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Image 1 of Daily commonwealth (Frankfort, Ky.), February 5, 1858

Part of Daily commonwealth (Frankfort, Ky.)

KENTUCKY. FRANKFORT, VOL, WILL BE PUBLISHED EVERY MONDAY NESDAY, AND FRIDAY, Uy .). iMI31.Mii.WiEAI.lS, tL - I , AlcCLUNG. V. Formerly of Kentucky WED- Attorney at Law PRINTER, THREE DOLLARS PER ANNUM, & A OF .) Real Estate Broker, od Street, St. Paul, Minnesota. money for capitalists at 24 to 36 per cent U,MLL loan real estate worth double the loan, (.Minnesousury law) and make investments in city or ta lias no country property to the best advantage. The best Kentucky refereneewgiven if required. Correspondence solicited. Jan. 7, lr57 ly. HODGES, A. G. STATE At COMMONWEALT DA U Y T.LL.S paya ble in advance. The Weekly, a large mammoth slK'Ot is published every Tuesday morning at TWO DOLLARS HER ANNUM, in ad- MUItlllS, U vance. SIM, UNDID ASSORT BK OBTAINED LAW AND BLANKS, FOR 8 A L K AT COMMONWEALTH OFFICE. Feb. M' IN KO li : HAKI.A.X'S IONS OP THK COUHT '.' veils. Price, every style and price at OI Dr. M1M.S' Drug Store. tooth "brushes, beautiful assortment, at OF THE DECISOl' APPEALS. SI 2 Ul Price. 3 00 HON. GEO. ROBERTSON'S SPEECH Party, it s Principles, it a Objects-Pamphlet. Price 10 cts. DAVIS' GARRETT HON. "77ie American and ittt Hopes." SPEECHES. BL aTk S COVkNUTON, KY. Price OD ct3 per auire. SHERIFF'S REPLEVIN BONDS. Price CO cts per quire. CIRCUIT CLERK'S EXECUTIONS. Price CO cts per quire. BLANK I'UKCKS.Kii Branch B;inlc of Kentucky, a Frankfort, and Fanners' bank of Kentucky. Price S' per qiiiM BLANK DEEDS. Price $1 per quiro. ''"Orders frim a distance for any of the above named Books or Blanks will be promptly attended to when accompanied by the Cash; and if desired to be upon the d lorwarded by mail, the pottage will be condition it be refunded by tlio person orderingthe article to be sent by mail. UFfKK, 1'UIRU S'l'RfcKT, OppoSlTK SoL'TH KNI ClTY HiLLF. practice in the Courts ol Kenlon, Campbell. W. Appeals, Grant, Boune,and .Slchoius, and the Court oflHj-tl'. .May 5, at Kranklorl. sr. to thb ATTUliNEY AT LAW. FRANKFORT, Offlce on SI. Clair Street, with FRANKLIN A. M. GAZLAY. GORIN & GAZLAY, Attorneys and Counselors at Law, LOUISVILLE, W. H. D. M'HKNRY. AI. M LAND AGENTS, MOINES, IOWA, PROPOSE to practice in the various Courts of Polk I county, and in the Supreme Court of Iowa, and the United States District Court. They have also established a General Agency for the transact ion of all manner of business connected with Laud Titles. They will enter Lands, investigate Titles, buy and sell Lands, and invest money on the best terms and on the best securities. They will enter Lands in Kansas and Nebraska Terri lories, if an amount sufficient to justify a visit to that country is offered. The Senior partner having been ensnared extensively in the business of the law in the Courts of Kentucky for nearly thirty years, and the Junior bavins: been engaged in the Land Business in Iowa for eight years past, during which lime he has made actual survey of a large portion of Pol It and adjoining counties, they feel conlident they will be able to render a satisfactory account oi all busi n ess entrusted to them They will enter Land with Land Warrants or Money, upon actual inspection of the premises, and will buy and sell Lands on Commission, upon a careful investigation of Titles. Persons wishing to smile in tho Stale can rind desi rable farms and citj property fur sale, by calling on them at their oilice in Siier man's Building, corner ol Third street and Court Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa. March 11, 15711'. UEOHUE Y. CRADDOCK. ATTORNEY AT I. AW, FRANKFORT,' KY. East OFFICE removed toOilice. side of St. Clair street, Will practice Law in ail Telegraph GALLATIN, MISSOURI. liflLL practice in the Circuit and other Courls of ties. ,i A. MARSHALL THOMAS removed to Frankfort and UAY1NG Law, will attend punctuallyresumed the to such cases as may be entrusted lo him in the Court of Appeals ol Kentucky, and to such engagements as he may make in oilier Courts conveniently accessible, iie will also give opinions and advice in writing, upon cases slated in writing, or on records presented lo hi in. He will promptly attend to al communications relating to the busiuess above described, and may at all times, except when absent on busiuess, be found in Frankfort. March 3U, Irtj7-l- f. & BROWN, Piirtiirrs in tH: TJ5VIS, at Law, CoiiEselor and Attorney LOUISVILLE, OKt'lCK COUKT-PLAC1- Easi. Ki:siob:Nt