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Image 2 of Daily commonwealth (Frankfort, Ky.), February 5, 1858

Part of Daily commonwealth (Frankfort, Ky.)

Mr. SUDDUTH addressed the Senate and de fined his position on this bank question, and ad vocated the amendment of Mr. HA YCRAF I'. Messrs. MALLORY and BUCKNER opposed the amendment KENTUCKY LEGISLATURE. Mr. HAYCRAFT advocated his amendment briefly. Mr. Speaker (King,) opposed the amendment IN SENATE. briefly. Mr. HAYCRAFT replied to the Speaker, and Thursday, Feb. 4, 1858. Prayer by Rev. Jno. C. Harrison, of the Meth- again advocated his amendment. Messrs. ANDREWS and TAYLOR briefly odist church. the amendment. The Jouruul of yesterday was read by the opposed The amendment was then rejected by yeas 15 clerk. nays 19. Mr. Speaker (King,) offered a substitute for A MESSAGE FROM THE H. R. the amendment of Mr. GRO VER, providing for Was received announcing the passage of a numa branch of the Northern Bank of Kentuckv at ber of bills some of which originated in the Senate and some in the H. R.; for the titles ot these Paducah, with a capital of 2U0,0(lO. Which was rejected by yeas 13, nays 21. bills see II. R. proceedings of yesterday, they Mr. FISK then offered an amendment to the will be more particularly noticed when acted on amendment of Mr. GROVER; (which forbids the by the Senate. bar ks from holding bills of exchange for more CORRECTION OF A DECISION. than double their accommodation notes, and also Mr. Speaker said: restricts the rate of exchange.) Before afcon on this amendment That on yesterday, when the resolutions in re lation to the naturalization laws were under conREPORTED. THE COMMITTEE ON ENROLLMENTS sideration, a question of order was made by the Mr. WALTON from said committee reported Senator from Woodford and was decidedby the Chair against him, from that decision the Sena- sundry bills correctly enrolled. tor from Hart appealed and the Senate sustain H. R. BILLS. ed the opinion of the Chair. Upon mature reThe H. R. bills on the clerk's table were disflection, the Chair is now of opinion, that thede tributed to the appropriate committees. cision of yesterday, overruling that point of orAnd then the Senate adjourned. der made by the Senator from Woodford was erroneous. The Chair is always ready to correct any errors he may have committed in enHOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. forcing the rules or in the discharge of his duty. Thursday, Feb. 4, 1858, PETITIONS AND REMONSTRANCES Prayer by the Rev. Mr. Tharp, of the Baptiist Were presented by Messrs. RIPLEY and WAIT, church. and appropriately referred. The Journal of yesterday was read by the THE COMMONWEALTH" PRIVILEGED MOTION. Clerk. . PETITIONS Mr. TAYLOR moved to reconsider the vote rejecting a bill to repeal the act requiring turnpike Were presented by Messrs. G. S. CALDWELL, semmi-annunKUSSb-LL- , and plank roads, &c , to declare l and CKOSSLAN D, which were re dividends, &c: reconsidered and referred to the ceived and appropriately referred. committee on Revised Statutes. RECONSJ DERATION REPORTS OF STANDING COMMITTEES. Mr. ANDREWS, Judiciary a bill .for the benefit of William Brown of Jessamin county: passed. Same a bill to amend the charter of the town of Versailles: passed. Same a bill to incorporate the town of in Greenup county: passed. Mr. RIPLEY, Judiciary a bill in relation to the New Orleans and Ohi telegraph company: passed. a House bill to amend the charter'of Same the town of Cynthiana: passed. Same a House bill to charter Alma. Lodg No. 'i'2'2. of free and accepted masons: passed. Same a House bill to repeal the charter of the town of Baltimore: passed. Same a House bill legalizing the nets certain sales of the marshal of the town of Brandenburg: rejected. Same a House bill concerning the jurisdictiorT of justices of the peace, in relation to breaches of the peace: passed. Same a House bill for the benefit of James Faulkner, of Whitley countv: passed. Same a House bill to amend the chafer Qtf the town of Columbus: passed. Same a bill to charter the Lumbermen and Buildder's plaining mill company: passed. Mr. BUCKNER, Judiciary a House bft con; with an amendment: amendcerning , ment adopted, and bill passed. Same a House bill for the benefitNjf the proprietor of the Union White Sulpherfiijnngs: passed. 