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Image 2 of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1809), January 20, 1817

Part of Kentucky gazette (Lexington, Ky. : 1809)

44. other tinla1 Ti acts on the hiirh seas, by armed lonial retreat on this or the continent of Africa ; sandbar, extending several mile3 farther to '" . me. vessellcs, Julppcd wilhiu llie waters of tbe U and a memorial to Congress requesting, the westward it is about one mile wiu-States. . sanction and of the general govern- channel of the ordinary coasting, trade from With a ew to maintain more efleciually the ment in the object of tlie Institution aforesaid Orleans, or rathei the bayou St. John, to tlie a Constitution was reported by the commit Mobile Bay, is between Dauphtne Island anL respect di tb the t.iws, to the char.iciCf anil " True to his charge o the lied mt and pacific relations of the U tee appointed for that purpose j and having the main land west of the bay ; but tlie pas3 ' lie, comes, the Herald of a noisy world ; States, I commnid, to the consideration ot been discussed and amended, was then unani. is extremely shallow, not having ordinarily " News from all nations lumh'ring at Insist k." congress, ie expediency of such furlherlegis-sion- i mously accepted by "the Sleeting, in thefullow more than fmr or five feet water. A'csseU from Pcnsacola, tlie West Indies and other platativepro , as may be requisite for detain- - uiir woras : ,' UKICE!) STATKS'TUBASUKY Louisviile, Jaiv. 13. mg vesle HCtualtv ermippeil, or in a course ot Article J. Tliis society shall be called "Thk ces, enter the bay between Oanphine Island and ' The last annual report of the Secretary of The lest this place on equ"ipiiieii! with a Marlike force, within theju. AjinmcAW Sneivrr rou Coloxizino thrFbeb Stnbile Point, or tlie extremity of tlie main the Treasury lias made its appearance. As u Friday last for On Saturday risdtciion (the United States j or, as the case I(&osli: of ColO'i of the Uxitud States." land on the eastern shore. Between Dauphine is tcolong for the limits of our paper, we pub- the Olh'er Evans ai rived from Pittsburgh, mav be, f. Article II The object to which its attention Island and Mobile Point, there are eighteen feet lish in sound numbers the following compen- and yesterday departed fcr Natchez. is to be exclusively directed,- is to piomoteand of water, and the channel U so near that you 4" such vessels, adequate securit manders dium ot it ; which, we believe, will present a.srainst thltbuseof their armamehts,.with the execute a plan for colonizing (with their con may tlnow a biscuit on shore from your ship. car readers with a fair view ofuts cuntents, 17. E'nawTrrnnT. exceptionlin sych pvovisions proper for the sent) tlie tree people ot color, residing1 in our Proceeding up the bay, you find three fathoms divested of official" verbosity and teclmichal On IVionday the 6th inst. the stockholders of cases of vcsselles with Jhe country, in Africa, or such other phce as Con of water about ten miles. Then you: have thirties. gress shall deem most expedient. And the teen feet for about eight miles further, or to the Hank ot Kentucky, proceeded to the elec- defensive rmaments usual on distant and shall act, to affect' this object, in within nine or ten miles of Dog river, which ia ; and of a private com tion of six directors on their part, when the gerous jc The revenue of 1814, from all sources, following gentlemen were elected M. I) Han-lu- merce in 1 ihlarv store, permitted by our laws. ration with, therreneral irovcrninent, and such three leagues below the town of Alobile. From - S 11,510,100 Jons Bhow.t, DaMiCL Wkisioeii, A. J' ana whirl thp law of natinlis does not reouire of the states as mav adopt reeulatious iinon the the place last mentioned below Dog river to That of 181 S, was n sollows: subject. '. 