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Image 1 of Semi-weekly interior journal., October 4, 1904

Part of Semi-weekly interior journal.

f SEMI=WEEKLY INTERIOR JOURNAL 3 IKVOL XXX1IaSTANFORD KY TUESDAY OCTOBER 19043PM 4 NO 63 II NEWS NOTES MiJ H B McClelland died suddenly lo Ltxlngon George Kerr the wellknown car tonal st Is dead Fire at Toledo 0 dwtroed proper ty worth Il7fl000 The mutilated tody ot a girl was f und In a suburb of Cincinnati The Ohio river at Cincinnati le at the lowest stage since Oitobir 1000 Joseph JetTorcon has announced hd permHoeot retirement from tbe stage Jobo Gressley a farmer was killed by a blow at a political meeting at Moorotvllle led A D Murrell an appoUtee student from Taylor county has been ordered to leave State College Near Campbells vl lie Ind Oliver Q IladcillT killed his father who was ad vanolng on him with a ebb EIghty ntne foreigners ooofMeed in Now York that they bad secured tbelr naturalization peters by fraod YOUNG MENS CLOTHES AI goods aaes wee destroyed by Ore causing a hoes T BON W UFKDE 1RPY blown and robbed of a large turn A part of the American Sheet Iron N < > of DP rejigs looo ed the who no ehy of the bat p a Lincoln hlersbip has held the posltboever tlnee the book wet m ganlMd under tbe name of tbe Parmars Nation Bnlr S6 year ego be U a bora eaaecleraed toft hu eood Jadl- > went the irrtut uoot a of tbe bask It due He mire with the goad will of all towreesee lo tbe toiUtutloi be bit served o well Ue U 71 year old aod hoyloz beeo a bard worker for a toll halt oeotary be feel the teed of restS Ltke a great may other taeer ui Inca Dr Owsley wa born la the m mo tains flrtt seoloc the tight lo luU KI Be graduated at Centre Col Oouaty loge is 18W and afterwards graduated la medicine Ue praetlc 4 to OrAb Or obard tertral years but Iodine that a eiow Mtbod of neuter slob be swtebt lt I t a fester way and be found It Today be to probably the wealthiest man la Lla 0010 county Dr thilevs Brat wifewai Mlu Sabra Peaolotftoo who bure him two cbll drell Mettle Havo who died lo young Mirattjbood aad If P Owolev who hat for a umber of years been oishler ol the PonrtD Nmlnoal Bask at Colum last wife wai but Oa Dr URsley Mary Ptfoolngioo eee Welch Mr and she nth llvlni Oily two of the orK4nxir of tbe tuoic Dr Ow ley served o tong are living himself and Samuel Q Shank who la yet lu president Assistant Caoler W M Urlaht who bat for veers been a faithful attaebe of the bank aod a special profee of Dr OllIrwill eeeeeod him a caibler Lexls too Democrat o County National DsnW I Resolutions or RcspeotI R oletteee of rt JlfO a III at Mr beloved brother W G Nora who departed tale life Sept V IM M b I Stanford Ky B OWSLEY MoKINNEY Mr Hill visa I Aderti Is visiting The hotel at this plea is debar a flei buUM I L HUSTONVILLE Postmaster John Blatn visited rela tlvel In Grant county this week Vernon Qarcourt formJohn Stuart Benson old to Smith er Liberal leader In tbe House of Com lion of Boyle 2600 worth of fat cat moot died suddenly At his country teat tie at I16near Oxford 1be sale of George W Rifle FrIday Mss Clytle Gregg of Kansas City was well attended and the prices were I has been notified that ibe is heiress to satlefaciory a half million dollar fortune at Cape o P Fleece foreman oo Newton Nome AlaskaHenry E Alvord chief of the daIry division of tbe United States depart meat of agriculture dropped dead at tbe World Fair Tbo annual meeting of tbe Kentucky Bankers Association will be held In the Kentucky building at the Worlds Pair In St Louis Wedoeeday and Thursday Half tbo town of Watrous N M was washed away and 12 persons were drowned by the recent floods Heavy damage Is reported In many towns throughout New Mexico It is believed at Brownsville Texas that owing to the reueot floods tLe Rio Grande has changed Ita original bed the Arroyo Colorado leaving Browns villa out oil from tbe river Jack Terry a Negro at Bellalre 0 shot and killed Carl Getchel a young white man Oftloer with drawn pistols protected Terry from a threatening mob aod lodged him In jill Two desperadoes from the Northern portion of tbe State terrorized tbe vile lage of Little Pork Minn for live days They robbed stores and saloons cod had possession of the town for awhile Tho trial of Mrs Arbella Bach at Jackson for killing her former hus band Tlcky Jim Bach was contin ued Indefinitely by Judge Hargleonao count of tbe serious Illness of the de ¬ by eta tietliMiyd ib US s Superior Grain Drills Bros building bad a severe fall from between the rafters of tbe second story Injuring an old fracture The graded school foot ball team will begin work this week preparatory to meeting soy tem of tbel class ln Ceo tral Kentucky ere tho season closes Wm Miss Edna Camoltz and Mrs Huffman are visiting friends la Har rodsburg Mr and Mrs George Rob ¬ inson aro attending tbe Worlds Fair Dr Bianton of Central University will prescb at the Presbyterian church Sunday Oct lOib In the absence of Rev W W Bruce woo Is confined to