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Image 1 of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1809), August 30, 1817

Part of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1809)

I 14 H NO. 35. VOL. New Series fCl.illl.ED EVEltY SATIJIIIIAV III. BY JGVU N0RVELL &'C0. auction; Wednesday the Sejiiembernext, On lOSi rTLL be sold on a credit or 6, 12, and 18 months, for approv ed Negotiable Notes, Jbour Lots ot Ground, Containing 2 J acres each, part of Capt. Fowler's Garden tract, and adjoining Capt. Post- letnvvaii s Garden. Also A Brick Dwelling House, With the Lot of 32 feet front, on Fifth streetj adjoining the residence oi J. C. Breckinridge, Es i Likewise, A Lot with a Brick Stable, continued, nearly oppoLjingon Short-stresite the late Dwellinsr of James Prentiss, esq having a fiont of about 43 feet. The salefviiil commence at o o clocK in Uie atternoon on the last mentioned lot. BRADFORD & MEGOWAN, Auc'rs. Lexington, Aug. 23, 1817. 3 PUBLIC SALK. "ILL be offered for sale to the highest bid der, on Friday the 12th Septemcer next month, which will be the day aster the Fair at Fowler's Garden nearLesington, about FIFTY'-FllLMF. CATTLE, among them about Tlurty Hi It 2 years old, of the bcstbloodin the country, and has had tueSidyanta,;e of running with tne celebrated Jiuil raised by Air Smith, the present season, and no doubt they are in calf by liim ; 6 months credit wyLbe given to the purchasers; negotiable notfgvuth approved en dorsers will be rcduireu. Areasonable dis- count will be made to such aS prefer paving the cash About 80 acres of land, in'cludingure Garden and improvements, are aiso offered for 5ale upon a credit to suit the purchaser .J August 23- -it JOHN FOWLEH Lexington Viano Fortes, T .FQR SALE. L. EVENpftN, ., Lond'jn,J informs the public, that RTr?m Piano-Forte- s, on the best known principles to ensure present and durable goodness. N B. Not on the Vienna or German principle, vv hick is notoriously defective in durability. T L E begs Ieae to observe, while hq does hisliest, (aster thirty yeais s experience) to make of "superior tone and workmanship," and on permanent rinciples, he is determined to sell them at tast 20 per cent below what the ajrents of .London, can sen ; some ot which, are superblv handsome, and of an unique appearance,, uhlt- j:j ciegunce wiui untuy, it 18 True mey were Jiot made in Ijuulan, but in Ievington : does this disparage them ' Their proceeds will not be sent to London, (as the proceeds of imported ones must be ,) but for the most part spent in X: wdl that be injurious' Tie judicial s wdl judge, and not lend a creduMjtas ear to those, interested in opposing domestic articles which, on all occasions, have a claim for pre ference, w here quafity and terms are erpial , m"ch more so, when the advantage is gTeatly in savour of doirestic in confidence of which, in the present instance, the public are most rcsnecuuuy lmited-t- o inspect and judge. J' i dun's Aug. 23 3 Piano-Forte- nm-ton- ! Ro-w- , IlENHY LtilTBA, WATCH-MAKE- JFron Parii, in France, is here he hai worked for ten years, for and with the best Watch- Makers of Napoleon, now settled in this tow n, where he has already resided neaily one year, and has opposite Sir. opened a shop in O Keen's Livery Stable, wheie he will lepair an kinds ot watches, plain ltepeatcrsr and Patent Levers, and Warrant them for one year He has on hand, for sale, a number of good Lexington, Aug. 23" 3f W VTC'HES. IS Short-stree- t, V ALLEY WORKS No 3, North 5th Street, Pmt.ADEi.pniA. Cross-cu- t Sans; MILL, Socket and Pit Socket Shovels,; Shovels, Spades Hoes, Sickles, Scythes, Sljeet Iron, &c. wjth other articles of Domestic Hardware, for salt M. the manufacturers prices, by ROGERS & SMEDLEY, Philadelphia. 7th mo. 23, 1817. 3 IT. S. BANK STOCK. W'TED, a sew shares of the UNITED STATES DANK STOCK. Apply to WILKINS & ERNEST. Lexington, Aug. 23, 18J7.