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Image 2 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), January 29, 1942

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

jaLmto . iAom . non-partis- an e entered as second class matter August 28. 1907. at the Kentucky, under the Act of Congress at Whitesburg, of August 9th, 1873. THURSDAY, JAN. 29, 1942. poi-offic- i m: FLAG PLEDGE TO "I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States or America." and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." Letter To The Editor Word of Thanks Millersburg, Ky. We want to thank each and every one who was so thoughtful in our great loss of our baby, Margarette darling Louise. Also the preachers who were so faithful in the services. We also thank all for the nice flowers and Craft's Funeral Home. They were so January 26, 1942. Dear Mrs. Nolan: How is everything in Whites burg? O.K., I hope. My brothers and I would like to have the Mountain Eagle paper. When we were home we always read the nice. paper and we would like to Thou art gone, our darling keep up with the newp at darling, home. It would please my broNever more can thou return thers and I if you would send But to sleep a peaceful slum- the paper tolis each week. See ber my dad. He will pay you for Till the Ressurection Morn. the paper. DAISY, HENRY, HUBERT, CORA LEE, AND ALL THE FAMILY. e, Xo. 31, One one-haSo. 22, . One-hors- FEBRUARY S14.80 horses, 1, 1942 S1C.80 A complete line of harness, liuth farm and logging. Everything the farmer needs. Hoes, grub hoes, niaddocks, sneeds, grass & brush blades, and plow points. ! SNotes yilrs. Ssther SHilsanbecli Woman's Club Meeting The Jenkins Roman's Club held a most interesting meeting Wednesday afternoon, on January 21st, at the home of Mrs. Frank Price. Program chairman Mrs. Goodwin Thompson gave a most helpful discussion on "The Selection and Use of Pictures, and Other Accessories in the Home." She was most ably assisted by Mrs. T. D. Vaughan who displayed hand painted pictures of Kentucky wild 1 lowers aria birds. These were works of art by Mrs. Reba Mayo of Prestonsburg, former Governor of the Seventh District of Woman's Clubs. These pictures were gifts to the pres-eGovernor, Mrs. J. B. Hostesses were Mrs. Frank Price, Mrs. T. D. Vaughan, and Mrs. S. O. Polly. 15 members enjoyed this delightful meeting. nt Hil-senbec- k. Eastern Stars Enjoy Pot Luck Supper Someone is always thinking l something nice to do, and some member of the Eastern Star thought of having a pot luck supper, and it was no sooner said than done. Thursday evening, January 22nd was the time, the Masonic Hall the place, 7 o'clock the 'hour. Bingo tables had been placed to form a square in the center of the hall, and believe it or not, every table was laden with food. Two large shoul ders of roast pork, juicy and brown, sent such a pleasant odor over the room that every one suffered real pangs of hunger. But not for long. The line started and plates were filled and refilled with all of the good things one could imagine. There was only one thing lacking according to Mr. A. W. Boggs. He could not under stand why women who cooked such delicious green beans, baked beans and shuckey beans forgot to make corn bread. This was indeed a time of social enjoyment, and all present asked to have another real soon. Sewing for the Red Cross is claiming the time and attention of large groups of Jenkins women. The Woman's Club has given the use of their club house to be used as the Red Cross sewing room. Groups ol women from every organization in town have regular hours and days on which they sew, thus the sew ing room is being used at all times and the work is being accomplished in a fine manner. Mrs. Carl Fitzpatrick is in charge of this work, and has done a splendid work in the organization program. The women from all parts of town have responded, willing and glad to do their part. o . There will be an adult church party in the basement of the COMPANY 29, 1942 Fellow Americans, Young and Old: Occasionally your dealer may say: "Sorry, Dr. Pepper's sold out for today." or at Dr. Pepper or at Uncle Sam. If so, please don't be mad at him Sugar for soft drinks is being rationed. It hurts cur business; it disappoints you. But we've all got to sacrifice cheerfully as a victory guarantee. All the Dr. Pepper we are able to supply will be furnished our dealers at no increase in price. Continue to enjoy Dr. Pepper when and where you find it. If at first you find the cooler bare, try, try again. We hope sugar restrictions soon may ease. But we shall never compromise with quality . . . never tolerate the use of inferior substitutes. Please bear with us till days ofi plenty return. In the meantime, vent your spleen on