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Image 1 of Daily Louisville Democrat, August 3, 1855

Part of Daily Louisville Democrat

5 DEMOCRAT. BA1M7 LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY, VOLUME XII. HIE JULY DEMOCRAT, JEWELRY. TRANSPORTATION. FRIDAY, AUGUST MEDICAL. NUMBER 15. 3, 1855. Hon. T. L. Clinginan oo DEMOCRAT. DAILY Te!e?;aphlc. Know-Xot- h- lion. T. L. Clinminhaa juUi?uel an allres We karftfcter a.lTice from tho Rains stailrj FOR JEWELRY. THE UNDERSIGNED PELTED AND rCELIeHKD UK inform his friends, and the pub to his 3 FRIDAY, AUGUST 8,1855. of the Eighth Corg33ional tiat.Mr. Cjlomeii'l, tb L'iitricf Aturnejcf la a large, that he has just opened, and i daily re- he at United Suit. HUGHES & CO., j Uuh. was at the PUtte. HAMPTON'S j District of North Carolina, which U full of soani j nrx:utfor French, English, and Swiss Gold, silver, and Composi- -- f. diijtche froaiCoi. c-From the Eveuin? Edition. truth3, tiuialT waralnzi. aaJ tellir.2 perio!?. Re ! riteptoe to th War JJewrtinerit. ol, Third street, between Market j A. Watches; a splendid assortment of Kings, liar- j tlon koMotroa tV t MfMt Wlf I'.r .l j:. t . .1 Most direct til rough Line tor the Hast, great'many otuer articles in 'that liiie' too bume'rousto aa inuen or.r the Coroner Wait. . . ' TT cf . j mention. Aiso, nue Accorueons ana riuunas. D" reacn Tr f Wi aaa a ka ora! of Watchmakers, lle "ould fall particular attention the fiver. A AVINO LEFT THE CITY FOR Wj of aa unknown man found la a pond between TERMS. vAd sctkers say and all dealers in the above named articles, that he has rcg J . S9 00 ' a short time, I hare given up my business to my Bedtrgrass and the rirer this morninz. quarterly quantities of a.lTer. ' Bl Tcn L" CFFF - j that the hrre f.,nnd The man i . ii.. .ii in "j on hand the largest assortment of Clocks ever brought ,i mi, Ieiond per year, rv- KdTBC- t 00 j i m wii, -- no win iouna at my oki stanu, in fcigrnn was about s;xtT in nenu mu3t oonceae, witn skull, dartn?. and advan- - , , man toos out lorry a o io.. to this city, which he is enabled to sell as low as they years of 8ZO had on a black: "g WW T . H" hhnii?ht in nv othpr ritv wet of the mountains. street.Utween Main and Market, who is in possession t. C j'j per week, payable w the Crr!er. - .8 00 of an ample supply of my medicines, aa also la tnecoare Of tnu addre-'- Mr. C'.!nm n u Cce hun-lre- i i!v IVni'vcrM, country edition, per yer JCLIL'S MENDLL, oa coarse knowledge of preparing them.ha vicg prepared aiiiat ondabout coat Ld blak I lJ i IndUns are enyair.ped a short dU- uu Main street, between ixthand Seventh, m . I ahnM. i fan-l nave used for many years. iW per v moEuj rr.r.T,l '"J1- - , an-- t Trnm Ron river, when irr.M w.h h. do no Under Louisville Hotel. mv!2 iMi , .v.. . OF ' fc .' ,. nniUS GREAT WORK irom INTER-toine cures witnessed in the city of Louisville hr these 1 ducxrtreJ. They are peaceao.e, but My if war 0? ADVEKTISLXO. remedies, render it rain for human language to attempt hijne. J' constantly f3 niues neeiicg and had shot marks in his fae. It U. cal improvuient tiTVT have Of J EWELRY equality, and one which makes plain and easy to pori . $1 00 miintaine.l in breaks cut between the fMt,u and U. .S. trwi-- , j that he was murdered. The deceased beor in mind, Miitiif;ion, was openei to t!ie ; :Ji oa Hiltlir.ore, and 4oJ 10 wi LEMON'S, Main St., suiiermg human natureremedie-- for disease, which of IS lines, one insertion ,B Kt 0 25 Olio river in January, IvJ. and has now been fully my speexhes, that the great principle of the j they will join the stron-;- 3t has j supposed just received at J AME3 I. ?.ch ddiuon.l insertion part. . lonth, without alteration tweo Jim "nn . inm aucijiui uu puaoenseris between Second and Third. new vA party ,of swot were at Sericnt Creek, fifrw order iajaHenoo-X- , aj it great poitUaU principle learned and extensive practidoncr was "rpo3ed to be a German. loiuantic countrj , do rou'e. ThisTnad is f r.t'.is. io lhave latelv received some singleand very beautiful Ac, and athe most through aU time past. Come, s?e, and ' y j , f OO i liie riui. oi sru-- "t- vcrr.uieuk now : nines aOove i ort LiijauiiO. and carefullv styles of Jewelry, inset? and -o!idiv , constructed, jliy piece. As I am "iinoui remedy do do "i"JI 7T c rmnTl,l Irrirn-- On r i 77 " . .... . t iuo . 12 W cansf-djeJUdtimi and is ihu rendered an attractive as well a's receiving Goods every few days, ray stock is always wuee. JLSSt. IiA.11fIO. " " tt, " '" irt, r x .uoiit' without alteration enjojeaoj '.v. iiiuericun laejrre iriv- - tae arrival cf troops, and thrtteDe.l that if a.t.Hi thy ' r for travelers. The late completion of the a mUbeautiful do ntha. do mlt... I have now on hand a of all who lot of tvetvc San Francisco, Mr. Robert Hajot", a brother of ing to carry out this latter principle by depriving did not arrive within t n day, tiey wou!i kiJ I a Centr; oiiio Koad, from Columbus to the Ohio river, Good, and desire to call the attention wish tioniqu-r- e lcr six months 00 near Wheeling, adds greatly to the importance of this anything in my line to it. t0 vo,e' in ail elTt;'jr-- s Jack Hayes, had some personal difficulty with the citiien of,the evrj white uvm benea Larauue and the DevU wer.e mouths io SI W ! rouie. etlering, as it coes, t lie most thorough Kailroad week J A3. I. LEMON. according to bis own judgment, and ?ubjecting j Gab. r. f i t m nt' ., rre able once niylJ .i Mr dnn. b..' ai coiti ion with the entire West. are twei.e niontiia, reaeaaUe twice "o ' t''""' U1 hini to the control of a set of secret political man- - Several trains of ilonaons frcra Taxe-40 0(1 BETWEEN SILVER-PLATEWARE. ttUIK ONLY Til KOUtill TICKETSME'i KOi'OLIS Organ Manufacturers. me ouiiet, passm- - near an agers. e once a lOL'ISVILLEANU THE NATIONAL luiu6 11 afc luo mien in with between Fort KearneT and Blow ' Jive uoc. iUs.-i renewable ?0 Q are sold l v t'.iist road, which runs direct to Wahhineron Thisi3the direct object of the movement, and They h vd M AGAIN I N RECEIPT OF SUBSCRIBERS HAVE COM - bead. twntv l,w ehoii-- i Tut baiano I W ithout tue d"lay of passing thnugh lla'timore. It is twelvemonths plated goods of mannfuitnpir firman. f it9 polltirul principle. indicate" t new and elegant styles of Rut the win wrs in zs. liealth. ' .. a proportionaie price. lis- - ko the niy line hy which bagcaee ciin e checked to vfT varictv. the hichet and most elabo- - best descriptions, and are prepared to execute all work ' THE FROVIDKNeK ExrLOSIOS CaK Henry M. by which thry neek to carry out this purpose are (jrvverm r Reedrr.of Kanai Kj.t tur'I;hl a w as!.:ng!on . de ad veitinie extra price. irom treet.t. At Baltnuore tte road ' ornamenteil to the plainest styles. 1 have on ti.j., ui uu.uiirn. i.ury Bre now en- - 1 UCKeri Adv.-;i- i4 biished at intervals, viz: weekly, i ninkes a direct connection with the Railroad to i'hiia . raiely ana nyp,rav in at Providence, ou one of gans ever Mirer's oi ware, consiMiiig ui lnofe 01 deception, ew or rfcon;llv.e chHrci J ver , . . i,.a.iir trs:, j.nd .60 cents foi A ery enbse iuent dclphia snd eoir.glork, 4cc. Louisville, may proceed i nana a large Waiters, Castors, elegant Cups i oris, g:iged wliirb. tlirn the largest O: ill r"v'-v',','.- ,',vbuilt in the i t..i. , a Wa0 was arrested charod with b Rhode j'their Tiha.e.. Thpv iraua, tfemn?ino' tn dpth-..