-- 4t JUST OPERED At Thomas Store on A illlOi; Short-stree- IS. t, Boswell 8j Go's opposite the market, AXD OEXEHAL A6SORrttr.VT OP 3iERCllAiS)IZE, imong which, are afe.wpicces of SHEFPARD'S Suier. CLOTHS, SUPERFINE CASSIJIERES, BRUSSELS W SCOTCH CARPETING, BOMDA'lETTS, assorted, LADIES CHIP U STRAW HATS, Of elegant quality and latest fashions, which the offer for sale at a small advance on the .Philadelpliia auction prices. THEY HAVE ALSO ox nASll, A fern Casks of SHERRY WINE, -- IMPEIUM, GUNPOWDER & ) ), TEAS. YOUNG HYSON 3 They expect in a sew dajs an elegant assortment of Ladies' fashioitable 6l.oes. 2 3d August tf Hogs 30,' 1817 Wanted. will give cash for two hundred v ouni; HOGS, delivered at the TAJpblYY JOHN & T1IO : P. HAUT. JtI'LLS. Lexington, Aug. 13 tf f lSTEW GOODS. Jt v LOG-WOO- D, POETRY, rjlf IE Subscribers have just received, and are opening, a large and extensn eAssort-men- jt ' of !L now MERCHANDIZE, on supplies iecessiry to their removal, at iivjjciisc 01 tne uniteu s; each individual o"ti e poor Inoiahs tu be witn a rifle gun, a blanket ?r.d Kettle, or stee i trap. There will be rcsev n s of 640 acres allowed to heads of families, in tne portion oi countrj gnen up to tne . United States, should in.4k:.tu..l claiming it reside thereon until Lis or er death, wnich will descend to their posterity in see simnle: biitshonlflt pv'pmvp. their reservations during tneir life time, such lands will'becoine'" the property of tne government. A reasonable- - compensation is to be made to t.: so Indians who leave plantations, for their improv entente. Commission r, INDIAN AFFAIRS. ! ULbUAlNT CAUPJtiilrtU Brussels Carpetings, "WILLIAM IlOSS's -- b aICex. PARKER . Dru & Hard P! BLIC SALE. 111 T J?ilp hJ.GAit. ns nant-Govern- Col-acto- rs r S g . -- OFF, "M - ! r . NHTICE. -- THE SUBSCRIBERS y T New and s Glass-War- jTc. NEW GQOB8Cheapsidc. OF - - FRIATING MATERIALS 6-- - i8; MERCHANDIZE. Vipk-lin- AN ii.AJJ-DitL,35fc- Jessamine r, Rose-Wate- r, NOTICE. THE -- A C horse I FROM THE NATIONAL INTF.LLIGFNCEIt. We learn from our sniiilie.m nanci-?- . that the assemblage of tne Creeks at Fort Hawkins, in Julv. ammmierl tn he. tween fourteen and fifteen hundred ; and many were prevented from attending by theinconvenienoe of leavintr their rroni at that important period of the" season. ine conduct ottlie Indians at this council, it is said, was marked wit.i great and decorum. dined every day with General Mitchell, the United States' Agent, and in the afternoon executed the points which had been previously discussed and decided upon in council. "At thismeetino'. we nre infnrmprl. that the U. S. Agent had sufficient influence to prevail on the Council to nhrnn-ntf-. their ancient law of retaliation, which per- mittetf a murder to be satisfied by taking the life of a relation ns tlip. mnivlpi-pp- . it the principal could not be sound ; and nave mus tortudden Uie practice ol indis(In this criminate revenn-eItave passed a written law. The Agent aiso procured tneir consent to the cessn of 'piece of land which shuts them out entirely from a part of our frontier and secures tne citizens trom the danger ot Indian asreressions. The dav tho. TTnit,H States' Agent lest them, an unfortunate affair occurred : The Indians having received a considerable sum of money from the United States, some of tne younger warriors determined to have a frolic, before they went homei A principal vi ar rior one who was next in cnmmnnrl tn M'Iritosh, in the service under General Jackson, among others got drunk and killed his own nephew. The chiefs immediately convened, and aster ascertain- . ....!... mn. tl.rt fnf .Film nijiiii. iaA.i.ui nn; uiuiuci, .'