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Item 37 of University of Kentucky Graduate School Bulletin, 1971-1972

Part of University of Kentucky Graduate School course catalogs

ltUTlwork simplication analysis of specific farm jobs and incentive search. Applicable to problems of agricultural production and market- ant plans for encouraging economic use of farm labor, are studied. ing. Prereq: Senior standing and consent of instructor. f 1: or concur: AEC 310. rim? 580 Specral Problems in Agricultural Economics. (1-3) nwnen'; Directed independent study of a selected problem. Prereq: Approval 31.3 in] PRODUCTION ECONOMICS of instructor and chairman of department. Production Economics. (3) 590 Introduction to Mathematical Economics, (3) omic analysis of agricultural production. A theoretical treatment A review 0f mathematical PI-0.3 to economic theory. Models varioud and capital returns, costs and related functions of agricultural applicable to PTOdUChOD, marketmg and pricing problems. Prereq: , mmhlction at an elementary level. Prereq: AEC 310. MA 114; ECO 361- (Same as ECO 590-) ctor. . . Advanced Production Economics I . (3) 645 Natural Resource Economics. ( 3) dvanced treatment of production economics with emphasis on Economic analysis of resource utilization and development with em- IONOMe product and factor price situations, factor demand functions, phasis on natural resources. Discussion of criteria for public invest- ple product production, and poly-periodic production theory. merit, welfare economics, benefit-cost analysis and cost-effectiveness as q: AEC 520 or equivalent and MA 113 or ECO 590. Elggegggo natural resources. Prereq: ECO 361 and MA 113 or gricultui - , mt and Advanced Production Economics II. (3) . . . itinuation of s20 with emphasis on production function estimation, 660 Research Methods in Agricultural Economics. (3) gate. production and supply relations, fantor dlstnbutlon theories An analytical examination of research methods and techniques used Xlgil-ciiaaliEESwftoli :gugulml poliCies and programs. Prereq: AEC in agricultural economics. Prereq: Approval of instructor. :ctingl ' 661 P . . . rogramming Models in Agricultural s conm eal est: . AGRICULTURAL PRICES AND FINANCE Economics' (_3) A study of some programming models useful in Agricultural Economics; - - includes an examination of the structure of the models themselves, Agricultural and F arm Finance' (3) economic interpretation of their components and their use in research :iencyi needs of agriculture; problems connected with farm and in agricultural economics. Prereq: Consent of instructor. :ure. pt agency nancing; organization and operation of agricultural agemes' Prereq: ECO 260 AEC 310' 690 Mathematical Economics-Macro Theory. (3) ' ' Selected aggregative models treated mathematically. Emphasis on Agricultural'Przces. . _ _ (3) maximization problems for linear systems. Leontief input-output behavxor of agricultural Products lncludmg Simply-price relation- models. Prereq: MA 113, ECO 360 or equivalent. (Same as ECO 788.) iness and their relation to the general price level. Prereq: ECO 260. , . 691 Econometrics II. (3) bl Advanced Agricultural PTlCeS. (3) The application of statistical methods to problems of economic D] 1031 StUdY 0f agricultural price behavior by the application of analysis. Building and measuring relationships among economic vari- itemmic theory and statistical analysis. Prereq: Approval Of in- ables. Econometric models of the economy as a whole and of in- O 5015'- dividual sectors. Prereq: ECO 692 or equivalent. (Same as ECO 792.) :q: Pa 768 ReSidence Credit for Masters Degree. ( 0) ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT May be repeated once. (1-6 credits equivalence.) IS. - - 7 0 snout: Agriculture and Economic Development. (3) L69 Reszdenge Elfin: forl $9 1% .OCtOTF 1D egree. ( ) vpoint *tical consideration of role of agriculture in economic develop- ay be repeate m e m ey. ( - cre Its equiva ence.) in relation to over-all development strategy at various stages of h. Theoretical and policy issues of particular relevance to the ' ' ' lltural development in underdeveloped agrarian economies with 770 AgnCUltura! Economic 'Semmars. . (0) fan! resource, social, political and economic systems. Prereq: Analysxs of economic problems which affect agriculture. May be re- 1g 475 or approval of instructor. (Same as ECO 674.) peated three times. ' 780 Special Problems in Agricultural Economics. (3) ' iENERAL AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS COURSES Open to graduate students who have the necessary training and raluing ability to conduct research on a selected problem. Prereq: Approval 0zrnd introduction Of Research Methods in of chairman of department. May be repeated for a total of nine credits. igricultural Economics. ( 3) of agricultural economics research areas, methods of initiating, griculmg and conducting research projects, nancing agricultural re- E 35

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