2. Same a House bill to amend the law iirela-tioto wills: rejected. Same a House bill to repeal sec. 1 of ttfe act to amend the charter of the town of Hopkins villi-- : rejected: Mr. ANDREWS, Judiciary a bill "to enable the citizens of Louisville to make compeusan for damages caused by riots in said city. Placed in the orders of the day. Mr. ANDREWS, Court of" Appeals a bill concerning the court of appeals; gives appeals in all cases of $50 and upwards, fixes the terms at 78 juridical da vs, and increases the salaries of the judges to $3,5011 The yeas and nays were taken upon the passage of the bill, and stood thus: Yeas Messrs. Speaker, (King,) Andrews, Cosby, Damaby, Edwards, Fisk, Garrard, Gillis, Grover, Grundy, Haycraft, Headley, Mallory, Matthewson, McBrayer, Read, Ripley, Rust, Taylor, Walton, Whitaker, Wricht 23. Nays Messrs. Bledsoe, Bruner, Howard, Irvine, McKec, Smith, Sudduth, Wait, Williams, Wilson 10. Mr. HAYCRAFT, Circuit Courts a bill concerning the clerk of Hardin county court: passed. Same a House bill to extend the time of the Henderson circuit court: passed. Same a House bill to change the time of the election of a police judge in Tompkinaville: passed. Same a House bill to extend the corporate limits of the town of Owensboro': passed. Same a bill for the benefit of the New Orleans and Ohio railroad company: passed. Same a bill defining the jurisdiction of the McCracken countyjudgc: passed. SPECIAL ORDER FOR 11 O'clock. The bill to extend the charters of the Bank of Louisville, Bank of Kentucky, and Northern Bank of Kentucky, with the amendment offered by Mr. GROVER, and the substitute for the said amendment which was offered by Mr. FISK wa3 taken up. Mr. MALLORY moved the previous question: which was negatived, by yeas 14, nays 20. Mr. FISK addressed tho Senate in favor of his substitute at length; he avowed himself as being opposed to banks and in favor of the United States constitutional currency gold and silver. ELECTION OF KEEPER OF THE PENITENTIARY . A message was received from the H. R. announcing their readiness to go into the joint order of the day to elect the Keeper of the Penitentiary. A' like message was senttotheH. Messrs. SILVERTOOTH and TAYLOR. Nominations being in order Mr. SILVER-TOOTnominated Mr. Jerry W. South as Keeper of the Penitentiary. Mr. BUCKNER nominated Mr. Zeb Ward for the same office. Nominations were exchanged with the H. R. and the vote being taken stood thus: For Mr. South Messrs. Cosby, Darnaby, Fisk, Garrard, Grover, Grundy, Headley, Matthewson, McBraver, Read, Rust, Silvertooth, Smith, Walton and Wilson 15. For Mr. Ward Messrs. Speaker (King,) Andrews, Bledsoe, Bruuer, Buckner, Edwards, Gillis, Haycraft, Howard, Irvine, Mallory, McKee, Ripley, Sudduth, Taylor, Wait, Whitaker, Williams and Wright 19. Messrs. WHITAKER and HEADLEY were appointed a committee to compare the joint vote; who in a short time reported that the joint vote stood thus: For Mr. J. W. South, 75 57 For Mr. Zeb Ward, Mr. J. W. South, having received a majority of all the votes cast, was declared elected Keeper of the Penitentiary for four years from and after the 1st day of March 1859. . Mr. JACKSON moved to reconsider the vote by which was rejected the bill to establish the new eountv of Leathers Mr. TRAPN ALL moved a call of the House, which was ordered, the doors closed, and absentees sent for. Mr. MORSE, who was absent on account of sickness, was excused. Further proceeding under the call of the House having been suspended , the doors were opened. The question was then taken upon the reconsideration of the vote and it was decided in the affirmative. The yeas and navs being required thereon by Mr. WICKLIFFE, resulted yeas 52. nays 42. The question then recurring upon the passage of of the bill, Mr. M AC II EN moved to strike out 'Leathers' as the name of the county, and insert "Grundv,1 which was adopted, r After a lengthy discussion Mr. HUSTON demanded the yeas and navs which resulted yeas 38, nays 53. So the bill was rejected. said: Mr. Speaker: When the election was held for librarian and public printer, it was mv misfor tune to be absent from my place in the House. 