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Image 1 of Blue-grass blade (Lexington, Ky.), January 20, 1907

Part of Blue-grass blade (Lexington, Ky.)

Ei w 1 ji l ffT VOLUME XV rrn IIIIIIIIIIII 4 I i 1 t f GRASSr TRULHd asf NUMBER 41 w- KY LEXINGTON JANUARY BLADE 20 1907 PUBLISHED WEEKLY 150 A YEA R IN ADVANCE b always find tSem In our Los Angeles I do not believe male superiors would suggest that you write to Dr Liberal Club library Socialism will ever In the world be McAllister editor of the Christian The leaves the size of this aught fiut a suppresses rebellion till Statesmen Allegheny Penna aad tlero are 360 pages take the public teaching of womenwll Yours for a better country and a one of whji Is filled with good children out of the hands of minisholler world here and now It Is a jpc that no Freethink ters nn l tile church and teach it from B B BASSETT Genl Secy LAUGH a trutUful basis I see no hope for THE SWEET FOOT CLOVEN should bo witluiut and It would he a good thing Iffevery Christian in this martyred men till womans reason country WOUld T d it It has n flno Even a Little Child Shall Lead Them backed by c urago comes to tho rescue Revealed In War of National Reform HOW LOOKS TO Into the Path of Right Doing and Imlftone of DrTjjjVilsons portrait and Association Which Is Again TryinjistakenCor Wholesome Moral Virtue To PRAISED BY PRESS also one of the mument of Giordano A FREETHINKER ng To Get uod In Federal Dayton avenue Los and Bruno tho 1as great scientist the Useful Life AngelefJ Cal Constitution church ever dare ito burn at the state i AND PEOPLE Every reader offilJgher Science should WHAT WOMEN CAN DO 3OME OF THEIRHE4 VALUE OF have this spl book WHEN THEY GET TOGETHER CURRESPONLJENCE UPBLISHED Mass Meeting In Name of From the H anltarian Review Opinion Upon Its Merits As a Contra i BY HELEN H PLULLBRICK Freedom ORGANIZATION This Is that should be of CONTRIBUTED button To American Freethought great interest tciJSe general reader on Dear Brother and Sister Freethinkers With this 1 send you a copy of a 1 Literature and Its Value For BY A FRIEND and Socialists account of Its jjjrfvld nail instructive neighbor 01 mine A FewjWords of Encouragement From letter received Real Missionary Effort In j Tho following news item clipped narrative of a European trip by a wide ¬ After a long struggle some twenty the National who wrote to the Rev Wilbur F Organizer of the the Cause of Intel from the Boston Dally Post of Janu awake observerittguid of special inter five years with theological subter Crafts for information as to the par lectual Freedom ary 15 under appropriate headlines est to all Rationalists on account of fuges for morality later with a brlEpose of The National Reform Associa ¬ ntains Intelligence that Is very re¬ of tho great but severe struggle with the political BY W H KERR READ WHAT OTHERS SAY AND IF Its quite forces which employ these subterfuges and I am sure It will be read In the progress 1 he copy Is the same words as the of knowledge YOU HAVE NOT A COPY GET ONE Worlds Congress of Freethinkers at deep Interest by the patrons of Home In 1904 I4d Its chapters on to entrap the people I have discovered original One sweet is tho letter Itselfth y e Blue Grass the secret of tile whole chaotic mix- ¬ How Pagan Ro e Became Christian and the other fs tie heading to About 500 Italians ef the North and Churches Sf Rome The book ture Is a little word of three letters a The circular part belongs in this The value of tae Rome Book by open space at the top but I could not tend met last evening In Union Hall J B Wilson to the cause of Fre heaven and hell myths and death the confine myself to their boundaries sari 144 NorU street and discussed at thought Is amply demonstrated too much elaboration I want to tell Kicked over limits just as I would length the recent controversy between the many comments made upon It b you as our Spiritualist the government and church In France medium restrictions In- any other theological press of America the Frcethought flnlshed my reading of the book I hope friends day that Instead of trying to theC1furch of Humanity to enable They go tit all In In fine print The G Addresses were made by C and the numerous commendatory let to be able to Mazzarella B Gentile and of it at greater adjl my groaning protest to the ever to promulgate their discoveries fine hand of the said association Is at ters that are coming In from Free length at somtJtime in the near fu Increasing wiles of cur prosperity that and hand them down to their poster work In this State now The ministers anzl C F Clamps presided thought publications over the land ture The author In his preface says moms only tho mighty of the State are circulating petitions The Blade has urged from time t0of his alms end of the social