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Image 3 of Daily Louisville Democrat, August 3, 1855

Part of Daily Louisville Democrat

: ' I IJ DAILY DEMOCRAT. Ticket Anti-Know-Noth- C1. WILLIAM FKKSTOX.'Ei RIVER AND WElTHER. River. The river wss about at a eland last evening, or rising very slowly, with seven feet nine inches water in the canal by the mark. Yesterday was a very pleasant day in every re spect. The mercury ranged, during the day, at from ty 8lto&8 degrees. PnTsaro, August 2 t. u. There are eiitht feet tix inches water in the channel and at a stand. The weather is clear and warm. city, Thanks. Our friends of the Rainbow have laid us COLEMAN DAXIEL. ike District composed of Jefferson County and the under obligations for a copy of her manifest. Seventh and Eighth Wards, CF The R. L. Cobb came up from Nashville with a j ifetty full load, consisting She will go L . C E I CJ E of blooms up to Cincinnati to see it the can set a load for Nash-- j inE LEGISLATURE, ville;tb,ere Is but title prospect of a load In this place. From Jefferson Co., The splendid steamer Antelope will be here to( WILLIAM A. MERIWETHER, day, and leave for New Orleans. OS II FA ta?" The giant Ohio couldnl get off yesterday, but Second Wards, Frotn the First anl will go this afternoon to Kentuckyriver L. The Vermont i loading sgain with corn for the Ky. She will take up this time j distillery at Petersburg, Tn.ia the Third and Fourth Ward, I no Io. than five or seven thousand bushels. la the Ia irOR CONGRESS, FOR STATE SENATE, District composed of the first aix Ward in the It SAMUEL 7T iln,ii;tiia.?r; rf FR t& BY TELEGRAPH. NOTICES. t v"Groeeries, Claret Vine, Flint Glassware, HardEaltimore, August 2nd. ware, Finishing Brads, Looking Glasses, prime No. 2 The carriage factory of M. T. Hunter, wa3 de Macketel, &.C., at Auction. Messrs. S. O. Henry & Co. sell the above goods, this morning, Friday, nt 10 stroyed by fire this evening fully insured. o'clock, at Auction Rooms, and at 11 o'clock, by order I'ailapelpqi a, Aug. 2nd. of the Marshal, 4 casks fine Brandies. The special Wo have no returns from the election in North attention of carpenters and hardware dealers is called up to the hour of closing our re Carolina to the sale of "Hunt's Finishing Brads." port. The telegraphic line is not working beyond Mr. C. C. Spencer sells i etersburg, ft Fi'RMTCRE asd Groceries. this morning, at 10 o'clock, a great variety of new and There is a storm on the lino between Bar iLtown second-hanFumithre, ujright and square Pianos: also, a lot of Raisins, Liquors, Tobacco, and other ar- and Nashville, consequently wo are without our ticles in the Grocery line. Dealers and others will, Tennessee reports."! doubtless, find it to their Interest to nttend. Great Excitement at the Auditor'sOiiice. The Sifk of thk Coi rt HorsE Clerk Urokev ty ty on. ty W '" !'.'9 " ... RECEIPTS RIVER wll 1 I f 1 1 j Jy30 30 K bbU Mo. 2; in store and for saleby THl'aTIN k ELY. piOTTOX YARNS. 75 BAGS 500, and 700 Yarns in store and for sale br 600, jy3u siiesforsaleby tiy3U ASSORTED THUSTIN & ELY. ILOUR.store50 RBLS GOOD FAMILY and for sale by jy30 TnrSTIX fc ELY. R9 OUR BON WHISKY. IS BBLS, three rears old, on consignment n.i ror sie ty Jy30 1 rill ABLE SALT. M sale by Jy30 LOUISVILLE store and for H191 1,000 l X tLY. BAGS IN THUSTIN & ELY. BY GREZII & BURHH Trotting Jockey Club Races. TUCdXXN at ELY 230 KEGS MAILS. AUCTION SLgbT Wti-- I jtZfrg il SatnrJ.ty Hloruiur, Anj. Illi, ls3-- . the rrem ses. South si.l uf Vi ir..t-- t Tr. r. wteen r.::1 ' re inu I .riire, eon ,i v"iec.;onar' eriT arto-- i u.'itliy Lept in astreof ih t ., I ru it s iass J irM oanvn, ? ti iv.njr, 1 .! Cig irs. Cut'err. FaaT Article, li.dis. and any ju ,. titv imull articles, o r jffi'Tt ui lo nie!::. n. Yj? I'.e parch-iaceniii-!- l to the thn.-iuse- , . mi tfie rnt :S Kce- - dm v CdrTi-riu,r positive. Cnsfi u WED-- N ESD AT, the ath of September, over the OAKLASD STOCK AND FKTXiTEi AT AUCTION. WHWlLI,SF.LLOSii:i:DAV 3liJT; ACES TO COMMENCE ON CONFECTIONARY mjoi C ' 1. jnrpj RACE COURSE. Firt Day. Race, for jreen PariDt ilorse,to First Race. Stake as they please. Mde heats, too eatntn.-e- , forfeit. The proprietor adds ibi if two or more start. Toclos on Monday, (September 3d, li&o. Second Rare, tame day. kree for irre'n Trotting Horses in harness. Mile heats. Furel"U. Entries to be naiued and closed on or before the 2jth, of August. JosFPlI DKPUF7. t.KKt&fcl S'l-'- i A I'CTI KK Auctioneers. X SALK of Groceries, Store nnl Fixtures, at Auction. C) . D. trdirjj-ll.ju-- a Retitil Sfik Open. Yesterday afternoon, the County Commissioner bavin? discovered that it was not the tTORN MEAL. 1,000 BUSHELS IX M'LLITT. F. J store and for sale by intention of Mr. Gid Ayres to deliver up the keys FRIDAY MORNING, Al TnUSTIM St ELY. Jy30 i ,,f tVia l.nrf 1T,.o;n .cafa ........... a n.i ...f, bits ,..nn. n tr SeconJ Dav. ...w .w, rr.t v t bet at ! oVIock. W 11 ha okl. at No. l Fcur. h First Race tree ror four-yealOBACCO. conditional promises to the contrary, procured the old TroUin? Vrrir in ' street, wifn Mam and v ur irfri', tie errdei i XlE3IMIfw j of a droi-'rStore trt Hoarding-IK.u- . harness. Milehe&ts. Pursetluo. . loo boxes Virginia, various brands; eoniiin services of Mr. Lfall, of the firm of Hall & D.dd, ,t.r.-h- , .econd Kace, sameday. Free for allTrottir Horse. ' part as follows: CVfW. Sct ir, do do; zi do Missouri, t gir. who, with the assistance of one of Lis workmen, MileheaU in harness, Ice VvX. Aio. 2 &0 do; three la live Purse Ij5. .'Ci. Sciirs, Counters, how do Kentucky, do (ilTHRIE. L. T. oimI Cuoknii! i!:ovis, yl Kedsteads, cut away the lin k with a cold chisel, and forced the In store and for sale by Third Hay. at safe dint. P.Jie:U. T:,l ies. tri1:M. t lCL.S. l..k:r.B The Telegraph No. 3, is the regular loat jyao I rooa the Fifth and Sixth Watds, sua t;i.i. Firt Race. Free for all Pacing Horses nmler a hl' A committee was previously appointed Tin l!w . and a ttr- -l irty of oin. r "I 1J o'clock, for Cincinnati. She is In command of Capt. by the Commissioner, consisting of Messrs. Henry Also, a lot i f l..n :,. COL. THOMAS M. HICKS. to a Koar.hng-iious- . HHDS FROM FAIR Mile heats. best three in five. I'urwii r..r. Clot.v.'.g. Sam Hildreth, one of nature's noblemen, well calcul- 11. ltownian, Charles Thoni, Uasoway lirashars, Second Kace, same day. sHake Kace, for three-re-i- r Iwls, to t rime in store and for sale by rr-41- a ofa.iie positivea cii.i of casti. and iu beis Cw.0. Seventh and Eighth Ward?, the " term irotting Horses in Harness, fin entrance, half forTHUSTIN Sc ELY. ate to win the respect and esteem of every one who be-- i and YAx Baldwin, to take an inventory of its conj y 20 au-R. IIOL-The proprietor abls 50 if two cr more st.irt. ffit. J. THOMAS JOYES. comes acquainted withhiin. tents. After about two hours of very assiduous Mile heats. To close on WeJncsJay, Seputuber Uii, TltfOLASSES. BY C. C. SPEW CEIL for labor, the iron surrounding the lock was severed, The fine packet Rainbow, is the boat TOR SHERIFF OF JEFFERSON COUNTI". Plantation Molasses: If JL 75 bbls Migar-lioustntriestoInamedandcIosedonthe27thorAuirua.! rr.ri-- ht and Square Fianos, Furniture, Raisin , Kvancvilleand Henderson. She is as fast as any bout and the safe was found to contain only a few uo; Uo WM. R. VANCE. Fourth Day. empty specie bags, a pair of horse brushes, a Time 2o a bbls Uo;in store and forsale by do tirand. and Tobrvv on the river, and will make passengers as comfortable. XI I Kali N 4: ELY. jy Two mile heats. Free fur all Trotiing Tlorsesin har and our Book, a Report Book, and a few miscellaneous AT At'CTION. Our particular friend, Hollcroft, commands her, ness, purse - Al CI ST S, 1N". j other friends Gwathmey and the Hustons, officiate as papers, the Day Book, Journal and Ledger were FRIDAY, rfMIGARS FRIDAY, tjTen percent, entrance. J. II. OTT. Proprietor not to be found. 