. uiuerta iney the'perpetratcr ta ue instantly taken and executed, which was done in less than an hour aster the murder had been committed. pro-Drie- tv . v The late frovernor M'Kean. of Penn sylvania, in a letter to tne Adams, relates the following anecdote of general Wilkinson; With to general Wilkinson, J recollect an anecdote : he was in 1777 an aid to geneial Gates, and bv him Sent to r.t Yorktownfn Pennsylvania, with the des- patcnes, gmng an account oi the surrender of Sir John nnrl slip British army to the Americans at Saratoga ; on the way he spent a day at Readme, about fiftv- miles, from Vr.ri- town, with a young lady from Philadel phia, whom lie Mtcrwarcls married. When tjic despatches were read in s, lironositions wer mndnfnr navivin. a proper compliment to the favorite of general Gates, who brought us such pleasingnews. Gov. Samuel Adams, with a ffrave and solemn face, moved annr, that the should be pre sented, nun " a paiii of Biir-cnvnf- i con-cres- young-gentlema- sr-ujt- CINCINNATI, AUGUST 8. 7-- 4 p i. tur-nisn- ed SONG, wliicli they offer for sale either bv Wholesale WANTED, ST received and for sale, cntaj) lor cash, eight thousand weight of byJVMI.S GAIIHISOX & CO Mam street, lie c'oor to James Wier, Leiington. Les. August 1(5 It GL. XX rnoM moohe's lalla hooku. I KNOW where the winged visions dwell That around the night-he- d play, or Retail, at a small advance for Ca"sh. I know each herb and flowret's bell TILFORI), TROTTER 8c Co. Where they hide their wings by day P. S. Among other articles they have CARThen hasten we, maio1, PETING for Rooms. Passages, &c. To twine our braid. Also, a consignment of GOLD and SILVER PATEA-- T LEVER ATCHES, for sale at Tomorrow the dreams and flowers w ill fade. PHHkdelphia prices. The image of love that nightly flies and will be opened every day on which 128 tf Jentuurtil. 1817.- xki wsiiLiie uusiiiiu main, is to take place, from four'oxlock in Steals from the jasmine-slowethat sighs Ware-Hous- e. the afternoon untilnine at night. Its soul like her in the shade August 23 2t The hope in dreams of a happier hour JEREMIAH NEAVE Sc SON, That alights orr miser) 's brow, flj A Coffee Room in the rear of the Boxes Springs out of the sill ery almond-slowe- r Of Cincinnati, Ohio, will be provided, and also a side room with Have erected large and commodious That blooms on'a leafless bough. Confections and other refreshments. Then hasten we, maid, JBrick Jl'at Ii v , is? C liars, To twine our braid, 3Jfr the reception of all kinds of" Merchandize, Manufactures and Produce, for Storage, Tomorrow the dreams and slow ers will fade. andSale on Comgiission, for forwarding by the The visions that-oft to. worldly ej es Just recch ed and for sale at the Store of riveror to country merchants. Bills and Debts The glitter of mines eolIWed, and punctually remitted. Purchases Inhabit the mountain-her- unsold, T. E. BOSWELL Sc CO. " that dyes maJMr and fcenefellv all BROKERAGE and The tooth of the fa n like gold 8j Scotch OOJanSSUm BUSINESS transacted. The phantom shapes oh ' touch not them Wluch they oiler at a ery reduced price. .CivATT,Eff'A "aru 19, 1817 tf That appal the murderer's sight, . August 23- - tf Lurk in the fleshly mandrake's itcim, sir SON, That shrieks when torn at night. Hath. jUst it Vtortrd from Pndaddtihia, Then hasten w e, maid, isr GROCERY STORE, SHOE To twine our braid. A ND now iningat their Store in Lexinir'- Market-housTomorrow the dreams and flowers will fade. where Jt ton, on M NKAHLY opposite the onuosite tlm nnnrt. just received from Philadelphia, Advertisement. lio.ise, a 'extensive and elegant assort- - The dream of the injured, patient mind, a large anu elegant assortment ot A IjV persons, indebted to the estate of Liven ment of i nat smues at the Wrongs ot men, oliocs and Groceries, to wit XSl Avres deceased, are renuesteil tn makn Is sound in the bruised and wounded rind Goods, Groceries, ' immediate payment ; and those having demands Men's sine leather h Morocco