balancethat o to the legislature to submit an amend time the necessity of securing a wider I have aimed to hold tho mirror up Itself Insures the fall I mean to try liOn January 1 1907 too church had meat to the State Constitution that it to tfic French consul for distribution of this book as a mission to nature giving the reader a glimpse my hand at teaching a really and may be changed so loaf the Sunday to the French minister of the Interior ary undertaking for It Is well calcu k of sea and skyof sunshine and storm Sunday School tatting up all three ° Whereas the French republic laws may be made consltutlonal lated to open the eyes of the orthodox of mountain and valley of landscape the branches of tue freedom move- of the i should be The whole clerical influence of the with the church and state separation wherever one can be found with cour ment Freetbought Socialism and the law has affirmed the right of free manuand city of agriculture The drat 1000 members will be the East Is being centered on Calif to and age enough to read It The book ought facture of history and biography of true morality between the sexes make her havo a Sunday law whether thought which Is essential In redeem tOjthdve another edition and then an ing humanity from superstition and and ruin of government have but one pupil that I am assure she wants It ornot other for It is complete unanswerable architecture and church ofjpoetry and art of of It Is a bright eyed live earnest delegate convention of the church to The Freethinkers of tho Unifed prejudice and will stand as an Important part of science and progress of the moral and reasoning little girl of eight years formalI organize and Incorporate It States who cannot even main in an Whereas by said law an obstacle American literature who claims ancestry on both sides the ¬ Tne balance of the Blade readers organization will sit up some a and has been removed from the path of r 4 ji there are any Freethinkers wh It house from the old Massachusetts should tape notice when they find themselves progress which will replace dogmas seize this opportunity to unite have not read the book or are i stock that came over on tho May wltirjuls society In straight jackets and tho clericals with science at once doubt concerning its merits let the of his travels and sightseeing flower for the right to think e copy time following applies In control of time governmentPlea Be It resolved that we Italians of read what the press and the people on sea andlanC but to the great Con- ¬ We are several degrees freer now tI j membership and answer all I hand you also a circular being Boston In mass meeting assemble have to say about it In the fallowing gress he devot seventy pages of the than then but it seems there is mu faheffijystlons correctly Then forward distributed by the Seventh Dad Ad approve of time action of France In lA comments d the most valuablo sic In the air today portending other bookto myf to be recorded in the Church ventlsts separating the church from the state From the Searchlight revolutions possibly more < thanln Roll port Ii Of itrand hope that Italy will soon follow You can use these as you see fit A Trip to Rome is the QkIng e F t r eralRevlew God to be a fabulous be her example A FRIEND E Ypurs t >v > 11Q lo o > aij Icloso = tiei tlflcaieYo f ThIttorrls da zt1U 1D UbUthtIU t elC Cincinnati 1 ln Jhlo well known as a teaching of the wee ones that includ ¬ graduation hi the knowledge of God cry othesoclety which Is elaborate- of the Pope held a mass meeting oithe Blue Grass Blade of Lexington prolific andj ersatlle writer of pro ¬ a and life membership In the Church of ly gotten up and gives a long string Faneuil Hall and the Cradle of Lib ° Humanity KyDr nounced brilfrancy comes a now vol- ¬ Name address age sex of name of preachers who are officers erty was made to rock with bitter Wilson was ono of the few ume tearing down of the old capitalistic He In the center of the denunciation of the French govern ¬ e of tine society Americansin attendance at the Inter the Rome was tho representative at orthodox falsehood might be Brea convention In 1904 of the totter head Is a circle descriptive of national Freethought Congress that National Liberal Party and has not and inclusive enough to put down the Add 25 cents for a years sUbscrlp Full Orbed Christianity and show convened in the City of Romp Italy only given expression to his expert opposition to moral teachings on no On h Ing the Divided Hemisphere September 21 1901 and this book con ences while acting as a delegate to basis and insure a certain degree o one side of the orb Is printed tie fol tains an account of that Congress and this convention but has also narrated harmonious reasoning even in the hot ¬ national Organizer W H Kerr Great lowing God Heaven