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Item 1 of GLSO News, June 1989

Part of Pride Community Services Organization publications

JUNE 1989 @ L5 (36 S Free at Selected Business Locations Home Delivery at $5 per year LEXINGTON GAY/LESBIAN SERVICES ORGANIZATION, P.0. BOX 11ll71, LEXINGTON, KY 110575 _ GAY PRIDE '89 IN LEXINGTON Lexington's plans for Gay Pride '89, coinciding with the twentieth anniversary of the Stonewall Riots which mark the beginning of the modern gay and lesbian freedom movement, have changed considerably from those announced in last month's issue of GLSO News. The final schedule for the week is: Monday June 12 GLSO Forum/Elections, 8:00 pm at Comprehensive Care Center. Free. Tuesday June 13 Bowling Night, 8:30 pm at Joyland Lanes Wednesday June 111 Safe Sex Presentation, Conference Room B at the new Lexington Public Library. Presented by AVOL. Free. . Thursday June 15 Bar Night. Special offerings from the bars to be announced. Friday June 16 8:00 pm. Pizza and Movies, at the Unitarian Universalist Church, $3 donation Saturday June 17 1:00 pm. Picnic, at Jacobson Park, way out Richmond Road. Look for signs announcing the Mary" Family Reunion. Free. Speaker, Greg Fischer, Member of the Board of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. Location to be announced. Free. Sunday June 18 10:30 am. Interweaves Annual Service, "A Celebration of our Journey, Unitarian Universalist Church. Free. 7:00 pm. Arts Night, at ArtsPlace. Free. Attention all "art types" people: the Lexington gay pride committee is searching for interested people to display their art work (pottery, paintings, photography, or anything else you can think of) and/or themselves for Arts Night." On Sunday, June 18, from 7 to 9 pm at ArtsPlace on North Mill, the Pride Committee will present Arts Night, and we need you to help make it happen. If you or anyone you know, sing, dance, or do anything else that may be deemed "art" by others, please have them call Teresa at 252-3106. Last year's Art Night was a huge success and we would really love to repeat that this year. So come "out" and don't be shy. Last year's picnic, the now annual reunion of the "Mary" Family, proved what we all already know: We are Everywhere! Members of the Mary" Family came from all over Kentucky, and even from outside the state. One of the identifying traits of the "Mary" Clan is that its members, aside from being gay, all put their family name first, much like the ancient Chinese tradition. Consequently, at first impression some people who attended might even have been mistaken for nuns! (Mary Catherine, Mary" Mary, Mary Joseph, etc., etc.), Though in each of our cases they weren't... At any rate, during the course of the afternoon, more than 200 people from Central and Eastern Kentucky rambled in and out of the picnic, bringing food and games with them, and ate, dozed in the sun, played volleyball and Gay Trivia and frisbee and softball, and had a lot of fun. Greg Fischer, the Pride Week '89 Speaker, should provide an interesting perspective on the present state of the gay and lesbian movement across the country. A resident of Nashville, Mr. Fischer is one of those rare examples of just what the religious right fear most: a former fundamentalist preacher who gave up that life to be his gay self. Mr. Fischer was recently elected to the Board of NGLTF, and comes with rave reviews from Sue Hyde (Ms. Hyde is familiar to Central Kentucky's gay men and lesbians, having appeared in Lexington as the Pride Week 87 Speaker and more recently during the Symposium on Gay Equality held by the Unitarian Universalist Church). All of the details have not been finalized for Bar Night and the Speaker from the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. Look for more details to be announced in a mailing in early June. J

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