2.VW0 Oueen Uecalias: jyi 3, at 10 oVIoelc, at Auction A nrtinn Salea. ana ' Vnr A minpmpnt A desk which had been in the possession of Mr, Rooms, No. 5"J M ini jir.-t- , lteen Third and tounn. i,'o Ameruia; only regular boat in port , A The tunm is the will be sold a 2,u)0 half Spanish; wag alM forped of ne r and second hand Wre anJ WM founi t0 con: Steamboats, see appropriate Heads, j f' i,0i Jenny Llnd; urniinre,iu whii h wi.l he found Hith pf,t Bedste!, n1 leve noon from the inland tain the Books of the County Lunatic Asylum. SW.uvO Havana; iu store'and forsaVby with cornice and testi-rs- ; plant and odli Bure-iuat,rovfu herseirthe fastest wut in tne which had been in the kcep;ng cf Copt. John jy washstamls: Cribs; L..anecs; ;tension Tables THUSTIS & ELY. HTShouli any carrier fail to deliver the Dem- ir..i. m u iUUlltki. QIC UitXJI V C I .. It'.1. Mll i ta lie u sfe as anv on the , - n T Solas, l.A.rsHt maliLi inv Chairs; Snoer Baihs: cenii ' IU IUC Cik-tlli For Cincinnati. tre and c ml Trd.irs: Vir.i.u hi,, o n.l .. .... j ocrat promptly, word lclt t me uue w m reiueu.) , r;vw Ca,,uin Catterlin is in command, and Mr. F- - B. IVI'UWU. SUGARS. 1,500 PKC.S ib dinerent places through the book, whole pages - Chairs: dining, and tea Tolcs; s.rmg and The splendid pasengersfeamerTFLEnTT!. M.m- - Crushed, Powdered, and Loaf St. Louis aod fit. j Moody in the office. Be down in time. the neglect. have been torn out. will I shuck M it'ressrs; Cook ing Kangs, h- -i water k t in. n. 3, llnilreth, James Helmed, forsale by leave a aue on this dav, 3d inst., at 1J o'clock, M, tachiucnt; Chin-- i and i!.hs war.-- , i.,gth. r w.;h theeu- Mr. Ayrcs had expressed his willingness to deIf. D. NEWCROMB St BRO. jyis Ci mberl.kd River We learn, from the Nashville r urc.ture, Bddiug. and 1 :iie ware of a YEARLY advertisers will please hand in their tire Household For freighter passage apply on board or to commenced ris- - liver up the keys of the safe, provided that the gentleman declining houskeepiu'. Banner of the 1st, that the Cumberland A. C."MNF0RT. u3 favon as early as they convenient can, darin , Commissioners would give him time to adjust his At 1 o'clock precisely, whi ts: soid oce Olhce on United States Mail Line Wharf Boat. foot of inK gincCi an.l SHEETINGS AND BATTINGS. one S.,u:ure Pi no. Thirdstreet. j books, that he might be able to give to the people the day. 610 bales Cannelton Sheetings; There were three feet on the shoals. sab- - or Hirnitiire, to close lever-- consign-meetAlter 500 do Batting; of Hamilton county a correct account of his stewill i.hld choice lot ..f Kiins, Chanipa:. Southern Belle tironght First Bale or Cotton. For sale by II. D. SEWCOMB Sc BRO., For Saint L.ouls. fTVlien Machaon. the Greek l'bysician, wisi iluiil.L,.ril..r..v A.,.nThe rnttmi fiiim im lh rir. ardship. It is generally suspected that there is and C gnac Hramly, Tobacco, Cig rs, if. nf Agents la. O. Mills. jylS any ol the aove article will I.V r'ersor.j The steamer SOUTHERNER, Catter-- r P.W!r!! 1'hysician is plain, lloin jr eiid of him, "A it was raiseil by Mr. J. L. lowns, at fort Adams, something in Denmark not as sound as it should ri'i''1 inL'ln master, will leave as above on Fri find them of excellent o, and des.raUe. " be. Ciu. Couimcrcinl, 2d. S. '' Sale positive terms cash. worth a? much as a whole army." Then a good cjty JY 1,000 HHDS GOOD FAIR dav, August Jd, at 12 o'clock, M. 7. gjUGAR. 0fna au2 C.C. aPKNCER. Aucti.inr. or freight or passage apply on board or t to prime in store and for sale ! medicine like AT, ' Cathartic Pllh is worth a j oracniTa River. The steamer Amanda arrived yes-frejy2U C. BA3IIAM. jylS H. D. XEU'COMB & BRO. BY S. O. HENRY & CO. bajause it cures as well, works terJay from Ouachita river. From a gentleman whoPORT OF LOUISVILLE. dealmre. . came naascntzer in her. and has for sometime been soGroceries, Wines, Glassware, Tobacco, Hardware, OLD WINES IN WOOD. For New Orleans. wider, and lata longer. The circle of the best in the Ouachita conntrj-- , we learn that never Carpets, Looking Ciiasses, LorisviLLi, August 2. . wit ian tiic rememoerance 01 uiai veneraoie so as at ., Dry South Side Madeira Wine; c..i. ev- - - tae ohUtt inhattitant, has that nver been lnoiviuuai, m !IT, The splendid passenger steamer AN- low rnysjc;;a s laoor mu.-- i u uu..v- -, ARRIVALS. 3 pipes London Paiticular AT AUCTION. do; . be-masrer, aa unusually dry, and still leaves The weather ha? itLori.. Brown, 2 pipes East India do; rtmedv is available to ail can l.s had y every- - pre-ntJacob Strader, Summons, Cincinnati. aiove ou Saturday, 4th inst., at a o'clock, r. M. A pipes DutT Gordon pale Sherry; FRIDAY MORNINf; NEXT, continues so, nm iily in the district here alluded to, Flora, St. Louis. or ire;giit or passase aryiy on nnani or to Oil do 1 pipe but alro in the hole surrounding country. 3.1. at In o'clock. w will sell, at Auction do bod V. anl i Worth bavin. do; Permantin's Onba, Pritchard, Cincinnati. au- V. O. VumiuhcJhIh 27. ?,i-3 pipes Samleman's Port; Rooms, corner of Main and k ounh streets, for cash, C 'ivVr, Belle yuiglev, Cline, Carrolton. j rolljwmg mv 1.3.1 it. 2 pipes Hunt's do; ' named goods: Si cases Imnt's patent dim). ;, Rock 4'ity, Slills, Cincinnati. lound ve clip the following items from the Cincinnati nea-ie'- i 1 l7"It is said the venerable In store and for aale at the Blue TTouse, on Fourth ana pomteii r.nisnm ti. i.'s. i aud John Tompkins, White, Eastport. nne steamer li jydlj J. P. THOMPSON. i'r tchanl, i inches; aco boxes Cigars, as rte I brands; ine boxes Jetlerson, Luena Vista. a magnificent lot of cabbages on bis return ftra Times of the Al instant asier, ni ieae as am,ve on tins uay, pound lump Kentucky Toi.ucc; j hoxej S,.. and Vermont, Petersburg. j Durinc the liPirv blow vestenlar afternoon, the : Al inst., at lo o'clock, &. M, pint pressed 1 uoiblers; M loxes f;mry 5ugr uisne-Europe to KinderLook. R. L. Cobb, Northen, Nashville. steanitr Switzerland, laid up at the Storrs township SUNDRIES. For ri'Kight or passage apply on board or to and Piates, T boxej uvrior Congress Ink, assorted; Rainbow, Hollcroft, Henderson. nan. iut below K!5 25 dozen Pe Brimont Champagne; l reek,iiroiie loose irom nermoor ' 10 cases good an 1 C. BASIIAM. CUret; 3) cti-- i Kr.ode at A .corn s I and Homed down stream about one mile, when she DEPARTURES. r3JTb.e Jur rc Die Court of Iowa has decided in-- anchored over against the Kentucky shore, oppo- 25 do Bouzy do; fine Pimento; a halt chests biaca lea, 12 cases ass.ried ' was lm 15 do Hieilsick do; Tuba, Pritchard, New Orleans. The steamer BEN FRANKLIN, Da!lis. Looking l.iasses. pieces country KagCaruet. m that the law for the . removal. of the capital to tort Sjle lne rce track. A barge lahed alongside, roke siO -r ' 'ilii i m do Orape Leaf do; Also, will be added an invoice of ll ,rd. i e and Cut- Jacob Strader, Summons. Cincinnati. will leave as above on Saturday. rt "r . . . louse M the same time. A party of young Misses, in as00); . U boxes St.Julien Claret, No.2( Ut......fjtii, nf l.'in. .n.l k nnh 1 . Belle Quipley, Cline, Carrolton. llh inst., at 1 o elm K, P. M. Xes Moines is constitutional. 