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Image 4 of Daily Louisville Democrat, August 3, 1855

Part of Daily Louisville Democrat

jif ackerel: no. ltJL i. TfifiAi BEMOIUAT. m57 EECHES. JUST RECEIVED, nOHTrDR H COPLAND'S ff ff U3IBER AND SHINGLES. 1,0)0,(100 feet of Lumt ir, all qualities. iwv,jlv ict tiemiocc enemgj Laiou.Ouo superior Sniijglesj FAMILY TUB UNIVERSITY'S Important to t3 Ii unrtr i consequanea of the liberal patronart wbio"! l,t)00 Swedish Leeches, at No. ra Ttuns street, he nas received, and me eonjtaot demand tor La L CELEBRATED West sitie, between MarktM and Jsfienon. w uUT,.wau. oners ns niLLlAM Improved Spectacles, and to the CiUraos of Louisville as LeeclMtt C a ppei ana Issued nnder the 8al SaocUon, and Authority of the aedfesdj cheap I rKcraitiDiT Xr. 80LOMOX3 has determined to remain i S,fi09 Cedw Posts; BMrs?Young will wait upon the ladles ha, th saaaa line The V ile Appeal. of wbiohw will fOOTTUX YARNS. 75 BAGS 500, All lengths of goantiing aad Joist-al- l Dr. C. M. JACKSON, Philadelphia, of business at Ne.SS Third street. e!l low for cash. Tea txV me, Willism, when a girl, (M, and C Yarns in store ard forsnleby WUL smcTCaXLT et Mr. Young also gives his attention So the Cleaning, pTtooa who wl to pomtmett, he wouid advise th TULB11N JC ILK. j20 Urto Jour hune and beart, an eariy call. Dr iwine and Filing of Teeth. AND POPULAR KCTOWLEDOB, we consider our LumWocure hU ImproveU G.sea. t.j before purchasing elsewhere, as LiTer Complaint, Dyspepsia, ftysicians and otnersm tne To bear, in .11 y.ur after life, Eyes. OF bera of a superior quality, and we are" (leteraiiped to. sell Leches, put up so as to carry them concur candistance, for BY I7ew safeiy any . lIROXlf-. NFRVOFS DFRILI-- i 250 KKGS ASSOiiTEU iiwi.--- '. at fair once IjAllbUlibn CiJiy and Market. A foud nd Luthful part: WITH A CAPITAL ov aoniviua as aDove. Cornerof AcC, GROUND ON TOUSTIIi U ELt. Jeii itf VVty, Diseases of the Kidney, and all Diseases siies for sale Vy rjySO Asd, tell me, Lave I evtr trkd for tbe purpose of arresting the lu0,0o0, mainly OK arising irom uisorurea Liver or stomaca, K?.the eiact principle of SpeciiJ Accuracy, by a. iui That duty to forego, evils of Snunous ana voirmes iiosiruma, S RAZCIiS. HAVING VS. tuch aa remedie 50 HBLS GOOD FAMILY supplving tUe community with reliableorwill not be em- Consumption, Or prieved because 1 had no joy A KV.NTTTK V 1IIH WDRI.Tt!! I IDinOftl" been arocinted aKer.ts for these well known and Physician cannot FulFloui in store aud for saJe br recommending Inar'i fiiea.the of SI KI u When you were funk in ploved. Ti.: Institution bas purcnasea irom ur. joiiu celebrated K;tzor, we take pleasure inand easy efiav- - ceiving a very choice and eieyant supply by myself in THUSTTN & ELY. or Blood to Hal, D Sl'MMElt GOOls for lwio, selected them to every in want of a cne K. Kowand Lis celebrated auea, Acidity of the siomaeh inn K.or. to r .U und pxiunuip Gilchrist's wsrr:inted Ka- - pervin. from the latest Eastern importations, to liich (.hare yc ur Ua. IS BBLS, No, I would rather WHISKY. Ileurtburu. Disgust for 1 ocxl-- r uliars. sor; every R izor wnrraoted to give satiaf.ictK.u or the I invite the attention of my patrons arid friends, as a, or weight in the etoniach, sourer money refun led. We also f uroih tiinn to wboleale we;l as thoe in want or superior goods made up in sut r; 0 Vl A7 rn other' glee, Than any on coc g at the l it of the S cm. Pinking, or Flutti-tiyears, as the only merchant at New York prices. We refer to the citizens perior style at reduced rates to prompt customers. Rnnrr for unirsrda of twentv-flrTor though you're nothing to the world, their ouality. ily stock eoibrac-- a mavnincent a display of every arh. fwlniraipg of thrt llead, llarril anil dirtcs and merchants of Louisville ana r-OllMrBV, H A I K St CO. You'rt aU the troiiJ to description of Gentlemen's I)res Goods a was ever Brea.hin?. Fluttering at tne BAGS IN sure anrt sale cure lor revr SALT. ettimai.le reaedy for Bowel CoroUaictD, Kowands exhibited in the city of Louisville. You wake a pala.- - cl' my shed, Compound A LARGE THOS. S.OL.IV KR, Merchant Tailor, eiore and for Ic by & No. w... o.t bond ,.r.v., London, bec-a throne--- . ; 'I liU TTirSTTX i: F.T.Y. Vlver and Dull Pain in the Head, Lei- (yuccessor to Oliver at tvitnn.J SVEUr OF BLACKBERRY KUOl, supplv received snd for sale 1w by No. 4" Main street. Louisville, Ky. There' tuuligUt for me in your Eiriles, Main st .nrentor of th. lm,We4 OKMSBY, BLAtlt ti CO. jaO l,fHM BUSHELS IN Which hchy srrroved xnd popular remedi. together MKAL. improved Glasaes.u now on And music in your tone. Complaints of the Sulni Iims. 4c-.- .Eo- -.. with theXnivereitv's Kmiedy " prof 'ssiooul v.sit to this piac., an 1 may be at PIS- - T&TUSICAL GOODS AT WHOLE- - i PyM-'i bi',,-1r liUt stoie and for isle ly Lun?: the Univ- - rs'ity's Kmeci.v for for Costive aid .4 s ju.,.i it.eet,t.ceu 11 a. a acd Xt- THl'STTS & ELY. Bowels, Jy3c aiaoice.o. lag in the Fleh. C .n- W University's Kcu.cdy 1p. Citv and countrv merrhar'.s will find in tols Another supply tv express; sornetting I lov upon yoa when jcu sleep, also, the University's Almanac; may be tad at me overvhody wants; call and ae tbem at No. fi Main st. our stock every variety of Musical Goods of our own slant ImYiDniior: ha, th. honjr cf . ri'MtiJ Ue pr.n(.,ral JIv eye wita tear j;row iiu; CO. oK Marty. BLA1K jyii) oranch dispensary. importation, at lowest New York priceSi vis: Sf"''rv tcwBSM tl.e t'ni-eKincdom.wh-r- e he h JJ. IjO hoj?s Virinia, vririous brands; rft. l?.ia i'arent ot the p wr, !,.,( k'nlich VrvnM.. an. I Itliitn Violin T!nH! I cry, J. XV. .tlv.'l"V.'i. U CO., . oOHt t.iu. rir i cneouragenicnt: and hvirg beesi t do; ii io Ke'.tooky, no K. A. liOUlNSON HOOPS, French and German Violins, at ail prices; Guitars, Ac- t. mane a vi-- it E 11 S TOOLS. froui heaven on bita; Look down -r a hort liSWi h Vrlri's Louisville. "rsl."r o dc; ci jylSdSra nanjos, lainnonnes, irass insiru i.f t LonO ic, Knlvpa ,P!ans Ppb-h''- - uon-.nnl n'l kinds of Tno's for ' coru'ons, arrival Eetii U turn tod troin day to day, icrewg, fee. The railing .L.v.fai a.sur.tJei.t of sac-i- y in wi.u amo.t OKMSBY, jyaoi l TiirSTIN & ELY. jy.j to tn- - preparati..n, does so ELaust:r strength nJl soul; Our stock of t heet Music is most complete. a - .d imrrov-- d DISSOLUTHIX. Uie superiority of s.icn is . to tne t 4t CO., lw Fourth St. confidence in us virtues and 1 LsnJ, WEBB. PETERS mrl9 u, Giaaaes. O. look in in ay on Lius, OTHER 50 HHDS FROM FAIR who li it Ureeoir.iuesdt tl & MOR- r v u,. t!;en.i. and U.eT FIRM OF iusta!:t:v tie ' r Tflou c4Wt make tiim whole." Fancy Dyer, has rej rrimeiB store .nd f,r . 'ViuTTX It is no new and untried article.but one tfcitf ha stooa p T lh pr..j-erof on srTn: tl.e precioui 0fKS.ii n RI&SOX is thin day dissolved by mutual consent. movedplaces. Fr.Weiii", Silk and Kifih street, between IjiV 1 gU before toe American his Dving Establishment to tise tf. t,f AU. yai-s'tnie: to '.he ior auv tn- i pei iod of i.'