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Image 2 of Daily Louisville Democrat, August 3, 1855

Part of Daily Louisville Democrat

r ) L Dividend Notice. (Tor the Louisville Democrat. every wan ho held true national sontlaae&U, End TUB DEMOCRAT, j filled their places with anti slaver men of the A Card. MEETING OF THE PRESI- FOR THK LF.G18LATCRE. XM. dent and Directors of the LnnUvUle and Fnk: A X EC. In the Journal of Tuesday last there appeared a w-- r 4 i." n most nnscrupulous stamp, Next comes the unmit l ru. iraif pi a ?OIl HALE. her Child. 15RO WOM A !V- fort Railroad Comrany, the old. and month. 8r. , il'(.l f'.a tbtrl .l.,,rrjti s.r T'r.;.tn reib card signed by Robert Ayars, President of Council tMR. JXO. O. LYOXSis a candidate forand thtir otbee in Louisrille: a dividend of six per cent. 9 V rw,lVVh,at from the district composed ol the First declHred. varaMein r. Jy IS lte Wards of the city. tarn nut of Lo'iisviHe; th ewner n about rtmom f HUGHES & CO. I which was L pet all r;ght. A Nalion-i- l Convention 101, expressive of thanks to myself and other? for of on and after the A'lh ust au3 u.w.juiajLAwcr, M7-ANTEA GOOD SECOND- - ATiiy Kobt! VxOret. a,... of thirl degree members is assembled, and by a advising them how to vote at the cominj; election t T II I KD STREET, jMflrf.nn street, near Fifrf. hand Iloistin Wheel .with earir. complete .. jy-- "1 and, at the samo time, insinuating that we, the WRAITIIWAITESt RETROSPECT. t rir--VTlk V V KITH i V 1 V k, n att side, between Market and JcScrson street. nill majority they adopt a platform bavin J: : of Practical Medicine i TT3 MJf Braithwaite'ii Retrcpe A TWO-STOIl-. - of " "uuucu lo nave J 1W 1)K. RLACKWEbL'S jutk to the South. The ropresen- - 81Snc" 10 ,uoa periority over "common arrogated and Surgery, part 31st, has come to liand anjUor sle by m I L.1I. I 1 r., a.- Britk 1 Lot on High street, thre d r A 1' to 'urselve. folks' wW adver-- ! tatives fruia thirteen free States immediately h. intelligent Men. to canvass for some of tbe . l - low the corner ( SPECIAL ADVERTISING NOTICE.-A- I1 contvnina nrven rx.m. Huti Fourth street, uear iarset. ' A I SAV S works ever cvw ami designates those who have, by a stringent which may b mit usefnl followine: published, ainonn.l hest work. th kitchen,also, a servant' room, ceuar ud c:'.-itndrew, and repudiated the National organiza- ! named the house: kennel. lirm.lrirh's list AND VER3ICOLA. 'vCj oath, bound themselves to be governed, in the ex- The cents fi(,n u, betwe-- n tin line agate the first insertion, una twenty-tvand Br.eii : and modern, of the VI Waikna, or Adrentni-e- f on I, MosuU;to Shure; Urography ld; theHistory, ancient New WorM, compr- - Marketthree-stor- Jeitrson. House on aFirth street, trti cua- 1 SL the whole History of the oi and Unfe lore dvpr!in'"tn"hitution lllcir rints 83 freemen, by this same Thh Compound has excelled all of its rivals iu doing bv Samuel A. Hard; price $1 i. Wanted, Reiigiou. irg a separate nd complete history cf all the couotrie fort;ile dwellicif aNve, tormer'y occupy eU by Since then, fome of the States whoce rerre?en- - ' ercil?c-fc- f Charitable, Marriaee and Ooituary Notice-- of five hues . Trip nnthor of the ear.l doe-- not attempt good to the vast number of afTlicted throughout the The Heiress of llauhton, or the Mother s Secret; by of N.jrt'i and South America, the West Indies, and ' yndham, Aubrey, Castle Avon, Sandwich Itlands: andoth.-- vnrli cinally useful in tntivcs acquiesced in their platform, have hcldtnunoU- are charged twentv-cvcent a Fifth. Bar way steadily and the author of Kmilla That eommo.l'ous Roanting-Housevhii.ifni.n. ,rie, southwestern country. It hus won Its A publish. J in the Morning Paper, ' . . VI Ho-statement of fact nrire liSc. Main atreet, it naau'uuuuiTOiiw ui.. lyro. ca their action,, 10 answcr a ing' we have spoken orargument in surely Into puhlic favor, vithout advertising long lists of Also, all the Magazinei for August, and Frank Les- character. Apply at the Book Agency, lul Thirl stret, ha recently well known as the iliiams ia a flijt inserted in the Kveun.f: edition hi l,i.if line. upstairs. been tiioroughiy repaired, aad jvilclhu as we feel and worthless certificates, and if the afllicted will consult lie's Oaiette of 1'aris, London, aud New York Fashions I rate hnar liri Loose stami. Ctaia TaahHsnT AuvaiikjiMi Vavabm 1 ' Rnd have formed an alliance wi'h their brother thc handbill, where for Auenst. Shet- At,Vm'' street, aboTi give it a trial, for 1 OOI) WILL FIND F. A. CRl'MP, Received and for sale by Abolitionists who hud bolted at Philadelphia. think and U is Uie5e 'S now, l. f3 more thau thIs- - their health and happiness they rill (ciien, ue. M Fourth street, near Jlarket. Scrofula, Dyspepsia, Derangements of the Liver, Splee n, employment st au3 A Brick House ami Lot, with a lo re room on tr.e flrst cuu"uuu a has dune so, by a vote of five or six " uie u . floor, and room above, on Jiaja tret. Rheumatism, and all eruptive d'nenae. HClirh.S, LOEiVENTIIAL i; CO's, and Kidneys, I rreton. 1 loneers nothing r.stal. hsbment. iose wno are For sale hy Dr. R. VAt'GHAX, Druggist, Xo 1 Third TTTXITED STATES IN PROPHECY. one ; Indiana with but a tingle exception ; and ' lUe aulUor 01 la c",a' ,n Dw-Ily!9 A business Il.iuse, with over it. on 1ro.J Corner of .Min and Fifth street. HJ Annageddon, or the overthrow of Romaiiism and New .ler,ey,on the 1st inn., followed suit. Know- - Loul'd t0VoU;' a3 d,rwteJ' wllhcut.rcS"d to the street, Louisville, Ky., and hy Druggists generally. and Freton Mreeta. Il is a.linim.'v eal!ulaied. , Monarchy, the existence of the I'nited Slates foretold T A VTP11 ltfMTnPD4J . PV weillcntedf.iran.cervorf,. .llore. with f.uiiilv n. of candidates, or the right of private t.WIt caii !e sent as directed to ar.y ix.T3on in the in the . its future iireatness, invasion of allied Ku- N thinjr, in the North arc moving in a solid pha- - qulifion , ,. ' A bumess House on Preston street, '"J. I or oovlrnoi;. tudgment: if tho term ''common folk.- -' is used to countrv t 1 per lottle, or six bottles for 5. auJ i6lW roK-- , annihilation of Monarchy, expansion into the . - iiennemcn ami can pe accommo- - partir.eiits atM,v.-- . i d'or fr ni lireen. AbolitionisU. And thi jc.siKnate those who are so "provrbially modest' "u mwiu nmnns, ny ipRviri on jht- i Millennial Kepuouc, anil lis nonunion over me Whole Storeroom on .M rk-- t street, bet ween Thlnl an ItKVi:RI.Y L. rLAKKi:. ofSimp-o- n t lan with 1 ree?o;ler.-an- d ioe, worm. .reie.i euiuoni oy o. v- -'isin, a. .u. Fourth streets, niifood order, aii i capiUI atand Y .1 j. is the iar!v that KentuAians are invited to sun- - as to sicak or write only what may be dictated to ror the People's Benefit Daguerreoieij dif accommodated. liiaithwaite's Retrospecti or Tractical Medicine and er ti,n " sine?s. FOB LIKCT. UO. KKNOK, journal, containing Surgeiy, rn'iii a types Fifty Cents. A lame r.ew Four ?tory Store, on Second St., bet' port by their vote; on Mondny next. Success of; them, and oidy by permission of the Councils: and if view of every discovery and tractiil WJIT A N T E I) M.n an I W ,ter ,ne term 'Voininoii folk- - bo used to mean those HOITNTY J1KRIAI1 .MAliOFI'IV, of Jlorcrr. At the Rooms of ('xrpiinter S: Swvmmkr, 517i rrosje-ttvA irovement in the medical sciences; edited by V. nI if on Vi'n ( in Kentucky only ?crve to nui- - who re so afraia of tbe f.010 of jome that Main street, etweeu Third and Fourth, there you can Warrants, f r which the highest rric will be BvooitBr.ek liouse known f as fc.liott Hotel.w.i K.. m stetric Medicine and !..!, paid. ,. never to Vote for a Catholic for office u. l . 