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Image 2 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 30, 1937

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Best Copy THE KENTUCKY KERNEL Page Two OF Xntm4 u Iht Fm4 OVIm at Liinton, Kentucky, M b4 Mia natwr nndr lha Act M atarcn I, Hit. -- A mmMf of tht Major Oolltf Fultctlon, iprMnM4 til Lrxmtloa An., Mrw York City, It Orin, Ohwto; Call Buildint. San rraneuoa; Ml Bit, Lm AniM, loo BcoMd An., Saatua. J. Morrw Hill Co. ft. clean. KkM wao4 COMPLETE CAMPUS COVERAGE Editor-in-Chie- J. B. Ftulconer Sports tdilor Assistant Sports tdilor BPOHT8 WRITEH8 Robrt Rankin Loult Haynra Matk Hughrt Society Editor Eleanor Randolph rEATUHB WRITERS Marjorla Ririfer Lealta Let Jones Donald Irvine Alice Wood Bauejr ASSISTANT Sidney Buckley NEWS EDITORS Cliff Bliaw ADVERTISING! BTAPT Tom Reef L. Allen Heine TEXe phones: 136. Business, i response to The Second Step INKernel's request for a thorough investiIn Honorary gation of all honor-arieCleanup the Association of Women Students has signified its intention to assume responsibility for an inquiry into women's organizations. The investigation, as far as women's organizations are concerned, is now in the proper hands. It is gratifying to note further, that in a conference with Laban Jackson, president of the Men's Student Council, The Kernel editors were assured that the Council will take the question of men's honoraries under consideration. The entire investigation will then be in capable and proper hands. Since an unprejudiced report is assured, may it be repeated that it should not be the purpose of the committees to eliminate all honoraries? That there exist such honoraries doing constructive work is evident. Scholastic honoraries requiring high standing and supremacy in competition justify their existence. All other organizations carrying on projects of benefit either to their members or the University are noteworthy. But organizations whose purpose it is to swell national treasuries, and whose activities consist of two meetings a year one to pledge, and one to initiate have no place on the cams, pus. the intention of The Kernel, through reports of these committees, to record and publicize the internal structure of each of these honis oraries. The results will be tabulated and published with comment as to the true value of these l Let's Keep T: with Jane Levi, guest columnist Cottage e p. m." SPEAK1XG IN SUPERLATIVES: Love "Darling, I didn't look at another boy all day yesterday." Fright "She said that he said he knew a guy who saw me kiss his fraternity brother." Stupidity She thinks that all she needs to get along is her looks and the adoration in her eyes and if you don't agree you're die ultimate in DON'T LOOK N'OIV, BUT -- Thai mans here again, meaning your wandering eye in search of the answer to the sixth question is not going unnoticed by the prof. News, I a, m. to 4 p. m, Univ. a. m. to 4 p. m., Univ. 74. HERE SHALL THE KERNEL ALL STUDENT RIGHTS MAINTAIN It We were resurrected upon further Investigation of the board. Bob Davis "Call Judy at Canary Courage "I told him he'd have to choose between her and me." Self denial "I can't go to the dance with you. I promised him I wouldn't go out while he's away." Orace Bllvernian Andrew Eckdahl Lillian Oainea Webb Lolt Iglehart Mary Chrlettan Irving Danaiger Jtnu Treadway Cuttiiv Up The Campus stupidity. Tom Humble REPORTERS Martha Moore Jean McElroy Loll Campbell Irvine landlord KERLF.K Definitive evidence of the Death of the Jazs Age was scratched on Klncald bulletin board. "Charlotte says Tom Bpragens for you to bring a bottle of olives tomorrow night." By GEORGE e Executive Board f Ross J. CHtPtxttF Managing Editor Raymond T. Lathrem A ews Editor Malcolm Pa iterson Associate Editor George II. Kerler Business Manager Alfred Vocel Tom W atkins Marvin Gay The Uice Of the People . Lexington Board at Oomiwf Mucky luwroailagiata FrM AMoelttloa A. Ornithologists Go To Botanical Gardens 'To Study kets. THE KENTUCKY KERNEL OFFICIAL MCWSFAm OF TUX TUDCIfTS THB LHIVKRSITY OF KXHTOCBY And so throughout the cniirc campus, in buildings and on the grass of the campus itself, waste is in evidence. It cannot be asMimcd that nicmbcis of this University do not piide themselves on the beauty of the campus. It is one of the most beautiful in the South. Let us show our piide, and keep our campus Friday, April 30, 1937 is nothing irritating to officials of our Our Campus University, and to a Clean great many students, as a squalid environment. We are not living in poverty and misery, yet from frequent observations of the campus, it is difficult to decipher the minds of both faculty and students when they throw waste paper, candy wrappers, chewing gum, and cigarette stubs, on territory which they themselves like to see neat and clean. What more noteworthy example need we, when it becomes necessary for President McVey to stoop and pick up waste paper and throw it in the proper recepticle, as he walks across the campus? The Commons' floor is scarred with cigarette burns burns which are difficult to remove. The post office is filled with paper, when baskets where refuse can be placed are in evidence. The book store is littered with candy wrappers, when they can easily be thrown into waste bas APRIL SENSATIONS: That feeling that your shoes aren't the usual battleships but the whole blamed ocean. And speaking of feet, she