanta is the Female Institute Richmond is at Miss Jennie Dun ¬ home to spend Thanksgiving with her IGaiues guests of her sister annual corn show Nov 28 parents Mr and Mrs David Rankin can N Muys and daughter Mrs Mr Jacob Joseph is in Chattanooga Mr James uobert Henry and bride Lancas isithig his daughter Mrs Charles of Kirksville nee Miss Scotta Sebas Ellen Wilson spent Friday in tian are down for a visit of several terMrs B M Lear and daughter are Mr and Mrs Charles Scott of Cin ¬ days with Garrard revives attending the national fox hunt at guests of It Boyle and cinnati are Mrs John Nevus Of Lebanon Junc ¬ Crab Orchard family tion and sister Miss Ethel Hilton of Mrs Joe McCormick has returned were recently visitors of hume after a visit to her sister at Miss Katharine Melvin of CrabOr ¬ Stanford chard is the guest of Miss Ilallie Mr R II Batson and family Greencastlc Ind Brown Mr and Mrs Arther Battner of Mr and Mrs Ed Walker J W Miss Ellen B illou of Stanford was Fnncis and T K Watson were inter ¬ Lebanon has returned home after a with Mrs H M Ballou and children I ested spectators this week at the Fox visit to relatives here Mrs G W Rice and daughter limiters Association at Crab Orchard SundayMr Louise spent Tuesday in Ricemond Mrs Coleman Gully have ta Mrs Ed C Gaines was hostess Mon- ¬ rooms with Mr and Mrs W J day afternoon of the Presbyterian Miss Agnes Henderson and Mrs W Humans Missionary Society Mrs Gaines being G Kemper were in Lancaster Wed Viss Letty IcRoberts left this week the Vice President of this organiza ¬ nesdayMiss Susie Smith and little daugh ¬ for a visit to friends in Richmond and tionThe ter of Mr Wilson Rogers who have Lexington Mary Walker Price chapter of been sick of dyptheria are both im ¬ Miss Ilallie Brown is at home after the U D C will meet Monday Nov a visit to her uncle Dr EugeneBrown- 2Sth at the home of Mrs James A provingMr Mrs Longston and Mr and Royston All of the members are of Stanford present as there will Mrs Coyle were the guests of Miss Henry is at home after a requested to be Miss Ella Sundaybe an election of officers at this meet Nettie Treadway last pleasant visit to the Misses Kennedy A little child of Mr P Hensley of Richmond fniMrs died last Sunday and was hurried at Cleve Cable ot New York nee CemetaryMiss Iva Lee Smith of Richmond give a most old Paint Lick Miss May Robinson will Ird is the guest of Misses Rella and sumptuous dining Thanksgiving at Mr A B Estridge spent Sunday Mary Arnold the home of her parents Mr and Mrs with Mrs M K Ross Mason leaves Thursday Mort Robinson The guests included Miss Mabel SHALL WOMEN VOTE to be with her parents in Richmond are all the members of the bridal par ¬ ty that participated at Mrs Cables If they did millions would vote Dr a few days fur I Mrs D M Lackey came home Tues I J sip vAbout Mrs1James v I People i f i f r ¬ ¬ i j IH t iiiin J J II t iMrs r I I rDr ¬ DaiSr j I i t i t t- i itken 1 y i I r l r Gaines 28a Gaines annual cprn show Nov Call 17 for fresh oysters illhave W H Ward r1 L We extend a cordial invitation to every one ill peslrable down For Rent 391 stairs roomsJ irS formes 1014tf I will give 27 cents n money and cents in trade r gs this week Mrs Fannie urnerJ Phone 199 i 3 L > STORKJ r r 28 31 cents for eggsltbisxweek Y jJgJS1ra r According to our usual custom we will have on display oUr line of Holiday goods on Saturday November 26th Each year we try to make our line more attractive than the year before and we believe that we succeeded m 28 R Zimmer Gaines annual cornishow Now J Uvtirto iI Fresh oysters jorZimmers r irdJfm f1 YOULL FIND IT IN THIS COLUMN WThe Store Class Merchandise aC I ONEI Tailored Suits and 6oats Ldes r THE PRICES ON GO DOWN T iJIffi i j 28 1111tf I If rtJ I rLJ rmru rtJ I ru I r ottC i J E1 r5J 1 l J aJ IIBjiIJr r11 rtJ I rtJ 1fiii r 1 I rSUiiEJrIiaI Call upl99forallkinduf new and ack cake fresh ingredient f l111tt Bring me your aunt produce will pay highest markedprice for same 1111tf Mrs Fannie Turner Arbuckles coffee 17 cents per pack j age 3 boxes rolled oat8 25 cents 8 cents and cakes or lenoxso lotof granite anoHCfnwara at cost Mrs Fannie Turner Depot street 1111tf Phone 199 aJ pOt I straight salary and with rig introduce our Poultry Remedies Dont auswer can buisness Eureka unless you Poultry Food Mfg Co Incorporated East St Louis Ill 8000 per month xpenses Corn ti amen at the WantY rass Creamery1118tf Fir Sale a 9t Old fashion fChegterTitcb For Sale 10 Duroc gilts bjerfwr February arrow J HSobinson 11182bPd Ftr One co erfectl lass Jen ned mare f a 4I r Sale fora r ve years old one to drive fns J Waned To rentl acreso ECome house and about 30 to N d Jgash or grain 50 Rogers Hcbreafyr yS- Waited t i Organizers on liberal contract r fiite Kentucky Manager 10301041 Drexel Bldg PhilaPenna 11 11 2t 7 611 in next week and get a S T Of WAH I fH II I

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