- a.i copy ot nis answer t.. n i . tl... u.Wl - .rUst let- w ,.n -- r Kit mn est. r and Oob-lefh'oI, r t mntiln cruinl.t.l. t ake Baskets, A Passengers r East from iije isiana, nc: aa..t.r lew aavs since, .Tr".,r:.v, iVn anare for T!,. 'orks, Butter Knives, (gilt inside,) Spoons, by stemiiboat i Cmciiiiiati, and there take the Railroad seat aal eevateyl(iot in : pnrchaseJ ha.f fcreej Kr.w Unjj, TRrTH lr?m nJr , u'h ha h4 : Jvs.v v- - c.v". I1UI1, - . r iVLf'ii: I a t ! P, tti"n'on. privilege of rear1 va1 vtrtisers if strictly con- - to roniii-c- t with this line, or may leave Louisvilleby the Claret Pitchers, Butter Coolers, Saltcellars, Com- - w ie. and u fl , - Ann . . I ) . J. tin-- uuujg m Tf IllCU U13 IdlUd lt ..tV.AM , i. 1, Viri ha, ataa.l hn. J"ift v, its fine t! plate, and warrant-- ' pacity. This V instrument will have many new and munion fcets, kc, aliof Hie heaviest tivilie it abroad direct. asnm', as tned to tieir'ou rictii ate and recularlcousiieiei and Jers Mail Steamers leave Louisville dailv for Clncin- - ed as reprexented. iuirov-iut-ni?wen wonny ine of those ac- neeiinsj, uas na i s preliminary eTammation, aoa uioriu yiem ot ian creator 01 tut i. nivere, ana .a very unrai.-.- y Cecanja tie frefiient iaj ca.isi The r.t oti ..itr'i firm i not ex quainted with the cotistructiou ofattention t'rtran!'. to Those Church w nere Uiey h'im f:r hi? Jefos?e against chir un me rari, IjcIu.i n thrit of its indivi -- kl mem't rs.- was held in $10,000 for trial at the Supreme 3ut3titute In its place the policy and practice of up.-.rrii.Lit'.le MiaiLi arm e ao as 10 conm-c- i S h. M.,) for 01 amine. in want are especially invited rail and cf viola-CouAil orders at home or from a distance tilU-JUU.l ftlll."! with Haiiroad at . M. (cr the dverli-int- r. auU the 'V"" J .g rule, whkh are no; .peoii, and aiks Ut promptness and dupatch. Persons drslring to examMain street, t.etween Koiirth and t'itth. jel3 4i".So tiiatuitou totitiex.-tiiithere with Cer.fralOhio Kailroad, The evident against hia h eutireiy cir- - I f ine our work, and learn our capacity to tuanufacure Zauesviile to Belleair, on tiieOhio, through Xeniirk and the fiuestdescription of in.nruinenta, woull do well to cumstantial,but it is of an extremely suspicious ; Thesc, therefore, the tw;i car inal ojp:!,iie lienv.ood station, miles tielow Wheeling. At SPLENDID STYLES OF JEWELRY. of, give m a call at our factory, on Preston street, near ith the B. and O. Kaih oad is i the thi place the connection PaitASELPSrAJiiy . new party, constitute an iniafferable objectijn Broadway. Thankful for the favors of tbe pan, they character. made direct. Hv evjress train of this route, the time SHAVE JUST RECEIVED, BY " v,-' t to it. Even if the measures of the goTeraaienta: ' diuitsr ot Judge Ptrter, urn it a iuii suait: ui iii(iuare. very latent and Ci.icinn.-ttless than zl hours, and assortment of the .,T; to Ua'.timore is hawciks. fron r. rime j jtNdtf JOHN CONK & CO. TIIEK TI.KKinLf: CASl'ALTY policy they profew to hare ia view were ever so cf Eiiton. died adicly at Cap JOHN KITTS, most elegant litvlea of Jewelrj. TliKuLT.H TICKLTi are sold ?. follows: Py mail Main ytrget, between fourth and Pinh. je!3 j B. FBARCE & CO., o& aa'uriay Ut. The day f re;cus tie wa J dcoiratle, their adoption la practice could not A. I'SLKT, Mining, ia robust .tea; th, but sooa atone for the destruction of our present poli;Lal ln. Bn. to 1! tlfimm 41": to Phibullphia, tl?; and to New ORV.ARDING & COMMISIU EXPLOSION ON LANCASTER 31AN UFACTU- - i STEAM-PIPBgOOl AiNJ ber hoiel, r:er taa tith, t waa Hft.t-'- i w. 1 o lie had ol r . t. AitTta, iirkn Agent, at system and the general corruption of pufclio and 8Uer r1--- ? r.Oii:t JL' Merchant. Wheb"C Vs. 421 south side of Jefferson i soii'l e st corner of Third and WaUr streets, Louisville. private morsls. Uat in fact, their programme of , WOULD sacondrfro.helow Third, Louisville, Ky . street, g 3 door sure to ask for tickets by the Baltimore and t r"lie f ramf, ar. a a.e-- sted, TILUAM KENDRICK WILLIAM SPRADLUTG-cuo.era cas mi a 1:3 aaptm 1! Har- ! measures, a procla by themselves ha noth- i.u" Uhio Ki'lrosn route. niur wrs ior wort, menaing, si c., reppctfully call attention to hit stock of beau- - attended to, and worK warranted to tit. promptly jTrlo mg to commend it Whatever it aiser3 cf truth ' a vrace..,ia:y:.iod, where sever, deaths occurred ; O. THIRD STREET, LOI,I-- ( thk.-gi- i la cs? tami.y rprtca. . he Tiierapa nrl dtf K:uiroad route, hv way of tlieJeffersonville, Ohio, and UAMUK?, warranted solid, tUrri-- r Li4.n, consists of propositions that nobodv in thii country I'our':lea--1TWO PERSONS MISSINU. Tille. Ky. lll' &, Crenitor an l tnr cf tuchi dren sara beeaw'.i denies, while tho.s uf it l.ictriiM whL-mr 'ss!? pii, i'tuii, anu v enti ai v:uo i aiiroaa, at JAMES T. ROOT. 'lt.A I'll 1.11 K.1U, UUlilJCl ' off A. at JOKES. tQ dea acd the oaee ii cloied. 10 its P1' we t"ai y and mischievous in the WO. 39 THIRD STREET, BELOW We are compelled to chronicle another fearful uliar CUPS, FORKS, SPOONS, tfo. oii; to Italtimore, i" St'; to Fhiiadelphia, ID Sw; to New & ROOT, Main, Louisville, Ky., have on hand, 1 and melancholy steamboat disaster. The New ;' "treme. Nop.foli Va Ta'21 &z ana are constantly receiving a large andC4 3 "SION, FORWARDING, M?.m At t l!KELIa or BTjwood the passenger takes the "The niaia object of their is to secure Richmond and Neville packet Lancaster, command- stock of Carriages, of our own dJfc; Raviotsor Ykllot Fsve.-iThs fever cod superi'.r ears uf the B. and O. Kailroad, which leave Jerchints, Pecond gtreft, between fall aiu. make, together with some of the best manu:aciures m p. !., and 11:15 r. x., for Baltimore, Gold and Silver, of many Tarieties, such as Chronomdai'y tt 6 Ks . ,a Ul3 f lf7- - Tta'y caioa 0. this by a mean.cow- - ; ';3 Gibson, ot New Richmond, expired a branch of ancl theJ expect to (or l'hiiad'lphia) by close connection, arriving eters, Duplex, Lever, Anchor, and Cylinder; Magic, tuc r,Bi uu f est, consisting 01 great i' eide-"a- t I Portsaoata Calashes; Buggie?: tnere in lti or 17 hours, includinz stoppages. For safety, Hunting, and other styles of casing, macy of which are . lcl;7 one of her main steam pipes at about 10 o'clock ardly anJ nsaligniint peisecurion of classes whom VI f. LI AM KAYE, , n Siiiftiog-toCoaches; speed, beauty countrj-Bne?;e; and general made and caiied to special order. cea and deatiu. v? feeea last night, when lying at the Steptoe ( Ky.) land- - j they consider tvo feeble to defend themselves, and tatr.a 1' rotting Bucries; Kockaways; tiiis to none in the Cnion. i'AN) BRASS FOUNDER, - comf rl,GUTS'roadW is second of theeyuipmentof any Kail-roa- d CHAINS, SEALS, AND KEYS: PEARL SETTS t tn the ccmaanlty. J 1 KK I ing, and horribly scalded five person, three of whom they are striving to render odious bv appeal : lhaelons; ith the largest Sulkies, Ace, fcc. OF NECKLACE. EAR RINGS, AND between First and Second, Louisstrict tiavj been feaced iaandto It will be borne in mind that the Carnage here ad- whom are kno-:,- t V, U dent, and the other tw.