80ciatin with a on.eiriiat rough gang of men, were 12 do do Bolts, II.ttUovKa, Bed do, No. 1(10 0'); P iniocas, Kaiors, s..,. Kock City. Mills, St. Louis. lorfieicht or passage apply on toaw or to Jrolicking on board at the time, and for a few moments 1J do Margaux, No. 1 (13 00); sors, Flora, Pittsburg. c. BASHAM. aul C were considerably ah-do Baitilley, 11 o'clock, by ord r of the Marshi! No. 1 1 S Oo); FontTH Ward CU B. Tie members of the the Kentucky shorealarmed. They were conveyed to la At of th in a skiff, and were compelled to 8 do Chateau La Fite, No. 1 (Z7 5U); Louisville Chancery Ci;ur:, POUT OF NEW ORLEANS. j caskf superior Brandies walk a mile and are ronrth Ward Democratic Club .. requested to Uwmiliie'a ferry, a half in a drenching rain, to Captain For 3Iemphis. The above Wines are of my own importation, and I can terms at saie. ARRIVALS BY SEA. safely recommend them, Immediately after tie sal ( P.nndies. 2 Lur? iKdt ( r n isy , as busme?s S The fine steamer CUAKLEJTOX, , meet at their room The Wa, Insrirton! for t,lig port on , 30th jyiil J. P. THOMPSON, Fourth St., near Main. nrtii r, master, wiil leave as aliove on UL, iooi cues. Ship Mary Ward, from Boston, 2d days out I July ti revoked the license of Lemuel Stephenson, first enci- Fiid.,y,i Aug. , at 10 o'clock, a. M. of imnorlac-- e will be transacted. tiIeruis Brig D. S. Brown, from Philadelphia, .M day neer, for neglect of duty, causing the damage to the n rit s ti ' , Auctioneers. aui i OLD BRANDIES IN WOOD. tor freight or passage apply on board or t BASHAM. Z of the steamer Yuba, and - in not giving notice to 7 toilers jy'21 out. C. of a newly dect- - lllt. i1!?i,,nors promptly, of tht'u- conlition. & Co., pale; pipes old Pinet, Castillon f5PA etera paper, speaking BY OOV7DY. TEHRY & CO. a pipes 014 cnateau Bernard, do; Jlovements or Ocean Steamers. For Nashville. el senator, says hie ignorance is so dense that the - H pipes old P. H. Godard, do; First Lar-- e Fall Sale of Dry Gool, by CaM-logu- e, 'i Jtpires old Leeer Freres, IROM EUROPE. From iht ceing Edition. do: au-- er on a cre-.ii- t of commen sense will be longer i a boring! of ii nionLhs, R. Tt! m Northern, Just received at the Blue House and for sale by xZZZlS roaster, steamerieae L. CBB, on ?tur-l.- i Leave. Shim. jL-Date. For. August x. as a'sjve will jm rTTSBtR. erw2 jylM J. P. THOMPSON. AT AUCTION. Washington through it than it would Uke. boiled carrot to bore, Southampton.. New York. ...MilvlS v, Itn inst. al 4 o'clock, r. H. There are S feet 10 inches water in the channel. The Ariel Havre New York. ..Juivsri For freight or passage apply on boar I or TUESDAY Ac WEDNESDAY. through the Hoosac Mountains. Black Lace 31antillas by F.tpress. Liverpool New York. Kallic c!earBlld warra. ..JulvJs CAKTtU X JOL'ETT. 2th ami 2"th, ot uinencing t ich morning Southampton.. New York. I'niou ..Aug. 1 MILLER & TABB, at H'i o'ciccK, we sh.ill oiler at l'uhiio A ni on, fcv tsu Cincinnati, August Sm. Shot. We understand that at the Barbecue at FOR KL'ROrE. logiie, on a credit of three morUs, ! P:wagesi Corner Fourth and Market trtrt, ForAVheelins aud Pittbur?. v. four inches since la gt night, The Atlantic has The . New York Liverpool. ..Aug 6 Lots of Kngiisn. trench, Oerman. and Axemii Iry ti.,i3i,. .iKrlor iiiif w didl weatherri vetwarm risen clesr. ' "' " Washington.. ..ew tone.... nremen .. ..Aug 11 is and The line steaui.r MINERVA. Abr;.ms. i floods, fresh frim the importers au l m inn; wtur-r- s. r'.CEIVED THIS MORNING, BY r vjl 'i .. . .New York.... Havre lie complete, eniat-ii:not learn.. ws shot iu the leg. No further parti- ....Vug 11 Our assort nieut , rumVr f)f ill 'he ri m.iiKr. will leave asnboe Uo.-- . dav, wcre at lhe wlu.rf Ariel exrress, a handsome assortment of black Oim- s hol- - i e hou. s, an l sel. cte.t rietie found in tir t J i lust., at - o'clock, M. FOR CALIFORNIA, &.C. pure ana Chantilly Lace Mantillas, style new and ulars. the Ohio, Vermont, Jacob Stradf r, Rclle tijs with reference to tiiew in'.s of Western aioi fi.'itn,.r., I or freight or fcass.age apply on board r r to to which we respectfully invite the attention of laSan Juan, Paniel Webster.. .New York .Auir 5 uierch.ints. au3 oniric v. an.l Jefferson, above the mouth of the creek. tieo. Law 1. . MnoRlIEAD. M1I.LKK & TABB, dies. Aspinwall New York Aug To those who have atren.le.l on r s lies during the pist 157" Cvl. Prcst n addressed a very large c;tyf Yuba, and John Tompkins, at ti e jy2 Corner Fourth and Market streets. anJ K1. r;,t year, we need not say lUt for rxr- - nt, v inei- , and a! of iu Mage of the voters of Y rtiaad la.t tignt. He city wharf presenting a much busier appearance than For F.atport, Tuncuinbin, !t Florencf" tractiver.esssuch stock, no sales the the llr't have evr BY pres.-- i ted buyer, NEW tiOODS. inducemrti's t eristic w have ob?erved for some time fpoke forab.ut two hour, with Lis very article .ur n.ted sound, and in good orThe new and splendid steamer JOHN New Lace Mitts, Long and Short, der, CINCINNATI Per Jacob Strader-- fi bxs starch, 1 bbl tSiaaS.TOMPKINS, White, master, viilllcae j th- - and will 'ne p a to the inspection r f p'rcha-s.-r-str-- r. on The little steamer Je2erson, belonging to the compa-fability. All is right in Portland, and Col. Pro-t.barley, Meyer: 1 csk g w, Lcivis Ac co: 7 bills ale, tJraf A: st r- -. No. !" Mun of h1'. a' as aouve Monuay, bth inst., at I o'clock, v. M. Bivnnr.kS ry that own the quarry at liuena Vista, Siotu county. L: 1 bs, Bevk: 1 do. Hart: 1 do, tuiith Ac W: 1 do, Levi: ! I MARTIN CO., 96 oJ under r u.ii, wtthout TtRML All sniRSot or iassjse apply on hoard .r to a strong vote there. KOBINSON, have just received &another lar?e For r.g with about 170 tons o 3 do, Newland, H S: co: 2 bales rags, Kvrain, P Sc co: 15 discount; oer 1'", sa'.sfact-.'rii- , uhi0 rwp (,oWn tWf indorsed netes al j 1. S. MooRHE.VD. au3 , Ac co: pkirs, .Montort: U Ools vineKr, hps cent, discount f..f js-ciontl s, pav tl ie in bank, or and elegant assortment of Mitts, of all descriptions, for This is beginning to be quite i" 1 bx type, 1 pkg, c yarn, Kilhck: 4u bxs March, HaliK-rtarc a uuartcr of a million pwj.le iu cash. ladies and children, which they offer lower than ever. , lover very goo.lf TiiuU-rlake1 coil Evan-tviH1W do. I'roi.nis, u. . GoVVDY, TERRY k CO . Aact'r. ext. nsivcly used in litis ciiv, and makes a jyJodiw For Our Iorot antl lien-deroroj, Lane Ac iK: co:bbis whisky, Ter- - i r,1,111.1i at on ttc bltb EMBROIDERED JACONET AND SWI-- 3 COLLARS.!and ad. work m the diflerent mines, to ah(J ,,M,y fl,)nl. 7 Thustin Ac Ely. iOdodo, A few handsome anil cheap Collars tliisd.iv oined lio'h: 50 pes iron, 5 pes slalis, Shreve, A & T: o bxs, a the fresh air and the light of the sun are sm-lThe splendid steamer P. A I N HOW, TT..11. A,:jkls.TIie , 3oha ToBpkJli, efUlie in csk s g w, 1 at the Embroidery House. Jessup at co: in imi;s, travel: iiils ale, crult, master, will leave as nuvte ou c yrn, W: 14 Coleman: ! Uraf A slave cannot breathe known. PATENT SKIRTS. Iaornillgfr(,m Tennessee river. Her polite clerk 'i bxs, 6:Buckles kgs spikes,carriages, 1 4i bas tone: 7Curd: lW( MARKETS. t riday, J.l mst., at j o'clock, r. M. Ac pole, bxs, c: h w.Crutchi-r- C & W : 4 The third importation of th "e.ison of tan. lead, and For freight or passage appiy on board or r touches t'.ie soil Mr. ?:rn, tells us that that river was rising when they Wheat, W Ac W: 3 do in England. The moment bis do.l ble, white Patent Skirts. a u2 I. s. yiovK HEAD, or New York, Aug. a p. M. Colbert shoals. Tlie Montgomery, D Ac co: 10 cases shoes, 11 bxs, Piatt, B Ac of Britain bis phaekles fall frcmbim. anl he is came out, with somea inches oucargo co: 1 do, ytiigley : do, Locke Ac K: i do, Miller, W Ac ALLENDALE SPREADS. Co.piO Stock market dull. Pennsylvannia Coal fciDK ON TUn and a numler of co: 1 bale, Hafler; 1 box, Rovers Ac W: o bales, - boxes, fair J. T. tirirgs aruund ct-t- ,i Fva.