June 8, ly. KY. MiAK SIXTH STREET. dj s.vUi, ujar Broadway. FRANK liEDFOitD, Attorney at Law, VERSAILLES, KENTUCKY. Dec. I, 1800 AT EXTRACTS. HANDKERCHIEF The genuine Lubin's as well as a variety oi other's make, in new styles, aud atall prices, at Dr. M ILLS'Drug Store. EVERYTHING Inthelineof Fancy and Toilet articles, Ihat either La dies or uentlemen cau desire, at Dr. MILLS' Drug Store. CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. A handsome selection will be opened in duo time for tbeupproachnig holidays, at Dr. MILLS tf. T. N. L1NDSEY, TOltXEY AT LA V Frankfort, Ky9 Drugstore. Glasoow, Ky., December 23, 18j" Dear Sir: Having disposed of our Printing Oilice in Elizabetiitown, Ky.,aud removed lo Glas'oW wiiu ihe view of permanently locating we purpose commencing the publication of a newspaper sometime during liie month ol beoruary, lo oe untuieu -- inc. uftuuvv FRF.K PKESS.1' it will be devoted to Oeneral Litera ture, Politics, Agriculture, the Arts and Sciences, .News, and especially to the promotion ana advancuiuent oi the local and general .nterests of the town and county, and those adjacent. Ko pains or exertion on our pail will bo intermitted to secure due consideration for all local enterprises, that may be calcu laUd to advance the : general weal OI the community. An earnest etfort will be made to rendct a valuable family newspaper, acceptable to .til parties' combining a variety of interesting and instructive siayeets in u columns, navingnau.considerauieuxperienco in the business, and being praclicallj lamiliar wan Us ineeiian-teaduties, we indulge the hope that we shall be en abled to subserve to sonm extent, the interests to which tho r pkk Press" will be dedicated. American Politics at the present lime, may be said ver jusllv, to be in a chrysalis statu. We do not de sign, in this Prospectus, to enter tho domain of specu lation, n is not necessary lo the present purpose, or todeliue our political position. I nis may be detined U o are conscientiously opposed lo the very briefly. e practices and the precepts of Modern Democracy. regard the Democratic parly, as now constituted, essentially an alien purl); and consider Us aims and purposes, as avowed by its organs, practiced uy itr icadcia. and developed in the present administration, pregnant with evil to the Union, in violation of the plain injunctions of the early fathers, aud disastrous lo American Nationality. We recognize in the "Address uf the American Party," promulgated al the Louisville Convention, a political creed, eminently national, eminently conservative, and peculiarly adapted lo present exigencies. Wo believe thai in the fundamental principles ol that organization may be found the panacea lor many, if not all the political evils, which have disordered the country and fomented seciioual strife, and which it is now in evident contemplation lo aggravate by unwise and imprudent legislationWhilst we shall aim to be perfectly independent and honest iu the expression of our views of public men and measures, we shall studiously observe courtesy and a proper respect for the opinions of others, whose convictions may lead them to differ with us. It is the peculiarity and the boast of American institutions, that they secure to each and every one th "tree and unirammeL-e- d expression of his opinions." In no other government is this perfect freedom of opinion in thu citizen tolerated, or considered compatible with the dignity ol the State. Our whole system of government reposes upon ibis basis. Public opinion is here at once the source aud the support of power. We cherish an appreciation of the great privilege, too exalted, to induce usto refuse toothers what weary prompt to claim for ourselves. Hence the columns of Hie "Free Pkuss'' will at all times be open to well written, courteous articles, even thougu they may conflict with our individual opinions. We invoke, m aid our enterprise, the support and patronage of the citizens of barren and surrounding counties, and especially those whose opinions may harmonize with the general views herein expressed. We send you this circular, hoping lhat you may feel inclined to give us the benefit of your influence, iu pro curi ng a list of subscribers in your locality, by tho 1st day of February, 1H58. TERMS. , 1171LL practice Law in all the Courts held in Frankfort If and the adjoining counties. His Office is at his residence, near P. Swigerl's, entrance on Washington street. 