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Image 1 of Kentucky mountaineer, May 30, 1913

Part of Kentucky mountaineer

Mountaineer. KENT ucKY .FOR THE RIGHTS OF THE MOUNTAIN PEOPLE OF KENTUCKY, NOT THEIR WRONGS. We are authorized to announce arid the candidate can not fake If it is necessary and I could ' th's examination, except in his find the time I would campaign LABET. MINIX I, nun,., In for him. I know men. and Af no n Ondtfl'ltO fa) thP Lnn. ttln Issued F.Ytry Friday. for Jailor of Magoff-- 1 to run for office, or in Frankfort Elam is more than ordinary every nomination tn county, suoject w inc acuun ,n the Department ot fcaucation. way. "voto for Elam." TERMS. j R. I). Neal. of the Republican party. 5 Incumbents in ofTtoi, under a year in advance 1.00 Grayson, Ky. (the law, are qualified by virtue of .60 six months. We are authorized to announce their past tenure of offc, to run ,25 thre months. I V. T.EMASTER. futher fnr rn.plr-MinJan-4f- .. of Bloomington as candidate for; examination. JJotreJ i inmJ data sulttr q The 1915! law prescribes that e at tho nomination for Justico oi t the JCy. undat tba Aet of March Peace of the 2nd magisterial all candidate? who are not incum 8,1879. district subiect to the action df bents in olTiqe. must either have KENTUCKY WHOLE NUMBER 72' SALYERSVILLE, MAGOFFIN COUNTY, KENTUCKY, FRIDAY. MAY 30. 1913. NUMBER 2) VOLUME 2. MMWTUNEER. jgeneCi mh ,un ' ' post-offic- the Republican party. & Owner. CHURCH & LODGE DIRECT- a certifhate as herein described, or take te oxammaticn. which Is In nil rosriects. tho exuivolan't of a State Certificate. Therefore all such candidates must have tauirht two year3, the time re quired by lawto secure a State Cettificate. (Kv. Stas.. Carroll. Sec. 4503; Ky. Schcol LaW, Hahilett.,1312, Advertising Rates. ORY. 10 ceots per inch. n furnl.h the snacc. wo shall and one- - If Wht page adi twelve publish this directory for the jiupiic. kat nuiinr inch. know whnt rceular meetings Lot extra for etc, ui held in your community. are Five cents pr.Jch Sulyersvillo. composition. .IjteSa 10 cents per hne for first The Baptist (Kl sionary) line for t r Mnt fint sun. night and 3rd. Conference Sec. 79.) sun. Morning and night fmmek mihaoiuent insertion. Wedneidanight after the 1st. nnd 3rd. .BARKSDALE'HAMLETT funeral notices tundaji. s. S. 9:30 A. M. Uitlonn and Superintendent Public Instruc Oa-daThanks and Obituaries Prayer meeting Wednesday night. tion. United Baptist 1st. Sat. and sun. one cent per word. following. Announcement for County M. E. S. S. and Union S. S. at 0:30 cash in advance. 50. A. M. each Sunday. ?2. Justices of tho Peace M. a Prayer meeting Tlmradsj Church-1'resch- ing nr f night. F.' &. A. M. Friday night on or before full moon In in'.h trionth. I. O. O. F. Every Saturday nigli'. I. O. R. II. 1st and 3rd ThursUr.j ANNOUNCEMENTS. We are authorized to announce nights. FRANK BLAIR, K. 0. T. W. 2"i3 and 4t SolyersviUe. as a candidate of of nigllts. far tho nomination 'or clerk th Drndley. Magoffin county, subject to M. E. Chmcli, 4tl Scndny acUon of the Republican party. morning the of Falcon, as a candidate for Magofoffice of County Judge of fin county, subject to the action of tho Republican party. We ar authorized to announce J. J. P.ACE, f Canleyvas a candidate for the Sheriff ofMagoffiricpuit ty, buuuv-- w " Republican party. . ,Ju'iirS,2nd 1Y rule y arid tliSaurdiy night Unftcd'Baptist Church Ivyton. 2nd sun. and Sat. before. Law and Order Society 2nd and 4th Sundays in each month at 1 o'clock. Baptist(Miss.) Licking River. 1st San. and Sat. before. M Baptist Church Lakeville. Sun., and Sat. before. 4th Mash Fork. Baptist (Missionary), 3rd Sun. nnd sat. before. S. S. 9:30. United Baptist 4th Sun. and sat. following. NOTE. We uso small s's, because our supply is short. We are authoriied to announce pace. for of Salyersville. as a candidate Jailor of Magoffin the office of county, subject to the action of the Republican party. We are authorised to announce W. J. PATRICK. of Salyersville. as a candidate Judge of for the office of County Magoffin oounty, subject to the action of the Kepuwican EDITORIAL. pvj We are authorized to announce A. L. COOPER. We ara authorized to announce of Lickburg, as a candidate for Dc;a?;iowARu the office of Jailer of Macoffin the office of rnnntv. Ruhicct to th'.' action of neiW8tefor Ji to of liUaoffinofcounty, the ject tMfcition sub- Repub-lk- n the Republican party. party. BULLETIN are anttiorised to announce 1 Want Column. In order to show our farmers that "It pays to advertiso", wo Aunt Sinda Easterling, after will run this column in which 22 Failures 7 8 each subscriber may use, free of charge, fifteen words, in anyone is3iie, to advertise anything he wants to buy or sell, (from the farm,) to secure work fpr himself or hifttfo'rm hands, sell or rent lands, find owners for lost articles or liye stock or advertise his own lost or strayed. Additional words will be put in at one cent per word; or the advertisement may be' run in succeeding issues so long as desired at one cent per word, payable IN ADVANCE.' Tf vmi wniiM vnnr wmila in this column phone, write, or call on us before Monday night. J. Lee Reed, GAPVILLE. 