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Image 1 of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1809), August 13, 1819

Part of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1809)

r (jL4Ufd ffl M n & ' jfis r IV j? y& Jul . " aig m&'F&h . V, r bsWw Sk-Jf- e in.-- . . ,r. J&- - A, - ' - fcvHVkM?nt sr- t " True to his chftc g New Series OL'". im-3g- . he comes, tlie I&yld of LEXINGTON, K. , : ipfc place of beginningj thence, south to one'thousand eight hundred and tweTvej 'thepface otbeginniK, tromjhc soOHWot the Little Miami n- Art. 3. The Wyandert, Seneca, Uela- - Uer tothc source ot Sciota river, in pur IScntuffip waie,, Pottawatima, ejttp.wa, suance of.instiuctions from the co.nmis ' rUBLISHtD EVRY fcnlDAY M011MNG, d on Ihe nSrt ofthe Chippewa, tiibcs, of lndianhiacoede &. tmmx sums, tafcaipblalgrapj 'thccessiOfls mentioned intho W pre boundary ot tlKTVireinla iMilitary ceding articles. Art. 4.' Ingonsidcranon oi the cessions servatton, with th& Indian boyndaiy line (CJ TAe irece Jo Subscribes, is, TJiREL MULLAHS per annum, "paid in abvakce, and recognitions stipulated in the three established by tire treaty Qlrcenille, a- in one thousand seven ftpnclret! and nine. or FQUIl DOLLARS at the e;id aj the year. preceding articles, the United Stales from the ciossTngs aboe sort to pay to the Wyandot tribe, anru- rr The tehms or advertising in this pa insertion of ally, forever, the sum o sour thousand Lawrence to Loiamie'sstor'e, and to run per, are, nra cents for the first cents ekollais, in specie, s Upper Sandusky: from such intersection, northeilyt with evert 15 lilies or under, mi TWrvrr-riVlo the Seneca tnie, annually, lorever, tlie fiist mentioned line, and westerly, r each continuance; lopger advsitisements in the sum of five hundred dollars! in spe with the second mentioned line, so as to the same proportion. cie, at Lower Sandusky sl tne Shaw-ane- e include the quantity as ne?i ly in a square (Tj ?K advei Uscments not paid for m tnbj, annually, foieren the sum of loim as practicable, aster excluding the must be pa'd for when oidergd to be two thiqJPa dollats, mnecie, at Wa- - section of land hereinafter granted to discontinued. paghkonetta : To the Pottawatima tribe, Nancy Stewart. There shall alsx be reserved for the Gj" All communications addressed to '(? ed- annually, for the term of fifteen yeais, the siftn of one thousand three hundred use ofthe Ottowa Indians, but not gi antitors must be post paid. dollars, in specie at Detroit :To the ed to them, a tract of landonBlanchatd's Ottawa tiibe, amvually, for the term of fork of the Great Auglaize liver, to fifteen years, the sum of one thousand contain five miles'square, the centre of dollars, in specie, at Detroit: To the which tiact is to be where the old trace Chippewa tribe, , annually, for the term crosses the said fork, and one other of fifteen years, the sum of one thousand tract is to be where the old trace crosS- dollars, in specie, at Detioit: To the es the said fork, and one other tract to t Jgur-vxDelaware tiibe, 111 the course of the contain three miles square, on the Li tie year one thousand eight hundred and Auglaize nvei, to include Oquanoxa s eighteen, the sum of live hundrejel dol- village. (by AUTiwitrrrj Art. 7. And the said chiefs or (hen lars, in specie, at Wapaghkonetta, but no annuity ! And the United Slates also successors may, at any time they may Indian Treaty. agree, that all annuities due by anj for think proper, convey to either of the pei JAMEMOROE, mer treaty to the Wyandot, bhawaffipj sons mentioned i.i the said s. hedule, or States of America, President vs the United and Delaware tiibcs, and the annuity his heir's, the quantity securcJ thei b) TO WHOM TUESE PBLSEST3 TO ALL AM) SI NGUiAlt , Idue by the treaty ot Greenville, to the to him, or may refuse so to do But SHALL fiOML, GltlCTIKG . Whereas, a treaty betu een the Uni-te- d fihtawa and Chippewa tribes, shall bt the use of the s ud land shall be in ttfc States of America, and the W)an-do- t, paid to the said tribes, respectively, in stid person ; and alter the soaic of any person is conveyed by the oik is to him specie. Seneca, Delevvare, Shaw nag, Ait. 5. 