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Item 79 of University of Kentucky Graduate School Bulletin, 1971-1972

Part of University of Kentucky Graduate School course catalogs

SGOICh 01 Intermediate Field Studies, (3) relation to environmental factors. Prereq: GEO 255 or permission ' n intensive study of a particular geographic area with such specic Of instructor. 1efhodo|tills as lling in a base map and observing and recording data for . , t] O Geograp composmon and report. May be repeated once. 542 POllllCdl Geography. (3) I A study of politico-geographic phenomena in their 1 V70, 6809er Cartography. . . - (3) such as the analysis of boundaries, geographical patterns zziltidgnftiii course in the construction and Interpretation of maps, Prereq: the application of governmental authority, the political viability of E0151. silate EntSI'andl the spatial (territorial) variations and interrelation- . s ips 0 p0 itica activities and systems. . 20 Geography of the United States and Canada. ( 3) m Geogllallrlgllgllliczeilohi 32:? gel the cfulumia ecordonhiCUand dplSYSical 550 Geography of Natural Resources and i u areas 0 ana a an t e nite t t eo ra hudtng Hawaii and Alaska. 8 es: Resource Development Problems. (3) g 9 pl A study of the distribution and management of particular resources, 22 Geography of Kentucky. (3) :zgurce development problems in specic regions, estimation of study of how the people of Kentucky adjust themselves t th . urce aValtiblltty, tools for determining economic efciency, the f re ' (tuition, surface, climate, and other natural resources of their at te ll: uenlce 0f msmullmnal contraints 0f resource development, and QUll'e ereq: One geography course. 5 ae. 6 ,roe 0f peICeption and attitudes in decision making related to )grcphicttt man 5 use of natural resources. Prereq: GEO 255. 3] method'4 Regional Geography of Latin America. (3) 551 Climatolo htnstudy of CfouSntriels and geographic regions of Mexico, Central A study of the eleiznts a d t l f l (3) erica, an out Ame . . P z n con ro s o c imate and of Id 1' geograp . rica rereq One geography 0011156. patterns. Prereq: GEO 151 or consent of instructor. War 0 imatic 56 Regional Geography of Europe. (3) 560 I d - geographstlidy of Western Europes major geographic regions, climate, soil, . . 11 ependent Work In GeOgraphy' (3) S (S-X ll rrain, mineral, and biotic factors. Population problems, economic Individual. research involving SUCh problems as: (a) Materials and | Ouiustments, and political Signicance of resources. Prereq: One mEthOdS m teaching geography; (b) the Historical Evolution Of :ireer Obtggraphy course. G;cagraph(y;) (ct)h map reading and interpretation; ((1) special area . . s les; 9 0 er topics may be elected by consent of instructor. ,I' in 96098 Regional Geography of ASld. (3) ailhi: retpeated once. Prereq: Major and a standing of 3.0 in the t l tegional study of the countries of Asia including European U.S.S.R., P en . imen 0 09m, Japan, and India. Role of the Orient in the international hing (3tdscape. Prereq: One geography course. 601 Advanced Field Stadies- (3) .4 I ' - ,0 Geo - Field Study and preparation of a report which shall include both telllgencer . lgraphy Of South A810. (3) manuscript and graphic material. This eld study will be based upon CJl WOIl( thegmna study of India, Pakistan, and the Himalayan Kingdoms the work done m the eld 0f GEO 530 but will be carried themphaml on politico-geographic, and socio-economic problems forward to include the more difcult problems of preparation of iity or Reg 9. countries m the region. Prereq: GEO 151 152, or 255, or graphic material, map composition, and manuscript preparation, such , sent of Instructor. :Egteirsfagibe used in thesis preparation and publication. Prereq' , 7, or 548 and 530 for Geo ra h st d t 2 Geography Of Southeast Asia 3 instructor for students offering eld expeieilfcey inualllilzadslilbjcezgssleudlf tud f . . . ( ) as Geology. May be repeated once. 5 thesis lt Ghllnathte StillutheastthASiadregion (between India-Pakistan to the . , .. o e nor ; an Australia to the south) focusing on ant Cl nonspgtltttcso-geographic, socio-economic, and resource potential prob- 605 Applied CthOgraphy (3) . uctor countries. Prereq: GEO 151 152' or 255, or consent of An analysis of cartographic presentation including mapping of areal nltted dept: . - relationships, and studies of the ways in which designs and scales of . . maps'can in uence t e portrayal of geographical patterns and as- :l and COM Regional Geography of Australia and the socmt'ons' Pacic Island SI 3 a o . tudy 0f the ECOEIaDhic problems and adjustments of the col 125 610 Seminar In Theoretlcal GeOgraphy' (3) Countries of the Pacic area. Reference to the strate ian f A systematic review of the theoretical nature and character of geo- one foreighe location. Prereq: One geography course g aure graphic patterns. with the use of mathematics. Application of t tke - geotneltry,lptimarily tolpology, to prove the geographic concept of no 0 5 , . spa ia re ation, spatia arrangements and spatial processes. Three i, h; Regional Geography of Afnca, (3) class hours per week. Prereq: MA 521 or equivalent. L below lentil; 0f Africatas a complete continent and not as an example of l to demd Scullsemirlieglelgggghcy; as a series of geographic regions. Prereq: 625 Regional Theory. (3) y. t'f absll) The concept of regional structure and its application to geographic l I IC Geography of Urban Areas (3) probleirlis, models, Itinkages, circulation and regions. Methods of 'ltud f _ - . . regiona researc an analysis in geography. Prere : GEO 255 or art of lllS y 0 the location and growth of Cities and urban areas in equivalent, or consent of the instructor. q 77 - 4. ll .md 9

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