- -. while tLoy of J. K. A.J. S'.crrisson havinij purchased the interest Iletierson, where he is unw prepareil again MLA We have now on hand a full and complete assort- - and iu reyuuiioii Market slo is uurivalrd by any i:r.iUr ciu'4el-t-'l tii- - 'ii' art i ti,e v hum to pursue the most t inter, will continue the business on hia own account, to dr all and And. when at last relieving sletp kinds of Silk and t'ancv Dying. .S ment of all kinds of Fine Boards and hiuiles. Also, a l prepcnition txtant. Tbe iestimLy in its favor. i(i e iu v lo g- - :r . for r.y ASSES. m ii oft tne. both r.y nd i aiore authorized to use tbe name of the firm, in creiids suiiled, Has on Louisville and vicinity The ladies and gentlemen large stock of Poplar Joists, bcariling. and Boards, ' by the fciot ).rorn.ri'nt ami :l kt.uwn pnysieiaua ari'i city 'ie cn.n-light- . ard As srveral inriiT'iUa in the To l.Vls tka Me'tfies; i.ou::i-J arts i'SlMOKKlifos. are respxtfully ir invited to call at my new - store if they WOich we are seUiin as low as any other yard in the city,- i indi idu:tU ia aU troQ of the own y , isi iiiiinens'. nave provl tne.r e icucv . be. wit.l cn- JJow oft r tU.-- forbid i ) clo.e SO do; fin ?UKar-hour"peetfu!.y l"n:d sv.iieits Dresses, shawls, Cape'- Bonnets, or will alwa.v be rromptly atto have th-he folio ire. I wish by Oriers from the country do;;n otro d for i'itos of ti.e u't. wrii-1- ! do Louifiville, May 31, 1555 je4 d;im -, -wi-la dumber, by our chiLi" my ndenee, 'i u suicI to. my t,il .1oUti to JACOB SMITH & CO., sul.mitied. rcf rrn any csts, &.C., aye;i ami Coats. ranrs, h.f will W proud acknoled.., assuring thoa Till TIN M 1 take the hule uiuruiurcr. "Mtinorii.illa, or 1 raetieal Kectirt K ion nor style and manner, t. rape rnawis, nm jeli'dtf Corner of Clay and lai:i streets. ao intrust hiui .ti t.rsir fuiciaiss, that no tienioit to be b id gratis of all the Agents f r ;h cleaned and neatly and Famii'-mWACKEREL. That spoil iiy spaa of rest, a:iallbr anted n his part v mr.t their apyrooaiion. Sontkmen's Wearing Apparel A U prTnclvaV tiio of iong pracifJL e0 bils No. a Mackerel; Gs'ce and Maau.'ictory, J1 Arch iiree. Added to n:e aiai.f:ge pixse ssd And feel it is a put of li e 2?.0'if Queen Rga; lis; P. 6. AU work sent to n.y store will be done ia the and un.Vr one of tiie mmt ru do !o.6 ao; tice in tie i liinru-areamy breast. 1 lulled time promised, and at the s.'iortest no'ice. Atritr l?a: P. ONLY AUTHOR- - Philadelphia, fTF. ART. emm. nt OculiV s. ' hich be bi obtaine! thoroua f rsa'e by kitts No. S do; V. V K.IUE, Fifth street, ;! ;if 5Pfc.llil"; of vis'.o". DATIES- baa BRADY Je-- 1 , ,. ,.r. , knowledge the diseasesiudivioua'.. ofherata, in bis posiied aner.ta for the sale of Sineers Patent Per-- : Hptwir Market and J flersnn iv27 Alv !.'). v Ji'nnv'l.'nd. convey Eg session uscun:e:.ts fron T. .. . ii . f.,r .1. . f t T i There's only ore return I crave, in. tne hifcest testiuioiiaw, of at re f EANS AND LINSEYS. 40 BALES TnrsTlS & . I HAVE I may D"t tei-- it relVrence to persons in the United States He wiJ give ' Just received and for sale by sicteffrom the ImPoKei, and Manufacturers in svaere rent-C- t 21,1 a.:jrt from Lave found tae wouse his newlv greatest aiid :m a;nl ci Spectacle. And it mu soothe thee when I'm BRADY fe T) A VIES. e2f per.oruieu iv i "a''ycu of invented troved '.avV-e- , the .i i New "iork,tue newest stle3 of Bonnets, Klbbocs and SMiTH & WTIALEY. Agents. I ,:iVi:ot. Tbe wre'iehtd feel no wrrg; ' use rr. 11 oona mi s u riiiau Divters, ana oeiivc n f.oiiol in tli ina.Vpt. and Loaf St. Louis and tit Bft, rrtihiri. iv.wd, New Discovery for Deafness. bOO KEGS valu-MASSORTED Flow. Siisses Uipsv llats, new aiy le,vii: "SMAILS. medicine as not lor a kinder toneIv a I KebueU, for tale ry The B0t'Nr CovinsiTos JloaiON, Hartford, Ky., JuTy V, I'd-- ', said: in extraort.cary, lf. D. XEWCROMB &. KRO. Straw and fancy Hair Bonnets; For thou wertever kind: i.'a sizes for sale by JeaiJ BRADY & DAVIES. newly invented, sainil ia;rar.;u;, for the cure of Trimmings; "I tielieveyour Geruian letters t te a vuluil .c uieui- Do do I as k not f r less frugal tare ewe case cl acaiiies, entire1 v m mu cine. It gives soxl satisfaction." Bonnet and Cap Kibboub; , 1 do not mind. otr.i-sMETAL. 300 TONS ON II AND Burkram and Wire Frames, of the latest shapes, on AT BATTING surt.asj,.r. evervtr.inrf My fare DStr'action :roa i!i AND E. K. Jackson, tiaysvii.e, s..i BRADY fc DAVIES. rouueed. Ih'-:ias ieea iL and for sale by fje2l JAS. B. WOOD'S, No. 4ol Market st ! "your butiirs taaes U, ana has provea to oe a gooa i.ii modeied cr i i..' iy ever can b:,k-no Fheetin? CT hand and made to order. Ca to the tav.ty of trie ear. aud may rest are mlii,ine I particularly invite s'.ran?rs, visitingthe city, to call not for attire more g , I a:i: wif.ia, tihont pro.eetiu.v and 1,'ti.f of tne same colo H. W., Mi'.lcrsl.urg, Ky.,0v-t- . l'i'.h, SiTVI.IV IIMISI' II. D. NEWCOMT? &BBO., and examine my stock before purchasing elsewhere. For sale 600 HALF AND ? s;n are n. t vercc ; ..oie. I :.e powers ot ..lis a S r,:v"l "Having sold your Bitters smie tone, I fiiol i: t WM. OSItOKN, If such as I hate got Agent: Ia.O. Miii ivh C7 tbnt moved off ao lively last Saturday, and inventi'ja are ii great s to defective hea s and Bunch F.aisins for sale low to i7eQ satisf-icton in every icstance tr..u has come under t North side of Jefferson, bet. Third & Fourth sts. Suffice to make me lair to thfe," 101 wees, cave caur-euk-- t ' Louisville, Ky. ing of long s acd.ngf) i: perie- -t an natural state, aid cloee the consignment. no''ce. Eirit BRAPy fc KS,;N & KnwiRtw, Salvisa, Kv., June i", lv'l For more i murmur u it: assortxent. All buy that see them. 1 ha e a good as-- . t to en atiie deaf persons to joia iu general conversation. jpjil trsITG R. 1,h '0 HHDS GOOD a sales Iresh from the wovs-shoat the ortuient for tins jnstty ctL-A- ll to hear most l.l.i;ct.y ft a j ace cf Wor-r.:e r,.j( iro to ir.rrla ou th.-iHj.,. But I wuu!i ask some of the hours rrime in store fU-COM,,, ,uaS fuli maiaUllie ti;e ex.ti:,d reju- cr any pubiic aeu.':iy; f.e untileaaai sensation tar. in want should call on JAS. B. W OOD, and buy one fc fc ERO. cl d u, 250 BOXES SL CANDLES. That viu on "clubs ' bestow ,u i and StamViojita supplied Willi a primo article of ot mose ae n.-!i-e Dm, im in tie ear is entirely and has beta iivcn t'lioa whichunhesitatingly say, it, and having tested :i: nugiEg iioiacs aS' rJs to indiv; la,..s aJtictetl w.rh the C7 halves and Quarters in store and forsale by knowledge which you prize so muU. calling at the oolcrilier's oihee, 4sl Market street, three doors above Fourth. etside Call at Of the Rivr Ice, bv virtues, we iten.ireiit y ieenes.?. coiite'itratioii BKADY iL DA"V IES. th-OOD. WINES IN corner of Water, man mv J" i of Third, second door from L. P. Blk RWKLti fcCo., Frankfort. Ky., Anil h dreaifiiaiady aii tie assistaace Lul can yossuuj be) May I not euicsbiu,; know"! . it p;pts . r) r. .. . . Vn.K.ln Win: aged by Capt. Uewrge your Ucruian b.tters rdpiuiy desired. are AND FINELY FINISHED , Tronipt attention is given to supplyin gprivstefam!