1 he schedule hereuntpdnnex- - he m iy convey the same to anj person Ottawa, and Chippewa, tribes ns Tndians. was concluded ant', signed, at ed, is to be taken and const J"eretfaa part whatever. And any one entitled by the said si hedule to . poitiun of fie said tho soot of the, Rapids of the Miami of of this treaty ; and the tt acts herein-st- i oay oi pulated to begranted to tne Wvandot, land, may, at any time, convey the same twenty-nint- n laV Erie, oWthe of our lord one Seneca and Shawaree, tribes of Indians, lo any person, by obtaining the approbaSeptember, in the ousind eight hundred and seventeen, are to be gi anted for the use ofthe pei- - tion ot the Pi esiderit ofthe United States, t or of the pei son appointed by him to by commissioners on the part of the siid sons mentioned 111 the salt1 sehetule, A'fid tjie agent to the desi ripuor, ptovisions, give such approbation. United States, and certain sachems, o the United States ..hall make an equi-lajl- e and warriois, of the said tubes, and limitations, therein contamed. chiefs, pattition of the said share wl in Ait. 6. Tne United State pgrce to on the part and in behalf of the said J? tribes ; whidlr treaty is in the woids fol- g nu.t, b patent, in see simprc, to Doan-quot- l, Cenveyed. Ait. 8. At the speoial request of the HowoiKif Rontondee,au)au, lowing, to wit : Articles pf a treaty made and cenchv Rontayau, Dawatom, Maiiocueauyau- - aid Indians, the United "Hates ag ee dautauson, and Haiulauifivaoglj, cnieis to grtmt, by Daunt, in see simple, to t d.. u, at the soot of t 'c Rapids of the Miami of Lake Erie, between Lewis Cjss of the Wantlot tribe, and their succe- persons hereinafter mentioned, ail of and Duncan' M'Aithur, commissioners ssor in office, chiefs ofthe said lbe, foi whom are connected with the said Inh ofthe United States, with full powerSnd the use e?f the pel sons anJ so.' the purpo ans, by blood ei adoption, tne ti acts ol authority & hold co'.iterencts, and con- ss mentioned in ihe annexed scuedule, land herein described : To E.izabeth Whltaker, who was ta fer i ces and conclude and sign a treaty a tiact of land twelve miles square, at or treaties with all or any ofthe tiibcs Upper Sandusky, thd ctntie of which ke pusi er by the Wyandcts, and I as or nations of Indians within the boundahalite th&piace where sort Fcrree eer since lhtd moiig them, twelve ries of the state of Ohio, of and concern- starwa!-- ' anlralso a tiact of oncymile .undred and eight) acres of land, on the ing all matters interesting to the United squaie, to Ae located where t e ttlffefs nest side ot tlie handusiey iiei, be'ou States and the said nations of Indians, on direct, on trcianberry s.vamp, on Bro- Ctoghansville, to be laid off in a s piarc and" the sache.r.s chiefs, ken Sword cree4iaiiJ to be held for the 101 m, as nearly i.s the meancieis of t.ic said uver ai ill a.Jiiit, and to iuii ei id warriors, of the Wyandot Seneca, use of the tribe. a distance above and b low the hous Pile United States also agree to grant, Delaware, Shawanec, Pottawatima, OtLiukei tawa, and Chippewa, tribes of Indians by patent, in see simple, to Tahau ma- - in which the said Elizabeth Article 1. The Wyandot liibe of In- doyaw, captain Han is, Isahow nusay, Jo- ncrtv lives. To Robert Armstrong, v. ho as ta seph Tawgyou, captain Smith, Coffee dians, in onsidet'ation of the stipulahouse. Running About, .and Wipiivg-stick- ,, ken prisoner by the Indians, and has c tions herein made on tne part of the Unichiefs ofthe Seneca tribe of Irirli- - ver fcincc lived among them, and has ted States', do lfeVeby foievlr cede to the United States the lands comprehended flns, antj their successors in office, chieffs married a Wvandot woman, erne icction, 01 win in following lines and bounda-ritji- : ofthe