Skins of dif Of the cinnamon, sweetest then. against said estate,, are desired to make them C(ieens ned Shoes Then hasten we, maid, China Ware, ferent colours Known, that provision may be made to dis Tn turnip nnv hvni.l Men's shoes with straps U hite welting Skms and Glass Ware, charge them. SAML. AYRES, Adm'r. Tomorrow the dreams and flowers will fade. tor buckles Boot tassels and Shoe Lexington, Aug. 16 3t Which they will sell much lower than usual for Men's sine leather strings Cash. Pumps Boot cord and Shoe Halifax:, Ctly 5w v N B There are contained in the above asMen's coarse Shoes ti ft mrn ' The following circular letter, publishsortment, the. best TEAS, MADEIRA, and Ladies' London dress Boot webbing for boot 0"RSUAT totoa deed of trust, from Mj-E- rKESCH BRANDY. ed by order of his Excellency the Lieu-t- e Kid Morocco Shoes straps ciiael Frsiir.t thejundeisigned, trustees Has been addressed to Ladies' high hecl'd LeVuv.''-V -1 Black ball of the best in savour Of William It. Morton, willbecxposed v' e several Collectors of his majesty's Shoes quality New-Orleato public sale, on the premises, on the 9th dap Ladies' .Morocco Shoes Russian bristle and hair of September next, cornmencinirat :12 o'clock, as well as to the. several with straps biooms A LOT OF GROUA'D, situate on Main street ':c3 of Liqjht Duties at the different of T C fi. M U. f.uhardvi',90 Ladies' plain Morocco Scrubbing and Shoe in Lexington, between the Jot owned and oc- Jbarrels of Sugar of aver) svpe- - ports in this province. suppers of different cupied by Isaac Reed and a lot of the trustees brushes Secretary's Office, Halifax, 24th June, 1817. Colours .Men's Bootees of the town leased to John Bradford, binding iiur quality, on a credit ot oj davs, tor negotili. S. TODD. Ladies; Morocco cork Boy's Bootees R-on Main-stretwcntv.three feet tw u inches., able paper, well'endoistd Admiial Sir David,Milne, hav-lnar SOal Shoes Lrinrton rs 9 1FK' 4 Ladies' white Kids , ,. and extending at right angles back to Water-stree- t, communicated to His Excellency the Ladies' loathe? ties and Children's leather and with all the improvements and appurLieutenant Governor, that the American SELLINGSlibrte Al orocco 'Boote es tenances. Terms ofsale, S140J cash in hand ; ., . . GltiMmsMlMorocco &. Combs and Windsor appro ed negotiable oaoer. on a rverlit Government lias declined to accede o tne balance on the Uth ot;r. August, 1818. A , laffifireii . Soap 4 anrl 6 months tile ftillnuinr.-uideed will be made to the purchaser when the .!c the propositions tvnich have been made ChMrCnsJ Morocco "Avluch Snufl Boxes, Suspen- - Daiance ot tne purchase money is paid. ere laid in at rpdnrpd rrtt.fti 91 V. to them by his Majesty's Government I lata .Orleans, and will be sold equally low, in order ders and Beads THOMAS JANUARY, 'or the purpose ot endeavoring to name 10 ciose tne concern : ABM. S. BARTON. Ciracemes some arrangements by which the citizens 5j Crates Queens Ware, Lexington, 16th AitgvH, 1817 3t breakFrontegnan VHpfi iColTee Mills ot the United States of America might age tal en 0"t and assorted .Madeira, Pqrt, Claret Mustard, Nutmeg and 10 Barrels 4th proof Brand' lie permitted to a participation of the and Sherry Wines Mace 8 Quarter Casks, London Particular Tene-riff- e Fisheries within the limits of the British Fourth proof Jamaica Cinnamon and Clones "f WILL practise law in the Circuit and Coun , Wine !L ty Courts of Hath, Montgomery, Floyd and Jurisdiction, I have it in command from apints Allspice, Ginger and 4 Barrels Port Wine Ureeup. I reside in Mountsterung. his Excellency the Lieutenant Governor proof French Pepper 12 Boxes t'laret, choice quality LE I LUTHEU TODD. Brandy to apprize you, that the American Fish 6 do Madder, Copperas, In Vin dt grave Lexington, Aug. 16. 