751-t- f. Frankfort, Fob. otaiiouers, ifiuders, and Book aud Job iri liters, Main street, Louisville , Ky. , BookHellers PROSPECTUS "CENTRAL KENTUCKIAN." , PUBLISHED IN LEBANON, KY. (JAVK consianily on liand a complete assortment ol Law, Medical, Theological, Classical, School, and Miscellaneous liooks, atlw prices. Paper ofevery Lebanon, since the completion of the Railroad, condescription, quality, and price . JfJColleges, Schools, and Private Librariessupplied necting it with Louisville, is a point of interest to a large section of country. There are hundreds of persons on Cist. Wholesale or Retail. ata smalladvance abroad who are in want of information upon various April I, 14.' ti.)l-b- y. topics connected with it, such as the prices current, fordoing and having busiuess done here, &c, S T EA , and the citizens of Lebanon themselves, wish to inform the public at large, that it is one of the most enterprising and flourishing townsin the interiorof the State, and CIVIL & MINING that itoffers great inducements as a place of residence to men of almost every honorable trade and profession. AND To supply these wants, of people abroad and citizens at LAND home, we have determined to publish 'Tho Central Kentuckian" a paper devoted to the Commercial, ii r'Ollice atSmith, Uradley & Co., Land Agents, !l( Agricultural, Literary, and Moral welfare of the comKandolpli street, South side, between Clark and Dearmunity in which it is circulated. born streets, Cliiea;ro, ill. It is hoped that we shall be able, by attention to the Sept. 14, 155 tl'. interest of all concerned, to supply adesideratum long li tlEO&GE LEY, ENGINEER SURVEYOR, felt. N. D. SMITH. C. N. D. SMITH CO., & Atl'UKEKS AlA-- O. SMITH OF O O jEI Q Xj Xj , COLOGNE AND PURE SPIRITS, JVks. 10 Sf August la, li'est side Second St., t,ct. Muin If Market LOUIsV ILLK, KY. lJC, lfj? ly. OKO. W. OW1N. j.mith CH AS. . 5, Y i Danville, 111. SMITH, WALLEIl REAL ESTATE STATEMENT K. Hartford & CO. OF I' Fire OF CONS., KM PLE, 1. Luc naiiiu ot lue Company is lUe HAKTFOKD FiKE l.rL'KANCt COMANV; and its location isal flarttord, Conn. . iue Capital .Muck ol the Company is THKKK HUMiKbU li.Ol.SA.l KUl.LAKS. a. Iiiv amount of its Capital .Stock paid upjs THKEK HU.NUlJl; iriuU.S.LMJ AJULLAKJS. 4. J lie Assets 'A llic Citnipuliv are as follows: ju nnares iiaruoru uant .mock, par vaiuu ji,i;u, marKei value, $uVJ6 UU Miarus iicenix liaiik slock, par value niarnei value, IUU .Shares West. Conn. Kiver banking Co., All letters of in.piirv or on business prom pi v answereslock, par value j.iiuu, market value, ti,500 UU "SM IJ'H, WALLER & CO., o0 .Shares Caruieroand .Mechanics B'k d- Address, fSox jio. slock, par val t,uuu, market value, Chicago, Illinois, or ll'OO 00 tU .Share farmers ami .Vleciiaincs B'k J. T. IIOVLE Danville Ky. slock, (lu per cent. utd in,) par REFERENCES. Value , marvel iluo, riUO 00 Hon. S. A. Dololas, Chicago, Ml. ,'00 Shares Exchange liank stock, par Hon. B. L. Morris, Chicago, III. value 1U,ouU, market Viiluo, 10,40U 00 Gov. J. A. Mattkson, Joliet, 111. llj .shares City hank slock, par value lion. D. Davis, liloomington, III. 11,j0U, market value, 14,030 00 Uov. C. S. MoRiciiKAii, Frankfort, Ky. Iji) hhares haiiK of iiartlord County Hon. Thos. S. Paok, Frankfort, Ky. stock, par value lj,bUU, market val- Messrs. Uodlhy cV Pindell, Louisville, Ky. l(j,0U 00 Messrs. Taylor, Siikldv V Co., Lexington, Ky. 00 .Shares Charier Oak Lank slock, par Col. J. W. Finnkll, Covington, Ky. value i!u,uiu, market value, 'J4,io0 00 Hon. W. C. Goooloe, Richmond, Ky. 100 .Shares Mercantile liank slock, par Col. C. R odes, Danville, Kj . DUO 00 value lu,nou, inarkei value, Hon. Z. Wheat, Columbia, Ky. illjO .Shares American Exchange Bank Hon. J. R. Undkrwood, Howlinggreen, Ky. V., par value li0,uo0, mar- stock, Hon. John G. Roours, Glasgow, Ky. kel value, 2J,400 00 Hon. John L. Helm, Klizabeihtown, Kv 20'J .Sliares Hank ot America slock, N. Hon. L. V. Powell, Henderson, Kv. Y., ar value n,uno, market value, 24,000 00 May :io, l3b If. 00 Stiares liank ol Commerce slock, . V., par val. si0,0bU, market val., 21,400 00 i!uo .Shares iinporlersand Traders Bank MRS. M. stock, a. i ., par value o,noo, marn c--r r. i r u :MySU0 ket value, 00 i in v lies uie particular i attention of the Ladies of Frankfort and Co. "J JOo .shares Uanhaltan10,00.;, liank slock, iV V., par value returned yhf viciiiitv, a that she has mslassortment troin 13,400 00 market val., 100 .Share Merchants b'k stock, A. Y., ihe East with must beautiful of par value 5,0eu, market value, ti,800 00 I VIA UU .Shares Union liank stock, . Y., par & TEH lii.UOU 00 value I0,u00, market value, U0 .Shares Ocean bank stock, N. Y., y,uou oo par value 1U,U0U, market value, ItlO .Shares liank North America atock, aS . i ., par value lu,UU0, markel val., 10,H00 00 00 .Sliares Metropolitan bank slock, X. Consisting of the following articles: V., parvalue Jii,000, markel value, J,000 00 100 .Shares HarlforU and .New Haven K. HORNETS from .r0 cents up to $18. K. slock, par value 10,100, market LADIES DRESS CAPS from 30 cents up to $4. 