- - FASrii0XABLE PLATFORM frosniux-tingamong men, api-i- j .UUIN "Ai. es. do, j T t. Loris, Not. 1, Ivvt. CRlTtliER, Frankfort, Ky.. Nov. 1, 1" Suhtract jr. Vw by 2 pipes Ea.--t IndU Scales, in good order, for ' Mw It gives ire y'estre to bear tes'ioior.y to the of '4 pipes DuU said: "Your Bitters are very much in demand at th'S or.lon ra!et'iirryi CORNWALL V BUO. tacn eve and hour lor; lB COAL! COAL!! CO A I i do; do 1 v pe Pernranlin's 'time. You wiU please send one gross; they can soon be Mr. Solomon triasse. I Lave been under the r.ecess-t- y Make me cnpir,ic-- "t your foul, g Glasses ia resoir.,-- . esveoi 7 at and I cf usit disposed ot. AT TTHOIiESALK AD RETAIL, pipes faiid. man's Port; UP A YARD TE HAVE ' ciy i t"-- a far letter DRAY, IN GOOD RUNNING As I inysivly he; do; :na any . IlkRBiRT fc RrH. Pvlacah. Ky.. May 7, lvl. said: fird tli-i pipes liunt'a and srd office on tbe corner of Washington who t CliAa. W. bIE EN s. M. D., and woik. The Bitters have become r,aite popular i.tieiy, and w ill Ihavetr.ed. X " srder, for sale low by If you'll read, l'il , ,t o. of those Preston streets, for the accommodation .ienian-i.Professor of An:'.Uu;y n the s;. Louis nn doniit rontinue in are:t CORNWALL fc BRO. , ua tiie nest riitsourg toai. .ivso.'j m Then tumli when you're away; supplied may wish to Wl, said: We Jsssa Grant, Irvine, Kv., Jam r VI to Floyd and Pre?ton. Pmsirjo, j3-- e 3, 150U. Le tdi'.us I fbati 1ml tbe time, have succeeded in introducing your lioonnnd Hitters: 400 cuso'tners. llnunii-i- j aivafiv at the corner of FING call him l'lease avirg a rair cf Mr. S ;i;cirs' Gisis"". and 1 nJ SUNDRIES. I you Dear William, if CONSTANTLY ON phyician3 and others purchase tieta by the Roofing Tin, superior charcoal brands Wsaliiuston and Preston. E boxes I.C. them very C '"o" r.!.o;e. I ck:eerfu.'y add my name ?r.e; n De Brimoal ChuF, dozen." - and M. We also intend keeping on hand ?iut t.oai,w:iicn is ay-- , ju.v ntn, iwi.,jik.a: in do, W ir jt..uzy the numoer oi iiiose reccnureu tntui. hand a large and varied stock of Rosew ood, Msr. briTnG)W fc cQ A' I'll b- eoual to any ever brought to tins market for blacksmith- do; io HieuMick Jci. V. vAZ2AM,M. D. ak, and w aluut t urniture, cost. prising every There is a regular demand for your preparation. It A meet cocpanion rt"f,.ie suitable for household purpose-- . same they use ia Pittsburg,) at two cents less eg, In addition to studious hour.-- ; i. iir .rw- - I flfClaret, no: I'vT your ihprnaraer nualitv N 3 34, X. Inn Yons. Jane 4, said: v. k. Dallam. MaT field. Ky 350 BOXES No.2(i 00 ; U hoes ht Juhen th above will be added even- kind of Spring and other Jh-- ?e little one ELI F. LF.E7F.Rfc CO. Ilav'- -i a.a.'e a trit! of Mr. .'.orn .r j And teacher of No. 1 (10 uo, c4 do Mi'itresses, ami a laree assortment of Clocks. do li MYour Oerman Bitters are becoming very popular ia any house for sale low iL Tin in store andWALLACE, H1HOOW te in the s! W. W. HOWARD. e c j:.sirucie, No. 1 tl J W): examined tie prmcpie on region of country." 11. is well supplied with plain, lined and orrtx. oo 6all your cottage Mr. CO. You li do Urnux, city. g, always streegthening 1 have no hes.iain in jront.ur. iu tl.e is sapenor to At the office on Market street, between Sixth and Sev men'ed, and trimmed Collins, covered with blue or black No.i They are smtirloY vrcETBl rich unl great, feiH d:f And if we be ' any w.ta whitn I am acua.: .e t. an l vcorliay 8 do t.tmteiu La Fife, No. 1 cloths, in finest order. Au excellent llearse a'way, , ta never prostrating tne esystem. 25 PIGS BEST BAN- - entb. LOCK We in:'y btf wise pi i kind, gold hv dealers in taedi''l.p alwv Wires are of my own importation, and I can readv,as also llacKS in attenaance. vruers u.ieu at ani sireseepers every- - en-s- t c.ieertuiv recoutmeu.t t;:eia to sal wua need artia and for sale jelidtf s:,f-1ca Tin in store WALLACE, low by A New Drink where. Vy sl'TCLlsFE fc HUGHES, and .1. 0. ciai aid in litij r.viaa" uit.r v..- .. ihera. recoinui.-ushortest notice. And a my heart eau wa. a: ycitr bcrrt, LITIIGOW & CO. st-Mian. near CHC'. A IES, M. ler io "UORRIS & tU.t Louisvilie. IVV. J. F. TUoJil SuN, Fourth jjal So in iy yeur in ni ir.y ilhu.1. Path-BES- Vr 'vy ari liitdi MeOica, Geselb AT E. D. NICH- UST SU- 15t),iH.!0 iaio and Bowdoi. LATHS!! family use from its medicinal C Cr pec'.-all.Vt.r. OLAS'8, Fourth street, nearly opposite Moiart OLD BRANDIES IN WOOD. ?T ATHS! Laths now unloading from Catboat sad health-givin- adapted for 'S. The above article may be iit. proper.! A ile.uuitiii latt-.-t Hall, a assortment ot !hell ; CON AWAY A NOKTHCOTT. fi.1 2 L0rLiVT.I., Oct. J3. pipes oi l Pinet, Css'.illon S. or obtained by quantity at our stvle". BuUalo, Ivorv, and d j; Cr.stadaro s hi a man u.vir.f for .I .a and - sale at J per thousand.of I intend keeping in, found at aii the saloons, street, o; -' ay tirs: pair if The morn l"Vt ca'.cly Mr. Solorncns h. 'a ii y, piptoil ( h.iteu Bernard, very best qual-ityFirst and Second, HWDve; the nnest kind ot French Pomatums; best 1 11 the .vhoiesale house, Main VM ieteen futui- Voi'i g:wrd and cut Laths, T., Kll.l lio Os lier Glasses. T'l. y appear to answer ;he purp- se very we!',, N piprs oi i P. il.t'odard, BAKER fc MLLV1N, ,j. O south side. . whicb I will sell as low es r'.n'ikirs Lubin's Extracts; Hair Restorauves, and other articles oo; il.i ir p. riuu e iii;d the Kind? );.f ug I'i u..easii.eja M an nfaeturers. Comer of Main and 1'rcstoti Streets in l ): ny j'j other n.e'.ic:l lo :ie - y set ien a el. Tioa jeJdilm iit'ii- at '!! blue House Perlur.ierj' hue. pu-- e or in the of ent e:. en experience Nautui seeois to test.iL. the iccc-ve- j .leWirson. bet. Preston and .lark?on sts. je2J ?f Louii'Alh, A a., Abo, a large invoice of rfutnan Hasr. enon.h to sup- - I tae is very conclusive an i iir:u of article. W Y A II D . Ciafii tbv Lauds mee'.'.y over tbe st; ply any demand in the way of Iront and Back braids, Je-K. FLINT. wi.rk to do:cua lic '""c AND GRATE FOUNDRY. HA L NOW ON HAND Curls, Wiis.forboth ladies and gentlemen, andevery r-.jTOVE Ky. .i.ovl if ileuiixaa. sorcf L. KELLER, Kiack Luce Jtfattttlia by other article in this line.. now operating in full blast, frjir-arconstantly in V"r.. Carries cf of Cookina Stoves scd Ranges, Heating Our they've no more tear to riiod: pin t (he uiup bta Tiii" Miilinerv Branch is Groen Street, between l'ret ton and Jck?oii Street MILLER. & TABU, ',.ort t'.- -., cf Mr. Solcmori n.e and piain Grates, is very c I have rcU '.ri il. Tzr every description, ia the most ; prove-- :.yit atid a'.tsh. Stove., and eiirele-tuere's uo more pain Vj bcar. Ci ;oi . i w.m for fine Dress Bonnets, such as Cactus, Crepe, Illusion, j hich, for durability, cheapc-s- . and - s, ri I rrf. c;u h pie work-- ! G.acs'; they renoe large and w ell assorted, all the latest and uiou ."ce of colujiny. 