-'h,c- e A lieautiful and cool article for summer use. free. s'i.;e'.. ttwero T:.;:J For KrutiH ky Kiv r. Reading Sl;i, Erie 52' passengers, and will go out again on Monday. She Low: Ac co: 1 bx, Sproule A: .M;ml"Ville: - do hats, Van the store of V. rt. bene Let. MOSQUITO NETTING AND BARS. W Ac co: i lif Cotton market firm; prices are advanced Vpj sales of made the trip in g.,l time; saw the R. M. Patton at liert: Uailodo, pipes brandy, Tertlath: 'S dor .1 bds, Haltoo.! Chartered Capital 1 erry, U Ac co: 4 hxs. Carter Ac : ocascs, fhe iWMief piiio. Howard, master Itally at the Court IIouo! A full assortment on hand, for sale low. e I un-'- i uuu,,aie Paid in and secureI, .'laSSU Till bav.- - , alje ou Thursday, id away on wik hiis niniuiing at u r. Evnrsvilh" repairing; the P. expected to hite Ac co: ! do uo, l'ollard, 1' Ai 1.: o bbls seel, Munn PARASOLS AND FANS AT COST. Th.s Company be r.g row nrn ici'e.l. will maxe inti Mr. R. W. WickliSe W.lly. Deni.tcmtic en-dida- j her trip lnt. Uu clock, P. M. Ac H: cases, Jackson: z do, liamlierger Ac J csks changed, with sales of f ,5o0 bbls State and Western at passage appl 'v on bon d or t ranee on iluiiaif :e.,:sa;s, on targes ty sme For f rrij,hl or bales oh kuni, Oanlner j wine, Welby, 17 hf ciists tea, PLAIN BLACK TE1 FOR MANTLES. 75; and 1,100 bbls Southern at 10. Wheat stiffer, fjr Atiorney-tJenera- .! of Kentucky, will ad CARTER vessels at sen. and ty modes of ir.'ml trm- JoUF.TT. aul t3"The Crystal Palace has laid up at M. Louis, having Ac co: 2hxs, t olf Ac s: ii do, Monk Ac I): 4 pkgs, 1 rvon: .60: not quotahly higher; sales ff L.tsobiuhcUkouiherw A new supply. unst loss .f poriation; and also oa Bu ; bxs V".t,rr. son: & bbls onions, Mowhcad: 4 do out at the Court House-- , broken a wheel wi her last tr;p. dress the citizens of I.oui-vili- e j ge y fl re. 1'resi Jeit. NAINSOOK, OR MULL MTSLINS, l. com is a tnfe. p.wer; sales Of 3, UU0 bushs white nt a REiil'LAP. PACKET VJl. F Alhsa.Mere' lfy. on Saturday night August Every one should Just received. atSo.'xe. Pork unchanged. Beef firm. Lard unchang f CARROLTON Per Belle Q n i ghy lo3 bbls whisky, t:K.i.roR3. ForMatlison, Carrolton, VevayAc Intf'.Vgencer.of the 3otL: STRITF.D SWISS MUSLIN'S. gentleman. .C, r'. Jones Ac Root: 5 do do, Jones-- do Ix cr, Oraf Ac Weyd: ed, with a limited business at previous rates. Whisk v be present to Lear this tl A. Per.j. J. New Orleans ThursIUokk. The Crystal Palace bales hay, MeCallnm: SO hogs W i'.Vt! is scks corn, Robinson: THE FIXE STEAMER iison, A few pieces. Ihoiais L. W V. S. Benedict. I. L day wef-k- with a fine trip of both passengers and freight, , P;aiiifoi(i: Ml liour, 72 bags brail, Ac, Morrison: 1: firm, with sale of 5o0 bbls. Coll'ee firm; 1,3X1 bags Rio FLOWERED AND KNOTTED SWISS. one of her wheels ail u pieces at Bayou OoU-laCajt. ( sild atira'c. Si'gars buoyant, with sales of 1,00 hhds. F.,ICrBELLE yUItiLF.Y, the ;l oveline, will Somkthino New- - Novkl Mopk ot Advekti-srx- ;. bbls ami bxs fruit, tiross. her passenters, oine up m one Mtid ail J. and. im i .fit e Lolii.-- . nle lor good assortment. sou A Molasses advanced, with in a wheel. As soi.ii as her discharged she will lie up. Wer- - a da:V.e intei lueiiiaie laiidinrs every Tuesday, Thurs.lav and riTTSBntO Per Vermont M M,is whisky, lot mty Orleans and I'orta Rico, sales of forhhds at 3;c for New Falls Hty Insurance Company, BLF.ACIIED COTTON, ToMuscovado. and ile bgs, sundry consignees. Saturday, at Um. RetarhitiVwi ieaveCnT, loneVe.v W;ii-And the follow irg from our exchanges of the 21st: were three large triangular frame, uj Motidav, M e, I. u s lay ;nd Friday, at s o'clock. . x.tJi At 12l c, yard wide, tlie cheapest ever offered. bacco fira Kl'ENA VISTA Per Jeflcrsoii KO tons free stone in BKUUfc. F F I C E NF.WCOMK'S IIUIUi. ROBINSON, MARTIN at CO., l lie iiaiiriitr, nu u aiTurn iritui uir mill- The telle yui:;!.-ywiIndi m.i . take Ireight posters, announcing t tue public that 1 arpenter Baltimore, Aug. 2- -M . y efiter,:,y, iad the bad luck to break m-- crank and pieces, j rar, r ortiiiiibton. Fourth street. W ali and way ..i:.ts" on t!ic Ma i.s-.jy2; . and;s f M ii:i a:.d Ku'b ! ; E' trat. one of her cylinder heads placing her Jiors du Sales bl'i. City Mii'.i and hclroa.i. bbls Howard street tt . rr, l.u .i A Swymmer make J)igucrreoty.cs l'.r d tents bm-sST LOUIS Per Flora sugar, Raw son & co: combat for the present. I For freight or passage arp'y on board or t. Chart t: flour at $3 50. Also.LOot) .bls of the latter, deliverable Marshal's Sale. I. S HH.i;11F Ms cr Samio seemed to feel ;uite pTouiotc-l- . ( i'r.iiT is ihl A t. A vassengT on board the Mi- - 11 bgs rags, Ibijiout: sudrs, Baham. i . ri'icuiiT ii- - .it is al uu a.iv.iii.: ,ii . JyCldif i:e JON ES Jc Root. Cr.eitlr.Ue, .. JONM KSIOHT, o nerva, wlncn leit our on estcniay evening lor l.ouis- r. , ctiuipt - i.. i,.. r....! i. 1 oa loss when c ir on the morning previous, against In Chancery. vi!le- - "n fc'!g to his sute-roocotti.n, li-- vin, Beil i. co: U cotto'n'warps, T V Bre'nt Ac on 'lUOtatioiis of esterday; receipts 50,0.hi bushels caid that .O.ue of the Know-oth- t y river, I ak- -, se , man inspecting the contents rf son: 1 hhd tubacco, U baits cotton, Brady Ac Davis: &u r, ) (iii.(lVt.Vi1 a IIksrv Kniof Com unchanged; receipts light, w of the n ivlai ie irt? are realouiy engaged in circulating through- - his trunk. At the sight of the comer the scoundrel tied. bps cotton yarn. 15 do r;ps, 1 do ginseng, Terry. U Ac co: Dissolution of Partnership. VIRTUE OF A DECREE OF " amiti-'- . i' ss on (I . and the h:se whs gi en, the passeuircr crvinu a uucnanan: .W ork, Aug. a m. out the City, county and district, that Col. I rest m Uiief ycllm. Die same words. The hands on the )oat iw 1 tons pig iron, Ttiiistoii Ac Kly.l hhd lohacco, Picket w i on 15....! . , . Sei.s; ais.., 1 UHl I' . bi Louisville Chancery Court, rendered in the h: bale cotton, v Flour advanced 12' jc; slrs7,O00 bbls straight Slate at above cause, the undersigned, or one of tis, will, on the fugitive, and the owner of thetrunk took him M. fore existing, under the S! vie and title of Strain & vLa&uie,a:,d H'opi i., from the canvasn. Ihi :. a h. ?,,.,,. 11. A. VI MKSN1L, IVhiuahdrn umM ,ne police came, who forthwith conveyed 1 , AllgUSI. HENDERSON II, l.JJ, ill.'Ul Hie limn Ul mill" Per Rainbow-- 14 JH)$S75. Southern remains unchanged; sales of r rt i hhds tobacco, II u'3' 0 ' vy UiUtu'" t"1"r:-'- ' " , at the st re lately occupied by defendant, on the on the person of the thief was Bridges: 1 do do, J K Havnes: 54 bb! Hour, Mel vain Ac 1,000 bbls. N. C. MniRi, i caiab e. iV. ' ' a -- . riou denial. It Lae that it eoin fly Wheat is a trifle higher; sales 11,000 bushels found a tunicti of skeleton keys. With one of which he ro: 101 sacks wheat. 