1X1,000 00 value, ALL KIND OF HEAD DRESSES. 100 Sliares Hartford, Providence and FKEXC1I AND AMERICAN FLOWERS, i'lshkill K. K. stock, par value 10,- RIBBONS, of allouality and prices. 000, market value, CHILDREN'S BONNETS, 34 Shares Harllord, Providence and And ail kind of Worsted Goods br Children; Cloak Cialikill ti. K. slock, prelurred, par and Furs for Ladies and ( hildren; all kind of Kid Trav value 3,4uu, market value, 1,700 00 cling and Riding Gloves for Ladies; Dress Trimming 'JU Miares Conn. Kiver K. ti. stock, par Ladies Corsets; Hoop Skills of all patterns, and all kind value ,i00, market value, 1,000 00 ol necesan articles ol Ladies wear. .shares Conn. KivurCo. stock, par Particular notice is called to a great variety of Worstvalue K',U0u, market value, 3,000 UU ed stockings, a new fashion kind of Comb for keeping on the rionnels, and llair 1'ins to hold on bonnets uls 0U all kinds of Fancy and Common Hair Pins; also a great Hills receivable bearing mierel, (ol varielv ol Gumelastic Hair Pins to prevent the hair from which $110,000 is Special Leposil m falling out; all kind of PuJf Combs; Gumelastic Hair Banks on interest) J07,31o H Comb.-- ; all kind o Coml s, Tooth Brushes, Needles ami balances oil book, due Iho Company, 7,14b 30 Pins; Ladies aud Children's Kelts Ladies EmbroiderCash on hand, lo,yo3 l ed and Common Handkerchiefs; Cliinelle Scarfs for la dies; Worsted Underleeves and Worsted. Hoods for $010,009 4.: ladit--s lo wear to evening parties, and a great variety of j. No liabilities to Banks or others, r aiicy Articles loo numerous to mention. due or not due. 0. .No losses adjusted and due. HER.REN SMITH 7. Amount of losses, eitiier unad Having personally selected these Goods in the Eastern r. jusieil or adjusied una notS 73,70M 30 Cities from Ihe best manufacturers, he flatters herself due, that her elforts in catering for the good taste of tho Lay. IjOSmos in suspense waning lur-ilidies of Frankfort will be duly appreciated. I return proof, included in lasl aniiiv ihanksto mv friend and customers and hope lhe swer above. will all call again, as 1 will give my particular attention 10. All oilier claims against the ComLo please Ihcin. pany, including dividend $30,-00- 0 3 payable June 10, C';..", , TRIMMING BLEACHING It. 1 he rule of the Compau) la not lo exceed $ 10,000 Done in the Litest and best stvle. I will sell everything in unv one risk, suoject lo b a stugie lire. as low as possible. Call and examine oetore purcnas 12. 1 lie amount insured in a cuy or village, depend ing elsewhere, as it will be no trouble but a pleasure lo upon its size, generally all itie desirable risks 10 btfc snow goods. had , su bjecl Lo Lhe rule last abov e named 13. 1 lie amount insured in any one block of buildings MTI will have an OPENING ON SATURDAY, Oc tobcr 10th, on St. Clair Street, in the old stan of Dr. uepenos upon lis size anu construction, subject lo lue WUN'SEL, and will also keep Ihe store on Mam street. rule above referred lo. Oct. II, 1S37 tf. 14. The Act of incorporation accompanies this. C. B. bOVVEKS, Secretary. particular and personal attention to tho iuvest-ment of money for others in Land, Town Lots, dec, in Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, and .Minnesota, and to the location of Land W arrants. They will also invest money on HONDS and REAL ESTATE SECURITIES, al highly remunerative rates of interest, for parlies desiring it. Their facilities and opportunities for investment, experience in the business, and acquaintance with the great .North-Wes- t, warrant the beliel hal they can make as sale and proiHabL' investments as anj parlies in the i V'E 9 . 3d, loili. March ST A T J'. M E N T . 1st. The ain't of its actual capital stock is Jd. 