wondered why he called her Greta. When you open your mouth to speak and April slips right in and takes your breath away. Looking forward to the close of school with a strange mixture of feelings. e First Indication of the Rawlins-Murphe- y collapse occurred a week ago tonight at some typical Sigma-ku- y Mabel Peyton and Mr. Rawlins escaped the baying crowd and hurried Into the darkened hallway. Peyton wanted to test what Murphey has been praising. Murf had followed. She was a most Interested spectator. No, Bet-ty- e was not the slightest annoyed. g. e By LESLIE I KE JONES Six o'clock in the morning and fiftjwn different mm had MpnMflprl species of birds within one hour. The velvet carpet of grass, wet by a ateariv rain durlna the nlcht. bit through the soles of our shoes. Overhead an unruincd pay sky prophesied a day without sun, but tin mrm Iramivil nn through the gardens, the Botanical Gardens of the University, subject or mucn conversation and moonlit romances. For two weeks the obstreperous cry of birds had disturbed early morning sleeping, so with a student In the ornithology class, I ventured out into the slowly falling mist at 5 o'clock yesterday morning to learn more about these Northwestern resigned because thst publication's board of publications ordered him to print a statement by the university president and forbade Mm to make an answer to it. SURE! Meet You I ll The editor of the West Tennessee 8Ute Teachers' College Tiger Rag has been dismissed for criticizing food In the college cafeteria. at (he Phoenix Drug The recent fire at Brown University destroyed the notes William L. Kuble was going to use In writing his senior thesis. He had spent a year In gathering the material. Phoenix Hotel Block feathery creatures. Flying high overhead and calling forth peculiar noises, such as, "tchack," the purple grackle seemed no less than a miniature airplane circling to land. This bird, con- oml- uj wucicu litf mrat nnf.rtnrit.iefl of thology one of the most destructive of our birds, has a range over all the Eastern United States. In this Treading quietly at first morning abode of the birds, we soon began to walk naturally, because our the birds seemed unaware of most From the top presence. another, branches of one tree to sparrows the drab colored English bird flitted by. Closely kin to this rap-Id- ly is the chipping sparrow, who chants "chip, chip, chip," for several seconds, and Is peculiarly marked with a black line on either side of the eye. From the eaves of o of old White hall came the (Continued on Page Three) -A After going through much red tape Edgar Mctcalf was placed on Stanley Liz Clay's schedule last Friday. Metcalf, the loon, napped Friday afternoon and woke up near Repentance was exmidnight. pressed by gardenias. Credit Phlsig Edgar Boone with a spring pinning. Sue Wines Is her name. Both musicians. Let's hear If you two can stay in harmony. Dudley Murphy gives assurance of his fervor for Alfazee Gladys Royce. That diamond ring on her finger is the result plea, of Dud's last ln coo-co- Billy Splcer leaves town so Midge Wheeler helps Sue Swinford keep Dave Rogan from courting anyone else. Why don't things like this happen? Just keep In mind all that follows is untrue. Emotion spellbinder No. 1 Lois King, has signed a Warner Brothers five year contract and Is scheduled to begin Hollywood work this summer in her first starring role. She will romance opposite Shipwreck Kelly and Ned Sparks In an extravaganza called "Limestone Follies of 1938"... Based on their winnings at Keeneland, the Trydelts have blueprints and con- Spijinq On Other Campi An anonymous contribution from Adrain College: "Going around with women keeps me young. I started going with them four years ago when I was a freshman and I'm still a freshman." SAY IT WITH FLOWERS With special permission of the copyright owners, the florists of America, the smart young Miss is wearing this message over all the land. You want a flowered print for your next dress. Have you been into MANGEL'S as yet and looked them over? Aren't they simply too, too grand? Lush flower bouquets, fairly large white designs on dark backgrounds, bold, splashy flowers, actual photographic object patterns. Sbort sleeved. ' pcinaling. And such fun ! 3 THINGS WE COULD DO WITHOUT DEPARTMENT: The "Committee for the PreserTerm papers that have to be 2,000 words long. vation of Tradition" at St. Mary's proclaimed recently that 0 University Term papers that you haven't written yet. struction contracts ready for a and any be built somewhere shaves, haircuts, baths civilization castle to Term papers that are due tomorrow. (Next to the other similar marks of campus. near the outlawed during exam Sigma Nu house, plis)... Collegians would be Term papers that you get D on. The Com- week. will stop complaining. Term papers. mons will start serving beer next 130,-00- LOOK! That tiling that just turned over in- to your drawer was the ash tray.' DO YOU REMEMBER: When you believed that everything your parents told you was true? When you believed in being a good boy or girl and minding your teachers? When you believed the boy who called you his one and only? When you believed? "Americans adore me, though I have insulted them for their own good as long as I have been writing." A modest statement from England's George Bernard Shaw to the University of North Carolina's Prof. Archibald Henderson. "Alice in Wonderland," Lewis