2 do teatheis. y do r.ius. .MeC.'iilioeli north side of Market street, between hourth and ViUh i'Dii i. M. Strans is authcr're.l the passenter is 4c iluren: streets, in the c tv of Louisville, sen to the ni'hest Hin tfns branch of the to sf'Ie a'.l claims f. r and the trunk. 1 lie name only "bows to what mean- an unscrupulous party had j K:); casks mellons, J Southern white 2i5. Corn is a lit iw lower; sales sacks oats, I. a,,, Wm. E. ?h...hM K..rr establishment, and Joseph der, nt public auction, the stock in said store, consisting , . audegrot: Ido do, lr J N Hughes: 3 bbls s iron, L R Jonas Kobiuson, ho on his way to Wheeling, Va W A. James P.rolg-- . authorized to settle all claims is tiin; sales j0 bbls ot ftoves. Brass Kernes, cutary, Jinware, iron ami Isaacs is persons knowing themselves in California. the will roon scarry lueir j'urjs,.-c- . Mill: i'uxsrags, Nock, Wicks Ac co: 1 liox nidze, li bags bushels at Sc.'ac for mixed. Pork l..Vid It. toU Ai i ii'Kvr os nit S ii"xer Poioi.rH. our river col Those indebted to every article penerallv found in a whole-SalAc bbls sold. Whis Tin Toys, and sacks jal ins above fcru, ill please call anJ settle. uiuii contains a i.riel account oi ineirowningni peverai feathers,. Lane bolsBartlett: 5 Leii-r- : sndrs. 1 d hide, 2 bl.N, Beef is firm. Lard is unchanged; with the fixtures fc'.ove and Tinware Establishment, 1 roll soap. J at the open jie W H ky flnn; 350 bbls sold at 10,'ic. 25?" Frightened and i of the steamer ltodolph, as she M men fi out the MARK STRAUS. , bx tobacco, ,.:hrodt At Laval. leather, in the store. Also, all the household and kitchen fur upper levee, near the foot of Florida diw JuSEfll ISAACS. Co., and hojicless l.ankri' l. .f the finances of was Ivine at the ihat seven men were precipitated into Stoke-- : Stocks firm. Erie fij; Harhm 20; Cleveland and niture in the dwelling above the store. street". f s of Sm Ad sums under iO cash; and for all Toledo U; Cleveland and Pittsburg t'i; Cuniberland city sucests the tlie river by the Iceaking of the foot plank in the of tha.t rlean. OF RECEIPTS BY RAILROAD. a credit of six mouths, the purchaser to sums above f AS11IO.NABLE f mr d them were drowned. Their ai.d that Muhi; Reading; Canton 2'1;; N. V. Central give bond with approved security, bearing interest from . letting out the city affairs, to ' Some names were Higfcins, Mciirath, Conaway, and Braily. iT1.PITAL irnl.M'O Dla- igan Central !; tialena and Chicago 105,'. the day of Sale until paid. LOUISVILLE AND FRANKFORT R. ug. AND I Ihev all lived ou North fecona street. iiii:ins, we un X i.osile.l in Ne ,,rk HENRY r.ENT.M.L. C.C. , pieces bagging, Braimiii Ac Suniu!er; .! sacks 11 il dozen capable m?n t pay lU debts, reeie .ler - tknd. had een married but aljout fix weeks, and Losses proiuptiy .tdjusteJ Vi.l pai.l. iil,. ut rfcreo, II F.N It Y WOLFOKD. Deputy. JvSDdtd seeu, i.vranj, nuin a; co; iu roils oi leather, lien Mout; r of ibe narties leaves a wife and three children. ltallimore Cattle Markot. U Lolelo.i. IV and tke care of it? revenues, anl perform the :inoih-about 12 o'clock, M. The men ln) cons roi, J C Bui kles a co; 6 bales sheelintrs. The accident ly r,i .i'.'.;; luuraace aaii-o'.'.c-- J :,M::i.! , Hartley, Johnson Ac co; 1 cow and calf, Dr. Nesoit; bib at the reouest of the had enteied the Baitimorw-- , Aug. 2 . Kl l tents. duties of government. bl. bundles paper, Dupont; ill baKS wheat. Smith Ac Smr- wheel, and givr it a ueiraile turn. to cliiub the Ultice seeond Sli.ry Newenml.'s Luil.l: u. no M) head beef cattle offered; all sold .it prices ser; uo do, About l)( iKtMrul. At Ouy; 1 car sheep, S K Rich- !ol Ku.l.U s'r.i-l-irii.i. iii, Ber LOUISVILLE, KY., and linseys, A L Miotwell At Jy-- We gave yesterday evening statement of The P.ivsrs. The river at this p'.int rose aliout three iidson; 4 bales jeans Ac Sclminu' Nlhiifi.feoii; ranging from " to 3 50 p PH) Us net. H g Supply is street. uirll NATHAN WHITE, ?M Hi bushels wheal. 8 50. inches yesterday, and is repotted riins tofthe mouth of siues, j light and sales made at MAIN, BET. SEVENTH AND EKilTTII ST?. tuns cess pork, An in.Utst held l y Croner White, and it will l.e liiaek river. There 4!t feet water on the Upper and 3 mers;51 jarnon;j) 40 bags oats, - liraunin Ac fura- So. 73 Fonrth street, between Main and Market, bgga wheat, .M KK C A K LIBB & SON, Proprietors. Collins; 21 head of jyl'dlm - feet on the Lower Rapids, and rising. The river ha found on our first page. We have since been in- i.;c,.n .1 sheep, b B Richardson; 1 bx tobacco, M Halirt; 14 pgs CONSTANTLY ON HAND 15 inches nt kec.l the rrobahilitv is owners. mTACKEKEL. Co., formed that the hat of the deceased was a low that the rie will U- - sutticient to make 4 feet ou the Lower nidse, and varied JL ,0 bbls No.2Macker'-l- ; LAND CLAIMANTS. ALL Kosewood.Mahog .my, andstock of rT. npEXAS W aluut Kipids. i;oats wmcn nave oeen lying up amnf me M. claims against the government of Texas attended ts) do No. 3 do; .vnejijicr- - j,,,!,),, hj- - taking the present opportunity to get down, , .. J crowned one, Laving in it these word-- , Furuiture, Ouiuprisunf every ar t 'ii LI... I NGToN, K Y., PA'H'H S do; by liOkiltsNo.3 forsale 1 he Illinois river . to.with dispatch. .. Mrf and tide suitable for household purk. Scat red. MARKET. je21 D T MQN3ARRATtSFlfth8t, lie ton, Kngland.' rri . ioat U..1J i. aecu i .v. fs 1 arriving dai v. Without and the Missouri U REVIET7 OF P.KAD & DAV1E3 iuis a stand, with 4'. feet to Lasaile. poses. In adiluioii to the above Cnan.-r'-i- l C ii'iial. U.l rejK.nt l getting worse and worse. Four feet was theaJ.leil every kind of Spring and Cher will Coroner's oCe. It was supposed the MHKTi.K-i- . OrF-.ctLorisvii.t.i Daily Pemocrt. "ffEANS AND LINSEYS. 40 BALES UUsses, rtoort esterday, from tilascow down. Boats exieriENSION AND BOUNTY LAND es, Mantel, Pier, ami Looking wh,. h u.l Painting M. Oreerwoo.l, . C!av." C.s- - ;us Till RdY. August 2, 1S65. I was a German, but the names in the hat s,enk a etu-- rr.ucn inconuenience irom iocs ana otner iiniueu Cottaue Furniture, A.C., all of just received and for sale bv ill compare fan.oins will rereive nromrjt attention. 7 A. b. C I. uiio. John T. M.irt.n, iiupediuieiits to navigation. Hcptthliran. REMARKS vorably with any other work, anJ will be sola st prices Included in the "breaks'' to day at the Brady Sl davies je2i i Cerent Fifth at. . Hasscilii.e, D. T. MO.NSARRAT, to I .C K. David. ftory. to meet the views of iiurchasers y filyjn .e, r. II. I'lH.rl, S. S. Cir. blH) KEGS ASSORTED l'a.aa ('..iiiioiiif, iIiiaiu K. French, IN it Will be seen below that hith Prices were realised. One 'WAILS. Police Court. t will Le seen tlii morning on reference to our.y, BUILDING LOTS Apply toVARIOUS REMITTANCES TO ENGLAND, 'l W A. J. .M. Pickering, i forsaleby fje21J BRADY tl PAVIE3. sizes forsale. filnl. raised hv Tir TV fl T,.l . ,.r rl. . We are drawing Win. T. ftop,, tiorge T. Meiliuao, U. T. MONSAK It AT. To Fifth gt. jtl the telegraphic column, that we arc to have no H0S. CIO. W. J0HXST0N, JFOCt. S tmiiel H. Key s, Ky., was sold by Air. Bridges, of the Todd sioHr DRiris on the ai, I: .. F i.ns, ionits in sums of osa :5(H) TONS ON HAND Wil!iain CoulaloCX, upwards, IG METAL. linry on Pnul. ofirlo ami in Mr- - Edward Holbrook, the extensive manufacturer of new from the election in Tennessee. "There - a 75 