'Ihe ainountof its caphai slock, exclusive of stock, Holes, and in bank stocks, cash boons and mortgages, is 3d. The assets ol the company are: 1st. Amount ot cash u li... d and in the hands ol agents or other persons, iid. boiijls owned by the company are cotaiLy bonds nh uitjesi, 3d. Debts lo the compati) secured by mortgage none. 4lh. Deb is otherwise secured, viz: B Us receivable, upon interest, including mutual prom, notes, Obligation lor capital atock approved by the Direciors ol said coiiipaiiv, and by IhecowpUoll- er ol he Slate of Connecticut, Cashfoans on endorsed with collateral security, ehieU) on oemand and al jrboul per cent, interest, Accrued interest lo the company on investments, 5th. Debts lor piemiumsat interest, Olh. All oUii ;eeuriLies are; Baiik stock iu cities of Hertford and New York. r Casn ni Bank on deposit on d- uiaiid, beaiing interest, Perooyal properly ol the coinpa- - n, MILINERY Pancy Goods, STOVES!! STOVES! Of AVE list reeei ed a large assortment Of thu I OV i COOKING ever brought to the city ol Frankiort, which I can sell as cheap as can be bought in Louisville, foreash. Give me a call and see for our-sel- Copper, Tin & Sheet Iron Ware in allils variousoranchrs, wholesale and retail, ascheap asit can be bought at au other hou-- in ihecity. Job work executed .villi neatness and dispatch . Tin liutteriug and Sjioniiii- - madeand put up on ihe shortest noticeand most reasonable terms. All of those who are in want of Copper, Tin or Sheet Iron Roofing i be tore would make it to their interest to give n going elsewhere. VL to come to Old Bank Building, one Don'tforgei uoortrom tne corner .Mam and St. Clair streets. June 11, lH3u if. H. R. MILLER f Copper, Tin & Sheet ing; Iron Work, Spoutand Guttering of all descriptions. Continually on hand a ,V IC; HORACE STEARNS. & STEAENS e CHA8- & A. CLARKE. ilT A " orders Feb. 13, IK" PH 0 E NIX F0 UNDK Y AND 1 AMBllOTYPE ' GALLERY, Office, I'ranUIoil, Ky. OFFICE VOHI'll SlUli JIAI. BUT WLU N NINTH .3 Oct. 2, 1cj7 STREET, Hotchkiss' Reaction Water Wheels Q. wj. PREMIUM Saddle, Harness and Trunk Warerooms OF C. Ul PR0AL THIRD STKEET, LOUISVILLE, , KENTUCKY. A large assortment of Citizens of Lebanon, and ofMarionand surrounding or Grist or Saw Mills. Coach and Buggy Harness , counties, to you, of whatever political partv orreliirious A larse assortment of Patternsfor Mill Gearing &c. sect, we look for support and the more liberal t hat is, Wagon and Cart Harness, Castings made at the sliortesl notice. the larger ana more entertaining will be our paper V .I . H . G li A I N G li R , Ji.jc 7i r . for we are determined, if you will place in our hands April-J- l lgjii tf Louisville, Ky. the means, to make the Central Kentuckian worthy of your patronage. US 3Et "2" X 3Li X To obtain this, however, we shall not sacrifice indeOf every variety. pendence bv pledging ourselves to ana parti or sect. A.ND TKUNKS, VALISES AND CARPET BAGS, yet we shall promise you Neutrality in Nothing. If we ;ire not capable oi choosing our sumect matter, and LIXEN AND WOOLEN HORSE COVERS, &c. of commenting upon all or any topic of public interest, All orders left with C. G- Graham, of Frankfort, or manner which snail oe at once courteous anainot- fensive.we ought not to come before you a Editors. To ST. CLAIR STREET, FRANKFORT, KENTUCKY, sent direct to the proprietor will receive prompt atten tion. Persons visiting Louisville wantius: articles in be faithful Journalists of passing events candid critics of my line will find it to their interest to irive me a call be public nc1- - nnd successful advocates of Troth, is the MRS. E. C. STU013RIDGE fore purchasing elsewhere. ihe hour Story Store, Third Street, r" ,,1,. n.. nin bix months. No rospec'tfully iiiformprfHpmNn yOULD July 1J, leo bm. names Xj I?J FANCY GDODS STORE, HANSI0N HOUSE, J0i,7Jl .o t;ti 50,u0u utt ,00ti 00 jnu no $j0t,h44 34 ,j0u UU $ Ih. All oiher claims gainL Uie cumjiany or oilier iiideoiednesj, wiidher Jue or noL due none excepl urdinar currant bilk. mh. Juv meni of lueses risisled, Oic. jNever resisted any. :):h. 'iie acul incorporaliou ol thisCom-Wa- s grauled uy Itie ieis.ature jj l Luiinecticul al Us Ma) sesstuii, .1. "if., loii, and is lhe same as hied in theoiiiceol Uie Auditor oi Kentucky in J ui) iej.j. lhe nndwrsigiiud hereby ceruiv thai the loreij iiiig lii. ir best , corwig aUuil'ao ki.uw ledge and beliel. J. U- SamuklI. White, Secretary. J1akioui, Uixiv iLiwLt Prtsttieitl. J.ilj 14in, ico. alAlh UF LO.N.NLLMCUI, ok Iuh ivokd, UaaiuiU, J uly 17,1607.) Pcisoiiail) appealed, James i . .ValKle) andAauiuei i. While, suOacin-erol u.f loregoing insirumeiil, io nie knoii aa altii'L jj.u, aud made uuJi to tne Lrulh ul IhAaiiiVuoctjiaii-to lUed knowledge and ocltel-Bfluiin;, JiE ti. iiJiu N, Justice of the Hcact. , Hue copj iroui the orifiiial on li.e in ihis oince. ltlj.A. PAtfll, Audttvr. Frankiori, Ky., July