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Image 4 of Daily commonwealth (Frankfort, Ky.), February 5, 1858

Part of Daily commonwealth (Frankfort, Ky.)

r PUBLIC TO THE M WIIEELUU ASUFACTUKI FALL k WINTEi; CLOTiiiMi ouroitice and u the ALSO Agents fur Uio WILLIAF ANT'lC MX EN COMPA NY'S PATENT FINISH 1'HREAD. c in innse wiio liave used it Tin tlir.t i.l n ir mi. i to bo superior to Co. it's for hand sewing. For Sewing Machines this thread isLtio bout und only thread tliateau give satisfaction. Wo nave also lor sale a supply of Sewing Machine IVES, WUEKLEK IVist. Oilico overT. Bradley 4c Co.'s Hardware More, Main street, Lexington, Ky. TP Orders for Machines will be received by Mrs. LYONS, at lier Fancy Store, St. Clair street, Franklort, Ky. Also instruction given in their use lo those who purchase. Setii Whkklkr. Philo L. Ives. Rep. 500 Agents Wanted! A 10. FOIL HOMESTEAD THIRD DIVISION. $310,000 Worth of Farms and Building I E.1 i'' ti. 1 Corner of a 31 SUPPLY u n u o 1; 11 1 E i Li 1 AL.I, K1NUS, AND Ky. OF fk'ankfoi: r AMI tli ' untM rind at my esLiblihou-i.l- , of Mcnano liov- -' desirable j v and Furnishing partment. An examination of my stock is rospecll'ully solicited, as I am contideut tiiat any one in want ol" ltress Coal. and every Pants, Overcoats. Vests, Sliirt-- , Di a the artikind of wearing apparel, cannot fail of among m stock. cle lo suit C 1 A HLKS II. GM I7, of On nenner co'.nn, vir in ii.a rinld Corner Main & St. Clair Sis., Frankfort. subseritiers on K'mia, In oe divided anions"' HI,-Oct. 1G, IS57-tl... Till of ileeeniber. 1H.V7. S u bscn tit o IIS Olllv eil Hol lar,; down, or Filteen Dollars, one half down, the rest on liuil-dindelivery of the Dkbd. Every subscriber will set a $.,-000.- g NG ANNI, " Lot ora Farm, ranging in value from $11) to These Farmland Lola are sold so cheap to induce OK T11H settlements, a sutlicient numberbeing reserved, the the value of which will compensate for the UM N apparent low price now asked. Upwards of 1H.0 lots uro already sold and a company of settlers, called "The Kappahanock Pioneer Association," is now forming and Can be obtained in all its variety at Dr. MILLS' Drug Store. will soon commence a settlement. Ample security will be given for Lhe faithful performance of contracts and iu dillerent parts promises. Nearly 4,,tHH acres of land, Pomade. of Virginia, now at command an will be sold to settlers A beautiful article lor the hair, at at from $1 up to $;tin) per acre. Unquestionable lilies Dr. MILLS' Drug Store. coopers, farwill in all cases beiriveu. Wood-cuttermers, Ate., are wanted; and .00 agents to obtain subscribSachels, ers, to whom the most liberal inducements will be givper To lay ill drawers and perfume clothing, at en. Some agents write that tiiey are making llr. M ILLS' Jlrug Store. month. For full particulars, subscriptions, agencies, np F It A ETEIl IP AL E P E II STORE, lost-011le- SH1KTS, I10S1KKY, lr A KM KNTS, ULOVKS, CKAVATS, UM HKKLLAS, . ccc, Kver exhibited tntnis city. My Gpodshave been selected with ;reat care, and at prices which will enable me to sell :i 'ain as cheaj', or cheaper man an v omer nouse in tne ci! . My stock of 1HY. CLOl'HINOr was'uever ecellc!. and invite the special alti'nlion of parents lo this de Frangipanni Charter Perpetual. Incorpornied IStO. JASII CAPITA L7K;Kl.l)0i).()()0 AND UN AUSOI.L'TE SURPLUS, WITH THE FRESTIOE OF 3S PAI HK1I! I.M 11. $422,162 YCOTH' SI. CCKS3 & KXTERIENCK. II. 7.. PRATT, ROUT. HI KM., . Rri.KKLKY, D. II L LY K , joski'II fiit'Rcn v.Ki, F'LOWKU, K. k. o. niri.KY, DAVIS, SAM'r, TI'DOR, l. Tl'TTI.K. R. MATllKR, . A. DUNHAM, T. A. Al.KXANDKR W. KF.KNEY, RAISARD. OFFICKIfS. T. A. ALKXAXDim, G. RIPL :Y, Vice Presidentident. THOS. K. BRACE, Jr., Sec y. J. B. BENNETT, SSURKS DANGERS FHANKFOuT. KY. Gen'l Agent. AGAINST OF THE FIRE, AND I1ANGEU. ;illi'iilio lo husi merit a rominuance branches of my trade: t and by doing good work, the saitie in the following HOUSE l'AJATJA(J; Fini-he- d Paint- All kinds of Zinc, White and KnameU-ins, Wall, Ceiling and all kinds ot plain House and Kool 'painting done in the most durable manner. Mix ed paints alwaysforsale- All kinds Gill, Fancy and Plain Signs; also, Signs neatly painted on Glass, or Transparent Clot h for Show- w indows; Irunksand Umbrellas marked at snon no tice. AM NOW KKCE1VLNG A (groceries, Vc, consisting of 100 bbls Salt; 4 hhds N. O. OFFU'i'. , GWIN UWhN CHOlCli SUPPLY OF Sugar, 6 bids Crushed huar; bbls Granulated Sugar, 4 bbls Pulverized Sugar; Hio, Java, and haguira Cofl'ee; irgiuia, Missouri and Kentucky Tobacco; Moias?es and S rups, in bbls., 4 & a bbls; .Mackerel, Mos. 1, 2 and 3; Starch in 10, au and 40 ft boxes; German, Kossin and Toilet Soap; leira, uf 1 Champagne- Wine; Port, French brandy, and Old bouroon