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Image 14 of Annual report. 1907

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

xiv , Twentieth Annual Report of the ty—five firms. Six hundred and thirty-six analyses have been . p made and 891,524 tags have been printed. From January 1 ' to December 31, 1907, we received for tags $25,742.50. i Food Control Work.—During the years 1906-1907, 1,420 samples of food have been taken from the various markets and submitted to analysis. Five hundred and fifty-nine samples were found to be adulterated. WVe reported four hundred and » seventy cases to the various Commonwealth’ s Attorneys and two hundred and sixty·eight convictions were secured, while one hundred and fifty-three eases are still pending. Convictions V were obtained for selling spirit vinegar as apple vinegar; cat- sups containing benzoic acid and anilin dyes; baking powders containing alum without being so labeled; French peas colored with copper; fruits colored with poisonous coal-tar dyes; arti- fieial flavoring extracts; mince meats adulterated withyglucose and antiseptics; sausages containing boracic acid and artificial- · ly colored; raspberry preserves containing apple stock, glucose and artificial coloring; black pepperiadulterated with olive pits; - soda fountain syrups containing artificial coloring and benzoic acid; milks containing formaldehyde and boracic acid; milks produced from cows kept in filthy barns, and unhygienic milk . kept in unclean refrigerators and depots; oleomargarine soldas butter. Special attention has been given to milk. A thorough inspection of the milk supply of Louisville, Covington and New- port has been made. Eighty convictions were obtained in i V Louisville for feeding distillery slop to cows and keeping them l in filthy stables. Each of the defendants was fined $100.00 and a jail sentence of fifty days, the- latter being suspended pending a promise to cease feeding distillery slop. ` ‘ Feecl Control lVork.—The work up to 1908 has been largely educational. Special attention has been given to impressing the feeding stuffs trade with the fact that the matter of nutrients in feeding stuffs is the all important question to the consumer. . ln this connection twelvecircnlar letters have been sent out from time to time for the purpose of distributing information concerning the value of feeding stuffs and familiarizing the trade with the law, and nearly four thousand letters have been written concerning different question arising under the opera- tion of the law. Up to December 31, 1907, three hundred and eighty·onel samples of feed stuffs have been collected from stocks of different feeds on the market by our inspectors. These

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