1 nau remained here on that day until after o clock, when, by reason of extreme sickness; and not anticipating that the maionty upon this floor would force an election without the author lty ot law, I found it convenient to seek the quietude of my own room. I regret that 1 did so sir, for no matter how unwell I may have been I should have remained at my post if I had known that the House was determined to go into that election. .ts 11 was my impression men, so it is my opinion now, tuat an election to nu these omces is not valid under the constitution, without the authority of both branches of the Legislature together with the approval of the Governor. The Governor had vetoed the joint resolution for the election on that day, and the Senate had sustained the Governor in the views which he ex pressed in the veto message. It was, therefore, my sickness in part, and partly the wrong action, as I conceive, of this House, that debarred me of my privilege of voting. This has been a source of regret to me, particularly on account of one of the gentlemen who was, upon this occasion, the nominee of the American purty for public printer. No man is more en deared to the people of Madison than A. G Hodges; wrhether regaded as a public olficer who had been tried so long, and lound in every res pect so competent and so faithful in the discharge of his public duties; or whether regarded as the publisher ot a newspaper, ever courteous to its friends, and conciliatory to its opponents; whether regarded, as I love to consider him, a true, loyal, generous, high hearted Kentuckv gentleman. Although Madison, by the death of one mem ber, and the sickness of another, and the prema ture action of this House, was deprived of the piivilcge of voting in that election, yet, it affords me pleasure to sav that the people of Madison will never fail to appreciate those noble traits of character possessed in so eminent a degree by A. G. tlouges. 14. SrECIAL ORDER FOR 10 O'CLOCK, A. M. A bill authorizing the secretary of State to purchase the missing journals of the Kentucky constitutional conventions, &c. Whereas, It appearing to the satisfaction of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of the State of Kentucky, that the journals of the two first constitutional conventions of the State of Kentucky; the journals of the Senate from the year 1593 to the year 1823; the journals of the House of Representatives from the year 1796 to 1813, and nearly all the acts of the General Assembly during the same periods, are now missing from the State library, the same having been lost in the burning of the Capitol during the winter of 1824 and 1825: and whereas, it is important, as preserving the constitutional and legislative history of Kentucky, and for protecting the rights of her people, derivable under said laws, that said books should always be on file among the this commonwealth. Therefore, 1. Beit enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, That the Secretary of State be instructed to buy said books at his earliest convenience, for the benefit of the State, and that he lodge the same in the htate library. Mr. J. T. WHITE proposed to strike out all after the enacting clause and insert in lieu thereof the following: That the Secretary of State, Attorney General, and Auditor, are hereby constituted a committee to ascertain the best means of supplying the above named deficiences in the State library, and report to the next General Assembly. Mr. LINDSEY proposed to amend the amend ment by instructing the said officers to purchase said books at a cost not exceeding $1,000, which was adopted. The amendment as amended was then adopt- ed. The yeas and nays were then taken upon the passage of the bill, as required by the constitution, and