13t Fourth proof Holland 6 do. Champagne digo and Allum frequent the ermen are not permitted-tGin 10.UUO lbs ( reen Coffee, in bags &. barrels Spanish and common Harbors, Bays or Creeks, ot tins Pro Old Whiskey Segarsof best quality li Barrels Brown Sugar . ince, unless driven into them-bactual to quit the Mercantile Bus'ujess, Imperial, Young Hy ChewingTobacCo 6dUu lbs. WISHING their STOCK OF GOOES at Jest Green Copperas .istress ; and I have to dtsire that, you, son, II son and Hy-- I Soft shell Almonds S5 Hexes Buii'ms a very small advance, and on a long credit, fpr son oKin leas no account, ask or receive any Light Anchovies, Codsounds 35 do French Prunes. Coffee, Chocolate and Salmon, Shad b. Mae- - good negotiable notes. The house they oc 2 Money, Anchorage, or any other Fees do Parmezan Cheese cupy may ue had with the goods, at a modeUicc karel 10 Barrels "Mackerel whatsoever from Vessels belonging to LEVEN L. SHREVE & CO. Loaf, Lump and Mus- Delnuth, Lancaster and rate rent. 1j Kegs Scotch Herrings American Subjects. Lexington, Aug. 9 tf covado Sugars 2() do Pickled Salmon ltappee Snutt, No. 1 I have the honor to be, Liquorice ilall & Can- - Patent Lamps, &c. &c. 40 Ton Swedish Iron Cheap Goods. . rlir1 Sureon Sir, Your most obedient scrv't. 5'jO lus German rfteel Alhof which will be sold low for nTi,'n liCn,l 1 Box Ounce Pins RUPERT D. GEORGE, Sec Also, some best Flaiseed OiVand a Share in A. GATEWOOD, ROBERT An Invoice of Hardware the Lexington Library. received and lus nilLAEELF-HIY- , JULY 23. HAS just in Lexington, isannow opening at ee- - A quantity of Logwood and 40 ban-el-c Rosin Lexington, Aug. 23, 1817. tf Also, 4o Boxes Bakewoods extensive and at Steam Boat Vcnta. A gentleman who neral assortment of Merchandize, consisting of cost and carriage. came tip from W nmington yesterday, in WENZEJL" jjiii uvuiia, luiiijj-- u jinx, ts uurifis-RY- ; J P.'SCHATZELL &. Co. forms that the Steam Boat Vesta, while 8 February 21 GROCEltJES, CHI,YA & LIVER. HAS JCST HECEIVED mOM LONUoV, A SEW ARES t the pnncipalpartof wluch laying at the wharf there, was discovered SORTMENT OF being selected in Philadelphia from on sire, on Sunday morning last, about PIANO FORTES, the Cash HouseSand at Auction, he will be en 2 o clock and notwithstanding the greatOliXAMDSTED AND OF THE NEWEST FASHIONS, abled to sell as low, is not lojycr than any goods superior tone and w orkmanship, which TILLfyM R .MORTON, & Co. have ?ust est exertions were used to extinguish the U1UUI11 IU 11115 ULUrK.Cl. VIZ. be soldattlm Wi.Vm.Vl vl,;in,lr.l received from Philadelphia and Balti so much injured as to Superfine Second and Pelisse Cloths"? more, and are now onenina- at the unnermnst flames, she was plua prices, with only the additional charges of Cassimeros,4'lannels ;. house on Cheapside, a general assortment of preclude any hppe of repaid being al transportation. Point and Rose Rlankets; He hoTnlso for sale, some Piano Fortes maMMil.n.wujK, consisting ot Dry Goods, most burnt to the water s edge Linen and Cotton Cambrick; nufactured by the best workman in PhiladelHardware and Cutlery, Cnna, Glass (J Queens Fancy Lace Muslin in patterns ; Ware, and Groceries, all of which they pledge phia, elegantly polished, and of the- iVienna KINGSTON, (JAM.) JUNE 13. India, Book, Mull, Leno, Cross barr'd and themselves to sell as cheap as any Goods that construction. A ilinht shnrk ns nn enithmmkp wsn; stripe Corded Muslins ; Also, aarietVof FLTTTF.fl. with nnv civ m. have ever been brought to this market. felt in this city and icinity about a quarDimities, Check and Domestic Cottons ; Ijennirttn, A6nl 22 eight 17 tf ORGANS, Black, spotted and coloured Bombazets; ter of an hour bafore 3 o'clock on Wed and other musical instruments, Cotton tjassiineres, Virginia Cotton Goods ; ac, c, . nesday afternoon ; and two se ere shocks Florence, Mantua, Levantine and Lutestring He has on hand likcvise, a large quantity