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Image 6 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 30, 1937

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Best Copy Available il THE KENTUCKY KERNEL Page Two '37 OLD KENTUCKIAN REVIEWED AS BOOK'S DEBUT TIME APPROACHES "Dead men tell no tales." but old Kentucklana certainly da And probably twenty years henre, glance through the blue backed 37 Kentucklan which will moke Its appearance in ft few weeks will reveal m many tales of th campus life of today as ft hurried trip through ft 1917 yearbook tells about the life twenty years ago. That old edition shows that our University of Kentucky was considered extremely modern. Only that year It celebrated Jts golden Jubilee on October 13 and 14. Rnd It must have been ft ga.lft festival from the description In that quaint annual. The celebration was such an event that graduates came from far and wide to gather at their beloved Alma Mater. Mr, twenty yertrs ago they were proud of the accomplishments attained by their school. Why, there were twelve buildings Instead of the dormitory, classroom buildings and home of the Commandant which the campus originally contained when the school was established In 1866 as the Agricultural end Mechanical College of Kentucky! There were even 1.300 students enrolled In the ten distinct courses offered I Lexington enjoyed the festivities, including the mammoth downtown Before the Vanderbllt-Kentuck- y game, the townspeople flocked to the campus to see Stoll Field dedicated "In Honor of Richard C. Stoll, Alumnus, Trustee and Benefactor of the University of Everyone was happy. Kentucky." Including the freshmen, who finally succeeded In dragging the sophomores through Icy Clifton Pond In parade. Court Rigors Of Collcffiate Tennis Explained worm run ahlnlnff rinvn iinnn small gallery and closely-packe- d A tnitt.hnHtrftl nlatf rniirt of racquets meeting the ball that Is suddenly checkea, men resumea n A Mint u mrrrtt hv nne contender. Continual dread least the opponent . place a ban out oi your rau-.n-- Reniiit nhiivinn to the audience. That is a collegiate tennis match. Not requiring bulk ana sirengrn of football, tennis demands a steady hand, an alert mind, speed, and stamina required by no other sport with the possiDie exception ui no- An. mint irnn his mind on the game, and try to his opponent, wno must ire rescu ed as superior ny me cievei A out-sm- art qw- w t, - When ine games ni.rri.wii a k. on on Into matches on with the hot sun beating down ine same the players' heads at real picture time, then you have ft of what tennis is like. A tennis .. match takes as mucn out u. average individual as any other JTeS the spori, not omy w"" of nervous system when the lare the hart Daxea cuurm unmshed tickets. Afternoon classes were at a standstill. All because the collegians could not prove themselves Immune to the wicked allure of Kernel and. the University of Kentucky nearly went under. It drew every unlver-slto- ut from classroom to cash-roo- m with Its glittery promise of filthy lucre. Student forums never drew half the college crowd that the track did In one day, which Is a sad commentary on something or other. Try mentioning the word "Kecne-lnn- d" to your neighbor next hour. Try it now, If you want to, but be prepared for one of two phenomena: either your victim will smile and call down a perfervld blessing on the payful ponies, or he will emit ft hollow groan and fold up Some, before your very eyes. thinking of vanished greenbacks may beand hocked shirt studs, come violent with you. The remedy for this reaction is to say in your most cheerful voice, "Better luck next time!" Thank gosh the thing is over, before we have had to mortgage one of our dear relatives to raise in shares in money for Now every Keeneland Equestrian. one Is swearing off betting, calling u iiav It uniinds like this: "How'd you come out on ine races?" April Although Inclement weather has knocked them out of several of these days of practice, the Blue and White golfers are in the best condition that they have been in all year. The 'Cats will enter this match as the underdogs, but are determined to prove the dopesters are wrong by sending the Cincinnati boys back home on the short end of the score. nose-marg- one-thi- rd hs Black cancer of the eye, frequentreferred to as "the killer," has been robbed of at least half lis deadllness because one of Its two types can now be readily identified and removed. Dr. Elbert DeCoursey, assistant United of pathology. professor States Army Medical School, WashIs a graduate of characteristics. ington, D. C., who the University in the class of '24. a member of Delta Tau Delta social Patronise Kernel Advertiser fraternity, and president of the