resulted as follows: yeas 33, nays 50. So fiie bill was rejected. ORDERS OF THE DAY. road: passed. Also a bill to charter the Cumberland and Nashville coal and lumber company: passed. Also a bill to charter the Elizaville and Blue Lick turnpike road company: passed. niso au act, 10 charter the Uranetown turnpike road company: passed. Also an act for the benefit of the Maysville and iVlt. sterling turnpike road company: passed Also an act for the benefit of the Spencer and iNeison mrnpiKe road company: passed. Also an act to amend the charter of the Springfield, Perryville, and Danville turnpike roau eumpauy : passed. Also an act to amend an act to charter the Danville and Hustonville turnpike road company passed. Also an act for the benefit of the Shelbwille and Mt. .fcideu turnpike road eomoanv: nassed Also an act to charter the London, Somerset; auu vv ausoorougu turnpme road company: pass ed. Also an act to amend the charter of the Jef ferson and Brownsborough turnpike road compa Also an act to charter the Hustonville and Bradlordsville turnpike road company: passed And then the House adjourned. Items by Telegraph. Washington, Feb. ine senate Democratic caucus held last c nio-l.- was merely to determine the order of business it was agreed to refer the President's Kansas message and iirst dispose of the army bill was large, ivir. uouglas was i ug present. Although the Kansas Question was frpe no attempt was made to find out ly uiscusseo, what would be the votes of Senators in advance. as such would be contrary to the principles which usuany characterize such secret meetings of Sen ators. A Democratic caucus of the members of the House will be held night. Washington, Feb. 3 Hie Douglas Democrats are in council to night to consider what their best policy or conduct is uu 111c 1 ... o CIOC1C. p. M. Philadelphia, AFTERNOON REPORT SESSION. OF LOCAL BILLS. Mr COMBS, Internal Improvement a bill amending the charter of the Knob lick turnpike road company: passed. REPORT. Also a bill to prevent the wanton destruction of fish in Green river and its tributaries: passed. Also a biil to authorize the Barren county court to subscribe stock in the Barren county rail- jvansas question. he Kepnbhcans have held several caucuses and are fully agreed to resist by all parliamenta ry means the admission of Kansas under the Le- The joint committee of conference reported compton Constitution. the following as the joint vote. All parties are consolidating their strength for Mr. Zeb Ward, 57 the struggle. Mr. J. W. South. 75 I'here are ten or eleven separate Indian dele Mr. South having received a majority of all gations nere on business with the Government. the votes cast, was declared duly elected keeper I he Senate in executive session to day con or the penitentiary lor tour 'vears, from and af ter firmed i. Madison Cutts as second Comptroller of the 1st day of .March, 1859. the 1 reasury, and George Vail, ex Congressman And then the House took a recess until 2 ol New Jersey, Consul to Glasgow. Also a bill to authorize the county of Logan The Speaker laid before the House the report of the Kentucky and Louisville mutual insurance to change its subscription to the Louisville and Nashville railroad company: passed. company. AI30 a bill to amend an act chartering the UNFINISHED ORDER. Richmond a id Boonesborough turnpike road resoluReport of committee on Banks, and the company: passed. tion of Mr. McAFEE. a bill to incorporate the Jefferson southAlso Mr. DeHA-VEmoved that the whole matter ern pond draining company: passed. be laid on the table for the present, until the Sen Also a bill to incorporate the Berry and Raate shall act upon the subject. ven creek bridge company: passed. Mr. RUSSELL demanded the yeas and nays, Also a. bill to charter the Rolling Fork and which being taken resulted as follows: St. Mary's turnpike road company: passed. Messrs Speaker (White,) Armstrong, Yeas Also a bill to incorporate the Dudarer's mill Barbee, Barton, Belshe, Brann, Browder, Brown, turnpike road company:' passed. Bruce, G. S. Caldwell J. L. Caldwell, Chamblin, Also