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Page 628 of George Rogers Clark papers, 1771-1784 / edited with introduction and notes by James Alton James. (vol. 1)

ILLINOIS HISTORICAL COLLECTIONS "See my Letter to him [Governor of Virginia];" "Refer to Major Bowman's Journal;" and "This copy is lost." There can be no doubt that he made constant use of the Diary, and Bowman's Journal. This Journal gives Clark's proceedings between January 29, 1779, and March 20 of the following year and as it was the work of one of his most trusted followers has always been regarded as one of the best records of the period. His efforts to recover the Mason Letter were fruitless, and Clark's Journal t was in the hands of the British authorities. Interest centers especially in the comparison of the narrative in the Memoir and that in these two latter documents. It is seen that numerous incidents arc introduced which although they are not mentioned in the Diary or Bowman's Journal are referred to and at times emphasized in the Mason Letter or Clark's Journal. Some of the statements in the Memoir, not included in either of the four documents mentioned, are cor- roborated by other sources, as: the eclipse of the sun at the time of leaving the Falls of the Ohio;2 the treatment of Cerre;3 division of the goods captured at Vincennes ;4 disposal of the prisoners;5 orders to Cap- tain Shelby to re-enforce Captain Linctot;6 deprecia- tion in the value of paper money;7 general confusion at Detroit;8 and the defeat of Colonel David Rogers.9 X See ante, 164. 2-See ante, 224, n. 1. 3Ante, 48. 4Ante, 345. 'Ante, 315. 6Ante, 360, 362. 'Ante, 300, n. 1; 300, n. 3. 'Ante, 324, 345. 'Ante, 371. 628

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