7IAS NOW ON HAND AND IS and hne Lace. alike to lyvc.ktnl viic-.en- i t.ii eyes iesa mnbhip, C.inuol 'ox surrassedin the East "r es. v's''-In- g vimou very u-, and appear to pp.ipGFF0RP. Perse ps in want of any articles in either branches are JB. constantiv makin? to order Monuments, Tomb- g:.v. s I s.tte heiete i. Taoia ne4 Tbrt attention of tae pubiic, as well as strar.""r BY ,,. MORNING, . respectfully invited to call. jU :o c.l n ua. ie!4 Vaults, Mantels. lc. our cl aruatiai aid ia tius respect w Stone. the city, is respectfully invited to evaiuine ..'assortment of black E. D. NICHOLAS, Fourth rroet, in that fiMievi iiiii. J"ncr eye; v a afefc txr-'- s, a hfid'ome COPli. MILLS;'. stock. Nearly opyosit' Mot. art Hail. style new svr.d planted a thorn: if i'vra ihnt i. COPART- - J"l dif Lire Manttil-isFxof. O'Stetrics, University cf Loa.sviiie. U warrant all work of our loroneyear. ISSULUTION. ifjB. per. Sbtt Inn, Sheet Brass, Sheet Lead ii nd tonbichwe'rcspectfoiiy s g.a Repairing done with neatness and dispatch. Zinc, carcifs'ly turned a ay; it evisUiig in the city, between J. R. Mont- ' Pipe, Block Tin, W re, Galvanised Iron, Sheet lowest S lowers' Glasses I hive iliis t.orr.;r j erainine Mr. jellJ dit'lm . .vioutgoiuery, unntr Dtim:--Viromcrv, li. It. Clark, and alua'.y wot in.l Lft'TD hand, r.iive (. mc Ac Full s Jek en hand at r..erFo.ot;. m.-- M:ri.-.;tr-ar.d hav ing.f r tiie !a- tw years, m wie tie diseaare c f day marlei pri.-'s- . 1 you: M- i r.. n ,,i rs o,. jyjl WU1GUT A: BRIDGE FORD. Cue stvle of J. It. MONTGOMERYR. fc CO.,is this purthen 1 r. ive si 2e :.r.- v iiiay.agto ir tiie eyes my stu-.yClark havine B. J. dissolved bv mutual cons-ou- . -.' u .c;rii cut: Uie KW t.uODS. .jp;:-nGi.i?ses they wili lad thea a stipe-those wtthe marble brow at has assumed and added machinery to my present wort;., it TOOLS AND MA chased theis entire esstiihlisUuient, use the name clall liabilirwM NM to an r artiCie, wta oumied IveLa the brni enable me to turn out worn at the shorten possu n! nocbi-c- lt no Casiiil ties, and alone authorized to i lip Ootot-i;ev,- Lace Milts, Long aud Short. Givers cade chines. From the best manufactories, tverj' vari- in liquidation of busiueea tranea'-teiar l ti s .l u. y orLou.iv.Uo, Ky. since the lirst .lay tice, and at prices as low s at any similar establishment ' ten ;ie-- . d L. i'Alhd, Jl. Tools uuus to the J- - K. MoNTG-'MERYf.f Miin A- - CO. No. tji r.orh aUr? I'.r' W ety of Tinmen'ssale at and Machiuts.inclii.ding ltootin oi January, leoL in the West. 1 have also several new patterns for Ve-t , matt r' nuk fi 7 manuia.-turtrfoe:, prices Ca-VJ.l, Tools, fcc., tor f.,rive v u: BASIL R. CLARK. LOriSVILLE. KY., and Balnstrading, to which I would i.'.vite the randahs o. Lr-viLtF( ar.h street, have .tst recer.ea amjtner wse jyvj Mlllll BRIDGE FORD. 6. W. MONTGOMERY. attention of the public. pppaibd irom death's coll ruer- - y r luiten:. MAKE TO Oii- - I . ..;aeugri I Mr. ?':: assortment 'M Jut is, oi ::n oescnpi.ji.a. Loulsvii'e, Ky., Sn)y I, ur laiin Bank Doors, Vaults, Iron ?.ish, Jail Work, am' every, years, i s t. i ..f every de- - I liave Urea c...g Seetic.e I tongue asks: nan t:.i be d.a'u." der Carriages .?-- Bjgr-la. i. s ..d children, which they oil.r lower than ever. thing appertaining to the buildii:! line, aud jobbing of so f on Cl-- tri-- iu arr. strip'.it-.f f .iy 1 h ive ? and tle. lovlns'iv n the sunpy Ttb: your EMBROII'EKLH JACONET AND i;Wlri" COLLARS. AX' sf! boxes T. 0. Leaded Tin; ore kinds done witn neatness and dispatch. r. Giv-- n E W F I R M . B. R. CLARK all 'hand an cNCeli :.: s.rtil.el.t of Car- under asy ha-- d th.s ! u of Of -- o do; li. J. MEAD, 60 clamtcv'iian.l yields its last lecble li utter. do 1.XI. A I l i M. a. - ! iiTi.l- - iYe sod cheap Cellars tins day oyeted T. d rivsres and B?;ies, all "f onr own raake. which we warlate partners Cos interest Green street, two doors west cf Third. jelidtf Yerv best brands, received and for sale a low as any lBI Carina vurcha-e- Montgomery & of hUas above, and prave". yet another victim for thy at t;.e taibro: Jery House. O, nipai-'otiCo., rant to be e'jUal to any made e .st or in the trui o J. H. house in the city I reelii-ri We have tie ec!'-iv- e in tirs city conrty oi kcerii J. Wi lli! t.o PATENT SKIRTS. ns.ociat'-with hiuiself .Mr. T. ii. Iios'ivins, the new firm cele BRIDGFFORD. WRICrfT fc AND DliLG i this inve; ;.on we Ivtrett's Patent Cvuyiing. wdvtuc will continue tlie Wholesale Drug business at the old aad ; m the bouseL- A TV.. '.i-- r; iwrnrt. '.ion of th "ess in of tan, at', nlion of tl.e pni'hc, as it w;ii invite Gustave Zausinger & Co., (sit Mai.i, bet -- ? of p.ra.urc wiite Pa'.tiit fKins. f OF ROSE- AND JAPANNED WARE. WE - stand, the style of B. It.ween 'f h!rd and Fourth si reels,) m a sterV : command apj roval wherever it is ki.owr,, f r it does - .1 CO. A continuance CLARK urnSe. v i J3L Veep a full and 8or.ed stock cf Tin and JaALLENDALE f ttREAl'S. the space in a re ii. ire more th. n and Wa'nar L?vl'GGIST3 AND AFtjTHECAKIES, so U- erallv xtend' l toth f.rnerlirai wo.kI. v.a'oca; y, 0 is. C'r.T-y- . :r-the dent n, ol the a s tiie cup!:cg called tiie "ftitn m heel."' to vt h w e would cad trie attention cl is solicited. t: .'- le has taker 1 J5. K.C LAUK. Fomittirt, pai.n. I w dt .ea.'e oi-- a;srai-r- -. A Wta'.ii-- I snd cool r.r':cle f r summer i'.e. Jefferson street?, of Shslby and Scutbeait "Le" Repairing done wittneatuess aad diSyv 1. il. liOS.vINS. Louihvi!!- -, July 'Mr.i ar n wtreei, 1 tour-trtnercbau'e : and tie ric Main tL-e t'. JH'.QL'IT' NETTING AND BAris. , ii WRIGHT fc BRIDGE FORD jeiOdSwtf j.v-- 'C. C. ."peabetween aid !are'. it- -, im:seg oi 'jriasact.r.f !ft "c"; ' ' CONSTANTLY OX. '.'.;- V.ii.l. for s::.c lov.". If beyond d .Mvu- l..r ti.e puff cer i uct,u roor-sleoeivc-- . from tfce East. W(jiVk. bTEAMBOAT, New Music w aoiejai-New Arransementa. ia ail 14 ret i.i PARi'M.S AND K.s.i a . , PainUC'ils. Y:inihes. a nd Gb . -Ai-rAV'.-BITIJ.j'o Wfk of .sll kics m Copistr j STAMUM jiFLOPIL . v -' r. m I LA! N 1' LJiti K NLt tX'!'. MAN I LF '. tserc so Prvscriptioi.i carefully aad n"a:'.y .n ' a ft.'! Tnece w 11 ilisv-i: :.i -i ". '.id t fcerry ...y. H ek'Ui tpran . ill : ha of of r.fir- - nr.w r::jniriL & fl A - , . i ii . 1 rt'-- -i overs, ! .. :. . iiii.;.' Lom-.- i V t . Chap ii 'rm ..a i a via l'uri.;''i-e- . c. s A..;- y I N .Vri, OP. MULL ML'sLi:; ..1 of i j Lou'sviil-- ': -- vry Tuesti..y.T!uf- - gerl r it .'. l ae i.:r.--a.---i A I U 4! Hi If a":;-at tr.! very lowest wlii' hwill . . i i Vt.VK;;.,;;t Bi ei .Kines l rices for --ca-;- descr-;-:.- i '. a e vi. rV-a; ;-r I. W.U i SIKIITD SW'liS Ml' SPIN"-:n ; i.t '.aI'Ma:-.-thri corn auo i L:l'.aiviii.:i A 1.f.aiv-' i .y to r(-- i their ott t. gins. VilTi P T T 1 1 P I U "l"m! iv, v, and F cy, .u it r. ai :''ui-:abauie t l M::n, At -- o TUird e; Ky. , i, !.t cf FLOWERED AND KNOTTED SW'T? 1.4 ! ' I '; :. ore ' its p rntai. oi .. w house, lift ;.. :.! a wiil be c i .Tl'i-- i T UV.CA .T --,.-- r o ,,;i .nd ttar ;en. .T II Y a IJ 1 liD.DTUF.f'T i i.r and suoer.or to.-- Ltuu- hr.e it i A t.ftuWi'i t. ;. -r aL-i. Si..iai--a- , ail kind, cf Mf. NFoilD ir 'ii b's Ieeer. "j.e ten wM lect,d assormcnt cf Fire.K y.d-.Jfrn. the ea-.