3iu. S A rit4. V, In t iftn St. l.ieij FOR ATTORN KV GENERAL, ti;rt" and sustain our wor-- l enemies in the North, they School of Medicine, 4.C.; July No.; part 'ilit ten rooms ai:.J l,i rx- - dimngroom. With every got a true likeness, and the cost is merely nominal. other Co , Received and for sale by vei..eni-en nx:u(v. c. ana excel. ent repsur and to discourse and unnerve all who would labor or place, and when they have it in their power, to All sittings are made by the proprietors, and having CO.. Xo. 60' Main st. C. UAUAX It. V. sUKJLLEY, of Fay a iraaue i.ouse ana Lot on inH siQUl. tiei, hunt out even the Catholic women, who are fillins, none but polite and obliging employees, visitors can dt - --nu3 fireet, containing four ro)ms, kitchen, cel'.art . . to uphold national principles. m llwition. ()f tru?t anJ FOR TREASl'REK, d sI?T V.MV. AT.TVI1 Vlf IT1T fVX tern. pend upon being well treated while at their riouis. A Briek House and Lot on Fourth rreet. . to discard them: 1 say if this ; I . dozen received in store on consignment and f..r v Know . !ilH.nibilltv, 'inition of the twm ,mmon be the, The common report is, J A MIN II. CAllRARD, of Hoylo. aul nut nn.l c K containing i rooms, k. CLEAR ti.tlf hb'.s; an3 saleby folk A:0Pnce Arrlvto r. u Ji I. r. 5 : ' k FOR BKUT5TF.R, Nothing' intend tojKill all their vote. No dub urn not one of them, and I am freeman enough to Webster Be Brother, Daguerreotyplsts & rT RuiJl'. STORF.T. Real Csrat Ag . . lfnl Mi UKli and ToNi.l'F.3; 1IDER YIN E JAR. 43 1JBLS CI- jy- -j Photographers. Je :errt street, near F,; the consent of any Council. they intend t.. poll jut as many as they can. Tha say s . without ivaim;, in xegs ami stone vrs; der Vinegar in store and for sale by T. J. I KAZlIIt, of Ilrt-nthitt- . nilLII' SPEED, Oallirt 479 Main street. Specimens of their own au3 feld dmins 7OR SALE. A BRICK HO ha been tlie iiicy "r every party at ail times: and ixth St., bet. Main At Water. FOR At 11T0R, productien on exhibition at all hours during the day. JL and Lot on Tweir.h street, between .Madison and 75 BACS, oO DOZ- the Democrats are eoiially determined to poll 15. s. RI.VCtiOLn, From the Frankfort Yeoman. Instruction in both branches imparted on reasonable rtpARLE SALT. aaa servaiitn tneinur, containing i.x rooms, k "J. A. ;HINSTi:AlJ,of l'ayrttr. en ooxes nne i aoie ran ;usi receiveu in store ann room, with cistern in the yard, in first rate order.bui.t fel!1 terms, and Appar:itug furnished when desired. H3; WitiTEBi Ri;, Ky.. July their. If the Council had done their duty, none TFATT'P forsaleby A.FONDA. auJl , AND last year. S"ld cheau fl balance il . FOR FT EOAKD INTERNAL IMPROVEMENT, j WOuld be disappointed. We-- say to every Dealer in Perfumery and Fancy ('roods, .. 07 one, two, ands,three years. the Yeoman: T'i the EJit-jri- t of More Light on the Subject. Twenty acr-;or uio-- c if FFIELI) HAM. of LanJ on th Lt4- IK ULLb- - Third street. will . M'sniTT, of Hath. These y Light, ewoury lorny:ii Kjad, a.ut four mue Dear Sir: This day I, as Secretary of Johnson isvuie aml A Blur and White Double Quick Work brated DutSeld Ham cons,tant!y on hand and for 1 Laad No. 4."6, addressed a letter to Philip Swi- - just introduced by ROLSBKRQ, enables him to take A. FUN DA. RAY RUM. A SUPERIOR ARTI- - irom toe city 01 lvuisvule. si;tyh;, a:id bein on Bear r"51 PUBLIC IXTUUCTION. e 110 ,l,''rc vigilant in this rspect thun other Council, FOR KCrERINTF.M'F.T isol the B cleof Biv Rum for sale by the botile or i .linn. t graoS, res;.bjnee.very best (u ng crop, oeautilurfty iotatrl tho State ... tae crt Crand lor a A grow carly-a- nd vote, nevtr fur fVar thut Mogul of ot Lave of Kentucky, and Daguerreotypes in a few seconds and for the greatly of Corn 7 Third street, by K. S. KIM.iiuLD. aulj he"lu (iRANT ;KF.r., of Ilrndorsou. A DAM HAMS. A SUPPLY ON potatoes, He-- , will be s oU ,th the ground, and rcedvi.d ,he'' 50 cents one of upwards. It is terms ea-- y and atcniuuoii ttin.'. leu e till you vote. It is your right and your duty. , wil, en(ioavor to ,cnd to VoU a copy t0 ll5 liub. duced rrice ofever knownand rroduce correct also A. FOXDA. au3 hand and for sale bv to likenesses, the best lights A FIRST RATE A A new Brick a!j i.n n W!nut st.. between C10LOGNE. f :r sale bv the p'nt. ouart, or that ho and others may be informed of its either of children or adults. The red hair and blue eyes h, Kleventli and Demo'.atio CoiimrTFK tub Sr.VEN'Tn A grout deal is said to intimidate, but it is a bug- rooms, kitchviwcel-- ; I N V. S AND LIUUORS. A R- at 7 Third street, by aul XVm. bear for effect. It is all sham. Resectable contents. CostiRF.sMOVAL DtrKTcr. F. S. J. JR I Nt.tiO LD. l..r, cistern. Sr., :5u t'oet front by b j to an alley . A good have heretofore been difficult to take; but it is no longer ww choice assortment of the oldest and best ijuaii-ties- . oa; aiii i in be had. v" HoxoKEfSiit: Ourcouncil has dissolved of itself any trouble to give them the real artistic disposition of Charles Joiin liili.T. S. S. I. expressly for medical purposes, kept constantly A. ,37 acr- sot Land on Salt R Road, tj1 miles ' jffi-onUBIN S EXTRACTS." A VTu. from Louisviiie: a new , fen are not jroing toccgage in the low buMaessof j auo of wbich have hecn expelled A. FONDA. ,t3 tneuibcr8. and for salt-bit containing ' Jt aiSenaient of all the various odors for sat... '7 kitchen, meat au. milk house onwell, Jtc. room. tuning Mard bullies ; and shall a few ruffians and 1 have withdrawn. The amount of funds dis- - light and shade. The new Sky Light operates as well in house, cloudy as in clear weather, and gives the likeness the QUAKER atilj it. S. RlMitiuLl. Also, vsi acres oj BROOMS. DOZEN Third street, by the ai.ove Uad, part limbered,. y, thc amount of funus on hand. n:idert;ike to disfranchise a Ward? The amo bursed, is S1'j . public will therefore look to their FC Shaker Brooms iu store and for sale'.y n" " FRIDAY, which w. have concluded to divide true tone of life. The ZIN S BARBERS' RQTiT. 3T0RET. FOR ;Apply uReal 'meditated is not gang to be flayed. It will be is ' A. FONDA. J' own interest by calling on Roesberg before going to any " Estate Arent, JofTcrscn St.. near Fifth. "7 Third street, by amongst the good Democrats and .Vm sale, at . Let every man be diligent at .mdrm. Your books arc in thc bauds of an hon- h Marofl-.rcandidate f r very unprofitab.c. TURNIP SEED ON HAND a" R.JtlXGtTOLP. til- of Krniuokv at Li ut. iovernor, will idr-" TEA3I ENCINES FOR SALE. d gentlein t.i, thc , . A. FONDA. au:!J and for sale by s: t n e t..iii.Wii.e l,aii hiid Autut the i"olls, an d ascrt hi right, and we rhall have arable S (IENUINE BUOYYN have on Land a nnmWr of E:.;ines, Imu i to 3 Congressional liistrict ot andidatc lor the Kardttwn o and order. i'vhorse power, saiv.l.le. for saw ?d n,t m;' purposj for !!', at i" Third tree;, bv Just received, a splendid lot of tiamisoic ca?e,sni h 4 a. ! OAP. 10 BOXES COMMON SOAP aul at 11 Re pleased t publish Hie through the ',. Keiituck forsaieby jvlij l,AttjoN FKAKCK. K. RfXCi.ol.D. A .M o vi!le, 4 e are well aware iht .orne in thc upper and "Untv. at i o'clock ". M Velvet, Parier Mache, Pearl, aod ether kinds too nuat.iirctn A. FONDA. au in strre and for sale by di,rcrent councils of the I nitcd States as a traitor ss t jrL"Uis i'Ic i iuif mni Fri kf'rt Ycoiaan j "ra?e merous to mention. RENT OR SALE. ONE OF Wards will be diapp-hitcdItiithe design to O'ud copy. hiyovutr, for joining such treasonable I5,AlNT:? HfEMICAL ERASIYE in fine-ihouses that is reitil iti Louisville, eon s Persons having Daguerreotypes baiVy taken by othr fanrv Prints; who u3 A. FONDA. sure ano lur aie vy taming twe.ity rooms,w.Ui lar.