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Image 7 of Kentucky mountaineer, November 15, 1912

Part of Kentucky mountaineer

66 STINGAREE 99 The Gentleman Bandit By E. W. HORNUNG Author of "RAFFLES" The Amateur Cracksman Copyrllht, 1507, by Charles Bcrlbner's Sons PROLOGUE OF THE STORY. Miss nouvcrlo, n compnnlon to Mrs. Clarkson on nn Aiistrnllnu ranch, ceases singing when n dapper joung man walks Into the ranch house. IIo politely Lids her sing more, whllo ho plays. Her voice receives his high-ecommendation. Ilefore leaving ho promises to bo nt Mrs. Clarkson's cond cert, which Sir Julian Crum, tho English musical authority, Is to attend. A Hold Up. mllH next night Uio main trio strangely absorbed In station happening which not arouse Miss curiosity In tho least. They were excited and yet constrained at dinner and drew their chairs close together on the veranda afterward. Tho young lady caught at least ona word of iwhlcbsho did not know tho meaning. jBhe ,d tho tact to keep out of earshot "t . that. Nor was she very much LiOre Interested when she met tho two young men with revolvers In their hands the following day. "Going to fight' a duel?" sho Inquired, smilingly, for her heart wos till singing grand opera and oratorio by turns. "More or less," returned the overseer, without his usual pleasantry. "We're going to have a match at a target behind the pines." Tho London bookkeeper looked nn anxious clerk; the girl was glad when she saw tho pair alive at dinner. There seemed to be llttlo doing. Though tho summer was already tropical, there had been plenteous rnlns, nnd Mr. Clarltson observed In ITIlda's hearing that tho recent day's mustering would bo the last for somo Utile time, She was thrown much In his company, nnd sho liked Mr. Clarkson when Mrs. Clarksnn was not thero. In his wife's hands tho good man was wax: now a mere echo, now n vcrltnblo claque In himself, ho pandered lndefnllgnbly to the multitudinous vanities of n ludicrously vnln 's womnn. Hut It was noon Miss experience that he could, when he dared, be attentively considerate of lesser ladles. And In many ways tlieso wero much the hnpplest days that sho had spent on the station. They were, however, days of a consuming excitement for the raged and gagged nightingale that Hilda Itou-verlnow conceived herself to be. Sho sang not another nolo aloud. Mr. Clarkson lived In slippers on the which Hilda now associated chlelly with n stranger's spurs, for of tho booted and spurred stranger she was thinking incessantly, though still without the emotions of nn ordinarily AVould ho bo romantic temperament. nt tho concert, or would ho not? Would ho turn out to bo what slio llrinly Imagined him, or was she to find nut Might ho not In nny her mlstnko? easo have said or written some pregnant word for her? Was It beyond tho bounds of possibility that sho should bo asked to sing after all? Tho last question was tho only one to bn answered before tho time, unless a point blank Inquiry of Mrs. Clarkson bo Included In tho category. Tho lady had returned with a gorgeous gown, only less full of her experiences than of tho crowning triumph yet to como. Sho had lHiught every song of Sir Julian's to bo had In Melbourne, and his name was always on her Hps. In n reckless moment Miss Itouvcrlo had Inquired his age. "I really don't know," said Mrs. Clnrkson. "What can It matter?" "I only wondered whether ho was a youngish man or not" Mrs. Clarkson had already raised her eyebrows. At this nnstvor they disappeared behind n toupet dating from her lato descent upon tho Victorian capital. "Iteally, MliiS llouverle!" sho said, and nothing mora In wends. Hut tho tono was Intolerable, and lis nconni-pnnjlnsneer n rellnenient In vulgarity which only tho really refined would have resented ns It deserved. Miss rtouvcrlo got up nnd left the room without n word, ltut her flaming fueo left n misleading tola behind. She was not Introduced to Sir Julian; but that was not her prime disappointment when the great night came. All doslro for nn Introduction, all Interest In tho conceit, died a sudden death In Hilda llouverlo at her first glimpse of the gentleman who was duly presented to Mrs. Clarkson ns Sir Julian Ho was