l,lo. A AU'Dll UK'S OFFiUjb, , IhulJ. hisf "iv certify InsuranceAi. yAk LUe jiiL,i.o, as Agenl ui in ChartfL-Co., of Harilord, oi.n. , al U iviorlj Fran kin. t.ouuly , liasliled in this oihce .n slaLjffiiL'ijls aiide.vniods required by liie urovisions oi Un ucl, enld, .in mi lo gulale agencies ol fcoreigii insuraiice Companies," upt ov ed .Uaiiik J, itiou, anu n haviii-beeishow u lo Uie aauslacliol ol lhe uuderaignea thai Coiupau) is possessed oi au aeLual capi lai ot al least ujpe hundred ana nil) Lhouoaud dollars, as rcquu ed b) ald act, lhe said '. M. Willis, as Agent ai aioie said, is nereoy licensed and permitted lo laku nokauiid ira-business ol insurance at ma omce in Flank ifii, loilie term ol one ear li'oiu Uie uale hereol. l. this license may be sv oked i n shall i.e made to ajpear to lhe undersigned thai since Uie uiiug of tho slale-meuabove reierred lo, ihe available capital ol eaiu Lompany has been roducvd belotv one uUiiUieU and (illy in o a sand dollars. Iu Lesliinony vt Ucceof, 1 haVtf ael m hand, tJie da ano j ear above wriiLon. 1 HO. b. PAUE, jiKdttv, 1 aJ l,vO(JI4 nj 11,000 oo 34,;i44 ai b, bMi 00 f(54,U44 STATE OF NEW YOKK, City and County of Nkw York, AND TKNTII. H. (ill AIM; till, Ajrent, Man u ficl urc r.)l'SLe;im Kiiginosund Maeliimm I'or Saw or (irist Mills, Coal Mines, tVc, tVc, Cranks. Guiliroons, Ka Irons. Saw Sli.U-sCarriage St;jriiK'nts, Cotton Lrin Sumenls, and VMieels, Urato liars, .Mill Swindles, Mill Doffsand Stirrups, always on hand. 1u,U(jU 34,144 ther prouf liuue. j i C Every stylo ol Picturo executed with ueatuess and dispatch, at reduced prices. All Work Worpamed tu give Satisfaction. , CANAL, 51,tfG u.l LlAbiLll 1Kb. Losses due and unpaid none. -Losses adjusted and not due, Losses unadjusted and iu suspense await. ing further proof, Losses resisted believed lo be fraudulent or unjust, Accumulated dividend interest, Tuxes in litigation about tt; promptly attended to. ti. TENTH ST. BKTVVEF.N MAIN &u,000 QpZ o;e. ripe, j '0 IbJ.liU 10 CLARKE'S & NATIONAL ! COAL STOVKS; - - liw .... adjoining Telegraph Cistern, Well and Force Pumps; Sheet Lead, Lead UV,2t- ( State or Connecticut, Hartford County, j SB June J'Jth, lrio7, personally appeared, C. B. Bowers, J. .i. MlLLs, A.enl, Fruuk;oi i, lw Secrelarv of the Hariloi'd Fire insurance Coiupau) , Sept. 10, wMw'H and made oath that lhe foregoing sUilemeut, by hini subscribed, is a true, lull and correct statement of the. allairs ot said Company , and o.xhibils its actual condiCj X A T K M ti N T tion on the hi st day oi .Wa) , ltr, , and he further declares under u ai, lhat Uie subsequent business of the OF THK Compaii,as ,ar as reported and ascertained at the date jNew York Life Insurance Company, ot making this aindavil, has been such as lo produce no inaleriat or untavorable change in the condition of Up to the 1st day of July, loj7, mailt: in conjormtly , its allairs shown in Ihe above euibil. t ite requirement of the law J Kentucky. K. O. DKAK.E, J. P. heiore me, A true copy troin the original on tile in this office. fllo. S. PAGE, Auditor. ASshla: Frankfort, Ky., July J, 1857. Cash oii liand, 30 htiaroa oe la ware and Hudson Canal , AUDITOR'S i OFFICE, slock, par Albany c il vt ater bonds, par jO,- Frankfort, Ky., J uly 1, lb57. Lliisialo certil) that J. M. MILLS, as Agent of lhe Uuo, U alerlon ii and lioine Kaiiroud Bonds, Iiartlord Fire Insurance Company, of Iiartlord, Conn., at (Frankfort,) Franklin couuty, has hied in this ottice par J4,UOU, ,M0 OW the statements and exhibits required by the provisions Hudson itiver Kuilroad bonds, par of an act, entitled, "An act to regulate Agencies ol F'or-eig- n 3U0bU, iSew Insurance Companies," approved March 3, lKVj; kork tenlrai liailroad bonds, -and it having been siiowu to lhe satisfaction of lhe par flib,uuo, Unit said Company is possessed of an actual lU Miares Me re ham bank Mock, par $iJ,- UUU, capital of at leaslone hundred and fifty thousand dollars, as required by said act, lhe said J. M. Wills, as H'O shares bank ol Commerce block, par Agen'. as aforesaid, is hereby licensed and permitted lo ib,bU0, 10,00-- . 5o take risks and transact business of insurance al his o trice J bnares bank of lhe Kepuhllc block, iu Frankiort, lor the term of one year from the dale par $ hereof. But Ihis license may be revoked if it shall be ;0 Miares American F.xchaug bank made to appear to the undersigned lhat since the filing Mock, par $ j,UUU, 'JU Miares Metropolitan Bank Stock, par of the statements nbove referred to, the available capital of said Company has been reduced below one hundred 4s'J,O0U, y.lKJb . and tifly thousand dollars. 