-- and fineiy iniprove-- l Jcun;?l has erf the . petty tribunals about here to depriveapart societies, and may any man be so does attach hiiu- artists can hvve them retaken for cents, and if not The editor of the L- cd do new style madder Prints; dealt with. Aniciican party , seif to yards, a brick stat.le. canr.-ig-honse, smoke hou-irc. Receiveil this day at d for sal- - liv 1f) ": of tuejr constitutional r.ght : but thc voters can got abrig bravely ir his prog-c.. lie now a iuiits bettered no charge will by made, at the Mammoth situated on the south side ot Market, beteen Furf nj V(jurj truly A ROHINSON. SRIS1I LINENS. OF DUNBAR'S, an! ilAcw JAMKS LOU' jc CO.. tl" Main Biooc streets. Possession mij 0 b4 a oouadi Gallery, Xc.5l Main street, between Second Dickson's, Barkley's. Grey 's, Richardson's, and in Secretary of Johnson C.mneil. No. 4 ''. that the YVLbg party is defunct, which he i.ot bng only do thc best they can. Let eo time be wasted ir.'d. fact all the cle cc makes or me same. 0.K0RGE F. RORSUKRQ. rjet and Third. SUNDRIES. A Dwe'.lir g, containing sirx room, opposite the Deo en Monday. There never was a more important T Philip Swujkrt, Ls i. ROBINSON, MARTIN tc CO. since denied. P cnwbc:i be a vised the Whi k7 rilbales Cra- on Je'ferson street. think of it, at Rkown'k Oai.i.krv you may I case 1 A Oroeery Store and Dwellln. on the outhwest co Caasimvf: star.d aide let Sain have the fe'. 1, election in this State. Let every effort be used b to (JOODS. BOMBA- OURXINti I ilo Canva-- ; obtaiu a tine Daifuerreotypc of yourself for the trifling nr of ir ay son aiid W et streets. of LA Letter from C'hirfiuo, Illinois. I do Ta .le I the iutegriiy of .tisnj oint the petty tyrants who would disfran- he still stout'. zines, canton cioins, Lustres. Alpacas, lk t o last n.uue.1 may be ha i on the first of Ju.v. sum of One Dollar, inclosed in a neat case. Now, don't rJJ pieces 'lark Silk ; I. aines, ChaMies Silks. I rape dollars a:o. sleeves. I have nu3.0er of houses aui lets 1 will sell Cim A'-July, - k. Whiggery. He mw maintains that the old party ch:c legal voters. delay any lougor, but take your families down and have Veil-- , 'doves. Handkerchiefs, and Prints, can found Received this dav a, "I for rms. easv ROBlXgQN. M ARTIN .M ' JAMK. LOW x ( O , ts Ma n -- t. Appiy to me betweetj 12 and 1 oVlocii. or at arv t'mt auUJ auliiXw CO.'. r?- "-rctume t to my their pictures lakeii; and you wil! not regret it. Sam is at away : whilst l,c b - that, be has t bispaH-Stam;rde AinoiislheKiiow-o.hiii- s. after o'clock, r. M., at ciy residerree ou the west ua jy!7 a dsou-- ef"t,eB str-e- t. temimrary home in the Northwest, after a short hard to bea. - have sent OSNABUIUIS, ' HH'SllED SFCAR. 50 BBLS II. ' or. t ifth ty has .ilso make it a- - poar that tLe Dcia yet in their We learn that nine personH? ED TICK INO, UAi. H. oRWfisp J' . Sheeting.-- , ( beeks. brown Cotton. Hickory Dri'l- ' DeVher's St. Ln:s sojourn among your frank and genSugar reTo the Citizens of tlio Southern and JU Tow what he is passed way. He ''.'its not well Vn-eoun- - but delightful atkus f.,r demii from thc I siiiil !'i;ii-rsinst recfive.. ur i!l uud tor sm ings, elu i.r TWO-STOR- Y whose Western Statea erous fellow-citizensmiles beam ORSALE. l;ulUN.-0FRAME ANDRKAV MA.tXlX X CO.'f Ll'ClIANAX i; CO positg. His new ptr:r wou'.d be ininieTic!y (ji uweuitig, on i.cver.i,a, oe.teea Jia.n and jtionro Learninc from ru y acent j and correspondents in vari warmly on the stranger as well as friend, I cannot only c nii. c tl,c;n that Lc gratified if he ja Mn(l fC.?tmg Kentucky thir lod iI';AR-H()rs- E a BBLS MOL SSES. 1 - j l Streets. Sr.".-'- : rr,'o ,m ous parts of the country, that my Schiedam Aromatic tj jOW DEK ED SL'OAR IT A I ior-- i !.nll contrast..,- - the ,p.nt ot aratny tut5tt I say w;ls tciiing t:ie truth. A: hour the .Id baii-r.coUT1,:;s have l.ecn conu-letelbbls St. Jam.-- Sn ;ir V'nv broken ur. in store aa I Schnapps is extensively counteifcited, especially in the S. leceived by steamer Flora and for sale bv AN 1K KW Bl C H AN AN Ac Co. for sale bv autj i A. RAW SON & CO. indolence? which exists i.. the - FalU CtV," with southern and western States, and finding that the pi- four rnorn. reihtr. "stern. Und.vBie brick d Trr-cm w.nos in .f l'c:n in all thc aiii n drS,r.on oonn.v Kw-.,.h- Here in nor i 4tc, on Fraukia street, between Camped and H ene V"ti the energetic, enterprising feeling of rates daringly advertise their pernicious deceptions un1 Brick Southern .tare-- . Il a- - beat en ir. the free Sia'.r s i seism t tottering falling to pieces. T. iTARCII. :V ROXES LA HOI- - C!t Golden Syrup in 10 IvLxtS Sl.LOLIS C'?rix CottAge, oa th.uw b?teu Uncocka& der the name which belongs to n.y article, I think it and that eharaeterues tho inhabitants of this teanx lan liui? from maill.oat mid for sale by t year, a; it hic bjen beaten liefor."; but it r.ow conta:n:ng s:x rooms, on SiTth street, ii further, that nn ordor ha jronc forth We learn ANDRF.W KITiIANAN 8c CO. aul A. R AAV SON JE CO. necessary to caution the community against these vena u'l - tween lirnUay Aiply to 'rinds as dcrSflLt a; cv cr, unl only waU- - the that .1.. ...ore deuii'.s .hall he granted until the ?'e;U cmi.oriu.u. ders of poison in disguise. i. t. .iuNSAKiAT. i.tth tree-- j rpiAKEN VI BY J. R. WALKER, Runaway. I cannot conceive why it is, that a city, tiossesscd r. .,;. i"ui-- ' I introduced the Schiedam Aromatic ?chr.aprs for to put d. n all tbe ot.ugb.inoratioii on JeiVerson i.d l"re-'o- n Jl sorrel the cornertwoofyea.-,.- Li, vita,. !.,... f:,,.., . Tl "5"" 1 1 K purpose of supplying the medical faculty and the RAN AWAY FROM THE SUB- - strc one FILLY, ' IT BEAVER II VTSf'AN'RI! l :i ' g n jili.t it. l:..loe i. the peia- The extra judicial oaths of a cm 1 ni,' flir 4. .,is h wnerl the heart is '"'and heart the ml both hind feet white, appr.ds. d at ilfiv dolfirs bv . XiS rilxr, in Jefferson cotn tv, on Friday, July pur-- ' medicinal spirit, which juith t..i 1 ... t,i 1 rm-. '.k- j.:irty wn: never mere power! ul in the I m- - loJe sro 01 no imvl.iig li.rce: and tsnen one gives and soul Ism with you i,a city occupying so beau-- t whole community with a Sl, loth, the Set-r- Man RKL'HKN. 45 year's old; W. Dirftnan and Thomas Mere, :o prices. at jy- might be prescribed with confidence in all cases where and aworn to before he broad, well built man, very black; high, well M'Wribed 1.'. is t iful, so he.ilthy a location, with the vast coUimer- - stimulants were required, without producing the fearJ- d 1: st ire to leave them, and he a'.es than it is it ?i.u the o.ry notice t Ihe tor e.ointv . funnel neN.-- . white teeth, and receding forehead; hair TRADE. TO COUNTRY CUN.N r L L, J . 1. J. C. ci'1' interests ol the South and Southwest directed ful jJldi , ger.trally kept plaited and very long; one hand much .'herMied -- f the old t.f held in members!.;-,- ag.V.nn his consent, lie ought couscr.ience3 which in varia'..!y result from using injured bv a cut. so he cannot more than hall' open it; i and Pj'ers in H its. Caps, and Far to her as the reiU rloixlate through w.n.