theologu Love stage kissed the ring on the finger 01 of the writers travels elsewhere dur his impressions Time and Bend Kansas of civic and moral1lied of orthodox blindness ing that conditions In different cities of Eu- experience will prove if I am right or as Books of are not rope visited by him Also his craft not and in the mean time for greater save extended reports of the original and striking as is this cne clams of Medieval art as expressed o tion of Individuals The Savlorshlp of under headlines made from their Dr Wilson has succeeded In relatln cooperation to this extent Will you Jesus the glory of God Gifts to Chari- larger type the story of what he saw and heartplease send me humorous poems ties Heart Worship The Lords Da and In conveying to the reader his showing forth the ridiculous of the From Prayeriul Piety Look Up Save pressions thcicof In a most charming proposition that u orthodox capturing mann r It Is in no way an echo away the right to think orhtos EDITOR ° takes ON WOME some guidebook as so many of sac by Dr J B WIl- dokeo in order to hold us up and to opposite the above and which Is ce ¬ I am sure many son of Cincinnati James E Hughes fleece our pockets pllbllcatlonsnreDr Discusses the Dizzy of talnly far superior see read Man Hu est possible I Females to have looked Lexington of you will have clippingS of a ht Ky publisher Humanity Sociology Love to Man through his own eyes at what he sawTo read the report of the Faneull The book contains 350 pagees is morous nature that can be read an man Brotherhood Ethtlcal Standards r likewise he listened with his own ear S well hound Hall meeting one would holed to sup and gives a full account recited that will bring home the truth Just a Frank Statement Justice to Employers The Merchants pose the at what he heard and then of it all he of Dr Wilsons trip to the Holy City better than long harrangues especially American Catholics were n Socred Desk Regeneration of Society t wrote the impressions thus created in unit In support of the policy of the as President and American delegate when given by tile children who have COMMENT ON ARTICLE Tho Kinship of Christ The i his no political interests at stake to the first great International Free mindFrom Higher BY A BLADE CONTRIBUTOR of God Gifts to Reform Divine Ser Science A select few of the most advanced Thought Congress which convened In ice Anno Domini Philanthropy LI r Dr John B Wilson of Cincinnati Rome September 21 1904 a thinkers women thinkers priest show us that in th Up Save Man Vote We I 0 whose portrait is presented this such is not the case and that the Dr Wilson has spared no pains I As for the totter Itself it will speak our newspapers month as Frontispiece is one of the supply a few more schism in that church Is wide and In more forceful arguments than any ays best known Atheists in America and his effort to take his friends with him We shall show go to on his wonderful trip for besides his Icould mule and It should warn a one who Is probably doing as much 5t Liberals and patriots to be tally aware or more to tree humanity from the account of the great Liberal Congress the Vatican It Is very evident the in Rome the titles of the various Sentinel as aI the cloven foot which Is now dis leaven of Freethought is mental slavery of superstition and the stealing which they must always fol- ¬ chivalrous old chap but the following played so openly The letter reads physical slavery of capitalism than chapters here given a splendid idea of low In If they wish to steal there as well as In till the other re ¬ and not from his paper will be rcpt to maim any other one person on this continent what tho reader may expect ligious organizations and that eventu ¬ Chapter I is entitled the Ocean Voy get caught but that until they may many change their opinion ington D C I first remember him In tine U S Dis ally reason will be tile guiding star age and then follow Stratford upon live In the cooperative commonwealth July 27 1900trict Court at Cincinnati fighting in they must learn this scientific stealln cf all the people on tiie earthMr defense of tho late Editor C C Moore Avon London Paris Up tile Rhine anti become apt In It or become Italy Venice The Calif Santa women In the Bible were of tine Blue Grass Blade who hail the Switzerland common beggar ORGANIZATION Dear Sir and Brother habit of telling too much truth about Doges Palace Florence Rome the shall call things by their names wicked and selfish Eve forced Adam Dr our dear heavenly father and our Great Liberal Congress How Paga floop up roots of words and histories epMany readers of the Blade are first made her hu blessed savior to suit time religious Rome became Christian Churches of words and try In every way to show and CHARTER MEM d we will say that according