Whisk) ; .lugd, Milk Crocks and Jars; Stone Glass Fruil Jars, pinlsand quarts; Starand Suinuier Mould Taihiw Candles; Nutmegs, and Ground Cinnamon; Spi e, Pepper, Ginger, race and ground; Cayenne Pepper, Pepper Sauce; Pino Apple V inegar; TomaLoe and Mushroom Catchup; Soda, Cream Tartar, and Yeast Powders; Picklus, Fresh Peaches and Pine Apples; Nails, all kinds and sizes; Buckets, Tubs and Churns; Olive Oil, Lam and Linseed Oil; Turpentine and W hite Lead. S UAKIAV.AKbs l UHh. Aent. To. the Citizens of Frankfort and Sur rounding Country: Counl;,SS. iateo Kkntl k, Statement respecting the allairs ol the .Acams AM THAMvFUL or t la or, and hope by A press coun.. ui, made to to an act ol I; SIGN PAINTING Tonus Four Montbs. All accounts due on llio 1st Janu ary, Ihi May, and 1st September. (i DIRKCTOHS. nRU'F. SR. I. PAPiill G. W. OWEN, Tt GKOCERY AND CO.M.MloSlON Urowir. UuiMiu, opposite the UOOQS, & pa-- AT vicimiy wili laslmmable Clothing to , AG RIG (J L T U UAL IMPLEMENTS, and V. Chnr llTmiNS PAINTER CHOICE MiliK.i CHARLES 3. GETZ'S, Ladies of Lexin: glon wiucii lr evceplionwo oiarc r ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY. 0. BM1TA H. 1S57. 1S57. A COMV A N V 7 would respc Clfullv invite the If ami adjoining towns, to call at .Uaelitues, i iid the above solo agents of Kentucky, wuii the Ch.0bf.3r ENLARGED CAPITAL & WILSON XG K Aug. 31, If. INSURANCE STOCK ELEGANT OF WOODS & MARBLES, IMITATIONS Mahoganv, Maple, Walnut, Kosewnod, Oak, and nil kinds ol Staining and Imitations of all kinds of Marble, in the best manner. GLAZING Of every description, suen as Sashes for Houses, and Green Houses, bedded in Putty. All kinds of Stained md Frosted Glass furnished and Glazed in the viry best stle. PAP Eli 11 A G 1 N G. Everv kind of Paueled, Match, Plain or Ornamental Paper Hanging; Testers and Fire Screens neatly paper ed. June 24.157 lv. HOWARD ASSOCIATION PHILADELPHIA. A Benevolent institution established by special endow ment. for the relief oj lhe sick and distressed, with Pirulcnt. and Epidemic diseases. such mO all ncrsons attiicted Sexual S P K K M AT i K K H ( K A . SEMINAL WEAKNESS, 1M POTENCK, G O N O K i ; H UC A , GLEET, SV PHI LIS, the I liUSE,&c,&c. Vice of ONANISM, orSELF-The HOWARD ASSOCIATION, in view of the awful pur.-ua- t. tne islature ot Kentucky, entllletl, 'Jin act concerning Companies'' and numbered ol , declaring said companies lo lie common carriers, anu prov itting ior thesate! ol articles entrusted lo meircaie. "1 lie business ot s,:id company is conducted by nine Managers, whose mil names and roper places ol resi dence are as follow viz: WM. II. DLN.MuKE, New York,N. EDWARDS S. S A N FOR J L Philadelphia, Pa. Md. SAMUEL M. SllOEM A Kr.i;, Pa. GEORGE W. CA.sS, IW press Mass. JAMES M. THO.MI'SON. Conn. CLAPP SP(ONER, JOHNSTON LIVINGSTON, New York, N. Y. JOHN" P.INGHAM, Philadelphia, Pa. KUFUS ii. KINSLEY, Newport, H. I. "The persons interested as cent i.t que trust are the stockholders of said Company, who change from da; to lay, and of m hom it is impossible to make an accurate statement. owing to the lrequenc ol uch changes. "The amouni of Capital etnploved in the business oi siiid Company, in the Slate ot Kentucky is. as nearly sum can be ascertained, ten thousand dollars. "A nd we, the subscribers, lhe managers above named, lo hereby agree lhal legal process served upon any an count), hab thorized agent of said Company, in be deemed and taken as good service upon said Loin pany and ourselves. In Witness whereof, we have hereto subscribed our hands this Hh day of April, A. D. Wm. 11. Dinsmork, E. S. SiNFoiiD, S. M. SllOKMAKiai, Giio. W.Cass, L.S. 14 " Kifi's J as- M Kinsley, Thompson, 1! . C'HIM' PtlONKR, John Kinuiiam, L.S.J " ' " J. Livingston, "Sttite of Penni ijlcama. Le it remembered, that on the eleventh day of April. IKib, before me came George W . Cas, President of the Adams Express Company, and made oath that the foregoing statement, signed h him, istrue according to the best of his knowledge and belief. kG. W. CASS, pres't. , "City of Pittsbirg. County of Al'leg-h- n j . L.S. ' v State of Pennsylvania: Ce it remembered, that on the eleventh day of April, D. A. before me,('h. McClure Has, a commissioner in the Stale of Pennslvania for the State of Kentucky, duly authorized and commissioned b the Governor ol Kentucky, and under the lawslhereol, as such lo take acknowledgments of deeds, Ac, lo be i.scd or recorded thereon, personall) came George W. Cass, who being duly sworn according to law, says that the foregoing statement within istrue to the best o his know ledge and beliel, and assuch sworn and subscribed before me. In testimony whereof. have hereunto set my hand and atiixed my otlicial seal the da .ind ;ear aforesaid. destruction of human life, caused bv Sexual diseases. and