a bill to amend the charter of the KenCombs, Crawford , Crossland, Daniel, Davis. tucky Cumberland Gap and southern railroad Donan, Drane, Duncan, Ellis, A. H. company: passed. Field, C. Field, Jr., Fleming, Foss, Goodloe, Also a bill to amend the charter of the HenGray, G. W. Hamilton, W. H. Hamilton, Hans derson and Nashville railroad company: passed. ford, Hardy, Harned, Hines, Huey, Huston, Also a bill to organzie and carry out a gon Jackson, Johnson, Jones, Kelsey, Kendall, Leath- eral system of improving roads in Logan county: ers, Lindeoy, Lyne, I.yon, Machcn, Marshall, passed. McDaniel, McMillan, Newcum, Newell, Patton, Also a bill to amend an act in relation to the R. Payne, W. P. Payne, Pennebaker, Lexington and Danville railroad: passed. ' ' Roach, Roberts, Shanks, Richardson, Also a bill to charter St Audrews church in Shawhan, Skean, Smith, Sterrett, A. H. Talbott, Louisville: passed. C. P. Talbot, Thomas. Thompson, Trapnall, Also a bill to charter the Fowler's creek and C.W.White, Whitt. Wickliffe, Winfrey. Woods, Staffordsburg turnpike road company: passed. and Worthington 76. Also a bill to amend the charter of the Union Nays Messrs. Bates, Clement, Daily, Dobyns, turnpike road company: passed. Eaves, Ficklin, Henslcy, Jessec, McAfee, Also a bill regulating the duties of the sheriff Parker, Russell, Stitt, and Woosley of Warren county in regard to railroad tax: pass- The hour of 12 o'clock having arrived a committee was appointed to inform the Senate that this House was ready to proceed with the election of a keeper of the Penitentiary. A message was received from the Senate an nouncing their readiness to proceed. Mr. JOHNSON, nominated Zeb. Ward. Mr. REID nominated Jerry South. The usual messages having been interchanged, and the same gentlemen being in nomination in the Senate, Mr. JACKSON arose to a privilege question. He said it had been rumored that gentlemen, members of this House, were interested in the result of this election; he denounced this report as a slander, but desired to call attention to the fact that such a rumor was in circulation. BANK BILL. The House then proceeded to ballot, which reMr. BLEDSOE moved that the orders of the day be suspended to complete the bank bill: sulted as follows: For Mr. Ward Messrs. Armstrong, Barton, arried, yeas 25, nays 9. j ""he Senate then resumed the consideration of Browder, Brown, G. S. Caldwell, J. L. "Caldwell, arr, the Banks of Kentuckv Lnamnun, vomos, uuniei. uavia. ' 'tnne. inincnn. to T nd the Northern Bank of Rpiitnct .. ... Kendall, Leathers, Machen, McAfee, McCrearey McMillan, Newcum, Newell, Parker, Patton, R Payne, Rachford, Reid, Richardson, Roach Roberts, Russell, Shawhan, Skean, Smith. Ster ett, Sti't, A. H. Talbott, Thomas, Thompson Trapnall, J. T. White, Whitt, Wickliffe, Wilsou Winston, Wooslev 00. Mr. C. r IELD, Jr , when his name was called Feb. 3. The banks resumed specie payment ne democratic county convention met to elect delegates to the State convention and had a stormy session. he entire day was occupied on the contested seat question, which was decided in favor of the anti Lecompton men. Charleston, Feb. 3 The Courier reports this morning the steamer redee wrecked on San Augustine Bar. She was employed in forwarding stores to the troops in norma. io lives lost. 1 1 Mr. J.T. WHITE offered the following joint resolution: Whereas, It appearing to the satisfaction of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, that the Journal of the two first Constitutional Conventions of the State of Kentucky; the Journal of the Senate, from the year 1793 to the year 1823; the Journal of the House of Repre sentatives from the year 1796 to 1813, and nearly alt the acts ot the ueneral Assembly during the same period, are now missing from the State Library; the same having been lost in the burning of tho Capitol during the winter of 1824 and 182o; and, whereas, it is important to preserve the Constitutional and Legislative history of Kentuckv, for the purpose of protecting the rights of her people derivable under said laws, that said books should always be on file among the archives of this Commonwealth. Therefore, be it Resolved by the General Assembly of the Com monwealth of Kentucky, That the Secretary of State, Attorney General, and Auditor of Public Accounts, be, and they are hereby, appointed a committee to ascertain whether the deficiencies (mentioned in the preamble,) in the State library can be supplied, in whole or in part, and that they make report to the next General Assembly to what extent said deficiency can be supplied, and upon what terms. 