- t XV dr'ptiori, our owa manufacture, ?ure- I'.LF ACHED COTTON, s.; ' L.i,n,Vr'W. As J. A. A and rtsi.n ' up 'i a Jar sti. . t.iiaiiarJ do!i;dits. Viiiliat. Ouit'rs .oi soper vr Uiin- - . v ii" mi.:e to r.uyerw b PAY errr o'er-d- . ' riortoaiij iiitlieWeM-- . Basket:, every ''al'v Ittcrid the nel'.verv of t': MTTJL IIUGGIN & CO., wjs riibs. n. l .tl2' . 'vardwiie.KoulNJN, MARTIN &; CO., uiacturtr.) frcsii German snd i .a; v U'L.i t re y.c. sir'.'" Tbe ; .;r i Marget and Fruit eiztl t rmi..,.:t to meet ail ! j. -e I.j wiii ,. Traveling and fcrbelBaeU; .ers ' en is las ousiaesa v tlnf' !tt.!,j" t.T.L1;!" i 'v, Vso hU ss rourth sirect. V g "IT . alarmed, but t'linlr, to aneri L' s attc tic!- Ly and others in anl f l.uml-er- . vjt wn. "C i am prt., aijd fi4, tne country will be ,i Willow aud Cane Chairs, Cradles, u.te :.:ar--: i ' m a attended to, ' I npawiii superior nuuoa,, nun. Le rcj lie !. "I i..n a on na.t Jlaiieu receieed ;;t lo Ca s.and Carnages: :Ut v i,,,,- v Kf. Emu.erson's ; which I cad wairat.t 0 tf .Hpenor Marshal s Sale. 'Arc v..;i so'.' FlIl.lT SI.lLF. i. B LT. cv taoic a til r"in by nr'ure. ,,.o.. . a . ww ,..r , -- i manufacture a."d of excellent quality and durai.r.:y. iiI.OTU-Wl.- -, bor: " hy 1 u:c n n.aii Ky,, John Kmoht, v J, "i?"?,ff .V.l. reioiti ed th the Muncal Oiose w.shing bnthitg PP.Wl'ITM I'UY. A In Chancery. aca'-t . )'' It t t W D V. aeil- ON HAND AND llrvi;, RMoKT. ANN, supfly of Harrison's choice Ferfuta eise'.-iier-e. 11. MO csh before pnrch.sing f'ir- to order a'.l kir.'.s cf Co tel. stor..7h Third St. tor I', ullrlt A. (' cons.M jS' dtl' OF A DECREE OF received,ivorite i g I Ex'racts, Toi ,st-,,- . t. F !-- ., COILS IN TrpY l.roo.vllle rvarctrv Court, rendered in the e.tninur A L E ROPE ii a:: ! Bjies. i'beir wori is grf.en up IB & dd care, uieier ti.e;r own .o , a:d ;a C noire hoa ps lor B.i'.ii r Toilet: Vocal Music aud Piano Porte. if L , AT THE DEPOT, store ar.d f. r'aie i y Otis, and Dy es; 1.0ULS VILLI'., KCMlCrvY. :'i,;l to tb it of anv Similar eitaoHsiutt pomade, :.ioe cause, :t.c undt r. .kl.ed, WALLACE i'O I F. k CO. ourot S'oVloi'k FRIDAY, August Powders, Fulls, and Toiiet srvlclesgcn The pubiic kenraiv .ire invited to tai and wi'h A ABLAMOWICZ RE- - Corner Fourth aud Market strtf-ts-. o i ccuincii A. w ., at l'e st re !a:e! M PORTER AND DEALER IN SAD- r aud Kara t .a .es. Fifth ere Fo' rth si:-SideS tifiW FER.MAVSN11Y 1' north "de of M iraet street. MILLER A: GOI'LD'S, !'8 Fourth st. H. AM NOW RECEIVING EVERY vAil orders Irom a disUace promptly attend llir liar?, Harness "Uctnu-- g, Trunks, and sell f Loili-;- ! ,..t- -t ana teicries at room", riuc re, citv. . C acn Triwn..-1 s.ore. B. day Fresh Batter from the best Dairies in Ohio, In- - ; rdli'. Cone at i i'.i'oe Mittloi .tjiestoiK it: f" b !v.e f ,.t j it. ',i..b e.v na RE-- m ARRIVALS AT .MILLER street, second doer south of noo d I an 1 ' Iron i ;d v.... . . i diana, Kentucky, and Wisconsin, and can supply k'.i:i... i'ii' itv. f Hall. v. - t a o rev VANDERSUCE, i. fte'l i DR. A. J. iuto go. Is in ui bine in .and ii. a whole-- f M- ii GOULD'S. 'York and Traveling Cases a large 1 mi steancviats. famii es. hotels, groceries, bakeriee, and nv, aiid'evci-- oPi' le I - -r oe a mpo: t:.'. ma.'i.t. I 1th ti.v.ur s and con pitte supplv of these favorite articles this day the best .ouality at the lowest mar- - LAT3 FROFE26OK 0T VAZ rt'OLS tUM'ii'i 1K ViD- - t.i.t' d Tinwar- E.'at.', confection.nies. with 1:- -- tra-li e Mine i w vl lit.', it u.y old c; 'oEi-to gner"y. boU!,'-'.o'-Fourth street, between CHILDREN'" CABS. Ac. and kitchen received at the Varieties,"-"ket price, wholesale and retail. 1 wtu co urier to sup- ICIH ET PH1KMACI2 in t'.t s re. A;s.. a I tl.e FAS1'. e a y s.o. . eh I ni ar:erui:n"l c aii i;-- e 1: "y1 t ! B. F.. CON NCR, iithe year. tf Mar's, t and Jefltrson. t':e 'iu.-iii- t t av se 'ure me the bst I t ill CV f C to Sell at A. IJArvFiU, .U A ViTV AU- - ply any amount by Comer Fourth and Market street Jcn.-h-. and for .1 jct Of Silt- - ;' sutisu'r TkfcMs -t of Children's two ard fiur wheeled CaNi, s ' acre 'it . I six pioi.tli. tie purchaser to N OU NC ES TO II IS F Ii IE M S JUN DRIES. dnios a CAPITAL 14.OD0.000 art.f.eSi Tov Watfons. W heeibarioK h, te., w.U keeo constantly wr'i p r e I security , irann inteieol irom e '" "si iibls eastern refined Sugar; - iwir4 I ree; the paMie that h- - cor t':: ties to rt , an assortment ol i on Laud for sale at wholesale or . e ll:,V uutil v .4: following-.l:.f,s.-H'.,l- - Le.t ers: h.iif bblsGol 'en Syrup; timeti) the euro g ,,f the Ciur. IIFNRY DF.NT.M.L. CC-HLAN'i'EEI) BY LOAN t"J kes do: do FUs. Dropsy, liysprsia. Lner i i H irLess Le rs: si'de of Mala str.-et- , KY WuLFORD. LVpuiy. betweeu Hancock ana Clay. Ar CO. HAVE tolas, As'hraa. rltd I Pi!- -, Gout. Kaeaai it;sm. IJU pa; kctes M sckerei; wL the orrtui. ij-. ;ir .a liiJerci.i : ccsi -: L) halt chests Gurpowd rTes; Aifections, i' ever aud AeUe, RHrairVj'oonVw't'ne 'rr.',,, d',.r.itcb. Ie4 il3m afain .received bemi'eful Lues. Priitei White dweliing, Nervous prizes as follows: w biaes manufactured Tobacco; i MusiiPs, and hirured 8wss iusnns, Jacomts. Bilious itc. I'ls. Fis. U of by v. . pe Laces and Sisi and J 'onet.tou'ttber Dr. Y an iersirce has met With srxcit ai-- e In store ana for si!e by Lopisvit t f. .luiv lo, l w. Ft?. fV jyM culiar trealmer.l ft disease. Here of -- r v To a::,-.- his 1.1. r.r. i . SON" Taes: TEXAS ! IN LOUISVILLE, KY., 1's. Co.. 'n Laces: t iiVsiei.ins ha e a ioi to pre ice a ri he will under;-- '. e n I skid and t.: t. 1 L.'v.r-- ; and a " contblencein l is V-'rv-- of 500 COILS SUPERIOR IN C? Fir.itretion ani! Land Company, Known as reters ir, at variety of fiummer Dress Goods, that we are MAIN". nr.T. .KVLNTII AND L1C1ITII STS. tneetinif of v . will take notie- - thr.t. at a ek. . pti.ia ti eof all pan ul- - t tr-grently reduced prices. theure 1 i'.l O.o.hs; ilV store and for sale by low t l''ii.- b- - . ' iitit.! after tie reat Walter's Ex- r lU'Tiaa no Alio, wo are in reeeipt of a larse line of Irish Liners, cost 01 tne Cued t said C'unpary, PIBB & SON", Proprietors. the .rtoc'tholdei J' in. ess ! uit rs;.; ies a' i Raids; jyJ; ar- - eua. : T.Y.PTiENT. SON & CO. j.vll gtoratkm of their ht ai:h. True. io area; change, on Moudav. the- 4th d iv of June last, it waa or- of everv grade i l .juaditv aud price, of the Richsrdson Ira ;a Tracaiiniia; C'l.rul.e aarare- s re peculiar cnarae' r oi lor each share of! ft. gou's, and Wa. t.iiiou ii sons' Finntintr Linens, The t (ir:.w;'-- tl; Disease cf Mil. Ir --., &e. thai .3,0nj LRS SMALL IN dered held by ti e ftockhoidersland said Company be ' bleached C ttonsofa'l pricos. brown Cottor.s, Tickin-- , move radically a in a few days, withe' LAND CLAIMANT!". ALL i or lie. ' o,m,i in v on fc.;rd A";"i keeps ror .tai'l stock assortraen r. se - to ai' no j Sheet-lnesfi.tclp bv ho He wanvntJ2 claim aK'a'nst tbe government ot Tex attended Print, of aM Checks, wide Linen and Cot. on B itnr anil for medieine. divided by lottery. 01 - idle:. Ur. .ei. li arties-- , an Trails. Tb 31M an eti ei rv.