-- to our . liquor. In order to assurance . give fjo reward for 1.hs. In ai ucipatl.ia i( a i.irj aecess.- n of trade; l for negro. a!! K) F FEE. hae here: ro- - ' to cxer-- e a freetnnn s right.-- , and declare his in- - the produt-i- s of their generous soil for distribution adulterated the article analyzedrenderchemists ofdoubly nne appearance the aState, or I?!'J0ill if taken imt of Hie Rio arc L.. ctu'ig ,,;d receiving from our this ail. by him if taken in sure I had worldfee in jtTe and for sale by I.;. tone llie ira- .l aud tio-- t codi plete stue vered. Aii poo 1 r.;r :, in noecte 1 with the f.liies t' - ntinr.. and vot- - as he j.'ea.-es-. in northern and eastern markets,and only wait in of a i;tl secured so that I can get him. wide celebrity, and EUhmittedit for experiment te- -t to State, mSie&w jyrw TIIl'STIN 4i FLY. Caps, and Fnr IkmkI.s ever opene-- 111 the wener-- i L. 1.. Iw)RKY. aul for thc shriil toot of the locomotive whistle that f the tiai, n.u-- t act wi;h It . n- eHonivc-Jy:; 1 try, i .oc'i e ca;i sen ;i c isu on, .l thousands of distinguished medical practitioners. The ;i.r,nlrj, Ews fom ..;.n IIent.y A n toe-iof commerce to be up and doing ; conten that w .il defy e..e. ... ;;,.. PLATO'S SAXHORN HAM). . : i t c'i g- -d fruiu these gnurees ivere of the most nne inivo-ca- l biimor waxes in uMit-h-.t- : Farms and MU1 Seat for Sala. suecessiully with the steady phalanx ot tic L.'.i;, I'KATlIERSt SMITH. rf ,;VK, Finrn with and satisfactory character. It is now before the JV- -' SERVICES OFTHISSPLEN- street. it. Jt i pv1?? no neiT .1 . 'niie-- . i;o the North, for the iu":. ia.;y rtu:-r- r i ( UNDERSIONED OFFERS in the Entsr. A gentle- - mercantile warriors pfcommercial world- -1 palm of public, surrounded by these guaranties, and bearing jbL did Hand mav be obtained for parades, serenades, 1 in the say I of vx.'icv. 0--- r rat lira' :ra- o' f r Sale the following tr n I t of land: R. lno BBLS SUPERFINE at the Treat anti-Knothese uniiri reachable indorsements, nd I callupon the public occasions. A.C., by application at No. 41- - above " who was pie-e-. cannot conceive how it is, that with so many in 1st. The Farm on which he reside,; o.".i ; . street, between Fourth and Fifth, two door r . ,,.r- - ,r. . . I'.oliaiia Flour r saV t.y aere-s- ; is situated on the Uhio river, in Jee-r,,- ,, toantv, 11. KKr.iirsi'.s A..Tiisn:i.arw"ue l.i Jionry on 1 ueiay. assurex .lucements as vou have to draw ut your latent community to protect themselves and me their own Fifth uTrft't. Terms reasonable. anl dson, Kv., siMeen nutes llo'V Louisville; it .noits on te Civi- -r Fit. 1 and i rket slreen. they l:i t3 it. the asylum V'iiio river aliut - of a mile. The turnpiite road, lead he never v. itnesvodsaohunb landed enthu- - energies, you can still sit idly looking on, while health and my reputation by frowning down and repudiating the practical speculators who are peddling ing from Louisville to Nashville, passes thriiu-- i;, a ad th .m shoubl reap thcr the nations. u (,ne hall ever rsiEA. V 1 FRESH I SUPPLY OF SU-'nadelth immense throng ia attend-,1.-- " ( e.v eilei.t farms 011 so divides the tract as to make their under cover of my trademark; no ot the hrst magnitude has proved (SrccESsoR to Winter & Mokkissos.) Hjn Te just rereive.l l.iw 'nb)e.t...l an.-of 10 acres, the iie of t'. ta speeches o (:ilK.innHli . an,-- . noWt wilen the hitherto bright article had ever been imported from Holland into this Able nna bviuei:t and rou-in- g , tract is a splendidctiier of acres.w ith oneacres ..f rici an I fjrs - ai ivrjTJ II.lir sent, hich, SoN niill SON. t Manufacturer niul Denier in Trunk-o'ir vin 'ii.iiuL--i vv it and heavily timbered land. I wi'.i s. II either seyarateiv lieriuh Magi tTin, Col. li. ' ray of the latter fail to attract attention in the market, under the name of Schnapps, previous to the .(-aliccs, nd to !d l.i.e WL'g-- - ,f f..t! -- r t. oc. c- r jointly with tiie one or two (n ; p.. r, ions, as ma v YIXEUAR. 'J ) BBLS PURE ; r,d ('. .1. Northern horizon, where Chieaso lieams forth the appearance of Wolfe's Schiedam Aromatic Schnapps ia 11. Carpout-.rliooboe, l.r-i- ., ,.e Vo ,, These lands are well w io re-- a. id tiinrs-r' ' i.'.. r 500 viiui St., hit. Third and Fourth, Lon!irt"!r, K;:. and just re- ei ve l aid sxie by 1 hi this city. yonr father- - t:nght y. u. js in a high state of culti vat.011. T'.e t!ie waM-,iti.e- i; jv.T into Votk. 11. JKiiul Si. X SO.4. location is healthy, and altogether, it is viie f tic: last The first importation being made into uscityiiiihe 1 II h I --NI L. liolCi.N 1,, I SV As to other l that ii. .v coin iv. L f irms in KeiitucKv. by tbe nnl spit upon and tram- - roads (aye. and will Imibl them too ;, to several .l r" - eighteen hundred and forty-eUhwhich can be to rail t lie attention ol the ladies and "11IEIE. 1" BOXES WESTERN 1. A Farm eonuini.-acres. si!j;.t-- 1 i:: :r. you bn- w what the ..'.i-of the lieui-ra.-. . poiuts, the trade of which naturaily belongs seen oy the custom mu-- .' iwks, 1 .Kyoii: -r icuic ii , aou tuit-i- : I in'., tii' duel bv the thronging freemen of ac iry 'il-e- ' county, ten mil's iV'ia I, utisviiie. w.rh.n var:- - of V R. ,. r' e t. r !ver Wive co I.I 1. 1.. Mini the Louisville and Na'iivilie tirnpike roid. f: n to """" pr.rty h.i' been. It !, '; a'.as l.. ,..-- , pr.'. .m'r.rti.t U.,,rv. ies than the freemen x? . cf, I"'uJ''ville, ar wiJe het. u.niivuunui tne a,,j varied assortment "f ln.nk, alices, i..-.,.. J j,,. .. d f, r. iiiiprove. an l in a the eve of bu t like an Southern Ilistrict of New York in t'ie vear eighteen coliM'ri-- e in par- t' 'ic I ca: y . u ! i.o a be :tvr cat. this eoiiotry, i d. ir. tile, and the l..i'.i. a'. 7aken Up. and .. the wh. State wiil spurn it on Monday ne.t. j cxljausted traveler on ono of these vast prairb-- -, hundred and tiftv-one- . Trunks, superior fitii t' and b ve tbe rertificate in mv old. The Tavern Stand ki.o.wn :r.,'e li o.-vi. red Trunks, Leather variety; try than ihi- - ha- - bee. ? op the liar a turnpike r .a. I. 1 ids '1 he BV THE SUBCRI- was a glorious triumph for Col. Pros- - who haply beholds a gap in the timber-lan- d that possesjion of that date. The great demand which has oonii 1,1 rriAKEX V Ladies' Trunks, of vanou slj les; ' rrcs; is well improved, uud is oue ofInd U t !.ea-troi1 .act; the JJ--- ebounds thc All tir; reju.i; view, that oteuiii. is the coal thus been created for the genuine articie has set the .11 Chiit'p- I Tenth Ladies' Bui met Foxes; fecl-- i i. w e that I ho f- r a I iv t.rn stand hi:- - cmos". The in the State l'in and and ;i.Mti j, - i. ! what a tra. Hard Leatlc uud Leather covered Yaiice-- , it c he has toiled hard to reach, but Thoye ieions who des-fwhole hive of counterfeiters in motto;., and the duty I t p 'rch.iie tar. us. ere .... l'lesi lent'ir,! rr.'..r-f wi''. Vr- bctwecti the ,.11 Deia- 1,'m;-- k. ..---. : ... over which Col. The aOoie'ea ad ol my own manufacture, ,g in II. i.ry has become a pns.-i'.- n tii- - mselv s. , examine tii. e lands " Au ' a e waste intervenes. .... ln;iB s,rc:lg in oweto my customer.--- the friends of temperance, and and warranted to be made of the very best materials, of it ,i !!,.. la l. , i t'iacl.:ng .rati? party and the AV. .'.i:i .u nnl Frees ii! ty Mar-hatoy'. ' -- , - !r '.a 11 t" ' us So with the Southerner and l.i- - friends have no more control than your city is the goal the public, compels tue to put them ou their guard superior workmanship ami elegance of lin ish. and not to i..forma'.iou which tiie otlo-- doir.RUev X Mu:r,my l.tne.