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Image 12 of The Paducah evening sun, March 17, 1909

Part of The Paducah evening sun

t PAD OAH THE 1v t EVENING SUN > FADS eI5 u s r NEWEST MILLINERY IAHDNlte 1 Jt1Iii drapedt for early WMrar Urea turbsni of the buckle principally In dull let bead ant Bagdad and Spanish order In cloche and cut steel effect will be favored Gold and sliver cloth eabochon are also pop death knell 0 peratlvand sounded the eug ular Motoring hats will be of the poke course there are geetiv of the headdress of that coun- effects with large chiffon veils the pompadour Of many small hats shown but they have try They are mode from deep hair and Ing bats are nearly all mad on wire Unnatural large crown ao that the ef straw cones and are Imply trimmed frames covered either with crepe or dull An effort has been with qullla or Mrphlito effects finished auk Tulle crepe or taffeta bows stiffly feet la topheavy made to show in the Illustrations above With a large dull Jet beaded Cabachon wired are the usual trimmings though example of both the small and the tare e Theo turban are very large and are black Quills and wings are growing to well aa some of th e extreme worn well down over the head well for popularity bats The straws that will ba shapes to give an Idea of the genera 1 1ward and slightly on the right side principally used on the spring hats are trena but the variety of styles and of > There are also some fetching poke effects line chips Teddss Milan hemp real feats are ao variegated that one rnunt and some model turned up on one side hair and TagalL Smooth braids will be go to the shops to adjust your Ideal and down on the ether The trimmings used chiefly In the finer hats though of individual preferment Overturned are aoft lustrous satin In ribbon and some medium touch braids are j shells will be very popular this season pleco goods chiffon and mallnes Some All winter long fashion has demandVi In those the head fits tip under the con of the early January models for Southern that the hat match the gown BbiiJuUly cave aide with the straight down turning tourist showed the entire crown ani In shade and color but now a hat of brim throwing a deep shadow over tile much of the brim swathed In folds end contrasting color I s encouraged The I face and heir On Via Joe oc rounded lIne with an enormous loose folding ro latest tad I perfuming the hat with the slde tee heaped flowers foliate and rib title on the side In the feather line scent of the towers on bon rosettes In iich profusion that very Quills In straight and curled effects gen This article would not be complete little straw U visible exbetAt the edge erally used In bunches wing IIn Ions without mention of the opera hood > ot the brim If wtng ana psed they painted design and AUphlrto rttteeta which will be worn untl the wealheraJtlay fiat across Ebo top of Ilia hat Q jAHlha flatly Stfcttsare pUced I61 ftrnsnda rtteetto the summa rtiort are trapped down with banduvCs exceptlnrVh MepBlsto which It upright Tnese are constructed o that They dtfnot a bach n trimmings of stilt chiffon jltt> Foliage will pe used extensively a the muss the ialr Theyar always built floc ud flower petals will beivlrry trppit Vaaon adi anceryand In the o ther lsa an a frame of goo4 site and covered with Jar and streamers knotted jrc atM thet predominance of American beauty treat ahlrred chiffon and tiny chlffan y chW tor back of one ear promise to liar et mint combined with lilacs Also lilies Ins They are made of On all hats the brims pf she valley nasturtiums and large around the edge may ba Inge B decided vogue show a decided tendency to droop but- astern White plumes will be used a plaiting of taffeta or chiffon or t must not be COn Ufa with ther sis tr create deal and also galls ribbon eJect about the face with dainty Many have hug strings of taffeta i room shape as they ate pmvaat atf In Lows rotttee and loops Ornament 1m ferent Among she strongest fav9rltes In the form of cabochona and largo under the chin VP JournN i u showyJ Itt n O 1 m T 1 the may whisper emanated from Parts 08 that the hats would be a rceedlnrlr small for sprint the prophecy has jwt bees realized on this side Pit to true that last winter when Parts U the mlJst of the big hat throes u Iw several of the most fashionable Parisian actresses made an effort to turn the tide by appearing In extremely small bats However they had but alight effect and the only concessions made are reflected In the turbans whIch are slightly smaller than the Merry Widows but what they lark In width they make up In cubic lag wr plauattlyHeelell 1I4tO Thadata ti r < i J > W vy > rtes j 10 I 4y rt Waging made a i R t V ct meal inspection of l shown in the fatfjn centers wall wqzv styles ono MAR GH TWENTY JfTENTrSIXTH v J the i y L AND frti R r 101 > rJ 1E givetygjadies of Paducah an o porf < r nity to select from the bett1jfit < > C < ful things chosen1L i f It i r 1 t 1 nett r i j io J i AJJtJI111gtlr j ry r t Ir 0 1 I fs i AT RUDY i e GIRARDEK > e tt k s II t1cII1 laanr ilL rrvs t 4 a- v > I UPlSTfAIRS 1 10 I t I I- Y I d rays f f 0 > P 1 a rcse < 1 I J c S ta t rf e MRS Ii tt4 1 r r fof Spring Millinery All the newest styles fads and fancies in Mil linery dare depicted and you are cordially invited to conic dqwn and r I 1 nounoI I VERY fashion center has contributed tocour beautiful display see t 1 them itiddfs r fsF i > I iIwldllJ 1 I M OIt fIt < L li We AreShewing all Our NewSpringHats Now Our Open ing Will Be Held in a Few Days and We Urge You to Wait For a iv xt YMISS ziftCOBBS UUlaU 4 the hale then there are the Talllea casQueo the Polish schapska the Bag dad turban the MouJIk the old time pages turban and a pot shaped hat that has no heritage that can be traced curldua andea Yet theo ntnyig are bewitching In most oi these tho head sinks Into thethdeeptyand N 41f J m n O i- Inches by their height There are more freak styles ordained for this season than jrebcvo ever encountered before Some are like i funnels others sugjeat a coal hod covering half the face and all > 0I bePsyche c I r 1 tV I

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