the enemies of our country. Every War Savings Stamp knocks a Nazi and slaps a Jap. .. .. Thanks, and bless you, friends. DR. PEPPER BOTTLING COMPANY Phone 8 Whitesburg, n Kentucky C a& pepper picks your energy jgX) Whitesburg F. F. A. . Jenkins Social ill 'wWii January -- A benefit dance was given for the Jenkins Band Saturday, January 24th at the Masonic Hall. About fifty couples of young people attended. Proceeds Io help finance tEeir yearly trip to Lexington to i SPECIAL BULLETIN! On the State of the Nation's Dr. Pepper Supply de-ca- v. Whitesburg, Kentucky iV BOTTL'ING Pert Creek News 30 HOLSTEIN HARDWARE r WHITESBURG, KENTUCKY met Tuesday Circle evening at 7:30 with Mrs. O. O. Parks. Mrs. L. E. Kelley, newlv elected chairman flbr the new year, presided. Many fine things were planned for the new year, and a very fine program was enjoyed. Delightful refreshments were en- joyed by those present. The officers of the Woman's Society of Christian Service, All growth that is not to- for the year 1942, were installed into office by a. beautiful ward God, is growing to Geo. Macdonald. candlelight installation and : consecration service Sunday 30 evening, January 25th, at 7:30. Buy Defense Bonds & Stamps! A large audience was present and enjoyed this most impressive and inspirational servic-3- iT Phone 8 o No. 2 Bible Schools at regular time. Worship, Whitesburg, 10:45 Subject: "Revival Fires." 2:00 Worship, Thornton, Subject: "The Call of Christ" Worship, Whitesburg, .... 7:00 Subject: "An Old Religion." 6:00 Baptist Training For your country's defense attend church. lf DR. PEPPER were reported, ministering to sick and needy. At the close of the service a delicious salad course was served. KENTUCKY T a MARTIN, HOOVER, and JUNIOR DAWAHARE Circle No. 1 met Tuesday Here is our address: night at 7:30, at the home of Cadet Dawahare, A. B. and C. Mrs. R. Jay Ellenberg. Bible Millersburg, Ky. lesson was given by Mrs. Rob 30 ert Mason. Seventeen visits WHITESBURG, ! TO ALL DR. PEPPER DRINKERS The Woman's Society of Christian Service met in the church Wednesday afternoon January 21st. Mrs. Margaret Stump, the newly elected president, was in charge. 30 kMf ' Whether you are seventeen or seventy these services will help make you a happier, finer man or woman. Let us not miss this rare treat. First Baptist Church Oliver Plows tttttiigtftfi planning for a big occasion, and a time bf real fellowship and fun. Happy Homes and Successful Marriage will be the theme of eight Sunday night services beginning February 1st. The young people are Very much interested in learning what the scriptures teach on the subject of Love, Courtship, & Marriage. Before the wedding day, Successful Marriage. Feb. 1 Seventeen and in Love Feb. 8 Will He Qualify As A Husband? Fab. 15 Will She Qualify As A Wife? Feb. 22 Look Before You Leap. After the wedding day Happy Homes. March 1 Getting Along Together. . March 8 Little Foxes That Spoil The Vine. March 15 Love On $20.00 A Week. March 22 The Challenge of The Cradle. weekly nwspapei publlsned Every Thursday. ' W. P. NOLAN, Editor and Publisher . Business Manager MRS. MARTHA M. NOLAN Subscription price, $1.50 per year, payable in advance. A friendly wHifitp. Save! Save! Save! Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hall have moved to Hazard where Mr. Hall is employed. Mr. Cecil Sumpter and W. B. Church are now employed in Maltimore, Md. Bennett "Morgan is not expected to recover from the case of pneumonia he now has. He is at the home of Mr, Johnny Holcomb. Mose Mullins is much improved after a light case of pneumonia. Uncle John Polly is still in a serious condition due to a stroke of paralysis, two or more months ago. Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay Polly visited Mr. John P.olly Thursday. Mr. Lindsay Polly is a policeman at Jenkins. Mrs. Pearlie Webb and son, Mayford, visited Mr. and Mrs. Hill Hall Thursday of last week. Mrs. Harvey Dixon has returned after visiting her sister in Cincinnati. Mrs. Jim Dixon and Mrs. Billy Adams were visitors in Whitesburg Friday. Miss Clarice and Edith Par-rot- t, of Colly, are visiting Mrs. Minzel Holcomb this week. Mr. Minzel Holcomb has returned to Baltimore after a short visit here with his family-- The call comes to all: Save compete in the State Band for Defense. The Future Farmer boys, under direction of Contest. Mr. Hensley, their teacher, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Coop- have built a place for paper, er, of Morris, Tenn., spent the tin, and scrap iron. This place week end visiting Mr. Coop- is on the foundation of the old er's sister, Mrs. C. B. Adams gym. This will be sold for defense purposes. If you can't and family. get it to this place let some o Mrs. A. D. Houghlin, who of