RACJS LIVERPOOL A my dtf L. llollister, t;..ri li , iinTcriiNos k co. T lit RRADY St DAVIES. and for sale by fje2U ,u0usi .? :. It. t u cjty ( t U e highrst jT.oe eycr n.Msetl fur the de. C. R- Caiii, irtled, Salt, coarse and fine, for sale by storm on the line" between Ilardstown and NashCyras Web Ii. 1. S. BENEDICT & SON. jy30 ll."licli limner, City vs. Daniel IlutterCeld, for breach of ordi- - scriptiouin this market, viz.: li fiy TVOTICE. WE WILL PAY THE A I SI XS. 000 H A LF AND QU AR ville. We take that a pretty goul eviden.e that v C. E .fl i. ! highest cash price for NKtiKOES, at our 45c hundred more than the hh.l sold bv v- - u,vn nan.'e. Dismissed. W M. T. rillPPs. A. f. EDVARI)S. ters boxes MR. and Lunch Raisins for gale low to M . UK) BALES EXTRA eirro Depot.ou First street, between M:itket aidfi-'- i party has been Used up badly. the Know-NothiV res i. lent. J ulius Martin, and Jacob Nuss, for disorderly yesterday to the same gentleman. It was a choice and close the consignment !ecretarv. Jetlerson. Oakum for sale by fp. CHAKLKS lit b br. l b, BKl'CE PvltTKt;. BRADY & DAVIES. The elements favor that party, as one of its meiu- - conduct. Hail of each in f 100 for two months e: superior D. 8. BENEDICT S:SON. The hhd weighed l,6oU lbs; being jy30 We also keep Negroes forsale. V A tomey. ice PreHctent. w damaged by water, M Its was sold for H; the ' ;1Ijnn. r,Trrj-- ' , .7 berssaid" to us yesterday: Al Agent for the above Company, I ampretreU l. v, when tbere T. ARTFRBTK-M- , CANDLES. BOXES Mcf.uire, for drunkenness OSL, TAR, AND PITCH, IN ar3S; nels.and rates. take .re anl Marine st ll.e J . A K T KKHT KM r.mainder. l,2ix ils.lo uthtslbSO. FJt halve and quarters ia store and forsale bv is Lad newj to transmit, a f torm cotnes it, to keep disorderly conduct, l.ail in s2ti.) each for three! store and for sale ft. teTuthce Jacub New tSaiidiOgs, Miiu .street, teal TOBACCO-Sa- le. je21 BRADY it DAVIF.S. of23hhda at warehouses, vix-.- ' Fourth. 9. BENEDICT & SON. jy: CaThTli inonfhs. the wires from working. 5 15.S 3 x, t at 5 ijO S6. 3 at 6 j 3 hhds at mrln JAMES M. MOORS. N 2 6 40, 2 at 0 60 (,n" 0 City vs. .I. I'.utler, breach of ordinance , OF PLATFORM Tt TAN ILL A ROPE, ALL 5 at 7 255" "5, 2 at 7 Wa 40, 2 at 8 OO'SS W, l at 11 j HAYING in good order, for sale low bv Vy Wh'.tiurr'enJere.l n aDj 1 at ,65cl If M. store and for sale by ?. BENEDICT & SON. ho iltwCcieDtlj DO or Kitchen Furniture of rJohnJ.Critten.ien, S100 REWARD. ,V Lis Lail. D. CORNWALL k P.RO. rive '5'tiROCERIEs Firm at previous ItjO jy2 to sell, can find a cash buyer by calling ou the full rales, hu'.e o' , torious, without his Fpeech of last night, did not other. AWAY FROM THE SI orj v, w ,)8gs Ki0 coffet; at "SlL'ic; 40 hhds fair and strictly YDRAULIC CEMENT. A CON- - and Third. ai .o. .oarikei street,s.uetween record fau.jOdinstf DRAY, IN GOOD RUNNIN(i kNE living in A.lair, Kr.. a Netrro Mtn Robert, and Mary Anderson, and Mary Mitchell, harto:. attract the crowd that his ...,', and admirers i slant urt)lv on hand and for srle v iLiei Scott order, for sale low by 15ail of fair ew Cleans sugar at Vi&'c, 10 tcs refined do at anuc.jmted, nor did L enthuse the audience er- - for drunkenness and diorJcrlv conduct Casn for Second-llan- d a?V.l V. 0. DL.l r. 1 1 V A Furniture. I namel 22LEWIS! sometimes calls llire fourth j, jy CORNWALL Sl BRO. sUiul year of age, yeliow coinplexuin, Jy2 MVc; sales of 75 bbls WiSM Vis refined do at h He was followed Ly O. BENNET &CO. ARE PAY cialljon the plantation molasses at 37c. .r HALF PIPES NDY. I'a Kane, on same charge. Own recognizance in RICE Sales of rice at TIN PLATE. 400 T e i ngch for Second ITand Household and Kitchen ' with his toe. outwani., - leit nanibai. and ' 'ody JVodi iirsiri.T,;. At length, hs i scar on by 7';?c J2mi for three months. 19 Coguac Brandy for sale S. BENEDICT Si SON boxes I.C, Roofing Tin, superior charcoal brands Furniture. Persons having such to sell would do well the hack of one,. fins hand, occasioned i,y a sakt D. j,ao with a good demand for ship- just received in store and for and James Curtis, breach of; d" the broth- - i lol to call on them at No.iuJ Market street, between Second ' ''J the tUnA, lut .due hen he a as sniail. He play on tfie tt.i.Iie. l is jut. ""dtfet - . cn Jones uioun-.ev J mem. caies oi n: mus snpernne w bbls at T iu, i : and 1 nird. anal dinsly ; posed he will at'emi t to get to a tr-- e State, and to er, s.s ana nnc-ren tendered their sen ices to help Lira, dow n, and ordinance, C. oniessea breach of nrdinnnce or Lou.sviiie or near Cov.ngTon. j,, yn;,, river atwill N low aud (,n- - do at 47 25, and the remainder at 17 So. Tilden. Same vs. m 1TP IlflYPO 1 1 I V SARDINES. boxes Sardine; C5 it cases half Any one who take RemOVaL 'turn h.n, i thai i oa.i WIlKAT-Sa- les ; beaveded to their ruest. Soended the nighf. tiued. 1 1,400 bushels do at 1 ffl of 4 do ouarter boxes Sardines: get turn ill tawi.a.d the above reward oi SKu. bushel. ' 1 Tn store and forsale low by A. BORIE. N. f. CCRRY. Margaret Dunn, discharired from oikhouse. WALLACE, L1T1I00W At CO. CORN Sales of SC sacks shelled do, from atore. at citv. CO. HAVE RE- - Columbia, July t jeJ rfannane. Wholesale Confectioner and Dealer in Foreign Fruits HUTCHIXOS ihirteen new citizens were made yesterday, 70c, sacks extra. and Banking Office to i T f.Tl'T jyaa LOCK TIN. 25 PlfJS BEST RAIN- - Toys, Cigars, fcc, a o. on lmru st. ' Building, corner of Main and Bullitt streets file(i declaration to become such, Newcomb's SALT-Sa- les of lJjSO U,U Kanawha do at 45c. Fir.E is MaDisox. On Vedneslay morning "ntl four otbe" Tin In store and for sale lowbv I lonr and t ommiiMon .Merchants, OYSTERS. 10 CASES jy'" WALLACE. LIIHGOW Sc CO. " uiMvi raies of w bbls raw do nt iw.Sc, an ad- - je28 ca the large foundry belonging U J. Farnsworth, jr., The following communication appeared in vance; 32 bbls new copper do at 65c. and for sale by VI. 551 JItia ntreet, lefico Srt.Md and Thntt ITotIC. A. BORIS. 150,000 8U- - jy on Elm street, Madison, wa.s destroyed by fire, the Courier yesterday morning. Capt. Kudd, we AT1IS! LATHS!! IRON A sale of25 tons Tenn.No. 1 pi do at 430, 4 N THE HOI SE LATE L 1 OCCF- TV. f'OVTINITE TO RECEIVE Laths now unloading from flatboat perior sawed The large bnck machine and f.nirhing shop on Ohio learn, aflirms the truth of the statement, and so mo's. by Ormsbv s uwen, ll miware ivaier. r,f th foiionrin t,m n,nin.i T.n er J. and for sale at J perinousanu. i intend keeping in Louisville Tea and Fancy firocery Store. nessee upon HEMP Sales of '.') and 1 bales fair dew rotted do at future both sawed and cut Laths, oi lue very best iual the same terms as ihe old Banks of Ten- - eonstantly on hand a supply of the best brands of r wi ROBT. SaDI.IR. afreet, in front of the foundry, was uninjured, let the editor of the Journal know yesterday. Ye J. T. La HAM nes see: 1 wiU sell as low as 1120 f ton. ity, which anyJoneEr,0RYt LANHAM & CO., Ir. Farnsworth' loss is severe, not eo mack in the j had heard the Ftory repeatedly, and thought it Kank or Tazewell, Tzeweli; . w. snail. w. c. Mm HAY Sales timothy d j at $1 00 f- ton, from Jefferson, bet. Preston and J ackson KtS. Commercial Bank, Memphis; je22 dtf 83 THIRD STREET. jyiK value of the few idttern?, flak., and the building highly probable, from the state of bctwixtity in levee an advance. Bank of Claiborne, Claiborne; carpeting, household, and steamboat