moro than middle Crura. aged; he wore n gray beard and tho air of n somewhat supercilious martyr; his near sight was obviated by double lenses In gold rims. Hilda could have Tor nearly wept leforo tho world. In three weeks sho had been Ism-luImagination to u very different Sir Julhin, lK)wlng lis though sho had never beheld ultu i iur life before; and yet In thrco minutes she saw how little real reason sho had ever had for tho Illogical conclusion to which sho had Jumped. Sho searched for tho sprightly (Iguro sho had worn In her mind's eye; his presence under nny other tinmc would still havo been welcome, enough now. Hut ho was not thero nt all. In tho patchy glaro of tho keroseno lumps, against tho bunting which lined tho corrugated walls of (Julia nil's new Iron store, among flower and weed of township and of station, did Miss llouverlo seek In vnln for a sluglo eyeglass and n military mustache. Tho concert began. Miss llouverlo opened It herself with the Inevitably thankless planoforto solo, In this case gratuitously meretricious Into the bargain, albeit the arbitrary choice of no less n Judge than Mrs. Clarkson. It apwas received with perfunctory through which n dissipated plause, stockman thundered thickly for a song. Miss llouverlo averted her eyes from Sir Julian (ensconced Ilko royalty In tho center of the first row) ns sho descended from tho platform. Sho had not tho hardihood to glnnco toward llonn whose somen lint uneven teno.-wa- s shaken to Its depths by the simple fsithos of "When Hmrrows Itiilld." Mrs. Clarkson could nlTord to encourage such t.iros with marked applause. The only danger wns that Sir Julian might think she really admired their untutored attempts. took "One must do it." she then-foroccasion to explain ns she chipped. "They arc so nortons. The bird thing Is to put oneself III thei.' place. It's nothing to me to slug a song. Sir Julian." "So I can sec, madam," snld he. s At the extreme end of the same llouverle passed her unemplojed moments between .Mr. Itadfoid mid the wall and wns not oay until she had slgniliil to little .Mr. Hack to occupy the sent behind her. With tho two together she felt comparatively comfortable. Mr. Itadfmd's running criticism on the performers, always pungent, was often amusing. It was the Intertill between parts ono nod two. The platform was unoccupied. A cool draft blew through the Iron building from open door to oH'H door. There was no occasion to go outside. They had done so, however, at the lower end, Thero was n sudden staiypodlng of returning feet. A something lu tho scullllng steps, n certain outcry that accompanied them, caused Miss llouverlo and her companions to turn their heads. They turned again nt ns sudden a Jlnglo on the platform, ami tho girl caught her breath. There stood her missing hero, smiling nn the people, dapper, swarthy, booted, spurred, and for ono mo ment tho man she had reason to remember, exictly as sho remembered him. Tho next his folded arms sprang out from the shoulders unil a braco of long barreled revolt era covered tho M HIS "Up with your hands, every man of youl" the great man until the Indistinct stockman had hail his wMi and Mrs. Clarkson, In her line new raiment, hail both sung nnd acted a coy ditty of tho previous decade, wherein every line began with the word somebody." It was an Immodlalo success. The stockman led the encore, but Miss llouverle, who duly accompanied, extracted solace from the depressed attitude In which Sir Julian Crum sat looking down his nose. The township boasted Its score of dwellings, but few of them showed a light that evening. No fewer than ninety of the round hundred of inhabitants clapped their t anil mopped their foreheads In !ulluiid'n new store. It might Kate been run up for Its present puipii-- c. There was an entrance at one end for the performers, nnd that on the platform Km el, since the ground sloped a little. At the other end was the only other entrance, by w hich the audience were admitted. A makeshift lobby hud been arranged behind the platform, nnd thither Mrs. Clarkson let 1ml to uwalt her earlier encores. When the compliment became ii recognized matter of course she abandoned the mere form of a momentary retirement