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Image 11 of The Paducah evening sun, March 17, 1909

Part of The Paducah evening sun

r 3 THE PADtJOAH EVENING SUN psPIcfa c12t STREET GOWNS tii 1 nwIthIhefth thobuet whoI I W 01 AY your shadow nevor crow mitted to choose between ttyb effects the left U an old tpast s- strive for correct fashion ef fect this season In fact the efforts ore being made by all to reduce tho shadow to a minimum The ill I effect I s the one dominant note of all the gowns dresses end suttee for tills spring and summer and never berote has ono style bocn to uniformly accepted as this one Figures hair dress and even the natural walk have been altered to conform with tho present styles How long thus fashion will reign Is speculative but It II safe to say that all thus season sad well Into the next the Dlrectolre and Empire styles will ob They certainly are graceful and tain picturesque and one color Idea from head to foot Keeps well In hqpd the woman who In other days was prone to Inhar jrnonlous color combinations The lone close fitting sleeve and the high wait line are seen tn everything In the shape sfAouette e I a tint back and a noticeable sloping at the front of the tunic designed to reveal the dlrcctolro IUlb trimming the underskirt end ending > n n fancy bow In front The sash Is put on after the skirt la com plated rend Is caught about the altlrt just below the knees This ample overskirt Is A departure from the sheath skirl and to produce the desired lines must be a jnaterlil1 of a clinging nature The color bt the sash must adhere to tho color scheme of the bodice decorations In coats the long straight lines must be prrlrvoa and Lho coat must bo but ItlelfI a- s rtt I 04 ways artistic hence welcome When we adhere to he graceful lines of Nature we are much closer to grateful sym metry than wo were with the exagger atcd sleeve effect and accentuated waist land hips 0thd few seasons back There fore remember to be In accord with the I seasons edicts you must adopt the close fitting sleeve the hjgh waist line and the narrow aklrt A aklrt two yards and a half wldo Is the strictly proper thing but If you Insist upon exacting a greater degree of comfort fashion con ciliates by allowing you to go to the extent of three or even four yards but Cs thiaouI S I 1 limp materials that will do the clinging for you Either of these styles wilt give you the tube or allhoaotte appearance eo arbltarlly demanded Another marked tendency of the present styles la noted in the evening toilettes of the decollete elect The square d The In two nnd hrvo buttons and mock button hales All these costa hang loose frjm < two4toihirlyslx the coat shape without fullness at tho top In thesq suits thero Is a tendency toward plain fabrics although eelf All Materials Described = = = = > S nl i v hiiiiO Since 1 a THE GUTHRIE READYTOWEAR SHOP P11IIE garments now on exhibition in this iATho section atc typical of the accepted and authoritative fashions f or the season to come We desire toi impress upon you the fact that our efforts in making this collection were not confinedsolely to the higher priced kinds for we have gone to the extreme to procure immense assortments of garments at popular prices The demand for garments that are t different we have met upon a larger scale than ever before K rig tjtoro you I h An iiisptction will plcasniitlw surprise tftr 1 SILKS i onyard i rho New Satin PJnzuHcxchISit with limfiiKtTiia sec tiini the silk chosen by Jlrs Tuft foOgnKjof the the inaUKiiral gowns We flats it in iiHacoJors t I dudI I I Tussorali tho Orie ut Silk for stric and ben ttnnqthcr exclusive fubr ie Itil loIorit gs at the yard V 1OU this sensotr the hlll made nu itex Only the results have been great you THE STORE FOR NEW f l t 4 havingthe try e r Irt TRIMMINGS j 60 Is design done In I Is massed about the bust the The dca en hips the aklrt set on to the waist and same or cone beading and a sash wound trastlng mate bodice with a about the figure bUt loosely twice rial sold em- weighted at the