- -. couic:itiee, ajr-- varieties, ta'ticaams, uosiei ana u:oves, macs siii were or long stand. r.g rtT. Y. BRENT. EON 8: CO. N. It AU or iers procpLj a.teade 1 .o at thf V.r-- jt In pursuance tiieieo;. tne tov.ithi.patcr. Ti. T. MoNf ARK AT. ft Fifth st. inus; wy'pp. every nor den to r.r.'Oart and sl'.L.eniiit roi tiie tira iuk "i sa,o JllllS OI Bi'prilnru.VilT. he requires no pay. Females auilerm w .th imrdia..-ties- -, n ..tie-.'- . rii.ti.vr i -- I c.a-ri C?h can be periuanei-tinervousness, debility, A'so, some'hing desir.tMe in the way or Carpets lotterv, bre y ive Dotb.e that tbe drawing will take r,',.ve iii. i :pia-,U'ri- ; i . place'at Walker's FiTChane, on TUESDAY, the 7th d- - KUj,'s, and Mats, that are now selling mu.-- chesrer Leved bv It. . AND ROUNTY LAND 1 31 bushels in store and for ea'ebv , ry. y add.-than the R ime good will be bought in the Fail. Call Invalids ia any section of the of August ucm, at i a clock p. :!. rs ii ot r mi'ih: rece; T. Y. BRNT. SON Sc CO. oi oi. o. o.ooi iv!4 ha ALFRED THRU3T0X, d last. a letter to lam, (post paid,) and enc'iosi., alee, c.ahave and secure bar'rrins while Frire. atain-- d 'I . V,i i ? A K RAT. 7i Fi-ft. , S 1'iiKFti, YVM. II. DURK.EE, HEATH & CO. and mebcines promptly mjI them. II ' i.a' K. 7h- i-,1 vv 107 Fourth St., tiet. Market and Jefferson. H N M. MiiMUl AN, jv23 Residence on Preston street, Krtwe-- n nut h iki r. and the all ces-lLOTS IN VARIOUS Walnut. WILLI r I? IKWART, Private oM.ce on Floy! street, -- i -- e r, M .r i; D. LA CKOIX, SMITH, JOHN J. . Tie", I! ket and JeBVrsou. Omee hours from s U IJ o lock . a. RE 1 i..- t.r.ce of on -- !f ITotice. i Committee. ox'-Fiub st. and trom i. to o, r. M. : are .i ALBAN Y, N. Y. t n ty i&klss a Lau.1 he b'!,oe mrf fit kul. Lijieei ved . in addition to my tuual lareani ORMSBY H AS ASSOCIATED I Iwell selected stock of Piano Fortes, sev fcrrof tickets, li.; HUNDRED AUCTION SALEST Copartnership. 1'j IJVCS LIVERPOOL J J "cralvtivelekant instruments, I respect lleV with b:m Mr. HENRY S. BLAIR and OEORGK 11 to Vets cost tr-l. . . . , r. T . . - .lOejOCii.'V a nPTrT W . McCRF'ADY. and wiii continue the Hardware an ' cu I pke.. ard 130 2"e plain fully invite purchasers'and the public to call and eani !o 4ia DY TH0.-"- . ANDEUS0N" & CO. hn. . for c;,;e t.v 1 Mel Co.i red l.rhoe-- a, t.s and H llAYPi Cut'ry Busin- -s under the firm ol ORMsBY, BLAIR HATW ST., BITWliCN KlfTH A5D S1XIH, L0T1SV -- r.t i; them. 1. S. LFiNF )ICT 4-- SO j.v:S Y., s. The prist f- r t ;.''. c: . n Price only 33 cent. Ilavini? succeeded in making arraneements with B. w iih me in business Mr. John Snyder, and will con- -- & co. M .x,y (' ecoinuierc l'r- -e t.ijr-j'-Airafts, payai.e-n. oi p. stae to ail N unns a: Clark for a supply of tlierr very July l.liSS jypj dim OF DEALERS under the name and style of i)lCiktinuethe busi-iesDALES EXTRA i. ecoi lotIit'.a: L:.: i AKUM an :!).-- fioiiaud. of ti e Uni-eI !':alics, one of whicS is now in store. state. This IN sON ii fcNYDEK. JS. is v , u. a'.au to 0 r invited to c;r r. eu'ar Auctio-Saies.ier:ni For tica'-.- s or proi-- -- cius rwi-.;o.iok ever p'il,isvi, :m forsale by t judges ronounced by the fuitrument has i for Sale. v hi EON". Country every Tl'FiDAY and THURSDAY duringrthe an--Chearest pi i.t-- -d Improved House, c;2 neai y doL'uj V: S. EKN EDICT & to Lit ir I s of Par is, tnd the tmest Piano Foite " F.mi . A10K1 fail, commenc ng on ttach day at lo o clock. A. M., the ijaantity ol readies matter f llFLr I. t!ckii. JOHN A. LICK1N0N. oflered for sale in the market, confining the most FOR SALE M Y COUNTRY when we wiil seii a assortment cl Dry Goods, in that o: tl.a ociiii"!-i IN fully finished cae, with the most fcS'iUibiti tone to tbe new firm. TAR. AND L; ,r .A,.!, Bocs, hoes, Brcaans, 4tc. . 15. nimosit.. th Ietters to cl,r. i' f n d r...a .1,. iitt-C- nt or Dollar r1 LU tLkAR, Slid BklLLlAM'. M Notice store aud for sale by os, linkers, in Irdiitl Bee our special advertUetaent for each day's poo!.""i Morn 0Tltt-kFalrGrounds. The dace contains icrcs. the house! SON". have ?lo two tleKint superior toned Lou:s BFNLDiC'f Il o0 Publication . . is a cottake, built in the rural Gothic siyle. havi:'? eij;ht sal' carved, from the same factory, and of DAY SOLD OUT MY lueiA m.ta HAVE i ti:e djy of ora T. ANDERSON & CO., It treats on the Pj si which r.mve Terms Cash. i.n.1 iwrilr.-- . .taii-1. liaih Thenar. Rn.i " C - fiA acrioneersj. IN are tuitiered the luest of wear Pianos now in the tnar- - j entire stock and stand, N'o. 7y Fourth street. - - i.ndtiinkrs, inclutlmi; an icehouse and dairy, are all of septl dtw .rra.e, a; I the r, ret ROPE, ALL er,H r.'iurned. r invtetfi in tLe ncM bi ug, at ANILL " '" .i"- 11 nr.ities ar.d .isord-rs of youth tije 1( H CUaractcr. TLere is an abundance of excel- option of the fum r. elegant carved moulding, &r Messrs. Dickinson 5t Snyder. 1" retiring irom tije t. iad for sale bv ""Two a vith miwim fiom ex- an !l mat jri'y.res-i.imioil le in.-- p 'Cled The pros pec; us ol this diftriou; PF.NEDICT ii &0-1. - ol Tl less instruments tave oecome very popular tn tne cesses, whu ti des'rov the physical aa.l oi ital powers, i.rie I the oli.Ce tl tins Later, Uei X I'ia.n and j! i .i. an.irtl l'ro-.- iodise re. lou. w tl tnemselve ac fiiie.1. of 7 octave,, plain, and A CON- wfTh pelfett.iiti i U LI C C EM ENT. ca-Plane, cure brotFIEK? '"HYDRA 2 s.mple nil. s bv watch a' I ron with, the author orservation lner.-ur'.' by l SL etsnt Supply on ha .d and i r j much by callirir at theold siand and pay aSi65a' Piano Fortes, of ail styles ' oblige the growing crt ps of veceta'le and YYe have tried polomons'. 23 REWARD! STOLEN!! The place, V ft bv and their marriak-e- , Jn... C. Gann. ;l. s. BENEDICT & SON. it du: es and " a i a;; t ing theirbilis, as I w isn to stttie smitu. lr. Curtis J. Jr., all appurtenances, willYve sold on reasonihle u rma. . rfces h"'1 sr-ttie liiusrrai.n DA(iUERREOremedies; with co'or-U.W.WALTON. Y ery James HuM; NE jyilj J.T.GRAY Api,:y on the premise U largest In this city, and the hf--- i repro This aortment is tl.e ar.d .lipases cf tne autoa.y and 5 HALF RANDY type cf White Iniaiit and Kiak Nurse, ia jiit in the V, fictern country, containing msinimtnis iruu siruciures, uses, Mrs. Ann ebo, 'ri sex--- , ductive crja's John Patterson. s Cognac Brandy fur f ely tacio.-.- es . Notice. to t all thelx-sin the countiy including .vuuns Ma.--y Jewelry, &c. 1 ' ai:i-fame. quarter sUe Daguerreotype BuU. funct on. It contains many :r.'. Henrv Crawford, D. f. BENEDICT fc hON. Jirt.cs; '.. Ji .- w Clark, ivters, Cragi t to., A. II. uale at to Ooe ii ortre:e'aiir.s aia:riu.r.y. witict. si..T.".rt- - ' .y ; " a 1, wi;n lnstruinent roin. t a lull ammtce n veilmy f .v ijp. oilllilV IV I) J. 4'ti.i..a Uk-- .sl a;:rn.ije ; rone, however, should t tae or ir. rreo-vpiew fa" puces the'owen ia'f sire Latu. and irn.".. ore nee loir Pmcliasers may rely npon DINES. tire stock and interest of Mr. If. W . W alton in . Srst.consnltittf its pa between Fourth and Fifth. Louisville, Georgia. ) ti;.s important su p w.riioufemales, whether married jew. ( Ey Authority the Stale m ntary wo.... r..i iio,w Piirtn.iiitiir Business, we win facrotV iirieesr. (.iiui-Fvmiiif'. trm of Kewe-or ti i SO1 Di esses baif boxes Sard'n; Il treats of all diseases of :m thematical ore,..,-.