50 Sliares Park Hank block, par $5,- in testimony whereof, 1 have net my hand, the day aud two, Loans on stocks, j ear above written. ' THO. S. PAGE, Auditor. bonds and mortgages tlrsl lien, -J. 31. MILLS, Agent, Ky. Premium notes on Liie Policies, bearing July la, 10o7 w&tw2w. Frankfort, interest, 49U,y;7 interest accrued up lo Jul) lit, 1857, y4,bj (Quarterly and premiums due aubsequeiil lo lal July, loi7, Premiumson policies in hands of Agents, .j 17,10 large assort menlol COOKING, PAHLOll - ii0,0DC 0O 4th. Jusses fie and unpaid none. 5lh. Losses adjusted and not d ue, blh. Vose iii sust iiso waning for fur- Mrs. S' - $2U0,tM0 i .. .. Prelerred liailroad nlock at per ceul. inleresl, llEIUtENSMlTII, FALL CONN., OF HAKTFOKD, In compliance with "an Act to regulate Ike Agencies m. roretgn Companies,'7 not tncorporutea by the state oj Kentucky , and passed by the Legislature of Kentucky, ILLINOIS, CHICAGO, Till Company, Charter Oak Life Insurance Con.panv. Insurance HAKI'FURU, 57 OF THE AFFAIRS STATEMENT OK THE CONDITION OF THE As per Keporl lo the Stockholders, at their Annual Meeting, June 4lh, ldj7, and submitted lo the Aud itor ot the Male ol Kentucky, July, le57. BROKERS. M A SO N I C NO. . T. IIOVLK. Wa I.I.KR Chicago. 58 1 TheuFREE pREs3"will be published weekly, on new MERCHANT & SITITH. and beautiful type, at the following rates; Single copy, one year, (invariably in adPLUMBERS AND TINNERS, 2 OO vance,) To club of 10, and upwards, 1 SO Shop on 9t. Clair streel , Opposite the 1'osioQlce. one JAny extraprocuring a club of Ten subscribers, will FRANKFORT, KY copy. receive an SMITH & PARKEK, Proprietors. 117ATER Closets, lialh Tubs, Hot and Cold Shower Jan. 28, 1858. 11 jjaiiis, asu ira.M,ri:iiuaiiii rnilCJ U asil ftianus, and every description of Plumbing work put up in the OF THE MOivTON & GIUSW'OLD, Oct. MOREilEAl) ia-- up stairs in the Gallatin Sun Otlice. It. 'Oilice JOHN RODMAN, " tf. viess, and the Circuil Courts of the adjoining coun- May 6, tho Courts held in Fmnkfort, and adjoiningcounties. Dec. 7, l."0 tf. A T T O li N i: Y A T L A W , Oilice on 8t. Clnir Street, next Door to Morxe. releL-rapOilice. IVII.L practice in ;il ihe Courts held in Frankfort, uni) in Olilham, HoiiryTrimble and Owen counties. H 3, Ifioti Attorney and Counsellor at Law, 'HENRY. ATTOStXEYS AND Limestoueand L'u-- J. II. KINKEAD, D. & W. II. AI'IIENIIY, DES on Shorlstreelbetween JOriilUA li K LEXINGTON, KY. KY. Messrs. Ja. Trabi'k 6c Co.; Garvin, Bell & Co.; McDowell, Yoono & Co.; EIimiiibs & Hutchison; Low Ac Whitnky; J a3. E. Breed, Esq.; Hays, Craio Az, Co.; Smith; Caruth, Mos-- Ac; Trioo; Wilson, Starbird Ac Ac Kai-.kCcrd A: White; Abat Casseday Ac 1H57 tl. LAug. Curd At Co. Fraukfort, J At A.VLOK, 'OFFICK REFERENCES. M. 1jovkll, Harlan, KOU'T J. li&HCKINltlDGE, Attorney and Counselor at Law, LOUIS, MO. GORIN. J.J. Crittkndun, Co., Bankers, Lexington, Ky. G. H. Monsaukat ot Co., bankers, Louisville, Ky. W.'1'a.nnkr, Louisville, K . Jut j:t, l".':t bi. I LTY PRACTICE, ence solicited, and information cheerfully given . REFERS, BY PERMISSION, TO Thiiiop. Parsons. L. L D., Professor of Law, Cambridge, Muss, Kens.vrd Sc Brother, Merchants, St. Louis. Crow, McCreerv iNi Co., .Merchants, St. Louis. Hon. J no. F. Kvland, Judge Supreme Court of .Mo Haywood, Crow V Co., Merchants, St. Louis. Buck nek, H vll & Co, Merchants, Cincinnati , Ohio. Sept. Vt, 1KJ7 Jy. KY. J. at W.L.Harlan. RKFKR TO lion. Uov. L. W. Hon. J auks UppersLreets. in all parts of .Missouri and Illinois at remittances made, correspond- CtOLLKCTIONS OilN M. HAUL AN. J JOHN FLOURNOY, Attorney at Law, Notary Public, COMMEKCi VL h ADI1K AT LAW, ATIOititfEYS T For sale in any quantity, either in bottles, suitable for the toilet, or otherwise, at Dr. MILLS' Drug Store. PROSPECTUS OF THK GLASGOW FREE PRESS. i'lNNELL, & Drug Store. FINE COLOGNE, Dec. 1, Irijii. JOHN W.riNXlCLL T. WALL. , Price (iOetsper quire . COXSIWBLFS SALE NOTICE'S, REPLEVIN BONUS devotes Himself Dr. MILLS' FKAAKFOKT, KY. WALL KOK COUNTY COURT JUDGES of all kinds-hnrtil) els per u'lire. JUSI'ICKS' I1LANKS WARRANTS AND EXECU-ION'S. FINE TOILET BOTTLES, Beautiful styiesof Bohemian, at .i!lLL. practice Law in the Court of Appeals in the VV Franklin Circuit Court, and all other Slate Courts ueid in Franklort, and will attend to the collection of Debts lor in any parlof the Male. ilwas at Home, everv com inunica' ion wil have h is on the same day reeei vod, and will be