of were felt about 4 o clock yesterday mornSilks; T, MAHOGAA'Y VEJr.h'.KLX'n of tl. k Ijbl OR SALE at the Office of the KEvTrctr ing. & 4 Damask and Levantine Silk m. .A.r.i-it- , maica wood, for cabinetmakers, and VX, un a creun oi o ana o month, and Cottqn Shawls ; 1 excellent super-rovPrinting Press Florentine, Mersailles, Toilcnet and Silk; LOUISVILLE, AUG 1 1 1 fount of English 1 fount Long Primer Lexington, August 23 tf stripe Vesting; Arrived atShippingpoit, on Saturday, 2 do BreviciwS pair super-rovchases An elegant assortment of Ginghams and H. SHINDELBOWER Sc CO. 5 composing sticks 1 ditto, for jobs, 2d inst. the steam boat LEXINGTON; Prints ; And a variety of other materials - ill well cal'MTIIIKHS, IIAIR DUKSSEIIS AKD RENTISTS, & Steam Loom and Shirting culated to sit out a complete Printing Office, ' in five days fvenr Cumberland river, with TTSF.SPF.r.TFni.T.V inrnrm thny fiTPn,U an,! iron. Apply to J. NORVELL. the public in general, that they punctually last, the Iarc'e A an nn i Wednesday Cotton, Silk and Worsted Hosiery ; J,Uy 19 tf attend to the foregoing business, at their shop Linen. Damask, and Cotton Table Cloths: banco INDEPENDENCE, for Cincin on Short-strenearly opposite the house of O. Twill'd Silk, Madras, Flag, Bandanoe and nati, with a full Cargo of Dry Goods, Keene. Esn. and npnp nnrl ln- Cotton Handkerchiefs ns INVOICE of gl5,tU0 assorted GOODS, Groceries, Hard and Queen's Ware, nhear's taverns. ThpV nlsn iml-- s.!l and Irish Linen, Sheeting and a selected on consignment, for salf ana uentiemens' i.auiu3 ' Liquors, Sec. Longlawn Blapk Feathers Silk Cot Apply to' WIGS, and NECKLACES and BRACELETS, TILFORD, TROTTER &CO. ton and buver Eace ; elastic and permanent; and plat and curl Hair August 2, lfil7. tf Tapes; Ribbons, Cotton Halls and Nuns AN INDIAN TREATY'. for Ladies heads. Tliev nlsnmnkf bnfid(1vpsAQ 1 hread; , FIIOM THE KNOXVILLI1 GAZETTE. which arfe fashionable in Spain, I loHand, France County, Set. An assortment of STRAW BONNETS; and Italy, together with all kind cf business We are, enabled to state, on authority .Plated Castors, Tea Trays, Toilet Glasses, SfHAKEN UP by Arthur Toyman, in said connected with or attached to the foregoing 11 county at his mills, a DA UK HAY entitled "to the fullest credit, that on the alden s lnt Powder, Common K LetThey also have on hand a quantity of Month-I- I .'Mflfc, about 13 j hands high, 6 or 8) ears ath inst. Governor M'Minn and Generals . ter Paper; and Water for preater and Knives and Forks, Table and Tea Spoons ; old, no brands perc'eiiable, had an iron screwJackson and Meriwether, commissioners serving the hair, and Soaps and Scissors, Spectacles, Ivory, Tortoisesheil and ed around her right pastern, appraised to 330 on the part oP the; United States, effectFrench Pomatum in pots and sticks. day of April 1817. before me the 28th Redding Comb's ; ed a treaty wjth the Cherokee Indians, August 2312 Aug. 16. 3t JOHN PERRY, j. r. Silk, Metal, Plated, Gilt and Glass Buttons. (by way of exchange) for a small tract oi A general assortment of aAEDLEUY, Auction &1 Commission BuWebb and Plush : country on, the north side ot 1 ennessee TJ750R the purpose of enlarging my business, Files assorted ; Hinges and Screws. river, within the, limits ot this state, in JL and expecting to be absenttrom this State, siness. Book-CasDrawer, Cupboard; Valin the eastern states, about sour months, I have subscriber informs the public, lhat cluding littie more than Sequatchee Pad and Stock Locks has taken, for a term of j cars, large ley ; and all the land south of Chatahoo-che- e interested Mr. John IX Jameson, in the whole A complete assortment of Caststeel Chissels concern of my shop, which wc now keep in river, in the state of Georgiai It is and Gouges, Augers, Gimblets, Hatch- and commodious Rooms and Cellars at the late the new threp story