the deceptions practised upon the unfortunate vie PERILS OF INLAND NAVIGATION. tims of such diseases by Unacks, several jears ago di Frangipanni their Consultiiig'Surgeoii, as a C HA KIT A CLI' AT .IS l.IttF.RJtl. Rur.F.S JI.VD RATES jJS risks 6i Co's Cutting Coxes and Corn Cut reeled worthy Miller, Wing-alof their name, to onen a Dispensary for ACT OF FOR SOLVENCY ASSUMED PERMIT ters. the treatment of this clas- of diseases, in all iheir lories, A. YD FAIR PROFIT. Miiiin & Co'sStriiw Cutters and Corn Shelters. andtogiye MEDICAL ADVICE GRATIS, lo all who W heat F'ans. E. BAUDKK, Hauiborouirh Apply to condition, by letter, wilh a Toilet Mirrors, Port Royal, Caroline CO., Va Garrett & Column's Steel Stubbie Plows, Nos. 5,0, apply oct'tipatiou, habits description .) of their cases ol ex(age, of life, (Vf and in Of fine Plate Glass and Mahogany traines., at ESPECIAL ATTENTION PAID TO and 7. Sept 14 Id. treme poverty, to FURNISH MEDICINES FKEE OF Drug Store. Dr. MILLS' I do not s Keapers, Mowers and Insurance of Dwellings, Farm Proper threshers, alwa) amkeep in store several inanulueturing CHARGE. Ills needless to add lha ithe Association but for highest .Medical skill of the age, and and Contents. ty, The Best Assortment establishments and can get Uiem for any person waul commands the mo.-- : approved modern treatment. CI I. Mi t.lAJJlL M.A i will furnish the ing them on short notice, anu will sell lliem tie re at Of tine Fancy Articles of evcrv kind: Snaps, Brustie PATENT GRAIN Com. for Kentucl, u in Pennsylvania.' Such insured for periods ol 3 lo years on the most The Directors, ot. a review of the past, leel assured factory prices with the freight added. Combs, Pomades, Extracts, Cologne:,. Pc rlu inery , at wouldrespeclfullycalliliciUenliniiof voralile terms. that their labors in his sphere of benevolent ellort, have T ATi OK KkNTI'I KY, SP. Aug. H, JH.(7. Llr. MIU' Drue; Store. THIitibscribcr Oct. ?, 1H57 ll. been of great benefit to the alllicted. especially to the 1, Alexander H. Rennick, clerk otTho Franklin Coun Farinersol Kentucky to witnessnn young, and they have resolved to devote themselves, tv Coun in the State aforesaid, do teslit) that the torgo- operation of jit-li- ul and Promptly Looses r.iuitably Ail i AH with renewed zeal, to this very important but mucn AN AND ing is a true and complete copy taken rom the original, LANDS, CHILD'S PATENT ORAIK SEPARATOR, cause. thTsday tiled in my Olhce, andthal G. W. Owkn is the Paid. Sow on exhibition atlhe Prank lor I Hotel. Kyi Is comJust Published by the Association, a Report on Spergent ol said com pan) . FOIl FUHFKITLIEK. bined action o I Wast, Scree n ,and Suction .it effectually matorrhoea, or Seminal Weakness, the Vice of OnanIn witness wiiereot. i nave hereto seiiny name as The following lauds will be forfeited t the Stale ol rom " in nt. ( witiiout bursting the ball,) clean sei wheat'" ism, Masturbation or and other Diseases ol Clerk, this Hith day April, lOii. if the lax LOSSES PAID, $10,437,312 84. cheat, cockle, chad. dirt. cVc. . anil thus re mle rins the Kentuck, on Lite loin da ol Fubruar), the Sexual Organs. ty the Consulting Surgeon, which pure. Orders are loliciteil for both t's, interest and co.--l due tnereon is mil aid on or be CRAIK, WILLIAM whealclean anil will besenlbv mail, (inn sealed letler envelope.) FREE April in, ti. lore the oale aloreaid, vi.: Milland Kami .Machine". OF CHRAGE on receipt of TWO STAMPS for posttel. Clair Street, If wealth . Willi astcadvand oroinnt attention to a lo- Ol.posilc the loat-olllcW. K. SMITH. No. I'.hi BeiitHii .wearinger, (part of acres.) HiA Ian tf age. L'itiinate Insurance luisiu'css. and the execution of con acres, Ureeu county, hast cork ol Little Barren; lax Address, for Report or treatment, Dr. GEORGE R. LOUISVILLE & EiiAiN'KFOivT FRANKFORT, KY , faith, have inducements with tne iiuonc in tracts in us. lor ij; amount, $J Oj. CALHOUN. Comulting Surgeon, Howard Association, 11 E ! llieii- iiTL.Icrwriler we refer thelll tor test of W m. No, Christian Kobertson, tbb j HA V 1NO puixuased No. 2 South Ninth Street, Philadelphia, Pa. . .U LKl.UTO. AM) FHAKFOH T of unalil and our claims to their i.alronae. lo records Roberts county, lliglilaud creek, aureyed, CLAnfw ol KNIGHT ly order ol the in rectors pa- -t services, tendering llicir continuance with increas-; taxes, amoui I, .4 1,1. 11 A I L 11 their entire stock ol A D S. EZRA D. HEAKTWELL, President-Geoahllit) and lacillties in fillure. Christian No. j"0 W ia. Koberison, ir'Xii 'V' :( Marble M o n u in e n Is, Faiiu itii,i, Secretary. OF FRENCH, ENGLISH AND DRESDEN CHINA. Highland creek, surveyed. V in. KuberUoii 1 wilicou- i TouiLrS,Ve., Sept. 0, vSctwl. ';'. atuouni, A.'i IlLNlNG.J'ea, Breakfast, ami Toilet Sets; Bohemian. laves, lra4-j-- ii linue lo iiuisli lo order U,C,.MAY BEEF' l French, lielirian, and American Glass Ware; Iron acres, l hii.