Bank of Nashville.Nashville; consumed, a will be the detention in business un- - which the editor, for sotus time, appeared to be: BAGGING AND BALE ROPE-Sm- all FURNISHING WAREROOMS, sales of do do ISJTOVE AND GRATE FOUNDRY. Bank of Chattanooga, Chattanoogt. Ik5 Our stock of Cooking Stoves and Ranges, Heating CHOICE BLACK AND GREEN at 16 and Sc. St CO.. Newcomb Building, Main St., between Third an J Fourth. til the foundry building is replaced. There was Urates, Alniot on the Other Side, enameled and hu assortment of have on s.v... .oHand well assorted, ulain the latest is verv com - choicest Black and Greenhand aevergeoffered for salethe jylJO IiL'TCUINOS Corner Main and Bullitt streets. CANDLES Sales of 15o bxs pressed tallow candles at tilete, large all Teas ia and most apno insurance. The fire is fupponed to have been "It is well known, that for some time, George D. 14c. ic SMALL H AVE ON HAND LANUAM & CO., hJ Thirds. thiscity. proveu Prentice, the editor of the Louisville Journal, was large atock for the season, and ar COFFEE. Coffee; WRIGHT t BRIDGEFORD. the work of an incendiary. HIDES Sales of 100 city cured dry salt do at 13c. bags Rio desirous of reducing it as much as possible, preparatory perfectly mum upon the fubject of the Know- ItA) do Laguayrado; FREIGHTS To New Orleans 25 5.30c for pound TCiTETALS, &C. TINPLATE.COP to receiving their Fall supply, by oiJenng Uieur goods t ALAD OIL. A SUPERIOR QUAL-it- y Heee oofs i?iv. An apter illustration of Nothing organization, which caused much specula-SaLead table purposes for sale by ilji. per. Sheet Iron, Sheet Brass, Sheet Lead, Zinc, jyvW of Olive Oil forLAN HAM Sc CO., bi Third st. by 50 do Old Gov't. in store and for sale greatly reduced prices. some very handsome patten., which lots; pork 65c; tobacco, from the city wharf, M H. NEW COMB BRO. In Carpeting we have alon L,S ?ld Tin. Wire, Galvanized Iron.Bheet and his principles we have not lately heard l! cousisling of cany take, sf,ociatesv' perchance, be and hhd; potatoes e bbl 45c. To TitUburg 25c for pound !..,. Rlock f(e jje Soelters. Antimonv, 4ic. Full stock on hand at lowest Royal Velvet Carpeting: our observation yesterday hig 0u political friend, Capt. Jas. Kudd, happened freights. ToWheeling 20c for pound freights. of, than cameunler uj-- j ....v.. i Bi traeipncca. Kich English Tape-rtrFRENCH BRANDY. Carpeting; X-Handsome Brusset. d evening. A boy about iff or ii years oi l, passed to meet atone in me namer a snop except the ) Persons desirous of purchasing a pure article of Green Street, bead of Brook Street. Retnll Family Jlarket. TOOLS AND : F.xtr and Imperial raM N 31 From the best manufactories, everyMA trencn isranoy can outrun tne same at 83 I oarofficedo.renveloped,exceptLisiegs,iuasa. lt 1 variV" ( Aenr the L. & F. JR. Ii. Depot.) Extra super aud medium i! ply Cartui; Locisvime. Aug. 2 1S55 JyUti f LAN HAM & CO.'S, Third st JL chines. . Rudd to understand that he was opposed to the K. Machines, including Roorin I nioo fi ne Jo; Uj ety of Tinmen's Tools and 18 a'jUn',1y applied new veget ,T and arms all covered. As he pasJ our do.r y cr,lt.r bead "J"1? PROPRIETOR, informed him that in his next morn- t'ouon Chain and Cotton do: for sale at manufacturer's prices. fru,ls-t- he LD PORT AND MADEIRA WINE. i.lJL has II. LYTER, for traveler. It is well 5 S3-L- . rroduce of the farm-yarWRIGHT ii BRIDGEFORD. and dairy jy"l itc, and 4 pliin and tw T.e.l Hail sad SUdo; opened this house ing's pajr be would see an editorial in opposition j "f' be turned his bead and Mid, Velvet and R.aise . St.r r.r t.n: A supply on hand of pure old Port and Madeira with a fair supply from the fields. Old stocks remain arranged and convenient, and ao near the depot and the . to it. T his the old Captain was, oi course, pleased W lne ana for sale in Dottle or on aratt ny "Here goes Sam river as to le one of the most desirable stopping places Wi'h Stair KvUs to suit the J.Jeivnt widths sad OOFING TIN. looked for its pretty full at reduced rates. Meats remain at aliout our LANHAM it CO.. 83 Third st jyAi in the Union. jeu.urn CURTAIN MATERIALS. e made ns Uugh. 200 boxes I. C. Leaded Tin; Sau is to learn, andin the mo&ag, fmt, to his sunrise, last quotations. Apples Dried 70 to W peck, common The fitnes. rf the do; fm do furthwm;ns ii.i I.X. Rich Satin Distaste; ONDON PORTER AND SCOTCH boy, who is pitch tug along as well as disappointment, it never appeared. His groen 10c f peck, early harvest ripe 20 very large, Sibe Very best brands, received and for Sale aa low as any T I L L O W WARE. OF EVERY a wild barum ccarum Do Worsted do; me cnj Ale. A supply on hand just received and for sale Braa Corn ''ew. Bra s Band'; description, our own manufacture, and supe WRIGHT ic BRIDOEFORD. through the world blindfolded, supposing every curiosity, a a matter of course, wm raided to know rian crab 2tc. Beans White 10c 9 iuart, string 20c f house in iyM ljy-i- .i ty Loops and Tasels, Sc. t.A.MiAii ti uu., ni imrd st. peck, butter beans 5c t o.uart. Beef Rough pieces 6 to rior to any in the W est: iKKly u U blind lcaase be cannot see. i Market aud iruit Basnets, every site; WB3'informe,J LINEN (.OODS. 10c, fine cut 10c, choice steaks 12'c after tho Cap. 1L. hop Beets 12 rwIN AND JAPANNED WARE. WE ltJ m that Traveling and Satchel Baskets; A LARGE AND FINE H . f,,ii .ml &ssortel stock of Tin and Ja "OICKLES.of the best descriptions For househoUl and steamboat e jrpose-s- of very su( Willow and Cane Chairs, Cradles, Hampers; 20 gallon. et tain and Mr. Prentice left, Col. Ballard came, to bunches or 3 dozen for 20c. Blackberries of American LamEs DnKS.-T- he perior bnnds, vii: editor of the call the attention of JL assortment Do Cals and Carriag's: just received t panned ware, to which we would 15c, good 20c, choice 25e; apple butter 10c whoui Le mentioned what the latter had said to Butter-F- air Superior Linen Shaetine- - n;j vi.lths; and imported Pickles tor sale cheap by JySTl MILLER & GOULD S, W Fourth st. I ( Ky.) eoman thus comes to the defence of the j tae former, whereupon Col. Ballard, who was a K. quart. Cabbage 15c fr dox heads. Cantelope 10 to 20c counu-- me.v.,. LAN HAM U CO., 83 Third st. jy Pa m ass TaMe Liner, pillow Lsneu; WRIGHT Sc BRIDGEFORD Towels, Napkin, He. witheach. Carrots 20c 9 dozen. Cauliflower 1 to 75c V AMERICAN PERFTTMF.R V 1 ladies whose dreses are accused of being too low N.,met with Sir. I'rentice and begged him to AND CIDER VINEGARS. fLOOR OILCLOTHS. hold tie publication of the article in question, dozen, as to size. Cherries Wild 10c quart. ChickCOPPER WORK. ofSTEAMBOAT fresh supply of HarrUon's choice Perfumery just id the neck, i be scamp sayF: all kinds in Copper Distillery, and Job Work ww A snpply on hand of pure Wine and Cider Via received, consisting of Just received, S sheets of superior quality Tloor I which, it seems, he did; but from what influence ens Spring undressed tl 00 dozen, full grown 20c Favorite Summer Extracts, Toilet Water; egars and for sale by W r e are a bosom friend of the ladies; we have in sew anil bewutifulde.igns. which w cat to fit wag induced to do so, and come to so sudden a each, dressed 25c each. Corn Roasting ear 7' to 10c. lone at the lowest maraet prices nySt BRIDGEFORD he WRIGHT Choice Soaps for Bath or Toilet; LANHAM k CO., 83 Third st. Jy2l fcal's er rooms without lwa u purchaser. enlutod under their banner, and are ready to die ) Pomade, Cosmetique, (his, and Dyes; rige, b a matter I will leave to the public." ?doz. Cucumbers Persons in aee,l of g o,l m our li - wui And it to their 'Ik to 10c 4? dor; Ducks 25c eacr. in the defeat of their breastworks. Nobody but a piirehang. HAMILTON. l'owaers' ittlI WE CAN FUR SUNDRIES. FARINA, TAPIOCA era II Eggs 10c Tolll articles sea interest to xAaiine our stovk be for.