-- . to the elfish, I, envious, and m.liciom feci- - lf' 1!1'eCtf i'l the fluted ti.e comj'any is prepared to PINS: DIAMOND RRACELETS, occnsM-i- .s vertised are new; and for cheapness, durability, and do an Lnsu-nsbusiness in the transportation of freights, removed. are pronounc-emortally wouinhJ. Two others are ' 'n1' ? our stvle, cannot be surpassed, Kast or West. hich are carried with care and dispatch, and at rates as EAR RINGS, PINS, AND The United States frigt-.- e Ptom a.:'.ed "While othtr political arties have .,tr:oiimes Tiiepubhc are respectfully invited to examine our to be wiping. low as those of any other first class line. The road RINGS; MOSAIC AND stock before purchasing elsewhere. aowa to tt ,uc " and in the FromCV.t. J. J. Iilazg, of the packet ' en acensci of aiming at tne spoils of omce, these ENTRAL TEA AND FAMILY maker iinmediitt connection at the,;.. CA1IE0 EAR RINGS, PINS, & BRACELETS. H..l.T..i,r with Ihr K.tilrn.irl tn v4 bUKK. HAl.iHT &WIIEBLKR. igi Ohio No. 2, and from who were on people avow it to be their main purpose may it ftore, Nonb side of Jefferson street, between lirst nfj ,rK- lurk, steamers of Ericsson and Baliimore In a word, a general assortment of articles in my line Cfit. .iv, July iO. mrio lines, bv ranjil and m. to Vw are oHered on fnir terms at my place of business. No. board the Lancaster at the time of the disaster, we not be fairly said tneir wfs puriKe: to secure the d Second, Lou, .vine, K) REFlUGEilATOIiS, Boston, steamers to Norfolk, Charleston, Sa-- ! 71 Third street, between Main and Market, Louisville. York and -j !",'i-i.'i.- i e tire parvTi i ion iub 1UHOU1115 t.iiiicuni3 01 iiio uornoieti , .'umi j (.imit ' " '"r" T vannah. ;c. JOHN W. SHARP, my 1 -l -,. u., ..w.T wu lJ' ! aui,' W U: or particulars see naw of which may Uf a L 1 -- A 1 -TTOIi.Nstreet, twt weenLAW , anc! FifthllL. rhAl(cf i.rV of the freight tann,houses in the We. TTEW but they practice the that after the nomination cf J. M. Rie for Coa-in- g The steamer Lancaster left the Cincinnati land-- ! 'loes Jou ,n tIie irwariiinir I AM RE- Fourth en Jereraon JOHN B. LHJN E. a n imber 01 member, f t he Detnoc rati. yei terday evening witd a heavy cargo of corn, ' eovert, pecrer, and cowardly mode of the mi i. ff)9 Master cf Transpcrtation, Baltimore. Louisville, Ky., will practice in ail the turt of I.ou celvine nearly every wees, direct from the manH'?bt thief. Convention met at ti, .1 ,.,v. (;v.-mufacturers, the latest styles of Jewelry. I have now ana V. 3IACDONALD, JiULLITT for Neville, taking up a number of extra hands lif 1 ourt ot Appeal., ana in iae eieri vuun ! "Their sole chaiu e of success i in jre'.tir.g aiea nr.a,iu.ted Hon. laniel Arm.-:-p.on hand, by recent arrivals, in rart, Diamond. Mosaic, 3LJ j. r t:M.,rt tor this .u-;ci- . Irish laborers to assist in discharging her freight, SIIORTK.ST UOUTE TO CALTIUORE as his Street, Loui3vi!le, Ky. Macdona'.d's Cameo, Knameled, Gold Fruit, ttc, Setts, or Fins; liar 1. of their ordr to vote fr,r their can. Ld ite. e to enable her to make her regular time. She iaade And Quickot Itoutc to Philadelphia. Kings or Bracelets separate; as well as a general assortGALVANIZED N"EW Yof.s, July 81. a landing at Steptoe, Ky., about one mile above llave tQey an7 Knds to hope for this'.' Kemem-- i all warranted as , IRON 1855. ment of Jewelry, YV51. KLNDK1CK,represented.street. HI Mil AT OR, my7 Jl Third It is reported here that the feicle slave cf Mr. AU.! 1855. Summer Arrangement that every member of thi3 or- Moscow, and about thirty miles above this city, for E OMCEOPATIIIS I, er' With all the modern Improvements acknowledged, as v heeler -- AM. Ki3 Je:k-roaer 01 weii as tieir oan iid.vte, s.reet, between First and second, the purpose of receiving additional freight. is no;? in trte ci:y, ar.d avH th ; no ;&r" a Family Refrigerator, to unequal!, and to be the lilfity cf otlering his services to citizens ou: r.'i on laa tux bdt and cukapest article, a.nd thb At about ten o viocK at night, while the hands u,ls ,ilKen soiemn oata r.e win r.a a:i r tnees -- an carry ctrarv, thai a mo-- :t were busilv employed carn in? freight on Hrd. a of tbo governtaent with n ue but metab-r- s of the had rieve-uslin;in:tl to o! rs her dsire f WHOLSlX AND F.ITAJL eealirs in remedies, enabled iy mwu eti'irt and exp neuce, to ToZanesviile, Wheehne, Baltimore, co.vtekiekt, : OI"der: steam-pipother words, they have ail sworn that j fre.I ..m.aa t so!iciel aj'anoe in that behalf. it in suddenly burst, For coollr,!? and preserving Meats, Miik, Fruits, Wines, branch of one of the iagtoa City, FbiUdelphia, V N. Y! of ttc tney win keep oat 01 omca every nun wan is not 4tc, having received commendations of the most dis- and scatterel learful destruction among them. It is rumored tu t: a ( l.h r ' f a V. ail u et Ere. lie has ha.dniar.y years exinenre In trcauaect alpo TO tinguished scientific men, and r ia t',c ci?v The report is said to have been like that of a one of theJr wder. Tiiey wt ouly intend to ex- - iso aa GE- XIRECT IMPORTERS FROM my c: Ere. above ' RICHMOND, PETERSBURG. NORFOLK. AND MjP THK FIRrtT FHEMICM AT KTERT FAIS heavy cannon. The steam swept through the en- - cude foreigner? and Koman lataoiici, but they is a niter ia a 't;a viryin frra i.'f.ut'W fj t3T For further information, call at neva.Maln street, three doors above Fourth, ln Where l: has been exhibited is for sale wholesale mentioned-'jO. WILMINGTON, and gine dea.--e volume, nave bound themielyes by the tronest onths n The particuUr.s h.iv n .t traam.and round the Uoilers in a Jacob's Buildings, beg leave to call public attention to retail. their unrivaled assortment of Watches acd Jewelry, nornoiy scalding five men who were in the imme- to 'et any man native though he bo vej, revolu BY BALTIMORE AND OinO, c S just received and opened, direct from Geneva, where This Refrigerator is no Experiment, diate vicinity of the engines, and sweeping over- tionary soldier though he also be hold any office. DssTRt'tTivs F:s-i5S. iLrvr As hundreds will in Ns descrip. i t ine Kegulators, tor noten, uaniing nouses, or any tion, with names testify. Circulars gi vine fullmost dis- board, it is supposed, two others who were stand- from3 that of President downthe the loweat station. fti 7. cf many gentlemen of the Ik. n LouisviUe, Ky. w e. .he , TIa l v.vis awrPT Aw y N x..ow L jCafSi. other otlices, at moderate prices. nit h thould btlonj t order. A veteran Th? tinguished scieutinc reputation, aud well known citi ing on the larboard guards, midships. tor Jourr.! has lrteliierce iha: "the cnderi?iied. have this day tonne J a t Watch Glasses, Material and Tools for Watchmakers, ColtimbtlS and Wheelinc bearing on his person the scars of Bunker Ilii! ir zens 01 an part! ot t&e L tilted States, eorroborntina all The force of the steam likewise tore nr. iHa ttie purpose of transact.!. a i or ardir.f and Octeral - i at New Yort prices. heavy rains hvl w...ia the cr- - k a' Ciarksvil.?, on application j of the cabin above, and ihatterel a Uole and a King's mountain, muit be excluded from all otii-ciCou, msion busings, acd have taei. i..e hou-- e forfrom our own manufactory we have said, win be sent to anaddre T)1LY TR LE VVE ' in Watches directly importedretail, at New York price. 