-liaNo. jbl Win. KobertMiii. CHOICE FIRST CLASS INDEMNITY Moiiuineiit,'i,oblt:ii, FECIi-.l- l 'U UTTIInur DELAY, Willi THIS Stone, China, ami Common Earthenware; llritatna county, Traduwaier, surve) ed, in. Koberlson; laves, Tombs, (iead-stoiics- , lti."4-j-- b; W AND A lil.E CORPORA i'- - i Cemetery Winter Arrangement for 1857-- 8. Ware, Lamp", Girandoles, YVaitorsand Trays. aniouiil, iosi, I'tt- t No. riTci Win. lioberlson, J(il) acres, Henderson coun-TIO.N, THROUGH '.S.Liia eveivinmg in me laves. , Highland creek, surveyed, U in. ivubei'tson; IVORY & COMMON CUTLERY, OR, THE VTK, Ascnt, H. TRAINS DAILY SUNDAY: THKEE PASSENGER amount, .1 4. Castors, Forks, Spoons, Baskets, lr 'T Marble line, at shori Frankfort, Ky. Double Silvar-plateOct. 15, :lm. EXCEFIEU. No. Uv;fi; 'z! jnolice an in tho verj in. Koberlson, Jij() acres, Henderson coun. Waiters, Salts, Tea Sets, &c,&c. will bo sold at Aionday, Nov. Ulli, Ifj, 1 rain.t will run a and alter 1 ty. Highland creek, surv eyed, Win. Kobcrtson; taxes oesL style. have UNfollows: lo.i4-.j-- b; 15AATK11X COST PKICK, amount, $1 sccureu tne aei iiumsi JOHN S. UVE IS THE AUTHOR, F 1 Ft 1 F 1 11 Filial' TK A N leaves Louisville at :2jOTidock .a. u:. No. oob in. ivouerison, LJ0O acre's. Highland creek Asownersare willing: to make change in business. one Ol the best ol de- arnvus at Lexingtor. I at all All Dip above mentioned roods are of the newest and surveved, Win. Koberlson; laxes, anion in signers ana carversin Wlio bus bud 10 years exierii:uce as u Hunker and 8topiinr p. m. regularstalions and at 12: lo connecting at .inincnce wuu stages ior latostStyles and Patterns, manufactured expressly for 61 ftmusber, ninl Aulnor ul . Newcastle; at Frankforl with sl;iges for J.awrenceimrg, No. Win. KobcitsoivJuu acres, Henderson coun. thorn. pledge ui sell lo gel up house-koepoai Ky calling respectfully the attention of Highland creek, surveeU, Win. Kobertson; taxes. 05 A series of Lectures at the Broadway Salvisa. Hard insvis lie, Danville, and Versailles; belter w ork hail has lrC4-j-- b; fa; nes with stagt-- lor Georgetown; and at Lexington amount, .1 4J. and merchants, we are sureuiai we w m gi u ever been limshed in with Covington and Lexington Railroad, for Paris, Fallahernucle, Win. lioburlson, Jou acres, Heiidersm coun No. Ufaction. Frank lo r i , and at AND MERCHANDIZE mouth, Covington and Alavsville, and with stages for ,rpOrdersfrom the country punctually and correctly tv, iligliland creek, surveyed, Win. Kobert:on; laxes BUILDINGS ""good as can Uelinish- Winchester, Alt. Sterling, Owings ille, Hkhmond, IrWben,for 1(1 successive nighu, over attended lo. amount 81 4J. :edelaewhere . INSURED AGAINST A. JAriUr.n CI vine, Nk'holasville, Danville, Lancaster, Crab Orchard, No. bKi Win. Kttbei'lson, 2ttl) acres. Hemlerson coun -Call and see. 3 Stanford, London, Harboui sville, and all points South. 50,000 Nos. 110 and P21 , fourth street, .Mozart Hall, Louisville, ty, Highland creek, surveyed, Win. Koberlson; laxes Chicago, 111. Kelurniiig, tins tram leaves Lexington at 2'.Ao p. m., BY lK4-.-- b; Ky., and No. 23.1, Lake Street, LOSS OH DAMAGE union lit, 5 4g stopping al all regular stations, and arrives at Louisville No. ie4 v in. Kooei lson, 100 acres, Henderson cou n Jan. 2, IKi tf. Greeted biin with Rounds of Anlilause, while &c. Iron Kailing, Verandahs, ly, H.ghland creek, entered, surveyea and patented he exhibited Hie manlier in which CouiilerleilerB at .Ml o clovk, p. m., connecting oy siage atrujnea iK for Georgetown, and at Emineme for Newcastle and l liavo luo i; gruulvuriely ofdojigns amount Johu Christian; laxes, execiiletheir Frauds.and the Surest and Losses Liberally Adjusted and Promptly villiuriiiiiliii ui'j work uL luiiuulucluryrsaLjirioe ijuop, am . Shelbyville, und at Louisville with Jeflersonville and No. tyro VV in. Koberlson, Utl acres, Henderson coun .Shortest Means ol Detecting tlieln! Paul. i Ii.LiA.U CKA1K. Kail roads ior M. l.ouis, lairo, New A loan; ami ty. Highland creek, entered, surveed ami tiatented b it. . 1.".j4-j-- o; The Bank Note Engravers all say that he is and all points North, West and South. Jan. 1 j, InjO. l ioluau C01 . Joiin christian; laxes, amouni , .ShCUAl) 1 KaiJi leaves L.ouisvuie at .:jimi cioi No. per Money living: in. Kobei Ison, lilt acres, ilende soii coun the greatest Judge of stojiping at Hobb's and Smith's Stations, Lagrange, JAMES II. WATSON, ty , H ighlalid creek, entered, surveyed and patented uy .0 SAMUKL's all stations east of Lagrange, and arrives al Lexiug-toatnount si 4 J. Joliu Christian; taxes, JrvH-i-- ii; KEATEST Dl.SCOV iatY of The and al 7 o'clock, p. in.; connecting at Eminence by At the Auditors 0;!u c, is Aenl foi the following Coin U in. Koberlson, JUU acres, Henderson No. vcci L 1 b M K JN T. jh to A NL leiyu'S stage for Shelby vilie and Newcastle. Returning, this ..aiiui. luUy''d iy M;itt- - J.i ,,.