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Image 1 of 1973 - Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

Part of Murray State University Board of Regents Meeting Minutes.

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nnnnnnnnnnnn----......................................._.llllll MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF THE BOARD OF REGENTS MURRAY STATE UNIVERSITY March 31, 1973 A Regular Quarterly Meeting of the Board of Regents of Murray State University, Murray, Kentucky, was convened in the Board Room in the Administra- tion Building on the campus of the University at Murray, Kentucky, on March 31, 1973, at 10:00 a.m., C.S.T., pursuant to a letter of notice which was sent to each member by the Chairman, at the request of the President of the University, I according to authority of KRS 164.340. Mr. H. Glenn Doran was in the Chair presiding, and the following members of the Board were present: E. G. Adams, Vice-Chairman, Dave Curtis, M. D. Hassell, Charles E. Howard, Bob T. Long, Graves (Skip) Neale, A. B. Mitchell, O. B. Springer, Harry Lee Waterfield. Absent were Board Members: None Also present in addition to President Harry M. Sparks were Mrs. Patsy R. Dyer, Secretary of the Board, Dr. Thomas B. Hogancamp, Vice President for Administrative Affairs and Treasurer of the Board, Dr. W. G. Read, Vice President for Academic Affairs, and a representative of the firm of Dupree & Company, Inc. (Mr. Ralph Nall), Lexington, Kentucky, the Fiscal Agent employed by the Board of Regents, with the approval of the Department of Finance, in connection with the proposed advance refunding of the previously issued "Murray State University Consolidated Educational Buildings Revenue Bonds, Series F." The Chairman noted the presence of a quorum for the transaction of business, and called the meeting to order. Dr. Hogancamp opened the meeting with prayer. Agenda I President Sparks presented the following Agenda. ‘ AGENDA for Meeting of the Board of Regents March 31, 1973 I. Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Regents held on January 31, 1973. II. Faculty Personnel/Payroll Items A. Adjustments in Salary Name Assignment Change/Explanation Robert Howard Asst. Prof., Comm. Salary from rate of $10,300 (Acad) to rate of $10,800 (Acad); effective 2-1-73; Ph.D. completed John N. Brodel Instructor, Marketing Salary from rate of $9,700 (Acad) to rate of $10,200 (Acad); effective 2-1-73; ` MBA completed I John H. Belt Continuing Education $315.00 extra for overload ` Inst., Industrial Educ. course; payable 5-4-73 James E. Biggs PREP Program Coordinator $375.00 for 6-ll-73--6-29-73; extension of time. Thomas E. Wright Instructor-Adjunct, $600.00 for 6-ll-73--6-29-73; PREP Program extension of time.

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