1 he rules requiring joint resolutions to lie one day on the table, were dispensed with. Mr. HUS I OIN ottered the following as a sub stitute, which was adopted: Resolved, I hat the Secretary ot State examine and report to the next General Assembly what books are necessary to complete the Legislative records, and Constitutional Journals of this Com monwealth, and the means by whieh such defi ciency can be supplied, if any, both in the library and Secretary's olEce. The resolution, as amended, was then adopted. Mi- - COMBS, Internal Improvement a bill to and Wolper turnpike road charter the North-bencompany: passed. Mr. McCREAREY, Internal Improvement a bill to establish and incorporate the town of Charlottsville, in Pulaski county: placed in the orders of the day. Also a bill to charter the Bunker Hill and indv mining and lumber company: nas'-d- . innii and KEENE W. II THOS. B. W ING. THE KENTUCKY WOOD WORKS, CO. & RETAIL AND UKaLKKC IN TO-H- A AKU STRENGTHENING OF COUNTRY PRODUCE, AND BLOOD PTJMFIEE,. 'lillEgreutcst remedy in the world. This Cordial St. Clair and Wappiny Streets-K BAN K Vt K I . K V . known only to mjself, and chemically combined some of the most valuable medicinal roots, herbsand barks known to the mind of All accounls due 1st of Januurv , Mu. , anil KitiuUBr, interest charged alier uiuluritv. man, viz: blood mot, black root, wild cherry bark, yel low uock, uanuenons, sarsapaniia, eider Dowers, with omers, prouueingtne most lniuiiible remedy for the res. 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AND GRAIN SCYTHES. MOWING BLADES TOBACCO AND CIGARS. Holland's Buena Vista, Turkish Smoking Tobacco, fyianish Smoking Tobacco, Mail Packet between El Dorado, Scarfalalti, AND MEMPHIS. Anderson's "Solace" Fine Cut, Common, Amulet, ETT, Master, Loui-v- i 10 every Tuesdav at 4 o'clock P. M., returning, leaves Memphis every Fridav at 5 P. M. This boat is fitted up and furnished in the latest and most elegant stvle, with every regard for tho comfort and convenience of passengers; is orlicered by careful and experienced men, well kuown to the community, wno oy strict attention to Dusiness hope to merit the confidence and patronage of the public. n. s. fc son, a LEAVES PAD AND SPADES SHOVELS COMFORT. Old Dud, SOUTHERNER, TKI HAMS, Cedar Puila, Buckets; Painted Tubs and Buckets; Tubs, Cans, Measures; Clothes und Market Baskets; Cocoa Dippers. Rice; "loves; Pepper: Cinnamon; Gina-er-: Crackers; Maccaroni; Spices; Green and Bl'k Teas Vermicelli. LOW PRESSURE. Regular VENISON LA RD. Wooden Ware, &c. A Co. g't' j C. B A SHAM, N. B. The Southerner connects nromntlv with tho Memphis and New Orleans packets. Passen'rerstirket- ed through for $25 00. Dec. 4, 157 im. De Carbago Havana Cigars, Club House, La Bosa, Noriago, Bio Hondo, Half Spanish, El Tulipan and Bio Sella. Regular Packet for Louisville. ; i' SSR- THE Steamer DOVE, Samuel Sanders Master, will leave Brooklyn, Munday's ja?treg? " a,,d Wo0ufort 'ending every k .v-1:"-. - Leaves Frankfort everv Tuesdav and Fridav nt ft o' clock, A. M. Leaves Louisville for Frankfortererv Wednesdavat 3o'clock, P. M. Leaves Louisville everv Saturdav at 3 oVlck. P. M. for Frankfort, Woodford Landing, Oreeran. Muudav's and Brooklyn. borfreight or passage apply on board orto JOHN WATSON & CO. .Agents. Nov. 11, 1857 If. AGRICULTURAL. Com .Sliellers; Cradles, Snealhes, &c; Siuilord's Straw Cutters; Little Giant Corn and Cob Crushers; A It ne supply of Seeds in proper seasou. FLOUR, MEAL AND SALT. Superfineand extra Family Flour; Kanawha Salt. FEMALE SEMI NAU