1 MACiANALi. Bl.No. tf, of fhud, Geneva, wholesale arid rieriy occupied ly station, because he refuses to urrer.der that about fourteen cuiej from taii ii;y. ej;3 tevotU chaaJeiier whk.h WM suspended ot the head of the C incicua.1 at o a. m., a. M., ana p. H. its nsnal size; an i Fr.ijy, Bear.e:t$ ji.ll between Al.n ana the h.ier. cleaning and repairing dene with ueatness and j Watch liberty for which he fought, and join a se msin Falot'n. ..N Ji ..,T,r TO difpaUh. I.YH10 HOCRS: CRAGG & CO.'S , J d Oct. 1, 15-- . never dreamed of in the two m.:es abjve ta village, gave way. Th streaa . 7 i a H KLLl.Ytt The consternation among the few passengers was cret, . Tm latest style and patterns of Jewelry ,&c,received X HOIKS? eaire ruhiig d .wn, earrjia devitti.a ia iy i Ti'i u ji.ti mhuk tsrCor,8:iDcen:cl ailf, ui'-sf- , tOtwn iot.-.h;M7Tt. .t. eariiftr and better day3nf the republic." and persons ashore, to Piuaburg Mm.uiaciure eo.icitei TU I ! frsia. I dctr-- r ed Jone' S iw 1L.2, whL'a stood ty"We invite the ladies to call and examine for them- -- Main street, between Thirteeuta and Fourteentn. fearful, into the ad iacent forest. escape the steam, IXWi HOCK?; Mr. Clingm-iconcludes: ru.shed ,'ii-..- . No tronla to stiow aoods. All our goods warTO H AslilXtiTOX IX HULKS. a short distance below, and toai n!i. "The practical working of the?ys:enis!one-hcnI- d fell dtf A? soon as the steam cleared up, the extent of! : ranted cr no sale. C 'rcectlccRt Baltimore with Train Philadelphia, WI1 raiHE SUI3SCRIRER REGS LEAVE the catastrophe was discovered to cCiccrs ..- - ! t tae tr- way before P. r' minj.on. and Baltimore railroad, to Fhiladelphia. Con- - j ti. to call the attrnlinn of the of the have thrown the entire .outh agam.-- t it. It has Claiksv i.'.e, spreading ", '.x . T5WtlTERCHANT TAILORS, FIFTH Iiec!!t:g with Trai'i New Jrraev railroad, to New York T. mack for therear .h.!!: - '7 dealers, prolessors, and others, rrunfortunate steamer, who immediately ruhed constituted over th ruT-A- 't.'ating grain ar.d sweerlag Iark-snd Je 'cr"'tj, are n".w via New Bruncwici? Amboy. '.ret, bet"e-iu co.erand by fe'.oa strikes to the scene to alleviate the sufferings of the of the North 68 STREET, WEST to the extensive assortment ol liAr ,. T;.eir rrit and t"Utnuier t;yb s of lKF6d i This is tLe only route which enn cake the OK hour Text rari.v rLecke.l by th j ambas:ades there was cut down manj a aw iy :roiii its Cincinnati and Baitiu-ore- ; wounded. , arriving t' a. anciotris, vtimeres, vireiinuiue, cua. miivi time their improved circular scale Tarrpiko hri , it d up agair..t the ar: side, dealer in Watchea and Clocks. IlaTingbeen st-good and true man. the hours in advance of any other route. ,reii;es estirgs. The Obio N 'r,u attr h'-v- in sight, and be- deadly breach todefeud the constitution, l an in with house, swept awy pjrt of and swjr.g thr-maiseversl years engaged in the business, it is scarcely full irun Irame instruments, now 'J 1? t.'ie vuicke-- t houte Iron Cincinnati to Philv 1 of the ric:e3i importat'.ors ever Fectird v necessary for the subscriber to recommend himself to on hand and read- for finishing. e rjuud on t s founds::., a. The g ite-cic rant, and deli hia. arriv:s;g in advance if any other route. ny tne erection 01 a larte addirin. tvviy o, ing signalled, rounded to and txk on board the it to protect the j ILe s.vtee ere new la'vor. u cf our section, ri.leliry er'sivil'e jrrea'test pow.oie tare. Vic invite out Tun is the only route which can ma Ke the hours j publicclaims to have a thorough kno.w'edse of hi tra,- - tli.y ,rt pl- -t i:re l, snoiiid the wants of the trade de- wounded ana conveyed two of them b Moscow, and children were ia the hou-- i ar lie a hie, honor itself, the moving lime irom Cincinnati, or by which Through Ticket-- ' cn and were ni warranto nia or. ub his huc nut vi uanu, mand it, to turn out seven instruments er week, or where medical assistance was procure!. The other t0. ur Ui with IT .CTljnv i d:i u'.t v v M.L.l;C & A a '.CIIV'.'U. . ' ' dow.--. VARIY, WASHITf;TOT riTV. HE Alt! HEAR!! Baltimore. Philadelphia, KEiW YORIf ALTImOBl yiTlfZJ. lk.. ... ..!. ;" htl UJAIU wit KAILKOAD! r fr C l9 j lfl ii" tpnfi re iulo " , atina ker iZ j k. mt ill aj MANUFACTURES. THE SA r", tr ,U1, 7 tThe iat l''kn'" notices. BUSINESS r. J tl; EWE Sj KY. Kurr, Haiht Mll, joincs A0 J. 0TIIK lllCU! u Five IjIVcs Sacrificed i. Wheelei r. WATCHES, .U. rfM bitc ii. Wilton' " ICE CHESTS, JEVELRY. WATER COOLERS. t6iy Dr. Ii. A. Ifaubriiwtciiij Oriltri, REFit Michot Lr. tfffl&aM Jouctt Carter k, Brother, cr Watches, Jewelry, etc., etc., Jcijn Tftc pr;U)rp ,vf IS t PETERS, tm Piano Forte Jlanutaetorv, Arm?tron?, Well 10. Ilircifjuhl, THIRD td f.' IS, r;ts rVa.uCh ZfrVlPIER, SerbXech TZLZ Srlp'' 7?JTatS riihall I? the", he rj-h- ..wivi f the viiisx Clark-ivi::-- like waU t. i. by jaw t'.is of ba',, i her jitter. P kait-'etL? iof. ou under n.L, Let: c, and and da?hed crri'.etely ovr if h A wirnan in the houe L ul l.vrr y tlxe to ra-- t ig avuig tae outer d r crca. tarouj-- i atcr envrevl the house a:. I swe-.- t the ,urnun'a Fpt i it. The heavy boulders of st me lence were car.-;-- ' t or! hr i: hit mar. , ' feather-- . a.T. 1 a ga.-d-the .il and ere"th:c Wl-h- e growing of '? rxn out n Wu'eh it ben net t l.r, M. 1 IHm. io the village, withst-- i t'.w prest..ehc:; tia,- -, acd then save way, which probab'v vve-- i tie mi.'. !' fvr;o it itelf. I'Sen with agaiu r.-r-. off two briJes ar.d ss; rcu:h of the p'.i". ro.a l. Many rers-.rsrrrly scaped drwairi?, while other,, whi s.uv taeiu, r I even wi;aia sfone's throw, were to reaca or as'Nt thea. What duaaage the w.terdi;i vt! iw th.-- third dan, we do not learn, but rmbabiy this was taewrrt of it. Tho 1oji is 2j,C to be at !:i.-- t Aid. Felrmia h is or?ra! bur-irevr li. f xapl wonlon the are r.f the and ; has not a yet received of its having bwncaiTie-- i away, from which iVt, with others communicated by pernor. s who know the la!iry ?pkea of, it i thought the by the Joums; i by nr t 'e h .pe it may prove to bo l.irg. vi .'r. S.. A'h'ii; .1, ' !.., cardinal m.xims of mUand reiigiou, lib- The bodies of the dead presentcsl a .hocking spectacle. The skin was stripped from their heads, f "J. devof.oa to a principle higher than a.l earth- , som, and limbs, and their blackened bodies were U things, alike demand that we shail stand ia op- to thts new order. 'ENT()R OF THE DIAMOND , tt " s. acd M. l.'.ic'.ir. as is prr".d in K city. "if V ?: t0 iQ, Jki is, Lid Wigs, liids, Cune, etc., lajc to dealer and the the' ZZl our republican system; v,u will P,ilaiua yeur re-- : I their faces,thus avoiding description, furl, a Far ?elve3 so, ITair Braid:i:f of evi-ro n tnu. as, F.acleU, L re .lit 1'ii.s, lot) and Guard Chains, cinnati at o i..c, jnu iiuaiviuriii- - innaiauon 01 steam. O'clock a.m., amvi at Zanvill,- - l ' wr.'.cn repairing, ne remains tne puomrr V, -p.M; .Uiggms & Co., N "'."' touvillei pwnmg.s. .Moody, Cf iHCes, &.C. mi; J. HIRSCHhUliL. P ru " -r ,ut will protect relisr-i-, - itself from the,' tine en- . ut ot ,r , 11. tox,.atcii.z; courts. Kutherioid, icksDurg; ' " "esflrg done either at their r si- - ;u , m VLadi i. Wheelinc iih Train Baltimore and W EMOVAL. S. I). CIIUAl'tl HAS h'ar"v'"!. am Lroa-to tuis city: - T;? M. MUKlt t ' fai" " lnrf . F.trick Contie. tfile at v V -Htm, removed his SILYEKM ABK MA LFAC fOKi Lee 4. Walker, Philadelphia. "xk"3 .,lUK-'."'.