end This sash I s In I broidery effects being very fashion- printed silk with th dellen massed A ably It Is very high rplts over In a theends Above Seep fringe- The huge sweep and fastens with a scarf and hem of the mull gown are trim 1 The skirls aro nnlehfcd InhabItable Implnwllh hemstllchln and tucks and the best effects are fastened In front the short embroidered eteeve Is straight for the back panel and bolt firo cut n- and wide enough to reveal the nrm Mare plain one Buttons are ttto most favored trim to the shouliler its him h Above Are Here 1 c being made of I at J It lgrlo4cJesQre mull without a bit of lace of of sheerest but coveted with a bold floral any kind gar white and richly raised 4 1 7- LI collar I7 1Napoleon Li Bd = eeaSome are also triads collarless to be worn with separate d- ruffs In all these costa severe tailored lines are the most fashionable and coverts and broadcloths ore the materials moat fpY ored The lengths will vary from thirty two to fortytwo Inches according to the style of the garment Advance styles Indicate that thirtysix Inch lengths will be the most popular In two and three piece suits the semifitted coats and hip Icas skirts are correct The coataro all cut In a manner that makes them short walsted and ore of tho cutaway style They show once with rounded corners era m f 7ehadea 1 or slender Satin S IIIJ1hIIYjl beautiful fabric wa F i slight t f S12 the yard corded effect IIIl slll Lti tines nlnfleItbso AVitiii a styles in1otilnrds till lutoly spot prouf uti1 iowe1 proof tIl 125 pure silk hose an cxeejlcnt quality In all Including Old Rese IROftdn Taupe Wisteria Gold Myrtle Navy Skye Tan Pink Cardinal Whit This Is a regular 1150 quality but our anti mack 911W price IB per pair quality silk In nil pure silk hoes ONYX popular for sPiIng This Is our leader a regu UHlar flSB value which wo sell at llanJsdmo embroidered effects 4n ONYX hosiery at from 800 to LOc the pair Alook wlllreveal a beauti ful assortment 1sllader tr Carriage Gowns and Walking Suits I Co 1AIiJleI rlolij and by draping the over part high up on tib figure or by making the front i I short and the bock long or vice versa to conform wllh Individual preferment Tho oldQreek peplum styles are very fashionable lust now with the top of tho otgraklrt coming well over the bust and what little fullness there I s being drawnfln at tho walt And then allowed to fajii In soft folds over the hips and at tho sides r To make tho oversklrt l costume successful tho underskirt should be long If not with trains at least a couplo of Inches on the ground For early spring wear and for evening gowns however trains are the thing Even for afternoon costumes the nah tall trains i or what has been called the mermaid effect are being shown in the smartest circles Greek and Jloman draped effects are shown on nearly all the gowns In some of the smartest gowns brought over recently there Is a decided dip at- Bcctlon ONYX 1 aro mado with pointed reveres while others are women Since match the costume That tliote Have the hose to nmnJ of Fashion and we have met thIs demand with the mast complete Hues of hosiery ever btoughtto this 1 IIleevelIh cloedfitted INTERESTING HOSIERY FACTS Ai amattwaJat garments two styles of sleeves show the skirts there ar nQ concessions made Tile nearest thing to A concession Is In iho overskirt and double skirted styles which however must be draped to pre BCHBfcHeGa I this season way Many verytrying coltors i- t fare very Important of lon I t CUtlwATtront gr 1 image Irh JIIan1 models the WMjJS s tripes mix narrow front panel + turoa and rcu fiiihlbn mid the skirt fastens on the left latlon fanctea plait The skirts lust are wldil lido under the but all the season oJ ground Layela clear the hMJ there la no Question but what are hewnoh lyancoa skirts will be In vogue Shorter Suits t t Waists fr V Z Dresses Coats 1 r i Undermuslins Skirts T > I- 11 1- 0 Ill frortaiiil i i vlbitrtviih1ali6 W iI 1E HIS yeat o i = I sI = = = oM 1 e t Ii k y w 4

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