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Image 1 of Bee (Earlington, Ky.), June 20, 1901

Part of Bee (Earlington, Ky.)

j fTWELFTH YEAR Mfc THOMAS G NUMBER FOUR a Formerly ISecond Raid on Monarch Mines Made Monday Night Found Guards Prepared I FOURTH VIOLENT ATTEMPT MADE IN FOUR DAYS Earlington Men Returning From Visit to Lodge at 27 Madisonville FIRED i ON BY MONARCH RAIDERS Threats of Violence on NonUnion Men Being Executed With Vim Since Adjournment of Court > 4rV For the fourth time ins four twentyfourhour days violent at 1 A r 1 K L s t i p a ¬ tempts have been made upon nonunion miners and operators of Hopkins county The scoundrels who have been threatening to stop Hopkins county mines or force Hopkins county miners into the union whether they wish it or not since the action of the recent petit jury and the adjournment of the grand jury appear to think they have a license to carry out with impunityalways in the dark their vicious threats The attempted assassination of Secretary Hall of Oak Hill mines the riddling of the Monarch Coal Companys boarding house with bullets the dynamiting of the colored Methodist parsonage at Madisonville because two men had lodged there who were sup ¬ posed to seek work at the mines anti now a second raid in this brief time upon the Monarch mines But this time the guards were fully prepared discovered the advance of the raiders in two squads and aroused the miners Nebo News sz fi r i A severe storm passed through Tony Nebo Wednesday evening Bradley a colored merchant receive a shock from lightning while drawing a glass of cider for a cus tomer which broke the glass and also a lamp which was near bv NoahDpy and some of his family gone to his sawmill where they will spend most of the summer Mr Robards who was hurt several days ago Is recovering Mrs Ledbetter and son who have been visiting here for three weeks have gone to Sebree where they will remain awhile and then return to their homo in Illinois Rev McMican filled his appoint ment here Saturday and Sunday morning and preached at Manitou Sunday afternoon Miss Jennie Knox of Nashville who has been visiting In this vicinity has gone to Mortons Gap Several of the Nebo people took dinner with A E Hill at Manitou Sunday and attended preaching there in the afternoon N Watt Rutherford of the L Is home on a visit Miss Mattie Cox and her guest Miss Archibald went to Slaughters vine Tuesday morning After remaining there awhile they will go to Sebree Minos Cox left for Arizona this morning for his health and will be gone several months Mrs Will Durham of Providence spent Tuesday here Mrs Mattie Jackson Is spending the week at Stanhope with her daughter Mrs J L Lutz Mr Hill and family of Mortons Gap visited friends here last week Mrs Nathaniel Green an old lady about seventy years of ago died at her home in Providence Saturday night and the remains were brought here and buried in the union grave yard Sunday afternoon of Earl Boyd Parrish and Ington are visiting relatIves in the country near hero Mrs H R Cox and daughter Miss Nannie wont to Sebree this morn lug Bob King and family of Mndlson who came out with guns When the cowardly scoundrels discov ¬ ered the guards were ready and heard the report of their guns they fled A portion of the retreating raiders fired upon several vehicles loaded with Earlington men some of whom had been to Mad ¬ isonville by invitation to visit the Red Mens lodge The bug¬ gies in the lead stopped and waited for the big circus wagon to come up They did not know what might be ahead of them ahd did not like to go against the singing of bullets they heard coming out of the darkness The men in the circus wagon when they heard the trouble ahead unloaded and went up front afoot andready for fight and there were some fighters in the party But the raiders could not be seen or heard from when they came up Three of the Earlington boys rode as far as Monarch on a train They got off there and started back in the road to meet the party in the vehicles It was an almost fatal move for these three for they got in between the guards arid the raiders and each side thought the three boys be- ¬ longed to the other It is dis ¬ covered however that the Mon ¬ arch guards heard the vehicles coming and did not shoot at the boys for fear of hitting some traveler so that only the bullets atthem straightHopkins in far ¬ mer times was a most secure and peaceful abiding place is