Brick House, on Main ets and Hammers; Awls, Tacks, Shoo Kentucky Hotel, where he will attend to the expressly stipulated- - in this treaty, that street, Lexington, a sew doors above the Office above business exclusively. All oiders and the census ot the whole nation be taken Pincers, Nippers, &c. of the Kentucky Insurance Company, on the Mill, Pitt, Hand, Tenant, Dovetail, (J Cut, Consignments, will be attended to and executed in the month of 'June next, with a view to same side, and next door below the Wholesale A cnetring and Compass Saw s ; with punctuality and despatch. ascertain the gross number of those on Store otJHestn. John P. Scbatzall 6? Ca. Mr. A. LE GRAND, Real Turkey Oil Stones, dble and single Jameson will attend himself strictlv to the bu Auctioneer ii Cumniission .Merchant. he Arkansas and White rivers, including Plane Irons ; siness; and being well provided w ith suitable I&rington, July 19, 1817 Wire Sieves, Hi as ahd Iron Wire , tf ad those on the east side of the Missishands, he will be ready at all times to serve Shovels and Tongs Spades and Shovels ; sippi, who, on taking flic enumeration, Advertisement-- . mj former customers and others, that may Coopers Adzes, Axes and Compasses, and shall express a w ish to remove thither please to call on him tor any thing mtfie Clock, IX persons, indebted to the Estate cf Carpenters Adzes. Watch. Silversmith and Jexvsllerv Holiness : in fiailej deccsed, are rcq"ested,to and that aster the enumeration is taken, Brass Bureau, Desk & Sideboard Mounting; the best manner,"and on the shortest liotice. make immediate pament and those having the Cherokee nation shall cede to the Quadrants for Secretary Desks ; I have also authorized Mr. Jameson, with Mr Wrought and Cut Tacks, and Sprigs of all demands against said cstare arc also requested United States, such portion of their coun Benjamin Stout, to attend to all my other busito bring them foru ard properlv authenticated, sizes ; Tenter Hooks and Fisji Hool s try as those who to reside on the Arkan ness in my absence, to whom, or either of them, Steelyards of dif 't w'ts. Am ils, Vices, real that provision may be made to discharge them. sas and White rivers, together with ail any person having business with mc w ill please SAS1UEL AYRES, Execittor. Ci owley Steel ; Drawing Kniv es ; t'ios.e whti may w ish to remove, are justiy to apply Lexington, Aug1 16. 3t SAML. AYP.ES. Rrass and strait CandlesticlS entitled to from their numbers; for Lexington, Ausr lb f't AVhccl Irons cf an excellent quality which the United States are to give them Fresh TEASU COFFEE, of superior qua- together with other Groceries. or two APPRENTICES to the an equal portion of land on the Arkansas Will be given for JVEW FEATHERS, and ONE Liverpool and as have' a and HAinsj con 6 TAILS, landt oIIol, WashChina ups Ewe Sa'icers, Tea tok raul) Business None but suchlcist, w ith and While rivers the bounos ol wluch. roAnsr. Basins and goud English education at is; c ch sigr.atc.ti ii the prt st ut treat . at the Auction and Commission Store cf Large and Dessert Plates, together w ith a ; orrtu moral characters, wjl be taken. Ap- di Those who make their election to re- A. LEGRAND. j general assortment of Queens Ware and Glass. ply at the office of the Kentucky Gazette. Lexington, Aug 2, 1817-M- s l move, are to uc turnisneu wiui coats ana Lexington, August 9,lbl7. 6 J NOHYEU. sc CO. July 26 . 