and stood patiently smiling In the satin ball dress brought from MollKnimo for the nonce. And for tho brief Intervals between her etloits she descended to n throne specially reserved on the great iiiMslcl in's right. The other performers did not dim her brilliance by reason of their own, Thero was her own dear husband, whose serious recitation was the one entertaining number. Thero was n rabbit hvqxvtor who rapped out "The! Scout" lu u delimit burltoue and n pub-- 1 00,000 Men My Strike. Ilrussels, Oct. unltersal suffrage Is granted when parliament meets this Nnvcmlior .Vni.uoil men will strike." snld Secretary Cnmlllo lluys-ma- n of the International Socialist bureau. "Socialism Is letter organized In than anywhere else in tho world," he continued, "and If we are forced to strike our fellow Socialists In other countries will get n valuable lesson In what united action can do toward correcting existing social evils. "Pour committees have been named, one to provide food for the strikers, one to raiso money, one to gather recruits nnd one to send children to places of safety while tin- - struggle rages. All ero hard at woik. When the time conies everything will bo ready." luriii ,1 1, nilllfii and Events ney, who says she Is glad of It nnd , Milk For 2,200 Dables. thinks both cities should be proud, New York, Oct. 29. Nathan Straus' Tho reason our members of the fair work of protecting tho babies from sex have the biggest feet In the world milk borne diseases has completed Its she explains, Is athletics. Pretty young twenty-firs- t year with n record of only women nowadays! are coming Into one death the past summer among tho strong, hanly muscles nnd moro com- 2,200 babies supplied that have mon sense ways of living, with mill; modified nnd pateurlzcd In "Strong, athletic girls speak well for the Straus laliorntorles and ijlspcnsod the future of the race." declares Mrs, nt the seventeen Infant mllK depots. Illrney. "I wish other cities of the That one death was due to pneumonia. country were blessed ns nro New York During tho year S,103,i!SI liottles of nnd Washington." milk were supplied nnd 1,320,100 glasses of milk were served at the summer stations In the parks and on tho recreation piers. While the number of Infant milk depots In tho city Increased to nearly a hundred, the Straus stations are the only ones that supply the milk In nursing liottles. first modified and then pasteurized In the bottles. Tho output by months was as follows: September. 100.019 bottles; November, 143.SS0; Do. comber, 101,17.": January, 101,78.": February, 10!l.011; March. 1D7.05U; April, 107,010; May. 2no,S7.".; June, 213.-29July. 211,072; August, 202.7S9. Total. 2.1 13.03 1. In tho twenty-on- e .tears of tills work Curing Prison Inmates. over 33,OWi,ooo liottles of pasteurized I'oughkeepsle, N. V., Oct. 22. milk have been supplied for tho babies that It Is most Important that prisoners of tho stnte shall have sound and over 17.0X,noo glasses of milk have been served nt the depots. In the bodies If the state would cure their first J ear 31,000 bottles wero supplied. criminal habits. Colonel Joseph P. Scott, superintendent of prlons, has put Into practice n plan for the treat- Finds a Country, inent of prisoners In stale Institutions. London, Oct. 2S. After being a man It protldes for special attention to the without a country some time I'rederlck health of prisoners. Staikey of lirlstol bus proved his right "Wo propose," says Colonel Scott, "to to remain In Ungland, but ho will stay subject every prisoner arriving nt a hero under restraint, Stnrkey was arrested last December stnte reformatory or prison to n thor- ongh physical examination. If ho has and convicted on a charge of theft When ho told the court ho was an defective vision lie will receive expert treatment to remedy tho trouble nnd American he wns ordered deported. On will bo assigned to duties not preju- - reaching the United States admission iis refused on the ground that he was tllclal to recovery of his vision. The man of tendencies toward deafness. a undesirable nllcn. The American government sent him back to Uniland, the man whose criminal life has Ids liody In nny way that can and the lirlstol