3r ..'Virgil Higgins, Hargus Hopkins of Dotscm. 10 J. M. Vanderpool, and Netty Carpenter, of Wire- 11 Lloyd Salyer, man were married at the home 12 Lula Wheeler, of Thur. 13. Edgar Arnett of Hendricks, Mrs. Evelyn Stanley nnd son 14 Carrie May, Byron visited her parents Mr. his- - Willie Prater, nnd Mra: Jasper Holbrook, 16 Solomon Mann, Tho death of Joseph Allen, of 17 R. L. Howard. Wireman, took place Wed. He 18 'Mary E. Carty. leaves a wife, several children SECOND CLAS3. and many friends to mourn his Dorsie Hammond.', 1)33. V. B. Cooper. Ccr. Roland Patrick Horte'ise Howard, Pearl Mnnn, G vi- - L Stephens, up J Opjxrtunity-b1ae- s T Edgar ArnelCbf Sublett. 8 Henry S. Arnett, at you from this page. 9 Cornelius Holbrook, J It may be a better 10 Netty Brown, 11 Dedia Cisco, position just the cot12 Ramey Wireman, tage you want to rent Vote For S. S. Elam" 13 Press Arnett. 14 J. N. Kennard, in Ma a chance to own a That is iP I have a vote 15 Richard Reed, goffin County. In fact if I had 16 Callio Dyer, house on easy terms fiftv votes I'd cast all of them, 17 Custer Patrick, as chcerfnlly as I ever ate a good 18 Blanche Salyer. a new cook an ambidinner after a hard morning 8 4 S. C. Allen. tious employe what lab-rforhimforSupt.of public THIRD CLASS. Instruction. Why? Because he not? Sy Allen, is qua'ified. mentally and morally Rennie Ramey, for the iob. the m03t important Want ads bristle with Lacy B. Arnett, one in the County when one looks the intimacies of the to tho development of the youth. a man of strong convicwork-a-da- y Elam is world. You tions and ht' has the courage to EUROPE, AS I SAW IT of browcan ill afford to overbad; th m The id-beating or of bribing Elam will with your of a tour through look them never enter into tho head or any Being a Reminiscence Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales, man who knows him. France, Belgium, Germany, Switicr-lan- daily reading. He "s not the kind ot a man for Italy, and Greece. nr.u Hull of :i monltt'V' to try to By THE EDITOK. out of. rrmke a ca ELAM IN THAT OFFICE PUT Cninua.lNiXt week. -- e, WANTED TO SELL One Tarm. Also tho timber from another tract. For fiirtherjparticulnrs inquire of D. M. Atkinson, Salyersville, Ky TO SELL RHO. ISLAND REDS Egjjs from pen Jicnded Ly $10. ccck. at 85 cents pqr 15. A scc-o- n pen at 55centi per 15. Eggs delivered to your Pest Office by Parcels Post. Send order early. Mrs. W. H. Caudill, For Ye Editor. i . Pi)or nppetito is a sure sign of impaired digestion. A few doses et JNo salesmanship is CORRESPONDENCE. required under these and circumstances Falcon, Ky. FOR SALE A nice largo black eovv and six pjgs. Harrison Banks. Carver, Ky. FOUN 1)- -A revolver that must have been lost during the War. Owner call at this office, identify nnd get it. TO SELL ' Best strain lildhifr 'Ruiihc.r Duck eggs five cents each. Warranted to hatch well. W. W. Preston. Salyersville, Ky. CHOICEST LOTS IN SAL IJ E YERSVILLE MAY HOUGIIT FROM THE CHEAP TOO. They arc located near Ma. Koffin Institute. ED-TO- KDITOIt'S NOTE We have been compelled to throw some splendid letters into the waste hasket recently because the writer . tn nut their real name as well as I fhf meir assumeu. monev Dis-tWr- ' flli T1 Mr. S. S. Elam, manv times i cost or a want ad. 9 Get that? Salyersville, Ky. Rsth.r Wsll Put. Dear Sir: Dr. 1). 8. Hlfley ot Duer remarks: Please find enclosed $1.00, for tn the cardan ot the Mountaineer as my year has "k He I" Mrnt paech." negli- already run out thru my It. TO SELL a farm of 125 acres. 25 acres in bottom land and one fourth mile on Licking river. 50 acres in timber. Price $2000. 