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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

M JINUTES OF 'DBOARD OF T'dZT2S - June 9, 1915 developement of agriculture in Kentucky. A great -number of them will be employed as County Agents in the Extension Department of which I shall speak presently. It goes without saying that the education of so many young farmers each year, and sending them back to their respective counties, cannot but exert, in a very short while, a tremendous influence upon the agricultural developement of the State. I do not deem it necessary, indeed, the space to which I have allotted myself in this report, will not permit me to go into the details of the great work which the Agricultural College and the Experiment Station are doing for the Commonwealth. Every agricultural interest in the State is administered to and stimulated by these two great departments. The Extension work, which the Agricultural College is doing in connection with the United States' Bureau of Agriculture, is done under the provisions of the Smith-Lever act, with which you are familiar. We have now, thirty-eight County Agents actively engaged in as many counties in solving all the problems of the farmer and in stimulating an interest among the tillers of the soil in scientific agriculture. We also have men engaged in organizing Corn Clubs and Pig Clubs among the boys and Canning Clubs among the girls of the State. There was never a time in the history of Kentucky when there was such a ferment of agricultural endeavor as is now going on in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. During the last twelve months, there was expended, in the State of Kentucky, under the provisions of the Smith-Lever Bill, ninety-seven thousand dollars ($97,000.00) in Extension work, and for the coming fiscal year, beginning July first, next, we will have under our control, for Extension Work in the Commonwealth, one hundred and eighteen thousand dollars ($118,000.00). You will recollect that, under the terms of the Smith- Lever act, the Commonwealth gets ten thousand dollars ($10,000.oo) without any conditions attached to it. This sum is increased each year thereafter, but the condition for en- Joying the increment is that the State or somebody for the State shall put up dollar for dollar with the money of the United States. Thus far, we have had funds in the Extension Department of the Agricultural College and Experiment Station which enables us

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