Washington, D. C, University of Kentucky Alumni club, so reported ,:".,"T'". ", to his colleagues In cancer work at the closing sessions of the American Association for the Study of Neoplastic Diseases, held in Jeanes hospital. Fox Chase. Doctor DeCoursey, a captain In the Army Medical Corps, and assistant curator of the Army Medical Museum, described the technique of Identification and diagnosis of this type of eye cancer to nearly 100 pathologists, surgeons, and radiologists assembled there from all over the country. rr be ' " ;V;.V; position. "What races?" "Keeneland, dunderhead." h that T had lust succeeded in forgetting all about It. I didn't come out. Fainted, after the last ten bucks. Never, never again for me. Ill take up unusual acbut. condition, nevertheless, of the counts for about, tumors of the eye and about of one per cent of all eye trouble, he pointed out. It. Is called "the killer" because It, shoots Its mallgnent cells almost, directly to the liver, then spreads through the body. The young captain's report was an extension of the work of Col. Oeorge R. Callendcr, of the Medical Corps, U. 8. A., who made the first discovery of the Identifying ly the one which plays Cincinnati and Dayton, today and tomorrow. Jack Monney Is expected to be at the post with Bain Smith playing 'number two man. Captain Robert Thaxton Is rated as number three, while Bill Adams should retain his place at number four art Is, for- tunately, a comparatively Identifies Germ Of Black Cancer Friday night after this match the Kentucky team will leave for Dayton, Ohio, where they will be the guests of the University of Dayton on Saturday. The Wildcat entertain little hope of defeating this team as the Dayton team Is rated as one of the best Intercollegiate golfer teams in the country. Playing on the enemy's course, the Kentucky team will consider It a victory if they give the Ohio team a close battle. The same team which has played In all early meets will probably Black cancer, pigmented, Former Student .i : reproductions of American palnt-Inwill remain on display at the Art Center until May 20, It was yesterday. The block announced prints are by Frank Long, painter of the Browsing Room murals, and the facsimile color reproductions are the fourth In ft series of American paintings to be shown this year. cs FROFS ATTENDING MEETING Dr. Thomas D. Clark and Robert O. Lunde, of the department of history, are attending the Mississippi Valley Historical association, which Is In session April 29 to May 1 In St. Louis, Mo. i'M'iv j" ""I'-- f mi folk-danci- ng COLLEGE INN (Newly Decorated) ' 207 EAST MAIN STREET tug-of-w- Migrate, ' Cleaned and Pressed SUITS COATS CINCY DRESSES The University golf team will meet the University of Cincinnati divot diggers this afternoon on the Ashland golf course in its first home match of the season. Having lost their first two starts on foreign courses to the University of Tenessee and Washington University of St. Louis, the Wildcats are out to show that they can do much better than this on their home course. Since their last meet they have had nearly two weeks in which to prep for the Bearcats. UWI CLEANING QUALITY WILL Classes Resume were Included. Five of the sororities and nine of the fraternities now on the campus By DON IRVINE were in existence then. However, number of clubs, the there were "How'd you do on that last one?" most amusing being "The National "I don't know. My horse hasn't Order of the Jilted Brethren." come In yet!" This organization, whose motto was '"Safety First," had among its "I thought you had lab mis aitofficers the Grand Scribe and ernoon." Finance-he- r, Chairman of Old Maid "Onlv In theory. What are you Committee, Breach of Promise Ar- going to do on the next one?' bitrator, Night Watchman in the "Well, I think Burp wouia mane Gardens and Chief Consoler. Their closing ode is still modern: a good place bet." r.rastv? WhV he Ara van "Here's to the fellow who has a girl has never seen any mud before, much less tried to motivate in u. And has her all alone He won't get in before Labor Day. For many a boob has another Right now a boy's best friend is boob's girl his mudder!" When he thinks he has his own." And so it went The campus-spendNow, twenty years later, we are were parimutuel-malooking forward to our new Ken- tuckian. It will record the increases They wandered to their morning in buildings and enrollment, but classes with a racing form under what queer tales will It tell to the one arm, an uncracked book under the other, and their pockets full of students of 57? rxniRiT ox display The exhibit of block prints and TRY OUR SOUTHERN COOKING Cyin "Aren't you going to the trots in tennis as in any other great sport, it takes real men to play the