35,043,000 MiTCHtu, Nat. HaiiT, and Jruis Poi't the U.S.ulcs to prohibit, the upper end of the bay, the depth of water is Customs, ,f BTery citizen of the United about twelve feet and a'half, except at the sliOal And on Monday the 14th instrpursuant to a Article 863J)00 . , JASIES ItADISON. Internal Duties,- -' ; - 5i7 ..'3,000. , took 7scBKer'26,M816. resolution of y Ststcs', w,ho shall subscribe these articles, and which extends across the bay, and is called the Direct Tax, 1,287 000 nlace for directors1 on the part of the state. Public Lands, ', On motion of tr. Johnson ofKv. the com- - oe an annual cdntributor'ot one dollar to the bar, over whlcti'yqu cannot calculate oh mora ;yoitaee;.ScSifl&Slfe. 2W,Wpi4&893.200 .Tlis pillowinc; ceutlemen were of the raittcj on rftihtak' tffairs were instructed to funds of the Society? shall be a member, on than eleven feetofwater. pavjngHSum not less than thirty dollars, at bay o the other tlie water is very shallow for M. Hian, WiLLts A. L.KK, ititUAmi TlTe receipiso' 'theTTreasuryfSfjr the threi liE'jiiKF. enquire intil.the fkpedieney of autliorisiiig' the one ctioscriptMi, TAiLcn,jr. Asnsnsox .Millt.t., I'etiiii Dud-ie- t president ot the Vuted Stat& to establish a Miall Oe a member lor life. a considerable distance from the shore. The first quarters ouu id, were IV The officers of this Societv shall bav appears well adapted to vessels of about and Vihiam GtiiARn. minUfjq.tfc' .nrsmaTarms at Nevport,oii Lickfrom the Customs, - 33,000,003 V.-be, a President, 13 4,1jO,OjO Presidents, a "Secre 150 tons burthen ; but tlie cotton and lumber, Robert Alexander was unanimously re ing river in the sl.itl of Kentucky. Internal Duties, elected President of the Bank.. John P' ThoDirect las, nctt proOn motion of AlrAuirLson did committee on tary, a Treasurer, a ItecordtT, and a Board of which will become the staple articles of the 2,700,000 Treasufei"wilhout op roads and canals wereVlirectcd to enquire into. 1 Alinagers, composetl of the above named ofTi country, would render vessels of'300 tolls more mas was also . ceeds position, and Geiard & Kendall, pi inters to tlv eiieuieiiey-o- i granvnga sum oi money, hi cers, and twelve members of the Societv. Tli'ev eligible. Such vessels, however, cannot be adl'ublic Lands, exclushall be annually elected by the memhefsof tile vantageously employed, unless there be place the commonwealth. sive of Mississippi he expended under theVlirecuon ot the presi 1, 500,0 j0 Territory, dent of the United S'a's in removing the ob Society, at their annual meeting on new year's of deposit which they can approach ; and as 500,000 33,650,00 J There iras an interesting debate on Tnes struction to the navigation of tlie Ohio river day (except when that happens to be the 3tb-ba'- there is no place above Sfobile Point where a Foslase, He, and then the next davl and continue to large vessel can get near the shore, it is proba1'lie revenue for 1816, however, Including day last on the subject of amending the duelcreated by the falls near Eouisvilte, Kj . disch-rsling law ; but not being present, we are not llieUsi quarter of tlic year.MS Sir Desha offered the tlloWni'; resolution ; ippomt d their respective duties tilt others are ble that this sandy ridije may at some suture) 46.900,000 able to report it. The object as we under period become a considerable depot. The trade at liesvlvcd, As the lai.d .u'tidf Green river, stand, was to relieve from its disabilities those now withmtlic limits ot tlidsute of Kentucky, Artic'e issues of vTreasury Notes shall ha duty of the President o'a country so estensive as that connected p 10,760,000 who.Trom the peculiarity oi their situation", as all meetings of tlie Society, and wit i'he water of the Mobile, embracing durimr the year, amounted to seta'ji.irt forttie to was,jy tiie etSfe of sift- - thousand square miles, must require were induced to fight.while in the army during purpose' of satisfying plaimi Sir revilulionary of the Board of Managers, and to call meeting Cssh ill the Treasury at tlie , place of depnMt, which Will be connectbeginning otuie year, .uc.u- i (13)106,0QG the late war. services; and pSrtnin,of whicii tind h is since, of the Society aiirt of the U"ard, when he mi-The House of Representatives have lesolycd been'liy the jjcfieral government cid. d by trea-r.