siid tribe, for the use ot the per to contain six hundred and ioitv sois lrfei tioneel in the mmoved sel edulc, ind, on the west side ot the JCandusivv Beerinninarat a point on the south er, shoic ol laLe Lue, where the pre a ttact ol land to contain thirty thousand river, to begin at tne placepalled C a up sent Inuian boundary line unci sect., the acres, beginning on tin Sandusky liver, Ball, and to tun up the uvcr, with tut same, between the mouth of Sandusky at the lowe; coiner ' tie section here- meandeis thereol, one hundied and si inafter granted to William Spicer; tj poles, and from ihe begmnintr, do n bay ajid the mouth of Portage uver; , t..e.ic . runniii" south with s.uj .inc to thence, down the sau riv.-r- on the east the iiver,with the mcandcist itreof, one tiu li . established in theyor onehou-sau- tl suit, with the meandeis thcKol auhigh 'umdied and sixty poles, and fiom t1 c by wat.r m?ik,to a point east of the mouth xtremity of these Iuks west foi quanti- s nn unt'red anil maety-fivthe tr sty of Grcinville, which luns of Wolf creek ; thj&pe, and from the ' To the children of the late William fiom the crusting place ab e fortLag-rejic- e beginning, east, solar that n north line will include the quantity of thirty thou-- s M'Lollock, who was killed in August, to Loramie's stoie; thence, tnd acres aforesaid. one thousand eig'.t hundred and twelve, with ti.e last mentioned line, to The United States also agree to grant, near Maugaugon, and who arc c.uaiter-bloo- d tlie eastern hue ol the resenc at LoraW)andot Indians, one section tc mie's stoic; t.iencc, with the lines ol by patent, in see simple, to Oatcwekcsa said resen e, north and w c st, to the north or Biack Hoof, Byaseha or Wolf, Pom-th- e contain sik hundied and foitv acies of or Walker, Sneinenetoo or Big and, on the west side of the Santluhky vi stern xorncr thcreoi 4 thence to the lloithwestert) coiner ofthe reset ve on Snake, Othawakeseka 01 Yellow Feath river, adjoining the lower line of the th river St. Mar 's, at tire head ofthe er, Chakalowahor the Tail's End, l'tm-thala- t.aet hereby granted to Robert Arn- JohnPeny, Wabepce or White stior.c;, and extending in the same mann.viubie.watcis tnere; thence cast t the w e- rn bank ot St. MSry's livci Colour, chiefs of the Snawanee tribe, re- ner with and from the said river. To John Vanmeter, who was taken aforesaid ; thence, down on the western siding at Wapaghkonetta, and thcirsuc-cessoi- b in offiee, chi' fs of the said tribe, piisoner by the Wjat.dots, and who has ofthe said liver, to the 1 -- serve at bank sort Wayne ; thence, with the lines ol lvsich'ig there, for he use ot the pei-- s evei since lived among them, and has reifervc, marncd a to his iis mentioned in tie last mentionednorttLbank easterly and 11 traet of land ten the annexed schedule, wile's threeSeneca woman, andvi ho nou miles square, the cenof the iiei brothers, Senecas, northerly, to the iUiami of lake Eiie; thence, down on tre of which shall be'the council house reside on lioney creek, one thousand a of land, to begin north, sort) sit e the nofth hank of the said rhei, to the at Wapaghkonetta. The United States ?lso agree to grant degiees west, one hundred and jbrt' western line of the lapd ceded to the U. StatesVbj; the treaty of Detroit, in the by patent, in see simple, to Peetluha or poles from the house in which thijEffTcl and to Onouaskemo jear one thousand eight hundred and se- Falling Tree, Man, chiefs ofthe Shawa-nc-01e John Vanmeter now lives, anel torun thence, south, three hundied and twenty ven ; thence, with the said ifne, south, to the Resolute tubes, residing on Hog Creek, and poles, thence, and from the beginning, the middle of said Miami river, opposite, their successors in efhet, chiefs of the east for quantity. the mouth ot the Ui eat Auglaize n To Sai ah Williams, Joseph Williams, said tube, lesiding there, for the use ol thciirdfidowii the middle ofthe said iiwr, and easterly with the lines ol the persons