May?" Tilden, i. tttv' - after "What trots?" crame, buuu year "Here in town." and Vines staying in . "Sm when are thev? Mavbe I These men are uci,. more vear iZZ n nd have the family fortune." nc ....... most - cases are can win back arouna me iiuie na5 ine Around ana stamina and in larger than trie average mu ..uthat go, and where they come in noft body knows. prove in itself Glancing through the remainder which shiuld champions. tennis is a real sport of of the annual, It is obvious that the Ideas of the book's makeup have UKY GOLF TEAM not changed to any great extent. Campus Penniless, The same groups of pictures, humPonies or, feature, scandal and beauty MEET sec-tio- ns 30, 1937 r iim nil I YOUR LAUNDRY HOME AND RETURN 50c WEEKLY by nation wide Railway Express. Swift, safe, sure. Enjoyed by thousands in hundreds of colleges, at low economical cost. Remember, prompt pick-u- p and delivery, always without extra charge, in all cities and principal towns. For immediate and college year service, phone th nearest office of Railway Express Felt Hats Cleaned, Blocked 25c Suits Pressed 25c Free Call and Delivery Service 132-- fhone Street Limestone South 4 -- Ashland Lexington, Ky. 14 Ashland 1778 Railway Express STATE CLEANERS Corner At High and S. Lime II w in AtiKNt'Y, INC. 6836 NATION-WID- R E AI AIR L SERVICE ers d. Boss, you sfio do seem unperturbed by the t because I W V If rjJ Suit is dinned .5 second off the world's in- - 1- sty of door - Chicago, clothes jf i j I H V BEING LIKE V Q To the world you are an unusually man. Your friends will of the smartness of your clothes, speak y reply, and you'll "What clothes?" before you remember you're wearing Palm Beach. well-dress- absent-mindedl- Q It's tailored as stylishly as suits costing many times as much. And its patented fabric resists wrinkles and repels dirt, so that your pressing and cleaning bills are surprisingly low. u W- 'iki I ' if fa- - ? ,V f - ty J I ' ' .? V,' X Jk1 f ' .' :I SjL" ' 2 t " 1 w til ymk f , ' jf p jfimF ? m0V. lp )f ' ii J A1 ' T '. M ' 1 i B ;j - William Barret, speaking: "I get in a lot of Camel smoking during the day. When I begin to feel below par. it n,. for a Camel and, ha, in- vigorating 'lift' n energy." v' V "' -l mi i "'si ' I ?VvJk i ",? t X " ; tive, "I ff f:, jTf yt A j ; men and women g en-ba- : jT$ XdJ g light up Camels to renew their vim and energy to add more joyment to mealtimes and to ease strain and tension, j 2 CJr ys? ' '''ITnS'I ' A - record-breakin- Il ; 1 tV SURVEYOR quarters world in one afternoon," Ray continues. "That's the time I put on my supreme effort. Afterwards Camel helped me pull myself to--j gether-hel- ped me change over from being tired to feeling full of IP- - And that night I ate heartily and digested my meal as well as ever. This convinced me 100 on the value of en ingCamels,fordigesrion'ssake.' In every line of endeavor-ac-stra- in," I , , i .A -, 1"! f f I 1 v ;MV ;s ? pj ' " f ,Jf l (Vi iA :? " I I Ji "Please add me to the ath-letes who get a 'lift' with Ellinwood a Camel"-R- ay i . i- f' M 4 ..- v, T .:! j ? breaking the world's record twice the same dayl That takes stamina and endurance of high order. JUST IMAGINE ' I h ?rOr WJ'i 1 1 't4p r f 1 J'l jf V I i 14 ; . hi I () 4vl. -; . HZ? Lm-.?- ; ; I ? V ' , 1 ". J jfJ unleashes almost eiploLe power. And keeps driving! S 1 a) 1 FIRST FEW IN THE x m energy, buck, up 0FL I 0" 1 j ! I U;W V get e, exam-tim- ,ire.fv" , I JJ jf V 3 tiCM r ) flT EASY to ' f'H$$I J I J if W W T U t"'4 right), pubUc I stenographer. "Yes, it's ft I she says, "but no I matter how tired I get, 1 l I K :whf0.Im gives , $ Camel brings smoking my energy. Although I smoke a lot, Camels never jangle my nerves." ! mr.monghwe,?fh 1 EVERY HOUR'S A BUSY ONE for attractive Claire i relay team. Ray's start enables him jump into the lead at the crack of the gun. fi'-:- lfA-- S,A-- an. chor man on the says Bob Sommerville (left), college senior. 1 A't'tlt "7 1 f'Y ' v!iAkS $ I ,'VltVfi l tigued at J$( S if m '' TAf' HE DUPLICATED the feat 20 min- utes later as an- - if fsf ' i tt'i "ITS liVs. X CLOTHED IN AIR f 3 tti If X ' Jt at all mf 440-y.r- d as no V h dash record in h.s first college meet S j as cool V sensational track staroftheUniver- - ri i I' 4 hi 440 Yd. Dashes in One Day! g rsf RAY ELLINWOOD, HV Ji If my Palm Beach y Record-Smashin- r7vB Thai's r heat-- r Ran 2 ml JW V - k J - - L&ft Q Your favorite clothier is showing a stack of fresh weaves and patterns that will win scores of new Palm Beach fans. mixtures which See the darker-ton- e look like imported worsteds. Get yours now while selections are at their best. il lo $1 FSftM tHl BliiUTtl GOODALL COMPANY .75 CINCINNATI i vTi' ROCKEFELLER, JR., MRS. 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