- r Uiiio itailroa.l, tor and as'air.gton. la! o" herrv ;eech tt ti. A "E and New York, direct. Cocrt. A very learned and witty Race streets. He lca es a wife, but no children to C'ornecting at for Fredericksburg, PeGAS LIGHT. To Dealers in Jewelry and Watchea Wiiiter & Co., Main street member of the bar or rather on ., for he was as mourn Lis loss. shall a'' c. tersburg, Kicbmond, often tjAf as joh-wcounsel in rather a bad case, co 1 ruin Night lix press laborer, aged about Little Miami railroad, James Kclley, Irish years, VHOLro-ALi- : HAVE JUST RETURNED FROM AND lenves Cincinnati at t o'clock P. M. Anivee at Zanes-viii- e I'resu. . j residence in Cherry allev, between Vine and :::-.- xt . Race in a court not a thousand miles from Pearl river, the r tail Dfa',T in i: a most complete of. 'k a. x., ii 2 e'elo'Wheeling leaves Zanesviiie at i'.12 a. m., ardthe East with eery description. stock of Jewelry t Watches, of of Magnoii i State. Ileww at6:j0 a. .1. fl F runts, c nrpi-and arrives at REQUIRING GAS streets. He leaves a wife and two small children, pine land irrigatorclosetho his argument, which, i:k The stock is unsurpassed for taiity and taste, and making a grand of C.J. .".!'',';i'D!' : at t heeung with Clornitig Train Balti will be sold at the very lowest prices. Every article is ii. Pipes, Gas Burners, and Chandeliers put up, are i aged about two and four years respectively. more and Ohio a'.iroau. lor c umiierianu. wnere f l Joyce, Irish laborer, aged about hw case, was as clear a mud. when observing the Thomas may returned aitxp andreeume by Morning Train for the E list warranted, andare represented to by buyers if they are invited to call on us, even should they prefer to give not what they ' their work to some one else, after learning our prices, thirtv vear. residing on Water, between Vine indifference of the Court, he abrtittly closed 1. C Tect. Country Connecting with Train at Baltimore, for Philadelphia ment before Merchants are invited to Iinspect my assort- as it will be money in their pockets by so doing. at is-- ! and Walnut streets; leaves a young wife, but no HnJ utred a sentiment foreign to the t confine my busielsewhere. purchasing ,The public are asked to take no one's assertion to KiillIl'TII New York diren. sue. Whereupon the Court, with flushed fa.e, ' ness exclusively to the above articles, and have selected the contrary until they have ascertained for them children. ' Pullitt n: Ml'TU'n'Y - and supplies. and'nnectine at W.uhintton for Fredericksburg, ' 1. i eeps on bin l them in person, and will sell them low. We were unable to obtain the names of the cried out. "Mr. Clerk, enter a fine of twenty-f.v- e itlchmond, Alc. u s, beef, Mutton. 1 .u cc, : ali -burg, !. tin choi. IrVcaU atthe A. fcTEIN'AC, corner Fifth and Main fs., NOVELTY WORKS. Brtgi'age checked Irom Cinri.-.UR- tl to Wheeling, and two wounded men left at Moscow, but are informed cents against Mr. Jones.' myii c3a '.evit aii'i -mrJO over Lichten, Loewenthal At Co.'s. jaHl dtf Main St.. bet. Eighth & Ninth. from lue:;ce to ahington City, A;c. CofNuEi. i rising If th- Court p!eai.that one of tbem, an American, is a man, B:igg4e checKed from Cincinnati to Baltimore, and EAGLE CARRIAGE FACTORyT" aged twenty-fiv- e or thirty years, and that his fa-- i your Honor is laboring under a mistake. Your ru ,iUOl";H TICKETS FLO.M LUriSViLI.E. fr Through to I't.ilad !jh.. arc. lSi5. Hob. 6CMMKR AKKANOEMKNT. tickitn lor a?iiiiigton City can onlv be prother's family reside at or near Moscow, Ohio. It Honor is entirely mistaken. (Heup . Will yonr K EATING A JOHNSON, cured by li..s route, and this is the onlv route f.y which NEV ARRANGEMENT. Honor be pleased to( hiccup reject and reconsider is said that he was mortally wounded, being urea I CAKK1AUL MANUFACTURERS, ticketf can be FOR TH E Cvinmtncini Jlondnv, July 1$. 1S , J. through a".d New York.procured via Baltimore to Fhila-d'-I- i kilfully mutilated and blackcne-- to sui--h an extent the subjeet.and hiccup) advise me of the nature hia VIA THI JEFFERSON ST., BETWEEN 6LXTII & SEVENTH, tickets to Winchester, Richmond, Freder-lc.- i Jeucrsonville and Ohio and Mississippi Railroads, that his nearest friends could not readily recognize ,f my tfence . , ls Petersburg, Norfolk, WeMou, and Wilmiug- urt-Louisville, Ky., Coirt (sternly i ou said '"Paain this Court," him, U. S. Mail Line Steamers Jacob Strader and ton, c m oi.Iy Ije procuiv,! ly the Little Miami Home, Th nther was a larse. comuient pocro. famil- - ?ir- HAVE NOW ON HAND and tLe only ruute by which passengers can go through Telegraph No. 3, c. m i.i.n.Li:, v. iiiiout ditention to Charleston, savanuali, Macon, Coi nsel bowing, smiling deprecftt;ng!y d d are constantly making Carriages of t iarly known as "Jess," who was formerly a fireman AND THK Atalanta, Augusta, and ail points South. every uescninion, in me inost approved style and linish. the ateniner Forest tueen VIA CULOni s. F A S I II O X A II L F. MILLINER. inere, there. Vour Honor: Tha medirnl niCCOUXUinz SUZUliV CINCINNATI, HAMILTON, AD DAYTON FOE THKOUG1I TICKETS, Vl Msible for him 11 tQe C ourt pieasu l was sure your uod't was en- Moscow said it was AILY EASTEKV TRAINS AT 6 A. M.f 9 A. K., REMOVED TWO DOORS And a!! information at Cincinnati, please apply at the MJ C r. Jl. 10 A. M, "tr.vM (hiccup) . .Honor ot.ic. . ine attention ot tne purino, as weu as utranpers visit-- ! to survive, ue prooaoiy to .ew men- MM. Mark ree: to No. Little Miami otlices, i'. W. t lienerai Agent, ing the city, is respectfully invited to examine our m..r..l bj hn desired to he conveyed to that nnint. positive. 1 our did not under- - second above bel W t:: inacer ol Co i liouse I suj M&rk. Hoidt.loth No. 2 Burnet Ilouae, first door west of Vine; No. 17 '""' Sh orfrt,i.Hd 2Jt iJlm t 11 Ed na we. i Oibsoii House, Front omce; at southeast corner Broadproiounucsi u.,c p . res- - w,rn.:oe UWaSTKB -- It IS assertod that CAUSE OF THE v: warrant all work of our manufacture for one year, , yWiM (i--innand th' 4, way and Front, d.rectiy opposite bpcucer House, acd Ui:s, Cap-s- . t He.t our which cause! such fearful destruc- - l,eot f"f Ibis Court, the pro fouM est: tTKepairing done with neatness and dispatch. the steam-pip- e res :.j nr Jer a,; rr c rs iu he." U the LiUie Miami Depot. LAID WITLT IIEAYY T I1.0N. t mn wai iietective. 'hucuum uij, iui iuhuu- n ou reoa.oie terms, line ! ie sat.r.e3t nt.ce l nat. However, mav be mere ""i"' mi n. porrnwicK, -dine at Zanesvi.'e. FitU-ir- g x;ling I ! jv j". dim - Court please, I did not say Damn this CVurt;' fnrerinteudcut Ccutral Ohio Kailroad. NEW CARRIAGE MANTJFACTORY rumor, as under the influence of fear and excite- m"rcly observed, ''Dama just such another court ne at Crestline. C. W. 8. P.Kc.WN, Dunkirk Passengers Jyy.jif APi'tc'.jJl lCiii!innil' and PuSTalo Passccgers dice at Cleveland. AND njMIE SUBSCRIBERS WOULD RE- - imnos'siblcon the instant to investizttte the cause. as this. Shirta! Shirts'! . EL soectfullv Inform the rublic of Louisville thai thev Tk. rhiliulelphia via Dayton fe Clyde to Cleveland .r it.. fih; Va 9 ai.ti..i ihn iV. HAVETHIS DAY RECEIVED BY EVERY LOUIS VTLLB TO CHICAGO 7AJH AND route runs iLto TRAIN ofRY direct makingthesameconnectiongasaremadeby any haveeriured into the carriage businessin allitsbrauch- - i Torcmsa Delicacy. There were many little r , . t aal,i,r tVitnrrbt iba bir Lipress sn a Iditlonal invoice ' i rva.'y-madJ ilie Little Miami the Ivpot a the '. of Cincinnati. v.,..r. hV TH es. Thev wi I pay especial attention to the li? iter stv es oiu r Lines out from yie at 1 vi.eiv ol m.v, Mo other line Cincinnati makes quicker time or ' ui oru, sucu wi is mauc in iuc a.t. iut' havejust j could be stopped so as to enable the boat to return occurrences which sujosted to me, with a Treat and b situ fiiir's. P' n,n-:j- tr.e aD.ciem f Uore roal thisCleveland. in very fine order," hid ' n.a:e by ue rou'.e are :xjre. to geatbs harta to be none bo quick got out a new and splendid Kookaway tnat weighs less, rferns. l to nt perteci fi rverv L,r':-u.rconsolation, how natural it u certain Albany and Salem Railroad. mere the Kastconnections to liie r Ea;t, and to this city with one engine, for repairs, wamnte-T iron, 'rein;irka'o!y i smooth, and cmp and heavy by hours. and runs lighter than any other, and is evory way the best from considerate and delicate towards any mteric-ntyv.vr If-- In TV,, a.