Y, FRANKFORT, KY., Mm. M. T. tlUiVYAi, Principal. Alias L AUR A Al. liKA U.VLL. Teni'lier of AIunlc. misr made known to me thai WHEKEASitliiisbeen did, on the 24li day of Dec. 18.57, kill and murder William Potti:ii, in tlie city of in operation and we Louisville, and has since fled irom justice: Paoh, Now. therefore, I, CHARLES S. '.VIO KKH KA U. Gov THE above establishmentisnow and in the best manner reauyto execute nroinnllv Harvex , of the all orders lor BUGGY, CAUK1AGK, WAGON, DKAY ernorreward CoinmonwHh of K enltickv, do hereby of- Worcestershire fer a of Two Hundred Dollars for tho appre-hensio- M and every other description ol'SFOKtS, HUBS, ushrooii. of said Williams and his deliver: to the jailer (bent and sawed) BOWS. SHAFTS, POLES. of Jetferson county, within nnoear from tne duie'here INGLE TREKS, SEAT A I'M POSTS, & fV HER EOF, JVJeul- White Lead; Lurd oil. Yellow Ochre; Linseed Oil Whiting; Turpentine Venetian Ktd. ra5d ns Spiced Oystero, Nineteenth ofthis School THE Mojtdoij ,theSessionday of January, will commence Cove Oysters, Sardines, 1858. lUt Prunes, EXPENSES PER SESSION. Leiuous, Board, including Washing, Fuel a,.d Lights, SOI) 00 Lemon Syrup, n nn tuition in English studies. Freuch and Latin. Hurrowes' Mustard, Music on Piano, 05 pp French Mustard, Use of instrument for practice, 5 no Blacking and ilrushes. Oriental, Grecian and Antique Painting, each 5 (1(1 Clothes Pius, Stationery, 05 Coiton Cordajre, Instructions in plain anti ornamental needle work Brooms, (Floor & Clothes withoutcharge. Vinegar, (Pure Cider.) No deduction for voluntary absence. Indigo, For further information add ressthe Principal. Wrapping Paper, Dec. 31, 1857 3m. Coal Scuttles, Demijohns, Bottles, Brandy Peaches, Proclamation by the Governor. French Olives, Currie Powder, $200 REWARD. ZT'MONY Corn PAINTS, GREENWOOD South side Market St., bt Preston & Jack9on Sts. LOUISVILLE, KY. .NEK R. H. CRITTICNDKM. CORDIAL ALL KINDS LI W. A. RICHARDSON. KKKNtt. CJtOMJK GKOCI ItlKS, LlQl'UitN, CCO, CHiAKN, & UNIVERSAL MASUNIC Volume Thirteenth Stray Leaves from, a Freemason's JVote Book, Anonymous; lb5pages. Apology for the uraer; iransiated irom the t rencu; by H. W. Ihorpe; 41 pages. The Masonic Schism, by Oliver; 4b' pages. Insignia of the Royal Arch, by the same; pages. The Secret Discipline, Anonymous; 37 pages. Volume Fourteenth Lights and Shadows of Freema- sonrii. by Kob Morris; 3'JU oatres. Volume Fifteenth Andersons' Ancient Constitutions, lOd pages. History of Freemasonry, up to Atfx'y, by Alexander Lawrie; U3 paffes. Volume Sixteenth Masonic Sermons, by Inwood and Fercy; 3Itf pages. Volume Seventeenth Principles of Masonic Law. A. G. Mackey; 371 pages. Volume Eighteenth History of Masonic Persecutions, uy unvur, likewise, juasonic institutes, Dy me same; 429 pages. By De Verlot; fourvolumes, 487, 391, 3bu, 2!!a pages. Likewise, Statutes of Knights Templar, of England and Wales, 'JU uasres. Volume Twenty-thirUseand Abuse of Freemasonry, by Geo. Smith, 111 pages. Life in the Triangle, by Kob. Morris, 170 pages. Historical Sketch of the Order of Kni is ht.s Templar, bv T. S. Gourdin: 41 nasres. Volume Twenty-foun- h Manualof Masonic Music, by J. B. Taylor; 336 pages. VolumesTwenty-flll- h and Twenty-sixt- h The Freema sons' MontMiu Magazine, Ipjj; two volumes. Volume Twenty-sevent- h Masonry and Antimasonry ,by Alfred Creigh. Volume Twenty-eight- h The Mystic Tie. bv A. G. Mackey. Narrative of the Antimasonic Excitement, 1H2G to 1829, by Henry Brown; Oration at the of Gen. Joseph Warren, 1770, by Percy Morton. Philosophy of Masonry, by A. Volume Twenty-nint- h C. L. Arnold. Volume Thirtieth Speculative Masonry, bv Salem Town; of the Lodge of Antiquity, London, 1723. Ancient Poem on the Constitutions of Masonry, V.V2y. The Egyptianand Hebrew Symbols, by Portal. Price bound in leather, very strong and neat, fifty dol lars. KOB. MOKK1S, Address Louisville Ky. CD'S COLUMN. & WHOLESALE tV. Bro., and Raymond oj: Patten. IT" Great men stand like solitary bowers in the city of God; and secret passages iuuninr McLKAiVS VOLOAMC OIL LINIMKAT. deep beneath-externa- l