( I'rescnt tfntury for counts. Highland ereek, eulered, ,uryuotl U with the law in relation lo Insurance i CN ii 1 rtA.'d tL ,liAitbfc;R NI Hair I'KtsstR, is Hap train leaves Lexington at 5:j0 clock , u. in., stopping amtiuiu 51 4 J. ed bv John Christian; taxes, 1j4-j-- j; J.1. PS to i u! or in iu Otiices, viz: rienda and l he public lha t he n and at jon coun Counterfeit Bank Notes at all stations east of Lagrange Lagrange, Smith's and Detecting Win. Koberlson, l7o acres, tlenuei No. fp arriving at Hobb's stations only, west of again esf.ablish.eUi n com ion able ana commodious rooms, l , Highland creek, entered, sun eyed and patented by The Quaker Citv Insurance Cimii nany of Describing Every Genuine liill in Existence. Louisville at IU:3." o'clock, a. m.; in close conneclioi nl4-j-- b; SijO.UOO aud read1 Lo auund lo all wnu ma giveniin u cull, n l u. Philadelphia, capital amouiu, rhileuiou Richards; laxes new csiablisiimeu l is luliie building o ILol. Hoilges,on and Eshibittn at a glance every Counterbv JetlerMinville and New Albai:) und Salem Railroad No. cr'J W m. Koberlson, job acres, Henderson eoun State Fire:ind .Marine lusu ranee LDinpa- With Indianapolis, Terre Haute. V incennes, Evansvillo feit in Circulation M. t,l air aire el . ilo so lie i Is public patronage, all tl no pes ii ol iV'imsv Ivauia. capital ly, Highland creek, entered, surve cd and patented b; Chicago, St. Louis, Jeflcrson City, Keokuk, liurlington, ha I ins old luiidsandeUslomors especially , w ho patron am'i, 5 W. Koberlson, assignee; taxes, lr.t-j-- b; The Fanners Union Insurance Company Arraiifred so admirably, that REFERENCE Rock Galena, Dubuque, and all the principal ized In m be lore the late are , will now Und t ho ir way No. MH. W in. Koberlson. llJ acres, Henderson coun Pennsylvania, capital ot EA.SYaud DETECTION INSTANTANEOUS. HEMING & ftTJIN, ack to his shop. towns Wes ai:d South. ty , Highland creek, entered by li. Kodes; taxes, IVoria Marine and Fire insurance Loin. by . constantly on haml a tine assortment of March -- ,1c S 500,000 -- 0: amou l,r3 cents. TRAIN p.m, capital THIRD accommodation Leaves Louisville JPr'No Index lo examine! No pasres lo hunt KEEP any k'iml of Curriiigu maile to onler anil of No. Jo. Walk in 5 heirs, ooO acres, L.vingst. at i o'clock, p. in., stopping at all stations, and arrivA imriion of tho business of Frankfort and vicinity up! but so siuiplilied and arranged, lhal lhe .Me he best material. We have purchased the sole right ol (now C ilienden) counly, lJaroo,uet creek, enteieU by res ul v solicited. I'olicies issued at reasonabl Lagrange ut.1:4U o'clock, p. m. Returning leaves ing at chant, Uankerand Business Mun can see alt For Sale Cheap. lr04-."-- b; ainitunt, ."jiJ hj. Lagrange at 7:,h o'clock, a. in., stopping at all stations at a Glance. Sejit.0, ldj? If. Coupling, Everett's Patent Anderson, Lincoln and C.Cook; laxes, ii. Marke, UU acres, ijogan coumV rates. No. IjiSrt Kobt. and arrives at Louisville at J o'clock, a. m. cuuiauiiu 270 ACHES, situated on the of Franklin, by for tho counties 11 river, t ruuole counly, l ., nearly opposite Freight trains leave Louisville and Lexington every Tradew'ir, entered, surveyed and alented Garrard. Lindsey; laxes, lc04-5-- b; amount, $ PJ i'.i. Hanover college, Ind. morning, daily, Sundavs excepted. NEW YO K ma English, French and German. X. ti. We would call the attention of purchasers to No. liiKi Win. Lockwotd, biHi acres, Christian coun Fare is about 4 cents per mile, and a discount of nearsaid Ian n comprises nit I and bottom land of lhe best amount, $ lit bJ, our Sprins assortment of Carriages. ly i ty, Cumberland river; laves, clear, is well COMPANY quality, about IO) ACRES hewn log housecalculated KM ThuF.acli may read 1the Hanie in liU own Thepur eenl. isallowed fortickets. lino of splendid All work made by us warranted for one year. GUU acres Livingston iiVSUiUNOl W . W. Dickinson, Kentucky Stage Company's No. with out jry lor stock raising; has u good Aalive unfile, April "2, 1Ho5 tf. coaches connect uaily (Sundays excepted) with this counly, fa roquet or Hurricane creek, entered bunduiirs. amount, S3 '. Cook: taxes. If .j road. Its elmiolo situation with "egard to good markets and I' a in j l.ngof the Board of D.iectors, at Frankfort u .ilosl I'rrfcct ilmiA Sole List i'ualislii-No. i14-est, makes it one of the Tickets are sold at Louisville to all of the interior Fhllio Mauiruter, 1,U0U acres, Military one of lue best scnooia in tne no DENTAL SURGERY, late Insurancj Comiany, on Sat- most desirable farms on the Ohio river. tow ns of the