- thinks necessary, or when reouired bv iiiv ed With W'th "he interior by means of s earn ' l.04r and base's. It is not probable indeed that m i final adjournment on Saturday, February Jv to the Ciuck:.s:iw tribe us Indians, by which three members of th'Briard. ' Notes received for tax, Article VI Thf 1st. according u will hea place of muo- - population : as there vssion many of Ihereiolutioiiary o.itm's have 1,667,030 Slaking a total of been il.'pnverTof thebenefit arising from grants it) senioruj, iiii riiscliarge these duties in .' it, inav'r!Jun 80 mites of it in any direc-1-- n pieniber whkliSJi'jll invi.t air, considerable body of The House of Representatives vesterdav tor meritorious Rfjpes ihat (he pres.iten: the absence of the President. l'vim 1st January ioi", m Article VII Tue passed thehijl appointing a Special Judge ti Treaiiur)' disbursements: i llie V. States he l'eTluesieiLio take the neceS hill take mi- settlers. The .1f?ffe Ither ttle Ueneral Uourt, with a salary. or 1200, f.ary steps to Iiae the Indian title to tlie l.mtl nutes of th- - proceedings, prepare and publish Civil, diplomatic! and : who is also to act as a Circuit Judge in Kuyelte r. ii'gv.-uhmiscellineoua'i"pcx- Rises in the CliickasRw nation in between tbelftliits ot the state of Kentucky notices, and discharge such either duties ai " 2,359,000 the Board; or (lie President?, according to se- tlie 34'.h and "5.'i decree of north latitude, County. s extinguished as soon as prnc'irable. lienses, , T1 On yesterday the Senate approved of the niority, (when the Board u not sitting) shall tnd about ihp 12 degree of longitude west & Wjlitary service, in- ' direct And the Recorder shall record the - mi Philadelphia. Its bead waters are but a nominations as Circuit .Indues of Messrs eluding an average Pobto.x, Dec.l. 14,075:000 Broadnax and Saml. .M'Kee. The latter in proceedings and the. names of the members, tew mil3 fiom llie Tennessee river It unites ofll,212i503 jAlie from the .MeiU'errnnertn. 2,ro7iDvO and discharge such pUceof Judge Barry, resigned. Itaval service, as may be re rhe Alabama about"nine miles north of OiT.uitoy, ?nwf q'llrrdiirhirn. Arrived at i? ihfJ31stjlcgfte'of north latit'ude, and enters Interest .and reirafV "1 Article A hill is before the LeirisUure id aster aniTl 4trTaTJTfjiin'Gibraliiir, wilh specie, sailcloth, The Treasurer shall' receive the bay of Mjbileat tlie distance of about two buvsement of pub ' wi .liicol) llarfeer ; ami 165 sea- and take charge of the funds of the Society, hiin&''ed,railes eaV of the Mississippi, in latiami to licdebtTS.OlO.OOOf 13,616,00032,762,000 amend the mode ofummon'mg juries. " turnpike men, dii'chajjfed from tlie U S frigate Ooi.stel-latio- under such security as may be prescribed by tude ofabout SOdeg. 30min als6 to construct -- It is proposed 2leimbursement of ( At p. esent inuiitler conmund ofli.ut. Smith Sailed the llotrd. of .Managers; keep and thence road from Limestone to Lexington, treasury notes $. the accounts, deed, it is usually called the Tombigby ab e 'J from O.braltar f orcniber 16 and exhibit a statement of receipts and expen its junction wilh the Alahama ; but the old 3,Gj6,OJ0, to Louisville, and to iiiipruve the navigitiui. Sir. Tilffonian, of Plichulelpbia, has arrived ditures at every annual meeting, widdischaige maps apply the' name of Slobile to the whole ' .During the last quarter of theyear, the dis of lire Kentucky river in tlie Channcey, and proceeded for AVasljuig-ion- , such other duties as may be required follows i bursements are estimated