-on i seareh o wt'd made ait.cb-- ia tb the thoru-itand nivt di free fr.ui d uu" The time on the Cinciunati, Ilamilion, and Dayton article in the market, having au improved i.iii.tfifti. t and exsmice One of these particularly touched me. 1 happened inri-route !rui Cincit lmti to the LM, the time is no ar- tare aal suiero cr. Road is miickerthan is made ou any other railroad in wheel. tai.ged tnal it is made ahene. Connections are of the distance this road is Repairine done on reasonable terms and at short no .Ohio, lor Pl RYINO Auve. We stated the other day, in to 3trH nto 'ha Uttlechurch when a marriage was h r I. col., Sp p'.a.'; and p:is;terer bave('ni timt for aiealo. nearly level and straight, and it is so substantially buiii nee. iney tlatter tnemseives mat, iy strict aitenttuii, ' . j"J',t conctude.i, aniI tuB yUui couple had to sign do, B broad All who tike this route L?t w..i he sure to return by The only direct Koiite, nntl the only that it can be run at hish f p:ed Willi greater safety than nd the bet kind of work, tney will encase a fair share speaking of Pr. Armstrong s death, tuat we had to, lo do J , do Houte by which Through Tickdi: t'. - - riiu'e make, tbe tiuirk-- t botu to and ; the register, Loutsviije. Call and examine speci- ,. f the custom of other roads. . . L : r, ue, do pat'as, do f. i.d r.U lii' sUru cities, known of cases of burying persons still nave who , The bridegroom t whom tne pen was crt nana- The Fiist Train leaving Cincinnati, after the arrival ets can be purchased. len- - at the manufactory, on the south side oi JeflVison do, la il i..n., t do c l.; Morning Cat, on .IIp.1 of eh..ier; but. owli. r,"'? '"efViiicninati i tof ..m. for the fTHRAINS LEAVE NEW ALBANY of the Louisvilie wayion nunu. isue the t inciuu;iti, street, between Second ana lliiiu. t,i fcv i.oon -here ed, made a rude cro?s for his mark; the bride who r d i, stand. cc!.,broa piiii'.,, do I- Cleveland in advance any oilier I are aooui mv 28d3m u inn ion. ami i veuois McCKEllillT & ENDERS. "f Do do do, Lvran Av, do d camo next did the same. coal'' H- - daily, one hundred yards apart, and baggace can be trans- excepted, is a ease in point: do, no eouars, do ti . ; .ng Exjre amves at CinciRali at 2:tc p. . i:inp d.rectiy Sundays to Chicaco, at 11 o'clock A. at., run'. 1 ' Vtw tha irlrl V,n 1 l lutt l through connecting there with lerred irom one roaa to me omer. avoiuing ine unueces- y la fcimt. -- a i .. A SDecial correspondent of the New Orleans -- ., ai:ir,.ins foribe north and nontiweit. Also, connecting sary trouhle of hauling it two miles tniouffli the city. . "J1 tin, sss dn pattern, sund. roi. ; iTttK- -i J? r.ror.;at;ri raves 'ievc!and fifteen mi "".es later, ar.d arrives pt at J .nica-- i Lity wnh ia.t coiorr. d, ' go to a noiei ior uin- rassengers, n iney ran Central THE LARGEST! Picayune, at Bolivia. Mississippi, writing under- havin; distinzuUhed herself in school.' an A I 5Md'oienVf low th;in ar.v rnut". Railroad for IMroil, the trains on the ilicb ean Albany. ner, aud on their return to i, Depot procure tickets and icmfj ii. iteeii i i i;:ahaen Dlcin sai.-- .s brod "ies ttie liul'alo. Niasara lulls. 1 learn that tnere is conw :.F KLAN I) in says: NC'fc..All T stock of Lumber and Shmgies in the citv. pOUM not btln lo.k'n-- ' at her with hour. date of ,5'""". New York. Boston, 4ic, forming altogether the most j check their baggage turouim. Collar, at Resale, a Ur- ! '.' 1 C1X NaT 1 m t,S hours. 71 , Und.n and Ll.Vi.A.S" White and yellow Pine llooriug. at 3o to i0 rer -- :.i.M- ai.ffcn.. . v t, rim -- v Pittsburg passengers are not detained half an hour at th 1.a.s Aftn rne came . ........ and j areeai e meticturesTUe route to the eat, passing !.Wti.v, to me, wi ue tears asuie ana g hiving injle time for dinner, without unne thousand 1 was informed by a IL11 MIAMI ROl'TK. through i!Indiana, laulifulsa and floun-hin-Orleans, towns and ' Crestline,delay. ()f honest love and i'T of Tvii-- d snd V.n .f y u stood in her bright Venitian Blinds, Mantel Pieces, Mouldings, Frames stopping to bury their dead. Sulem, cities in such Bedford, tai ... ,oia uikuiuiiu tu i want a .TiLum . K.oomington, tiop rt, lireencstle, CrawfonUville, uiro im ciiiiiwf ui t5"As few changes of Passenger Cars as by any other ror doors and windows, sash, (primed and glazed, physician mat seven were put oa on tuesuay last, e3 nvesv ni? hours; and Michigan City, on Lake MichiicaD, giving rort- -. Our country continues healthy ZlVn cT. ArctxifAVes, Washboards. at Napoleon AisnDasid' standing, a d,ar A feilClW, Miss, but cannot write tw a view of this matnitcent twidy of water; thence to be- - '' ti"Bacg.ige checked through to Dunkirk. Bu?alo, t Tu . A' ! n fc' hours; -.i uay. It is tough, but p, iio. ' heard a good story the other tr. nt. or t ht,'s going to learn of me, and I wouldn't shame r". new style prina and Weatherboarding. troit, crofting Ietroit r.ver, jianing through the most and Pittsburg. i.Kin Hhoum; A. b. MAN sHaLt. Remember Lyi Passengers by the 6 o'clock, a. M., Train, Cincinnati. Can do sqaare and circular work cr all kinds. my informant vouches for the truth of it. On the him for he ory of Upper Canada, over the Great interesting bathe ALU Y in lnhouis: Bridge, a structure unrivaled for beauty Hamilton k Dayton Railroad, breakfast at Cincinnati JAN in if- ioir; trip there were . many , on hex j "earner- Why what haveI tofear, when th,ro wai W YCK. .n '). hour-- ; few and magnificence by any in the world, at the same time and dine the following day in New York, Philadelphia, C011IS.S10NEK S died and were buried. At nobilitJ Sn a laboring man's daughter? J- - N- - BKEEDKN & CO. ' cases of cholera-m- any Baltimore and Washington. MM giving a view of the rapids of the great and world-re- j ao hours; riT,:ipJP LOLlVILLL CITY Tv length all the cf tlin plank was used up, and the From Cincinnati to New York30 hours; f newned Niagara. CHFTNE inin6 hours: U hours; , FJTlPHVif; JAMES SOMMERVLLLE, Tickets sold through, all the way by Railroad, or if lo fhiladelphiain31)i hours; carpenter was compelled to make his boxes out of YouNd America in the Cri e t. A joung Y ORDER OF THE GARRARD To Alnany in ii hours; fUlL'I'HIA in ao- - hours; pnssiencen prefer from Detroit by the splendid North Wholesale and Retail Dealer ln Manufacturer and ' pianK. At sunuown anotner case : : .eu-.v- . In old nat-boi .v. Xo Boston in 3o hours; rf Ht, tteamers, to all of the Oni- - Pnrrt. mvl Co., places. AUo, to WllKTl.Ni in 1J STOVES, GRATES, AND CASTINGS, Chicago, Itotk Island, St. Louis; Burlington, Iowa;Ua- To Buffalo in 16 hours; HALT! VtiKK in A hour?; SKiersirned died a deck passenger, tie waa tnrust into ine .tc. Teeter. Macy r&ior ale. taeMiNb-4V.lnW AHJlVtTO.V iu ,avs: tours; i'doiii j ii na, Illinois; t. Paul, Minnesota, tote To Dunkirk in 14 hours; ior.r. ,j oi il top loosely nailed on. box and the Copper, Tin, and Sheet Iron Ware, or STKL BtNVIl.l To Pittsburg in in U hurs. hours; l'a'ngers by this route are sure of making connec-- ! , imi jiu, n.