- - ti srand. No. Tr1 Fourth street, ri- Jys So. t"E 1'ain ft., opposite uanic oi ay. tLe city; the cth-r- , cf a iklib- ol Lis, name not sir.kle. Hints to those who desire r- mere children,' 4 to t iiarrtT I'oxes jardirjes: tared . rstranger who medical a: !, eobsuiting tweeu Main and Markei, east side, and will continue Innruments. Lamus. and Fan'-- Goods, have now on A. H0RIE. and ba sale low bv b, en :h-In store y .rfiir 'S. Lve it", several The above, DOUBLE EX business in all its various brar.crics, anda ope, ny unci hand au exteusive and beautiful assortment of g.iods, PENS, anv doctor, ought to know whether their cases are proand TK aler in Foreign nil's st lour r I ve weeks. Wholenle C sitoien from b.v rt .or lurn.n t'nthorous. attention to business, punct'i al.ty, aud perly uade t'sio.-- by t.loacwhoni they emph v. and :nus jy& JsTtPosiort holders. J- -t received, a as?crt which they wiil be constantly makms; aildiuons of. tiys, Ci'rs. etc, No. 50 Tiiird St. a liiwrU p.rtion j to id par Oie itwve rewaro for scch inbroation as prevalent guard acainst the imp s tion of au... Wery, ew aud f, snionaoie, ana lespecuuuy so- verytnil!8 !.!Jol'J Terrs, Home nnd short ribs), guainfsnce wth the business, to merit r aud corn tion of the t t:.e ball in populous cities, il nce the advantage ef a of public patronage. Terms moderate, aud all ""r" , fand wi".l?ou. cases. examination of their stock. JOHN KllTS, na 10 CASES GRAND SCHEME FOR AUGUST! OYSTERS. liAbKI. Uiiev. wirramed aepresenred. know.eds;eof one's Self, sjch as is given in this work. Main street. t jr- - Watches and Jewel)"v carefully repaired. ;sin ft by U SNYDER. Jw 5. DICKINSON ju.t received and for sale July 17,li-iyl!'d- 3in or taken in If medical authorism be the test of laient, and ent"01d Silver boughtboucht at the exchange. A.BORIE. jyti hiehesl orice. 13, ls55, in the city of Atlanta, lightenment le sought from boossslet comraou ser se t "rn!iftrnia ("old COL- AND Aeents for the sale of Fife's Patent Obiioue Gold Tens To be drawn August Prizes amounting- to discriminate between truthful surpiie.ty int outrageGeorgia, when SUPERIOR GREEN ous specioiisnes. and bom' ast. Dr. Lt Crvix ia a Scientific Niche Gold Vvns. I'aucy (.rocery Slore. Cdoth&uppaisVdto ! MOST VALUABLE PREPA can be ; M. black Tea received th; dav per ;Kei.t ucky Home and Rapp's Patentthis city for the sale of Yni. Dixon'i S 30. 000 vs dU.litiel physician, and for the last twenty year tole Aeents in . ii. f.i-v.2 ..enntnr rf'j.r.rc 8IU i robt. upon the .htierent u.sease Latham !:.waiae ma. jyU ecnato.f Jail, where anv rersrin havins lost ivsucu j ana ior saie oy AC- - has been daily eons-jiiesuperior London Watches. BE 417 Market street. jj'ls .riiiiia.v luxuriance smi rob r, npon hich hi hook treits, personally as wli as hy property can ckII and examine them. Ibe Dost M. LANHAM & CO., ,n-, Dr. iy ceieir.-.tocordina to the following magnificent scheme. letter. Anv person sending ii ero in a letter, postdrawing. And remember, everv Prize is drawn at each OLD PENS. paid, wiii receive 01 e copy by n t.l, ?W of post 4(je, or F.UJOTT.of Sevr Yorfc, f,d bus tor tre la: ten ye os i ROM A, CHOCOLATE, AND CO- 75 BOXES THIRD STREET.' TTfwRIED HERRING. by him to bis It ids. Iir. c,:nbut.-and paid when due, witnout deduction. en CR'IJk, crv'uitoL.-l're.s forL A O. Boalr. M. D. LA N. Y. Fife's Patent 0"lioue Gold Tens: and forssie oy MM just received in order aud for sale low bv vT.otsl fivecooies Lawe, 1 Frue of mo.-coa, received this dav perTeb'ta-api- . v.t 57"' V lid-- n Albany, iP. Fllioti. U'fc'-- d r.y ciatii to allow Liiiis the tpub ,k'.ie cure Rapp Patent hcientinc Niche Gold I ens; A nv . n l . . 5. .ts) 1 At II. Ill UlMIAraDi. sn JylS has now W. do brought b re RLACK AND GREEN Metlieine sent to any part of the Union, aceortr for baldness to Fletcher fc Bennett's superior Gold Pens. 1 d w i'b do of the a large to directions, safely Teas We on and caefuy sccuxea of Gold Pens; above amdiv and prstuitoutiy prescnteu!,1 ijiruio.n ip 13' i'r. F.i- A , J.lssF PHILA- - also,large assortmentof of the Pens inmakes Silver Cases at j' i Prizes of $1,'") are r; be f..--' EMON SYRUP. 90 DOZEN PUT rv'c.r ioi that i,ui l...s'', as r t ver oilered tor sale in fr "i '1 oi.servt-ion- . good c'.ci.i t j;ia k ? d Gold a good article j"0 are o do below. Tt.e Aini.-le- t -- :? aNo re- - city. up by myself, warrant-e- to keep in any cMmate, j LAN II AM Ai CO., 3 Third et. pou's 'cert;n.-U- ' delpiiia I Ji lii tOnbce open di!v P.f?ra 9 A. M. U 9 P. and on ;ar received per Kent ucVy Home and 1 each; on hand and for sale hy 10 are do v. am v M- A.BORIE, Sunday from i until general use for sale low by commended W. 4k 11. Bl RRHARUT, FLETCHER fc BENNETT. for Rale ny jy!3 . l..'ss luO are IS do it 417 Market street. r.r:n mauuiaciurer. tVr'Sice an. no v i r fromN- N . 56 Beaver stret to Liieratd.irwasn .. r tl.e Lead, ke- pmg per e:it;rt !y tot lvl5 :") fr are do No. y ALAD OIL. A SUPERIOR Q.UAL- - jyia Wholesale Lonieciioner 60 Third it., west Dc41djkwly - Y. .i from rfa.idruo. lutad prcef v 1 ... 3.'A 31 iitlen do kaare ILVER W saiel-Druntisu eenerallv. Orders, nh retioUanets, 5,000 GALLONS ity of Olive Oil Pt table purposes for t a! to tie .udersined, w..l be prow pi. y YlkLN, aTTDRATJIJC FCLTNDRT, AND RAISINS. LAN 11 AM ti. CO., M Third ft. ..),UOO! jy 1C? Jugs, Jars, Milk Pans, Butter Fots, Pickle Jars, Vr,;-rdiu ..i. luuu.uiias .o. Tlaprl KniM. Slat He ars. Pish and Fit! ginvrna Figs; tJr"Onlv ten thousand cumlers. Pitchers, ?w lork. No. 41 Maiden ane Knives, Tea and CoBee Sets, fcc; a large and general iaSjly CORNER WASHINGTON boO whole, fcCffst orea nd for and tirTica:cts, s: halves, a So; quarters, tl E N U I N E FRENCH BRANDY In store and for half, by quarter boxes Layer Raisins; i assortment, warranted pure Silver, ot band and lor sale N'sw Yop.k. .Tnnai. streets. "Louisville. Ky. Tie undersale stAMUEL feW AN, Agent and Manaser, FLETCHER at BENNETT. jy.3J pure siijcleof by sons desirong of purcbaaint a signed are now making steam Ergiriea and "uaeni-C.-FONDA & MORRIS. Atlanta. Oxrsis divWHrwrtrt This is to cervfe t'eat I hsve piven lo Mr. M. ffn.'n RECEIVED SALT. prescnp;;on for re'orii.K and improving thellsir, French Brandy can obrain the siue at from new patr-nis- .g it up ri tae mm modern vaj the Table Bait, LANHAM ot CO. 8, '3 Third t. ICH DOUBLE PLATED CAS- JS. day from New York suoerior article ofMarket st. jv Lsni. T'roher, anst approvetl siyles: aix., Ard known s the "Amieb :,'' w inch 1 invented, and lor A R D I N ES. 35 CAS ES SARDINES ARl.T. 417 W. fc 11. vis tors, Cake Baskets, Candlesticks, Spoons, Forks. w uich I nik.keno cLara- -, but five Screws, Iron Rai;.: g. Forcing and L f.ipg Pamps, f FCT in whole, half, and quarter cans In store and for hAML FL M. F LLlOiT, M. , Pitchers, fcc. forsale low hy I) P O RT A N D M A D E I R A W I N E. saie by jetSI FONDA ot MORRIS. Pipe, fr..s i an.l Hn No. 573,8. W'.COR. OF MARKET k FIRST 3TS. to iicriei diameter; BENNETT4et3Malnrt. "So. 1 Clinton Place, and Fiiiiof.vilit. sitaten Island. FLETCHER LAWSON & PEARCE, jy!3 suprlv on hand of pure oi l Port and Madeira n. u..oo v. .. inches to 13 inches in tl'. wring. They are a.eo 300 BOXES NO. 1 3IACHINISTS AND FOUNDRY.MEJi", ir,e aud lor sale in bottle r on draft by ?3 HITERR1NG. and Axles, and other Rarroasl L. st. LEAR SIDES. 