his room I HAVE bought out Jerry Adams laundry business and will eblp I un dry Tuesday mornings at 0 oclock Instead of on Wednesdays as heretoG1 fore I solielt your patronage N Glllook Hugtoovllio 2t C Rud McCormackt corn show Is creating quite an Interest among growers for many miles Three premiums are Doing offered as follows 12 to 1st II to led and one years subscription to the INTERIOR JOURNAL to 3rA Bring In your samples this week and next Tbe continued demand for building material In our city has stimulated parties familiar with tbe business and we expect to announce ere tbe let ol Noyembertbat an up to date planing and saw mill will bo another successful adjunct to our prosperous little city Just watch us grow¬ As an evidence of the superiority ofjthe Supo rior Drill there are more of them in use in this county than all tho others together Nothing in ¬ ferior Is imitated If your drill needs any repair bring it in now do not wait until you get ready Oliver Chilled Plowef Disc Harrows to use it Lover Harrows WeH HIGGINS STANFORD KY DON T MISS THE OPPORTUNITY To Come to the New Store for Bargains To Give You the Best Goods For the Least Money ITbe grit 1 KB Mr J S Sralth ol tCwxvllle bal bleed bU family here Our store is now open for business with a new and uptodate stuck of Dry WaTM hurff Lodge No 773 N are and me wife a Mr Wilt S4mmte City children Goods Clothing Shoos Hats nUll Caps Ladies Skirts Cloaks and Jackets has tat a worthy brother htlsr at JuaaUoB lovjoif buiband bb little ohlldren a and a complete lino of Ladies and Gouts Furnishing Goods Etc Etc We The funedttUoe for the new bank at kind Ulbif bin aired soother a dutiful I Is pruttreieloir nicely extend our invitation to the people of Stanford and surrounding country to age aod the eommooUy aa honorabltt tbl plate TtHt obuul bare bas been owed for visit our store cud examine our stock and prices which we hope will bo in sad oprigbtottizsn oe aooouet of diphiheU tbe cresting as well as important to yourself and to us Our motto is We deplore tbe toss of oar beloved Mr R B MclvlaDev tale UThur wddeoly taken brotber who was to day 8 She U expeottoK a large away In the bloom of nanbood Re lath erflwd fendantJessie Nash colored woo a scholar ¬ eleroliy asleep bore to wake lo There will be preaching here the lot ship In tbe National Normal Unlversl ¬ CHURCH MATTERS That we extoad to the bereaved fern cod Srd Sunday ID each month by Rev vat Lebanon 0 but was Informed by lly and relatives our itootre rnpatby Owen Christian church prayer meet Through our square trayof doing business we hope the people of Stanford the president of the Institution that she lots and eommenl tbem In Jselr Edward Murphy and wife of Kings wallcould not be admitted on account ot log will be held at tbe home of Dr and and surrounding country when ouce they get mr prices will always come to film wbodoetb all thlnim rill vUitwl the molly of Themes her color Mrs L B Cook Toursday night We hope that each and every one will come and see the anti patronize us Tbat we thai over oberlb tbe mem- ¬ GoooU A Sao Francisco judge has decided Tbe act passed by tbe last Legisla ¬ cod bow toory of our deceased brotber BARGAINS we are offering Thanking you in advance Our genial uperlnte deoi of uounty must bambleubwleloa to the dlviqe wilt schools paid a visit to our district a few ture appropriating 116000 annually to that engagement rings decidebe returnto recall meet a deficiency In the expenses of the ed when young women rd our Master days ago That B copy of there resolutions be The tamer are all oomplalnlnc of State College was declared to be uo ¬ their promise to marry The meeting at the Baptist church at constitutional by Special Judge Carroll spread on the rolnato book of the led ira dry weather and very little wheat has Brodbead conducted by Revs Smith at Frankfort a copy seat to the INTBRIOK JOCKNAL been town In late eoion Mr Jacob Strowl was found dead In Pike and Noel the Utter of this place for publication Rod a copy delivered toThe school at DUtrict No 1 Is pro bed with a bullet hole through bur head closed Friday night with 60 additions the family of tbe deoeewd gretilatr nicely cod Is being taught by SH at Uuntlngton lad Her husband who Dont forget the missionary meeting C C Gooab J M Johatoa one of Lincoln oouotva best teachers was sleeping with her claims she com- ¬ at tbo Methodist church tonight and = = Oooob committee suicide but be U uuder surveil ¬ tomorrow night Rev J W Crates aa farmer to mitted A of Rlonmind will conduct tbe service Whereas God UU wltdooi saw give robust lediaa was refuted on the lance by the Ulcers him work but roar earths lotto OH the proper to oath Hortmeyer a foreman in tbe tonightThe Fred ground that the Indians were no good meeting at Mt Tabor church 30th day of September 1004 our no got tlrod This par chair factory where Olem Buohter U A Pad iatt therefore that they always loved brotber while In the State prison says near Paint Lick conducted by Rev O