-- uoi uwiu j -- une womu no surpn.sea lose tneaiaerence oe- - tihe poun h..u doorla th city ot ineeapiain ran iuio 1'itus- - tions, as Uiere is Lut one road from the Olnonverto To Baltimore In 'it hours. '0"'ifiC!nnati to TEA KETTLES, SAD IRONS, COFFEE MILLS, - tween the teeting ot the armies Here, vrn, ana ttunalo, No other Line from Cincinnati makes quicker time to to stop to bury tne ootiy, oargainea wun tne ownLake Michigan, consequently there is less changing of ine Erg- - i lowing ievniu prcpen SCALES, &c, -a. m. train, Little Miami cars than by any thtT, lieside giving the advantage of the East, and none so quick from the Last by one and a iJ him yard, Rre much downhearted, and da nothing but in- ,'inciunati and dine the f South aide Main, 3 doors above corner of Seventh, er of tho was loft under the bank, alone, until rroeunng iiiro-- u iickets, men cannot oeaone by any hall hours. Tne box lament their sad fate, h asked when they expect si ie iherie & liuffxac w rreek, joining on 'ei i (rk, Philadelphia, Baliimore or Wash other route. Louisville, Ky., LEAVING CINCINNATI. morning, when the wool merchant promised to to return home, they will say most dec id .nIIv 'never, pvrt hue. and on wei ide kieiivt.iortf ' heir. On Baggage checked through to Chicigo or Detroit. First Trail Cleveland, Buffalo and Plttshnrir Ex- TAMES S03IM E R V I LLE WOULD dtf iJe Miami is 'die eastern depot at Cincinnati. C. KNOWLTON. fcup't. two of his ne- - feeling eonfi.rit that if they escape death in the press, at 6 o'clock a. m. for Dayton, Clyde, Cleveland, a WuVZlSSniZ.XZ i respectful'y inform his friends and the public, hide it In the morning he sent tney came Dunkirk, Builalo, Albany. New York and Boston: nlso a hole, when y subjects for the brick bon: and I'ive. Daily Train. frame, ai-ou that he has opeued a store at 3c7 Main street, where he groesdown to dig with horror, and their back, ' battle, it is only to be kept asThe connects at Korest for Crestline, PilUhurg. Philadelphia, Cleveland. Pittsburg, wool eholera which rages fearfully. and rAiFrench, on the j nd one small t.nck acoke house, capaUe of suoUug will be ph ased to see and accommodate all who may their eyes dilated Bl'imore and New Express leave Cincinnati at b A. ljghlliii ATJTi T.TVTTJfiTOW A IlUUKIVtti . i 8IyiN AMPLfcTlMB York, arrives atClevtland a:to p. m.,, favor him with a call, lie warrants his work to be as standing on end, swearing that the dead fellow was j contrary, have made several bowling allevs in their i 3yillw.p,il'; ?L!lJfS"" f.iuuiOus.CwveUud, Dunkirk. Budalo, Albany, . OR Ol.NNItR, SKCURlriU OF Sit ATS, &C .i ,f . making close connection with Lake Shore Railroad to good as any made in the city. Terms reasonable. t o. t, and Boston; Crestline, l'ii;Murg, Baltinn.rV, N. B. Hoofing and House Work in general dose with mumping uuu auuc&iug iu the Eastern Cities; arrives at Pittsburgh &r. M., con. hila- li'hia. and New York ; Zanesville, U t.eiing. Bal- mrliMom dispatch went down and a strange sip necting with Vast Lxpress Train East. neatness and .h;nifton City, l'hilad' i).bia, and New York, Thnenrrsabad revived, and fckc oNDTRAi. -Cleveland and Pituburg Accommoda. - -- - . a ville, Sandusky, and Detroit ; Xenia. Yeiiow t-main duuiudk w nnci mil iiumj oi ckii, in nm. t SNUFT AND TOBACCO. tion Express, at 8 o'clock a. m., for Cleveland, Dunkirk, er close quarters, exertea itseu ana nurse tae speaks batlly lor the discipline ot tne armies, to pied by Jacoo Keller, and know a Ii pncgbeld; Wilnui.gtoc, Circles ilie, and the old Brem--slig- ht fiCMMFK AUKANOE.MENT FOU 1855. LORILLARD, duuu, Aiuan', at atiora, uosion, with urestime and ritts- fastening, thus releasing itself. The man Bee the number of drunken soldier at all times property. , burg; also connects Sandusky, ,. Steamer Bay , . Ms train for Lake steamers have five ' 13 Chatham street New York, successor was soon well for' and is now chopping wood at the and placCs. The English are forced to keen sen- - Th3rtA ana vity, i;r iKtroii,yuen atcieveland with steamers Cre. of At Cleveland. AN1J At 1LU JIU.MIA1, .UAl scett City and S Peter c Ueorge Lorillard, oilers for sale all kinds of o, the West, tlirougU without has since landed there, but ai- - j tries throughout their camp, to prevent the 1 reneh nmg back "o feet wesu On the premise-- t i j Je eland ana riusourg r.xiress 7, the Passenger Trains will run as follow: u.wni-Snufl and Tobaccos in general use. For particulars, a place. The boat tanning, all stations. inis Cleveiaud. lor . oiuni'u l K A. new occupied fcy A. 3. come to tneianaingana froin 1...- Leave Louisville al6:do, a. M.; arrive at Lexington at kTHiRD Train. Irani slops atNight Express, bnca their soldiers liquor, as has already three-storCleveland at S o'clock Price Current can be obtained by addressing as above. though the renurected will 5 A. t inmur anu .e lora. luu nuw'u, IlillslKrouh. 11 LeaveM.Louisville at 2M r. v.; arrive at Lexington at p. M. for Dayton, Cleveland, Dunkirk, buffalo, Albany, This establishment is one of the oldest of the kind In the Ulk with the persuasion can induce him jC8u3edsellingdeath of several, it being itentirely rare T4y '. 0Cfgroi.nd on tie nonh Dunkirk, Piitbur; Bianch'JsteT, Chilhcothe, and Lake steam-e- 7:30 p. M. United States. New lork aud Boston. fed'? to go on board He is fearful of being served an spirits. the sells from seven to ten irancs per not- - in No. i. fron-.ia- on same feet,lcf theaUey Baml It aud running rc i.t Also. po. nectirg - Cleveland direct with t.y C'Kf and Leave Lexington at 60 a. x.; arrive at Louisville at East. i'are from Louisville a low as by any other route or at or t: WniTand earlysctM Citv, train con-- t 10.30 A. M. other trick tie." morning Buffi.6 with the ta street, aud west to Buchanan street. On the preco-ie- , ng CAUTION. Leave Lexington at 8:15 r. m ; arrive at Louisville at are a pandi factory, now occuvied by Jaooo Kei-le- r, uut.n or a, lio"ii, A many, ingura iur, Bkvjamin West. A little boy, named Benja- Yriinvt-Bim- s The traveling public ara cautioned against the false and tiie Weevil. The Rinsr- .i" r. k. he;i:.g Express leave Ciuciurmti and two frame cottages, aud a su.d brick lewemcot. Third TaAl. W, Stages leave Lexington dailv f3undav excented) statements made in the advertisements of the Little Mi- hampton (N. V.) Republican Bays that a farmer min West, was set to tend a little baby, asleep in i. A lot of ground on th (ut!) :1e of M ilo ' rert, hi ID a. m., for Columbus. Zauesviile, CUv, Phiiwlelpbia, and New ork. after dinner fur HarrKisburg, Danville, Crab tirchard, ami Kailroad Couipany. Among the most