-can is.' ol'taiiied at ;,i of o.;h - ini.i. and) Any p- - ei h '. .e snrpts- - 'd i y any establi-hinei- it S d the Nori'i. in the l uited Slates. tan - the t i,..w in the a I gaiil It.- - iliiiging wcids ha over the tide-uiu.- that jiro!u'.?es him smiles of welcome and a ready against imposition. ; 01 S. l. I'htnuis. at Kli.O s't'ito-.vTre. A I l' e i. s.iii.., ca i call au l - liuu As the 1 ravelin season - alHjnt commencing. and mai y . or 01 the unuers.gued at his for ac ..i ... c)i it,- . it will be la free Sat-- : . it was las: joar, I have established a depot at ih South Front street, poson.s not knotting vliere icoJ article may be pro- bold, near u.v in market he his wares, but no avenue is open to it v l.i-it is i' jt IMIIi.Tr Vjt-- ' ii l. !; and if start for a Northern outlet, though report Philadelphia. Messrs. J. R. Wilokr Aj. Rso. are my cured, I respectfully ii.vite such to my stc.'k t rr.Mv terms are er.e tlei, I c.t-- tiie balance :n oe, To ihisri wi odoo- no 0:1c is purcli i.M Henry i a'i Oiupty farce a bubble waiting may more favorably of tat., at:d three "veai still he ageti'.s in Louisville, w ho w ill supply the western trade. before ni akinc their MOIUUSSON. No. To fiM who'te thpir SishV Main St. A. J. . Jti- - ti .t merely f tlf'i!!y hut II. J. Clt IVCr.oVT. not wiil not venture there while a Mraight, smooth aulil'.twtt ' Look ..ut forfragtactihs fur Monday. Near cei uer Fourth, Louisville, Ky au'J to io i. VDuLrilO WOLFK, S?R. r SOLOMONS: I ABOUT FOUR i.on way lies open to invite him onward : Cincinlwed, it - l...e l. The f .r e- - rire new m j..- -s dAiW.iir is, e., nr.t! il Reaver street, N'. Y. a. rr ; is str.'-- I purchase a speetanr. BOOKS. LOST, I. nati shedding light ujh.iU it. and her citizens meet ..Fertile n,h;,: the Abolition-i-tsinfo- n g. No banner.- - sre I U"v "w Art Hint-- : Architecture, theui. and at that lime cciM not re .l Souli tnre, anil Fa To the Public. ing tutu halt way . Kv., A ugust 2. Ian Jsvii-i.E, ''- - Jarvi.-- : i vol.. eloto; pn--ulld mv s:4;,t so D.t.cU ilii proved I y thea- - Use, th.1t 1 c fl l WALNUT O 1 UIjI'i 1 i' Va.!tna. Ad iETWEEN in i aey the frA l1"' i re id ordinary netv- -i ajr prn twi.houl them as well .Afrain: n it only the prosperity but the very on tiie l.orisviLi.E. Ky., Feb. Sth,l5o5. JL9 and the corner of Main and Fourth streets, along lustratb.n; 1 vol.. eiitib esprice! .M5. KniTiM;: I attended the meeti'ig 1.11 could before 1 Use cloth; sped icieS. Mr. Solomoss Pear Sir: 1 called upon you at your Comfort of your citizens, calls loudly for railroads. :'e-- . or Fifth street, a pair of Gold Single Temple, iu ar.yof lb- JNO. P. SMITH. The Heiress i f lUugh'.on.or the M t:."i'i Secret; by I're-t- n to hear an l being a railroad matt myself, 1 heartily echo office, on Fourth street, in December last, and told you Centre treet mirket l.ou-case. The find- the Sl' a speckled buck-ki- n author of K.iveiiscl l!c, Aubrev, 4.C ; papr. F'.iStauU WinuiireelA. S'ftn- aft-- r The t eh graph sumiiiti. e- - fcon. suitably rew arded bv leaving them at er ill U csr's Outlines I fist ry . fr-- m l I niver-a- l never iiavu.g iieara tne cry. .spring tiowcrs idoutnand die ; each su Lonsvirii, Jane li, I'ii. thttt I had purchased several pair of Spectacles at dif8 lri.iu t 0'. 1 ii-t-on trie cre.v HAV ES, CKAIO St CO.'S, Nothing .- :'! Ci.ui:. il hjs tinn i,i the word to tiie jress.nt t me: edited v rai;Cis :.Tc :Lei. tea! the lCnov Corner Fourth and Main streets. nuJiVi Mr. bim bat on-- e before. It is needless f,.r nn to say cee.liug summer's snn softens your luscious peaches ferent stores, but had never obtained any that did not I'.owcn, A- M.; price 7. ,jr ..r- - iTat'njbeen deprived of Conn.-iand jui.-- grapes, and autumn's yellow e be- - cause great pain and fatigue to the eyes, but sm happy ro'erted th r. ifi. p'ai.k of i!.c or w r.t. n i -r the .ast two years. tiie lea sure ..f r- smith's Histoiy i f tireece, wit'i notes; v C. C. ,bat be mile a speech. a a!l kn-- w Le never h, ,i,v lb; price.'. and ic't i: t. ;og been r u' le l to aga5a wel! fin,.. but to state that the pair I purchased of you suit beyond my SUNDRIES. (: e IVc' . ii aiid ai.ii '. it cry coand gone over i. w til w: .n it i c i.'.: Le Or and I'ere et les Petit F.1- -, w.t'i :,..,:f.; by A I heard him I'bls crushed, loaf, and powdered Sue-i-hen l'r makes .mi.v other kind. wister, as of yore, still hears tbe murmuring? of expectations, by day and candle light. I have found s!.:.v letter tu in without. i whic.i irancisp. Williams:! vo.: .u.roi.i'eiv p- - j i p tlll Slid UlleasiDes. i. chscs double refined loaf horts led .... b. t'i.a-e- . I.bidiligs A. '... he !: whilj they dt shivering round my sight improve to much since 1 have used them, that jy.U a Whig, and was running a;ain-- t that your poorer classes, e" bill bl Is No. -- Mackerel; JioRroN & r,r.;swii.r. ir: o'lei i i onai'eVarV.fvVllSl '!' .".i bbls No. rj Will Ker,:u kia- i- l.eli. co that tbe .ai'ty whi' h a comfort lest, stove, guileless of heat, and marvel I cauuot sit down and read small print without them. do; perte, .launch .,1.1 I,,raU'ol. S. S. Knglisli. . :i 1 ea-, . bbls Plantation Molass.- -; toread SUPPLIES OF MAI !!V.S w .i.'i ii i comfort; e-1- c:t:i ...the crest itk.e sy tri eS-- , i wliv the citv, with weaith at her command, shoul, l Wishing you every sucess your great enterprise de. 1: -, c. r, f.nt sn l.erc'i- "a ,l h-iralo b.hds N. O. Sugar; see -t was t trie gfi f.n !. 1 rost-ma. The ?pce h of deort hv of the jej,en.i n a precarious supply of fuel brought serves, I remain, yours truly, go a' renal sr nu.luess. J L.sjfc HuLLlDT 1r5 btics Rio Corl'i e; :.;.:i S. UILLMAN. B incroft's l.attling iis.mfii'-i- iiga'.:.-- : heavily on the fmm hundreds of miles from home, while 50 bag Table Salt; kind, and must have faii-liuck Travels m Chin i. ..d,ra-k- :. t" dozen Zinc Washboards; furor, ai.' ilci it - Ligli time all lii'nd-- i LorisvitLK, K Y., Feb. Slloj. they had inexhaustible supplies of the be-.- t within M 0 RT") N 8M i lo.-- t S W 0 L I. yj to RJ Mr. sotcv ns: IT of S:' l's followers, if they are not so boxes I'alui Soap, i bar-- ; r."t:ce.t nlverti'seme Ma. 0. SOLOMOeS Dear fcir- - Having smisi'uctorily ...... it- to lot. te- - uo. h.mrJ i,f tin ir men Itrpsiilp 'Tij thor. ' . 1 .. boo". in the Kentml.ia!,ed do Oluine do, do; .t..i papers, 1 ca. .id at our FOR" A I (I US T AT othce w ith ni v w i sen-- e au-""VJB" AO AZIN ES f.i:o -- td sunk so deen m thestnks . . Fomecot.rai'eous snirit in that ausrust. l.ilv tried a pair of Spectacles purchased of vou. and Ccd:n 2'') do Rosin do; r a pur of your ...ise t.. :r:,; ,.y it a.T - th re u'l n improved spe-'ta1st. C. If AO AN 4c CO.'S. do Si ir Candles; vttoc!:. 1 am hat py to say. .f i an-imtn.irality, as not to lc rble to aptire- - the Cotnajou Council makes t!ie startling "an- - them far superior to any I have ever used, iu thit they she can see to 75 l,'""' Harper's; do hummer Mould Candles: r.est iieed.e. iwlocO he b. ' ir. the rv.oth. li i.-- ?:'.. ; le the leoio not done t f re ia hve vears.) or sew ar.d rej, for any si o Put nam. that rest and strengthen the eye, whilst all others have pain- man. There nmineeiiient that 41 'ti.s actually neccs-iiry- "' e il an hne.