as of him! river, from tlie bay to its source. Alter its "V with despatches "from commodore Chaun. Article- IX The Board of Managers shall junction with the 'AUb.tma it forms a nuhle The legislature of Indiana adjourned on llie F.or civil, diplomatic, - 750,000 very close m their session, cey, and Sir. Shaler. He informs us that tlie U. meet on the first Mondiv in January, the first and majestic stream ; deep, but not rapid, and 3d inst. At the and other expenses, 2.450.000 they incorporated John Bigelowand associates a. schooner Spark, captain Apcliolsoii, arr'iNeu M'tulay in April, the fust .Monday m July, and sew rivers afford a more beautiful scenery than Military service, 1,200,000 ; the first M'jfiday in October, eveiy year, and tlie Slibile, at tlie elevated bluff wuere the miinto a Canal Company to cut axanal.oii the .u Gibraltar about tlie lsl week in Naval service 2.100 iOOO Pirtilirdebt. Indiana side, around the tills Ot Ohio. T lie tliat.the Java si!el for .Malaga on the H,b, at such other times as the President may di litary station, called Fort Stoddert, recently OQ stock authorized is a million of dollars j oper and ,ifi3ttiie Washington, 74, ConsWution, rect. They shall conduct the business of the existed. But unfortuna.ely it wa, too fickla Treasury notes, aliou's to commence within one year, and to capt. Crpu?, Peacock, Erie ami Hmnet, were to Society, and take such measm-efor effecting as its name imports, to retain its dign.ty ; and, s;(l for the aime place on the 17th, wnerethey its object, as they shall think proper, or winch two leagues bel.iw its junction with be completed in seven. J the Mawere?tb be met by the United States, coinmo ' Leaving balance jn the, thai! be directed at the meetings of the Soci- nama, it divides its waters ; and one portit.n of -' rffoh.'Stt D. Ifdrilin, dorc Shaw, at Mahon, and proceeded v i"jiiiiaic an the is; day of Jairtfari, Won of a letter from tM annusi lcport o: tneir pro them enters the bay on the western Sid-- , and. tneitce tor Algiers, wiui tlie answer ot onrgov. f, 18,504.000 :edings They shall l,o sill ur all vacan. the oilier on the eastern. A subsequent divi1817.of to tlu: Editor of the .1rgiu. errtment, carrp d out by the Spirk, to tlie pro. ctes occurring during the year, ,.Q' winch balance the cashllis estimated at and make sucii sion gives to eacli of these channels 2 moiithsj "WASniJpGTOS' CtTT. position r.f the Dey. Air. SJialer, was on board for their government as they must and wnilst tlie mouihs of llie western channel, S 0,00 J.000 and the remainder in Treasury " Trip Senate have advised tlie ratification of ;he Washington. Notes provided the same are uot re are designated by the names of Slobile and . PUBLIC DEinj Gapcain Gordon, lae comm.vulprof the Con pugnaut ,o this constitution. the different Indian Treaties made this year ; Spanish river; th .se of the eastern aie called They will no doubt be published shortly. Un- stellation, died at Sless ma .universally regretArticle X. Every Societv which shall h. the Teiuawand Appalachee rivers Indeed the The debt contracled before r'n ' der them vre shi.ll be enacted to connect the ted. firmed in the UnitedStates to aid in the ob. whole ot the eastern channel (rum its first Tgl)7,494,020 . war, amounts to settlements of the state of Tennessee with those ' About the 20th ult. hiside the Gulf, sell in jenui uusatsaciation, and which shall coop -7,1,772,00 from tlie jest of the deThe debt ice, of he Tombigbee. And on the other side 'n with tlie brig Eliz i B ynton, of and for Uoston, crate with its funds lor the purposes thereof, signated by the name of the river, is often Tensaw river ; but i frm a settlement from Lake SI chigan around mim St. ll,ir, totally dismrsted and in u. me rutej and regulations of this certainly with no propriety, as H is no distinct 8109,266,C00 took off the captain and crew and Society, shall be cons Chicauga to