mentioned in the annexed and Rachel Nugent, late Rachel Wit the tract ceded to the United States by schedule, a tract of land containing lianis, the said Sarah having been taken square miles, which is to prisoner by the Indians, and ever since the treaty of Detroit aforesaidSo far that twenty-fiv- e asoith line will stiike the place vof be join the tract granted at Wapaghkonetta, lived among them, and being the widow, ind the said Joseph and Rachel bdlnsc and t j include the Shawance settlement ginning, j thechikhen,of the late Isaac Williams, Ai t. 2. The PottawaJiVna, Ottawa, and on Hog creek, and to be laid off as neatd Wyandot, one quaitersec a Chippewa, tribes oi Indians, in conside- ly as possible in a squat e form. The United States also agree to grant tion of land, to contain one hundied and of the stipulations herein made on ration tlie past ofthe United Stateffdo hereby by patent, in see simple, to Quatawa"pe sity acres, on the east side o the San forever cede to the United Sta'rs the 01 captain Lewis, Shckaihkt,la or Tur- dusky nvei, below Croghansville, and I d comptehended within the follow mg tle, Skilowa or Robin, eliKrs of the Shaw to include then lmpiovementsat a place ance tribe of Indians lesiding at Lewis- - ealled Negio Point li wi. and boundaries: Beginning To Cat icuiie Walkci & W5 n'o' the- western . line of tjie r.trtc ot Ohio town, and toMesomia 01 Ciwl John, woman, and to John R. WalRer. her sun, iiite Man, ciosses the liver Miami of lake Erie, Wakaw uxs icno or thf Joe, and Willaquasheno wounded at the of miles v' ich is about twenty-on- e Auglaize above When vouorare tned sit down, chiefs 01 who was in one thousand battle hundred of eight ner; mouth of the Gre?t the ai thence, down the lddle ot the said Mi the Seneca tube of Indians residing of- and twelve, a section of si hundredmd foitvaciesot l?nd, to begin at the noiih- ami rivec to a pt'nt o tn of the mouti. Lcwistovni, and to their iTeess.s 111 Aup u river , thcin e, fiee, chiefs of the sad Sbiuanec anc western tomerot the tract hertb) giant of the Great a ol the hisjps ed to John V.,nnieter and his wise's bio wit'i the we;,un line ct the land tede ' 3netu tubes, for the tue treat. oiD nn'ioned m the ; i.exed icleuulc, a theis, and to lull wi'h th tl.eicol the Unite Siu-,1- j to poles, troit, injjne lhous,an9 eight hundred am tiact ot landtocontJiii soil v. gut squau isonjlilniec hundiv-thence, :TuLcm tKe botniing, v cs' miles, thenci, miles, to begin at the lnt'ojtiun oft! s v n, notth lorty-fiv- c ,'V . lf mi. ' unbv Clinks Re' ,s " t line ssuth Mil! sfiik 'ci es sj Uv th-- ta TEI&IS OF THE a$tttc, ionersj-ffibointe- . a. f e, L ra. s7l3p5fit " ? a, y-- ta-qu- uitj 1 c, -t c.-c- s -- ner; Mi-tyi- half-bloo- wn Mau-guago- u-- I . n, fiom all s n u'ons AUGUST FRTfeDAY, fVF '0(1 ; 5S aSolswuiU,Kei bi 13,-181- b'nn at his Uick " 9. VOL. XXXIII. . hp was taken Jliereinafter inuntioned, being in confor ofthe tracts reserved by the treaty of assessment; that is Grcenwlle oU'the south side ofthe Mi- riVer of'Lakc Euc, and to,include Iitfliegan, or M'Carty's village ; . at Upper Sandus-kyfpthousand three hundred and which tracts,' thus gianted, shall be oonJsBt iUindied and lorry aeres, JitflcLipy ther(aitl tjibe, upon the usual tjfcank ty the bare; ninateenlnllar anlBRih-tv-nine- . i.ents. .' . . . r. cotiditions- - tTjrftlktfb feservatitjns, a"s at Lfwer ITanWi-fiyusiv river, Jorty poles l;elov tut, lower v Ta corner of said Spicer's eoi uheld, thence, three tiiousand nine hundred and eighty-ir.- e tnpt-p- h no patent were issued. . 