50CASKS PRIME! GI'ITITlTaI'LMXIN'S CLOTnTNO Third LAN HAM at Co. Herring in store and for Sale by the manufacturer of Roy Sl i rench s patent Flub LOUISVILLE, KY. ujk--, in store and for sale by KONl)A fa MORRI8. jevt" Jior.icing MicriiTKNforwagona.ideamaeemn'ter A VT. IT T AlVKL'ilL"K, g- OND0N PORTER AND SCOTCH FIT P. CARTER: J0UETT. competent .a.Lcestoh AND ANNUAL LL.-INE-sft FOLLOW- - jy which , has been pronounced bym .ijnes ever ventsso. A TO U 1U11 iiir-tvi-- ..rIt iXiiYl i ia SLi Ale. A supi 'y on bsnd just received and for sale oG. 1S55 or iug concerns haviu? Engines and Machinery 200 REWARD. Zl'" . I . LA Ml A .11 At taj-- , oo mini si. fjy-'- jj Oriers from a .li stance, with satisfactory "'- luO boxes mountain Orangre; A" rr.,n.ii nirs' nuwin use in this city, buiii at our esiatuisiiuvrMiU Rope II HI l i EMBRACE y WORK a V MP 1'n) DOST Yl. RV Lemons; do do BARBAKOCX St, S.VOW0I. Messrs. YV. A. Richardson fc Bro., Perry such rubl catiors, , contained in W chests French do; A LARGE AND Factory. of John was hired to the steamer Rainbow, and and 'J to c able for Spring and Summer wear, will F sold'at low ' store and for sale by Hull, Hunt & Co., Pork House. rrrared w:tb the :nctest reaon food .rrectiiess ith clear J3L assortment of tbe best rlcscriptions cf American InjeU2 am informed by the orncersoi '1,!.';,0 paper w JACOB B. SMITH, Vit .7 I Zr Fce,. Purchasers are particularly invited to rail FONDA fc MORRIS. will be printed " Owsley, Kinnard fc Co., do. 7i. mvU l tfcw? a credit ard imporied P.cklcs for s ue cheap riy bound, and -- ball t'iP'DOsiT roaosT th Nrwaua and sirontly " Mitchell fc Pearoe, Boiler Makers. rrr Thirtlst. jyio" LAN 11AM 6i CO., "fry OILER MAKER. IS NOW PREJune, lis 5, In order to make a trip to Shelby county, aunnc tne . J.NO. C. MILTON. fc. HCTCHIKG8. pinie.concerr.ed. It will ld-l.ver- .d ' Miller, Wineate Si Co., Manufacturers Of not teen aiie to near ol hue, jg-- n since which time I have pared to manufacture every description of ?'eam . fc inontt of October, or sooner il it is possible to have it 1 . imp ements. to have run away. I will gne a re- - 0 It V" I Bank Y auit, c, it bis shop, corner and helssur-poseF.f JARS. " Duixint fc Co., Ltdii.ville of corner of Jefferson and Fifth streets. For the very Boil. rs. Tit k. streets., Kp. reiy. 'price per copy to i.nlcribers wi'I be IM.PT ward of two hundred dollars for his apprehension and 2 an l n't " Thornton fc Hawkins, Mustard . hand of pure Wineand Cider Yin- delivery to me at the city of Louisville, if arrested out of rberal patronage hitherto extended to them, the propn-th- e Repatnni tlore io on'.er at tat shortest notice; B dol-isdel.verea. me m,fce. .o. au ,e, " Beaverson & Co., Planing forakieby the; public, and of twenty-fivtheir acknowledgments blewwntber.ooa to etors renew State of Kentucky; er a reward Jaitlfcw Keter to He" ill to. ytnmc. A: ejyJ6 George Meadows, Hope Foundry. L AN'UAM it CO., 63 Third st. w.lll as follow.: lars if arrested and put Into tail in any county In the assure them that no pains or expense wiil b spared to " I!. F. Averv, Plow Factory. State of Kentucky, and information given me of the procure all articles iu the hue of their business, of the ... ' ir., . F"." pafe and .. ioi !i I One-haTTEWCOMB'S BUILDINGS, COR- Furniiure " B. F. Cawthon,BaeKing audFactory. pFtout JM years old, nearly black, Ave t most superior quality, and such as will be approved of 1 1 IM PAIM hl i fe:?U V fact. Said boy is I' iirvt-.Rope and oneci-rn...i,.irth x ner of Main and Bullitt streets. " a. W. Dunlap, feet nine inches high, hasainmp and scar under his left by the best connoisseurs. coi-y- . AwrracTrisa of iil - si bo is Pulit TeSP, Cocoa, 1q ' ourier. A B.o. Porn s,Stnrcb. lintlish Isll.glaSS, Flav oritg Interest allowed upon deposits of Kentucky nicety ear. and formerly belonged to the late Dr. W illis, 0fj 105, fine Lunch will be daily and regularly trrved, from al contract Cox's'Gelatiue, Aiveri-emeor currency, to be Undrawn at plessure. Louisville Hotel Company. t o r ever suh.iMlto o'clock a. m. til! U !.. . Cbot-olatjy J. L. CLEMM0N3. Shelby county, Ky. Fir Engine, Steamboat, sazd Oardea , l.v Gas Conipat y. Demand and Time Bills on all the principle cities in Louisville and Fius'nt-sllirecti W nepart- . . i. LANHAM : CO., K Third st. j:. the L nited States, in sums to suit purchasers, for sale at United States Brewery. Schiedam Schnapp. and tut of Havana Cigars of dif- TOMLIXSON-T favorable rates. Eighth street Corn Mill. c, vt va-- ! fereut brands, besi.iesold Brandies, W mes, tcei t in fuil face letters, w .th reference made to the pafe appears. f ub.crers FOR Bank Note, block, and Bullion business transacted on which lueir a iyerusenicnt Slrttchtd, Cemtnttd, mi RiHtd Ui rious snperior brands. A' WILL PAY MARKET terms. WE ARE PKE- ui Hie lii.nard rtooma, nnciertne .upennienaeuceare furTyXn pu"i; in Hu.iaV; W.Vtory sny cuantity of! Butter deUvered here, forwarded to favorable Collections made npon all points. Cncle George, amiable and accommotWlng gtcboaMaeh II. tU.i.'Utt, B. i,..r...inltT. Pared to build wiU Lave t.0 suenasivsn' Pemittaryes to Europe and Great Erittaln. hue nished with tuperior Uoiea, and ivery Imaatasbie coa- jpg' Comer Fourth andMarket streets. . . mi..-..olv,w aA ,n an V Wl . inlH. Sterlings, Demand Bills tor sale in sums of one ptuod tr ( nVu.k . j.., be obtained at tha nd up. t.ver I. toil euoecnoers are already secured, and the The best Brwndle, Wlnee. at o'clock, and at Louisville GEARING. "OUR PAT- - at the Point lly. 7 Leaves Loulavllleopposite at 8 o'clock a. "Palce,"ready bottled, and are eopeciaXy recommend j as fHMIE LOUIS- - AU kinds of Northern, Eastern, Southern, and OF wort wiii be put in tne Lsnds of tae printer so the posttrrBce If o. 435 HaiA "tretrt. get np Mills In first M punctn Bank Notes purchased at low rates. terns are Sond ed mtdicinsJ purpoeea. andtheGathr1htnouse,Mketst4bwra.n fi. rllle eid N'ashville Railroad Company Is to Land Warrants.Tbe highest mwaet prices) paid for rate style and atall new, and we can vnntr.HT L9VUTILL1, IT, low price,. QV fc PEAKCB- Newcoab Buildingron tne ,orT'lw,ruer,"i ii? Land. Warrant. O. COLLINS. J. t Jy8 --. c A. fcl ia an vv vm Maifi VUwrt Ltt (cpi at Wast will v rabkA-ea- i. k.t; Jaundice, ri ILCIIRIST Rowand's Tonic Mixture, nur,. m rrnABLE S OOUN " !l'(iAlt. l ttLI 0!i iy REPEATING IfOLCANlC .nftrpr ifii. Hut, LIKE HUMBUG, .VJ ill mc. ri n .HULK, nillillrj"5, uiliviM lir. y.r SCWillj; IaCllillCS. 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