tloulttr Indian said that be didnt be- worked Huey of this place and Rev M belt never been that Uuchter while urging him at oneas In the deatb of long to that class and had Reeolved lot That In securing a pardon Hugbsoo of Lexington resulted in Su be was put to work hoeing time to assist Undo George ai be Is boat known tired would be 11003 In It for additionsBishop the farmer told him there Smith at the Methodist Con Wayneiburc Tool No 661 U T M corn An hour Afterward was getting Urn went around to see bow be mildly rebuked As the result of an order Issued by fat Franklin has felt a great lose on aooouot of bU asleep under a tree the mayor of Lexington that all bual ference 00 and found him UBoy mealy vlrtuoa but In obedience ministers who upplaud speakers utter you ness houses should be oloeod from mid ¬ wake up here be cried to u divine dispensation we humbly IIOBere you never got night Saturday until Monday morning ances declaring that the good old Ugh tired of Heaven sad say amen iutUced bow to tbe mandate managers ot and own this Injun ore of livery the newspapers city secursaid the other yrwnlog stables In that tby will be done The Ladles Aid Society of the Bur down often he ed a temporary But It he not lie retraining order gin Christian church will run an ex S That the member of this Teci ox dont would get tire lust the same aa the- against the enforcement of the city cursion to St Louis on Oct 12th at trod their heartfelt sympathy to tbe re t order aod beg to share 121 SO for the round trip Including all wife of tbe deceased DRUGGISTSTANFORD Cause or Lockjaw expenses for seven days President Rootuvell long and her In part this sad bereave Lockjaw or tetanus is caused by a Rev 0 F Oaov will preach at Me wont thus carrying out tba Injunction boastful letter of acceptance recall I P bear yo ono another1 burtons and so the criticism of Juolus upon a windy bacillus or germ which exists plentifully Kondreo Methodist church Bubble state paper of Lord Qlllsporo Strong In street dirt It is Inactive so long as next Sunday Be will preach tbore fallfll tholawof Christ this lodge be draped In assertions without proof declamation exposed to the air but when carried be- the second Sunday In each month dur 3 That mourning for 30 days and that the without argument and violent assertion neath the skin as In the wounds caused lOll this conference yearwithout dignity but neither correct ¬ by percussion caps or by rusty nails end S Tburston Ballard of Louisville members thereof objervo the same sees In tbe composition nor Judgment when the air is excluded the germ Is has purcbrsed anti presented to Christ 4 Tbat a copy of them resolutions This is the proper season to put up Courier Journal roused to activity and produces the most Church Cathedral the property adjoin ¬ be furnished the wife of the deceased In the design virulent poison known These germs tog the present parish house A new a copy spread on our minute book nod I tell you sir the automobile will WOVEN WIRE FENCE Wo sell THE may be destroyed and all danger of lock parish house will be erected at a cost a copy mailed to tbe iNTsnion JOUR soon be within the roach of ovcrv NAL for publication law avoided by applying Chamberlains of 120000 the best made Cull and Committee IA U Slneletoo T B bodvI Evangelist J L Divl closed bl IAln helm freely as soon as tho injury la am glad to boar It said the park Reynold and J O Caldwell 10 add PAU Balm Is an antiseptic meeting at Sloan Valley with received see us before buying your fence When they run over a policeman tronbled with a weak digestion try man nowadays they usually get away and ciuse such injuries to heal without Lions to the church of Christ This maturation and in ono third the time re congregation was organized oo Jan 251 Chamberlain Stomach and Liver Tb before anybody can reach them It is for last and now numbers 60 members quired by the usual treatment Ky For gale lets They will do you good 3omer pz Journal Mlddeshnn ruff red a 525030 flro t solo h y all ilrupplM I by all drugglits t that prO 0t I at Sal miLLER Danville THE GLOBE woo will ad it to in at the of court buute uere neXt Monday county court day Doat fall tit hear hm dree the d tinker convertsSir JOHN Or Elector fur this dlntnci J 1100000 A Chicago court baa decided that Alexander Dowle Is not entitled to 856 too left him by the will of one of his DR AI We make a specialty of young mens clothes Styles that have snap and go in them Fash- ¬ ions sought for by young men who will not pay tailors prices when they nail get tailors fit and style ready to put on and wear Our Fall stock is ready and we are always glad to show our toteI Company plaot at Phllllpsburg I ¬ Sam Robinson I J Next Door to Lincoln County Nat Bank t s L i u Kentucky Stanford ked School supplies and school BOOKS ¬ weBe McRoberts 1with 1O l e t a rFARMERS I aAMERICAN yIf I THE I ¬ ¬ qr a nl+ i wrMNMY Y i aw + G M IwI PerkinsCrab Orchard ri

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