1 will exchange to mineral or. timbered lands. P. M. Elam, Kentucky Now Well "Tliedlord't Black-Draug- ht medicine is the best lerer used," write J.A. Steehnan, ol Pattern ville, Texas. "I suffered terribly with liver trouble, and could get no relief. The doctor! said sumption. all. Finally I had con- could not work at I I tried THEDFORD'S BLACK-DRAUGH- T salesmanship costs Wt I Hunt the buyer who Wants to buy and the Stomach and seller who Wants to sell of Chamberlain's Tablets Li'r.Kmfiin r nwill stengthen through these columns, A imnrnvu VOIir . appetite. Thousands have been 'then your deal IS tWO ' benefited by taking theseTablets. thirds closed. Sold by Dr. M. C. Kash. fr ' FARMER'S FREE v .....i. B. E. Lykins M. D. a few weeks of illness passed 'nwav VHsterrlnv nt 2?nfl P. M She always said she wanted to ,jSi' 1! - 1. - I. live to ue as oio ai ncr motner was when she.. 'died hor mitlior die J whcnsl.o was 92. Aunt Sinda if had lived until August would ' have been 93. She never was iWo publish the following list married and always had good of 'teachers who got certificates thealth, until here of iLite. She . v i t .i This is all that we enn ascertain. nirca uut un(j, .worueu ior ine neighboring people until about , Wo-- will be indebted to those a year ago. She never stopped whose names do not appear in walking nround over tlie county this list, if they will notify us. any mistake and visiting her people until 7 If we have made ago. She was bedfast a drdp us a card and we will gladly months httlo over a wsek. She lived n rcetify same. leng nnd lonctsome life and passFIRST CLASS. ed away likq going to sleep. 1 VJ. G. Arnett. Kelly, 2 'Mrs. Cora last week andkillcd itself. 3 Netty Caudill, L. C. Elam returned from a 4 Raleigh Nickell, Luiinef strip to- - Huuington and 5 J. M. Arrnett, Cattlesburg. 6 Keis Saiycr, .lake. L. Adam3, The act of 1912 requires all candidates for theoftice of Coun W. S. ADAMS. pfFateon as a candidate for the ty Superintendent, except those posainatioa for sheriff of Magoffin who are now in office, to hold a AND WA'ICH OLD MAGOFFIN by the owntf subject to the action of State Certificate issued which COME TO THE FRONT. State Board Examiners; I write this without the know tkeBepubhoan psrty. does not expire during the antic ledge of any one and at my own ipated term of office. susreestion for I am interested S. S. ELAM. , 2 The aDnlicant may qualify in the advancement of Magoffin the Mountaineer editor f th by taking a special examinat on crunty. as a candidate Ii a bettinst man. I would bet uetuiosiion foriuperintendentof to be held in tho Department of sub-ieEducation, Frankfort, May 30 dollars to douah-nut- s that Elam's school of Mttoftn County, to tke irtlon of the Repub-ca- n and 31, and June 27 and 28. This bitterest opponent will say; exarninotion is in all respects "I know he i3 an honest man party. cquivelant to the examination finely equipped for the office and We sxs autkorlted to announce for the reitular State Certificate. that he will severly do his duty 3 The applicant may qualify without fear or favor but I Charlae D. Arastt Liberty as a candidate by taking the regular State Lx don't lik him-- " Well, swallow of w... w brthe nomination for State Sen- amtnoiSnn Junp 90 nrl 91. pith. your dislike and consider tn oiiiutwvi t, er in the county in which the np - reaj intercst3 of the boy and ator of the S4tfc Senatorial subject to th aUon of the plicant resides or in Fiankfort,.gjrg ot-- y0Ur COunty and VOTE uoji u ui cuiu- - pnu elam" no matter wneiner the Democratic Party. neiore inn Tl.,11 MnAon t.K iners. yOU uIU U xvtrifuuiiuau, uuimwu 4 Applicants may qualify af- Tjemo:rat or Proliibition'st. We are authorized to announce ter nominations are made in the There may be some "Just as JAMES DEEMS, However, L0J4j but there is no better primary. of Lakeville as candidate for August Mnination for Justice Df there ia only one chance after the Djec,. 0f timber for that office in the oth?rcpuntytiian orin Ifcace of the 4th magisterial Primary, and that is In theregu district wkjeet to ths action pflar State Examination in August, s Si Eanl( We for ELAM. the-briu- S. S. at 9 tclock. Buffftle. i-Hy Christian Church :!i lonth. ' "'Beech Grove. United Baptist 3rd Sat. r.nd sun. followW. s. . 9:30. Baptist (Missionary), 4th can. and k. s. 9:30. Cor.ley Juniors 1st. and 3rd Saturday nifil We are authorised to announce fr6ctor Mor ff,,hea 43 Teachers' Certificates. n S. 6. ELAM. Editor , f)Mt a nd to my surprise, I got betier, and am as well as any man'Tliedford's Black-Draug- ht Is a general, cathartic, vegetable liver medicine, that has been regulating Irregularities ol the liver, stomach and bowels, lor over 70 years. Oct a package today. Insist on the genuine Thedlord'i. 0

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