nature, give their thoughts The best Liniment in the world for man or beast. Another Remarkable furt intercourse with higher intelligence, which con Performed by vicbean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, Read soles and' strengthens them, and of which the tor yourselves: laborers on the surface do not dream. i Thomas Ford, a blacksmith, livine near Cass on Tenth street, had a horrible running sore on his foot ne ineu various ftaives, tVc, but could do it no good. He despaired of ever beimr able o work- nt CATALOGUE his trade again, because he could not bear any weight on his foot; and by one small bottle of McLean's VolOF THE canic Oil Liniment, he is now perfectly cured. Rheumatism, paralysis, neuralgia, bruises, snraine, stitlnessin the joints or muscles, swellings, sore throat! e or tooth-achwounds, Iresh cuts, sores, bums, BRAKY . ' innuence oi tins, jpaiiia, we., jiem 10 me wonderiul Liniment. Horses and Cattle it is an infallible reniedv for mHfa-thirinow steit;oi,tped, embrace tho fol volumes galls, scratches, cracked heels, lameness, spavJLiwiring all oi an approved and standard char chales, in, sweeny, splint, hslula. bruises, swellings, wounds, ucier. raLtlesnako bites, and variousother diseases which aniVolume First Directory of Symbolical Masonrv. mliable to eluding the Koal Arch; by George Oliver, D. U.; 3ui mals are Country from injuries or accidents- a Every Merchant should obtain snnnlv of pages. The Book of the Lodge, or Officers Manual; by iueL,ean s v oicsyiie uh Mniment. it sens cause it alwa s cures. Volume Second symbol of Olcry, by the same: 310 pages, spirit oj Masonry, by William Hutchingson; to A liberal discount will b made to merchants who buv sell again. uui;L'fi. P For sale by J. H. McLEAN, proprietor, cornerof Volume Third Illustrations of Masonnu by William Third and Pine streets, St. Lonis, Mo.; also for sale as Preston- 4oj naires. auove. Volume Fourth Antiquities of Masonry, by Oliver; 2G0 QForsale in Frankfort by AVERILL& KEARNS pages. Masonic uiscoursea ,by thadeus Mason HarSept. 7, 157 ly. uu pages. . lUEiE f Springer ed. Also a bill to charter Franklin lodge I O. O. F., ris; 170 naires. in Garrard county: passed. Volume tilth History of Freemasonry rom 1H29 to by Oliver; 137 natres. Mirror for the Jokannite Also an act to charter the Louisville and Cane jnason,oy me same; nu pages. Star in the East, by run plank road company: passed. me same; m pages. Also a bill tor the benefit of the academical volume .Sixth Disquisitions of Masonry, by Wellins department of the University of Louisville: passiaicou, iu pages. Masonic Manual, by Kev. Jona than Ashe; SMI ed. Also a bill for the benefit of the Providence Volume Seventh Revelations of a Square, by Oliver; pages, iniroauction to vreemasoury , Anonymous; o Bank of Rhode Island: passed. 87 paeres. Volume higlith History of Initiation, by Oliver; 234 Also a bill to charter the Kentucky river navp;iges. History and Illustration of Freemasonry igation company. Anommous; yi pases. Ordered, to be printed, and made the special Volume IN i nth Constitution Grand Lodve, England; 92 order for Tuesday next, at 10 o'clock, A. M. pages. Constitution Grand Lodge, Ireland, Jl pages. Constitution Grand Loda-e- Scotland: 117 natres. Also a bill to extend State aid to internal im Volume Tenth Theocratic Philosophy of Masonry, by provements. pages, btgns ana symbols oj Masonry, by uvur, Ordered, to be printed, and placed in the orders the same; ld4 ia2es. of the day. Volumes Eleventh and Twelfth The Historical Land marks of Masonry, by OWx ax; Two volumes, 4iiG and RESOLUTION. McLEAN'S I have and caused the seal ol e .ol rcen Peas, Asparagus, True Cajenne. Fresh Peaches, Fresh Salmon , Straw berries, Fresh Pine A pple , Pine Apple Cheest--; lhur. Sail, Powder, Shot, Caps, ad s, Proof Vials, Hemp and J ute Line, G .)! Mops, (Floorand Tew.j Utica Lime, Huline's Cement, Axe Helves, Glass Preserving Jar&, Glass Milk Pan. Sauces. Walnut, Pepper, Tarragon Vinegar. Extracts. Va nitlM. -

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