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Image 41 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 26 (1958-1959)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

38 UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY The Phalanx Fraternity, and the Dutch Lunch Club are other student groups meeting regularly under the auspices of the YMCA and YWCA. 01-gm l Student Activities Hm Many opportunities are given to the student to take part in various activi- ties outside of his college studies. He may engage in newspaper work in con- ` nection with the student paper. If he is interested in dramatics he has the opportunity of taking part in plays presented in a real theater and under com- petent direction. Through cooperation with the Student Govemment Associa- tion, the student in maintaining the integrity and honor of the campus and of the student body will be training himself for future leadership. He may plan and participate in various recreational, social, and cultural activities by becom- ing a member of one of the Student Union Interest Groups. The former member of the Hi—Y Club or of the Y-Teens finds a welcome in the University Y.M.C.A. or Y.\V.C.A. The student can enter into the management of various enterprises, participate in debating and in oratorical contests, take part in . ` athletics, beeorne a member of the orchestra, band, or glee club, and go to social affairs sponsored by the University and by various organizations. There is opportunity at the University for the student to exercise his many interests not only in hard work with his studies but in activities which bring him in contact with his fellow students. Le Intramural Sports. The Department of Physical Education conducts an extensive system of Intramurals for all men and women students. The men’s program includes such sports as touch football, basketball, track, volleyball, softball, tennis, golf, wrestling, fencing, handball, badminton, swimming, and cross country. The w0man’s program, set up by the Women's Athletic Associa- tion, offers such activities as hockey, basketball, volleyball, softball, swimming, tennis, archery, golf, badminton, fencing, and camping trips. The intramural ` program affords an excellent opportunity for young men and women to ex- perience the fun of friendly competition and to enjoy the pleasures of healthful social situations. R; Physical Education Clubs. Such clubs as the U. Troupers (show group), Tau Sigma (modern dance club), and Blue Marlins (swim club) are sponsored by the Department for students who wish to participate in clubs that present performances for various school, university and civic groups. These clubs are organized and conducted by the student members and are open to beginners as well as accomplished performers. Student Publications. The students of the University of Kentucky, through the School of ]ournalism, publish a campus daily newspaper, The Kentucky Kernel. This paper is ably edited and ranks high among college publications. The students also issue a year book known as The Kentuckian, which reached its 53 year of continuous publication in 1958. The annual contains a list of organizations, pictures of the senior class, and the usual features found in col- lege year books. Both of these publications have had a long history. The K-Book Pl ~ is published each fall for new students by a student staff under the supervision of the Office of the Dean of Men. Of the seventy law reviews published by the nation’s law schools, the Kentucky Law Iournal is the tenth oldest. Publication has been continuous since 1912. Four issues are published annually by the College of Law. The Journal is edited by a Student Editorial Board under the supervision of a Faculty Editor. A quarterly magazine, The Ken- tucky Engineer, is published by the College of Engineering.

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