5-- SAW WAREHOUSE, 1 R!A v 51aker, 'Piano-Fdrt- e LM Monday the 2Jth day of October next, will be sold without reserve, a choice stock of CATTLE for breeding, being the entire stock of the subscriber, who has iriven great attenton for several years past in selecting uie dcsi animals that coukl he procured in this state, for that object they are principally from thestock'of Peebles, Hume, Inskeep, Smith, and Crockett, with the young cattle of his raising, and are now sold not from choice but ne cessity there are no cattle in the state superior to theli(ipither in form? color orbl8od. Far mers amPfrrfciers, who have"- - hotlhis breed of cattle, will attliis sale, have an opportunity of supplying themselves ; those who have them know their alue, and will no doObt enlarge their stock. A steer of the improved breed, will fetch from the butcher at 3 ears old. double the money that a steer of sour years-olwill of me common Dreed, whereby a year s keep of til n annual Jo en. ...1 1... xisK. oif 1! R. f a vear, v.iv. onimnl i3 aavuvi, uiu uic ior and double the sum is nut ' into the farmer's pocket, one year sooner, which is another sayingorgain of the interest and further, this breed of cattle gives a greater quantity of milk. In no country in the world, da butter and cheese hear as high a price as in this, compared with the price of grain. The stock consists of 150 head. flmnnpt wliirh Qn enmp choice J7.C7C0JrS, HEIFERS, CALVES and YOUA'G HULLS. Sale to commence at 12 o clock Terms, 12 months credit for ne gotiable notes With app"roved"endorsers. LEWIS SANDERS. Sanders, Aug. 16, 1817. 1U .arper-forman- AT A W17. O jtMi nnpTnic JL JL JO 14 LEXINGTON, K. SATURDAY, AUGUST "JP ESPECTFULLY informs tlic Ladies and CP The price of subscriptions to the JLfcj Gentlemen of Kentucky Gazette, is, Three Dol- pleted the various Lexington, that having comimprovements in the intelars per annum, paid in advance, or rior of the Theatre, the house will be opened immediately and Foir Dollars at the end of the year. for a short season an indulgent ;public,again he that no fCT" The terms of advertising in this pledges himself to effort on his part paper, are, 50 cents for the first inser- self deserving of will be wanting to prove himtheir patronage. tion of every 15 lines or under, and 25 try A sew SEASON TICKETS, rtransfer- will be issued. The Hot Office willjrt cents for each continuance j- - longer ablej suture he Kept at the lower end ot the Theatre, tisements in the same proportion. IICAL EST MX ; THEATRE. 0English Cattle at Auction. Mr. DRAKE JIOIIXIMI, ad-v- ei i 1 The sales at Woostcr, of the Ianc'.n s Sandusky and the Miami ranids. havp civen an eidence ofthchic-- estimation this part of our state is held in, by those wno are intimately acquamted with its situation and prospective advantages. The lots at Croehansville sold nt wm- urice, from twenty to six hundred dollar. but generally about one hundred and fiiV dollaps. The land in its vicinity, so!d from twenty, tb one hundred and fifty one dollars.-Fhe lots in Pernsville sold at from twenty to two hundred and fiftv-fiidollars, and the adjacent lands command ed a proportionate price. We also learn that go ernor Cass has been authorized by government to nc gotiate with thq Indians for other lands in this quarter, and that the treaty will probably be held in September next. We have been furnished witn a well written naner, descrintiv e of this ser.tinn of Country, and adverting to its suture prospects, but at too late an hour lor this day's paper. It will be given in our next. -- " p. ALflANV, AUGUST 2. We understand that there are five steam boats building on the St. Lawrence, Montreal and QUebec. It is altogether probable that this multi plication of stearn boats on the St. Law- rence will in a shoittime supersede ship navigation above Quebec. These boats carry from 200 to 500 tons, and are uni- iormly freighted with merchandize and produce. The present plan of oppress ing the steam boats on the North, vv ill inevitably, it peisistedm, compel the ownei s to carry freight as well us passengers, in order to meet their expenses. The injury such an arrangement would ihflict upen tre owners of our sloops, is too apparent to rc.qt.irc ex planation. to ply between

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