tlie Mississippi. I deem these idered.auxiliary thereto, iver at ail ; Ihe subscription to the bank' of ' Teatio important not only aj to the soil ac- liurni her Tlie brig ,I,mes Mnrdnek, from and its ofheers shall be entitled to attend and he main SI. bui merely the eas'ern channel of has created bile river. These d,ff.reni chanthe United States, othepo!iticilefi"ect it wtUkivc Bordeaux for Philadelphi i, was in sight at the vote at all meetings of ihe Society, 7,000,000 quired, but ai and of the nels are connected by intervening streams , the debt of tuntlie Indians in cuse of another war.' Board of Managers. 4,093,000 with most remarkable of whch is called Liza.d'a And the Yazoo Stock a debt of AtCadru X.itvlt. ship William, for N'ew I'he committee appointed for tS nnrnn fV Creek, and urites the western channel with Hiit llie two latter debts require no provis .m. ,u, .V t Voik, atx.ut Oie 20;'h,.ihe only American vtj&el t having repoited a draft ot THOB THE WKSTERJI ClTJZfcS. a memorial to Con- rae eastern, or r. ther with sn offset with the ton as the first is an exchange for Hank Capi- it thf r- - Flour ut CmIi. , 9 dollars. About 20C0 gress, discussion arose respecting the same eastern cnannel nivr called .Mobile river, but tal, which will produce a dividend greater liairels were sold at that price early in Novemhereupon it ww on mat inn. TO TUB EniTOIJ. formerlythe bay u Matthieu. It i by the than the interest payable on the stock and 3 ber. Resolved. That the committee appointed to channel and L zard's creek, ant tlie bay .u Washington, City, Jan. 4." the lait ii .redeemable with ut interest, m I'he Dsy has rendered Algiers much more prepare and present to Congress a memorial Alatlhieu or SI .dole river, that vessels usually the lands of the Mississippi territory Sin TIieTiousj of Jicp. has for a day i.r two formidable than before tlie late attack. ' on the subject of this Association. h.,. ascend the Mobile, especially when The Secretary calculates that the present pibt, been enga?;e4 in debate on a contested the wind ed to report the same w the annual is tavourable, as this n ule is mose duectthaa mnkin fund will not extinguish the national election between Itufus Easton.and John Scott. Oct 29, arrived at St. S dvailor. from tlw of the Society for its consideration. meeting the mam ;, and recommends debt before the Near western channel. Lizard's creek is 'he return, delegate troin the Missouri Terri-- , roast of Afr.ea, II Ii. SI sloop Comro, and On mitiOn, it was also about i.0 miles above the town us Mobile, and an additional appropriation of R2.OJ0 0 i(J an tnry The contest seems to involve some im Dorothea transport, winch vessels sailed from r.etoived. That the first election of officers the distance itinugh it from the nually, in aid of the present sinking lund ot portant points, and wilt probably, take up conwesie'n chan! .rch last, for the purpose of i." of the siiciely shall be held on the first KS.QOO.OOO. which is now pledpred to the pay nel to .Middle river is about three miles Assiderable lime. lrg he river Congo, md is possible to gain in January ensuing; of which due notice ter getting up the hay, oyer what is called the inentof the interest and redemption of the Th question, in relation to J.he amendment the interior of'Afnca. I he .nterpnse h's been Khali be given in the public prints in the bar, there is n- difficulty in capital of the public debt. He proposes fur- proposed to the Constitution, will not, it is pre- aliaiidrtn d n Moouiseq'ience of tlie dea'h of the D(strict of Columbia ; and that in the bile by any of the channels. ascendingilie ther, that whenever 6 per cent, stoek can be sumed be acted on, till the members return cntnniuider, J.'ll. 1'uckey, Esn That which pass- with all heKc'i. meanwhile a book shall be opened for receiving rmrchaaed at par, or 7 per cent stock can be from taking their holidays. The immediately