-- t Hi do crystal and reined Staich: i'.itet;.e i iee-'.eo nests painted Tub-- ; of :.n:e y dav e'r e...i.i; ...!.:,., h tv;r r!i j"t iodev' Lady'- - B- ok of Fashion: ana tr,u nave railroads in tiii South to Mipiv..rt a i'a. ilo'i iij th Southern tbey then arises ed, weaned, and weakened my sight, I cordially recora- . . v...n tt bi. b I J...1 I..,..,. cotn 1. Sr.e h is pur. ,1,001 sever f"0 KnicK'erbock. r: l"0 dozen pninted Buckets; rsof s pee! a les u tlietn to the in the Union. have' hot.gtit a ,!,!"' ii . i !,t ,U.'J! l "f an eiflle-- s controversy among the " old fogies,"'- memd KcscUully use of all who staimlS.inJ.need of them, the last 3io Frank Leslie's Fashi.-Ihi-r' that ha- - I.'. .'!!. ri tlsewbr-r'bin tl.ey iuvsra iv cau-e- .l P ck: dozen half Buckets; ea. yours, KVASs, in,tea,l of searching the luatler for the t'V become wi i'x and I, red utter l i cases brass hoop cedar Buckets: b r short lime. ."l (iraliam; re;.: foi l; :n;d 1. !m a W big con.d Lea Know .ioth.iig, Hid v l. e On Broadway. Noatnouin w on induce her :o pi.t with those ahe purI" dozen iron bound half iW Black wood f. r ' .;.ti,,,Ivtnnmi.r.,fiii .bow a Jeiiioerat could. Jn tne chased Iroia yvil. 'o boes t.Xln (!las; Beeeived thrs da and for.:e v.ho' an retail by but could not JrrrFRSON Co., Dec. 2, lio-l- . lc. . i.veters'.r liotiutie- - arnot-g-oiir ..v a the o.t,cn(( are drawn up audi 5i'T Main st. lAACalU.sAACS. do loxi-- j io; C. H.U.AN , CO., . i.ii tais Mioject. i rour.-- e ,. 'vl I have used Mr.' fcye (tiasstoi a eyb.ief id iua.iv cou ei. i ,u ff I.iMsi.Tox Kt, M :r h s iat-- . of the Wbil t the inl anil .iiiart Flaiki tio ' , , F- ii(i:v:r-- ? t averred luat no I.CusvK'rJt COUiH UCt;i. wi.ti ileei.le.l nnri bav nn . rsittinn r; E M A L E LIFE A MONO THE I ran see t'iea . ,:: i a of yoa for my own nv, ess iJ reams Wrapping l'arCaps, &.c.,c.; noi p.i iicre : iiievv,H-r- e ii.. ii.:.r in two .' are unite I again 't :'.;C S are v. o'.'O M(i.l. Percussion well as it was Oireci.j he.i iu ; n me I, l.oW-o- t irJ has '"S "it a Mormons, a ii 'rat: of lu.inv vears .rsnnM exl'lans a irn. i ia 'clieved, anddefect. ve vision of long standingvigor In store and for sale bv n e coi lwauK - : i:;e j.a.ty ana a Is v.e have North, .ly f K'en perience; bv the w ile ol a Mormon Fi ler, recently fr m . a.'n war lij iu. ti.' the orfans seem to be acquiring ,lf tbr-(.hr..i th NOCK, WICKS ii CO.. 511 M, aorj jec I tab; a few copied rec iv.--- :e bv aed for I ion to siil tlectaratioLS mat very haste eluovIl .1 ia wbicli coiicocted-apiiearin- gly and ctlir:ng aj. native and o. t.ri. t. fends .1 up. Kg.-- 1 not ;i,nut0"e- - I therefore chcerlully bear testimony te their C. II AO AN a. C'.."x7 st. tv TR. SOLOMONS ; SIR: THE j irty. and held uj. by tlenx s beaor. aiso to ir. eoiomuns VTTING. UK) RALES NO. 1 Jv the ftar U tin I'ope the liaturalied ceti.eiis. t., assist thciu in isain-- t very prontaoie investments : but ;,,.;,,iiroiectors are txrciieney ana accuracy, asthe wonderful facility mill i.1 M. ..ur.elmi.!:ii'oii. a'.-tids- l from the Spectacles as a practical Optician, and ;,1 with Batting just received and for sale by nii'i, v horn iliflieiilfioj in, t.T,l of IMPORTANT. HAVINO ADOi'T- - tained bfnef.t I have d. rived toexpres the pleasureob-- I, from yon, nie in fining coiial rights. NOCK. WlCK? it CiL ui f..retg.i it," tie , al."-- h ,;- ed the cas'i system, we Hii prepared to nSVr have received from hjui. They u,t my ih; to s.lno-- r ; and . if are 'hlciihe aua, ii hU Glasses to the various peculia.ities IVe-lo- ii is nil right oi r.eivefor the tnouvnter I nn. utisficd that Col. e duremeir.s.o pureha-- t rs. Our Sto is verv iiion.l.y can '.ivbu'it as we i as day: I read with th You rg truly, SAW'b D. SjIJiu. the South. "'vision. not profitable at nr-- t, they i!., them so. rfTI J D i! R VIXE(JAR. ltH' RBLS I coald not do wit a Any and ill he a - I to e. klv. Mies ease as w ;;en a boy, the great j: nits ft isue at this time, and that the l ral,r(-,8'1. HAS. b"') l J Otherg.aases 1 hae nse'j. V oirs, trulv, nearly un- We fin oi.!ya--.u- e 1Lree the cdii'.r.f the t3-.- Mr l. K 1 KK. Jlonart Ebildlngs. warranted pure Cider Vinegar ju t received and ' Fourth street, forsaleby SOLOMOXo' Oliice-- Xo. by oiij.jeraey win nn? ua no.&ir. 'fc,.,i,;, votin " for bnownin thii: tate:hua vecan couut themiies by capt. John siiallcross. now NCK, M ICRS c CO. wri Tvh.-M irtet ns ;,h etiieen llatn ari ti. erii. th:;t they wiii l.aa :.,! ail it mt'y feidtf j ' biiii- ft least I think 1 cau AOAZINES. HARPER. PUT- - LonsTiLLi, Dec.t:, 1mi. .1,1 Ili,)l..l011.bl0'.li."l;!l n,,ti..lV..i:,Un,r) a e..r. eicnee a- - for any Democrat cr; R003IS. oinething living tind l.ible toough next na..i, tiodey, and Knickerbocker, for Auirttsi. I .on.Tit.1 1, Jin. la.lsjj. hic.igo, whieli when building was hooted at by i'oi sale by 1 Hy Authority of thc State of Alabitiua ti ket, us 1 don't stc spy difference in the posit ioti tiai.ei- Broeibs; doen Ms. Bein'coiupelied I we-- Spectaele. jv-lAlon liy : and fo.iiethii.g. :.., very .nip h like tin thoc mat cello 1 themselves wise: but dauntless men CIIAS. D. KIRK, MortartBuildircs. do woe fancy do; liir-outt-- respectfully, I have never been able b iret a pir hut what made my wore at the helm : aul i,cv, Brooius; fist received iind for sale 30 some .f the Le-- t do v, many lasses, hut 4 ' id Heiii rr.'k- pa. t . i L'L'! ICO. 471 Main street, NOCK, WICKd Si CO. 471 eyes ache I Ihave n aa pae ritt'rom you. I can aiwav auJ f tiled, un'ii se fcy Eastern roads have fallen far below pai.iue sLre; Military Academy o's iSoiiilicru ,f trme. wit.-- i tt. day r ci'idie for a;;y leiij-tthis are far above it: thc receipts ou ail our j i x i: x s. ooi in at-- st ea-t.i,i riimiort. Ars. Web is very unci f For the Louisville Democrat. J editor, f th? ( Tini'- -. 1'ap 11" CASES ROUND ATCHES. r of Tui are euubcas on roads, too, that when built,ARE THIS MORNIXCJ OPEN. ' Jou Messrs. r.iiT!:: Iu the I ''J fi.wiitixMc.,esTisheda,,rforSa 'f.sylor, a Frc.iler an 1 a. biped. P;,.; C. WELL3. ran through aperient wiidcrcet's nioneersof comXOCIi, v ICKS 4t ilO. WT alari'e lot of Linen Ooo.' i, . 0.1-- 1 : of a,.ii No.oo- Jcierson street, next dour to Fiestvsi. I r.i.'iee-an rrtic beaded, 'L.kti.g merce, waiting with a Christian faith for the : s, 9, and C'KAND SCHEMt; FOR AUCI STI interests of Sam i:i the So'tth- tkken in ibtue Linen Daina-s- , ; i.iio case line,,,, is of cities now wealthy and flourishing" i YARN. 35 REELS isv.t li. Jan. 1", ls5. Jle - the same loin a"'. red to for a soft spot to fall upon," iu which there em tiitf-?. ltleached llillay.l. ?OTOYOXS: ?;r When you first arrived in th. L Hemp Packing Varu ju-- t received ami for Side by imagination. With you 'J" CIu T. Kird's-eyDiats r: a weak attempt , justify the many wrongs lately .hat,then w::h .Mrs. be titie at yur orhce, jnn par--i ci.v, I ..f May, NOCK, WRKS k. CO- mrJ :be Ligh if Cimlni.ati. Ills us uiBcrent: wealthy cmM vqit for you to open j Iticiiariison's Family Linen At.- -. L'rJd, fou4 in the City cd Montgoniery, iits,d four pairs cf your Patent Spectacle. party, it itirts vour av.enue anj w ill patiently, aye, joyfully tub- - To be drawn vtheu Frizes amounting to pcrj e'rate l t yttie They trao.'i, a large lot. t;.-fr.ends mi n. a mob in hi- - behalf, an 1 s ipetior i any we ha.1 ever useii jy31 MARK J. DoVVNs haTe expected. We caa r- - l rse.i mnre than we cou.d CORDAGE. n were mat, -- u b-an iron j'oKe, and be bour.u tntit ice ic te iastenea witu he bailot b'.ve-- . IV. Tavl r felt b.i'i v and was 'l,t by saying ji.