allowed to be the scene of numerous such murderous outrages at the hands of vicious idlers ville came down one evening last week to visit his mother in the Rose Creek neighborhoodMrs Pierce and daughter Miss Berna Langley of Marion are here visiting AE Cox Will Fike visited at Nebo Satur ¬ day and Sunday Last Saturday was the day ap pointed for those interested in the union cemetery to meet and clean it up A decided improvement was made but heavy rains hindered the work some The literary meeting of the Ep worth League will be held Friday night at the home of Dr Ferguson The subject will be John Wesley¬ i Resident NOT IN SYMPATHY WITH UNION D TERRY of Earllngton False Report Dies In Evansville C and son have the sym W H Hall The following letter to TUB in full and is BEE is published MADISON VILUK KY Juice 15 1901 BULLET EDITOR BEE DEAR SIRTo my surprise yester- ¬ Quite number from here attended preaching at Rock Spring Sunday Mr and Mrs Longwho have been visiting the family of Mr Denton returned to their home near Caskey Sunday evening The Sunday School at Coles Chapel Will observe Childrens Day the fifth Sunday June 80 There will be a dinner on the ground and a very in ¬ teresting program is being arranged for the occasion Everybody is in ¬ vited to attend Miss Bottle Stanley has just re ¬ turned from a weeks visit to her brother near White Plains The residents of old Petersburg are talking of having the name changed to LongsideL Is spending the week In Hopkinsvllle visiting friends People say that Tom Grace has had visions recently in which black eyes rosy cheeks smiling ups and a neat little cottage with Just room enough for two played a very con ¬ spicuous part Thats nothing strange Tom they say all old bache ¬ lors have visions like that at times The next wedding at Red Hill will be a surprise The young lady will not change her name and you cant guess who itls U No Hoo night Mannington News Rev John Gray filled his appoint ¬ ment here Saturday night Quite a number of young people attended Church at the old Burg SundayMiss pathy of the entire community in Rosa Hitchcoat and Francis the irreprable loss of the husband Drake attended church at Pleasant and father Hill Sunday John Phillips is here on business Grapevine Items this week Wheat harvesting has begunMiss Alice Gray of Crabtree is J F Story has a force of hands the guest of G W Gray and wife working out his strawberries this Wm Riggin reports a flourishing Miss Lizzie Hall of Barnsley has raspberry business returned home from a few weeks Esquire Jagoe was out on the visit to friends here DavisWell road looking after the A protracted meeting will begin proposed levee to be made soon here on Saturday before the Fifth A J SIsk has been on the sick list Sunday and Mrs Sisk Improves but slowlyJohn and Joe Phillips of this S B Nisbet of Evansville W W place happened to an accident Mon ¬ Nisbet of Madlfonvllle and H S day While crossing the creek the Corey and family of Earllngtoh foot log broke In two with them visited at J L Todds this week Mrs R C McIntosh of this place Will Daves and family and Mrs has been very sick but she is better Sarah Slaton visited at John Sin at this writing tons Sunday Mrs Laura Heart is very sick at Elder W H Ligon has called in this writing PET his appointment for Saturday after- ¬ noon at this place but will be hero Proof of a Good Town Sunday atll a m and Bethlehem Sundayschool had Solicitors and collectors The ¬ Childrens Day exercises last many of them visit Earlington said Walter McGary yesterday tell daySeveral farmers of this section are me that this is the best town of its trying a crop of soy beans this sea ¬ size anywhere to be found Collec ¬ son tions are dead easy and the peo ¬ Ice Cream Supper ple are always ready with the Parade and No 57 Improved cash when a payment falls due E Stand Waite Order of Red Men will parade the Hibbs the piano salesman alone streets of Earllngton at four oclock collects 160 to 200 here every month next Tuesday afternoon in full uni ¬ and says there is only one man on form after which an ice cream sup ¬ his list who Is as much as 5 behind per will be given at Masonic Hall to He says he never loses anything in Earlington which all are invited weekI I VICIOUS MIDNIGHT ATTACK IS MADE NonUnion Miners Boarding House Riddled With Bullets at Monarch Just Before Midnight Shots Fired From Cover Raid Made and One of the most vicious of the numerous attacks