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Page 629 of George Rogers Clark papers, 1771-1784 / edited with introduction and notes by James Alton James. (vol. 1)

APPENDIX There are other statements made in the Menwoir which, so far as has been determined have not been made in any other document. Conspicuous among these are the following incidents: the story of the "antic drummer boy;"' that Clark on one occasion on the march to Vincennes smeared his face with powder before plunging into the water;2 that the strong men gave assistance to their weaker companions ;3 and that food was secured from a canoe, being paddled by some squaws, which was overtaken by some of Clark's men.4 From these considerations, together with those cited in the notes, the conclusion is warranted that the Memoir is not made up of the reminiscences of an old man who strove for the dramatic in his presentation. The language, stilted on occasion, notably in the speeches before Indian councils, is not conspicuously so when compared with that used in the Mason Letter and Clark's Journal in describing similar events. Granted that it is not as authoritative on a particular point as either of the three other leading documents constantly cited, for the events described had trans- pired at least ten years before it was written, the Memoir must be regarded as the supplement to each of these in turn and to all of them upon a number of points. 'Aute, 271; Roosevelt, IT inning of the West, 11.. 73. -'Ane, 274; ibid., 74. JAnse, 276; ibid., 76. 4Ibid. 629

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