--l aad boy. a when LOW see aj .".' fortai-tTlV, , aI rc!raa.oi yours, r Af- ;ir., " t taVe oTiee thus' fi. .ndulentlv' obtained : exceedingly anuous that additional precincts oeea uevotea 10 tue T r5HN PLATE. ROOFING TIN, ZLW, s j. a. bSAtri "Bi oi gtniiiai v. eif.ire oi tne Just received and Tor sale by I Pig Leail, Auliiiiuny, for aie bv M3-- !. J. A. BhATTlX.Fou.ta ohounl 1.2 established it it could be done lglly. o L0uirille, and vour eheet tUechan.r.;oi. L.T city i cording to the following maniticent scheme, j aua putri tie .b'siip f..r M...ils and i.ower NOCK, VlCK-but L O.b itreet. tmblie A nd remember, everv Prize is drawn W. B. LK I.K NAPfc Ci b ;yl "t .", .. Ti. o . l r ""1"""U, iniprovement . ; tnereiorc, to you i write. 1 wilt t and psidwbendue w'ithout deduction! at each dravvinir. ue- mriL--i .. "lu"'U11 tVXs Imn,,.., not gratified. J hp rnscility ua.s too L.irefaec-d,ai.iMr. So'omons can be seen at his office, on Fourth SUOARS. n RlILS ST. between Maia and Market, Over Raymond At Patron (., .'-vimo m-i-i ut-.- i i uavo an opportuuny, mat every niiu, native or ioreigu. urop j i CRUSHED assort.-.- ! for sale by ' - "ur strong to xer is.' bimse'f in 'l IV. Tavb-- w 1 Dru .Jtore. 6,'M do nn.i Lpen vnn "imstil in-'- ' ii ji.tJa.llin " fb r.resntit uo.l no men uu- I do WALLACE POPE A. CO. 4.'J 1 ANA WAY FR03I THE GRAY- - jyl i through tho Soiitbeiii entitled to- -a t ..te, '..' i tote. iiting Lis l'rei ".I ps f ,t. Hide. Oil, and J.eathf r Storr. 3,'XO ilk. eon Strings, Ky .a negro boy, 1 . .J I.t M. v Kr.ow-Nothiilvcars dcrlahe? to mabe it appear that the o.b.j0 black couile.iou, a tect h,' very States, lieisiartful ii , to mi int.. v F. I). J. "WOURRON WHISKY, an) RIJLS, inches or b eet his KIRKPATRICK.XO. 21 SOUTH le'H'O ao straictit , tlnn, dean lips, clear and 'iuick tale-bthe Jl 1nre a,rt.,cIe ar:y .,f bis Ffee-.u!- between Market and Theiiu: Thirl str.-etiheet iiitendcd f .r the 1 lrt.v wi,aU the benehtted party ty tun wnoie l.lno broad front teeth, and not very close fral?i.!.'. al!l'- - -- aiion aoriuirre. oy and fme very old. fur lb. slreets, Plnlulelphi i, has f..r a:e Sfani-- n li lie, dry 6,000 not known, but had plenty of good clothes. 5 Prire ot. are , -- Hah , Wedped LovkI" One Thompson Car- Left the puV.i-hejvSl f..r bis bre'.hten in Ohio. vt,te l'ir:S tikcn: a'lcf vhch 1'roK.sitions tLLAE POPE UCO. ar..i cieen a iif-t- i I'atn.t Ku.s. T .nn. rs' nil. T tuners.' "j . 5,oi !? priii Ki on Sunday, I'l July, in do ith belnngihgcompany with a nei:ro a,uoo bov living in Litchfield, and Curriers' jos, at iLe kuvesl prices ana upon the were lisle publishes a note in a paper in one of the pi do are.. to Dr N'eston. about equally true. That thc He sent a large edition to Virginia f..r 40 BASKETS SU- - best term. f I IJO are.. pay said dj in Kentnckv. and rHA.MlA(;NE Ail It mli of Leather in th ronh w.r.te.l, f,,r which I'1) arc. just before the lccti,.r., Wt be leaned nothing by anxious to prevent hating more than o.e place for 2.) can will taKeiiiiofor inortriebuy if taken securea so mar. i Jy ilis nor for sale low lo close bv do c.iil c.aie, uu highest market price wiU be given ia cash, or tari 3e CO. WALLACE PirE 1 otherwise, (jet him, in jail in that r.lorpi in erxch'inge for hide. lie has sci.i uu oti-- g in a wart, and that that anxiety was caused ,c,,t5 his swTrrize, in k;i ..f,W0! MARY rtTTV- ni" to Leather stored tree of charge and avid on rommis-sion- . : ;,, inn H RANDY THit !nd hminf annse ..,mlw ,,.rp ,,.r ldar-p- ihev Ooliid ,.t 1 I,,,..; . Ki.,,t. Lr lln It r l.v n f. ur ihnt If . v ten t'bo.isti'nil uriiet ?tephensnurg. Hardin county, Kv. bim ..:.:. .i PIPES SUPERIOR jyUoly AuitUM 1, lv.j. aug M 9 Cot nac Brandy for nV in quantities to suit y t"Tu Ml'H S ff AS, Awun! MMager, editors ..f K. n- - ' r.'.t carry the city, is too evident, from the course ' f'jl'wiu.."r;,i" isCed wi:h the W ALLACE POPE fc (O. jl FIVE DOLLARS REWARD, Montgomery, Ala II 15 rALlsL that I left my home without any t nn3 FIFTEEN SECONDS ...rfcy. 1 bey lark tbe ability to do tbe suojeet of tbe party n, regard to the matter to be now U.s- - ca,ls0 or ,,roVoCiltiun I had ioik and bread for . ; ROXES CHOICE IN STRAYED FROM THE SURSCRI- ' AM MAKINO PHOTCKHtAIMIS'CVtntiTjr sale by Iter, on th 17th Instant, a amal Whit and Yellow my breakfa-t- , pork and bread lor my dinner, and; justice, and so be puis in b'u help against the cussed. I'llTO RIMIHCCIi 3peck'.e,J tUW, with M. of Ladies and Chililren in from ten to twenty tec wlnt Mck. ".ir marked, wl-ojvSl WALLACE FOPE 4c CO. We undertak to show by fguies . which is sail po.W and bread for my supper; and because I want-- , the indgnato n and inichtv. He viill tail, a.iont 7 vears ..l.i. S,a waa Uat seen in th l.oi'lSYI l.I F TO CHICAGO, VI V onost ana oi Kenueuien in rrom iweniy-nv- e lo lony sec- .. ' n . . . el Ciili'es for mv tireakfiid Im l,,r , Knt , ll.n il,,. "ehb.riirr-- l cf llairo-- l scree. Anvope 11 fln.linj her onas. rpae aesiring rnotograpns wno cannot .sit tne 1T O R T W I ) K . anten-- l ! ... the editor ot tne Journal if be ,s not LK Y, e abo verewarl. HH.llllbUl1n1 y of (1u VwU. ia tL e minute without p;iin !. Vt ordinary time of a minute to evcrJ wemliCr knk my brains out. He said what was good for j casks for ta!cby to the eyes, are invited lo give me a cad. J Salem .ireful, send, rg over into this State, thc diocese of 0f bis tarty, htn speaking caudidly, says, that if liiui was good fur m?. I took my oath of this be- CO. WALLACE POPE jy31 1 , AL u. was cast, they would carry the fore Es.juire Owens some time ago. Through false i fXN AND AFTER IVeiitiee. W'c bvc never seen sun a the whole anti-vot- e micEs. city. Daguerreotype it he sets uown .'?. .Mil) votes for thc Know- - pre fences and lies, he sot me to sum awav mvi run on6th, two daily trains (Sundays excepted) will be Cncolored Photographs, 1 this road, leaving New Aiany i siin r: "! i ', ; . .. :.:..t MADEIRA WINE.Co. QUARTER "lOUND. THREE LIGHT Jxla fl 'A'. MarcU or less "i- 2,j(ii. for the beni icratie party, rnd dower: and thc last time I went home he drovo ored Leather Trunks, full of i Nothings und ii1 Oo Wine, direct importation, for sale ,,v'i superior Madeira Vlothin,-- , snpt"iseil to dave oeen sio;en.Dry i nev caaanwl directly through to Lhioayo, Duplicateseacli . tir. b rtaVe, ts) Ken1 his cirne cd'tor, wh llitrj? ,,y ,lie Pll,e of ai;lLinetic ku0W1) M EuiArao. mo out of the yard. One Sunday he diove mo and li o'clock x., runaiiig W ALLACE POPE & CO. mcu without change of cars. Per hundred "... SO lJ lyril seen at tne Jan, where anv person um w party t ,.jn, it will be caiiy ssen that they have a major- - out of thc house for telling that I saw him go ear-,- ,f Tickets at K:or sn pairm for ale to Chicago and all Per thousand Jya . !75 W I'.ky, was one of the Fm-ioproperty can rail and examine ihem the Life si.e bust point-- West mid North wett; aleo, to Detroit and S 00 1ATAWRA WINE 1 .r.g uud buid ""'I "figures wont lie." Ilosays that 'y, before anyone wasup, and bring lioma boards principal cities East; may be had at the olhce all the Colored whole fur 'y 'f J of Ohio last year, tiid shouts-IT-vRI75 BOXES l i UO baEiurreotvne size or less HERRING. (Jencral Lonworth'j sparkling Catawba Wine: . the State , . bis T v bring Railroad Company, ..." 