the R. A. boys know about has been very ill the past few it and it will be picked up. Mr. Ben Sergent, of the Home days, is much improved. Lumber Company furnisTied Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Boggs almost all the materials to and family spent the week build this place for depositing end visiting Mr. and Mrs. E. the paper, tin, and iron. HerH. Beavers, who have recent- man Hale, who is treasurer for the Red Cross is treasurer ly moved to Prestonsburg. for this fund on defense puro Friday evening, January 23 pose. Mr. Garrett Davidson reached Let's all save that we may another milepost. He hadn't have much material going said one word about it, but back into channels of service, someone remembered, and his and also that some money may family, sisters and brothers, be had for defense needs. Mrs. 30 and their families, gathered Earnest Boggs and famat the home and gave him a Blackey4-- Club ily, of Cumberland, visited real surprise party. He was the her father and mother, Mr. recipient of many lovely and Club held and Mrs. John Polly a few The Blackey useful gifts and the evening was spent in happy reminis- - its regular monthly meeting days last week. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Carter, mg, as only large and happy at the Blackey School. Ten members were present with Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Polly and families can do. At a late hour, the birthday our leader, Mr. T. S. Moore, Mrs. Monroe Hogg visited cake made its appearance, ac and our new pastor of the Mr. and Mrs. James Johnson Church. We of Mayking Sunday. Mrs. companied by two kinds of ic Presbyterian elected new officers. They are: Johnson had the misfortune cream and hot chocolate. Jeanette Branson, President; of stepping from her back 30 We porch and breaking A Brand New Maytag: Jo Ann Dixon, Secretary. next ' few davs aeo. She is her lee a will elect the others the dau- meeting. We are hoping to ( ghter of Mr. and Mrs. D. F, $79.95 have a" better club this year. Polly, Baker Maytag Co. JEANETTE BRANSON, Joe Holcomb is able to be KENTUCKY XEOX, Reporter. out again after an attack of H 4-- H measles. Pvt. Johnnie Hall, of Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Hall. Johnnie has had the misfortune of losing an eye while cn duty as a cook. Woodrow Taulbee has joined the C.C.C. and is stationed at Mammoth Cave, Ky. 30 to Georgetown after a visit with Mr. VerdeTl Back at the home of Mrs. Ella Back. 30 Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Hatter and son, Richard, have returned to their home in Grayson after spending a week with Mrs. Hatter's mother, Mrs. Will Maggard. SfYal TWO A.M. AND NOT Wf&'&J A NERVINE TABLET Do You Lie Awake Nights? do. The worst of MILLIONS never know when a sleepless night is coming. Why not be prepared? DR. MILES Effervescent Nervine Tablets help to quiet the nerves and permit refreshing sleep. Stop in at the drug store today and get a package. Trj Dr. Miles Nervine Tablets for Nervousness, Sleeplessness due to Nervousness, Nervous Headache, Excitability, Nervous Irritability. Small Package Large Package In . William H. Poore, Minister Over 100 Methodist youth, representing churches at Jenkins, Neon, Seco, Millstone, and Whitesburg met at this church last Monday evening for the regular meeting of the Methodist Youth h Fellowship. Rev. J. T. was guest speaker. The Woman's Society of Christian Service had a "favorite dish" dinner on last Tuesday evening. Mrs. L. B. Goodwin is the new president. The Scchool of Missions will The be held February book to be studied will be "The Methodist Meeting House," by Dr. Paul N. Garber. Don't forget the revival, 5. Rev. A. G. March Stone, Danville, will be the guest minister. COMMUNION SERVICE: -Sunday, February lst 11 a.m. Let every member be in his place Sunday. Other services Sunday: -Church School, 10 ajn.; Methodist Youth Fellowship, 6:15 p.m.; Evening Worship, 7:00. The Church needs your cooperation and service. You need the Church's inspiration and guidance. Sub-Distri- Mr. Joe Taylor has returned Ritd full direction Methodist Church Notes 35J 75 v &7 Ami -- ct Sud-dut- 16-2- 0. 18-Ap- ril 30 n-- j COUG! DUE TQ COLO KjTEAHYDUTD PIECES Euy a bottle of the scientific preparation MENTHO-MUL-SIO- allien in a FIG Syrup base deposits medicinal Ingredients irtyour system to help expel tickling; phlegm, soothe irritated throat passages and help ease nervous tension. Ingrediare ents of MENTHO-MULSIOlisted on the label and your own doctor can tell you its merits. At drug gists Satisfaction guaran tied or money back. 60c & $1. cm wim tflrMt mnm nw 9 N "rnmv-iiiiNI- m brtaOM Ml Mlly. AM Sold By leading druggists everywhere. v

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