4 Art. 2 . This- treaty 's.iall take effect, dolltrsaid tiventy-fou- r cents. up.xthe river on the east side, with the To th Indians at Lewis and Scoutashs and be obIigatoryon the contrarting par-t- it meanders thereof, one mile,"tnence, and s, as soon as the same 'shall have been town, t,tiive luindnd and twenty-seve- n from the beginning, east for q unity. fitly cents ratified by the president of the U. States, To Nancy StewaVt, daughter oi the !o.iirs To the Delewares, for the use, of the by and with the advice and consent ofthe late Sha.varfee chief Blue Jacket, one section of and, to contiin six hundied Inditns who suffeied losses at Giecn-tuw- n senate then of. and at Jerome's town, three thou-sIn testimony whereof, the said Lewand firty acres, on yie Great Miami linine hundred and fifty-si- x is Cass and Duncan M Arthur, dollais ver below Levv'islow 11, to include he present 1m pi ovejpeits, three quality s ol and fifty cents, to be paid at Wapagh- commissi jne-r-s as aforesaid, and the sachems, chiefa, and "Warrthe said section to be on the southe si koi ita. To the represefitativts of Ilembis, a iors, of the Wyandot, side ot the liver, and one quaiter on the Seneca, Di laware Indian, three hundied and tor-Si awanee, Delaware, Pottawati1101 thwest Vide thereof. , eight dollars and fifty cents, to be paid ma, Ottawa, andChippewatnbcs To the children of thtlate Shawaner of Indians, have hereunto set eiiici i,clj.mii ijuaii; ui tjaiiiaj'iAu .t it Wapaghkonetta. To me Sliawanees, an additional sum vvho'Tell in the service of the United! tueir i n Is, at the footof t e rapids ol the Miami of lake Erie, States .during the late war, one seetio. of four'hundreci and twenty dollars, to be of Iand,toToqiaiu six hundred and foi t) paid at Wapa jhkonetta. day ot Sepum-b'- i, this twenty-nint- h To the Senecas, an additional sum of acres, on the east side ot tne Great Au in the year of our Lord ore thousind eight hundred and se-- i glaize ivr, adjoining the lower line cf two Hundred nineteen dollars, to be paid venteen. the grant ot tommies at Wapaghkonetta at vVapaghkonetta. Ait. 3. And whereas the sum of two and the said liver. LEWIS'CASS, DUNCAN McARTHUR, To Anthony Snane, a half blood Otta- 'housand five hurrrti eel dollars has been " In sir asi ttce of wa Indhn, one section of land, to contain oaid by the United States to the Shavvi-if-ebeins: one half of five years' annui Wm. Turner, secretary to the Com.n.s- six hunred and forty acres, on the ea-- t sioneis & sid of tht h er St. Maiy's, and to bei ks due by the treaty of Poit Industiy, nd whereas the Wyandots contend tuat John Johnston, Indian agent. o po'itett house in whu h aaul Shaii now .s, tnence, up t..e ivisJlV'iih thi ne whei'- - of the rnnuity secured by tint B. F. Stickney, Indian agent. y . tteny is to be paid to them, and a Lvv W. Kiraggs, Indian agent. m. ai.Jis. thereol, one hundied and poles, a. m from the extremity of the iiis'is of the S.iawanee and Seneca G. Godfroy, Indian agent. 1' es ; now, theffcrf ; the commission- 11. A. Fotsyth, jr. secretary Indian de. sn 11. s st foi qi antil). so t. e United Stites, believing that partment. To Janu's M'Pheison, who was taken e construction eivenby the Wyandots Sworn Interireters. prisoner by the Indians, and has evei " sinec lived among them, one section of 10 th slid treaty u correct, engage that William Conner Peter Ryley the United States shall pay to the saio H. W. Walker Henry I. Hunt '.and, to contain six hundred and forty Wyandot tube in soecic, m the course John R. Walker Jos. Vance in 1 square form, adjoining the nor4 of the year one thqusind eight hundred James M'Phcrson Jonathan Leslie thern or western line of grant of Alvan Coe miles at Lewistown, at such and eighteen, th said sum ot two thou- F. Duohouquct A. Shane John Gunn place as he may think pioper to locate sand five hundred dollars. Art. 1 1. The United States reserve to J. B. Bcaugrand, C. L. Cass, It, U. S. A the same. Chip.crja. To Horonu, or the Cherokee Boy, a the proper authority, the ug'itto make 'f x Wosonnczo Wyandott chief, a section of land, to con- - roads through any pait of th" land grant x. tiinsix hundred and foity acres, on the ed or reserved by this treaty ; and alco Okemance, or the young chief Sandusk) river, to be hidoffin asquaiSe to the different ageiio, the right of es Shmguax, or cedar x form, ind to include his wprovqlnpnts tablishing