to our un FOUNDERS As you remember ho was Rome Naples Pompeii and Capri bosses he babies the truth by the natur Homeward Bound derstanding the main purpose of the DEnS of tho CHURCH OF HUMAN persecuted for a long time and sent to ana born toI evolutionary processes Possibly some The author has taken unusual e j 1TY All should be For particulars the Ohio States prison for two yearyou can parody old timo songs n J sq the name of God into the Constitution ash the INTERNATIONAL ORGAN ¬ but was finally rescued by Dr V ihto bring all the features of his trip in toof vivid display for the benefit of la poems to suit the occasion and ti of the United States IZER W H KERR Great Bend sons untiring energy and ability as n readers sari no Freo Thinker should bCideal It you can we will esteem It a at ¬ Kansas Enclose 25 cents for the favor We have for a part of our w without this book ve church paper The Truth About elected President of decoration and lesson foundations the Ingersoll Beacon Dr Wiley Secretary of the Asso ¬ God the American Secular Union In 169 s that Dr J B Wilson of Cincinnati has charts by T B Wakeman and Lest ciation has recently published secure blessing for her and later President of the National which nicely show the truth Liberal Party now the American the thanks of the Ingersoll Beac onWard Jacobs wife Rachel uspd to valuable book giving the Sabbath ° favorite It Is Our Fault Co for n copy of his book A Trip All States havei sell her husband by the night to her laws of all States Freethought Association During his IRscol 0I write you these few term of office as President of tine bitt t Sabbath laws with the exception of ° and commodious room for our excl body ho was sent as American del she stolo the California Idaho and the District oCI use Cartooning of the orthodox n slve Columbia We are doing all that gate to represent us at the Internto secure a proper law for this 1a week to ten days late and my last and instructive falsehoods as well as the capitalistil can tlonal Congress Liberal held nt came two weeks late I received volume Wo bcespeak a large circula robbery will be welcomed and gra t District but have been balked for Rome in September 1901 and of fully received as decorations for svn the issue of Deecember 30th an which he has written a most inters ¬ ilea for It sari hope to soon have It on him on many years by the Seventh DayI ary 12th which puts mo two copies the way to Egypt nn Called him a Adventists 20000 of whom do ing and Instructive book A Trip tosolo at the Beacon office short I dont want to complain but B7 Wakeman Reviews A g petitioning than tweptyslx millions of Rome which I mentioned last moot- it Thaddeus public schools nothing short of co I would llko you would mall my paper To Rome < < father to Dr Wilson is still a young man as soon as possible so that It swill the most real vivid lively ardlce and folly for the socialistic force and energy and It Is to be hop edThis s w make different connections and not bo n freethought women to hesitate to that Freethinkers will see to It tin on gives a mere fragment of agood Sun I am always anx ¬ yet who begin Itout boldly In Sunday School teaching him and smote her with leprosy on day law closing provision stores only carried all around his great ability will hereafter be kept of the truth tho whole truth and noth ¬ ious for my paper I am sending you j busily employed In travel and publish will surely finish and then feel that ing fe We have boon agitating tho Allen but the truth but with a rare ft a few clippings by same mall You copy of which we enclose to Dr Wilson has practically taken them exceptions I find all women cowar For further Information In regard to may tape my name for one of the buy his works let mo say you can Continued on Pace Four who like to be led by the nose by their Continued on Page Four the National Reform Association wo Moore books when completed JOHN lcFARLAND ROME WITH about BOOK BEWARE ITS IT ffJtChurch T ant f r j ba Humanityt fu1port aldI authoro awayo andHo lifeThose tineY cotion Drlr 11119- forbuilding tripc architectureo tr prd Trutf i r3co 1d ji i a 1 dnt f NI tlf aln thN wordsI1 u1r annalwayf inft lba Wase thaetto ALTs tos henal Ilannil livelya dieI sos thej hor partor con lean ROMISH BURNIIAJd pupilss ulldernei entercall 9From reltgloof affordY ii ICfc orte oblls j r t I I < L iz < tJ i i tr t 0l lesspnsItseenlls ofTrlp kdbabnep IJRSSIed Europeat I J ar ant advocatej t1i worldngri Womeng wfls a Janut rbit l e l fW Ii t- r l J f IJ canltinuerl methodss IlIlf fii 1ellcs Pronouncesd ili v7 > DoctrinalII ii1COllowlng meethngp contrlbt Ifteraturh 7 a ii thert i tlooa < transmissions i thisd ohn Dladetl jlated IIladet mindm I Cirinof idolatryf rlseof t fr Y

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