prompt .illemion I) answered, and tlius his clients kept algays advised ol Liieir allairs. And having determined lo have all his briefs and arguments in tne Court of Appeals printed, and copies urnisiifcd to his clients and counsel in the lower courts, all concerned will belully informed how his duty lias been performed. lie will, as Commissioner of Deeds, lake the acknowledgments ol Deeds, and other writings to be used or recorded n oilier .Slates; and, as Commissioner under the actol Congress, attend to the taking of depositions, allidavits, Alc. Oince, -- Old oaait," opposite the Mansion House Fruiib.lorl,Nov. li), ln.u bv. 5 cts. BLANKS Ofevery price, of all shapes, colors, sizesand perfuircei, Ur. MILLS' Drugstore. at AT LAW, & COUNSELLOR Bonnet purposes. al Dr. MILLS' Drugstore. FANCY-SOA- KY. J0KN A. MONROE, S. Pamphlet. ES. GRASS-BRUSH- PS JJ Monroe will attend to the collection of elaimsiii Ointrai Kentucky: also, to the investigation of Lilies to land in Kentucky, on behalf of (.April 9, ltfab tf. and others. ATTORNEY Drug Store. Consisting of Tooth Soaps, Tooth Paste, Tooth Powder, Dr. MILLS' Drug Store. Vc. at , V Drug Store ODONTALGIC-PREPARATIO- For Cloth, Velvetand a AT LA V 4 FRANKFORT, KENTUCKY CODES OE PKACT1CK, 35 I vol. Price. HEVISEI) STATUTES OF KENTUCKY, 5 Od vol. Price, l)K HATES II E THE CONVENTION, 1 vol. 3 on Price, GUIDE TO JUSTICES, CI.EKK.S. SHERIFFS, &c, bv Jons C. Hkrsoon, 3 00 vol. Price, ACTS OF THE LEGISLATURE OF KY. 3 00 voU. Price nii.l IH.Vi Se.snion 18. fllli GENERAL ACTS or Session 1S.5- amiI Oil in Phamplilet I'onn. Price THE GENERAL ACTS of Session 18.VI and 1 50 1H.", Oon nd in Leather. Price 13. MONROE'S REPORTS The 15th, Hith & 17th vols, ol lien. Monroe's Reports. $5 per volume. DIGEST O F THE STAT-LOUGH liOKOUGH'S 1'ES. vol. A lirug More. NS. DOG J. MONROE, & T O it I MONROK JAMES MONROE. i. A DIGEST 'ii, J A.V11N HKN BOOKS. wAttwby. It U A J OF F CE POMADES FOR THE II AIR Attorney and Counselor at Law, Our terms for advertising, either in the Tri COMBS FRANKFORT, KY., Weekly or Weekly Commonwealth, will be as every description and material, at Dr. MILLS' J ILL practice in all the courts held in Frankfort, and liberal as in any of the newspapers published in V in the adjoining counties. He will attend particuthe west. larly to the collection of debts in any part of the State. HAIR BRUSHES. O" All letters upon business should be post- All business con tided to hiu will meet with prompt The largestvariely in Frankfort, at paid to insure attention. attention. Dr. MILLS' BOOKS Chicago. Ml. AT DRUG STORE. DR. MILLS' A ..j otlice on St. Clair street in the new building next door to the Branch Bank of Kentucky, over G. W. Craddock's otlice. K. RaNKOLI'H ARTICLES. FANCY CAN .UIONT FE SADDLES AND BRIDLES :to t i Morris Franklin, President o. the New York Lilt; Insurance Company, being duly atlimied, doth declare and say, thai to the best of his knowledge, information and belief, the above statement is eorreel aud true; that all the investments therein referred to were made iu good faith, and not for any temporary expediency; lhat lhe assets of lhe said company w ere, at the dale ol lhe said statement $lo0!14 05, as therein set forth, and invested as therein slated. Atlirmed llus id day of Julv, 1857, before me. E. A. STANbbUK Y, Com. Deeds. MOKK1S FKANKLJN, President. A true copy from the original on tilein thisothce. Auditor' OlHce, Ky., July 1, le57. THO. S. PAGE Auditor. AUDITOR'S OFFICE, Frankfort, Ky., July 1, 1857. J This is to certify that HENRY WIN GATE, as Agent of the New York Liie Insurance Company, of New York, at Frankfort Franklin county, has Hied in this office the statements and exhibits required by the provisions of an aci, entitled, "An act to regulate Agencies oi Foreign Insurance Companies," approved March 3, 1K6; and it having been shown to the satisfaction of the undersigned that said Company is possessed of an actual capital of at least one hundred and tilty thousand dollars, us required by said act, the said Henry Wingate, as Ajrentas aforesaid, ishereby licensed and permiited to lake risks and transact business of insurance al his office in Frank fort, for tho term of one year lrom tho date hereof. but this license may be revoked if it shall be made lo appear to the undersigned that since the tiling of the statements above referred to, the available capital of said Company has been reduced below one hundred and ntty itiousan'' doi crcoi, 1 have set my run

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