Slate, and tickets from those places uro lark's Kuu, entered, surveyed and patented b A. IV ioi lhe New i ork .March, Also a Listof if.t day of urday, lrvb, tne following resolu to. sold to Louisville and all Western and Northwestern amount, Kucker; taxes, Ip04-o-For mrther particulars address the owner JOHN HAMBLETON, M. D. L3 BY E. G. lion was unanimously adonted i idball, UW.i;i acres, HenNo. cities. LLvti ldj7 tiw t and Directors of the .M Aug. 31, , .uaoison, inu. llie undersigned, IJiinkers in America. Omnibus litu-- will be in waiting at either end of All tlie Pi derson cm nly. Highland creek, entered, sun ej cd and Company have e.vauiiued tlie report and exhibits oi amount, line to convey passengers and their baggage. taxes, Iri-by Jolin patented anineler; A Complete Summary of tho Finance of Flu the New York Lde Insurance Company for the For an; further information, please call at the R. F. HARRISON 44. H. F. SMITH. acres, South side of year, e in bracimr a full statement of its atfairs, assets, tVc. Depot, in Louisville, corner of Jefferson ami Uro ok. No. '237-ROl'K & AM&Rici will Ue published ill each edi James Dougherty, tothe 1st o J aiuiar , lr.'b, and being satislied with the at amount, Green river; laxes, l.H-o-tion, toiretherwiih all the Important NEW S OF streets; and in Lexington, Pho-ni-the ollice of the Kentucky by asc TcetliwiU bodirected Hotel. Stage Company, opposite No. SWTii W m. Wells, J01 acres. South side Green perfect sound condition of the Company, cordially UISoDerationsonthe both of Surgery and .Medicine; u io i ne oiicou ragenient and support ol the THE DAY. Also A SEKIESOF TALES T. W. SF1LLMAN, amount, .1 4. river; taxes, lf04-o-- i; . b rom lode coiiimuinl . io.-e-s thisbeing the only safe gulden, uniform success General Ticket Agent, Louisville. From an Old Manuscript found in the East. No. 3ii;r Hunler' heirs, l.Ut.O acres, .Marshall COIiXEK FOUKTU ANU JEFKEHSON, tothe pa"11 commenced its ope ration s twelve years ago, with FRANK W EAVER, this he is enabled to operate with lar less painthe work- counly, Tennessee river, near llaydock's Ferry; laxes, It furnishes lhe Most Complete History of warranted; S."b,0mi, which has accumulated to S l.b.V.l.ullH ti.',, princiTicket Agent, Lexington. tient void of danger. All workCalls will bethanktully lfj4-5-- 0; amount, $11 4b. LOLISVILLU, KY. pal!) invested in state stocks, and in bonds and mort11 row n, of Indiana, 400 acres, U nioit will show for itself. SAMUEL GILL. manship No. il'i'.i James OlIIESTAL LIFE. b; amouni, Sb 4. gages, believed to be undoubtedly iood . Supt. L. tfc F. and F. oz L. R. R. Nov 6, 1P57. ,,.., received. Proprietor. counly, Cypress creek; laxes, H. "Witknowof no mode of inventing money more profDescribing the Most Perpluxin: Positions in at nis resiuemo u ...... No. 3174 James Brown, of ud iana, .oo acres. Unare mutual for the insured, and J. W. REYNOLDS, which the Ladies and Gentlemen of that Country am'l, 3 4J. itably. Tiio jiroliis ion county, Cypress creek; laxes, lr."4-5-- b; AND SALEM Clerks. have'averaged not less than thirty per cent, annually K. O' 11 A N.N O.N, have beeusoollen lound. These Stories will con- NEW ALBANY No. HI 75 James Brown, of Indiana, iiVo' acres, buion April 15, 1837 tf. tinue throughout lltx whole year, and will prove amount, SI 'A. on the premium paid.'1 BOOK BINDING. county, Cypress creek; taxes, C. S. MOREHEAD, President. the Most Entertaining ever ollered to the luo No. 3JW C. 11. Matthews, N. J. M. Smith, and U . A. C Keenon informs his R. C. WIN EKSMITH, lie. friends and former customers, Corprew, l,lJU0 acres, Union counly, Ohio river; taxes, EM D. 11. TAYLOR, 14. regained his health, amount, S that having Furnished Weekly to Subscribers only, at THOS.S. PAGE, No. 3014 Alben Kussell, alt acres, part of ,()(;() acres, he has purchased back from A. A. G. HODGES, tetters must be addressed to FRANKKORT, KY. esq $1 a year. G.Hodges the Bindery sold to Union countv, Tradewater, entered, surveyed and CHARLES G. PHYTH1AN. cents amount, Lisbdi Marks: taxes, lf54-5-- G; him in November last, and will Short Line Route to the North & West. DAVID MERIWETHER, Proprietor. Directors. JOHN S. DYE, Broker, his whole attention to its No. 347 Sarah J..Mitchell, one lot in .cou me. eive ainounl, 50 i.i. management. Ho respectfully solicits a continuance ol Allen county, No. 05; taxes, ir5.t-4--- b; Proprietor, 70 Wall StreetNew PnliHsherand ELEVENTH ANNUAL REHORT. Through to riiicago iu 15 Hours, establishment. D. li. Cargll, lou acres, unn es cmuui , a. . No. 324.