taverns and lerues tor the 1 y Kinobee x x To Alexander D. Godfi oy ai.d Ricrhai d eommodation of travellers, siould the Chhioruairin S leganaek, or black bird Godliov, adopted cluldien ot the Potta- - same be sound necessaiy. Art. IS. The traits of land herein .vnintoug bolt, or the Uevil standing- - x ttihe, and at ti'cir speciuj re- st Oi e section of land, to contain six graflted to the thiels, for the use ol tl c Wisiuau x Penquam 1. x ivd Mid forty acres, in the tiactol Wyandot, Shawanee, Seneca, and D x omit v herein ceded to the United laware Indians, and the reserve rer tne Chemokcomon, or American States by the Pattawatima, Ottawa, aw' Ottawa Indians, shall not be li ible to Papecumecat x Chippi v tubes, to be located by Uiem. toXes ol any kind so long as such law! Matwaash, or heard sell down x x lie said Alexander and RL.iard, 1 ter ontinucs the propeity ofthe said Indi-ins- . Potaquam Pensvveguesie, the jay bird x t said traet shall hae bi en survey d , 3C eit. 16. Some ofthe Ottawa, Chip- Wea6skevdn,tn the whitfe man. To Saw tndebans, or the Ycijow ilair, pewa, and Pottawatima tiibrs, being at Waynoce u' l'etei Minor, an adopted son of . tached to the Catholic religion, and be-- Potlatvatimas. 01 the Dog, and at the special X request of the Ottawas, on ct the tiau leving tticy may wish some ot tneir Metea, x iCseiVv.J ov the ll eat) of Detioit, in oin' ehiidien heieafter educated, do grant to Wvnemac ' c rector ol the Catholic church ot St. Wynemakons,or the front X tho ,s nd tight hundied and seven, Ki !, Bcruf, at the village 01 Anne, of Detroit, for the use of the said Ocheackabee X and to the corporation of the Conge X the s id Doir. a see tion of land, to con- 4 ty. s.x nun foity acies, to be lo college at Detroit, for the use of the Said Waiikoway X college, to be darned or sold, as he Peiisn 1 1U d in a s juare form, on fie north side sail lector and corporation may judge Tonguish ol th. Mmu 1, at the Wolf Rapid. X 1 no Utiited Stites engage to expedient, each, one halt ot three sec- Papekiteha,or slat belly Ail X X aj poi it an atnt, to leside among or tions of land, to contain six hundred and Medomin, or coi;n X. Lear t c W vandots, lo aid thtm in. the f rt) acies, on the liver Raisin, at a Saguemai, or Musketo rotCv-tioiol their pel sons and propert), p'ace called Macon; and three sections WaWcacee, or full moon X ol land not yet located, wmch tracts Ninvvichemon to 111 mage iheii intercom se with tne X and citizens ft the United ueie icseivcd, for the us of the said Missenonsai X Statts, and to tlisehai0s the duties which Indians, by the treaty of Detroit, 111 one Vaysagua X X tummcnl' appeitain to the office ol In- thousand eight hundred and s.v en ; and Nannanmee dian ageri , and the same agent is to ex the supeiiutelidant cf Iptllali afftirs, in Nannansekau X ecute the same Unties for the Senecas the teiritory of Michigan, is authorized, Meanqueah X on tiie part ofthe suo Indians, to select Wawcnoke and Delawares on the Sandusky river. X And an agent l'u siipilar pui poses, and the s ud tracts of land. Ashenekazo X Art. 17. The United States engage t6 vested v. :th similar powcis, shall be ap anemucskuck X shkebee pointed, to reside among or near the pay to any of the Indians, the Value o X Sliawanees, whose agency shall include any impiovcments wuich they 111 iy be Makotai X 'he reservations at Waprghkoneita, at obliged to abandon in consequence o Wabiusheway, or White Elk X the lines established by this treaty. Gabi iel, or Gabiniai X Levuston, at Hog reek, and at Blanch Art. 13. The Delnvare uiffeof Indi- Waishit X aid'scieek- - And on.e mile square snal 1? be leserved at Malake for the use ofthe ans, in cousidciaiiun ofthe stipulations Naonquay nerein made on the part of the United Meshnwgonay agent for the bluvanccs. X forever cedp to t e U. Niti betash And the agent foi the Wyandots and States, do X Senecas shall occupy such land in the Statts ail the claim which they have to Skewbieack X X