50 l cru.aap. an y .n r. the Attorney wajof,)0 jtfwor gave it as ad- - on his buck. itHe forbid my milk woman to of was Louisville and Portland between becond andNo. y. Half lifts bust My just received in prim order and fur sale low bv. dry do lis ,lo; Third, Full lifo bust lo the t).a, e; Main street, north aide, , 75 00 but a pint; was no extravagant; half it Do Isabella linjt l K do; jy t obtained respecting routes, Full life, including hands I'H) 00 n be d; preein.?. Very Mrange to ear, too, tbe thrown into the swid!. She told hiru I wanted mush. where all information iiithough, for tbe rake of the tSer-- in the Southprices, distance-- , itc. Mv work is all warranted- - No pictures now iro out of 1 or sale at manufacturer's prices by jyril DOZEN PUT WALLACl POPE Cua.-- c i i Ohio, Attorney General i who. by the way, in a candi- - j Hesaid a piut was plenty. So for my pork and CO. EM ON SYRUP. Passenger leaving their names at the above named my room but those made by myself. m State- - ' be pretends to cp-sr to that otiiee, and who expected. bread agaiu, and sometimes a huge cattish skinned office will be called for in any part of the city by omni- mrrto S Iate f.r I'Sguerrcotypes as usual from l np tit olli.AU for sale 0 byveir, wrranteu to keep in any .rtimata. 'feiUGAR THEODORE xc UI,,, bouii, whilt Liu wtio.e pal. nin e ji.irelthe b itti, .. Is many alive, liesides all this abuse, sold the last thing buses without additional charee.KNOWLTON, hU J(i:;ion ,0 keop away rom the t. Kurjdjj 0. ., srl excoptioi. Waoleiale Confectionr .ni vunqfa-turrKi.ul.aH's old stan 1, 477 Main street, received per steamer Empire. nd for sale bv . openly, with a few in: is-wo.,'j Tot? a4ainst Lim)sigued officially that I held dear on earth a pet calf that never cost t .o.u i ss..wst.,iat. j.v30 Retweeu Fomth and Fifth streets. CARTER 4l Jot KTT, Third ireet. jy30 lya yes very hiin anything. I am the wifo of old Carlisle, We UjderstaTiI that even Kei;tTkii.ns are blind private- letter to bis friend. To Dealers in Oilcloths, iIC.S AND RAISINS. 250 RAGS PRIME oi me ivdow--ouau no Mian support me. WTEW GOODS. not er.deutly, AoW, is tne . nouirh to circulate this bogus 5bect. h rw 1 H E U X DERSIGNED HE ING 6 - 40 drums Smyrna . Eastern Bio landins from steamer Aftwmiirle and u ' party here row, for look at tho ofheers of the AXX CAULISI.E. , red Flannels; S.O whole, half, ami n uarter boxes Larer Haisins: forsaleby H largely engaeed in manufacturing Oilcloths has 1 15 bales yellow do; tue real Ctncinnna Time. ,a tub-fjvJl A. RAW KIN K. CO. county 2 da ta circulate ,r,n,,intv) ? do In store and for sale by made arrangements to hell his owu manufactured 3 do; do green ,f the . -. ,. TOND. At MORRIS. Sute, we should think; although we do n't know Jude j w.;h orjiy fp"eak with certainty Know- goods. The stock in store is complete, the. uuality unA I? Ti white, do; irvt-- a t Tal ivLici.rj Xi.xiVL' i di ..m.ij surpassed, and the prices at which he can adord to sell cn,?L"lS'-- ?h 5 do domestic Haunt!-- '. TUse who third ward, where 1 know every rdT.eer is a that it woull much . . reived by railroad and for sale bv A R D I N E S . 35CASESSARDI N ES ) cases plaid Linsey; a collision between a drayanda cannot fail to give satisfaction. ,. rvi Xothing. Whit a desecration of tbe judiciary. ,. . ord-r- s. ., " j.y CO. A. RAWSOX Htiecial care will be t.iken iu selecting for ,I 5 do solid do; in whole, half, aid quarter cms In stre aid for i..t Xuw what do these vkinfrs nrove? If the Know- - i bomotive, a few davs aero, in which the drav l.isl in Llill lusiucss notii llis slock consists ot je-- tj t ilo black, black and whiU, and lavender i TP.W STVI.PJ U U aaieriy S Notbinjr party thought theycoull sujeeed without, oue 0f jU driving wheels. UT Waihington Prints; South out f,-- r party purpose.-- . FLOOR OILCLOTHS. It says-- ! 2n case fancy Prints, assorted brands; ceipt of a large stos k r.f new stvle Soft nat- -, all "WSTERRINf. TOO ROXF.S NO. 1 would they gtoop to such unfair and ir,lolloiii was narrow one, and it is strange From 3 to IS fe,st wide new patterns, Oaks, Tapestry, ,1 r r 15 : Cheeks and fhirting Tweeds; do u iil M at Ln.n n a colors ana u,uaiuies, ai very mw prtres. tt..;. nnrnnnef bet . tr ioort i.,.n t Mar'le, and Tiles. 1. l Ilemnjm store and Wsatssr kr r Jb SMITH. 2i do bleached Sheeting and thirtiug; Pol. l. A k n v k t K,,DA k VORrtlS. CARRIAGE TOP OILCLOTHS, 5 do black Canilic; 4.T& jy Main stre t. deception and fraud than has , every reader answer fc-- himself. nt system 3 do colored do; Ou Ducks, IVills, and Muslim enameled and plain sur- g organs ana the cart. When he saw that REEN FRUIT. bef-do black Lustres; prai tieeJ by thc TE ARE NOW GETTING UP Anm..TV i:PVVri' (1pivi.iv is tno fC" a do Corduroy; ' 1"0 boxes nnoonta.a Orans; collision wa-- ineriuble, he rec-mTABLE OILCLOTHS, and "blew his our Vail at via IWvu 11 .Is. which will soriass all 10 lexers. In detaDce ol Known .act- do Bed Ticks; Lemous; TllE riiohfciTOUV LwrOB Law. -- The Albany horn. 1 ne locomotive and tram then come on others in quality, st 1vie, ami nmsn, ana i nose wno is n at 4 to wide, in the piece and pattern, superior to the 1 to lj hales do, do; ChestJ lYearft tl.e lwt if it uiol nf n,,;.v,lle maiiufetare shoul.l imported. .mifoortly mainLiinei that their allies in the North ; p . ter nyK its peril. If the engineer and all tho passengers in 2r pieces super black Silk ; b I in their orders. 3"0 STATE DRUUOET OILCLOTHS, &c. Handkerchiefs; do FONDA k M0RRI9. jeil POLLARD, PRATHER ft SMITn, wou'l atj firmly by the constitutional t ights of j "Jt is Rvid that tiovernor Clark having demand-th- e the train had been crushed by the cart, their sur0 dozen Linen Cambric Handkerchiefs ; Warehouse, 79 Arrh street, below Third, Philadelphia 4ho Main street M the opinion of tbe Attoroey General of .he Slr.te, viving relatiyoi could not have collected a red cent ' Ij'Jfl loo no Net Mnrta and Drawers. South, an thus give and security to the Mr. Ogden Hoffman, on the Liquor Law, he has for damages of the cart driver. Folks who reck- Pa. auSdiim THOMAS POTTER, Manufacturer. OLD PENS, WITH DOUBLE EX' Besides the above we are dailv rereivin- - additional . j "5T ust rtceiva.l, a Urge Tnion. Lat yes.r,tLe election? ia the Xortu were tr,nnTji,ted an opinion to the CapiUl, that the lessly crosj cart tracks when the drays are insight, CEMENT CON supplies, which wid always make our atock full and JLi EGHORN II ATS AT COST. atWE 'r'1 tension holders-Jcomplete, and to YDRAULIC sale by Peas lW.uIl l Kmi'1"'' closing out our stock of Leghorn n.ts coat. do so at their own risk. They can't recover, even " ana AUiuuuui-t uostBuce uneoiiuiui M iiw is in era. C' cy tuii piny, w.n and wuuout cases. stanfly on hand and for ft Nftl LAND, ulullksiajn CO., (buimii puitiiC h s hvith iV. with a country jury. aul dftwj 3 eyerwbelmed neatly street. .f au, CAKTtR Si JOILTT, 4- Main street. AUGUST BilLV t in HARKEY, I SALEfc UEiV. WANTS. ELECTION. ATA J" i SPECIAL NOTICES. A gfJgSTj A II I li I. ijAJilV TAILORS ' ""l'I"y I)KMOCATIO no RENT. At STATE NOMINATIONS. "'i r;i '"i nr. ..... HJirj.rvr .r runnii Hl '.,, ,11". i, l.Cli. .U nurciiiTi II si ilk w n ':. rrrr; yc . S()P voi'f r,,cl"rr:,!. LOY al . soap tJJrsr IOR HI " ,,., V d f c;. W & III iy bacs rniiiE coi'.; rjHIE ILOI t .7 llXF'VA .TinnS-:rci- feyiilJWn i " it VCW if yaAc il: r t ... - i. t.i j .1 !.'' ;.f.,,,r ..,,. .!. k, ' ..... 1 ,,. .11 B lif rnrw certificates. LOTTERY? WE l a rZZ;liZ ACKIX( 1!: A!rSi y a.i .ii '"'" ,"..',, IOTTON uu n.nTPirPPn ii" ".. .ir;. lii rffiS; SIOO Keivard! rruii .ntr .. t. 'fi'ii f ni.l KcwAlbailV& Railroad, vViiv to I, ,n Li J?eti, c OFFEE. , f differ. .j Jr, iT Fi: inn up J Li t tnPlVRl.'. i.rj '"!' St.t, tL. J t wArfu. V ui l i

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