thathave been made on nonunion miners in this county since the inaugura ¬ tion in November last of the at ¬ tempt to unionize Hopkins county mines was made at Mon ¬ arch mines last Thursday night about 1180 oclock A boarding house occupied by colored non ¬ union minis was riddled with bullets the fire coming from be ¬ hind an embankment along the The firing railroad near by at Madisonvillo and was heard Earlington and those near the scene estimate that from 100 to 150 shots were fired Meyers of the Watchman Monarch coal company answered with twelve shots from his re ¬ volver with accurate aim but probably without effect as the raiders were behind the embank ¬ Bllls for the Arcat Masonic celebra ¬ ment One miner got out with tion to bo given at Lakeside Park his shotgun in time to shoot two Thursday July 4th will bo out this The charges it long distance wool in the national colors > l A MOUNTAIN yielding form close to him and told her that life without her GIRL Original Story Written for THE BEE BY TIMMIE Way up the side of Chilhowee in East Tennessee stands an oldtime donole log house Back of the house the mountain rises to a height of five hundred feet but the ascent is gradual and the ground although broken is covered with a growth of scrub oak while the poison ¬ ous laurel grows in luxuriant pro ¬ fusion and wild cucumber blos- ¬ soms scent the evening air A small clear stream goes leaping and laughing down the mountain side watering the green valley below It is the bewitching of hour of the mountain oldlOhilhowees f Vv x r would be a barren dreary waste She trembled at the very thought of the great happiness in store for her The wedding guests had as ¬ sembled the old grayhaired preacher was on hand and the was bridegroom impatiently awaiting the bride Sue was ar ¬ rayed in a simple white dress with a spray of wild honeysuckle in her hair and had started down stairs As she crossed the hall she noticed lying just outside the door of the room her lover occupied a letter addressed to him Im ¬ pelled by a strange curiosity she took the letter back to her room and read it This was the letter tr I youI care but it wrings my heart to see our child pinched and wan with cows are coming slowly along hunger and wearing threadbare the shady lane stopping from clothes If you have any love for us send us help or we will be time to time to crop the succulent forced to seek the cold charity of grass that grows along the way the county poorhouse Within the house all is excite ¬ Sue had seen enough She did j ment and confusion for this not read the remainder of the night was one long to be remem ¬ letter but glanced quickly to the bered in the household of David bottom and saw it was signed > 1 Griffin His seventeenyearold Your heartbroken wife was to be mar ¬ daughter Sue Without a word or moan she ried to Ben Lowery a country sank in the nearest chair with school teacher who had been in a stony glare in her eyes and the mountains only six months the letter clasped in her nerveless and was boarding with Griffin hand and thus they found her Lowery was a man of pleasing after waiting in vain for an an ¬ address and a really handsome swer to their repeated calls Her man and knew the ways of the father read the letter to the as world He found it a compara ¬ sembled guests and the indignant tively easy matter to win the mountaineers were preparing to t heart unsophisticated mother ¬ hang the guilty wretch to a limb less Sue who believed every but Sue pleaded so earnestly fora word he uttered as if it were his worthless life they allowed The summer had him to slink away in the Holy Writ been one unbroken dream of de- ¬ Twenty years have passedsince light to her The long walks that night and the darkeyed down the shady lanes while he mountain girl is married now whispered soft words of love and and lives in the old log house constancy into her too willing and little children play around ears There was one beautiful her knee but she has never forspot up the mountain side cool gotten the niget she came so dnd shady where the earth was near marrying a married man carpeted with soft moss and the music of the murmuring brook Letter List could be heard thev had named W P Aldrldge Miss MolHo Aver the place Loves Bower and ett Andrew Brown Sam Bailey in this place she had spent the Mrs Hattie Cooper Mrs Mary Can- ¬ happiest hours of her short life non JT Combs W P Gollutfon Whenever an