authorities Immediately be cured by medical or surgical science shipped him to Prance. Stnrkey was g will receive such treatment as will tit Imprisoned there on the charge of without a passport, and after sorthim for more work and better work ing his sentence lie became a stowIn prison and glvo him an Improved chance to make good when ho again away and again arrived at lirlstol. HI record was then examined, nnd It wns becomes a free man." found that he was a Ilritlsh subject. Law Against Hens. llangor, Me., Oct. 2S. Tills city now has a hen law. Tho local government has Inaugurated a new ordinance which prohibits hens and, of course, that Includes tho male poultry from running nt large within n milo and s of tho postotllce. This was regarded as a Joko when Introduced, but It develops tho city govThe Bull Moose In Indiana. Indianapolis, Ind., Oct. 2S. Ono of ernment wns nagged by people suffertho big figures In the Indiana campaign ing from the music of tho rooster at Is Albert J. Hcverldge, former United night nnd the foraging of the hens In States senator, who was succeeded by tho daytime. I'eoplo owning fowls nro John W. Kern, llovcrldgo who left now subjected to prosecution and Hno upon complaint. "I'p with your hands, ctcry man of you!" ho cried. "No, not tho holies, but every man and boy who doesn't want a bullet In his brain!" The command was echoed lu uncouth accents at tho lower door, where, In fact, a bearded savage had drlten lu all and sundry at his pistol's point And lu u few seconds the meeting was as one which had carried by overwhelming show of hands a proposition from which tho ladles alono saw occasion to dissent. "Vou may havu heard of mo before," said tho man ou llio platform, sweeping the forest of hands with his eyeglass. "Sly name's Stlngaiee." It wns tho word which Hilda llouverlo had heard on - , taken for some straiic -- . S " ho Is lie slio a per that bespoke excite-bu- t nut alarm. "Tho fancy bushnj outlaw!" drawled liut uS', ply. "1'to been oxp'i e, was seen on our luJ'Vt Clarkson went down tj That memorable daj '' terle! And It was thlj ' who hail been her ho- Imwhi-- $K A Glance ai Current Topics Chicaao's Great TrminiJ t . . i - 'i v, ' "!sjjvy',a Ny- - Sfv.-.- ?jsfifc.-.- . ,imc - ,, ' ! ber tinder nnns! "And you never told ' In an Indignant wlihqii "We never told Mrs.J Vou must blame the U "Silence oter there"! i. sternly. "I'm hero harmless errand. If J luuin Htiuui ino ill nn 'J I have u weakness fo, kind, so long as It's gij The ejeglass dropped 5 upon Mrs. Clarkson hi and the Irreiiresslble It' abled to continue his sa. "Ho has, too, from a a full oichestra, fruit My vi Miss Homeric. coat pocket next jou. .sty- ) Is tho music," "It fee, longing navuer mail . jut. direction, "which has In tonight, l'te come to 11 "O . other reason lu the ttj "t,"J, n itely w hen one has a fJS head one has to take n't tlons befoie teiitui-iuifellow men. And, thong for gain or bloodshed,!, j iiii inn Iritiilili, If. IlkO II dog." "That's one for me," Intrepid oterseer lu ".Never mind, lie's not now I believe Mrs. CJ to faint. Vou take tvl-anslip It under your sh sate a second by pasju the Instant jou see her Hilda hcslliited. A d fallen on the crowded nil mid III the silence Still ready taking mi iiiiguarj 1 ' ; 1 . 1 ' 3 ' '' -- ,. ' I."V -' w. v - . I .' . . ' , ' ' 1- - - - 41 " ' y' - . . ' . . . ' .Mis. tiaiksou's appoint leiiuiuij liCIOM'IICtl I111U1 Itadft! "Now!" whispcri-hesitated no more Shoj lace shatti beT pcni'iinccs ut the phinif retolter under It lu aft pressed it in ier bosoj-lentil .int. tilllKliti, tin. u It ii, i lm Oiiii? s llig heatt. "Mrs. (inikson "you hate been singing t tho quality of jour song equal to the quantity.' It sounded a brutal en ' and to do Justice to u audience not tirtherto reiw Its spirit, the iiugallaut cj audibly resented In the ha maudlin stockman had no strained by his neighbors; tilting himself iqioii th"- Stlngnrce. Hut the effeia.iS Clarkson Herself was still able nnd tetoaled u subtle the desperado's crueltv I) Hushed: her hu Muster j forth their Indignation! hi wns on lire for nil the roon To be continual a black TWO.- - ' ' , TV:

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