- I iK ( M ALL, GINS. dozen. Egg Plant 30c f dozen. Geese aOOTTON 1 H milksop or a sucker would be always making dis- 'i-Live 25c each. Grapes Green 30c P Sago, Corn Starch, English Split Peas. Cocoa, nlsh planters at short notice with 8team Engines s Three dixsrs wet Rank ( Louisvuie. jyji MILLER fc GOULD S, ronrth st. ijh bout ladies' drese. That's ; fThelady editor of the Jackson (Michigan) 10c t? quart. Honey Iu the comb 20c peck. Hominy 40c Broma, Chocolates, Cox's Gelatine, Isinglass, Flavoring " LA WSON ic P E ARC E. f ft,, strained fJyHJ garVanted. rut Extracts, forsale by M RES II ARRIVAIaS AT MILLER 1OLD PENS Cititen proposes an Editorial Bloomer Convention f quart. Lamb Quarters at 40 to H0c. Lard 12.lic 9 tt. . LANHAM St CO., 83 Third st JyS I'l-D& Work and Traveling Case a large H Fife's Patent ttH'oue Ool.l Prn: 'f ! 5 to 7c. Onions 20c 9 jck. Okra 15c 1 f-- if Kossuth thus concludes a recent letter to on the Mb proximo. The un gallant knight of the Mutton at T03ILIXSOXS f Rt(,p's Pater.t Merit. tic Niche uoU P. r.;; supply ot inee WILL PAY MARKET PRICE FOR aim coiuyic;pUie " arietics," .ejrivorire article this day peck, 5c P bushel. Parsley 20c tf dozen bunches reeeiveil at letcher ii neuneit . su im- x.r laoi k I' Fourth street, between Michigan State Journal makes the following pro- - Peaches Dried 70 to c peck, ibe New York Times: JL any quantity of Butter delivered here, forwarded to Market and Jefferson . 1 Pj,., y Kl A large arttiiei.t of iwv yiaLe i( new ripe 80c t peck. B. B. Co V.OS. me from the country also, a good artK-l- ut H ud Pens in I would warn America i positions for its consideration: .i, t . x "Of cnethiD:, however, i Pears 50c peck. Tor- k- to 10c 4? ft. Potatoes-O- ld LEAVES Corner Fonrth andilarket streeu. Je tie i.y SILVER 1j each; on Laud and frFLKTCnER p bushel. Plums 5, lOg Lie P beware; and that is, amdtkat it tie introdm-tloto rjarrjam's Baby Exhibition calculated 10c P peck, new W to 76c j, U dally ptmcinollg at i o'clock a. sr., arrives k BT.XSETT. Pitchers, Cups, r&; ract,tog and nJ.gto into the arema of ;.o- qnart. Squashes 15c P dozen. Turnips 20c t peck. at the Point at 7 o'clock, and at Louisville at 8 o clock a. rHlHE OFFICE OF THE LOUIS- - Knives, Iessert Knives, Salt Cellar, OoMets, Butter of tbe of breadstufts? Fish and Pie -- 2 cent tit. Centuries may bare to atone for oOCASKS PRIMH i-- ville Tomatoes 2u to 30c fr peck. Veal 10 to 12.l,cP & for M. punctuiliy. Leaves Louisville opposite the postottice Should the practice of bearing twin, Nashville Railroad Company Is le Rnivea, Tea and Coffee Sets, ko.; a large and ienerU CLEAR SIDES. and tba Qatbright House, Market street, between Sacond Newcomb's and by and for of one generation. Building," on the northwest corner of Bui assortment, warranted pure H iver, on tud and for j,tif M j qnalniplets be encouraged'." choice cuts. WateruieloDs 2o to 50 each. r. . iyl dtltwl q4 Thirdt at f o'clock jyUi SkLICiitR tt and Mia street.. EnirsnciQU tiiUitt tU Jedif by J, s Baltimore, Aug. 2, Three new case3 of yellow fever and three deaths are reported at Gosnort. Six new cases have occurred at Norfolk, but no deaths reported. A fire occurred this morning, by which the establishment of l'oplein &. Thompson, wholesale druggists, on Baltimore street, was totally destroyed. Lo?i S0,00O; insured for $75,1100. Nkw York, August 2. The steamship Washington arrived this morning with 223 passengers. She left Bremen on the 16th, stepping at Cowes. She brings Livorpool papers ot that date. Her news had been anticipated by the Asia's arrival at Halifax. Admiral Machenolf, in command of the Russian fleet in the harbor of Sevastopol, was killed during the attack of July 1 1th. The correspondent of the London News writes under the date of July 15th : We are still far from the works of the enemy, and as the space between us is swept in every direction by the Bussian projectings, our approaches progress very slowly. In the attack on Rystadt, made by the English frigate Warrior on the 24th of June, 47 Russian merchant ships were destroyed, amounting iu the aggregate to about 20,000 tons. The steamship Pacific, from Australia, arrived at Plymouth on the 10th ult.,with 150,00rt pounds 111 goiu uust. Affairs in Australia were quiet. Receipts of gold were about the usual average. Goods were selling low, and importation continued to be large. The steamship Great Britain cleared with 40,()00 ounces in gold dnst. The U. S. corvette Jamestown was at Jamestown on July 11th. A large meeting of working men was held in the Park last evening, to consult upon matteis connected with the contract system of cleaning the streets. Some 4,000 persons were present. The anniversary of Emancipation in the West Indies was duly observed by a large number of our colored citizens by a picnic at Jamaica, L. I. Two military companies composed of colored men formed an escort to the procession. fcevenu cases ot cholera, of a malignant type, have been reported in Brooklyn, The report of the business of the I". S. Assay Office in this city, for the month of July, shows the following aggregates: Total deposits payable in bars 1,72,00(1, do. do., in coin 18,100 aggregate, 1,710,100. Gold bars stamped 17:30, 51,272. On Tuesday evening a young lady named McGowan was drowned in the East river. She was one of a party of five in a pleasure boat that was upset by coming in collision with a vessel in the stream. Boston, August 2. The Asia has been telegraphed frnm below, and will reach her berth about noon, ller mails for .yevr 1 orit ana ruiiadeipma win be dispatched hence by the afternoon train. New Orleans, August 1. Dr. MoFarland, a distinguished physician of this city, publishes a letter in the Delta declaring the yellow fever to be epidemic. New Bepforp, 1. A fearful accident occurred on Monday at Fair Haven while launching the ship Seconset. The underpinning on one side gave way, causing the vessel to keel over, turning the spectators on board to the ground. Six were killed, and from twenty to tmriy wounded, some probably utaiiy. New York, August 2. The steamship Black Warrior, from Mobile via Havana, arrived this morning with Havana dates to the 20th. The papers contain nothing of importance; markets unchanged. The Empire City arrived on the 27th, and sailed the same day for Aspinwall. Another arrival of troops fiom .pain AMUSEMENTS. MACKEREL. Glsr ON ;s. S t iJ. ON STEAMBOATS. 1EFINED IINE r jtjl ON ,.' XZ iINE ON tiE "r il....... INSUHAXCE. Insurance Co., north office TELEGRAPH f.t LoiiiHviUe ... i fihnt. r fjrlti BY 'mm: partne:ishii iif.reto. o. ;k. Monarch Fire Insurance l.OL0N, li FALLS CITY HOTEL, FINELY FINISHED V V R I T U 11 IS, AT Wholesale and Retail, by MIL KEEPS if 'VVI i itJ V THE l, S T rr ",rJ Fire and Marine Insurance 'Sy I,T 1" AAKII i STAR 11 Cash! PERSONS ONE PAIR ah!! RAN ilRA OOFING 'l'7ncnx- mTr t fZZTk2 crmT PICKLED 1 jyJ va...- S laa EN'S HITE y fjyter House, GENUINE 7IIR f T i.., r.f, v00' ingremarks OMNIBUS LINE. LINE prt THIS SILVER WARE. i 1 5

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