-well known HOTEL tho the patronage herelolore exlendedio the with KFCOKD York. HAVING taken this aiii.iuui, .h vn. Amount wfassels 1st January, 1S."5, Through to Ht. Louis in 11 hours. qr. of sei8, t. 5, r. 1, e; taxes, yfp'cLbKKS will be furnished solicits the patronage of thetravelins w 1y. 1837 .l ay Through to Cairo iu 20 hours. No. 3J4'.I any pattern, and of the very besiquali amuel Arnoio, ioo acres, (.naves lotiini, Amount of receipts for premiums, inter- BOOKS ruled to public, e.specially the custom of his old friends while Janua- amount s. w.qr. sec. 7, t. 2, r. l,e; laxes, lc'S'J lo ty of paper. proprietor of the Frankfort Hotel. He hopes from his ry, lH.h, sarsif'C 14 his lontr experience in the business of rrj BLANK BOOKS of every description, manufac- 'ISo. Kunaway Committed. Connections made with all Western Jload for IHSHURSEMEN'IS. Samuel Arnold, Hit) acres, G raves county, well known reputation as a caterer to tho tastes of his tured at short notice, to order, on reasonable terms. La j HAKLAN COURT HOUSE, Paid losses by death, interest on dividends, any part of A. w. qr. sec. 35, t.'. r. ii, e; laxes, 13'Jlo 150; amount, Bindery at the old stand, over Harlan's j quests, a sincere desire to please and accommodate, and TrP November ilth, T7, l'J ,lM47-773- -tf expenses and all other Franklort,Jul 31 WISCONSIN, IOWA, MISILLINOIS, .MICHIGAN, Office . WAS committed to the jail of Harlan l5ti,M5 95 by close- application to business to merit and receive No. :W52 John White, 500 acres, Ohio county, patent mo seat oi uovernment. SOURI, KANSAS, &c, iVc. THEl'.E n' v . .m the 4lh insl., a man as a . the patronage oi visitors io acre survey ot ur- ed 17th June, 17114, adjoinsan Frankfort, Mav 15, W7 tf. LOCUST HILL ALEXANDER PINN;'(-runawav,'who'calls himself $l,bj!i,bt)H 05 inclusive; am 1,5.110 ru Accumulated mid to 1st January, Irtb, ner Dixon; taxes, 1 .'.IJ lo The Louisville Journal and Democrat publish one he is live feet tlve inches hurli, copper color, Fare 09 Low as by any oilier Ilnilroad or Steam No. 5J4 Dan'l lTowereo, 700 acres, Lincoln county, mouth daily and three months weekly, and the Obser ..i.,.i about ..... ortweiilv vears old. has an open c. llont Houte. Pittuiairs creek, entered, surveyed and patented, DanT publish three months and send bills to tenaiice. nuick spoken, and has a small scar above hi: ver and Keporter It will be si'en by the above statement hat this Comtaxes, lr44 to lrt5ti; amount, S(- - !" Floweree; D. MEK1WETHEK. w.... it, owner oi saio inio is i.oi.nv. i.ri pany isina nourishing condition. Those desiring inNo. 5ij Han'l Floweree, l,0u0 acres, Christian coun for places in any of tho above States Freight destined orwa'rd, prove properly, pay the charKes and take him ty, CuinberlaLd river, entered, surveyed and patented, formation in regard to insurance, will make applicaark euro I 'aumniioa of the exercises ofthis Institution before isK forwarded with despatch and at low rates, faway, or he will be dealt witu tion to the undersigned. ". 1 hO. Kausdaie; taxes, lO-lo m.tu, unmuiu, E. O. NORTON, Louisville. H. WINGATE, Agent. No. iioOU Joseph Janey, H33,1 acres, part of l,0tib-- j October 2Cth. Monday, Jailer of Harlan County. TfT For through tickets and rates of freight apply at Dec. 1, 137 worn. Frankfort Branch Bank. Corner of Main and St. Clair Streets Warran county . entered, siirveyiid and patented, aSHORT LINE" Railroad oilice 5V, Main street, LouOnthat day tho NINTH ANNUAL SESSION will com- acres, Kusi; laxes, W. C. SNEE D, .Medical Examiner. c. to jrjo. amouni, isville, Ky. mence, and continue withoulintermissiou till the drst of lien. Aug. 14, FRANKFORT. KY. Albert Kussell, i50 acres, Union county, K. O. iORTO, Agent. Aug. ai, lfioT tf. J TOWN LOTS FOR SALE. ainounl, Sib 24. Owi'n "to this delay tho Principal will be unablo to Tradewater; taxes, 1H54-5-undersigned would notify his friends and the uay oi ej.Lenioer, county, Texas 1111s Given under my nana THE OFFICE KY. CENTRAL RAILROAD aTull session of forty weeks, but charges Jor board generally, that he has purchased the interest i v ii.. lown nf MKI.HOURNE. Karnesoff, on the Gov teach 18'" INSURANCE COMPANY of J. T. Luckett in this obi established and well known I l.einj- n new tow ii site, recciillv laid to San Antonio Covington, Ky-- Oct. 3t), ltjT, and tuition wilt be made at those rates. No deduction THO. S. HAGK, from ln.liai.ola Hotel, and will continue to entertain tho public n the eminent mad leading said road crosses tlie main Cleto OF for absence, exceplin cases of protracted illness. : JJitdilor Public jir.eounts. where vin best manner that the markets, occ, will awow. He has oo ...ii.,0 frin VorU-lowIt is requested that all pupils will provide themselves and 4."i mileslVoiu San Antonio. 