Carroll's famous book, is described by Dr. Paul Schilder, phychiatrist, as being full of "oral sadistic trends of cannibalism." .. m If a potential Methuselah were given the signment of drinking eight glasses of water daily from the new varsity swimming pool at Ohio State University, he would consume all the water, 219,160 gallons, in 1,200 years. as- Because of the mounting death toll in traffic accidents, motorists in Portland, Oregon, have formed a Kick Me Club. If any member is seen by any other member breaking a city traffic regulation, the offender will be subject to hearty kicks by the entire club personnel. Up above 15,000 feet, drinks double their kick. With no drinks at all, the mind forgets little things at the moment. "Immediate" memory slows down, and "drinks" last for hours, reported Dr. R. A. McFarland to the American Association for the Advancement of Science at a meeting in Atlantic City. His studies were made with the international high altitude expedition of Harvard University in Chili last year at J Monday. How about ginger ale? ...A squad of righteous women led by Virginia Robinson carrying automatic and battle axe Invaded four fraternity tenements last night and broke up secret meetings of Are plotting student communists. you sure they weren't crap games? "Babe" Ruth is ...George Herman scheduled for our next convocation. He will orate on the "Sensual reactions of a home run"... The Baptist Student Union will boycott the library because copies of Voltaire's "Candide" and Lewis's "Elmer Gentry" have been discovered leering from the shelves. All we wanted was a reason to boycott the library... Gamble Dick plans to leave for Chicago next week where he will take up the associate editorship of the Daily Racing Form. If the lambs keep multiplying, he might take Frances Woods along as the only girl turf commentator in the nation... Patty Field Van Meter and Dot Hillenmeyer will wrestle in the final match at WoodDick Chauvet will land Tuesday. referee. Winner take all. The girls will fight evenly this week-endAfter graduation Theo Nadelsteln leaves for the Tahiti Tom-To(complete jungle coverage) on which she will be employed as the She plans also to Wnchellette. write an expose of the college boy beachcombing racket ... Franklin Dryden goes to the editorial columns of Salt Lake City's "Pulpit Bomb" . . .The Date of the annual 6AE Dice Tournament has been changed to May from May 15-Sour Mash sales will pass the 3,000 mark this month. What, again? ...Happy, healthful, bouncing Tom Watklns has gone on a handshaking strike. (Hooray!)... Bill Harper and Velma Hardesty have legally linked by a rural pastor... Casa Loma and Benny Goodman have been employed for the Senior Prom. What, no Garth House? ... Guig- .. Complete standard equipment for all work Street Th nt.hlpt.ic revenue of the Uni versity of Mlchjgan for the past IS years amounts to $7,032,676.43. in Kt.ill lpnriine men in wntnon scholarship. A survey at the University of Wisconsin shows that the women did the best work in cnemi-cengineering and medicine, but the men led in Journalism. al A Harvard zoologist risked his llfrt tr enter his burninir house to rescue a set of corrected examina tion papers. A new "entrance-exi- t" ITS A PLEASURE TO SIT ONE OUT!! Vi'C , r - course in matrimony has been added to the Utah State Agricultural College curriculum. "Marriage and Divorce" is the name of the study. might Smoking In moderation have a beneficial effect, says Dr. Arthur Blnz, professor chemistry at the University of Berlin. Cora-min- e, a derivative of tobacco nicotine, stimulates the heart. A West Virginia University stati- stician with a "hydraulic complex" has calculated that all of the institution's buildings use about gallons of water monthly. g" Skiing is the most sport at Harvard University. In the annual report of the department of hygiene it was found that skllers suffered the most injuries. The football men had no serious injuries. "body-bruisin- The editorial chairman of the Daily University Northwestern nol's next will be the unpurified (uncensored) presentation of "Tobacco Road" with Cholly Mades In the lead . . .Remember! All that you have read since the first warning is a lie... Take it, Satan, it's too tuff fer me. YEAH, MAN If "sitting one out" includes" "TS your best girl and your best , m smoke . . . LITTLE FENDRICH the cigar enPANETELAS dorsed by thousands of young men the country over . . . that comes in one size and one flavor every time . . . always fresh . . always a PLEASURE!! .. Look Your Best "23 0 to 20.000 feet. Phoenix Hotel Barber Shop 210 W. Main LlTTHl rvn Spring sets hearts athrill and admiring glances start roBe ready for thce dances, dates and drives. mances. Grace and charm and loveliness can be yours . . , your hair, your nails, your skin need the attention of our skilled beauticians. Let us show you the way to admiration and mi J PA NE T E LA S Experienced Barbers and Manicurists Hair Cut 40 Cents All other service at popular prioet Patronage of Faculty and Student Body of the University is Solicited J. T. SHUCK, Manager For Appointments Call 3198 The Southern Girl Beauty Salon NEXT DOOR TO TAVERN Little Fendrich the Delightful Smoko Always Fresh At OPERATORS Ulss Ruth Miss Taylor Mr. Louis Dunn's Drug Store Fayette Cigar Store Maxwell and Lime 161 Hart's Drug Store 1M W. Mala Wart Mala

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