oy ihe town ot Mobile, is not question, otisii: geii.lenrrf;JnoUof ttife principal ufiicers, subscriptions to the constitution, at the read- so deep as that at the mouth of the western purchased at 6 per cent, premium, itutgWOO- - is deemed an important one, ion the final ami many iue seaxien ; wno n.ul fallen yie ing rooms in Washington, Georgetown, and channel, which is called Spanish river ; but; 000 be appropriates io. uiai uujeci, oui oi decision of which a full bruise is desirable tims to tlie rijjElth ness of the cl.mate. Alexandria, at the office of - the Intelli vessels frequently go up Spanish river into the any money in the .Treasury, n it otherw ie I can tell you nothing certain as to what gencer, and with the Secretary of this meet- - main western channel, and then drop tlow 6 appropriated The operation of the fund, thus will be the result in respect $ the bill modi Accounts, frgmGefriiam, state, that their ang. public dibl tying the Compensation L.w,1 It is or 7 miles, to the town of Mi.bile. Is yon leavo enlarged, will extinguish stilt laid manufacrones are all in confujion. Enrlinrf And the meeting adjournned. the bay, and proceed up Spanish river and then, in fourteen year. up tor the 13th of this monthj' Indeed is there' has Jiiundaietl 'he,ontineol ,'SfliiSiiclia quan- 1815 and 1816, he is continue up the main western channel to Fort HCLAV, Chairman ; The revenue of the years anything done in it, suspect a final decis. by excessive importa ion will nyt be hid till Taos.Douo'iiHTT, Sec'y. Stoddert, you will generauy lind from sour o jays, was much swelled towards the terminafive fathoms of water in the middle of the riv-e- r, tionof foreign merchaivl'ze, and he calculates tion iW'the session.- t s and about twelve feet near the bank 1817 will f all, consije ri.Hi ie At a subsequent rr.cotiiijy the society prothat of tli" The You may judge from this letter, that i have chirt articles ot 'German manufactory. The shallowest part of the river ia only 17 feet of low tlie pemttnent annual expe'idilure,iucuaive very little ot'Tmportance to communicate. declare that this hostile invasion must ceeded to the election of officers : jii winch he prop aes ti be made "of tlie'addiu The Hon BosaaoD Wasut.xa ro.i was unani- water. Tlie population from tlie town 01 Mobe repelled, as llii manufacturing equality and lour menu and ; bile to the junction of the Mobile, or Tombig. to the sinking fund : but that deficiency he , Obedient SejVant commercial sreedom: is dangerous to their mously elected President, by,, with the Alabama, is very tnfl.i.g indeed -will' be covered as well as.any other supposes , t JOS.DKSIIA, -' VICE PRESIDENTS. prosperity. U and the Inwness-ot-tuwiKctt rrjjy.occqr. by J he palancss which he land adjacent to the ri. . Hon. II. CnAwroRpfof-Georgiaver for thirty miles above tlie town, with the esfimate'a will oe w the treasury on the liist ' I1USI AN CATTLE! Washinotos Citv, Jan. 4. Hon. Hr.snx Cut, ofentucky indillereht quality of the high lands contigu"dais of January 1817 and lolB. LosDO.v, November 7. Hon Wt. I'umrs, of .Massachusetts. TheSrJATE of the' United States has been ous, forbid the expectation of any rapid The probable demand on the Treasury sir 1817, is mentioned that there is a project of ler-- It Col. tU'iir IluTotiis, of summoned by the Kxecutive, to meet in thejr increase of population. The high land apiunuwa : trie recrexary TjiiiuaLcs uess and Bavaria, Hon. Jons B. HowanD, 1 chanfber, in this city on the 4th of March ritonai excnange-peiwee- n proaches the river at seven places in the space r.ivil. diDlomatic and miscellane- 'whicltTis to be discussed at Frankfort, tlie latC of Maryland. Hon. Samukl Skitii. ot 40 miles, and at each of these places a famS'.765,0;0 next, the day aster the termination of the ous, JUH-ter to cede to the grand Duke ofllesse the prin. C. lUtlBEKT, S Hon. Congress. . ily or two resides. The country behind is Jllilitary service, (including ar- cipality of AschalJjMiburg, and tiie Grand l)uk. Joux Tailor, of aroluie, Esq. of Virginia. 