50 porcentintcrost is due on the lirsl year's taxes. Win. K. Taylor, .ind engaged the services of his with dark worsted dresses lor Winter wear. 100 per cent on the second year's lax; and where lhe Gonzales and Sequin roails intersect and -who is well known to a large por'ion of the traveling TEIIMS. an 011 the third year's tax. 1 V A L. 100 per cent S T K K li I . o. 1. OFFICE community, as a man of business, and who will have erois to Helena; nlsonear where tlie San Antonio constructed, passesCosts for advertising, 2o cents on each tractor lot. For board and tuition, per session of forty DiroillAXT TO Til.tYKLKKS. charge of "theoilice. He asks the patronage of the pub-- c Mexican Gulf Railroad, now being 8 M0 00 lNi7 wVlwam3iu. weeks, Sept. 10, ' g 500,000 00 and will endeavor to deservo it. a. (ill CASH (' VI'ITAI., It is one of the most desirable locutions for an inlandFor music, per session of forty lessons, U E N . LUCKETT. Mayas, 1H35. CENTRAL R. K. 7 .17,117 3 14 5 00 The soil adjacent is cood, wa- KENTUCKY in Wesiem Tev-is.I'T OF ASSI'rS Jun SO, ' For use of pianos, per session of forty weeks, Farm and Negroes for Sale. on W.TWY.MAN, I.IAltll.lTIKS, Principal. 53.77 OS tr. r ..V....I1...U lots on main street, 75 feet front. l.0 OPEN TO NK'ilOI.ASVlU.E. the A.MOl.M OF county, to sell my farm in Franklin Sep. 21 3m. feet back, are now offered at FIFTY DOLLARS perl, F11ANKF0RT HOTEL, I WISH of main Elkhorn, about 'j miles from its waters DOLLARS at T WEN Two Daily Trains each way (Sundays mouth, containing HO acres; about half of it bottom land This Company continues to insure lJiiil'lins, Merchan Corner of Broadway and Ann Streets, back lots, same size, lot. i:Ct'lttMi.) W'rilebost quality of MADEIRA, SHEKRY, POUT, und the balance lull land well timbered. The bottom disc, Sliiis in Port and their cargoes, House tioltl FurFRANKFORT, KY. Those who wish to commence business in a newbytown mHE EXPRESS TKA1N leaves l.evil.ton at 11 o.t and personal property trenerally, airainst cultivation. There are on lhe niture MALAGA WINES, land is in ahigh slate of pur undersigned havintrtaken this well knownhouse in .i... .!.!.. or i r.. I. le ill eir inonev. would do well ST. JULIAN, CHAMPAGNE, and me loss or li. linage by Fire, on favorable lenns. I a. in., and arrives at .lelloiavuie at i.a. o. nt in the city. land a good hewed Log House containing four rooms, IlHK o'l lots is raised . We will at any other establish than ..i.rKbefore lhe i. rice occupied by Mr. D. Meriwether) respectfully uudall necessary out buildings, and an abundant supply Losses vintiibly Al justeU uud Promptly ,olicits a share of the public patronage, and by close at- also sell the Tavern, known as the Gillock House, l GEO. A. ROBERTSON. Passeiurers by uiorniii': train lioin Louisville can make May 15, 1657. clo-- e of water for all purposes. connection wilh Hie train al Lexington and arPaid. tention to business, and keepinff such a house as this chilling the whole block upon which il stiinds. negro women, good cooks und washers-wo- men Also, two rive al Danville at 3:30 p. in., three hours in adranee o II. WINGATE, AffClit, Kmiirnii.ta will fln.l this to be as healthy and lertilc FRUIT AND ORNAMENTAL Heretofore has been, will endeavor to merit theconlidence between '.o and 4U yearsold. the old S'di'e Line. any of the Stales Ky. Frankfort, Aut;. 14, 1T. section of counlrv as there is in almost of the traveling community. tsi-- b.OK.MiA.M. tf. THE ACCOMMODATION TRAIN leaves I.evinL'ton on us at our residence u i;,.r f,.ni.,.r J. R. WASSON. Juno 1H, lrti tf. ntTi-Jln- . al TREES, VINES, SHRUBS, &C, Dec. 8,lH3b in. and arrives at Nuholasville l.oui.-vill-;:.".." i. ni. MHI.IiOIIUNK. or address us bv Idle r, Ecleclo I'os e can I'assen-er- s bj the alte rum m r.ii n from BY THE LIQUORS, TO REIGN AND DOMESTIC Ollice, Karnes countv, Teas." Proclamation by tlie Governor. with ihis train and it Leviii-to- n CULTIVATED AND FOR SALE make clos- - Bottle or Draft Wo have in store a full assortment (). H. P. SO AN LAND & CO. Bacon! Bacon!! Bacon!!! K AS it lias been made known to me, in the arrive at D.mvillu al II o'clocL p. in. same eveumsc, of fine BY The Galveston News and N. O. Picavune publisl -f POUNDS BACOX Sll'l'g mode prescniR'U by law, mat tne amount oi sum-thus savinir time and money. BRANDIES, three limes, (weeklv ) and seuu bin to u. i bv th'' act neorporali nc ne Ubi'UM I ija.iv r.'.iiir.-f. A. WITHERS, Stip't WINES, Ed. D. Hobbs & J. W. Walker, Ii has been paid in according lo law AND GIN; OF CO I.M AT THE EVERGRGX AURSERIKS 10barre1sWhisdy4 yearold; 5U barrels'2 yeami.'j Also, Tuelvemilcs East of Louis niUe, Ky.) immediate hi Louisville ana praiinjorr i lii, AGRICULTURAL. CHILD'S SEPARATOR tltK ITALIA MARBLE WORKS, LOOK HE S30,000 STOCIS. 0 '.j.l 25 WITiNLSSJiiiS; FORGER CONVICTED r tem t, TS l., COACH Peopley FIRE FACTORY. la Ii li i. LIFE . fr F. SMITH, CAPITAL HOTEL, RAILROAD. FEMALE ACADEMY "llANSU)., gi ROM NEW YORK, l HOUSE. j s

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