proniinentof ! j iu cradle. lie looked at it kindly, and felt pleased between Prenton and Jack-ton- juO fronuna-o- MaiBlo?te in that vicinity, who supposed that yellow-bird- s ol" Stage for Win- - these may be named: that their line is the quickest to lOiKTH TRAisAccnmniodaUoO leaves Cincinnati Stanford. Lancaster, and Richmond. i'et to aaoJey. Cu ia , , tie wisnea ne coma and running back soutn wheat, them, ' to see smua and ginngheid; Chester, Mt. and Owingsville, leave after din- - the East; that there is less certainty of connections by Xenia. Yellow dwei.lof DA --MS EXPRESS COMPANY, destroy the curiosity commenced shooting ona of j draw aitpicture ir its sieep. and seeing a piece tf premise, is a suHtaniial y wit!bncklr(tiiri aoti fclancL, .o.r and Chiuicothe; ner. htages to Maysville connect at Pans, with the way of I lyde to Cleveland, and that there are less of the baby; an. opened the crop of and out of and all neeesaary oufuihung, i reLerilir . And Luii-utcr- : evening train of the Covington and Lexington Kailroad. manges oi cars on me i iusuurg express ly one route ITMl. Office Wo Ma'n street.' Louisville. il.'i Isporot-.ghU same occupied by ue lax si shrui.berr,betr! ,. jiy, April is, our Messenger and them. He found that, instead of eating the wheat, j paper on the table, and a pen and ink, he tried beautifulMaxcy, nee,ic On and after goa f.uc our uonais in c mcinnati, via ! ranklort, Lexington, thon the other. Forb arance has exercised for t There are iMi I iith THAI". ,leTelnd, I'lttsursr, and Patr ca sre Louisville lor tranktort aud freight?-Lexinetdestroyed the weevil. He discovered what he oould do. Whenhis mother came in, he dwelling on the uue lot. birds . Night F.jpre leaves Cincinnati at r. M., for C"luu- j Paris, and Cyntbiana. Through ticket will be sold to weeks, on the promise that these misrepresentation Express In noon train. Returning, leave the tt ph other. Owtlri Dunkirk, Biitluio, irew York, and Bos-- C'incintiati for four dollars, which tickets will be good should be corrected; but they are still reiterated daily in . Two luu of ground adjoining as many as two hundred weevil in the crop, and begged her not to be angry with him for touching e, at 6 o'clock. in thewith the privilege of stopping Paris, Philad -ach feet on eat si te of Pren wreet, between siiu t; Crtlire. Pittsburg. altimorlkphia, and New York; j fortvrodays,1'runkfort, and CynUiiana. ithin atthe two hand bills and newspapers, making the caution neces- Lexington receiv r" ofdee till 1 r. M. Dili lour grains vi w ueai, wuua tun wmi it iiaa in ; m p", t' sary. City, Lexiagton, Freight Washington east loo feet, fa rack et T:erilic, Wheeling, and i ior ireigni, ir orner are len them. HENRY O. AMES, 8upt. C.n.tD.R. tare ne naa mawje. uu uiuiuci nu.n at via:, wuui ltet Market, running bvk y PAMUEL GILL, nay. bnc dwel.ioi b"u- ia. and New York. Pt tauiianul lo-r-8. A. JON ES, Agent Eupt. L. ne was raucn pleased, and kissed with ail the rwcessary outhuildmgs, and u Urge i . K. R. F. and L. E. B. PHILLIPS, Supt. C. fc T. R. R. myadtf tour office. was meant Ior. at a JO o'clock r.K for Colum-- 1 Adams Expf Co. jv,,. ,fcnday E. F. OS BORN, Pres. St Supt. M. R. 4c L. K. R. R. KDifi ir-- i. M Passing Away. Thechief personages in the her little boy. Then he sabL, if she liked it, he hoase an the lot neire-- t tin M fret on aorh mJor IVFnr further information, or through tickets, apply 1 t A lot of ground fmni.ii; it mar ty ColumbuUme, 7 micutei faster than V i I If would make pictures of some flowers she held in atthe olEceof the .leifersonville Railroad, No. 6oo, Maui European war are falling away, one by one. St. her hand; and so he went en trying to do better Jefferma ireet. epposiW tn lower graveyard. aa4 street, or to CA1T. 1.8. MOORliEAD, Uenl Agt. think TnorGTI TICKET". Sfci. Wall street. No. property de.ignated abort) brtM can be duaced at the New utiH IN GENERAL. CORNER Arnaud, Nicholas and Raglan are dead. Aberdeen, and better, ti.l ne neeame one ot the naest painters I o nnu It city M ui jeit to CrThe Omnibus Line w ill call for passengers by leav- TURNER Oreen 'reets, Louisville, Ky . "Houve Buiiuicc, W. L. O'ltsits,N 1. i3,ill f ing their name at the above omce. tn nd flrtr dol!r. ' Ironf Othce, iioo House Build- ' SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. Drouyn de L' nays and Canrobert have been dis- ia the word. FoaiV J'rUnd. FOR jylridly n. t' '.a' et Agent: or at IheOidOlliCe, The ubscriber would respectfully announce that he Mi"lm"rts u,eroix-rt--- wauM fa l y darin. .ither of fitted up aa establishment at the above named missed, while MenschikoT is as good as buried. nrfinnasolis. Chicago, and Cincinnati on er-.has y and lr"nt fJVfH, opiKail tiT" A blundering compositor, in setting op the TK. .fcil, !Mn!;riM place where is be now prepared to execute Turning in on:h forme other Yiil and twlv On and after Monday, April SOta, train will run ai ufaatern (Liule JUaiui) pepot, month for one-hafire of toast, "Woman, without her, man would be a manner via: And the sdrmles are melting away nnder the a workman-lik- e Nr intre-- t fro thai M.e. aud crat will ,, vage , got the punctratton in the wrong place, from dv ofgood eourHy wid b reai.l Iron Xo. G2 JOHN STREET, NEW YORK. Columns, Balustrade, and Banisters, batteries and under the heat of fevers, and SevasLeave JreronvUle (opposite LouUvlIle) for-- India-nspoNote with onc3 which made it read, ''Woman, without her man. chapr. and hn 'J b retain! on ti and Chicago at e.16 a.m., and l.0 r. m. for P. W. TP. AD EK., General Aot. UO FOWLER & CO., Of every order of Architecture. AU kinds of Cabinet topol seems to yawn lika the hole of Curtius, waitOii emntl ati.45a. Jf.,and8ur. n. THE OMMBl'f LINK would be a savage." Th mistake wan not divq tha note r pala.s rom f,f .i. Turnings. Scroll tawing of all t' ...uu,,. ai yr'r-- and itfier w--a These trin connect at IndianapoK ana Cincinnati JUDSON, and renjer nyat all th prtnerpal Hotels, for eacu WboUale DUr in ing to be filled up by th reproMnUtire of scat oovered until the, editor's wive undertook to read executed. h all the train for the Nonh andEaK. Ticket can lewrinc aireciiont dciiwtvi iq Shirts, Collars, and Drawer. o". .r, ii cad fur pkbf en la all pan of the b 11 t the eUiot and punctual attend! to. Coaaaica-l- . Mdn street. " JUS-'LJ- sjyal dft'ts th proof, rel principle. USBOiaE.Bapt, 4Sm I Aa izteniiTi ttook instantly on bead. HUt aftf dtl 0ir,wiAuiti- - tj o irUi Bt., West fide, betweea Main tnd rJarket. - IViin'BVt'uiore t' eeufg iuioreNTc" and ann : " dVT cvi-r;-- i?' !AC,.ul1a 4'i itwiU aUord him pleasure to regulate the timePces of hi. cusioaiers " - perfect in every respect. nr Ag?ltLTt w ' "'.; .u.Vi l?? I fV'AV1'' jJtVe, :frn j ?i?!z natnn Vii " li? Ipin llr.nTl,. .,.,.0s j' vSffl; ""' - '"."ft, ;; GAS FITTEVGS. TpERSONS ..... EAST! .c .Tlianii Ilailrond, J mis. """Tl? " 5AS n. RAILROAD!!! iaac Jrl'u Expeditious ItOllte new nio aJ york, roston nl rL i Xer (. .. liiimber! Doors! Sah! IWE KEEP .. .. ' mr.Tl zn., Singf to. b. lt tPrinto rrnr' c t. t Tr, Sr.n.S'"0et j6 ..r Vgr- PETER 1, nr' Bvron.'. J.Et EXPRESS NOTICE. dir. 4 j P.nil 3 '.t vu. t Chansc Time. tOnrwagoKt ISnilfn.ld. W. R. ITIahone, ii lb."P Wy Shirt Establishment, v'J - Jl d,.

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