Chechalk, or crane giant at Upper Sandusk), as may b the thii teen sections ol land lestrvcdfo the use of ceitain pusous of then t ibf Wyandots, neccssar) for hini and the persons attach b) the second section of the act cougi st Dunquad,or halt king ed to the agency. X Art. 10. The United States enp-agX to passed March the third, one thousain.1 Runtunda, or war pole X and a giist-nnl- l, erect a saw-mi- ll ionuc, or Cheiokee boy upon eight hundied and seven, providing foi some proper pait ol the V vandot reser tue dispcs'l of the lands of tne Uiiitec T. Arunte, or lietwecn the logs X vation, for their usend to ponidc and Slates between the United States' Mill D. Wottondt, orlohn Ilicks -X 1'. Undeiaso, or Geo. Punch maintain a Jjlacksmith, for the urife of tary Tract and tne Ci mecticut Reserve, X Menonkue, or Thomas tne svvyantiois ann aenecas, upon the re- and the Ian !s of the United States X Cincinnati and Vmcennes dis- Undauwau, or Matthews X sell ation of the Wyandots, awl another Delaivares. uiacKsmuti, lor tne use ot the Indians at tricts. Ait. 19. The Unued States agree to Kithtuwheland, or Anderson Wapaghkonetta, IIo creek, and Lewis x tov n. giant, by pitait, in tee simple, to Zees ftinchbuck, or capt. iieaver x Ait. 11. The slipuhtions contained nawau, or James Armstrong, and to San Pahunqeecoppi, or capt. Pipe x in the treaty of Greenville, idative to ondoyourayquaw, or Silas Aunstrong, ClamatatonoeklS x the light ot the Indians to hunt upon the chiefs of the Delaware Indians, hung Aweallcsa, or whirlwind x Stiatvaxices. lanci neieoy ctaecl, vvlule it coi'tinues on the Sandusky waters, and t.ien sir the piopeit) ofthe United States, shal cessois in office, Chiels of the slid tube, Catewcckesa, or black hoof x app!) to this tier'y; and the Indians foi the use ofthe peisons mentioned in Biaseka, oi wolf x .x shall, for the s tn.e enjoy the pii tne annexed schedule, in the same manPomthe, oi walker vilege of making sugar upon the same ner, and subject to the same conditions Shemenetu, or big snake x "' land, committing no uunecessaiy wastt provisions, ' and - limitations, as is hcicin- - Ceacalowa,or tail's qntl x . . -pefoie pfbvidqglorJhe fanos granted to Pemthata, or Reriyj' upon the trets x Ait. 12. The Ume-'- i States engage trltlie WyandotSeneca, and Shawanee lOthawakeska, or ydfflbw feathei',, x pay." 11 the cc x : of tlie. )car one thou- Indians, a tract ot land, to contain nine Vawathtthaka, or capt. Reed Squaie miles, to join the ti art gianted le.uintequa sand eiHit viidied ,uid eighteen, the x to tne Wyandots ot twelve miles square, Quitewe, w ar chief ot the osma'ts which weie asx ' to be laid off as neaily in a squaie fqrm vfneacksea, or capl. Lewis sessed by the aiiUioutvot the secretax Scuecas. ry of war, hi favoi ofthe seveial tribes as practicable, and to include Captain Pipe's v illage. aijd individuals cl the Indians, w ho ad Methomea, or Civil John x Ait. 20. The United States also agree S iotucwceghia, or wiping stick hercd to the cause ofthe United States x X dining tlie Inle wai with Git.n Buutn, to grant, b) patent, to the chiefs' ol the shekoghkcll, or big tuitle Ottawatube ot Iiit'ians, for the use of d whose j ,opci i w?s, :ii consilience x quashcno, oi Joe the sr.el tube, a tiact ol land, to contain Wak- naceno, or v lute man of vi,ch adlieiCiji e, jmedo. clesiio)ed x f sjuaie miles, to be laid oit jai.ienuue, o, ca,,t. Sio.e x Ai.J u is agici-t- , th 1 ihe suas thus as- juuv-lou- i ' as nUai Iy 111 a squaie lorm as practicable av, oi Robbia v Siviilcvi x sessed snail be p ad in specie, at the pla-""'.V. '..'u net uttiLiing wi'h t.ic lini I '' t.l-..I J to I c i '1 Is, William Spicer, v. prWfllr bj the Indi.ins, and has eteLj nity vv ith thffsaid smc,e?livWl among them, and hasmaiifii to say : 1 o the Wyandots, ed a ScfeaaVi uidii; a section of laTid, ur 1 - m U -- 1 1 s, 1 si-t- . ,i I 11 Ton-chjan- 's v, !gnd 1 1 i , , 1'. I - 1 1 1 wi

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