8.000.000 arrearaeeof Sl.515,00.) uninhabited. Tlie distances of tlie sevin return to give up tollavam his new provin. Ahprew Jaccs.ik, of Tennessee. Gen. The attention of the House of Representa eral bluffs or highlands near the river, are as Navi service, (including 1,000,- ces on the lest bank of the Hhinejjnctudinj; KonzRT ItiLisiox, Esq. ) l;0d, for the increase ef the na- follows : From tives, it will be seen, was principally occupied Bayou St. jot Pennsylvania. 4 miles ; thenceMobile to the blufl, 17 ; Louis, Uiciunii Uosh, Ksq. 3.986,000 yesterday by the consideration 'of the proper .Mayence. to Dubroci's 0 ;'"-- ',.., It is said that the Emperor Alexander, means Gen. John SIasox, of tlie U. of Columbia. 8,000.000 mode of disposing of certain papers forwarded or the old Fiench for', 6; Simon's biuIF r . .Public delrt,.' Polish capital in tlie month of Jtin' Itev Robert FmtEr, ot New Jersey. 6 ; Bazil Chastang'j 3 i Cedar cieeka Fort by Mr. wwin Lewi3, ot Mississippi, impeach- to visit the, i next, when it ij expected lie promised ConstiCaldwell. Secretary Elias Ii. ing in the strongest terms, iheufficial conduct 521,75..,00 Stoddert, lis. IF. G I) lVortnington, Recording Secretary. 1.54J,.j0u of Judge Toulmin, of that territory. The pa- tution will becomnleted. and a l.r mllcl t Deduct wir arrearages, David English, Treasuter. pers were, it length, referred to the Judiciary gether. .AVltSt degree of liberty will be secured AceusTA, (Geo.) Dec 19. i nis reierence, We are authori- to the" Poles under the forth coming charter, TJotonl? iMtfhfr til Ubaa?,Ta. ana r 20,210,0 0 Committee., uoaru otn .. be ascertained ; but let us hope, for """""'1 rnntinliivt 283,000 zed by the course of debate to say, did not remains to Manairers be and thei are herh ,.a ot.As an 'iden persons toithe Atlbamaj.agentleman direct, ... proceed from any impression unfavourable to the credit of Alexmder"the Deliverer," that i' ml riiiFPit til . memoriallato Uon-incsciii. I. fcour.try-.ipfomi'V Toulmin, but from a nice and scrupu- will be equalat least to that guaranteed by the press on thp snhirt nC nln.,f us, that, as he 20,500,000 Judge .1. .. . ...,,,,,, wiin .1 .. j lous regard to the right of the citizen to he institiitjnnsgranted to them by Bonaparte. Tlie consent, the free people of c'olir of the ineir came in, lie met, in niuedays' travelling, I41 .To this add the um proposed in, United waggons, B02 carts, 10 stages, 44 heard by the House. We have little dmbt latt?r'dfdTmore, during the short course of Ins, in Sirica or eisewnere. . 3,000,000 gigs, 2 coach-eaid of the siuking lunil, 29 droves of cattle, 2r droves of Imgs, and but the enquiry will result to the honor of rule; forTtne miss of the Polish People, than all Mr.Clay having lest tlie chair,' 2 droves of sheep. These were all bound for Judge Toulmin, whose conduct, as an upright, ;,theiV.Kmgs, with the exception of the imforlu one ot the Vice Presidents presided '323,500.090 The total expenditure will be as Pre the Alabama, and nate, Poniatowshi, had done. most ot'them for the Hugh The receipts tor 1817 are estimated as lol.lows: intelligent and intrepid judge, stands justly .11s pen he crumbled tlie entire By one dash of sidrnt. superstructure borhood of Fort Claiborne, and too'high to be shaken by the assaults ot such 24,000,000 1?r'm 'custom!, Rcsolvd, unanimously, That-thfeudal law. He broke tlie chain which thanks of met.between a phec called Burnt lliey were all of the Corn Spring, 2,9u0,000 enemies as have been created in the course of. Internaltlutles, for several centuries, had hound the letr of the the meeting be presented to Sir. Clay for the thirty milts ihis side of.the the discharge of hU official dutiesi-- . Alabama, iiul DirectTax, (outstanding and repeasant to the sod ; and the humblest Pofijwe ability and attention with winch lie lias pre- Hawkins, which distance our Informant Fort J,'at. Int. of Jan. 3. p"er year) 2,000,000 ceivable was mean of course the inhabitant of the Diichrof sided as chairman of the meeting in organ- nine days ?' traj oiling ; and he observes, that, wuh. 1,500,000 Public Lands", Warsaw, was equal, in tlie eye of. the law, to ising the siiciely. the wgojjsaiid caiis. there were generally 250,000 Posyige, kc. VONGRESS. . the proudest Noble. prgty hrgefamilies. He'supposed, tha, from - ..