opportunity pre ¬ Lee Gelders Miss Nettle Hines sented itself they would steal Luther Hines Mrs Mollie Hurbo Miss Mary Mullinix B R Mairton away to Loves Bower and sit Mrs Emily Oldrom Miss Mandy for hours he reading to her the Robison M E Stokqs Mrs Mary t 06 mained a minute or two then concluded to proceed quietly After he came out four more shots were fired and he ran from the danger being without any means of self defense Mr Hall wore a new Stetson hat and had wiped the perspiration off his forehead and set the hat back for comfort The bullet cut a slit through the brim of the hat that a 88 callibre bullet passes through very snugly Mr Hall doesnt like newspaper notoriety but the incident has contributed to his popularity as a coal salesman and he is everywhere accosted to tell less experience Like all the Hopkins county coal companies the Oak Hill company refuses to employ union labor and has been the subject of threats made by delegatesMr v ik S He came from Guthrie to Nortonville on the fast train expecting to be met by a buggy The buggy from the mines wasnt there and he started home afoot a distance of a mile and a half along the track of the Louis ¬ ville d Nashville railroad Some distance out of Nortonville Mr Hall heard a shot and simultane ¬ ously the whirr of a bullet and felttho impact of air as it passed personal enmity toward himself him He jumped from the road except source He is into the bushes where he re wearing a straw hat now whistle was monarch steam sounded at once and miners turned out with their guns but the raiders had fled There were a number of peo ple in the boarding house and it is hard to understand how they The house has escaped injury many bullet holes in it Several copper jacketed bullets of 88 caliber and a peculiar construc ¬ Two of tion were picked up chimney and these had struck a resembled plump mushrooms The deputy sheriff stationed at Monarch was ill and could not give chase A man who saw the company of raiders says there were about 40 in the crowd Earlington citizens who heard the firing called up by telephone and volunteered to go to the aid of the Monarch miners but the and raiders had disappeared there was no officer there to take charce of and direct the pursuit It is believed that the raiders chose that time for the attack because the local deputy sheriff was confined to his bed A num soft sweet melodies of Thomas ber of the Monarch minors were anxious to go after the cowardly MooreShe was thinking tonight of scoundrels but wore without an the time he had taken her in his officer to lead them arms and droV her lithe ¬ GUARDS AND MINERS RETURN FIRE PASSEDTHROUGH HIS HAT day I learned that a union man has reported that two of the union agi ¬ tators boarded at my house during One More Instance of Violence Toward the trial I wish you would publish Men Who Run Their Own Business in your paper that it is not true I do not know the mendo not know that I ever saw them And also that I am not interested with the union An almost fatal attack was in any way nor in sympathy with made upon W H Hall secretary them in the least and oblige of the Oak Hill Coal Company Yours truly after 11 oclock last Thursday C B Jenkins ¬ COPPER JACKETED BULLETS FOUND Secretary of the Oak Hill Coal Co Shot at in the Night selfexplanatory ANoNYUous Red Hill News ATTEMPTED ASSASSINATION B Jenk- ¬ ins of Madisonville Mr Thomas G Terry died Mon ¬ day morning at his home in Evans ¬ ville of Inflammation of the bowels He had been in ill health for several years but had been confined to his room only a short time when the end came The remains were brought to Earl ¬ ington Tuesday afternoon on the Providence train accompanied by the wife and son and a number of other relatives and friends and were taken in charge by the Ancient Order of United Workmen of this place of which the deceased was a member and interred at Grapevine Funeral services were conducted by Rev D S Edwards of Hanson Mr Terry was fiftyeight years of age a member of the Missionary Baptist church and a man with many friends He was formerly a resident of this place where he was engaged as ah L d N car in ¬ spectorMr Refuted by Mr I NO 26 EARLINGTON HOPKINS COUNTY KENTUCKY THURSDAY JUNE 20 1901 iIi I t r 1 f Thompkins Mrs S Frances Jackson Wilson Mrs England spends l23866a year on the British museum The salary of tho principal librarian is JC1GOO 4

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