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Image 8 of Annual report. 1907

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

· l . { . ANNUAL REPORT OF THE Kentucky Agncultural Expenment Station FOR THE YEAR 1907. · T REPORT OF THE DIRECTOR The Station as now organized consists of the following divisions: - ` , Division of Correspondence, _ . I Division of Chemistry, ` Division of Entomology and Botany,- Division of Agronomy, . Division of Animal Husbandry, 4 Division of Fertilizer Control \Vork, · ` Division of Food Control lllork, ‘ Division of Feed Control lvork, and other inspection work. The scope of tl1e Station work has been broadened by new duties imposed. The Adains Act, approved Narch 16, 1906, has given us opportunity for original research work. This Act, as is known, provides additional appropriations for experiment stations throughout the country, but the funds are available for original research work only and the line of work undertaken . must be approved by the Secretary of Agriculture. For the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1907, we receive under this Act $9,000.00; the next iiscal year we will receive $11,000.00, and an additional two thousand dollars each year until the ainount of $15,000.00 is reached, when this sum will be appropriated annually. ` Obviously, only a few projects can be planned for at present, under this Act, as they should be large, important undertakings involving considerable expense, and it is essential that suiiicient

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