-..",.. GEOt;nATHICALSKliTCHES fF THE MIS- the numberof persons altogether, he " .A30 650,600 should be. 5niu. SISSIPPI cOUNTKY. HOUSE within bounds, to average twenty persons to a Balance in, the Treasury the COLONISATION OF FREE BLACKS. " waggon, and 10 to acarl:,this,' including those 10,000,000 first day of 'the year, Thursday, Dec 26 s FBOMTntST. STliPHEITs' nAIXTOS. who were on horseback, he supposes would b? ' Theifollowing Message was receive! from .,Ylj?"!NOT0: ClTT, JiS. 1. within hounds, and'if so, the whole number of Sil.65'J,TfcO the President iftheUiiited Sfates"; winch was At an adjourned meeting of the Citizens of The Mobile Ran. persons tnet would be three thousand eight The expenditure tor tins year, including read arid referred to the. committee on Foreign Washington,. Georgetown and Alexandria, and This bay 'connects itself "With the Gulf of hundred and for'y. Our informant, froinhU 1 the proposed addition to the sinking fund, and Relations: many others, held in the Hall of tlie House of .Mexico, in latitude ot about 30 15 N. and lon- knowledge of the country, is of opinion that tho in .the Treasury n the first the .balance To tlie Senate and Ifofts" of Representatives or uepresetitatives ot the United Sla'es, on Satur- gitude 10 45 W from Philadelphia. It is cprrcnt of emigration is such that considerable, day of' Jdiiuiry, 1818, willbo' S'5 650,00 ;. day tlie 28th day of December, 1316, for the about thirty miles long from north to south, inconvenience will be experienced b tiie ncv Untied States.Hie permanent exaenuiuire lor ine next purpose of receiving and considering, from the and about nine wantof veirs: the Secretary calculates at R23,500,. It is fonnd that ttie existing" Jaws liayc npt committees appointed to thaf duty at a previous bit considerably miles wide at tlie upper end, seitlcrS for not been provisions, as he thinks the wider near , the mouih. On. crops have equal to sucli an increased 'QPPi the'balance in the Treasury on the first the efficacy necessary "to prevent violations of . ,1...,1. ,f .iv.,.11, luiisuioiuun mi tneoocieiy, :or amc j ,.,.!,.,. f tug )ay. ls IMUplllllC population, and he supposes a fev cargoes f' g8,40"),O.W on the fir3t oi th nbliMtinii? of. t Javjary,v18i9'at ... Tin.,. a ted SIMps. ia ., .n,. iiwmkiiii: .1 tnii it l:.: ,,, i.'"-- "".'"'- .1.mum. 0i tiir: tiif inr uir- - i rfp nisi ' - n' Uiee from i.l..i' .. i. ...i f portso tlialqui r, lliZ'J, at nt,ozj,v, anu aittr mat jtionatneace toward, belligerent parties anTtcobv in Wuia United Stat, by yidin J might afford auiiccepiabk lA-z- ,ttttntQ J3 W period, ss exceeding Hie annual public expenditures, about $750,008, meantime re calculates the Anal payment of the public debt will e effected in 14 yearS and that about $8,400,000 may be atmlied for the next sour years, to such objects of internal improvement or natural uelence, as Congress may direct. - y e . jt ' "''. V-- ,.' 1 e r- ; Y.l 1-- , per-ha- - 'i y 1 I Seci-eNr- -- -- es NViirpuc-ituibn- , rill , lite-len- - r 13,GtLOJJ-19,5D0,C- - tiu r s ., asink-mgsiar-- - rn , lit Eu-Li- d ex-pl- Wed-nesda- y . the-uh- ole , - V-t- New-Yor- pre-se- -- J ") . gen-eral- ly ' Chas-tang- 1 A ...u.r,..u n,l ;. s, 1 1 ;,, Vlf-t- o,T,in--In- s, , .. e ug89,)g - , , -- i i;.;, i ,".i ii . 'ffiTfiVZZ

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